The Reincarnated Heavy Knight Who Was Exiled After A Supposed Big Miss Is Unparalleled With His Game Knowledge


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“You good-for-nothing bastard.. You are the son of a Sword Saint, yet you dare pull such a defective Class!?”

During the〈Divine Blessing Ceremony〉of the 15-year-old Elma who came from a lineage of Sword Saints, he had manifested a commonly deemed defective class known as the Heavy Knight. He had been deprived of his position as the next head of the Edvan Household and was then exiled. The Heavy Knight class had an unbalanced status and useless skills, to top it off, it was even said to be a class cowardly and indolent people have.

But, Elma knew better—that this world was the world of the game he had used to play before—and that the Heavy Knight class was the strongest class to exist. Elma made full use of the knowledge he had in his previous life and began his efficient walkthrough of the world he was reincarnated into.

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The Reincarnated Heavy Knight Who Was Exiled After Being Deemed Defective Becomes Unparalleled With His Game Knowledge
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11 Reviews

New Cactiii
Nov 27, 2021
Status: c5
How the hell did this story get in the monthly top 25... I don't know if it gets better later on but from what I've read so far its just a garbage pleasure read that you need to turn your brain off to enjoy...

First of all he gets the "heavy knight" class which is suppose to be a garbage class but this class is so brokenly overpowered that every single rpg would nerf the hell out of it... So without leveling at all he gets a skill (With no cooldown... more>> stated) where basically if he takes zero damage from an attack the enemy takes damage based upon his DEF stat... Which I don't think I even need to explain why this is so f*cking broken... Then he gets a goddamn skill that lowers attack by 20% with a 3 stack for a total of 60%... This is already the most goddamn broken thing ever...

Then you get the BS of the leveling... He kills a single goddamn mob, not even a high level one, and gets level 2... I can get the author wanting to speed it up but what the hell kind of leveling system has that... We even get the thread of random stranger (ares) needing to get level 3 to join a party but if a single goddamn enemy can level you up this doesn't make any sense for reaons I'm assuming you are smart enough to figure out.

Then lets get started on characters... the main thread of him being kicked out of his house was just poorly executed, with no context we get his cousin trying to ruin him which I can get over but the main characters reinarnation was just horrible. I don't know if he awoke to memeories or what since the author added a single line about how sad it is that he lost his father but the MC doesn't seem to care... It was just so dull and boring, not even some bullsh*t "I'm going to prove myself" for motivation.

Then theres that saying of "an author can't write a character smarter than themselves" which is shown with our main character. He kills a single enemy and gets level 2 then runs into {Random Stranger A} who is leading a monster party, the MC uses his "tr*sh" class skills to causually kill a bunch of enemys that have a higher level with no effort. Random stranger A praises MC and talks about how he must be some kind of expert and our idiot MC says "Nope I just started leveling" and proceeds to kill a demon thats a much higher level than him. If this story wasn't overflowing with plot armor what would happen is {Random stranger A} would tell people about the amazing person who saved him and killed a bunch of high level demons despite being a low level, then somehow that rumor would reach someone with bad intentions and rip MC... Why would you tell a goddamn stranger your level for no reason, especially when your situation goes against the worlds common sense...

Theres a lot more I can rant about which is quite sad for me only being on goddamn chapter 5... Overall this book is just bad... the author must have never played a single RPG if he thinks these skills are garbage... taking zero damage alone is broken enough much less a basically passive insane damage dealer, those hives of degenerates who spend thousands of hours speccing their characters would abuse the sh*t out of these skills... not treat it like garbage... <<less
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New PSpaulo
Nov 27, 2021
Status: v3c3
Pretty good novel, good translation too.

The game element is pretty similar to dragon quest 8, but in this you can use a skill book to rewrite one of the skill trees and you only get one sp per level, idk yet if the level cap is 99/100 or it goes beyond that.

There's also a hunt for a monster that's pretty much a metal slime in the first arc.

... more>> A lot of the inspiration comes from DQ so far, which is awesome.

The con is that everything goes too well for the MC, every situation he comments something like 'it's impossible for me to do this or that at this level... however I'll do it anyways just because.'

Yeah he was banished poor him, but everywhere he goes, a rare event pops that's way out of his league but he still easily completes it and gains 10 levels, and then he gets a companion that is pretty much a drop rate cheat, every monster just drops 'that rare item he was thinking about but didn't say it' and in a single day makes more money than he needed to buy that absurdly overpriced and rare skill book that was conveniently on the first store he checked on the first town he went, the item that is a must in order to make his bad class into the most game breaking class in the game, and he found it just like that, the luck cheat wasn't even with him yet, so convenient...

In the first dungeon trip, they kill 3 bears, 2 golden frogs, and then the boss shows up to became xp, a total of 5 mobs and a boss battle, they get almost 30 levels and 60m gold (a absurd fortune for them) with just that, there's no grind and the fights are simple and easy thank's to the MC knowledge, there's not much effort.

I thought the MC needed a lot of effort to grow his 'bad class' into something powerful and all the struggle would pay up, but in reality the MC didn't go through any ordeals, everything was conveniently lined up and he just goes along picking all the power ups without much effort...

With all that, it's still a enjoyable read, it's not something complex, it's a pretty superficial but enjoyable read, just don't expect something profound from it, 4 stars because even with all those cons I'm still enjoying it. <<less
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Sep 19, 2021
Status: v2c2
It's not any deeper than what it looks like at surface level but if nothing else it's better than most similar stories for simple reasons like the translation is decent and the MC isn't flooded with harem members from the get go. If you want to read an easy litrpg with your brain turned off then give it a try. Sometimes that really is what you want.
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Sep 18, 2021
Status: v2c45

Bare minimum novel. This novel has no plot and world building. The entire novel consists of killing mobs in dungeons, looting, and move on. There's no adventure. The combo skills design is quite interesting nonetheless.

There is no description of the towns he stays nor is there a traveling scene. Everything, every second is about dungeons. One moment he's still in town and in the next paragraph, he's already in front of the dungeon. Since he knows every detail of every dungeon he spoils it to the reader so there will... more>> be no surprise situation to be excited about. The combat scenes are well done and detailed. If the author would spend the same amount of devotion elsewhere, it would be much much better. Relying on luck to drive the story, the loot drop rate was boosted up to a very broken level and it's boring to get everything you want. Also, every event had no consequence so far, the duo he saved never appears again even his cousin has no screen time after that duel. Every side character seems to be fleeting and will never be mentioned again after the scene move on. <<less
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Aug 04, 2021
Status: c77
With all these novels about rouges, mages and swordsmen I thought my wish had finally come true. Showing off the majesty of our buff tanks, holding the lines and saving the party from certain destruction.

Is this it? No, but it's a pretty decent RPG novel. The MC and clown *honk honk* run around killing mobs and getting loot. It wasn't what I came looking for but I enjoyed it's simplicity.
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Jul 30, 2021
Status: v1c30
MTLed to chapter 96 (volume 2, last chapter).

For once, readers can enjoy the very game-like world full of actions and unexpected moments without being tainted by unnecessary harem and simps. Both MC and the side characters feel like they actually have real characters. And yes, that includes MC's father too.

And as the others have mentioned, the story doesn't describe the places they went to nor their travel experience. Read it anyway. I love it for the sheer fun of each battle, the unique jobs, and the characters themselves. So, give... more>> it a try. You might find it a gem as I do. <<less
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Jun 05, 2021
Status: c1
First chapter explains the title perfectly, nice prologue.

Seems like it will go similarly to other knowledge cheat novels, and having the protagonist overturn the established meta of a game-like world.
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Nov 06, 2021
Status: v2c37
I will just give this one a 5 star

*imo* At least MC not some whiny kids with sudden power spike *like many other MCs*, and doing his upgrade step by step.

The story at least progressing bit by bit so its quite nice I guess. Also not too much "I need to train 100 years in this cave" or "Lucky encounter/chance/event" filler stuffs.
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Sep 17, 2021
Status: v2c2
I really like the pacing of this novel. It doesn't seem too much like the MC is only able to get to the top because the author wants him to; he has to strategize and build his character optimally in order to even stand a chance against stronger opponents, and the strategies that he uses aren't total asspulls like in some of these types ot novels. The pace that our MC grows at is fast enough to be satisfying without being too fast to be invested in. All in all,... more>> probably one of the better rpg-style grinding novels I've seen so far <<less
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Nov 13, 2021
Status: v2c42
It is fun because protagonist isnt just straight up op but get good by alway on verge of the death to get alot of buff. Fight in this novel aginst boss protagonist will use same skill as triumph card until he get new skill (and he got is quite frequently) so if you dont mind it fight will be very fun to read. Last thing is protagonist's teammate sometime they seem dumb/annoying but they will be less annoying as story progess.
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Nov 18, 2021
Status: v2c46
This is one of the very few Japanese isekai novels I really like. Usually, protagonist in japanese novels will have OP powers without doing any work which I really hard. It is not interesting to get OP power without any struggle. Here his class has the potential to be the best but he has to work hard for it by making proper plans. He is not omnipotent, so he makes a party with trusty friend. Fight sequences in dungeons are good. I highly recommend it.

Also, special thanks to the translator... more>> for daily updates with great quality. <<less
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