The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in


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Lin Ran is a little fool who has been raised abroad. He was brought back to his country by his elder brother because of the sudden death of their parents and then temporarily handed over to be in care of Song Zhixu. Lin Ran is very obedient, he can wash the dishes, do the laundry and mop the floor every day as well as very carefully try to please and curry favor with Song Zhixu, afraid that even Song Zhixu also doesn’t want him anymore, then like that, he would really have nowhere to go.

*Song Zhixu recently brought home a little fool. The little fool blinked his innocent eyes and wore his white shirt, showing off his two slender white legs all day long, dangling in front of him all day long, tickling his heart. But again, this was a little fool that his friend had entrusted to him and to be under his care, so he always kept ahold of his feelings.

It was only on a misty night, with the influence of alcohol that he finally couldn’t hold back and ‘bullied’ him. The little fool was pregnant and still had to do chores for him with his big belly. Shedding tears if he didn’t allow him to do so, therefore Song Zhixu could only go along with him.

When Lin Ran was cleaning, he found a metal box under the bed, full of his big brother’s things and the pictures of his big brother and Song Zhixu. Although he was s*upid, he understood when he saw his face in the mirror which resembled his big brother. Lin Ran held his stomach and cried for a long time before he finally packed his bags up and ran away from home.

Until the time when Song Zhixu rushed back home from work, Lin Ran who usually waited obediently for him to come home, that little fool with such a big belly, how could he just disappear like this?

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New Joseph_Heatfield rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: c132
Pls, don't take this review as a true review, this is just me ranting in a really biased way.

I HATE lin ran, everybody loves Lin ran and think Song Zhixu, but frankly, I'm disagree a lot.

Lin ran acts like that cause he has traumas, a lot of them, SZX never has been in touch with a person with such disability, he's a rich boy alright.

He tried to do what he thought it was right, he consulted with the psychiatrist and doctor like, EVERYDAY, Lin ran never liked get in touch... more>> with anyone else, obviously that SZX wasn't going to let anyone get close to him.


But omg, SZX almost has his entire life around Lin Ran just bcs Lin Ran cries when someone who wasn't of his close circle get near him, the author just f*cking makes him get really well with ppl he doesn't know when he ran away like a miracle, for God sake. SZX almost lose everything just to take care of ranran, but ranran it's the one that causes the problems, it's really complicated since Lin Ran its a person with disability but like, Lin Mu was Okey giving him away and never tried to really take care of Lin Ran and suddenly when something bad happens to Lin Ran in the care of SZX everyone is mad with him because of that, like what?? Fcking Lin Mu u didn't even cal Lin Ran on a daily basis, he was even more neglected when he was with u, all the trauma comes from u never seen the bad treatment he had, and when u could take care of him, Lin Mu preferred gave him away to some friend to get his company Okey instead of taking him into a psychiatrist care or something like that, that sh*t exist, but Ohno, SZX tried the best he could, he just dismissed his work, his social life, his mental health, his family just to take care of ranran, but thanks to the author, ranran sometimes has good EQ, and sometimes he's just a fcking babu, like what the f*ck the reason he ran away??? Does that mean he didn't love SZX?? He was like alright, he in love with my brother, not gonna ask him or wait for him or be jealous or confront him nope, I'm gonna run away cause for miracle I know that he loves and I may be a stand in even tho I never hear about that (he didn't even knew what a lover was omg), that just make me thing that he just sees SZX as a caretaker or some friend to have s*x cause feels good, just aghh, again, is very biased for SZX cause I love him, and clearly, the author loves a lot Lin Ran so, it's equal. Just, omg, don't say SZX neglected Lin Ran, cause he never did, he just made mistakes, which is normal cause he isn't some trained caretaker, he was a rich guy who fell in love with someone on disability, he tried his best and made mistake as everyone could done, pretty sure that if I have been asked to take of someone like Lin Ran, I would have done even a lot more mistakes. Szx deserved a lot better, Lin Mu, I hate u, his CP with SZX uncle was out of nowhere, didn't make sense nor was a good pair, Lin Ran pls love SZX and stop treating him like a f*cking doll and therapy friend, I really wanted to SZX to have someone to talk about, a partner with shared opinions or just someone to talk about his work problems or family problems, but since he got ranran, he can't share the things that weights on him


Really sry if I offended someone, aside for Lin Ran and Lin Mu cause I really hate those two, but good novel, it gave SZX so, love it, I really like him, he it's a sweetheart, I really would love to gave him what he deserves, a lot of love and respect and kindness and aaaa everything good hahsha.

And sry if I got a lot of grammatical mistakes, English is not my first language <<less
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uwu_Nabong rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: c109
I like it is sweet, though sometimes I think Song Zhixu is neglectful of Ran Ran and a little bit selfish. He says he cares a lot and would give Lin Ran anything, but once 'that something Lin Ran asks' troubles his interests, he doesn't really fulfill it.

This is just my opinion, to be honest, what made me uncomfortable. Yes, Song Zhixu was dedicated to Ran Ran, but some of his mistakes happened out of (s*upid) jealousy, like spoilers 2 and 3.

I really believe Lin Ran is not to... more>> blame, he has a disability and has not much understanding of the world, his interaction with it is limited (sometimes due to SZX) and he is made by him to... Well, stay still and do what he orders. He comes from a toxic envorinment and a broken familiy (dunno if that's spoiler). And has little understanding of what is like to interact healthily with a human being.

He is so old, but has only started to deal with his trauma, which means he will obviously not heal right away, it's a slow process, he can't be blamed for having unpredicable behaviours since, first of all, human behaviour is unpredictable and second of all he is dealing with trauma.

SZX has a lot to learn about how to interact with Lin Ran so both can grow emotionally and as a couple and he tries, that's what I like about him, that he tries to understand Lin Ran and get better, but only till the part it makes him comfortable (not always, again.)


Like leaving more than one time Lin Ran alone or at home even though he already knew Ran Ran got anxious with that. (I mean, after the first incidents)



Like leaving Lin Ran's fish with the turtles which ended up eaten because of that, leaving Lin Ran sad and kind of traumatized. Which happened because he freaking put them together due to the fact he wanted to get Lin Ran's attention, yet it was being 'stolen' by the fishes



Like not letting Lin Ran have a cat, because he (SZX) didn't want to (because he was jealous, didn't want the cat to take away Lin Ran's attention and later on he was overprotective due to his pregnancy), even though he (LR) clearly loves cats and his psychologist said it WOULD help him having one.



Like the time he put his mother's wish of "not letting your grandma know" before Lin Ran's mental health, preferring to put on an act than to listen to Lin Ran's opinions and wishes letting him feel anxious and distressed. (I know he changed afterwards, but had their grandma not discover them, that would have gone on)



And what's with him leaving when Lin Ran is asleep knowing clearly Lin Ran will wake up anxious and afraid Song Zhixu will no longer be there?!?!? Does it take to so much effort to:

Wake up, dress, wake up Lim Ran, say "I'm going to work" and then leaving?!


And what I like about the story is that the author actually addresses these problems as problems, SZX's overprotective character and how (badly) it affects Ran Ran.

Those are just some things that make me uncomfortable, but besides that, it is really nice. I love the story, Lin Ran is sweet and endearing. <<less
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Syain rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: c106
It's quite good I guess.

For anyone who doesn't like MC that's naive and totally rely on ML, I don't recommend this.

MC has reasons why he become like that, and he is not s*upidly annoying when he's clingy to ML.

... more>> ML, at first he's cold towards MC but he still cares for MC. After time being, ML totally changes and become so gentle towards MC.

The novel is really easy to understand even though I mtled it.

The description is quite misleading to me, I thought it's gonna be angst in their relationship but nah, its a fluffy one.

The angst is in MC's life before he met ML

and what happened to MC has made MC become like that. I cried everytime they mentioned what happened to MC during his childhood

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Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu
April 10, 2022
Status: --
Lin Ran (MC) is akin to a baby, he has been neglected and somewhat abused growing up, and has some mental disabilities. He invokes my maternal love because my heart clenches whenever something happens to him. He is a child in an adult's body.

Song Zhixu (ML) is a normal aloof and strong male lead. He had a crush on MC's brother, Lin Mu (or so I think from what has been said in the novel). He falls for the child-like MC.

May be seen as grooming to some, and MC is... more>> extremely dependant on ML

But I like how the ML starts caring more for MC over time as compared to when the first met.

The story is fluffy except when MC starts breaking down and crying due to his paranoia and fears of being abandoned <<less
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April 14, 2022
Status: c98
So far so good. I feel so bad for MC cause from the first few chapters, you can really tell he's had a hard life and he can barely comprehend that he was in such a bad situation before. I hope ML will pamper him more in the future and not leave him alone feeling like he's abandoned.

Edit: I got to ch98 and it's sad that they haven't been able to treat LR much cause he has very deep trauma and he is at a very unstable stage bc of... more>> pregnancy. But it's nice that SZ takes care of him very much and tries hard to make LR comfortable. He does not run away from confronting his family and admitting that he wants to be with LR. SZ didnt even use LR being pregnant as an excuse. He really wanted his parents to understand that he wants them to be together first before revealing the pregnancy. The only thing that I didn't like very much is that sometimes SZ keeps things from LR instead of talking directly. For instance: LR wants to have a kitty as a pet but SZ didnt talk to him about why he doesnt want to have a kitty as a pet. He only buys some goldfish as a replacement so it feels like LR was tricked into choosing the fish as a pet instead. LR may have a young mental age but he is very sensible (like most kids are) so I feel like if SZ explained things properly to him, LR wouldnt feel so insecure and also actually talk more. <<less
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Xelon rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: c35
Although I came up to the


episode, the thing in the description of the story still did not happen. If the plot is unrelated or distant from the description then don't fool people. Don't get me wrong, maybe the description was translated directly from chinese. Ugh, I'll keep reading and see if it's there or not.
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