The Hunter’s Gonna Lay Low


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Cha Ui-jae, a hunter assigned to repair a rift in the West Sea, was thrown out when the rift closed abruptly. He then wakes up in a garbage dump.

Extremely hungry and in a zombie-like state, he’s drawn to a hangover soup restaurant, where he realizes that he has fallen eight years into the future.

In this era, an emergency alert tells you when and where a gate will open, ASMR videos of dungeon slimes go viral, and a leisurely hunter broadcasts an unboxing of an A-class longsword.

Unlike the past, where everyone feared the arrival of the end of the world, the future was peaceful. Ui-jae felt empty. Now, instead of being a hunter, he is going to start the second act of his life as a part-timer at a hangover soup restaurant?!



“Where have we met before?”

As the only part-time worker at a decades-old hangover soup restaurant, Cha Ui-jae’s plans to spend the rest of his life quietly go awry when he encounters a mysterious ‘gas mask’…

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The Hunter Wants to Live Quietly
헌터는 조용히 살고 싶다
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New snsss450 rated it
April 19, 2024
Status: c209
Easily: one of the BLs I enjoyed reading the most

Detailed? lower.

So, how would I shortly describe Hunter?

... more>> Imagine reading a BL? Now imagine reading a book.

This is it.

It is amazing how in the first part of the story (which I would be focusing now on, as second is yet not finished, although I would be taking some general non-plot reliant notes from it and keeping in mind) you read a story. What I mostly mean is not simply that this novel has a good plot. But even if it is, it doesn't stop at this point. It is not simply A to B approach, it's the "A to B, but make it C" what actually gets me. Author really takes time to emphasise the mood and trade the buildup for the end result. It's about setting hooks and then catching fish, AND I WAS CAUGHT ON A LOT OF.

More about the writing style:

As I already said, I believe that the structure of the plot (pt1) is excellent. Even now I can connect the plot points in head, as if something is written - it has a purpose behind it. not in a spontaneous "hey do you remember the man who had scissors? He's the killer" way, more of an author denying bumping you with unnecessary events and writing only something advantageous for the narrative. Of course, I do not mean that every little syllable connects into something greater or that every chapter is filled with action. What I mean is that even filler chapters prepare you for something to come next, and provide necessary details and build-up for future interactions. It might be done without such a clear intention in mind, but I usually found descriptions and action-detailing to be vivid and sensible too. It is able to intensify the central and most striking part of what's happening, when it's needed, instead of only giving everything at face-value. Once again, it is not a discovery, but I like the way descriptions serve as tools for telling a story and have meaning (being logical or experiencible? sorta) , if were spoken. For instance, the fact that ML's eyes is a recurring detail, as it's not stating an eye colour and that's all. Also, the way one arc flows into another is really good. It isn't the linear "we have to do A, then B, then C". Little things happen simultaneously at different time intervals and then combine in one big thing. Don't know if anyone had said that, but be aware that this whole novel is a huge emotional rollercoaster. Seriously, even if it has comedical tone/undertone most of the times. (don't trust it)


Giggling grinning rubbing my hands. Let's begin with side characters. To be fair, I am not the person to read something for the side characters, as most of the times I find them being something which is "there", but never actually worthy of spending time on. I wouldn't say that it suddenly changed here. More, I think that the balance is just right, and they bring just enough on the table for them to be present. Every each of them isn't that casual "this character's purpose is to be this button with a certain function. Say hi to him, we'll see him again". And it's funny, because in reality what they tend to do is indeed that. You have a shield hunter, you have a government hunter, you have a hunter with a superpower to literally t e l e p o r t you. But, it doesn't stop at that point, as they exist separately from the main cast, and have their own lives & motives for everything they do. wow! So most of the times, even if character and what they do can be summed up to something relatively lazy or easy, they still have that spark which makes them interesting to unfold in the story, and their functionality in the plot - notable.

Now about the main characters:

First of all, they are absolutely astonishing. Now, I don't want to spoil, because it's so much interesting to go in without waiting for anything specific, so I'll try to keep it easy. Yes, ML is that common trope of an aloof and sarcastic person with cold aura. Even then, the most liked novel comment on ridi is literally that copypaste of "if <... > has one million fans then I am one of them", but with ML's name in it, what do you want me to say? The way his character unwraps from the first meeting onto the second and onto the next is so fascinating to see! He isn't static, he isn't perfect and inhuman, he has his in-universe flaws, and he doesn't show all the cards in his hands to MC. Speaking about... it's really obvious how heavily novel is centred around him. He is the number one, and the world sometimes really does revolve around him. Though, I genuinely would consider that as a positive side. As instead of being a one-dimensional character without any development, not only does he really??? have past??? which affects him, but every big plot moment gives him time to truly shine and show something exciting. It isn't "he is good" and then the same thought keeps repeating in the same form again and again. it is setting a prominent character trait and letting the trait be shown in different circumstances, often - resulting in something different in the process. So, he and the way his character develops throughout the story are surely worthy of spending time on.


Funny isn't it? I want to focus on this point as it's a part of a novel I mean, so it makes sense. The greatest comedy force of the book is situational comedy. It is about a place A, where action is set, character group (s) B, and the situation C. The book takes a simple premise which can be pretty comedic on its own, and then uses everything at its disposal to make the situation even worse than it already is (sometimes multiple times in a row). Why I especially liked this approach and the experience of reading, as the comedy uses character's unique traits and complexities in order to create specific-to-novel comedy. So, in the end you have a chapter of everything going exactly the only possible way it could've, only for it to turn out into insanity! yippee. As I mentioned, novel is really centered around MC, so it's a given that he would be one of the main reasons why. (mine too). Dialogue comedy is peak at times, just as are MC's thoughts and observations: SURPRISINGLY, exactly for the fact from whom they are coming from. He might come off sloppy at times but I believe that it is a great way to make his character grounded and balanced in regards to his power and responsibility (bc it's a permanent trait). And I don't know who more to blame - my incorrect translator who often can't translate a word chicken normally, or author, but I found myself enjoying book's humor a lot.


It is rather slow-paced combined with characters interacting a lot (also important thing to note, as instead of going in the 'attraction causes actions which later build relationship' between characters root, it is the reverse when the relationship between characters deepens thanks to their actions, and sequently, romantical part does too). Though with a bit of small moments here and there (btw characters actually show affection!), that keep everything fresh and not boring. If you are looking for something really hardcore on love mode (clarifying: mainly straight-up romantical actions and words from characters. the focus on it) and aren't ready to wait for it, then unfortunately, you'll be dissatisfied. but if you enjoy good relationship handling in books and two complex equals having many (deep) bonds (not necessarily only romantically) then it's a good choice! The relationship between MC and ML doesn't linger in one static place for too long and there's always something more to come, or a way for it too grow. Just in general, romance here is not "what" action was done, but how, in thoughts/words/intentions characters have while handling anything regarding each other. So, it might not always be as straightforward, but as soon as a new detail from the interaction kicks in, you know there's something going on beneath, and it probably will result in something later.

The consequences:

To be honest I thought a lot how to name this part and what is the core reason for me liking the series as much as I do. Because it's kinda hard to name exactly. Maybe it's my speedreading to blame (as I could ran through 15 chapters a day) but for me a chapter could easily start with ":D" and end with "😕", and so for multiple times. I think when speaking about Hunter especially it's important to note that emotions transmitted by author through text are a huge contribution to the novel. As are characters' traumas and personal feelings. I mean, the MC literally appears after 8 years and if you try to see through the light tone, his first response is "I need to hide" ??? Do you really think it all would've stopped here? Cooking soup? Live, laugh, love? And as I've already told before, many aspects of writing are more or less subtle, instead of being front-loaded. What do you get by combining it with this ominous sense of characters suffering even if they don't say it out loud? It's you who suffers now for them, congratulations.

The second part of the novel is not that
bad? FOR NOW. as emotional focus is put into romance more, yeehaw!

(Spoiler of part 2 for brave, as I didn't provide anyth specific regarding it before. I do not insist on opening it's just a small notice I want to share if I hadn't sold you on it yet lol.) In part 1 I voluntarily cried once, thought "wow, it's so good!" and then was mentally annihilated 10 chapters later. I hate this thing get it away from me (I need more). It's hard to talk about the depth of fiction, as it can mean different things for different people, but here even if what characters experience isn't so difficult to explain in the concept, the execution of how they get through it IN DETAILS never fails to leave me speechless. You can write "I became sad" and you can write "I remembered the bad things". Technically they state the same thing, but the second approach hurts lol. It is the second one.


What genre is it? Well, it's action. But without action. Hey but soupless soup is water? Not until you have a couple more ingredients floating (what had this book made me?) It's kinda like a comic about an artist or a sport-story. The focus is not on the sport or the art, but on the funny company surrounding the main character, emotions, moments spent together... do you get where I am going? On the one side, it isn't the situation where you can replace guild-leader with duke of the north and everything would stay the same, as author doesn't have interest in what specifically is what that duke does and how it's important to the fictional reality. On the other side, it isn't the situation where author believes that people want to see blood, so every situation should lead to an epic, but meaningless and useless fight. The novel takes the concept of hunter fantasy and adapts it for whatever it wants to say. Hunter in this reality is a celebrity, a fighter, a model, an icon, a policeman, like a lot of possible roles for one person. So, "hunter" isn't a tag signalling "that person will fight in the plot in a certain way", it's a way to describe what character is. And the reality around them functions the same way. Same modern world, a bit more whimsy. Hence, say goodbye to useless explanations of what is guild-leader as we already know it, don't we? Oh, and we also know about a giant crack in the sky and what is a weapon and inventory. It all makes the world flow really organically, as we discover both the present via MC's gaze, and the past, seeing his memories. The structure of the world isn't unique, but the way it is used - is, just as the different hunter worlds created by it.

So, to summarise

- Notably good storytelling

- Conscious and logic writing

- Emphasis on emotional part

- Good to amazing characters

- Pretty detailed and nuanced

with the reasons to read:

- Interesting modern fantasy

- Trope independency

- Genuinely emotional

- Comedy is funny

- Main couple (fr)

I tried to provide some minuses in the review, but I'll state here that of course, there are a lot of logical and minor discontinuity troubles (sorry for wording it that way - basically when things come out of nowhere, wrong pacing, actions not really having explanation later outside of speculation, etc) when you think too much about the situations in logical terms - but doesn't it happen to literally any medium until it was created to be perfected, though? So, I don't find it unfortunate that something of lower priority might be loosen this thought-out track of. Because at that point it is really about attention, and I can see that the author just had it directed towards different aspects (and it's obvious that it's possible to notice the things which weren't paid as much attention to). Not every little thing might be <the best‼️🔥🔥😈> tm, but I love that there are some, which I don't really find that much in other novels and how they are being executed! It might be not a masterpiece, but It feels really interesting what it gets to achieve at times - intentionally or not.


I swear to God it's all, but I am considering translating series at this point. IDK how many years it's gonna take. Just a note, bc this review is already unreasonably long lol... don't promise anything.


[it's not a spoiler; hiding text]
So that's finally it with this review. If you are interested, I managed to read this up to date on ridi and it's technically free + involves some magic tricks usage, but is not impossible. Hope I got scary enough with the amount of words, so I could manage somebody to give it a try. Have a nice day!! :D <<less
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New lucky33 rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: c51
I really want to read the rest but I can't find the raws anywhere so I'll have to wait

The dynamic between ML and MC is so good because MC is a badass who isn't easily impressed and he isn't naive despite being heroic. ML is cold to others/cheeky to MC (calls him hyung and pouts when MC ignores him)

The world building is good, there are many mysteries we don't know anything about. Top hunters and their relationship with MC kinda similar to one punch Man.

You will probably like... more>> it if you like this genre <<less
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April 21, 2023
Status: c81
***Keep in mind this is all information from me reading MTL so it may not be entirely accurate and missing a lot of needed context***

It's a very fun read, especially for those who love the secret identity trope. Ui-jae is desperate to keep his identity as "Hunter J" a secret, also known as the former top 1 ranker and in the past, only one of two known S-ranker hunters in KR (however, there's more S-rank hunters now). Personally, I feel like most of the webnovel depends on Ui-jae as a... more>> character although ML (Lee Sayoung) certainly has his own merits.


    • is a boomer. No, I'm not joking. Having spent eight years out of the loop, he finds it hard to adjust to how society works in the "modern" era. It's teased a little in the summary, but a lot of the story is very "fish out of water" type narrative for Ui-jae, who is not used to how casual the job of hunter has become.
    • has a skill that helps him disguise his face vey well. He abuses this skill because he goes through many, MANY rollercoaster of emotions throughout the novel as he has to react to the ridiculousness of his new life hehe
    • is very much liked by most visitors of the hangover soup restaurant, which... turns out to be mostly hunters LOL. He's very well-respected by these hunters (of all classes!) and it becomes a running joke as all these hunters perceive him to be a normal weak guy when he secretly outranks them all. Their support of him teeters between hilarious and wholesome, especially when MC registers as a D-class hero (D class? E class? something low like that) and everyone invites him to their guild, telling him they don't care about his value as a hunter, they just really respect him and like his personality TTvTT
    • more on the boomer part--he tried to sell rare crystals on a craigslist-equivalent type app and he absolutely had to face the consequences of his actions. one of my most favorite part of the webnovel as everything exploded in his face and he instantly regretted it within minutes of posting it. the internet reaction seemed pretty realistic to me
    • has a dedication to the grandma who runs the hangover soup restaurant and took MC in as well as the granddaughter who MC refers to as his nephew. Not much found family, but it's wholesome how MC has an attachment to them as if they were his real family, but a lot of the plot is taken up by the hunter aspect and there's not so much focus on them. There is a plot thread of MC making a deal with ML to get the grandma's legs fixed which I found very cute
    • This is just from memory, but I think I remember reading how he has a bit of trauma regarding rifts. He went into West Sea Rift with a full party and was the only one who came out, so basically everyone else died. That would probably traumatize anyone and leave them with trust issues, and in recent chapters when "Hunter J" became re-recognized in the system, Ui-jae is still #1 even after eight years. How this will unfold into the plot in the future is still unknown. But he clearly wants to give up that dangerous life because it's a lot to shoulder onto someone who has lost so much. His motivations are pretty clear.

As for ML, I don't have much to spoil on. He's a very sly/coy type of ML, kinda like Sung Hyunjae (but less sadistic lol), and he takes great interest in MC after noticing discrepancies in the hole of MC's cover. It's greatly implied that he's already figured out MC's identity by this point.

There's a bit of pining for MC in there in little bits and pieces.

There's a moment where MC doesn't want to anger the rank 5 (or something close to that number) hunter Honeybee so MC lies and say he's a big fan of Honeybee and likes his face that shows up in many advertis**ents. ML gets jealous and despite having an infamous record of rejecting all advertis**ent appearance offers, he accepts one just so he can try to get MC's praise... haha....


Major spoilers:


At some point, a teenage girl hunter who can look into the future approaches Ui-jae with a very ominous vision that KR will fall and some sort of apocalyptic future will happen. This is the main drive of the story beyond MC just trying to live a normal life. Of course, our MC is a good guy and he wants to help avoid this future at all costs.

I mean, the main reason why he wanted to live a normal life in the first place is that he doesn't see himself as "needed" anymore in the current society. He didn't become a hunter out of passion so to speak, he did it out of necessity because again, he was only one of two S-rank hunters in KR and he felt he had a duty to perform in order to minimize casualties.


This is a type of story where everybody is attracted to MC like moths to a flame, but I can't really blame said characters since MC is such a great guy. There's something authentic in the way that he cares about other people, he cares enough to have stayed in a dungeon for 8 years for the sake of a country that would never know of his efforts to save everyone. Obviously, everyone will find out at some point, but ultimately what MC doesn't want is recognition, but peace and to live a mundane life free of turmoil. It's hard for me to not want to root for a simple character like that.

I like the side characters and their differing personalities. Even the one-off side characters featured in MC's Hunter Exam arc were interesting to read about in the few scenes where they showed up, contributing to the worldbuilding of the setting. A lot of the webnovel is lost on me, who is working with MTL, but it was still an enjoyable read to me nonetheless and I hope there's a decent translation that will come out someday <3

(You can read this on Ridibooks, I paid coins to unlock all the chapters) <<less
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Fuchou rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: c144
I patiently waited everyday in Ridi to unlock chapters and so I can tell you this: It's good and worth the wait. Definitely a solid 5/5 for me.

About the MC Cha Uijae:

He's Korea's strongest but also a traumatized individual. As J, when there were only 2 S-classes 8 years ago, he was always in the frontline, always carrying such heavy responsibilities even though he began as a minor because it was "his duty as the strongest to save Korea". He's often alone and lonely, always acting by himself because he... more>> was used to it, but Lee Sayoung (the ML) made sure to keep nailing in his head to rely on other people too. The MC's characterization is great, he has a lot of flaws and can be an idiot sometimes, but he's earnest and honestly endearing. He's just a guy who happened to be the strongest. He also makes the best and cheapest Haejanggeuk in town. I keep cheering for him when he faces his trauma and flaws (especially his self-sacrificing tendencies), and even got teary eyed at one chapter (it's chapter 91, I was so proud of him).

About the ML, Lee Sayoung:

He's formerly no.1 lmao but that's more than okay with him. It's apparent from the get go that he has something with J and is fairly obsessed with him. It's understandable why, given their history.


There was a poison dungeon and MC saved him. He was the only survivor, and he was in critical condition. MC made sure to pay for his treatment with MC's own money. When he found out that MC and the hunters who went to the West Sea Rift presumably died, ML awakened as S-class due to grief. There's so much more to this but I won't expand, you have to experience the same heartbreak that I did. It's honestly very depressing and gratifying.


ML is the classic possessive and jealous guy, but that's all there is to him. Unlike other KR MLs who threatens others and their MCs due to jealousy (and even gets physical), this ML would just voice his displeasure and that's it. He's all bark and no bite with MC, he pouts when MC doesn't pay him attention but is easily coaxed lol. He's also very supportive and protective, will actually bite if it's a threat to MC. He's so conscious of MC's well-being (even more than MC himself), to the point of not making direct contact because his poison might hurt MC. I honestly find him cute and pretty sure MC feels the same.

The supporting characters are also great and have their own fully fleshed out personalities. They're OP in their own way. The villains (Prometheus) are rather dark gray than black--


They're doing their evil deeds so they can prevent the apocalypse because it's an inevitable event that will happen. Sacrifice a few for the greater good, so to speak. But then again, they're a bunch of lunatics who thinks that what they're doing is justified.


There's a looming threat and there's also twists and turns. I honestly love where it's heading and anticipating it. Also, I love how the gap between S-class and A-class is actually bridgeable unlike many KR Dungeon & Hunters novels and webtoons I've read. It makes the S-classes more human and relatable.


You'll understand why Sayoung insists on calling Uijae "hyung", why he named his guild "Waves/Pado", why Bae Wonwoo is so loyal to him, and why his name is Sayoung (and what it means). There's so much more.

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Kakipii13 rated it
September 3, 2023
Status: c38
As of the latest translated chapter (38) : very good! This review is more for people trying to decide whether or not they want to read it.

The premise from the summary shows that the MC is trying to hide his real abilities/identity and live a normal life. In a lot of series with this kind plot, this can be frustrating. The MC could spend way too much effort hiding for no real reason, even when it gets to the point that revealing himself would be a better option. Sometimes other... more>> characters in these series lose IQ in order to keep up the status quo: they either refuse to believe that the MC could be powerful in any capacity or start suspecting him for no reason/the wrong reasons to force conflict. Poor writing and monotonous plot make a lot of these stories exhausting to read. This is NOT the case for The Hunter’s Gonna Lay Low.

MC is hiding, yes, but knows when to fold 'em and when he has to admit to being awakened. The ML is on to him, is really pushy at first, and unreasonably gets up into his business, but once MC and ML get into an agreement ML becomes the best backer he could have. MC isn't hiding his identity for flimsy reasons either. He seems unsure about what he really wants to do with his life and he can't just brush off his past traumatic experiences. He's OP, but he has served his time and wants to run away. He has a lot of potential for character growth that I'm looking forward to.

ML has no interest in "exposing him" or anything like that, helps MC hide his identity, and seems to genuinely have good intentions (though vague foreshadowing seems to indicate that he is connected to MC's past and his true motives are still a mystery at this point). ML is the fox-like, "I do what I want and get what I want by force" type character, but his godly abilities and high status are balanced out by the fact that a lot of people don't like him because his personality is terrible. People are terrified of him like they are facing a villain in person, but also show no respect because f*ck this guy. And when he makes a commercial it turns out super awkward, causing the MC second-hand embarrassment and showing that the ML isn't absolutely all-capable.

MC has realistic reactions to things and makes realistic decisions. His differing philosophy from most people and his gaps in knowledge from being thrust 8 years into the future aren't unreasonable. For example, he can look things up in the internet but "common knowledge" that wouldn't be considered noteworthy info to share or things that he doesn't even know about to research means his information gaps are realistic. There are actual female characters in a BL series, and they don't exist just to be love rivals or villains. The side characters in general are well-written, being more than just 2D cutouts, and are well-implemented. Contrived misunderstandings are few and cleared up quickly instead of being painfully drawn out. The plot at chapter 38 is starting to pick up, showing that there is more to this story than just MC trying to balance is double-life without getting caught.

An excellent read so far. If you like stories with fusion fantasy "Hunter/Player" and "Dungeon/Tower/Gate" kind of genres, superhero and superpower elements, or "MC with PTSD just trying his best, " this is definitely one to try out. 5/5 <<less
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Usagixneko rated it
June 15, 2023
Status: c186
It was refreshing, I mean expect some past trauma, an ominous prediction...​It was still cute, and funny.

The chemistry between the MC and the ML is quite good, and the unconscious flirt is just a cherry on the top of the cake.
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