The Main Villain Is Stuck To Me Like Chewing Gum


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He possessed the body of an S-Class Hunter, Sung Dohyun, a minor antagonist who kidnaps the novel’s main villain, Baek Hamin! Despite knowing the despairing contents of the original novel, it was fun to use his newly found S-Class abilities!

While enjoying his life as an S-Class Hunter, he accidentally saved a young child from being kidnapped….

“Hunter Sung Dohyun. What on earth are you doing?”

It turns out that the kid was Baek Hamin, the main villain from the original novel and the nephew of an S-Class Hunter, Baek Eunsung whom the original Sung Dohyun despised!?

“Hamin wants to live with Ahjussi.”

“Ahjussi, where are you going?”

“Dohyun is my Ahjussi!”


Since then, Sung Dohyun suddenly finds himself with the main villain of the novel stuck to him like chewing gum. Besides….

“Hunter Sung Dohyun. Shall we live together?”

Why is Baek Eunsung acting like this?! What do you mean live together, I’m trying my best to go back home!

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메인 빌런이 껌딱지가 되어버렸다
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Iamdefinitelynotonincognitomode rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: c2
Why do the characters on the cover look like the couple from omega complex? Also what's up with the skill name being splash splash lol I started laughing. "Why the hell is the main villain of the novel dangling like a gumdrop from my foot?" the MC is a mood for real.

There are only 2 chapters up now, but I am enjoying it, the MC is not weak and as strong as a monster himself. He think of fighting as playing games, after seeing him fight even the chairman who... more>> was trying to mock him started taking back steps. And I am confused but did the MC drift in and out from the body he is currently before finally settling cause he keeps talking about dreaming. <<less
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antimonia rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: c33
A classic transmigration novel. I like that the MC isn't weak- he's strong and capable, not weak. I haven't read the raws or anything, but I'm excited to see how this goes. The child main villain is really cute, I enjoy him quite a bit. I'm not convinced on the ML (child main villain's uncle) yet. He's a major as*hole and I really dislike him now.

My thoughts on the ML (minor spoilers) : ... more>>

Apparently, the original goods that the MC transmigrates into came from nothing and had nothing. He worked really hard for everything, and still didn't have that much. He lives in a really sh*t apartment and it seems like he's kind of living with his resources stretched thin. The ML, however, is super rich and has a lot of resources at his fingertips- a real silver spoon. Still, the ML would act like those resources were worthless and showed a clear dislike for it. The original goods felt that ML was incredibly two faced and ungrateful and to be honest, I feel the same way too!

I can't help but feel angry with the ML. I know that it's probably because of the family drama that comes along with everything, but his careless attitude about his blessings really rubs me wrong. Of course, the original goods that MC possessed also wasn't smart with his money, but still. It really made me sympathize with the original goods. If I was in that position too, I'd be angry as well.

It's a staple of k-novels of this genre, but the ML's hard nature has made my blood pressure rise. MC saves the child main villain, but the ML's guild rejects him because they think MC is playing a trick. Even when the ML comes to get the child and verifies that it's actually his nephew, the MC never gets an apology or any sort of recognition from the ML's guild. He barely gets a thanks from MC too!

During the school testing arc, the MC prepares food for the child main villain + another kid because he doesn't trust the teachers to not pull something, and the ML freaks out because he thinks that MC could've put poison in it. The MC could've just let the kid die? He got pulled into the ML's family drama for basically no reason, and the ML still acts like he's out to get them. Ugh.

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Sunena rated it
April 18, 2024
Status: c61
Before I say something about the story I will first clarify this that some people who are disappointed by the ML has only read the comic up to 35 chapter at most and rated after that so don't take it seriously, the story is extremely heartwarming, MC is like a parent of all of the kids here and there and ML is like a kid who only hears what MC says, it a slow burn so it took like 40 chapter to see their kiss but everything is so good,... more>> if you had read the comic "our dinning table" you might have the feeling of that comic during some chapters...


when ML decided to keep his nephew at mc's house to keep him save he realised that mc's house was more like a "home" to him than the other place he lives in and he decided to trust MC, also he advised that they live together


Their hatred is pure for sure but it also turns into a great trusted relationship and then romantic relationship, MC is mature, patience and very kind hearted also strong and bold which gives this story another taste of greatness, overall I love this story and I am eagerly waiting for the update.

Also about the ML so he is not that bad, he had suffered many things from his own family, the hatred between ML and MC is misunderstanding created intentionally so it's understandable that it grew more, I will say that the original character before MC came was at fault a little because he couldn't fight his inferiority complex but yes he is also very pitiful so don't hate him much but other peoples, including ml, who hated that previous guy was not wrong, he did extremely disturbing things like trying to kill ML and this is the reason why ML couldn't trust MC, but later he says thankyou and sorry for the mistreatment and also promise to take care of MC

I highly recommend this one please do read this <<less
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csoft rated it
January 18, 2024
Status: c35

Honesty I've read a concerning amount probably amounting into the thousands and I have like 800 more waiting in my tbr.

Having said that between them all I was most excited to binge read like 200 chapters of this one it was so good. The world building I loved I could always picture what was happening almost like watching a show and the translation after the mtl was pretty good other than a few minor mistakes.

Alas I'm forever unlucky. To my utter, unfortunate, disappointing, currently sobbing dismay this novel isn't... more>> even finished let alone translated completely. I was determined to read the mtl no matter how bad or pay big bucks, but I can't get a ridi account authorised : (

I believe this is actually my first written review in the last 7 or so years of having used nu it's that good. Though I think the frustration of not being able to binge this really stripped away any social anxiety that prevented me from posting previously. Look it's no literary masterpiece but it has everything I was looking for and more; with a lovely enemies to lover's vibe going on love love love.

I like how they genuinely hate each other hehehe.


Plus, the relationship between the leads, the nephew and the OG protagonist hahahah I love them it feels a little like found family with the kidlings, I love them they're so cute.

Tbh the rating should be between 4.3 to 4.6 on this site minimum although I say 5.


Low-key highly anticipating when the MC finally snaps and ML realises how he come across like an ungrateful snob sometimes to MC and honestly the very first impression of his gave me more villain cannon fodder vibes lol I thought he'd die in the first place MC woke up in. Till I realised he was the ML hehe. Though he did indeed grow on me in the end as I can already see how this'll play out :) also I want the older brother of ML to fall down a very deep dark endless hole that slowly narrows with spikes on the sides ugh one can only dream.

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skimberwood04 rated it
December 17, 2023
Status: c25
The MC is transmigrated into the body of a minor villain in the novel. People don't trust him because of ogSD was very obsessed with the so-called main villain's uncle (ML).

The protagonist and the Main villain are kids who are very adorable.

The translation is pretty good.
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January 25, 2024
Status: --
Something interesting, not too strong conflict, interesting ML brother couple.
MC is also very strong. His power is also unique, not a cliché like other dungeon powers. I find that most current dungeon genre BL works overuse support powers, at least among the many stories I've read.
High quality translation. The works selected by WrongMTL are all of good quality.
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Everest404 rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: c48
It’s good so far, translation is alr, and the premise seems interesting although there can be some confusing parts. You can tell that the relationship between the two isn’t too fast moving but it’s not really slow either, they’re slowly getting comfortable with each other. I think it gets a good rating because it’s also consistent and the main characters are likeable
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