The Support Ate it All


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The “S-rank Hero Factory” that raised 1,000 S-rank heroes.

The graduates’ manufacturing machine.

The strongest support.

These are all words that refer to me. But could this actually be the world of that game?

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1 Review

Dec 25, 2023
Status: c454
It's a really unique and fun do-over webnovel, where the main character after playing the game gets isekai'd into the game world and gets unique perks. The over-arching sense of mystery is fun, with certain cliches mixed in.

There is one particular character, ... more>>

love interest that some readers start to dislike as the hand of the author starts to kick in and some would argue show favoratism. However, in their defense there are greater mysteries and theories that explain it similar to Dorothy in Demon limited Hunter or Lucy in Surviving the Academy.

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