The Ultimate Student


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Always looked down upon by others, Ji Feng gains technology far more advanced than the present, as he discovers its abilities, he begins to walk a path far from ordinary. With X-ray vision allowing his to find jade stones in rocks. With this futuristic technology, Ji Feng accomplishes something no-one can compare to. This is the beginning of a legend.

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Xiàoyuán Quánnéng Gāoshǒu
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May 12, 2017
Status: c153
Read till Chapter 153 on gt.

Typical Xianxia stuff so far, except the modern day setting. Its one arrogant young master after another. Its on repeat.

He has two arrows in his quiver, with brute strength knock them down or call his backers for support. Or both at times. He never had to run away or make a strategic retreat, he always comes out on top. MC=OP.

He gets his strength from training while sleeping. He completed one set of exercises to become a Super Agent. His AI comes with another set to... more>> make him even stronger, for what? We don't know yet. Its just small fries so far.

He is committed to his gf but it doesn't stop other girls from coming into his orbit.

You won't miss out if you don't read it. Unlike Vpna this has no supernatural stuff or harem so far but chances are there might be harem.

Like Iras he does learn a lot of skills.

Chapters are on the short side or just felt like it because of how slowly the story actually moves. Just one year has passed in 153 chapters with time skips.

Characters are 'meh'.

Story is time-pass.

You won't miss out if you don't read it. <<less
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danish341 rated it
November 9, 2019
Status: c1250
It is quite good for a Chinese novel with a modern setting.

The first thing that comes to mind after reading it is........ that it has the same vibe as that of other novels with a modern setting where the young masters go after him and he uses his influence to deal with them........... but the thing that's different is he really doesn't use his influence at first but if it gets out of hand then he might just deal with them in a natural way......

Romance===>well, it is quite good in... more>> this, and it was totally unexpected on my part....... he cares a lot about his potential love partners...... and the story is well written in terms of romance scenes.........

Action===>The MC is pretty much the strongest until 1250 or should I say I only have read 1250 chapters....... the techniques used by him are almost one-hit-kill but he rarely uses them...... and he is still currently training in both technology (alien) and martial arts.......

My opinion on previous ratings===>well, it is really under-rated show when compared to other at least who gets a rating of 4 or 5 without much content quality...... its content quality is above satisfactory in my opinion...... the only reason for its poor ranking is probably the side-characters like any other Korean or Chinese novel and especially the translations (a lot of grammar mistakes)...... but still it doesn't bother me much....... if you continue to read after chapter 200 then arcs will be stretched and pointless to the point of getting annoyed and I would have rated it 3 but it is just a one-sided rating. So, don't mind it <<less
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