Traces of the Sun


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With the emergence of Dungeons, came the existences known as Awakeners. They were people who received special abilities to face the dire times and challenge the dungeons. And it was always up to Restorers to clean up the ensuing damage left in the wake of these disasters.

Jung Yiseon was a Restorer with the power to rebuild collapsed cities. As the only S-class restorer in Korea, he was loved and admired by everyone, but he suddenly disappeared one day.

Leaving his past behind, he goes into hiding deep in the ruins of a forgotten city, until one day, S-class Hunter Sa Hyeon comes to him with an offer…

“Let’s make a deal, shall we?”

“I’m not interested, so please stop following me!”

Jung Yiseon tried to refuse the dubious yet persistent attempts, but he underestimated just how far the S-class hunter was willing to go to have him on his side.

“Those corpses that you’re carrying, I’ll kill them for you.”

Standing on the edge of despair, Yiseon’s only option was to take Sa Hyeon’s hand…

Associated Names
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A Trace of the Wonder
Dấu Vết Mặt Trời/ Vết tích kì diệu
해의 흔적
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Minmin99 rated it
March 17, 2023
Status: c2 part4
Hello, this is the current translator Min!! I just thought I'd leave my own thoughts on this and why I picked it up here:

Brief summary: In a world with Dungeons and Awakeners. When a dungeon occurs, the Hunters must enter the dungeon and kill its boss to prevent a dungeon break and save the world, ML (Sa Hyeon) is a Hunter who needs MC (Yisun) 's S-class Restorer abilities.


    • Jung Yisun: An S-class Restorer with powerful abilities, but who has cut off all contact with people and gone into hiding after losing his parents in the First Great dungeon explosion, and his friends inside the Second Great dungeon.
    • Sa Hyeon: Cool-headed, calculating, and manipulative. An S-class Hunter and leader of the HN Guild's special elite team, Chord324. He visits (read stalks) Yisun and does everything to get him to join his team for the Third Great Dungeon that appeared.
Romance: A slow burn that makes 100% sense considering the two's personalities; One is severely depressed and the other is more preoccupied with exploiting people for his own goal. Although the romance develops slowly, Sa Hyun's insincere yet sweet, sweet flirting gives even me, who's hiding comfortably behind my 4th wall, butterflies.

Pace: Fast paced dungeons, slow burn romance

What I liked:

-realistic portrayal of trauma, PTSD and how easily someone can relapse and fall back into their gloomy cocoon, yet it takes everything and more to take a single step outside it

- The slow burn

-I love dungeon/fantasy webnovels and so I might be biased haha, the dungeon action was decent and fit well as a plot device as well, I also loved the 7 wonders theme

-The supporting characters (The rest of the Chord Members) were so loveable and actually had their own moments to shine

-Sa Hyeon (I personally love seeing hot but tr*shy control freaks who see everyone around as a tool to be manipulated and used fall apart when they become aware of their feelings and start feeling helpless hehe)

What I disliked:

-sometimes the story drags on and narratives are repeatedly emphasized

- also sometimes the praise for Yisun felt overly exaggerated in writing, don't get me wrong I love him smm but he recognized a pyramid and you praise him to the skies and back? Plsss

So yeah, do read it if you like your dungeons and slow burn bls but do bear in mind it sometimes deals with heavy themes of depression, su*cide, survivor's guilt, umm what else was there uhh anyway
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July 20, 2022
Status: v1c1
I went to random novel for fun and found the cover interesting, moreso the 0 stars, so I knew no one read it yet didnt expect to it being only uploaded today! What a pleasant surprising to a pleasant start of a novel. Like yk the casual ptsd, dead friends you turn into zombies, things like that aha

In all seriousness poor MC, lost his parents in the first dungeon break then his friends on the second! Our ML seems to rlly like to pry around mc's backstory I feel bad... more>> 💀💀 but he does need some serious therapy fr

First chapter was fun hasn't completely hooked me yet but I'm looking forward to the next <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: Completed
I really like contemporary supernatural/fantasy novels with hunters and dungeons as the premise and have thus read a few of this genre. Yet it's the first time I have read about restorers and their important role in the whole dungeon infested world. It was quite refreshing.

Another thing that was refreshing was how Jeong Yiseon's (MC) mentality didn't suddenly took a 180° turn for the better, forgetting all the negative emotions like it sometimes happens in other novels. The character development is slow and steady not only for him but also... more>> for Sa Hyeon (ML) who actually learns to care for someone and treat them not like an object/tool despite having shown clear signs of being a psychopath.

This novel depicted a psychopath with control issues and a depressed person with PTSD and survivor's guilt quite well. I am not sure how much Sa Hyeon actually loves Yiseon or whether his feelings for Yiseon that seem to be love is actually rooted from his need to control. After all, Yiseon was the first person who got out of his control which made Sa Hyeon double down and increase his controlling/manipulative behavior. Weirdly enough that isn't a red flag for Yiseon. Rather he seems to like and need to be in Sa Hyeon's control as it gives him stability and a sense of security. Those two frankly would make such an unhealthy relationship in RL. But it works here.

Regardless of their codependency they seem happy and it's not like Sa Hyeon is abusive towards Yiseon. In fact, he is pretty protective, overprotective at times. So Sa Hyeon being a psychopath isn't really a demerit relationship wise.

The plot itself was good. The addition of the 7 wonders of the ancient world was interesting and made YouTube feed me several shorts relating to that topic which I didn't mind as the novel made me a bit curious about that topic. It's nice to have a novel raise curiosity and make you want to learn something new.

So I can only recommend this novel. <<less
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Kyra_268 rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: --
If I'm being 100% honest I'd sell one of my kidneys for a physical copy of this novel. This is the kinda novel, you'd sleep with to keep your dreams interesting. The kind of novel you'd read in class and pretend you were being constructive. I babbled about this novel so much that my mom banned me from reading books for a month. If I was losing my vision the words of this novel would be the last thing I wanna see. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I've never been a... more>> fan of novels or manhwas like this due to them being so cliche but surprisingly, Traces of the Sun does the concept justice! The novel easily grasped my attention. I have to admit when I first saw the tags I was skeptical but after reading a few chapters this book has become sacred in my heart, mind, and soul. I still haven't finished reading all the chapters and I'm anxiously waiting for more works like this from the Author! <<less
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Baku_2189 rated it
June 16, 2023
Status: c3 part7
I'd like to start off by saying MASSIVE kudos to the translator, translation was clear, concise and easy to follow through with. Thank you for all the hard work!

Secondly, I knew this was just my cup of tea when I seen words relating to "psychopath", "depression", "mental issues", etc.

Thirdly, this slowburn was..... slow burning. And I was all for it.

I tried the Traces of the Sun novel after reading its manhwa, and it did not disappoint. Traces of the sun was a compelling and enjoying read. I do love my... more>> dungeons/challenge/fantasy/supernatural danmeis, and psychologically challenged leads were the cherry on top. I like how the story was paced, though at times slower then others, throughout the novel. I liked watching the crew grow and loved that side characters were given screen time (?) to see their development and growth. The development between the leads was great and sensible given their issues and mentalities which I really liked about it. The ML was the control type and MC was the type who lacked that so it all sort of balanced out comfortably. I can't wait for what's to happen in the upcoming chapters! <<less
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KaPi rated it
March 17, 2023
There’s - manhwa for this novel, so go check it out if y’all are interested.

The premise is that the MC feels really guilty for the death of his friends and the fact that he accidentally turned them into the undead (when he tried to save them through his recovery powers). The ML is the only one who can help the MC put his friends to peace (so that they can die and not be living zombies) on the condition that the MC helps the ML out. They kinda became like... more>> friends with benefits halfway through though everyone could tell that they love each other. Oh btw, MC is kinda suicidal so he plans to kill himself after the ML fulfills his promise of putting the MCs friends to rest (ML doesn’t know about this).

Other than the fact that I’m a little pissed off that all of these “bottom MCs” are the support types with absolutely NO fighting power, it’s pretty decent. The MCs personality isn’t Mary Sue, nor damsel in distress, but some of his behaviours can get a little irritating.


For example, he made a request to end the dungeon raid because of personal problems which caused him, the ML, and their entire team to be blasted with hate all over the internet. Now, his personal problems linked to his trauma, which is understandable, and I won’t simply tell him to just put down his despair because that is unreasonable. However, in a situation where you’re going to pull everyone ELSE down with you due to these personal issues, maybe he should have reconsidered some previous decisions before doing what he did.


That being said, it was pretty decent in overall. I’d give it a 3.8/5 stars! <<less
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Nael_dok rated it
June 16, 2023
Status: --
Okay so first off

THANK YOU SO MUCH translator-nim for picking this up, I'm literally so grateful. The manhwa had already captured my interest and when I saw that the novel was being translated I died of happiness. The translation is literally amazing.

Now about the novel. To be honest I won't be able to say much as of now, because I'm still somehwhere in volume 2 and I have some catching up to do (I'll come back to edit later). But I'm absolutely loving it so far.

The MC is very... more>> depressed and going through a lot, he used to be a very powerful restorer but some stuff happened (aka everyone he loves dies 💀) and now he is left with around 50% (i think it was 50) of the power he had and with severe depression. ML comes into his life because he needs the help of his powers (MC is the only S rank restorer) and basically stalks him until he agress. Lmao, #couplegoals.

Okay so now why do I say I'm really loving it so far?

The MC's dynamics. I absolutely love it. I was squealing ever since the beginning. Its tension filled and you can tell its going to be slow burnish. AND CHEMISTRY PEOPLE, THEY HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY.

On this, the ML, god I really like how he is described, he is that character that I describe as icy hot. Like when you, the reader can feel the icyness from the screen and its so deliciously atractive. Lmao I'm sorry if this made no sense, but literally, every action he takes, walking, looking at MC, talking, its all way too damn atractive. He is also OP along w MC so this definitely helps in giving that feeling. All in all I'm saying this because I believe the way he is described is part of the reason its so easy for the MC and him to have such great chemistry. 10/10

OH I do want to mention that he does manipulate everyone to get what he wants and he is lowkey a a red flag, but hey I'm here for the development and for seeing him on his knees in front of the MC when he realizes his feelings. Also I'm colourblind ^_^

Okay but like this novel is much more than ML being atractive and them having chemistry. You can see its going to deal with heavier topics, like grief and depression and their relationship and plot will take a big part in that.

ML is going to be the one who slowly brings MC out of his shell (or cough cough forces him out if it) and the plot of the novel will be the means he will use to do that. They will be going through dungeons together (along with ML's team, so side characters) which will force MC to face his past and overcome it.

I'm so excited to see what comes next and to keep reading. I highly encourage everyone to gives this a chance.

OH if you have read the manhwa please still read it because the manhwa cut out/ was not able to portray SO MUCH of the novel its actaully insane. I was missing out on a lot. <<less
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