Male God is Chasing My Brother


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From a very young age, An XuMo thought that Zhou JinChen was good looking. He went through so many hardships to sign into the company that Zhou JinChen was working for. He thought that their relationship would be the same as usual: detachment. Never would he thought that he will embark on the other’s peach blossom path.

A cutie would shield the peach blossoms for his favorite person. In the end, he couldn’t believe that he had created an immortal’s story.

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Male Gods Are Chasing My Brother
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Lunaix rated it
May 15, 2018
Status: c1

This seems very promising~! But you don't have to trust what I say, for my taste is messed up. Hyahaha!
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Devrai rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: c116 part2
Since my 2 star rating highly differs from the others I will try to explain... though I don't understand why ppl like this.

This writer does not invite you to their world to discover, no they force their brainless shot down your throat and want you to praise it for their taste.

The things that annoyed me most:

  • The mystery accident that was not...
  • The syndromes and disorders that were thrown around like cheap candy
  • The hyped chasing and candy that never happened
  • The writers inconsistencies
  • The powerful family that never appeared.
  • The peach blossoms that were mere blips.
Let me start with that really anger inducing accident that happens to ML and stands for the "reason" why he distanced and ignored his little brother (MC). You will get hype on this accident from the start and it... more>> will be thrown in occasionally to "explain" things. you will not get an explanation about this accident until chapter 112. There is no mystery solving, just the assistant bringing in the"search results". Oh but from the start you get the suggestions that it happened a mu*der, responsible was a guy named "he bing" which is MCs father. Of course ML would never tell this to MC, which is absolutely clueless, because that would need communication...a word that the writer doesn't seem to know.

Here the spoiler about the accident, what happened and also the info about MCs parents.


First you need to know about MCs parents. His mother was an art student that met the 4th zouh brother and later got chased by him. When they were already engaged she found her fiancé with another man in bed. She left the scene and went to a Cafe where a man did try to get close and comfort her. With the first stop of coffee she got knocked out and when she wakes up she is in bed with the guy that she saw with her future husband in bed. Said future husband accused her of cheating with this man so that no one would belive her if she told them she saw the two men together. (Family would be against the 2 men) By the way she got pregnant. She still married zhou4 but ignored the child while zhou4 and He Bing have their romance. Then zouh4 gets sick and is going to die.. so he changes his will and gives all to baby MC, so that the birth father he bing will actually get his hands on the inheritance. While in hospital the family finds out that zhou4 is almost sterile and can not be baby MCs father... so they find out about he bing. He and zouh family are feuding, he bing kills himself. MCs mom sees her chance to live a life in riches and starts to attend to baby MC, and hooking him up with drugs... so the mother gets thrown out. Baby MC gets fostered out to zouh3 family which has also ML.

Baby MC is important to the zouh family cause they want the inheritance back and he is important to the He family cause they have no other heir in the main family.

So the accident...

The He family hired thugs to kidnap MC (7). They were able to enter cause of MLs mother which is only married for business to zouh3 and got a good deal for her help to the He family. But ML interfered and they kidnapped the wrong child. The thugs then demanded ransom for ML while also blackmailing He family for not telling about them being the contractor. He family then contracts another group of thugs to get rid of the first ones. One gang warfare later all of them died and In the middle of the battlefield is a traumatic ML that now has autism and asperger syndrome. He gets carried off to the mountains to get healed... which is basically brainwashing. So he does neither remember the accident nor that he has a didi.

On how this became a mu*der by he bing or how he was only distancing himself when they actually brainwashed the brother away.... some of the never explained writer brain holes.


About the syndromes and disorders... I don't know what to say... the writer labeled MC and ML how she liked and thought this would explain what ever she wanted. her way of healing was basically ignoring it and oh wonder they are healed. I'm really no stickler for accuracy. I can live with a made up illness or syndrome but please stick to it.... not like this. The writer used it to make ML miserable and then it went away when not needed anymore... so annoying.

The hyped chasing and candy..... at one point I wondered why I never read anything from the view of ML and why there are 20 to 50 chapters nothing happening...a rather long introducing. Then there was the authors note at the end of a chapter, totally going crazy about how the ML will change his ways and how crazy he will chase MC as soon he realizes this feelings and so on. So I kept reading only to understand that "chasing" in the writers view isn't even a blip on my radar. There was no chasing or being sweet. N o n e. The chasing was, that ML bought/ renovated a house in the city where MC went to study and had him live with him. No, there were no sweet daily interactions or cute little moments.

The writers inconsistencies... just to name one.... you will always read about MCs over the top ability to remember and learn things. He will be like a backup camera and on a game show even remembers small details which no one else remembers... even ML but at one point the writer starts that ML has a photographic memory and remembers easily while MC needs to write things down to remember?! No it was no typo.

Then there is that opposing zhou family that is always there and the reason for so much suppressing of MC and ML but you will never meet anyone of this family. There is zero interaction. The nearest miss is when ML brings MC to the grandfather's birthday party at the beginning but even there is no interaction with family. Think about it how hard it is to have no family interaction on a family event... yeah.... writer is "awesome".

For half of the novel I thought that through that "accident" MLs parents were killed because they never showed up but they are alive and just don't appear. N e v e r.

About those peach blossoms chasing the ML..... really? And again there is the concept of chasing that highly differs between mine and the writers. Those guys were mere blips. Appearing and disappearing. There really nothing happened. The chasing was simply that they confessed? Oh right.. the last one doesn't even confess... he wants him to marry his son. Funny that... writer made this comment that she was done with dogblood and from the next chapter on there would be only sweetness.. next chapter ML "got engaged" to another man while MC didn't know about it. Yeah... another "candy" by that writer.

All in all this story is riddled wit holes of the size of mount everest. I can happily live with some holes but all of this accumulated to a mess that simply stole my time.

The words were there but without feelings.

I really don't get the ppl rating this with 5 stars and wonder if they ever read a good novel. There are so much really good ones where you get immersed in the world's characters but I never had this feeling here.

Spare your time and hands off. <<less
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mereumsama rated it
September 11, 2018
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed reading this story, the ML may may come off as a typical cold rich ML but there is a reason why he is so cold, and over the time he warms up to MC an MC is n only exception for him .I especially love the character development of ML and MC, I really like his character. Its really hurtful and sad to see how lonely MC was even his own mother hates him (T-T) , he never got any love love from others so he simply... more>> has no common sense about happiness and in such situation ML was his only sun and thus he fell in love with him. It really gets you to see how desperaely MC tries to hide his feeling and burying any hopes of his unrequited love coming true, how happy he gets even by being with ML for a few minutes. His feelings are too pure and need to be protected. I really like the scene where they mutually get together. The love rivals are also not annoying and one who chases MC is very likable. My only comlain is that I wish there were more chapters of their sweet times together to compensate for all the suffering and torture MC went through. <<less
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attilde235 rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: Completed
So far the beginning is very enjoyable! The MC is lovable, hardworking and pure~

I'm rooting for him so he can be successful both professionally and romantically!

EDIT: So it looks like the novel is on hiatus so I MTLed the whole things. Overall, quite good! I would give it a 4.5/5 as there were definitely many parts of the novel that moved me. One part of the novel was really quite sad and you really feel for the MC. Please keep in mind that I MTLed the novel so I won't... more>> have a complete understanding of the novel due to this but I felt the novel was quite coherent and it made sense even through MTL.

To me, the story is ultimately about the MC and ML healing each other's mental wounds by mutually showing their love, dependence and caring for each other.

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Shiio rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed reading this. It's a really nice novel in my opinion and yall should really try it out! It was really an emotional ride for me.

Anyways, some spoilers ahead!

    • Spoiler

      The MC is actually unloved at a young age. His mum was a sh*t by giving him hope and then being a bit*h w her husband

Major spoilers from here on;

By reading these you'll probably know all the major points in the story so proceed at your risk (?) xD

    • Spoiler

      The MC and ML are actually 'ill'. The MC has anxiety and depression whereas the ML has Asperger's syndrome

    • Spoiler

      The ML's illness (?) came about because he was kidnapped. He saw people getting killed brutally in front of him (iirc). He was mistakenly kidnapped. The original target was the MC

    • Spoiler

      The ML actually really treasured the MC in the past. It was just that his memories were sealed or sth so--

Overall it was a really enjoyable read! Do check it out!
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karwasama rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: c116 part2
This novel really isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. If you're expecting this to be some kind of awesome face-slapping, drama filled story where the MC is OP to the max and is just instinctively good at acting, read another novel. You're going to be sorely disappointed.

The main focus here is on two emotionally stunted people who are slowly recovering from their trauma. The MC has been neglected from birth, unwanted by his family and ignored by his caretakers. The ML, his "brother", is the... more>> only person who has ever showed him any kindness so the MC wants to follow in his footsteps and become a celebrity so that they can be near each other.

I honestly liked that the author showed how bad the MC was at acting when he started, because that's just realistic. He's bad at dealing with emotions so obviously it would be hard for him to act those emotions, but he learns and grows as time passes. Again, he's not some genius actor, but that is much more enjoyable for me to read - there are like 100s of other novels out there where the main character can step into just about any role and perform it perfectly. I want to read about some struggle and hardship, and that's what I got here.

Also, I loved the overall theme of the MC going from living for the sake of the ML to living for himself. It was really heartwarming to catch all those little bits of growth, where the MC who doesn't think he can be loved lets himself be loved by others. (Don't let that cute cover fool you - this novel is filled with KNIVES and sadness.)

That's not to say the novel was perfect. Yes, there were some plot holes, some stuff that was glossed over. I really didn't like how the author dealt with the ML's "mental illness" -


- the ML has Asperger's Syndrome and at one point one of the character's in the novel says that the ML should be around the MC who can "cure" it for him. I'm not an expert at this kind of stuff, but I'm smelling bull. I also just generally don't like the whole narrative of "I'm mentally ill but true love can fix all!" because that's not true. How the author dealt with the MC's anxiety/depression was much better - he went to get help and got meds, just like you should do.


But overall, I enjoyed the novel. Just make sure that you know what to expect going into this - as previously mentioned, it's not some action packed fast paced story. It's a slow, introspective novel where we see into the MC's thoughts as he reunites with the "light" of his life and how their relationship grows.

This novel to me was a 4.0/5.0 stars, but I boosted it to a 4.5/5.0 stars because I think the rating should be higher. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: Completed
this was cute and the author was brave enough to tackle something like metal illness which is still looked down upon by many Asian countries where the person is blamed instead of the disease. I really feel for both the MC and ML. The two complement each other and help make up for one another's weak points.

warning though; both the MC and ML are really dense when it comes to love but there are good reasons for it (both are smart outside of emotional stuff). Despite the dark stuff that... more>> happens in the background and in the past, this is mostly a "first love" story and there's not much more than hugging and some kisses and some fluffy cute moments. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It's pretty good overall.

I was looking forward to reading an entertainment-circle type novel.

This fulfills all of it - some angst, some fluff, a MC that is talented, works hard, good child overall, and goes from bad/newbie actor to someone awesome.

ML is standard fare, OP, wealthy background, but also fighting his own battles. There's interesting relationship development (though it could have been fluffier)

... more>>

IMO, the novel is more devoted to the one-sided love the MC had for the ML and on misunderstandings a lot more than the mutual domestic relationship, which I would have liked to see more of.


This is one of those rare novels where the MC had loved the ML from a long time ago, so it's a bit different from standard novels of ML falling first and chasing the MC.


I also liked the part in the middle where a second person came in to try to pursue the MC and it was resolved quite reasonably.


The third parties in the novel were written all right for the most part (nobody is super super s*upid, esp the other famous male actors pursuing the ML).

Translation was ok, edited MTL, a few mistranslations every chapter but the language and reading was smooth overall.

The correct translation for the title should be: "Idols Are All Pursuing my Brother"
In CN, 都在 means "they're all" or multiple people, not just one.

男神 means "male idol" or someone other people look up to, like an ideal person they admire. TBH when I first got into CN novels, I was absolutely baffled at the plethora of "male gods" that were translated literally in the text and made the main character's thoughts sound ridiculously worshipful and religious. I recall maybe leaving a review to that effect having not realized that it was just a bad translation, and that it was not the intent of the author to actually set up these characters as literal "gods."

Not to mention in English "god" is inherently masculine as a term... wheeze. Kind of like how bad translations will duplicate source terms like River River.

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luxe rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: c36
I don't really mind reading it when I'm super bored, but the MC has the personality of a doormat so far so it's hard to get into without cringing. The parts about his talents are interesting, but otherwise reading about a shy, possibly depressed character with extremely low self-esteem is a tad boring. I want to skip ahead (but I don't like skipping ahead :C).

I do like that he volunteers himself for skill based stuff in order to shine, and that his personality is a result of his background... but... more>> hmm. It's just hard for me to see why the ML would like MC, outside of involving himself due to guilt and his own personal affairs.

Maybe I just don't like reading about shy, introverted people like myself, but I can see how people would like it-- <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
not2complex rated it
July 6, 2018
Status: c5.1
I decided to go ahead and write a "reader's review" at only five chapters so it might encourage others to give it a try. I love to read with no particular genre preference so as long as I enjoy it, I will read it! Of course, if I enjoy it due to my personality, I want to tell others about it. Sooooo - this technically can not be considered a review so don't poke fun at how shallow my comments are - its only at five chapters! However, the translation... more>> is slow (not complaining) so people may skip over it thinking of waiting to see if the translator will continue. I am thinking that I want others to notice it so the translator WILL continue!

It is fun to read with great character development so far and even some "intrigue" introduced with chapter five. I give it a "thumbs up" and think its worth following! <<less
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bunnydesuuu rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5/5 A mostly smooth-sailing, slightly angsty novel of emotional dependence, misunderstandings, missed opportunities, reunion and healing. MC and ML both have complicated family backgrounds, although this is initially more obvious only on MC's side. MC and ML used to be brother in name (not blood related) but MC has long been disowned. MC's internal emotional dependence on ML is strong, but this is not the sense that cause him to cling, but rather a desire for any show of affection from anyone but especially from ML. As a character, he's... more>> hardworking, cute, and very lovable confused baby. Minor misunderstandings and coupled with ML's emotional issues, it caused some angsty and touching scenes. Overall, not the most emotional-touching novel, but not bad in character growth and relationship development. <<less
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PeachesUntamed rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c38
Not to be hater, but this novel has been a disappointment as far as showbiz novels (weird that someone said it's the best showbiz novel they've ever read 😂...... it's probably your 1st one)

The author must've thought to themselves that they were writing a 🔥 story smh. I've never felt so exhausted and bored but I'll read it anyways after all I've wait yrs for it to be complete.

Anyways, the MC is supposedly a talented music idol who (ch38) hasn't debut yet in the music scene. He is... more>> capable of shining on his own but they keep handing him olive branches which I believe he doesn't need. I still can't over the fact that he's landed an acting role before dropping an album or even a single, but what do I know

The ML is a cold 22 y/o who actually seems like he's in his mid to late 20s. He's incapable of loving - per the author. I mean..... how is someone capable of hate incapable of love??

I was so excited about reading a long showbiz story but I jus feel sorry for myself rn. Is it the author's first work??? <<less
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JustAki rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Holy shit, I can't be the only one who cried, choked, smiled on this?

This novel is a roller coaster. My heart broke for Xiao Mo, the MC in the novel. Every misunderstanding in his life hurted him, his experiences, his past, his love; and yet he still managed to smile and look forward after everything that happened.

Don't just look at the title, this isn't just fluff but a novel that hurts you really deep inside. Every single interaction of MC is like an arrow piercing your heart.

The characters aren't... more>> 2d but 3d; both main characters suffered a lot from their past and both reacted differently from it. I personally like MC. The novel resolved not just him achieving the love that he deserves but his healing and recovery.


MC since young has been unloved. And that came from his mother who gave him hope. AND that same mother was his foundation in looking forward to his future. His mother did not deserve being used by a person she trusts, yes (She was drugged and r*ped and was plotted by two scum men) but Xiao Mo did not deserve everything that happened to him.

In any case, just like what she had gone through, she drugged baby Xiao Mo with something and used him, just to show people that baby Xiao Mo "wanted" her and doesn't want to leave her. B*tch?

For me, this was what made MC look 3d to me. Neglection does a lot of things to children and it's not right.


Both ML and MC have issues that will be resolve in the future, it's heart-wrenching and sweet and fluffy. There's the side CP too; seriously I need a Li QiuChen in my life. <<less
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Kazekaachan rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Hey, the rating is only that much? That's not much! This novel deserves a high rating!

This is the best showbiz novel in my opinion ❤ you should read it, it's so good! This novel is slow romance, don't expect MC and ML to get together quickly, it's very far away, but this novel is very warm, sweet, bitter and soft. There is tragedy in it; your heart will be shaken so many times, even I cried because how thrilling this is.

An Xumo, our MC is a pure baby, obedient and... more>> poor sob, he is intelligent and knows how to act within his limits. He's not a white lotus, he's just insensitive to the feelings of others except his brother, our ML. Remember, at the beginning he was only 17 years old!! (And ML/ 22 y/o ufff)

Our ML, Zhou Jincheng, at first, I was a little annoyed. No, he's not acting tr*sh, but he's using our poor baby as a shield for ML suitors. But he will make up for it in the future.

ML suitors? Almost all of them were tr*sh except for Lin Rui. The part of Lin Rui's proposal is the part I like the most!! Poor Lin Rui as if he came just to watch MC and ML kiss, haha. (Although ML only uses MC to keep LR away from him).

After ML managed to clear Lin Rui, the next problem seemed to be a little flat. What makes me a little disappointed is that the writer didn't give a slap to MC's mother, even though there was a reason that MC's mother was a victim, but she was still wrong in my opinion, huh even though I was looking forward to it. <<less
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Sugar77 rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: --
Tbh, it's a really good novel. The issues are explained and fleshed out, the character development is nice, translations are easy to understand.

Also, the pacing is just right, not much like other showbiz novel that would get boring in the middle.

... more>>

but I just want to say... I know both MC and ML is important for each other's recovery. I truly understand that. But when they got to the turning point of the novel in which ML wants to use him as a shield, I... I was so so unwilling... like I know he too is ill but... believe me when I say an xumo is pitiful, I mean like really really pitiful. His mental condition is so fragile and he has never had any sort of affection assurance before. And now he even got his feelings trampled by his only light. I know this plot is needed and tbh I also think this gives more depth and intensity to the story. It's awesome. But also, if this was real, I might just kidnap an xumo and shower him with all the love and affection, the ML can figure things out himself whatever.

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ghost_kun rated it
January 27, 2021
Status: c67
I adore this novel! It starts off pretty slow, but that instead helps you get invested in MC. Slowly mysteries are revealed and as the number of interactions between ML and MC increase, the more and more you cheer for them!

Both MC and ML have issues that need to be dealt with, but I trust that the author will address them in due time. I love how all these male god's want to chase ML, but are shot down haha. I cannot wait for them to start chasing MC so... more>> ML can drink some vinegar! (I hope that's in the future!)

Translation is very fast right now and I appreciate that a lot! <<less
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CrazyCatCrew593 rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: c37
I really love this stories flow and feel, it's both relaxing and feels pretty real. My only problem was that I couldn't continue reading after chapter 37 because the Shanghai Fantasy website wasn't working properly. I hope it gets fixed soon so I can read the rest of the story and see the main characters finally together.

Edit: It's all working again! My only comment right now on the cusp of chapter 89 is that the mom's a selfish b*tch.
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August 23, 2022
Status: c116 part2
This story though it deciphers, depression in a somehow just manner it does so poorly with the Aspengers syndrome. The author instead of doing research on what real Aspenger cases would behave like had gone ahead with some cheap material, like they have no sympathy or no emotions at all, which is really? The other factor that I find not pleasing in most of danmei is the fact that people seem to lack any gender other than gay, like every male out there is gay and the female are as*xual... more>> or they have really loose morals, which is come on, one could do a million times better if one tried just a tiny bit harder but the translators did a fantastic job and I would like to thank them here. <<less
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shreyshrey rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: c96
okay, if I were to describe the book in a sentence it would be hurt and a very poor attempt at comfort. The angst part was written well, even the MC and ML's illnesses -although I don't know how accurate medically but they did have an impact the reader. There's MC's obession and yearning for ML, there's ML's indifference, his calculations in both business and the entertainment circle -ML's actions can be dislikeable and that's okay-that seems the intended effect by the author. But then the other part of the... more>> novel, when the ML realises he likes MC, it really bummed me out. Everything seemed way too convenient for the ML. He's always had a strong grasp on MC's heart (and his brain and his life), his got a big stake in the company MC works for MC work life is dictated by him and when MC has to move to another city to attend university, he starts living with him in a cute little villa. All the while, the MC acts out as a complaint little brother-even though he had said that he would distance himself from the ML for his own sake.

I don't blame the ML too much because he's written to not have such a large emotional capacity but I really wish that the MC and ML had had some distance and MC actually started living the authentic university life, did his work and lived his life without his brother breathing down his neck every time. ML's actions come across as way to half -hearted, it's way too easy for him to barge into his younger brother's life. He definitely could have done better - ML's doesn't have the required emotional capacity, but he can rationalise enough and he could have deliberately done better in regards to MC.

At one point the MC compares the ML to shackles which have grown softer and the whole comparison bothers me. ML has way too strong control over MC

That being said, it is not bad writing -I have dropped the book two times in between because I feel frustrated but I keep coming back because I want to know the ending. <<less
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NanairoHana rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed the read, until the abrupt end and extras. I am baffled it ends just like that after the suspense of the accident and the extras made me feel bored. It took me 4 rests time (going to search shorts on youtube) in between to finish the 2 extras. I can say it is an okay read but not a solid book.

The characters are very loveable (even side characters like Yin HanXing, Tang Tang, 3 classmates), but the author really is weak. It can be seen the potential and... more>> the plot transition planned, but the execution is scattered/loose and feels... abandoned? It is like when you read, you can construct a better use to the plot the author came with.

Near the end too, you feel the author abandoned everything; the fans, the persistent paparazzi from before, the ill-intended people in program. It becomes surreal. There is no congratulatory well wishes by the close circles, fans or passerby. It really becomes like main leads are shallow people and the world is only for the two of this connected lovers. It is weird for 2 movie emperors to be written this way. I had read tons other beautiful leads that are famous and the author took time to makes where they disclosed pictures to inform that they tie the knot and fans reaction as well as well wishes of others. Eg: BL: Rebirth of supermodel, they posted picture of only their hands with ring to let fans knows, and BG: Just Blame Me for Being Blind in the Beginning, Pei Ying posted their certificate with her ring. Even "Very Happy" where both leads had psychological problems had ending that is written better than this. I felt like a real substantial artists that is acknowledged for their talents by fans and entertainment heavyweight should at least had this kind of resolution by the end of their journey.

What I mean is the joyful reaction of fans. That celebratory feelings. In RoS, fans very jubilant and the hands with rings picture in circle also tied the story good as it is about two souls meeting each other after a circle of life (rebirth), and Just Blame Me is a comedic story so the straightforward certificate and ring picture is to tell and shut up the mouth of sunspot because the story do tell the part where people speculated due to social standing female lead will only be played not married. The joyful reactions of main leads supporter is to show the characters aren't superficial. They knows the fans support towards their works and goods, so they shared the joys. Even "Very Happy", they aren't married but they share the moments like visiting "friends" workplace, "sneaky" picture going on dates. Because fans there "respected" the two labelling themselves as "good friends", the fans played along till the end with the breaking news everytime. So you feel the weight of being public figure. Here, the coming out of closet video is good, as well as the honeymoon picture. But the way the joy is shared... isn't joyful. The fans reaction are messy isn't it? That is because the fans really didn't know their idol/celebrities, so the feelings very messy. Add to that there is no congratulation from those are in good terms with them. So the leads feel isolated from everything. You expected the two to better each other, so there should be improvement, but no.



Instead of reading the extras where the Hollywood part feels so unnecessary (since the one wanted to be shown as face slapped didn't even appear with reaction shown), it will be better if it is fully invested on them coming out of closet and the part where they tie the knot then added bits of different fans reaction, close friends (or Master Old Yu/Dr Li/his special medical care blessing on it, TangTang surprised about their relationship, ZiMai reaction like maybe asking for holiday rewards). The two male leads can't attained their happy ends without support of many people due to their conditions, yet the ending is written without addressing any of those people.

Extra 1 also feels too glorified. JinChen had hard time breaking off Zhou Jia family control and had to weight his resources before use everytime before. Then in short span of time, not only his investment company flourished, even founded entertainment company without problem. Like the secret company is okay, it is a secret but the Mojia really is in the plain sight but the seemingly controlling Zhou Jia do nothing. JinChen also lavishly buy luxurious mansion on several countries here which makes him so fake. I will feel better if their home in B city remains the only cherished place in accordance to the two mental disorder. Flowers whatnot can be cultivated in that heritage mansion.

All in all, the extras left superficial taste. And made you rethink the end part back, and you felt eh, what happened with these two support systems? They aren't addressed at the end, and even in extras? Yeah basically that is the feeling of the book.


Many might not like MC - An XuMo because he is like a floating balloon. He really didn't care if people popped him, moved him, tied him, blown him away... as long as he is able to take a glance of ML - Zhou JinChen. From early on, I can see these two had mental disorders and also the intention of author - to use love to overcome it. I am complaining many times for XuMo to be helped by people and send to proper medical treatments but it never happened - as expected. I saw the appeal of the two main leads but author really elaborated them shallowly. At time, it is depressing seeing how XuMo is written. What surprise me is the real past of XuMo's parents and what the accident really were. It really had potential to be a good book. If only the author didn't come across too amatuerish, in ideal and execution.


P/S: XuMo had better luck in his showbiz debut like landing a role in movie (but that is thanks to recommendation of senior in work and investor's words in the first place. Basically cable. That no other newcomer easily get). I don't have problem with his starting line, backup dancer -> temporary guest -> actor. Because he stays as actor and that is his main goal from the start - to work together with JinChen. My problem is that the two main leads are so disconnected to the world they build in. They dabbles in the ent. world shallowly. Yes, they worked hard, disregarded rest time. But the way author wrote also at the same time unrealistic. Author wanted them to have the popularity of traffic route, but the two didn't even have interaction with fans. Yet they stepped over many to still become hot enough. Then they retire just like that without events to show gratitude to this supporters. Especially JinChen. Since he basically can escape his family hold due to this fans (market value), but really disappointed with his character development. His beginning is hard but get better and better due to his "Royal Guards". At least, do draws or something. It is very surreal. The feeling is like "Thank you, next" but without thank you part. Everyone and every conflict come and then, next, next, next, abrupt the end.

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