To Deprive a Deprived Person


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Sato Yu is a 12-year-old boy. He is a deprived person. His life is depriving. His step father has a large amount of debt.

One day, he is transported into a different world with cheat like stealing ability. Will he stay deprived?

Associated Names
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Bereave or Bereaved
The Deprivers and the Deprived
To Deprive a Depriver
Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono
奪う者 奪われる者
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58 Reviews

Mar 12, 2016
Status: --
Up to chapter 145

I really was fascinated by the 2/3 of this story. Although the theme of reincarnation is common among Japanese novels, this novel had borrowed the secret route of anti-heroes : tortured characters, betrayed, abused, who harbor dark thoughts or distrust against their peers and often choose the path of loneliness.

However, as always in novels written by small to medium quality authors, they gradually lose their flavor as the story progresses and slowly slips into the trap of mediocrity. If Yu’s quiet nature can attract curiosity, here, this... more>> only makes the harem noisier. Not only does the author no longer grace us with his progress in leveling and new skills, but every time we can finally take a look, it’s only to watch some settings becoming more absurd to the point where we lose interest.

Bad points : neglecting the link MC/readers, relegate in the background the gaming interest.

In addition, the harem around Yu becomes increasingly annoying. There is a depersonalization of characters whose world revolves only around the cult of a single character. If the idea could have been interesting, here, it’s clearly not operating successfully and all that remains of this attempt is that perpetual redundancy.

Bad points : no development of secondary characters and increase of a melodrama which quickly turns to exaggeration and superficiality.

All the story that develops around and inside Comer City is bland and heterogeneous. In a good writing, heterogeneity is not bad but it requires that the author has sufficient mastery in writing in order to achieve it. Here, this heterogeneity didn’t helped him and participates only worsen this mess of characters without interest, the failed attempts of side stories, the development of potential enemies that fall successively in forgetfulness and the creation of a background that fails to pause its bases.

Joseph, who is clearly supposed to be a supporting character, clearly doesn’t fulfill his role and is regularly put on the side, the mayor and his servant are supposed to cultivate an aura of power, mystery and intelligence but the author prefers them weak and tasteless, the local bad guys have no presence, they only serve to create a superficial popularity among the MC and his henchmen, finally, other countries and factions seem to have nothing better to do than chase after a Yu who isn’t even at the level where it would be worth to notice him on an international level. The only interesting thing left might be the mystery around this small group of super-powered villains but I will not put my hopes too high because the author seems clearly not able to exploit the potential of his own story.

Bad points : a novel with rickety bases and consecutive failures around the establishment of a social, political and economical background + a lack of logic.

In sum, if the novel hardly manage to make progresses in its story, we also clearly see that the author is fighting in each chapter to maintain a minimum of interest in a thread that seems to have no purpose except for this ridiculous new idea to build a country. By trying to develop and add elements to his story, the author no longer control his own creation and gradually loses sight of what made this novel originally. <<less
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Apr 07, 2016
Status: --
The main character has no personality, while every female he meets worships him. He quickly becomes the most op person because he can steal the skills of monsters and people. The story gets too edgy for me as every other person he meets is a scumbag to be killed in the most edgy way. The entire cast of characters revolves around the concept that Yu is worshiped. Yu is the only thing the cast ever talk about, sadly Yu is probably one of the most boring characters in the novel.
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Jan 07, 2017
Status: c168.5
Dropped at 168 cause the nation building plot is too bad to put in an already downhill novel. The best way to read this novel is to drop when the MC leave the girl behind and go adventure by himself, that's the best place to drop without feeling like you are missing something.
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Nov 01, 2016
Status: c150
Since, I have read a lot of generic harem novels. I was now looking for something refreshing that has Anit-hero protagonist or Villain like Protagonist who doesn't act like a Saint or self-righteous hypocrite hero. So, I started reading this and boy, I was so wrong. -The first few chapters are quite good, we are given little bit of his background, tragic history and the atmosphere around him. So far, author has pretty much established "Oh, the fate has always been unkind to our hero", then he suddenly gets the deprived skill more like cheat skill which steals skills from others *cough arifureta cough cough*. Why the hell we can't have a hard working Protagonist who works his ass off to take revenge on others? Anyway, my main issue is that the novel fails to be serious at any point when you start to think, this is gonna have a huge impact on MC's personality

like when MC's grandmother died, MC grieves for just few lines and then it straight skips to MC travelling out of the village to go on an adventure, WHAT?


-Now back to the main reason why I started reading this because of the Anti-Hero tag. No, it is just in name only. The MC however mentions this clearly that he won't trust anyone or will be an easygoing guy, yet however he easily trusts his harem members and let them join his company without a 2nd thought. It is like MC says something, but he does something else. Now, lets talk about his harem members. They are one of the most generic characters I have ever seen aside from praising MC like he is god, they have none other personality or unique characteristics. If author wanted this novel to be dark which stands out from the rest of the novels. First, it had to be non-harem because it kills the serious atmosphere, Second if it really has to be harem give them some unique dark-messed up character traits that feels more like 3D and suitable to genres like this not your generic dead 2D characters who have only one job which is to suck MC's dick. -One last thing not sure if it bothers you, but it does bothers me a lot. There is this guy who trains MC and his harem after they have reached the guild who constantly takes advantage of MC's harem whenever he gets the chance and by advantage I mean groping their chests and bu*t and that too happens most of the time in front of MC. I am still surprised why he didn't kill that character right off the bat, not a big issue but as a guy who hates NTR to the extreme bothers me a lot.
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Oct 12, 2016
Status: --
Started out decent (for a LN). However, went downhill real fast. The characters are "meh", there's nothing great about any of them (they are stereotypical especially the side characters). The main cast is nothing to brag about. The heroines are underdeveloped and bland (i can't see any future waifu wars coming out of this novel). The MC is from the same bargain shop as Sasuke (broody, red eyes and steals abilities), and with family issues too. The MC's parents are impressively evil, no, incredibly evil. All they need to do... more>> to be more evil is buy mustaches at a pawn shop (as well as eating babies), so they can twirl it while they torture the MC (seriously like straight out of a cartoon or the mind of a child). And, because of their amazing parenting skills, our MC became the second most popular LN archetype in this genre, an edge-lord (although a shitty one). So, we have an MC that is edgy but caring, mu*derous but compassionate. Can't say that he is very consistent beside the broody part (they can't even write a proper antihero, not saying that an antihero can't be those things but it is so badly portrayed).

The story is mediocre at best, especially when it starts to get a plot. I have criticized a lot LN for having no plot. However, if your plot is to defeat a sketchy empire because the top brass are evil, I don't think you'll get many readers caring about it. I understand that finding a plot is difficult since the novel will be centered around it, but when your plot consist in defeating the 12 blahblahs and a church/empire, all I can say is don't bother. Overall, the novel is nothing to praise or criticize. It starts to fall apart when the LN tropes start to sink in (oh boy! They sink deep and hard), and the lack of good characterization and writing make it hard to keep being interested for the long run. The author tries to ad fluff in a story that is kind of dark but not really. All I can say is that the story isn't really comfortable with the changing tones. It doesn't hurt the overall story and characters since nothing is really developed even after 160+ chaps.

Why do I write so much (and badly), to explain these bad novels. I just wish I could find a good one, however I know that it ain't gonna happen. <<less
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Not a strict grader
Not a strict
Dec 22, 2019
Status: c13
TLDR : This LN is to light novels what "My Immortal" is to fanfictions. It looks like it was written by a 10 years old in his emo phase, stay away from this book.

My username isn't a lie, I can enjoy even rather bland series depending on my mindset. And yet, the only way I can picture any reader above 14 enjoying this piece of filth masquerading as a book would be for that person to read it ironically.

I forced myself through 13 chapters due to the interesting title and... more>> description, hoping it would get better at some point. It did not, and it will not. I'll explain why to spare you from trying it yourself.

The main character is 12 years old, in a seinen. And it's not any 12 years old, it's the edgiest of all. Seriously, this LN is so edgy it literally made me shiver out of cringe. Of course the MC kills some dude who bullied him and "although it was his first time killing someone, he didn't feel a thing".

The characters have absolutely no depth, MC's backstory is barely 5 lines long, apparently he was killed by a debt collector due to his father being unable to pay his debt. It's only my opinion but it just seems like a poor excuse to justify the edgy "I wAs DeprIVeD mY wHoLe LiFe aNd nOW i'Ll bE thE oNE WhO dEpRivES" plot.

Both the translation and author's original writing style are far below subpar, it's a huge pain to even understand what's going on sometimes. There are so many things to mention that it's hard to organize my thoughts. In the short span of 13 chapters, an adventurer girl who left her former town and party after her crew members tried to r*pe her meets the MC. She's traumatized and afraid of men (it's clearly mentioned). MC randomly drops her shorts and spanks her because she mentioned the grandma who's helping him in this new world (??!!), it barely even makes sense. And there she is the next day saying she'll forgive him if they become friends (??!).

Seriously, I fail to find the words to express just how tr*sh this LN is, but here I am feeling compelled to write a review to warn people to not make the same mistake as I did. The title hooked me in, and now I have this feeling of disgust stuck in my throat, that's just how insanely garbage this novel managed to be in a few pages worth of text. Do not read it. Unless you're young and right in the middle of your emo phase, stay away from this book. <<less
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Nov 21, 2018
Status: --
Another one japanese author that is confused about what to do about target audience whether if its shounen or seinen but ultimately fail and mix it up in a bad way. Lazy author that only wants to earn some cash. He doesn't improve and more like he's getting lazier and worst at writing a story. Picking a child MC for seinen genre is looking for a disaster of a plot writing.

Like all the guys before me says. It is really disappointing novel. It really just a bait in the beginning... more>> for the readers to buy this novel and later it will get slack.

Many modern painter are better than famous painter from the past but they don't get to make a ton of cash. Many modern musician are better than famous musician from the past well they make more money than the past musician. BUT in literature, I can't say that many modern writer are better than the famous writer of the past, the authors now a days are having a hard time reaching the standard of shakespeare's famous works despite having many reference material now than in the past. Instead modern writers/authors today are just lazy and just jumping on the trends/bandwagon of isekai genre to earn those sweet sweet money. Shame on you all except those good authors like the Overlord, Dungeon Defense, Everyone Else is a Returnee, Tales of Demons and Gods Etc. Novels. <<less
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Kuro no Maou
Kuro no Maou
Mar 15, 2016
Status: --
A novel about a child who lived his whole life hated by everyone around him only to be transported to another world and be hated even more.

With this premise, we expect some depth. But that isn’t what we get, b*tches. The MC is an edgy 12 years old who makes a harem (for no reason, since he acts like a shitfit throwing autist to everyone) and from a decent intro the story devolves into a series of clichés (f*cking died when they said the dark elf wears maid clothes even... more>> in battle, wtf cracked me up) status p*rn (“now let’s check my status so the readers can see how strong I am even though I only use a third of my Skills”) and a lot of edgy and gory shit, which I usually like but not in this novel. What’s the point of having gore in such a lighthearted novel? Well whatever.

kind of reads like re:monster but a bit worse, even though rm is bad in and of itself. Translation and writing style are subpar, maybe due to the fact that the author is an elementary schooler.

EDIT: I reread this thing alright, it's mostly a hatef*ck at this moment. One of the things I wanted to point out is that part where Yu gets his second job, after he reaches the first town and meets generic witch girl. So okay, one of the options for the class up is Magic Fighter (or Knight, w/e), which is supposedly extremely rare and powerful, as the guild receptionist conveniently explains. And here it goes, Yu picked another class, the Enchanter, a support type magician class. And that's alright, as we rarely see protagonist using buffs in JPN (exceptions are TnY and LH) but what doesn't make sense is that Yu intentionally ignored the Magic whatever class, and without hesitation chose the other one. And the reason for this is NEVER explained. EVER. <<less
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Dec 10, 2017
Status: c187
This started better, and seemed to build- but pretty much drops in quality by 150 to the point where it's almost better not to start.

Don't get me wrong- though it's never excellent, there are more interesting parts-- but there are so many loose ends it's ridiculous, and the author seriously doesn't remember his own character qualities at times (or even names).

The Good:
Pretty much your run-of-the-mill abused antihero migrant faux harem flawed game mechanic RPG.
Yes I hate that I can say 'run-of-the-mill and not be exaggerating.
Anyway- if you like them, here's another.

The BAD:
Lots of plot holes, minimal character development, Already messy plot tanks around Ch 150 when write seems to have run out of good ideas & starts doing several random things in succession.

Also, a main character is turned into a traitor after 150 chapters of clearly being an ally, though who knows how long to find out if there's a reason for it other than the writer seemed to have no better ideas than dumb ones...


The Different:
Normally this is the kind of novel I'd say 'Enjoy until Ch (whatever) '- except in this case the writer ruins it in several ways, (the spoiler above just being one) so I don't want to waste your time. It's not horrible- but I'd say invest elsewhere unless really bored.
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Nov 27, 2016
Status: c10
The story's fairly typical. Reincarnated, hated for looking different, and gets the ability to steal skills. Protagonist uses it for revenge, which I kind of like.

However, the problem is that it's not well written. Initially I blamed the translator, but I think it actually might be the author. He switches viewpoints and tenses constantly, which are then filtered through a translator. The entire story comes off as disjointed, with random skips between scenes that leave you incredibly confused. It's sad, because the concept behind the story was actually pretty decent.... more>> If the execution wasn't so flawed, it might have been a good read. <<less
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Dec 12, 2015
Status: --
Not bad, but is a bit confusing at times. MC is weak in the beginning and becomes complete "broken" later on. Translation is a bit rough, but still readable. Many conspiracies are abound, but we don't really see the meaning behind them just yet. MC is easily destabilized. He had a crappy childhood, so the few people he trusts are very important to him. If something happens to them... well, it isn't a pretty sight. Anyway, I recommend this novel; it's decent.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 04, 2019
Status: c155
Okay, so i've finally out why this novel received so many "not so good" reviews. At first, it was enjoyable, some inconsistencies here and there. It was fine, until a few dozens of chapters, everything became overwhelming, too many "suddenly appeared" character, whimsical plots. Literally, the author just add anything they want just because, no explanation, no foreshadowing. They keep adding new characters and plots, and none of them resolved. The pacing is so bad. I didn't grow to hate the novel, I simply became lazy. Perhaps, it won't be... more>> a problem if this novel is the only thing I care about in my life. Stella, nina, enchanter, joseph, mussu, order of immortals, 12 whatever generals, holy church, the 3 popes[?]. None of them are resolved, and it keeps increase. It's just too overwhelming. <<less
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May 27, 2017
Status: --
The MC, given by his 'oh so dramatic' background, is supposed to be a selfish, depriving bastard... is what you're expecting right?


The synopsis is a lie.

... more>> The anti-hero MC is nowhere to be found.

And following this are the other parts that compose this novel.

The plot is weak. The side characters all have an emotional quotient of a gnat. The development is disturbingly s*upid. Aaaaand of course, the small, biting taste of our MC, watching his deplorable harem, get groped right in his face without him even batting an eyelid.

Give yourself a favor and please don't bother reading this. <<less
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Nov 21, 2016
Status: c167
I loved this Novel at first. MC with a dark tragic story that was written beautifully done. He does his best for everything and how he struggles and just gets stronger. Psychological and physically I like that. But the Harem and uncleared Villains and plot ruined this story.

This guy just wants to be loved!! WTF is a girl older then him by a margin taking advantage of him and tongue kissing him?! He's only a 12 year old kid! She's simply a waste of character...

When he sees a mother cared for her child he's like curious and somehow yearning for it. He was such an abused kid that he had no interaction with anyone. So as a 12 year old he only had curiosity and trying to learn human relationships... for her to abuse that innocence pisses me off. When they first met being a kid slapping her in the ass because she was bad person at first was understandable since he was a abused kid so he had no idea how to punish. so I passed that up at first but its still really weird


On the other hand the Loli witch girl was the best character with a lot of potential. Even the way she met the MC was adorable. It would had been better if it was just her as the heroine. But so far she's wasted potential. Girls just love him for no reason...
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Uncle Guai
Uncle Guai
Dec 25, 2016
Status: c150
We have a martyr-like MC, a harem, generic world conspiracy plot and hectic author with poor memory for his own plot but with a F*CKING TON of stats/skills/equipment grids (I'm serious, those descriptions of shiets characters have on them is mindblowing).

- What should you expect from the series?
Moderately interesting start, closing the eyes on the genre cliche, wich going downwards with every passing new chapter.
p.s. Like people noticed below, too much randomness going on - author inconsistensy frustration level is over 9k
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Dec 12, 2016
Status: c140
It didn't start too bad, which is how I reached so far. The content is quite mature even though the MC is quite young. The story is somewhat realistic given that everyone has a hidden agenda.

And then somewhere down the line, things stop making sense. Too many things happening in the background that are partially or completely forgotten by the author (since he doesn't mention em). Influx of new characters all of a sudden making things more confusing than mysterious. It's like out of nowhere there's 6-7 new OP side... more>> character without sufficient backstory.

I can understand the author wanting to maintain this veil of mystery, but a veil is supposed to be dark and semi-transparent. The veil in this story is printed with psychedelic patterns. I can only hope that things get better down the line. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 11, 2019
Status: c139
MC with zero personality, goals or really anything. He's just blank, boring and Op. It says that he will seek revenge and not let anyone that hurts him or his close one get away, But he does he just walk away because why not? He goes as far as canceling the spell that would kill them! And it says he's smart but... no. He takes so long to kill his enemy because he just doesn't act or even try. This allows his friends to be nearly killed. Is the author... more>> even trying? <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 18, 2017
Status: c140
I give up with this series. In the words of Kal Dano: "Boring. Mindless. Frustrating. Annoying."

The premises is interesting and it start relative good (except for the poor RPG system implemented) : the first few chapters were interesting, but then began to slowly go downhill but in the volume 4 it began to drifting really bad and real fast.

No character development at all, no explanation of WTF is happening or why the hidden agendas of multiples characters

including the waifu

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 07, 2017
Status: c156
It was good at first, then the story was getting worse, and worse, and worse..... it's like making a folder of puppy pictures on your computer then suddenly author decided to put buffalos, horses, cows, and many other shits in it just because why not? In conclusion, the author ruined the entire story by adding many unrelated, out-of-nowhere material because of the lack of preparedness in preparing the flow of the story.

What a sad ending for a good series. It was a solid 4/5 before, but now? I can't even... more>> force myself to give more than 2/5. <<less
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Apr 22, 2017
Status: c75
Honestly, this series is horrible, but it's something to kill time with.

(Also, the translator seems to have a lot of confusion as far as gender. The entire translation is rife with mixed he/she despite already having a solid grasp on the genders of the main cast... MC is male the rest of em are female or don't matter. Also, the author seems to be fairly ignorant about a lot of things and just says random ass shit, i.e. "Check the balance of your bowstring..." just... the hell is this... more>> bullshit? You check for wear and tear on a bowstring, cracks, or defects on a bow body, and balance on arrows.)

The beginning is rather nice, but after about 40 chapters the quality drops by a huge margin. The author is very inconsistent about his details. The writing style starts to get bland as if the author has given up on making it interesting and just throws in things that he thinks will please people without really trying to make them part of the actual story. The translators are really trying, but they desperately need proofreaders and editors. Lastly, as stated by most other reviews for this series... the girls. For no reason what-so-ever, they are all desperately lusting after the MC. It is wish fulfillment to an extreme. <<less
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