Hunter, Thank You For Your Blood Donation!


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With the advancement of science, human life has changed dramatically.

And such changes have also affected not only humans but also ‘non-human beings’.

“Hello, this is Vampi the vampire. I mainly play horror games on weekdays. On weekends, I do casual broadcasts and chat with viewers who volunteer for blood donations.”

Siwol is a half-vampire who has lived for hundreds of years.

A 21st-century customized streamer vampire who pretends to be a vampire and streams horror games, sustaining his life by receiving blood donations from volunteers.

“Your precious blood saves a poor unfortunate vampire! I usually only accept volunteers via email, but today I will accept volunteers through chat as well. Why? Because I’m really thirsty….”

Then one day. To Siwol, who hadn’t drunk blood in a long time and was starving.

[Thank you, ‘Hunter’, for donating 100,000 won!

I would like to volunteer for blood donation.] [Thank you, ‘Hunter’, for donating 1,000,000 won!

I have to leave Korea soon. I think this is my last chance, so I ask you.] [Thank you, ‘Hunter’, for donating 5,000,000 won!

Is it really not possible?]

“Yes….. you can come. I mean, please come.”

A viewer with a nickname he has never seen before generously donates and volunteers for blood donation, and Siwol, who is blinded by blood rather than money, readily invites him to his home.

But why does this ‘Hunter’-nim seem suspicious?

“You can’t give me your autograph?”

“Cough, cough! ….. Y-You want my autograph?”

“That’s what I came here for.”

“Ah….., haha. I-I see.”

Siwol is uncontrollably swayed by his assertiveness.

The viewer with the nickname ‘Hunter’ makes a dangerous proposition to Siwol…..


….. This viewer, who on earth is he?

Associated Names
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Hunter, thank you for your blood donation!
Hunter, Thank You For Your Blood Sponsorship!
Hunter-nim, Thank You For Your Blood Sponsorship!
헌터님 혈액 후원 감사합니다!
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December 28, 2023
Status: v1c1 part10
I really really like this one, I guess I have a soft spot for slightly pathetic or naive main characters that can play off either as funny or heart wrenching. For me this ticks every box, because both the writing style and the backstory enable SiWol to shine, so I end up checking it for updates every day along with my other faves, Tired of Living as an Omega, The Hunter of the Other World Who is Being Misunderstood, and The Fake Saint of the Reverse Harem Game. I am... more>> super invested in this one even though there are only 11 chapters so far, so please keep translating it!!!!! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
manapopoi rated it
December 14, 2023
Status: v1c1 part10
This is a gem! I recommend to who love a fantasy genre. I am still waiting for the next part patiently and hoping that it will post regularly. Can't wait for what happen to Hunter-nim and our Si-wol!!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
leleix rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: c10
This is such a good premise! I'm so curious how it's gonna go from hunter trying to kill him to romance, cos right now things look pretty bleak for wimpy Si-wol... 😂

Translation quality excellent as well!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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