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    Hardened Oxygen
    35 Series 0 Comments 1870 Views 0 Follows Jan 23, 2020 Hardened Oxygen
    Just My Reading List, even though i don't have much time like 5 Years Ago
    43 Series 0 Comments 2102 Views 1 Follows Dec 7, 2019 Vellekoop
    No Tags
    Ok Books, that may catch your interest... more>>
    8 Series 0 Comments 4266 Views 8 Follows Oct 21, 2019 Constantine1200
    This is my list of Novels with a OP Male MC. Keep in mind that this list will be Different than Constantine's List of GOOD Novels with a OP Male MC... So yeah this list is basically My list of any OP Novel that is either "Meh I'll read it when I'm bored" or if there's not many Chapters also some of them are good but not good enough for the GOOD novel list... more>>
    46 Series 0 Comments 7126 Views 6 Follows Oct 11, 2019 Bralec
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    These are my favorite novels so far. The order of the novels entry is random.
    51 Series 0 Comments 12617 Views 8 Follows Oct 9, 2019 Nyanmaru
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    Here are the light/web novels I've read or am still currently reading ... more>>
    55 Series 0 Comments 8506 Views 9 Follows Aug 7, 2019 RiceHot
    A collection of interesting and/or entertaining stories both original and from various fandoms. WARNING: Some stories contain adult themes.
    61 Series 1 Comments 9221 Views 12 Follows Aug 6, 2019 zivoy
    No Tags
    Japanese novels i enjoyed.... more>>