Too Bad Master Died Early


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Although Xie Zhi’s acting career was in a slump, he still hated playing bit parts and rejected the role of a soy sauce (read: extremely minor) character in a web drama. Unexpectedly, he died and transmigrated into a novel to become the dead benefactor character who only shows up in the protagonist’s memories: Xie Zhiwei.

…hold on, isn’t this the same soy sauce character he refused to act?!

To avoid repeating the same tragedy, Xie Zhiwei had no choice but to team up with the System to play (work) act (hard) at his part (death).

System: The protagonist needs a teacher, so his shizun will be…
Xie Zhiwei: Leave it to me.

System: The protagonist needs to level up, so his helper will be…
Xie Zhiwei: Leave it to me.

System: The protagonist needs to blacken, so the villain will be…
Xie Zhiwei: Leave it to me.

System: The protagonist needs to fall in love, so the heroine will be…
Xie Zhiwei: @#$^! you, let me float away ethereally.

Mu He: Shizun, please fly into this disciple’s arms~

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Đáng thương vi sư chết quá sớm
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New merinnan rated it
July 2, 2024
Status: Completed
MC is an actor who, upon his death in a car accident, transmigrates into a novel as the minor character who's role he'd just turned down in the TV adaptation - the cultivator who rescued and inspired the protagonist, before being mu*dered offscreen. His System assures him that he's allowed to change his fate, so he starts off doing this by... becoming the protagonist's shizun instead. Things unfold in the long tradition of blackened shinf*cker protagonists, as you'd expect. Trigger warning for noncon and some mild gore.
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Zjy rated it
March 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Hahaha this is so funny so far. The premise is that the MC is a famous actor who died and transmigrated into a minor character in a novel. He already knows the plot and that the ML has been reborn and blackened, but he also has to stay in character due to the system. He's basically acting serene while actually being pissed the entire time he's trying to find a way not to die early like in the original plot. The MC is hilarious. He's super salty and irritable but has to act warm hearted and gentle to maintain his character. And his internal snarky commentary about the ML also being fake is equally hilarious. I love that this man spends all his brain cells trying to hug ML's golden thighs. Really promising start, can't wait to see how the story develops.

For those that are familiar with SVSS and the like tropes, this is kind of the reverse. Imagine Shen Jiu transmigrated into Shen Yuan and had to stay in character while already knowing Luo Binghe is a blackened fake white lotus. Hahaha

The translator at CG is so fast! Thank you for picking up this novel!


Update: I finally finished this novel. Overall I'd give this a 4/5. The story got a little chaotic in the middle but wrapped up with a satisfying ending. I particularly liked how well the female characters were written, which is so rare in Danmei. Even the annoying commandery princess ended up being likable in the end. When I first picked up this novel, I liked it for the comedy. But the angst ramped up as it progressed, and I was shedding tears by the end. The MC had good character development—some of the criticism about him in other reviews are people reacting to how he was behaving at a point in time, but he grew after that. The ML was pretty crazy in the middle, definitely one of the most yandere MLs I've read. However, he wasn't just completely randomly crazy.

He wasn't in a good mental state from ab*se in his past life and the Red Lotus exacerbated it.

This by no means excuses his honesty very creepybad behavior, but he does also realize later that his behavior is unacceptable. He had decent character development too. To be frank, this is novel is not about wholesome, well-adjusted people in a healthy relationship. The fact that the ML is a yandere should be a clear indication, not to mention the other tags. I don't really get the reviewers who are upset about the ML—what else do you expect going into a novel about a blackened yandere ML? It's always confused me when people criticize the story for things that are tagged to begin with.

TLDR, this was a satisfying read. It was rough in the middle parts, but made up for it with good character development and a satisfying ending. There are dark themes in this so please heed the tags.
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stellar_soul rated it
June 13, 2022
Status: c113
Dropping this at c113 for now. I just feel really uncomfortable with MC and ML relationship this far. I don't like how both the MC and ML treat each other. The early chapters are pretty good and funny and while some things just doesn't feel right regarding both the MC and ML characters, I thought there would be a lot of angst and they would learn to treat each other (and treat others) better and have worthy character development. But sigh, I don't feel optimistic about that anymore. (Warning: Pretty... more>> long rant below)


First, the MC treated the world as a novel world, aka unreal, and thus everything he did before his death was to "advance the plot" and he doesn't have much sympathy or feelings to other characters including the ML. It feels like he was just playing with him (and his "last words" just simply pissed me off, why, because he just want the scene to be more dramatic and have more impact *screams*). I get that the author set that on purpose, because MC has not realized how real his current world is and to motivate ML. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

My biggest problem is with ML though. His blackened self after MC's death is just... too much. My usual read of blackened protagonists are usually just extremely vengeful but not completely unreasonable and would spare innocent people type. This ML though, I just can't (my personal preferences though, feel free to disagree).

ML just doesn't care about other's fate. Even his post rebirth he is already cruel enough (he push ori!FL, who was a legit stranger who have never met, to the river simply because he doesn't want to "share" MC), but God, how extremely selfish and unreasonable he is after MC's death. How he acts pitiful to MC to garner sympathy after he did some heinous things is just... ugh. He knows he is in the wrong and his kind shizun will disagree with him, but he still did it and ask forgiveness afterwards "knowing he is wrong" and try to shift the attention to "so shizun doesn't like me, I am sad". In the end it went from "ML did something wrong" to "ML is pitiful and needs to be comforted". It always happens and everytime it did, I scream a little bit inside.

And I really detest his treatment towards Chu zhishi. What exactly did he, and also ori!FL, do to ML to deserve torture? Him breaking ML's right hand isn't without reason (imagine your respected older brother figure died protecting the cultivators+ML+ML's father, and his disciple hogging his corpse and not letting him go, and while you are grieving, ML's father threatened to chop off that respected brother's hand. Not a good idea to break his hand to pry his corpse, but justifiable to me). He *can* heal that broken hand fairly easily. He f*cking can but he chose not to as if to say, you wronged me so now I will let the world know what you have done to me and I will remember this for the rest of my life. I get he was grieving, MC was his light and all, but CZS is still his martial uncle who had good realtionship with MC, and didn't do anything to ML without reason. Even after seeing MC's stance against him regarding CZS and ori!FL, he still kept pursuing them. Not to mention ori!FL was there with good intention, because she thought ML was going to kill MC and was just trying to save him. Basically, anyone who tries to "occupy" his shizun time are enemies who deserve to die, and so are people who had "slighted" him. Even if shizun disagree, who cares because once I act pitiful shizun will forgive me. Shizun denying me anything? That is an illusion and I am free to do whatever I want to him because there is *no way* his kind shizun would say that to him.

Also how the r*pe is depicted and their reactions are somewhat unsettling to me. I mean I get that a lot some novels have dub-con or non-con (that usually is made light of) but I usually chose to just try to ignore it, but somehow with this one, it just doesn't sit well with me no matter how hard I tried to ignore it, because you know, fiction. How MC was suffering kept on being forcefully lightened and somehow ML, the rapist, was depicted more pitiful. MC being r*ped for 3 days continuously? ML acts pitiful and ask forgiveness because he thought it was an illusion, and MC f*ckin forgives him right away. He forgives faster than the speed of sound and his anger meter basically falls to 0 after ML acts pitiful. Maybe it was to make up for his treatment to ML before death, but there are things that just simply cannot be easily forgiven.

The ori!author also told MC nothing about ML mol*sting him in his "drugged" sleep and, after discovering ML r*pe bent for MC, seems kind of perfunctory when MC asked for help and have the mentality of watching fun. The 3 day r*pe event while MC was being punished by the system (by having him maintain a slight serene immortal smile while being effin r*ped, feels disturbing.

MC forgiving ML at the drop of hat holds true for every bad thing ML did. MC tried to salvage ML's image to his victim (refering to ori!FL) is really, really unsettling to me (like bruh, after all he did to your martial brother, after he r*ped you, after he push ori!FL to river and tortured her later in the story???). What ori!FL, Tantai Meng, said to MC in response is true. It is regretable that the upright shizun persona of the MC is being tainted by having such a disciple, who he still stands for even after his crimes was exposed (kinda like, but a more serious and severe version of bear parents protecting their bear children). It really make it feels like the MC doesn't really care about anyone else beside ML despite having been "enlightened" to think that this world, and every living people in it is real. Not to mention he never really reprimand ML for what he did against others.


So, depends on your preferance, it might be a good read. If you are okay with reading blackened ML who is really black (like nothing but MC moves him), MC who disregards ML feelings at first then is unscrupulously biased towards ML, and r*pe and mol*station, maybe you would like it (because the storyline itself is actually pretty good and interesting). But for me, I am dropping it for now because of these issues. Maybe I would pick it up later in the future <<less
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natenox rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: c55
This is a really enjoyable read with a transmigrator who is (initially) salty as hell and instead of a system, he has a dead author fanboying about him constantly, to the point that when he died, said author pulled him into the work in order to achieve his vision.

And of course, everything goes off the rails when this snarky butterfly shows up. It's not brainless, yet very funny~!

Add in the hilarity of the author having patterned the original characters after other celebrities, and our MC is left to take care... more>> of an ML who happens to look like someone from his first life that he lovingly wants to strangle. (Though ML just looks like him, he's not actually him).

Anyway, this has a similar flavor to certain parts of Scum Villain, esp in relation to some of the plot, but what I love about it is that it's a little more lighthearted, and the author gives the ML time to grow and learn so that he doesn't go completely off the deep end like a certain male lead did in that one. It also helps that this shizun was always a soft and good person so there's no original sin to wash away-- just a lot of accidental teasing.

Also, all the would-be harem beauties are just constantly in danger which is very Benny Hill.

I haven't gotten to some of the heavier parts of the novel yet (like the r*pe tag) but based on how the author has handled such things so far and the translator's note that I read at the start, I have high hopes for it being handled well.

Speaking of which, Ruyi is a fantastic translator and even if this wasn't as enjoyable as it is, I'd add an extra star for Ruyi's hard work and smooth flow. <<less
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Kyukyuuta rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Lol already expecting there must be people who will compare this novel with svsss (I mean, this happens with most of shizun danmei and I'd say they are so annoying duh)

It's true that MC is annoying at the beginning, but it was justifiable since he was someone who used to be a movie emperor in his past life before transmigrated to the novel he read, it's not weird at all that he has a pride and sees the world he transmigrated to as a virtual world. But later after... more>> spending time with ML and experiencing a lot in that world, he begin to understand that they are real people with flesh and blood, not just a virtual characters. He became attached to the world that he decide to stay with ML instead of comeback to his original modern life when the system offered the choice in the ending.

You all need to finish the novel before you judge and f*cking please stop comparing to svsss or any other shizun danmei, otherwise your review is not fair to this novel. <<less
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Pcrome rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: v3c110

Ughh I'm disappointed to people who judge this without even going through the last arc! And the first two arcs aint even bad!! It's soo good!!!

Let me just say that this novel honestly made me satisfied every chaps, when I thought it's gonna get boring, the roller coaster rising up again. I love yandere ML who actually CARES for the MC. He's similar with Luo Binghe in terms of "crying like a maiden to soften shizun's heart". And it's not really unpleasant.

ML suffered a lot,... more>> so don't expect him to be kind and forgiving. He's that exact type of ML who's only gentle to MC. He would give up his life for MC at the same time he's struggling a lot, cuz he loves MC, doesn't want him to suffer the same fate with this Shen You guy and don't want to force him but he loves him so much he can't bear to let go even tho he knows it will hurt MC... he's a confused and black bellied doggy. IMO, compared to other manipulative and yandere Gongs, he's pretty decent. At least, he actually regrets forcing MC and only did it because he thought it's an illusion.


Tho, he's cruel to the people who hurts him, he forgives MC for trying to poison him (food allergy) ---not that the MC did it to hurt him, he just wants to escape from ML so he resorted to that.


MC, on the other hand, is quite similar to SQQ/SY as well, with his aloof immortal bearing, but kinder (his image only). Deep inside he cursed a lot and funny. I like him tbh, he's likable. I don't know why others said he just treats the characters as non living piece of fiction but YEAH AT FIRST, that's understandable, he just got to the world for like a couple of months so even I would not treat them as humans, being a transmigrator that is. BUT HE has character development later on. You'll notice him actually getting sad/angry/worried at other characters who died and got torture at later part of the novel and he even tried his best to save them.

READ IT! it's worth it. The story is good, the plot is good, the characters are alive! <<less
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MeAndOnlyMeSaltedfish rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: Completed
As the plot say. The MC transmigrated to cultivation world and need to act that soy sauce character.

Move forward, the chapter go smoothly so far. The best and unexpected part may be is the part where MC **** and the ML cry to the point of being madman.

In this chapter 50 the relationship between the two has not come to light and only ML one sided love. MC also see him as naughty student.

Their is also side characters who have miserable end and have their own love and hate story.... more>> This side characters almost can top their own novel.

For now that's a read so far. Since I mtl most of the chapter. :3

Update chapter 108


In chapter 56 or 81. Can't remember what chapter it is the ML r*pe MC without knowing. Then later chapter he r*pe MC thinking it was illusion or something. Well, MC forgive ML as if nothing really happened. Then chapter 108.

*** accused the MC as fake and a killer. Even MC sect members, deny him. It's really disgusting. Poor MC saving everyone but not given a gratitude or respect to his sect. Even if their is reason it's feel uncontrollable.
Especially the sh*t system who always force MC to do things even if said he was allowed to do what he wants. This system is one of does disgusting system that force MC do things without saying what will he get after all of this done.

No wonder someone give this 1 Stars. (ノಠ益ಠ) ノ彡┻━┻



Chapter 203

So far the plot become mess and ML was disadvantage because of some hidden boss. MC then think of anything that can help ml.

Their relationship soon realize. Although it not clear if they lover or not but MC allowed ML to kiss and hug him with reason.


Nice ending. (。•̀ᴗ-) ✧ <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: Completed
At the beginning you will felt like this is a story of an actual Villainous MC who transmigrated into a body of a Good Person. Because my god... His thought toward ML was definitely beyond my expectations. I get why but still... Just endure. You will like his Character Growth in the end.

... more>>



The author is Great at writing Characters. The Supposed Heroine, she was very Good Character. Like seriously, you will Like her with all her flaws and all. She's not perfect, but she's truly Beloved!!! And beside her, how the Author write other characters. A 'Clown' CanonFodder Character (I called him that) with Plot Twist. We get to see how the 'Author' of the Supposed Harem Novel think about the whole situation he witnesses. The Character Growth of MC!!! His feelings toward the New world he lived in, the People around him, and especially toward the ML!!!

ML himself also not bad character. Put it short; He's Truly Yandere. Longer; he's NOT Brainless NOR Heartless one! Except the people who deserve his Revenge; he 'only' wronged MC's Shidi and the Supposed Heroine. But both character are Strong Mentally and Physically.


Yes, he also like to mol*st MC, that was Non-Con. He is Pe*vert and we acknowledge that. But on the actual r*pe scene, you can't truly blame him. Rather; you should HATE the FCKING SYSTEM FOR LET MC BE DEFENSELESS.

ML thought MC was an Illusion. It was mentioned he had so many Illusions about MC. His unstable power or mind came from the Lotus (s) power that was unbalanced.

That's why I said you SHOULD Hate the System for this one. The OOC warning and punishment literally stop MC for defending himself!!!

When ML realised at the end it was all real, he offered can do anything and even kill him. And that's probably why MC didn't fully blame him. Knowing what how Messed ML's mind was, as*hole System, and because he was still thinking he was in Novel and not real world to actually feel wronged (?).



Just Prepared your Mind for Anything! It's still Wonderful novel! The Author delivers Emotional scenes Wonderfully.

I Love the how it ended. Sure it's not my kind of 'Perfect' End. But for this story, it's Beautiful Well Written and Perfect for it!

So I'm Loving it! It memorable in my Heart. Loving it Everlastingly. <<less
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GhostFlute rated it
October 2, 2022
Status: Completed
I had high expectations from the summary, it seemed right up my alley, and it delivered in some aspects and fell shorts in other aspects.

Contrarily to many reviewers, I found MC's detached gaze into this novel world realistic and understandeable. He thinks it's all a big game into a fictional world for most part of the novel and really, how blame him? His body can be taken control by the system under certain circumstances, he has game-like quests to complete in order to remain in this world, he has a... more>> death cheat, he has a close relationship with the world's author throughout, this system is even more game-like than SVSSS actually, how could he NOT think the way he thinks for most of the novel?

One thing that I didn't like about MC's characterisation though, is the switch from "I'm straight, I was violated, f*ck this shit" into "I love all of him, he's my whole life." Like, you need to flesh out that sh*t more author, it's the most important of the romance plot and you gloss over it in outrageously flippant ways to the sole benefit of the mystery plot. You have multiple plots here, all of them very interesting, you need to balance them out. The Chinese comments were asking for Mu He's POV but honestly, why didn't the readers ask for a more in-depth look into shizun's feelings between his violation and his epyphany? All that's in there is mystery, conspiracy, misunderstandings, disguises, revenge, etc, but no romantic scenes of actions or description that made me realize "oh he's coming to terms with what happened and maturing his feelings in THIS way. Ok now I get where this is going." Nope, I saw none of that. So as good as the mystery plot was and as good as, in the main, the characterisation was, it's truly a pity that the romantic plot languished towards endgame.


4/5 For the reasons I described in the paragraph above.


2/5 I wish more authors were like Musuli and found that nice balance between outright smut and sensuality. Less cut-off fade-to-black scenes about unspeakable things and more descriptions of small details that still give a blurry yet complete scene of what supposedly goes on. More round-about ways to linger on the heat of the bodies, for instance, or rhythms, or gasps and other little sounds associated with intimate moments.


5/5 This part was expectedly good. I was certainly not expected this pleasant surprise. From the summary I thought this was gonna be cracky with some drawn-out misunderstandings or identity prn tropes, but nope, there's a fully fleshed out mystery plot dripping with angst. Nice! <<less
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fakeluff rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: Completed
The character growth! Choppy in parts but compelling nonetheless. Familiar tropes and gropes if you've read Scum Villain, but is really its own work.
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Vicyaxx rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: --
It's not for me I guess. Someone who grew up with laws will be shocked with someones death even if he thinks it's virtual okay? Even me as a reader sympathize with villains/characters in books/movies and all but MC seeing someone drop dead quickly adapted how cold can you be. He is fake all in all, ML was touched by his fakeness which is because he needs too but still. And also how he was being a pimp to ML and orig FLs like wtf do you want?? Just let... more>> them develop and he even want to watch the livestream for papapa of this ain't it weird. Also we know he hate He Zheng but is it too much to want seeing him hurt, bruised and crying? What cold hearted person can you be. So I'll drop it <<less
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Zozo7400 rated it
September 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Well, I have already wrote my review on chrysanthemum site where the translation is but I'll still say a lil here. Tbh, this story is a bumpy ride. There were many times, it made me sooooo frustrated that I just wanted to rip out my hair or rather xie zhi's hair 😂 but anywho, when I finally reached the ending, all the complaints were just bitter sweet memories. I'm glad I'm done with it, it was an interesting read. Frustrating sometimes but by the time u reach the end of... more>> a long journey, who cares about all that. Just glad it was a happy ending and our woodbox (mu he) and xie zhiwei got a happy and fulfilling ending. Now all I've left is a melancholic feeling, so imma go on read my next cultivation book. Really feeling like reading another cultivation one. <<less
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SariSamara rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: c55
I'm on chapter 55 and apparently they reunite at chapter 76. F*ck that shit!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! After everything I have to read like twenty chapters for them to meet. Like no bro. I was already tolerating how unsympathetic MC was toward the ML (Very little to no remorse. It pisses me off. MC basically made ML care for him to save his own ass when it didn't need saving the original owner of his body was already in ML's good books. And now he does the worst thing... more>> possible to force ML to be independent. Harming the ML. And now I have to deal with him being all like "ahhh I'm afraid ML will turn on me because I lied" well yeah you idiot WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!!!! Unfortunately, ML will probably forgive him. Sigh. But I'm not sticking around for that). I'm soo tired of this type of MC that doesn't give a sh*t about the ML trope. It's a f*cking cliche. I'm rating this 3 stars because besides the MC there was an interesting side story that was really bleak but was entertaining nonetheless and not to mention really liked the details about the original owner of MC's current body. <<less
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April 6, 2023
Status: Completed
Friggin roller-coaster of emotions. And I mean it. The type that I enjoyed immensely but never want to go through again lol.

It's similar to a few shizun themed BLs and arcs in QT, but it stands out pretty well with how the story develops.

Overall a recommended read if you have a thing for this type of novel. (I definitely did)

I won't turn away stories with male yanderes lol but this went all the way to actual mental breakdowns yo. I won't say this is the greatest, because I almost... more>> dropped this starting Arc 2 from the ache. And I just felt so friggin exhausted in Arc 3.

This has a lot of humor but also quite a lot of character whump. For both MC and ML (and a lot of the secondary characters who I also loved).

But everything felt mostly worth it when we got the after story in the extras. I'm definitely riding the high from the extra as I write this review.

Note to self tho: definitely not something I would want to reread anytime soon. <<less
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Ikkuzaoshi rated it
December 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings while reading this novel. The early arc is so good I really love it but then the ending arc felt so forced and rushed up I just wanted to cuss the author. It feels like a perfectly good novel ruined because the author is lazy to write it anymore and just wanted to completed it instead.

The bad thing

... more>>

The last plot is so jumbled up, so rushed and lacking, I felt like it will be better if the author expanded it in more chapters. The last 15 chapters should be 50 chapters before the closure and the novel will be great.

The r*pe scene is just lazy writing, after all the effort the author put in earlier arc where the ML swore he wouldnt hurt and force the MC, but then he got affected with hallucination and MC was forced to accept r*pe by the system because the system decided that og shizun is detached of feelings, he will just smile while getting done?! WTF wat kind of logic is that? No matter how unfeeling the og shizun is, how can a powerful immortal just let himself get r*pe? I can read r*pe if its done well, but here, the ML has so much potential to avoid that thing, such a waste...


The good thing I like


i love the main characters and some of the side characters (cheese and meng meng). I feel like their character is really alive and not plain and boring.

i also like how the romance is not forced, I mean emotionally. MC does indulge in ML behaviours because he saw ML in a reader's view point, he doesnt give him any real feelings despite tolerating the ML until the end where he was forced to choose to stay btw go back to the real world or stay with the ML. I feel like this is realistic, MC can dote on the ML, but is still emotionally unable to accept a character as a love interest until he was really forced to the end even though he is already unconsciously in love with him.

I love the ML. I rarely read danmei where the ML is not that powerful master who controls all the things in the world. Mu He is a crybaby, insecure yandere with a love brain. He really put love as his greatest aim, he doesnt even care abt getting the world united or getting all the treasures. He only wanted to either died with his shizun or live together forever. He had his future and revenge planned but abandoned them all for love. I always cried because of Mu He and his sad view point.


I honestly feels like the main characters here is better than some other novel, but the author lazy writing ruined my final review of the story. The angst is 100/10. The kind that doesnt make you hate both characters but still make you cry. The translator did a good job. <<less
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Bunphu rated it
November 9, 2022
Status: Completed
So, this is my very first review of all the novels I've ever read.

Why 5 stars?

Truthfully, I read this cause it reminds me of SVSSS. I just want to have the same feeling when I read SVSSS with a different story (not saying about the same premises). But, it was another good story. The plot in this story is organized and entertaining. Every part of it stood a reason why it should be there. Even more, I love how the relationship between MC and ML makes sense. It's not just... more>> about love cause of pity or filial things, but both of them really love each other for a reason. Other side characters also have their own background and story, although not all. It adds more points to this story.

I've also read the tags about r*pe, dubcon, noncon, or others that may trigger some people. It's not that bad actually cause it's not really graphic and the actions weren't done on purpose. Oh, there was one part that was a bit hmm too much, not for me, I'm still fine. Some people may stop reading at that part, but trust me, just hold on and keep reading. That part was not just some random things author put there, but it's a good example for later development (just a little).

For others reviewers who said that MC is annoying, it could be true, but for me, it was justifiable based on MC's background and traits. And the writing, it's not sloppy at all. Maybe there are some small parts where I found it a bit confusing, but I still could understand it. What I want to say is just read it, everyone has their own views and opinions. Even so, reading this story is not wasting your time. <<less
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passport rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I have to agree with some of the other reviews: many a time I wanted to just be done with this story and I didn't really feel connected with the characters or their stories. This was a 2 or a 3 out of five for me.. Till the final arc. The translaters "motivation" to translate this story also motivated me to finnish this.

Honestly this has one of the best endings I have read and I'm super happy with myself for pushing through. The whole experience is a 4 out of... more>> five for me now, having read aaaaall of it.

(and sorry I don't think it's possible to skip any of the book to get the full experience of the ending)

I recommend this to active readers. If you aren't yet used to reading several books (and don't have bad reads under your belt already), maybe save this one for later! <<less
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CountingNumbers rated it
September 1, 2022
Status: Completed
I accidentally put 2.0, but I feel like this novel is around a three.

The beginning started out really great and was an absolute joy to read. Especially the bits with MC and the system. The setting for the system was also really interesting.

... more>>

The system being the actual author of the book he transmigrated in


This novel has its pros, and some parts of the story had me laughing my @$$ off. Plus Xie Zhi's nicknames for the characters... Haha.

The characters are also very fleshed out, with secret backstories and more depth then they first appeared.

The translator did a great job, top quality translation. (👍ᐛ) 👍.


The first arc with Shen You, Nie Ting, and Ming Kong, had me feeling so sad with mixed emotions.

Xie Zhi and Mu He's dynamic sort of reminds me of Shen QingQiu and Liu Binghe from SVSSS.

I liked the contrast between original Xie Zhiwei's temperament of kind and gentle as water, and Xie Zhi's, angry pufferfish.

I absolutely love the side characters. Cheese and MengMeng are so precious. I love the way Chu Zhishi smugly fans himself out like a peac*ck whenever he recieves praise, and NO ONE can possibly hate Tantai Mengmeng.

MC inner monologues and how he's acting serene with all smiles on the outside, while inwardly dissing things on the inside,

MCs thoughts about ML having his enemie's (He Zheng's) face,

How MC went from viewing the world as a novel, to (very) slowly caring for the people around him.

I loved those parts.


But this novel also has parts that made me feel uneasy to sick.

Part of it might just be my personal biase towards the ML twisting my views.

I think the MC and ML are both cruel in their own way.


Xie Zhi for his indifference.

Mu He for his cruelty and his character.

The way Xie Zhi thought of Mu He and other characters through the first arc and part of the second was bordering inhumane, thinking of the female characters practically only as Mu He's personal, untouchable harem, and hugging Mu Hes thigh to win points.

I know that Xie Zhi begins to genuinely care for ML and the world later on, and I hate him for that-caring for Mu He. He forgave him so quickly and brushed it off so easily.

Mu He f***ing r*pes his shizun and then immediately acts pitifull afterwards. Was he delirious? Yes. He only did it because he thought it was a f***ing illusion. BUT WHAT? Your shizun literally appeared before you soooo many f***ing times before and you thought it was an illusions as well-but you realized its actually your shizun! SHOULDN'T YOU HAVE CONSIDERED THAT THAT MIGHT BE THE CASE THIS TIME TOO??

The way he acts pitifull to soften his shizun's heart disgusts me. He took care of you for so long, how can he be angry at you when your all like, "this desciple deserves to die" and crying so pitifully?

Mu He admits to his mistakes and Xie Zhi forgives him. I don't doubt that he feels remorsefull, but he already knew his obsession for his shizun was really getting out of hand, and still kept insisting with keeping XZ by his side, and taking advantage of every "illusion" until crossing the line.

.... and what Cheese and Mengmeng went through.

The rest of the "happy ending" extras just turn to bile in my mouth.

F*** you Mu He, I utterly detest you.


The story and plot is really interesting and the synopis drew me in, the characters also made me feel so attached. If you like stories with comedy, sweet moments, with a bit of angst mixed in then you might wanna give this novel a try.

If you dont like possessively obsessed, two-faced, psychotic MLs without a moral compass, take a couple steps back. <<less
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secondthots rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Shizun Trauma Chronicles #168

There’s something so predictable about these unpredictable shizun transmigration stories. I have a love/hate relationship with them since they just tend to be too angsty & I am an inborn novel diabetic. I like things SWEET okay.

I’m not going to go in-depth with what goes on in the plot because I feel like most people who go into this kinda already have a feel of what these blackened gongs do to their shizun. They’re crazy, full of vengeance, & their s*xual drive is through the roof. Then... more>> you have the whole “I’m trying to follow the story but I’m failing bad- HELP” nonsense too. We know the drill.

The pacing is... not that great. The characters are... also not that great. The romance... lacking. HOWEVER, there are some pros that I’d like to address (sorry for some spoilers but I made it as ambiguous as I could) :

  • The relationship between the author of the novel MC’s transmigrated into & the MC, himself—golden. I love their interactions with each other; I think it’s fun to read their quips back & forth.
  • The internal conflict of “is this world genuine enough for me to stay?” The buildup was not bad albeit painfully slow. Shizun just took his sweet time & pondering over the same thing again & again.

Would I ever reread this? No.

However, I would still encourage readers to try it out! From what I’ve seen from other reviews, they either love it or hate it. <<less
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hellokittz rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: c98
Honestly it started nicely. I had a good time reading and it was fine.

BUT I have to stop reading at the beginning of arc 3. Otherwise I KNOW that I will regret ever reading this novel.

Dont get me wrong. There are funny moments and angsty moments. Interesting side characters and world building (for the side characters).

But more than that I just feel sick reading about the main characters.

Long rant sorry

... more>>

I hate the MC. Dont get me wrong. I get that he loves acting and sees the world as fiction hence just a place to steal more scenes BUT there are places throughout the story where he reflects and thinks that "he looks sad/hurt/happy" or "this doesn't conform to the novel" but still doesn't takes in consideration the feelings of ML or others and never thinks that "Oh perhaps since I am a living, breathing, sentient being existing here the maybe others are too".

No since he's in the novel went the others do not conform to the plot then something's wrong. Even after he changed stuff in the plot, the plot is indestructible so they wont be influenced.

This is bullshit. I honestly didn't mind it in the beginning

He just got there so that's normal but by the 2nd arc it started to chaft me raw. Sigh.

And the ML. I normally love blackened ML'S who are redeemed my MC but this one...

Ok I didn't read the 3rd arc so I dont know if he got better but I still couldn't like him.

He saw the fanfiction version of tragedy with the other Sou guy being made into a puppet and hating the guy controlling him then dying but the ML still thinks how he can change that plan a bit to do the same to MC.

I was even happy for a moment when he broke the iron tablet used for hypnotisment but then turns around and masturbats the MC forcefully by restricting his movements and not accepting opposition with the black lotus. Then why bother with destroying the controlling iron tablet. Just use it and you'll have the same result. Sigh again.


I feel like they will never really communicate and really respect each other. Oh I'm sure that they will compromise but not respect so I'm dropping the novel.

I want to precise the trigger warning was there and I am aware. I normally like these but couldn't for this one.

The translation was awesome but the content just not to my taste. <<less
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Lunica rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: Completed
The writing is very sloppy and the protagonists are very passive. They just react to the big bad villains and don't kill them until damage is done. Not enough development or fluffy moments to make up for the boring parts. So many boring parts about s*upid villains that you don't care. At one point you're forced to read a 3 chapter backstory on an insignificant villain.
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