The Academy’s Deceased Ate It All


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If I were to fall into a game, I wish I would fall when I was young.

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Academy's Stagnant Water Ate It All
아카데미 고인물이 다 해먹음
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detoxangels12 rated it
December 15, 2021
Status: c40
So the MC was transported to an old console game story that he played a lot when he was young. His motivation is to return back to Earth because of family and friends he had and this world is a bloodthirsty world with dangers. After his motivation was mentioned, there was literally no more mentions of it. No memories of his past, his family, his emotions towards it and no attachments towards that old world on why he wants to go back. It feels bleak and empty towards his goal.

The... more>> first day he came to the world? One of the top 10 strongest in the world came to MC and offered some help because MC looked like a depressed person while MC is having his inner monologues. Korea is the strongest and have the best academy all over the world so people flock in there. Other countries were not mentioned as if they don't exist.

MC is an ordinary person who didn't have any combat experience or mentally trained, this thing has been mentioned a lot of times in the novel, but here we see him fighting and dodging skills while the original MC of the game, who trained for how many years, gets hit everytime like some newbie. So his struggles towards training is useless. Not only that, he interrogated a professional villain, who is internationally wanted, into some psychological strategies and made her confessed. Very cool and cunning indeed. MC has OP system that gives quests and rewards and one of those settings is Q&A, where he gives questions and the system answers accurately but he never uses it. It's absurd.

This very MC who whooped villains asses is now scared towards his psycho classmates just because they were one of the original MCs in the game. A fake weak looking but psycho girl? MC avoid her like a plague because he is scared. A broken arrogant young master troupe character? He is scared because he is scary. This characters are like teenagers in the current time but he keeps thinking that if he offended them now, he will be killed right away. Where was the bravado he used when he interrogated an international wanted villain? Where he beat up criminals who probably killed a lot of people? None. He can acts calculated towards adult heroes and villains while he acts like it's the end of the world when he is between the original main characters of the game.

The world building is non existent. Details and information were not given and it gives the image of an empty world with only characters, it's up to the readers to imagine such fantasy things.

Overall, this is just a bad copy of The Novel's Extra. <<less
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SonicWizard rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: c79
Starts well, but after a point it just becomes kind of a mess? Basic gist is dude gets transmigrated into a game world from his past. The setting of the game is the super common gate-style magical modern korea. With super heroes and villains.

It starts off as a not great but good enough time-waster if you're into that kind of thing. Unfortunately the writing quality starts dropping after the initial parts. MCs thoughts and actions stop matching up. He flubs on some really obvious aspects of his abilities, and just... more>> does not even try to fully utilize/understand his outrageously op kit. Makes a lot of dumb errors for no reason to I guess spice things up. Stuff like all that becomes a regular occurrence after a bit. At the same time as the quality drops off, suddenly, seemingly all of the girls around him just start falling hard for the MC for no reason at all. Which is whatever, but it's really strange in this because it just doesn't fit at all. <<less
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Meloonseed rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: c87
Good, but as with 99% of harem subplot novels, the relationships between characters aren't written the best. Every single popular & powerful female character next to the protagonist is going to fall in love with him. The misunderstandings that are a bit contrived are getting out of hand, with important people making a lot of wrong speculations that end with them pitying the protagonist and treating him better as a result. Protagonist's personality is mid, same old goal driven fantasy Korean protagonist. The more I read, the more it feels... more>> like an 70% copy of The Novel's Extra, which isn't a bad thing, there's just a lot of similar things with different names and functions, but the plot as a whole is mostly different. Good as a read, not great, took a ton of inspiration from The Novel's Extra, that is for sure. <<less
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beardedbanker rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c15
Good premise but the execution is poor. Here’s a non exhaustive list of what I feel ruins it:

- The characters are flat and their relationships feel very artificial. Whether it be the MC, the secondary characters or the extras, their lines are generic and lifeless, and their interactions feel forced like the author tries to forcefully apply cliche lines appropriate for certain relationships (boss/subordinate, old friends, childhood friends etc.). But those lines often don’t fit with the overall context of the situation they are used in and end up feeling... more>> more awkward than necessary.

- the MC has no drive for his actions. His final objective is to return to his original world but the reason for that is never mentioned, except maybe for the fact this isekai is more dangerous or something but even that falls flat since the MC never really seems threatened with his otherworldly knowledge. In the end the only justification for his actions is a continuous search for more powerful items only he knows how to earn from the getgo which gets quickly boring...

- the translation is poor. Or the editing. Or both. Either way there are many instances where I felt the sentences were clunky. For example idioms were translated strictly without any attempt to find an equivalent in English or a translator’s note clarifying the meaning if they wanted to stay closer to the source material. I also frequently saw sentences that repeated information previously mentioned with only slight alterations which makes them unnecessarily confusing and slows down the overall flow of the narration. Although these may be due to the poor quality of the original material, I believe a good translator can and should work to improve those aspects.

I read a few comments mentioning how the scenario/premise of the story isn’t very original and closely resembles novels such as The Novel’s Extra or The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy, but I believe it isn’t really a problem as a light novel’s quality doesn’t rely on the originality of its premise or scenario, but more on the quality of its characters, the pacing of the story, the quality and balance of its intense action and emotional moments, some comedic undertone etc. Unfortunately this story has none of those which is a shame.

Tldr: if you enjoy this novel checkout The Novel’s Extra or The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy, I believe you’ll find them more fun to read. <<less
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Devil Heart
Devil Heart rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: c36
Some peoples who are looking for MC that have myriad of expression, better off not reading this

To some, this MC is cool, calm and always know it all. We just looking forward what MC would do.

To some, this MC is a bit bland, narcissist, immature well whatever the previous reviews said

... more>> Honestly I like this type of MC very much, lol, though I do admit his monologue or POV is subpar compare to other novels I read

Though his cheat, his friends, his identity, the plot armor I LOVE it very much. I can't get enough with this cliche setting lol

Thumbs up though, the female character in the game did not being introduced as "big boobs" or "small boobs", the most the novel would do is complement the female charac is pretty or beautiful without being over the top, that's all. I like it very much this simplicity. <<less
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Reafan rated it
October 13, 2021
Status: c3
Quite interesting in the beginning, theres some of jumping story that bothered me because I Prefer detailed and flow like water

Since I rarely read kr novel I hope the story will be more slowly

(yeah I only read 3 chp, maybe I will edit when theres alreamdy 20 chp)
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MonsieurLimes rated it
July 1, 2022
Status: c133
Honestly... it hurts to have this rated as 3* but after 100 or so chapters, it’s get terrible. I’m just so uninterested in it now.

the first 70, were great! MC transmigrates, story stuff happens and he befriends the protagonists of the game. Also nice Yandere moments! :O
... more>>

I especially loved the interactions with the FMC, how she turned from cool and aloof to caring and somewhat possessive. I also love how she was direct with her love, she didn’t walk around it and try to slowly get the MC to understand her feelings, she straight up said “I like you and what’re you gonna do about it?”


however after 100 or so chapters is when it gets eh.

he tells his friends that he’s a transmigrator and that the world they’re living in isn’t real for no reason? It would’ve made sense if Han Soo-Young said “why are you going after the Seven Evils? It’s such an unnecessary risk, please stop I don’t want you to die on me” because then the MC could’ve responded by saying the truth. It would’ve made more sense if that happened, hell, it would’ve made even more sense if Han Soo-Young started to question him after meeting Alternate Han Soo-Young.
It’s completely in character for her to question the MC, considering how smart and shrewd she is. Also, after seeing how Alternate Han Soo-Young was all messed up and broken, it would’ve made perfect sense for HS-Y to go “how do I prevent that?” And how to prevent it you ask? Question the motives of the MC

but nooo! The MC just says it out of his own volition.


after the 100 or so chapters, it just becomes generic harem. You have Han Soo-Young and Jin Ye-Seul f*cking around MC, plus his ‘sister’ that’s treating him like a younger brother.. <<less
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koshwin rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: c125
His goal is to go back to his world cause this world is way too dangerous (sees Harem tag Me: sure) but to do that he has to kill someone who is a little below the last boss cause that guy has ability to travel across dimensions... and to do that he will have to plunge into violence and face death haha what even is the point of claiming to go back cause this world is dangerous when u already have to stick your feet ten feet deep in this... more>> violent world.

Harem members are likeable but a bit too possessive to the point which sometimes make one feel disgust, well one of them is a yandere too...

A fault I would like to point about Author is that he cuts off stuff and doesn't explain it further and just lets readers assume things and never comes back and clarifies them. At some points I felt "wait where's the continuation? are we just going to move on?"

Other than that I guess it's pretty enjoyable (of course if you dwell too deep you will notice many flaws) <<less
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sirajasamson rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: c35
MC was isekai'd into the game he played so much that he got called stagnant water/deceased but the game was 10 years a ago when he was a young hence the synopsis. In the new world his original body was an orphan, no guardian, no money, no backstory so far but he had invitation letter to the academy where the main story follows. The game had multiple playable character but the center of the gameplay was on two characters and MC hangs out with these two.

idk why but the majority... more>> of korean novel in this web seem lack the use of decriptive paragraph and this novel fall in this category. We barely got to know the details of places and the people. We don't know details thing like their eyes, hair, nose, room, building etc. The only thing that can help is character art that you can find thr discord.

MC know about main story but he doesn't remember all the detail, so far he used it to his advantage to get things he want and there was butterfly effect to keep the story intresting. The thing that I like is mc' power combination seems pretty intresting, as far as I know it's unique to this novel.

p.s. Sorry for my english. English is not my first language <<less
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Rengoku142 rated it
June 15, 2022
Status: c143
Been enjoying the story so far but translator made the site crap by adding ad-block (like seriously I turned ads and popups on and it still wouldn't let me in it was fine a few days ago)
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Reinash rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: Completed
firstly if my english is bad or whatever, im so sorry

Its not masterpiece but worth reading, plot is interesting and a few twist in the end part of novel make me surprised as well

... more>>

like shadow walker is actually his sister fell in this world about 150 year ago and sealed inside the tomb by yuno (reason for MC to stay in that world xD)


a few things mentioned in the beginning but in the end got forgotten (like fixed favorability), but doesnt affect the plot that much

idk why but I love how the heroine so aggresive toward the MC. They have personality, each heroine have their own agenda, not the one who always follow the mc

if u hate MC when MC draw the line between him and heroine, just stay man, MC is not ready yet, MC and important character get their own development even its not that amazing

harem member


He got like 8 harem member, sooyoung, yeseul, yeeun, yuna, minerva, evangeline, lydia, laune


Minerva <33

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EcoJakk rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: c92
Great start but starts to drop in quality from around c70.

MC goes back and forward between competent adult in a teens body and a typical useless male protagonist.

Terrible forced romance, one women refuses to back off after he says he isn't interested in a relationship, and forces a kiss on him. She also lies and spreads a rumour that she is dating him.

... more>> A second is a yandere, some may love that, but I despise that character trait.

She threatens to kill his friends and even goes so far as to bite his neck in a non romatic way, just beacause she knows he won't kill her. She says to his face that she just thinks of him as a possesion.

Uptil around c70 is a really good novel, but I dont recomend it as the quality drops to frustrating levels. <<less
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mukkaar rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: c15
Well... Story is just ok. Story seems teleport from place to place without anything really connecting the scenes and characters are very shallow. You just barely get grasp of what environment is like, what mc's motivations are, who other characters are etc. Overall, everything is flat an bare bones. This is like rough structure of an actual story, to make it an actual story you just have to fill in character's personalities, motivations, world building etc. :D

PS. it got better later on.

Oh, and MC chooses dagger as his main weapon...... more>> -.- It's massive annoyance of mine. Many novels insists speed is it's advantage, but in practice it's much slower (longer weapon reaches enemy faster), along with all the other disadvantages. Dagger is very useful to have IN CASE you fight at grapple distance. But there's zero good points for it as main weapon. This novel is implying that MC can use other abilities to supplement use of dagger, but thing is that those same abilities could be used to amplify use of better weapon to greater degree.

I also don't like the return to original world trope where MC pushes away relationships, trust and everything because of it. In first place, MC knows it's going to be long road before he can even begin to think about TRYING anything like that. Secondly, MC has absolutely zero idea where his earth is, he doesn't even know if it's in same dimension or whatnot let alone which dimension, or even where in that dimension earth is. Overall, undertaking he's taking on is so massive it might as well be totally futile. Overall, if you think about it even minuscule amount, becoming sole ruler of the world he is in now is probably infinitely easier task :D <<less
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Giernold rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: c76
It's a fun story and world, but the translation is a bit clunky. It's obviously a harem story, but the MC is fun to read about.

My main problem is that the fight scenes and moments feel dragged out sometimes, and unsatisfying. Suddenly we move to a new day without warning.

Also there is never time to rest for the reader, as there is too many things happening one after the other. Therefore character building is hard to find.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Retoran rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: c67
Pretty good so far, though the recent chapters are making it a whole lot more interesting. I binged up to 67 in a day, and had a pretty good time doing it.
Before this it was finding it's feet, but if this continues it could become one of my favourites.

The translation sometimes doesn't flow too well, but it's perfectly readable. Some of the idioms haven't been explained/adapted, and sometimes it's hard to get a sense of who's doing what, might just be my inexperience with korean names though.

Overall, worth your... more>> time at this moment if it grabs your attention, and might be worth it even if it didn't hook you in initially if it keeps getting better at this pace. <<less
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May 28, 2022
Status: c120
It's good in my opinion.

Others might not like the delivery of the scenes but for me, it's fairly good.

They rant about this and that but honestly, I didn't see those things at all while I'm reading the story.

... more>> But. It's the start that's good. For me, at the end of the latest chapters for me (around 120~ish) it kinda dropped down.

U know what it felt like? It feels like a story that has been given to someone by the author mid-way of his writing. Yeah, the shift in the characters is just that massive. It felt like I'm seeing a different character.

I'm also a bit pissed about the MC's love interest. Romance is confusing af in this story. The FMC already confessed to the MC, and they already kissed, they even showed that they're already acting as a lovey-dovey couple, yet in the later chapters, it was said that they're actually not dating YET.

WTF. So frustrating. <<less
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AiriMage rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: c128
His goal (Unlike what someone else said) is to go back to his world to protect his little sister, who's currently still in his world and suffering from an abusive parent. Seems like everyone who ever reads this for some reason forgets that repeatedly brought up plot point. To get back home he has to fight some of the strongest beings in existence using a mixture of his knowledge and the abilities he's so far picked up. It is harem, though there's only really 2 main girls at the moment... more>> and not every girl he comes across tries to get with him. The girls themselves have pretty intense personalities, with one pursuing him openly and bluntly, being the one to pull him into a kiss and try to push further. The others an obsessive Yandere but it's more of a fun Yandere than the cringe, hated type. The biggest flaw so far is that he tends to forget about other powers he has apart from his main 3. For example, he should be able to expel lightning from his body by this point, which is the ability of one of the strongest humans, yet he just never learns how and is using it as basically a second mana tank, which doesn't get mentioned again. Apart from that, it's pretty good. <<less
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bheyer rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: c84
Amazing game transmigration novel.

It is VERY similar to 'The Novel's Extra'. Certain characters, groups and story arc's are almost copy & paste.

That said, I would actually argue that This novel is the better of the two. The characters are written much better and the pacing is solid and consistent.

The MC isn't super strong nor is he super weak. He isn't too worried about the butterfly effect, with him right from the get go in the first 2 chapters, making a major alteration to the flow of history. I actually enjoy... more>> that, as it was getting repetitive to read novels where the MC tries to maintain the status quo.

That said, his personality is almost non-existent. He is almost too realistically written, which is a negative as it doesn't work well for a dull MC to be leading the story.

As with most Korean Novels, the MC has a side-kick / mascot. In this case it is a sentient piece of ginseng. The interactions are hilarious.

Overall 5/5 novel. I Highly Recommend <<less
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hawlol rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: c119
I'm changing my review after chapter 100+

This has gone from an interesting 'save the world from the seven evils and their corporations', to 'MC does stuff with his harem of overly attached girlfriends'.

The romance that was hinted and a secondary plot, at best, became the main plot of the novel, taking all my enjoyment of it.

... more>> Now instead of actively searching and destroying those corporations, the MC will have a date at a park with his girlfriends and the evil villain will show up randomly to attack him, just because.

It's just... urgh.

This seems like another common bait and switch case, where we're promised and action adventure but midways the Author decides to write only about harem.

And the worst it's the more time passes the less likely it will be for readers to like the 'heroines' since they are overly attached, jealous and seems to live for the MC while forgetting their personality right away.

This killed my enjoyment of an otherwise fine novel. But this isn't the first time this has killed a novel for me, and I doubt it will be the last. <<less
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Mangikop rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: c48
Nice novel. Characters are distinct and feel real. The plot is interesting too, especially character interactions and funny misunderstandings. It honestly feels like The Novel's Extra. It's good overall.
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