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Ji Bu, the gold medal manager who was trapped and imprisoned, woke up to be a vicious rich second generation Xin Nanyi. He was hated and feared by his girls group he played with, and his uncle deliberately slaughtered him.

Ji Bu had no choice but to go back to his old career, fight against greedy uncles and all kinds of rivals, win the trust of the girls group, lead the “girls” to the top, and hold them up as a powerful girls group with a high traffic rate and a good harvest.

Xin Nanyi just wants to work hard and be a good manager, but there is always a film emperor who is unwilling to let him go, either to press him on the bed or to deceive him.

Shocked! Popular girls group members with the manager intimate hug was photographed, the atmosphere was ambiguous like a couple.

After being chased by fans and reporters, Nan Ge the broker who sent the blade laxatives, found the strongest excuse to clarify on Weibo: “I like men.”

When the words were uttered, it caused a great disturbance, the members of the girls group are silent, the fans are exclaimed and Weibo was paralysed.

A certain film emperor smiled: It’s a coincidence that I’m a man.

Nan Ge: ……

Gentle and kindhearted manager decathlon shou vs Multi-gold shield black belly cold and cute big film emperor gong

Being ugly and fat just after crossing, then gradually lose weight and become handsome, handsome as inspirational chicken stock.

The gong has always been very handsome!!! But still acting.

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Jīntiān jīngjì rén yě hěn shànliáng
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
January 23, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm satisfied with the flow of the story and how the characters develop. It's good that both MC and ML didn't just stick together flowery flowery because they also had problems to face since our MC is a straight man and our ML is not the yandere overacting posessive type (he is posessive but he knows the bounderies)

my favorite part is when ... more>>

the ML decided to leave the MC because MC still cant answer the ML whether he loves him so the ML becomes paranoid etc and went off to one of his apartment locked himself while sick (the MC went to a program since hes a manager) and when the MC went back to his villa the ml's things are gone and went to find him. Since the ML didnt open the door to the apartment cuz he diddnt hear (he's sick, has a high fever and neglect himself from beign too brokenhearted oh pitiful ml) tbe MC had to climb up for like 6th floor of the windows I think and when he found the ml, he saw the ML so pale with dry and crack lips staring off to nowhere muttering that the MC doesnt love him and hallucinates stuffs and cries (f*ck, our pitiful ML is so.. Huhuhu) and the MC tried his best to sooth our ml's heart




after that, the ML love MC so much that when they had their first s*x the ML tries to be the bottom becuz he doesnt wanna hurt MC but the MC said that "isnt our positiin wrong?"and the ML asked him whether its okay for the MC to be the bottom and the MC said yes


also lastly and the final akxywbsk hahaha


The ML find out that MC is another soul cuz his grandma is the same and the MC admitted it


this is legitimatelt one of my fave, I just read it in one sitting. Also thank you for the translator for putting this out in nu, dont worry I will keep supporitng the translated chapters since mtl misses our some stuff from the wrong grammar and words.

5 stars, highly recommend! LOVE IT! Great characters, great plot development and I like mc's cousin even thou his parents are jerks (MC uncle and auntie) <<less
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November 7, 2019
Status: --
I'm reluctant to rate this novel because I like the story and the MC but the ML raised one too many red flags in my opinion. Same with Good Child, the ML used manipulation to get MC, only difference is in Good Child YiHan already loved the ML.

While the MC is brilliant, The ML in this novel lied, manipulated MC emotion, conditioned MC to be more accepting of him and then it become true love. Although the author probably intends to make it seemed cute, I still think it is... more>> frightening to be led into a relationship like that. It's no different with Stockholm syndrome, just a different angle.

How ridiculous it is when there's an emergency and MC still has to follow ML every little whim so he would be let go to handle the problem? It's beyond f*cked up.

The ML ruins it. Instead of an overbearing president type, he's just mentally unsound, in fact, most of the cannon fodder in here is mentally unstable or unsound as well, not your usual dumb cannon fodder. Sadly, this type of mentally ill ML seems to be popular regardless. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: Completed
this story made me smile and laugh. There was a little drama and some plotting but it's mostly a feel good novel. The MC isn't s*upid, though he is a typical "white rabbit, " the ML isn't completely obsessed, and they mostly treat each other as partners so for me, this story already has a leg up over at least half the BL stories available on this site. It's not the most intense, nor is there heavy emotional depth to it, but I finished this story with a smile and... more>> wished for more. That's the best compliment any reader can give.

edit: on second read, wow the ML is a lot more insecure, needy, and controlling than I remember and the MC a bit more passive/naive.

that being said, it's still a mostly feel-good story and it works well for what it is. <<less
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judeiiro rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Quick notice: In case you're like me who suddenly discovered they have a peeve. The early translator's (ofloat) site has some issues with the Next button (it always takes you to c7 from c10 onwards) and some linking issues (c27 takes you to c26). Passwords come into play in later chapters but can be quickly resolved with a Wordpress account. Okay, onto the review!

original review:

... more>>

At this point, this novel is pretty nice! The reviews have me teetering between devouring this in one go or dropping, but I'm kind of optimistic about this!

MC is brilliant! His previous life was unfortunately cut short and now he gets to live a new one, even if it's under a different identity. I'm enjoying his path of success and loosing that extra weight.

ML (I'm pretty sure he's the ML at least) is a bit iffy. He's giving me weird vibes, sort of one-sidedly claiming sovereignty over MC. I'd like to highlight the very important tag: Manipulative Characters. it might have just been the way it was phrased but his thoughts made him sound like a prick and that MC owes him/must like him.

I'll probably update this review once I'm done reading, but so far I can recommend this!


After reading the whole thing through MTL, I definitely enjoyed this more than I thought I would! My thoughts of MC have not changed much: still brilliant, kind of OP, living his best life... but he's also got negative EQ, which I can't blame him for. This flaw makes him very human in my eyes and also an insensitive d*ck to our dear ML

ML, on the other hand, was not as terrible as I was thinking after reading the reviews. He's a desperate and thirsty man for MC,

his pants dragon waking up made so many appearances in the novel, I almost thought there was gonna be sexy smut scenes lol but I was doomed to be disappointed

to leave MC (even if temporarily), who keeps him dangling with his passiveness and putting him on the backburner instead of prioritising. MC doesn't really admit their relationship especially when they first "officially" started dating (after ML claims MC did him when MC was drunk, so the "take responsibility!" route). While this was kind of a pit the ML dug for himself, this kind of relationship anxiety is true to life and isn't healthy in the long run.

It's rare to read this kind of anxious suitor who is willing to leave for his own betterment. Most novels just miraculously solve this issue with said Anxious Suitor holding it out until Love Interest comes round to loving them or they're the Second Male Lead and never get the Love Interest, ya know what I'm talking about

The whole story and world is fleshed out well. Side characters have substance and their own stories. Really well written and this was a pleasure to read! <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: c17
Mm, it's quite fun.

MC is not bad, story is not bad. Honestly I wish that the conflict with the original group went on for longer; he made them suffer for YEARS to the point she wanted to kill him, yet he changed and they've almost immediately reconciled... and the only one that still had a grudge became a cannon fodder character. I think better writing would've had a couple more members whose hearts have darkened rather than like pure white princesses, and I don't mean darken as in they've necessarily... more>> participated in the shady activities but at least that they have a more experienced mindset. They were effectively buried for years, it makes sense that they would look for other ways to achieve their dreams. It would've been even more interesting if some of them actually did sell themself and blacken, but the changed MC was able to bring them back. I don't blame ZYY for blackening honestly, a lot of the responsibility lied with the original MC and imo it's dealt with too easily.

My main concern is that the ML fell way too easily???? Like "oh he's fat but his temperament seems good" and then he pretty much fell in love... <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 23, 2020
Status: c20
Ew, the nationalism shows up such a cartoonish way that it ruins any sense of immersion once it pops up. The dance teacher is a world class choreographer who was brought down by allegations of plagiarism because evil Korean boyfriend stole her choreography for a Kpop group. And the girlfriend of protagonist's host cheated on him with some English guy who is so sexually loose that he talks about how much he loves the mole on her bu*t even though there are other people around. I can't with this.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MehrM rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: --
It was a simple nice short bl...

However translator I don't know what you want to do by adding those passwords or whatever to read the chapter as from chap17 it was really annoying... I directly skipped it and MTL it...

I don't understand why... it was time consuming I couldn't even figure how to do it... why are you complicating readers life

That's why I removed 2** for the translator...
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March 19, 2020
Status: --
Honestly, I'm getting a bit of a headache from reading the translation. *sighs*

It's one thing to read them but having redirects on top of that doesn't help making it any more bearable.

... more>>

if the translator is using MTL to edit... hopefully your English grammar will improve fast. Either way

Well, I'm off to MTL.

Good luck to everybody ^_^




10 mins later - *went back to take a look at the other novels on the site again*



My apologies, I'm not sure if there's any issues with the grammar. But there's definitely something on with the tenses, past, present and future.

Hmm... editing 150 chapters? why not edit a chapter as you have finish translating it?

*goes to take a look at the other novels' chapters currently under editing.... have you edited them? Well, if you have.... (ノ_<)


Let's not talk about where the ads exist...

Interesting ads that appear. Not. <<less
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Yumeru rated it
January 9, 2021
Status: Completed
After reading the translations I found myself mtl-ing it hahaha This time the MC transmigrated to another body- same world of his orig body but 5 yrs has passed. Although there's no love at first sight for our couple but for their First meeting our ML's interested to MC until he really fell in love. ML got his hardship on chasing MC nvr thought about it but when ML really got sad and kinda distanced himself from MC, MC realize more how important ML is in his heart^^. Our MC... more>> got what it takes on taking care his idolgrp. He also got the closure of how he died and opened up his past with ML. Our ML is really doting to MC and I like their interaction. MC from being passive to being active in their relationship. A good novel for a 70chap story <<less
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AraAra4321 rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: Completed
If you are wondering whether you should read this story or not? Then the answer is you should give it a go. This story falls into the category of easy to read story. It's not the best out there but it's pretty good! The story flows just right, maybe a little slow at the start. It took both MC and ML 40 chapters before their relationship starts to take a move.

There's also the review by Honefuusen above. That gives some warnings about ML. I personally think that ML falls into... more>> the category of sly and teasing. But to some, there are parts where it might seem manipulative I suppose. Just a note MC never had a relationship before and he is quite dense to romantic stuff, like how MC does have feelings for ML but he didn't realize that.

this are the parts that might come of manipulative at the begining first few meetings MC and ML had, ML actually set up their "coincidental" meetings. But there was one time that ML didn't setup. Also ML would go behind MC's back to try and help him. Of course MC knows that ML did it, MC isn't blind.

Then next morning ML lied that they did the deed and MC is the one driving. But MC even though he is drunk he still remember every detail of their conversation last night. And ML asked MC to take responsibility, this kicked start their relationship. And what Honefuusen said about how a lot of character in this story have some mental problems is kinda true, like the girl group MC is managing. The original owner of MC body abused them for 2 years. But the girl group forgive MC too easily. The author did try to write that off as them being naive.

So, definitely try this story first before making a final judgement cause honestly if you're just here for a not too many drama showbiz Danmei then you should try reading it. <<less
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September 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Not bad, a bit slow in the beginning. I like that the ML actually started liking MC before his rapid weight loss. A little change from the usual fat protagonist slims down and gets every success type of trope.
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elvira12 rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Really worth the read. I like the dynamics of the characters and the interactions between the MC and ML. Very easy to understand mtl.
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Local Omnipotent Reader
Local Omnipotent Reader
April 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Best story ever. I ended up going and reading the raws and finished it in a few weeks. Ugh, so good. It doesn't have a lot of complicated drama. There are some heavy ish arcs in there but it's not heavily drawn out. It's explained well and finished of even better. Love this. Five stars.
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morii rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Nothing new besides what some comments mentioned above.

The career line is not bad, it's what you'd expect from an entertainment novel, just a bit superficial. I just felt it was too easy to get the girls to trust MC given to the abuse history of the original body.


Well, I didn't like it that much. MC has low EQ due to past life reasons (we didn't get that much detail but it explains his trust issues and unability to properly express himself.

Past life spoiler:

... more>>

I mean, his singer career was abolished, he worked for a lunatic, was framed for mu*der, died in jail, that's really all I know, I don't even know how it came to that.


The story setting is on homophobic society, so gay couples are pretty much spurned, specially on showbiz. So it doesn't surprise me if MC doesn't know his orientation, it's even more understandable since he hasn't been in love before. The only thing that bother me form his low EQ is thinking that as long as you accept your lover's gestures in the relationship, is enough (it wasn't even a solid argument nor did it fit his character design? More like the author wrote it in the heat of the moment).

But here's my true red flag, ML. He kinda fell in love at first sight due to MC's gentle and charismatic personality. Y'know, people's aura that soothes your heart. But as stated above, he's utterly an manipulative brat.

I don't like the way he forced the MC to come out and start the relationship.


They were drunk and MC kissed him. The next day, he told MC he couldn't get out of bed because of last night's activities and asked him to take responsibility (as if he bottomed). Nothing happened, don't guilt trip someone for something they didn't do.


Then, the way he disregards MC's work and the way he butts in every aspect of his personal life.


When Qiaochen was poisoned by black fans and sent to the hospital, MC had to run over to take care of his artist. P.O.I. SO.N. Yet ML still has the cheek to ask for a kiss and hold him back when he's on a rush??? And he acts like a spoiled brat, always asking MC to accompany him day and night if not he'll make puppy eyes and look aggrieved. There are more occasions where he escalates a situation, so MC relents.


Also the typical miscommunication.


He f*cking ran away because MC went to the capital for one of the girl's work. That's it. Because it's always him taking the initiative while MC didn't do it or shy away unless he coax him to kiss him. He f*cking took a cold bath in winter because his heart felt cold. MC went back from the trip within 24hours because he didn't answer his call. Climbed a window and got injured before seeing the sick and aggrieved child and taking care of him all night. We didn't know anything about the injury after.


I'd like to highlight something, to love someone is you giving them love. Them giving it back is not an obligation. And as a couple, you are a healthy couple if love is mutual. ML got MC into a relationship when he was not ready to disclose or accept his feelings, yet he expected to be lovey dovey. And I feel like their love languages and necessities don't match. ML gave him resources and wanted quality time. MC cooked for him and thought of him ever so often. But ML wanted to verbal and physical demonstration of love all the time as if insecure (I do wonder why *roll eyes*). While MC is more of the quiet type that pampers and acquiesce to his whims.

It still peeves me how ML thought MC called him to ask for resources, as if it wasn't him who introduced those (MC didn't use any because he relied on his past life connections). Also how ML wanted to have s*x so soon, he doesn't learn does he. Love needs time to mature.

Aside from the love rambling, the story doesn't have that many flaws since it didn't delve deeply. Face slapping was there, fast and convenient, hurry op and capable MC. The side characters aren't that fleshed out, some of the girls works are glossed over and many things end quickly, no need to think or remember. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 13, 2021
Status: Completed
OK crowd, It's a good read. Noice noice, sensible mmhm. MC not in the limelight but trust me HE GOT IT.

If your hesitating to read it because it's not completely translated DONT WORRY, I myself hate reading MTL, my head hurts bruh. But this one is fairly easy to read and understand (probably cuz I can guess the meaning since ik basic Chinese) so yeah you can complete the novel yourself.
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January 26, 2021
Status: Completed
3.5 Stars.

A nice, short and warm story. A bit unrealistic in a few points but overall pretty good.

The MC is nice and powerful in a realistic and not OP way, the entertainment elements aren't really that many after the group's debut but add a nice touch. The ML touched a few sore points (emotional manipulation, for one) but he got (mostly) better and all in all is pretty nice and warmly cute as well.

In short, a good, easy read if you want something nice and light.
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Lilyxd rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: --
This is an amazing novel the characters the development and plot everything is just perfect I wish more people knew about this amazing gem course it’s really worth checking out and it fits my tastes perfectly which made me love it even more this is definitely a 10/5 novel for me I can read it over and over again without getting bored.
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Pachia320 rated it
December 12, 2019
Status: c6
I love the flow but I’m sad because I only have 6 translated chapters and I want this novel to get popular so that the translator could keep translating. The vibe is nice and I totally recommend this because this is 100% from douche to a kind manager. How I wish managers were nice in reality. Some are but most hit their own artists and I totally hate it. The MC has it hard
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September 25, 2021
Status: Completed
lowkey shipping shen che and xin yi

What I like the most is that the agent/idol relationship was being reconciled gradually. The girls did not immediately trust him after he undergone an abrupt change in personality.

I was a bit bummed out with Xin He getting away with leading the OG astray even though it's only neglect and bad influence but I guess it's okay. Ji Bu already went a life once, he could focus on his current chance without being stuck in the OG's stuff.
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Aknel amapuna
Aknel amapuna rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is not a fresh taste but it makes you inexplicably attached.

... more>>

The most favorite thing is that MC wakes up to be fat and greasy and the girls group also are not in perfect shape but he himself works hard to improve himself and the girls. He makes himself handsome by his own efforts and the ML fell in love with him even when he was fat and found him cute. It is different from other novels where MC finds himself in a beautiful face and body and ML is mesmerised by MC which sounds more like ML is in love with the face of MC rather than the real him.

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