The Sweetest Marriage


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Wei Chen felt that his whole life was a complete joke. He loved the wrong person, trusted the wrong person, and finally ended up being betrayed by all his relatives. In the end, the one who took care of him and protected him was his autistic wife who had been completely ignored by him since he married him.

When the darkness hit, Wei Chen thought, if he could turn back time, he would put Chen Li on top of his heart and pamper him, giving him the sweetest love.

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重生之极致宠婚 【完结全本】
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Wintercreeper rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: c174
Don't get excited by the number of chapters, the writer is VERY longwinded, spends whole chapters on lengthy, unimportant background information and drags out simple descriptions.
Lots of repetitions, some things come up every 20 or so chapters with slightly changed wording, always stretched as long as possible.
I've read 174 chapters and nothing important would be missing if you'd delete 100 of them.

Writing an "autistic" character isn't easy, I was happy at first, then (expectedly) disappointed.
The writer has no idea what autism is or how to treat it, they even boldly claim that it can and should be "cured".
Many of the things mentioned are either completely false or downright dangerous assumptions and descriptions of "treatment" every professional would beat you up for doing to someone with autism.
ML shows no clear autistic traits, it looks more like a mental disorder caused by neglect and trauma, they even refer to autism as a mental problem several times.
It's very obvious that the writer used it as a plot device, either without doing any kind of research or blindly believing false information.

Characters are stereotypes, what's even worse is, that they used the same one for multiple prominent side-characters, their voice is so identical that you can easily mixed them up when their name isn't directly stated.

The face-slapping is overdramatic for no reason and dragged out over 5-10 chapters each time, the romance is sweet on first glance but quite questionable when you look at it objectively.

Writing style is convoluted, important information are withhold from the readers to "catch them by surprise", despite the story being third-person-omniscient, and not with an unreliable narrator.

It could still have been an okay story, it's the serious drag and wordcount inflation that makes it borderline unreadable.
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Aachiin0914 rated it
May 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Ahh, I won't comment towards anything about mental illness in this novel... well, I agree to the comments above, the author really didn't portray a person with autism correctly.

I say, it would be better to say Chen Li has severe trauma and anxiety. His muteness should be contributed to selective mutism, his dear of stranger should be social anxiety, his lack of desire to live is depression, not autism.

Maybe because of "most autistic person are genius" the author just went with it, and didn't really bother with underlying symptoms... more>> potryed in the story.

Anyway, I rarely read novels, which describe an accurate symptom of mental illness.

If not exaggerated, then its in the wrong direction...

But in terms of family conflict, face slapping, cruel characters, ect, ect... this novel is good enough.

The romance is also really good.


In Wei Chen's first life, it's the "the protagonist was kidnapped, and was saved by the ML (Chen Li) when they were a child, but the family decieved the protagonist into believing that it was the Cannon fodder villain who saved him. The protagonist believed it, and thought he love the canon fodder, and in the end, was s**ked dry of his value. Only after death did he realized that he was wrong" plot line.

Then he was reborn.


The villains in this novels is also numerous.

There's grandpa Wei, father Wei, the Chens, and many jealous canoonfodders.

This novels is your typical face slapping novel, the "shuwa-something" (I forgot the spelling TT) but it means cool story in Cn. In which the protagonist stood up from the mud, with a body full of bruises and blood, and face slap everyone who hurt him, and then reach the pinnacle of life.

The mental illness was just a tool for the author to high light Chen Li's past.

But autism really didn't work. like that! In most cases, Chen Li's symptoms were more or less trauma, anxiety and depression... but... well.

Anyway, the m-preg surprised me. I didn't see any mpreg tag in this. novel when I read it, so I was surprised with this settings.

So now, I put the m-preg tag.

Anyway, thats it.

The author did a good job in writing many good ending to the main group, and the bad end of the villains is refreshing.

It's just that, I don't understand why somehow, the author change her mind...

It's about Chen Li's biological father, and that man surname Xie.

When these two first met, the author. mentioned, about Chen Yunlan's moving on and giving the new an opportunity, leaving behind his past and healing his scars, but in the end, the author just went with the "Qu Ran got reborn in the body of Xie" plot.

Therefore the fact that Xie loved Chu Yunlan for a long time to the point of buying his paintings and even went to build a whole mansion for it was justified.

I don't know, anyway, I'm satisfied, so I'll just ignore it.

It's a good entertainment reads, but don't look for logic and common sense.

This is fiction, and people he wh like wife pampering, and protagonist soaring to the sky after face slapping villains, then this is for you.

I recommend it for people who like buns, cubs, and balls in the story. The cubs here are cute. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
July 2, 2023
Status: c300
I've been reading this book for the past few days and despite the suffering I was too lazy to come back and write a review until a particular thing happened

... more>>
yes it was Chen Li giving birth, I totally lost it there.

If it was a sand sculpture and runny I'd totally not complain it would've even been not that bad of a reading but no this is a serious ass book, I cant anymore.

Imagine not knowing shit about psychology and autism, the medical field, painting and art, economy and average companies regulations, and then write an entire book about all of them, that's what this basically is.


Chen Li (shou ml) has autism, which seems not that bad until you realize the author didn't know shit about autism, threw on Chen Li a bunch of things they thought autistic patients might possess, and then proceed to make him heal from autism by living a daily life?? This has 90% of the Most offensive and inaccurate shit about autism I've seen in my life.



in addition to the holy moly lack of information on autism, there's also this weird thing about all the good characters (that are on MC and ml's side) being super op, either top influential people in country/company or most famous painters in world/china, like there's not a simple person there, just normal, nope.



most weird shit ever, a med student who's a sophomore took care of the C-section operation when Chen Li gave birth despite having never done an operation and visiting the maternity department for less than a month, just because his teacher believes he is a medical genius, and everyone involved (MC, ml, parents) trusted him (confidently might I add), like um hi??? Do you like know how the world works?? Also he studied psychology for 6 months then solved ml's psychological hint left by evil top psychotherapist in the world?? What the hell is even a psychological hint?? And it was treated like some wireless time bomb?? Honestly just big WHAT THE f*ck.


last but not least, the author seemed to really lack good and serious content for their book so they just added all type of useless accidents and fillers, very unnecessary drama that didn't add shit to plot development, many unrealistic unreasonable things/characters/historical facts purely for the mc/ML to show off, ML being most op character to walk on earth (despite having autism which they defined as some sort of disability?)

I had my blood pressure go crazy several times because of the absolute poo this book had to offer.

And at the end I would say the romance may seem great at first sight but I suggest you think it over.

First time writing a review it's probably messed up sorry. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
October 1, 2023
Status: c398
A Very Good Heartwarming Novel so far. Yes it does have Faceslapping, but it was executed nicely so far.

So Many Good people!! Though sadly we don't lack of bad people...

We also get to see characters being Flawed, but not necessarily evil. Can be frustrating and maybe refreshing...

I won't judge about our ML being actual Autistic or not. Because so far the story doesn't actually mention how ML behave since birth! We just shown how ML behave when he was a child. Which doesn't tell much really. He did experience many... more>> traumatic past, but it doesn't explain if this the reason why ML behave as Autistic or he born with some Autism syndrome.

Anyway both MC and ML has their own charm as Protagonists. They both Enjoyable and Lovable character to read!

Love how Firm MC with all his decision! Love his interaction with the people who genuinely good to him and his spouse.

I'm Absolutely LOVING IT so far! Pray so hard the rest of the story is as Good and Satisfying as well!!! 🙏

Finished the main story at 15 JANUARY 2024:

The ending feel a bit rushed, but it IS a Clear Ending. No Hole whatsoever. What I want and need already happen and I'm very Grateful and Absolutely Satisfied!

No Good people in serious Danger. They get through the hardest time and then get their happiness. Which is so Glad!

No dislike. All the Good people get the Happy Ending that match my taste. Another THANK GOODNESS!!!

About Chen Li's Autism. It was mentioned Clear.

It's Genetic, not JUST trauma.


People who feel how Chen Li recover from his Autism was not Realistic? Bruh, even MPREG is not real but we Love it anyway 🙄

Okay but serious answer: Yes, as much as it not Mentioned Loudly in News or get Publicity, Autism can be 'healed'. In both by Spiritual or/and Science. And I'm not talking of people depend of Medicine, okay.

Maybe not as Amazing speed as Chen Li, nor as 'easy' as this novel portrayed.

People around the Autistic person. The facility they have. The food they consum. And the life they go through... All this what help the 'healing' if it good and suitable for those individuals.

Especially we can make the theory that Chen Li's Autism may not be as Severe as some people. And without Tragic past, he would look mostly like 'Normal' Ordinary person at first meet in adulthood. But sadly he didnt have Good life and thus.... Yeah.

Anyway this Novel is Fantasy so Miracle happen. But hey, in real life those miracle also happen many times to people who deserve it, but they just dont make big of it (publish it as news) ¯⁠⁠_⁠ (⁠ツ⁠) ⁠_⁠/⁠¯

All in all... I'm pretty Satisfied with it and ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOVING IT!!! <<less
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Flickering Lights
Flickering Lights rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: c225
If you want a story with lots of heart, this is the one for you.

When it's fluffy, you'll feel like floating on air. When it's angsty, you'll feel like drowning in a sea of despair.

The story really is about ML. This is his journey towards a better future with the MC helping him in any way he can. I really love their relationship. I especially love the ML. I'm very invested in his well-being and I hope that he continues walking towards the light.

I admit that the author does take... more>> time to elaborate on secondary ships and people. I'm not really invested in the secondary ship but in the grand scheme of things, it's not really a lot.

Will be updating this if anything changes tho. <<less
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Neaa rated it
February 29, 2024
Status: c190
The novel is decent. I mean it isn't very engaging but if you're a fan of Mary/Gary sue novels with some faceslapping, it's not bad. Except that they scaled the Gary sue-ness to the max - like even the side characters are unbeatable.

As for the reviews about autism and the novel being medically inaccurate, I agree. But again, one should treat it as fiction and accept that it will barely know anything about human anatomy given that it's MPREG!! There is no medical accuracy anywhere :D

Also, what they showed as Autism, I think is more like PTSD caused by the abuse. He was a slow learner as a kid and maybe showed slight signs of autism or more of dyslexia. He was abused, neglected, locked in a room, not given a chance to education or even a normal life, he grew up in a cocoon. More like Mowgli but with bad wolves. He did now know what being human was because he never treated as one. So, when he met the MC and other people, he learnt how to be one. Just my take on it.


I really feel bad for him though. I mean women stay with their cheater husbands and abuse an innocent child. They were basically monsters. It was really bad reading about the abuse, and more unfathomable to imagine his last life. I haven't found many details how his previous life with MC was. He neglected the latter but to what extent. Maybe I'll find it if I don't drop it.

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Rjn rated it
July 29, 2023
Status: c129
The couple is soooo cute. I'm not autistic so I don't really know if the representation is accurate, but I really like how they're helping each other. Really recommend if you want a fluffy story.

Here are some tags to know more:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Cute couple
  • Time-travel
  • Seme protagonist (or pov)
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UsageK rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: Completed
wonderful novel with fleshed out characters and cute familes!

not very accuret on the autisem but after 2/3 of the novel its not as promenent.

omg the kids as soooooo cute!

and im sooo happy for yunlan and qu ren they got their second chance!


sometimes it does got slow and focuses more on the daily life but it is still so sweet and healing, trulying living up to its name!
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Fujaiya Sumyoshi
Fujaiya Sumyoshi rated it
May 30, 2023
Status: Completed
Excitedly started and finished in boredom. Upto 260-270 chapters, things were quite intense, but then the author starts summarizing EVERYTHING. This happened and then that happened, something like that.

... more>>

The second birth by Chen Li was explained in a pretty meh way. All the details for Qiuqiu, the big boy, but none like that for the twin! Daddy Xie could've got more screen time after getting married to daddy Yunlan, but he disappeared. Because he was the leader of some underworld gang in US, he could've been totally used in the plot to destroy DARK, the ultimate villain, apparently. And the introduction of Dark and the fall of Dark with the Chen Family was like a child trying their hand at fiction. Why was Lan Xingping kidnapped? How was he rescued? The deal with the army, and the contribution of second brother who's in the army aren't explained at all! I wished there's a side story!!


I honestly hope the author edits the story someday and give it all the glorious details it deserves rather than being lazy.

It's a good read, at least 2/3rd of it. <<less
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jeryvargas05 rated it
May 10, 2023
Status: --
I really like this story

it is fun and sweet and I love how the ML takes care of the MC

I don't know much about autistic patients but I can tell that it would take time for the MC to feel better after everything that happened

I haven't finished reading it, but I can't wait to see the development between them

if you are interested in a story about how the characters relied on each other then this is the story for you
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kln_cln rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: --
This is sooo good!!! There's mixture of angst and fluff and I also love the way Wei Chen treat ML! Also, no he did not mistreat ML physically and mentally in previous life. Some chapters I get bored but that's only like about 2-5 chapters since they're more like filler chapters. Also medically, it is not accurate. As someone who's studying in the medical field, I get bothered most of the time but I know this is fiction so it's bearable.



there's also some inconsistency about Chen Yunlans age and Chen Li, They said that CY got pregnant around 17 so he gave birth at 18 and now CL was 22 so 18+22 is 40 but he was actually introduced as someone in his 50s so it was a bit confusing

Well anyways, this was a good read. And yes the ENDING is RUSHED. I wish there were more chapters or maybe an extras so it didn't feel extremely rushed

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sunflowerspace rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: c283
I have always enjoyed long, slow-paced danmei and this novel just suited my taste. Though I enjoyed this novel l have decided to stop reading for a while because somehow, I find it so unsatisfying with the way those villain received their retribution. For example, Chen Yu, one of the people who inflicted heavy mental and physical pain to Chen Li just ended up

dying just like that.???? Like the pain she got enduring was just meh? And the she died in coma just like that. It even said her face was serene lol. She died knowing her villain mother and brother cared for him and I f*cking found it ridiculous. What she experienced wasn't even a drop of water to the ocean of Chen Li's suffering. Bullsh*t #1.


There's also Xu Ruru who almost caused

Chen Li to be brain dead. Yet all she got for retribution was lost of voice and a hit to the head lol. Very unsatisfying I want her to be declared brain dead. The retribution is so s*upid.

And then, the real turning point why I decided to to stop was Fang Yun, Wei Chen's mother redemption arc lol. For fact, she has treated Wei Chen badly and wronged him during this life and his past life until his death.

Yet, Wei Chen chose to forgive her so easily when she was about to f*cking die. Saying she was bad to him because she wanted to protect him was bullshit. Very bullshit. Because I couldn't count how many times it was mentioned that Wei Chen is a smart and outstanding person. So with how smart her son is, she should at the very least give him a bit of affection and hints and Wei Chen would have caught on and understand his mother's action. But no, she decided to treat him badly and proceed to just because Wei Chen has grown up. Bullshit. I don't find her actions forgiveable and I find Wei Chen bullsh*t too for accepting his mother back easily. Like, why make it seem he yearned for a mother's love when he has been through rebirth and should have been more cold with those who wronged him till death? I would prefer if he just accept the apology and then treated his mother with indifference after knowing the truth. After all, Fang Yun brought this upon herself.


Hence, the reasons I stopped reading. Unfortunately, I love this story. It's just a pity that the retributions does not fit my taste to the point I feel hatred towards the ML... Must have been my fault for having such a vindictive nature. In times when I clear my head and become more calmer, I will try to reread this novel.
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Adlt_1226 rated it
February 2, 2024
Status: c398
Great. This had a set of endearing characters that you come to love and root for. The villains, well some of them, were truly irredeemable. Despite how long the story was, it still felt a bit incomplete but still acceptable. Hopefully wandering potato also translates the extras, that would probably satisfy the parts that felt incomplete and rushed.
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vinaFeyz rated it
January 29, 2024
Status: c289
MC and ML's interactions are very sweet and warm. The families around them are too powerful and too perfect. The face slapping was quite fun, I was especially annoyed at Xu Ruru's part. The story is very long but quite enjoyable. Some parts are a bit confusing because of the author's attempts to create mysteries or hide some facts to create surprises. There are inconsistent parts in the story that will annoy you. The important thing is to leave your logic and common sense behind if you don't want to... more>> suffer frustration reading the plot and questioning the logic. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 19, 2023
Status: c13
Ok so 10 chapters in and im frustrated.

The author seems to have put the least amount of effort in these character or plot.....

... more>>

for example in ch 11 or 12 where the Wei Chen hits Chen qing dude due to uncontrollable anger seemed very contradictory to how the plot explained him to cold and ruthless......


Its as if WC is emotional only if Chen Li is involved which is basically an over exaggeration of only love one person or the so called fated love trope.

Forget all this even the remorse WC felt for CL felt fake. There was not a single point where where he properly sat down and thought what he did wrong. It felt like he was playing the blame game by blaming the Chen family for all the pain Chen Li felt. And whatever he did in the past can be washed away by pampering CL. But then again its just the start so I might see proper repentance from WC in the future.

Another part that I want to point out was even though the author did f up autism as glamour point for a love interest they did get some, I mean 'some', of them right. Autism is a spectrum and she is trying to describe extreme autism, and extreme autistic people do face sensory overload at times. But I am not surprised with the level of misinformation because chinese novels always ALWAYS bullsh*t many things and one major department where facts dont exist is mental health. So I am gonna take this 'new' info on autism with a grain of salt.

I'll probably edit this as I go through the book. <<less
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