The Reincarnated Heavy Knight Who Was Exiled After A Supposed Big Miss Is Unparalleled With His Game Knowledge


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“You good-for-nothing bastard.. You are the son of a Sword Saint, yet you dare pull such a defective Class!?”

During the〈Divine Blessing Ceremony〉of the 15-year-old Elma who came from a lineage of Sword Saints, he had manifested a commonly deemed defective class known as the Heavy Knight. He had been deprived of his position as the next head of the Edvan Household and was then exiled. The Heavy Knight class had an unbalanced status and useless skills, to top it off, it was even said to be a class cowardly and indolent people have.

But, Elma knew better—that this world was the world of the game he had used to play before—and that the Heavy Knight class was the strongest class to exist. Elma made full use of the knowledge he had in his previous life and began his efficient walkthrough of the world he was reincarnated into.

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The Reincarnated Heavy Knight Who Was Exiled After Being Deemed Defective Becomes Unparalleled With His Game Knowledge
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apaulose rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: v2c2
It's not any deeper than what it looks like at surface level but if nothing else it's better than most similar stories for simple reasons like the translation is decent and the MC isn't flooded with harem members from the get go. If you want to read an easy litrpg with your brain turned off then give it a try. Sometimes that really is what you want.
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albreo rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: v2c45

Bare minimum novel. This novel has no plot and world building. The entire novel consists of killing mobs in dungeons, looting, and move on. There's no adventure. The combo skills design is quite interesting nonetheless.

There is no description of the towns he stays nor is there a traveling scene. Everything, every second is about dungeons. One moment he's still in town and in the next paragraph, he's already in front of the dungeon. Since he knows every detail of every dungeon he spoils it to the reader so there will... more>> be no surprise situation to be excited about. The combat scenes are well done and detailed. If the author would spend the same amount of devotion elsewhere, it would be much much better. Relying on luck to drive the story, the loot drop rate was boosted up to a very broken level and it's boring to get everything you want. Also, every event had no consequence so far, the duo he saved never appears again even his cousin has no screen time after that duel. Every side character seems to be fleeting and will never be mentioned again after the scene move on. <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: c77
With all these novels about rouges, mages and swordsmen I thought my wish had finally come true. Showing off the majesty of our buff tanks, holding the lines and saving the party from certain destruction.

Is this it? No, but it's a pretty decent RPG novel. The MC and clown *honk honk* run around killing mobs and getting loot. It wasn't what I came looking for but I enjoyed it's simplicity.
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dD_ShockTrooper rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: v3c10
I was actually expecting this to be stereotypical garbage, considering the premise is quite interchangeable from garbage I'd read before. What surprised me is how knowledgeable the author is about "OP builds" and MMOs in general. The Heavy Knight scuffed combo build is indeed "OP" in the context of an MMO, but it's just that. I'm so used to "hidden event" mega power ups that to see something actually focus on how scuffed builds really work is somehow new.
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evanesco99211 rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: v1c30
MTLed to chapter 96 (volume 2, last chapter).

For once, readers can enjoy the very game-like world full of actions and unexpected moments without being tainted by unnecessary harem and simps. Both MC and the side characters feel like they actually have real characters. And yes, that includes MC's father too.

And as the others have mentioned, the story doesn't describe the places they went to nor their travel experience. Read it anyway. I love it for the sheer fun of each battle, the unique jobs, and the characters themselves. So, give... more>> it a try. You might find it a gem as I do. <<less
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gabrielgomes rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: v3c12
This is quite a lovely read, as it is neither too fast nor too slow. The only problem is that I dont seem to figure out how to add this novel to my reading list as I am new to this website.
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kasicair rated it
September 30, 2022
Status: v1c35
I want to say that I don't believe the saying 'an author can't write a character with more smarts than he himself possesses' but this story ironically fits the bill in a bizarre way. The author shows his readers how utterly dropped on his head as a child he was through his MC here.

To explain it simply, this is trying to be some sort of game into reality reincarnation story. But it completely lacks the reality part. It is still a somewhat okay novel if you disregard what is really... more>> happening in the story and how the world is structured. Or that the writing is simply bad.

If you just focus on the MC and his dungeon grinding with your brain turned off, you will probably enjoy it as it has a breath of fresh air compared to other Japanese garbage novels. But make no mistake. It is the same kind of garbage. The author just covers it better.

  • The MC:
The MC is naively s*upid. The problem is that it is not obvious at first but as chapters go on, he falls into the normal Japanese cliche of pathetic moron who just can't help himself but to do the most ret*rded shit. He is living his life as if it was still a game. His mindset is the kind of pathetic excuse that would require him to be dropped on his head in his first childhood and then have his head repeatedly smashed on the wall in his second childhood to be even remotely possible. The world completely changed. The kingdoms are different. The whole map is different. The only thing that is the same is the progression system (classes, levels, titles, status etc...) but the MC still thinks everything should fall under the game logic as if he didn't live in reality at all.

An apt example of this is when MC formed a party with a girl. She had a special class that allowed for better drop rates. He instantly started simping and offered her 80% of the earned money because 'that's how it was in the game'. The luck provider gets 80% of drops. I dunno what kind of ret*rd would think anybody would team up with a luck provider if they had such unreasonable demands but I digress. That's not the point. The MC didn't even try to find out about the common sense of this new world. He didn't even try to make the split 50-50. No. He instantly offered 80% of shares to the girl because... dunno, maybe because the author is tr*sh simp.

In novels like this, it is extremely nice to see an MC finding differences between a game and reality and using them to his advantage. For example, people, the fabled NPCs of games, are real in reality. Kinda makes sense, huh? So, there are many differences between a game and many ways to exploit these. The girl MC teamed up with possessed 'tr*sh-tier' class according to the new world's common sense. MC knew it is broken, though, and because luck was hidden stat, she was in a desperate situation. And instead of making a deal of splitting a loot 60-40 in his favor and profiting from it while still making her life better and securing her loyalty to his party, the author made his MC just go brrrrrrr because he saw a girl and offer her 80% of the future loot. Without even confirming that she indeed possessed the broken class skills he needed.

And when they earned their first 50+mil in one dungeon dive (s*upid right?) the girl tried to negotiate the MC down, refusing to accept 80% of the money because she was acutely aware that she was kinda garbage-tier at the actual fighting-the-monsters part, MC was trying to persuade her to accept a bigger share despite the fact she would be unable to earn even one-hundredth of the money without the MC providing his game knowledge.

I was mind-blown. This shows the author's intelligence quite well. It's quite sad. I am curious if the author would behave like this if the other party was a dude and not a girl. I would bet the shares would be 50-50 no further discussion in an instant if that was the case. In short, the author is trying to portray himself as the 'good' guy by making his MC utter simp tr*sh. It's bad.

  • World:
Again, it's bad. The world-building is missing.

Ch35 and there is no other relevant character than the MC and maaaybe the clown girl who is his new teammate. Kinda hard to remember her name considering how little it is used.

Ch35 and nothing of the town they are staying in is described. Not even one freaking thing. Let's not talk about the kingdom or even the adventurer guild. Because these do not matter to the dumb author. He created an amazing potential for world-building by reincarnating the MC in a world similar to his favorite game and then made the entire map completely different with different kingdoms and areas. The story could be easy sailing. Building up the world and comparing the game and how different it is in the reality as the MC adventures through the world would make for an absolutely delightful premise many would enjoy. And now that the story had this kind of massive potential, the author decided to completely ignore world-building, stay in a single town, focus on dungeon grinding, and waste the potential in its entirety. What a moron. If it isn't skill/class/game mechanic or dungeon related, the author completely disregards it.

Many authors would WISH to have this kind of potential in their story, but I digress.

Then there is the leveling speed which is utter BS. Killing one mob gives MC 7 levels at once while others need to kill monsters for years to get the same benefit. The laughable part is that the MC has no exp up cheat. It works like this because he is the MC. The whole leveling system of this story is scuffed and unusable even as toilet paper. How the people of this world are not all on the Saitama level if leveling up is this easy, I will never know. Probably the author just making them dumber so the moron MC can show off his smarts and game knowledge to the regular unwashed masses.

  • Another thing is how utterly s*upid the whole class/level-up mechanics/economy is. It makes it obvious this author NEVER played any sort of RPG game properly. He does not understand how things work at all.
It is described that every level up earns a skill point. Investing these into skill trees is irreversible. Everybody can have only 3 skill trees at one time. Changing a skill tree with invested skill points will delete them... wait, what? So if you are a level 80 and have 20 skill points in one skill tree and then change it to something else, you will effectively lose 20 levels worth of power without losing any level. Your power will simply get deleted but you will still be high level so there would be no way to regain them.

This is the kind of thing that a game company would patch up straight away because the players would ragequit by thousands. The game would have been broken on a fundamental level. Worthless, even.

Yet, this author thinks it is a good game mechanic. Really?

Then there is the fact that 'status', something everybody in the world has access to, can show the value of an item. Supply and demand can be damned because they don't matter. The value is set by whatever is controlling the system. This means the economy of this world is so deep in the tr*sh bin it is unbelievable.

An example? MC wants a skill book that is somewhat rare but nobody in his current world wants it. But for some reason, it costs 55 whopping millions gold because...? I guess the author just decided so. If there is no demand for a thing, its price would naturally drop... but that's not how it works here because the value is set by the system. Or because it is convenient for the author.

Honestly, with the whole premise of the story, it would have been better if the skill books the MC needed were surprisingly cheap because nobody wants to invest in su*cide/meat shield class. At least the plot could move on to more important things than wasting tens of chapters on grinding 55 mil for a skill book that is 'the end of tutorial for the Heavy Knight class' according to the MC.

Every time MC is talking about selling items, he expects to get less than the 'market value' and every time he wants to buy something, it costs over the market value. No sense of haggling or any economy at all. Things are so out of whack in this sense that it is unbelievable.

  • Plot:
Nothing to it, really. MC repeats one thing over and over again. He grinds easy-to-kill monsters. Then by some 'coincidence', an 'accident' happens and the MC is confronted by a higher-level monster he obviously has no way of beating. BUT!!!! He has skill points! He uses them! He beats the stronger monster!

And that repeats in different scenarios over and over again. It wouldn't feel so s*upid if the same plot device of having saved up skill points was not constantly used. But the MC doesn't really use some good tactic or strategy. He only uses skill points, gets a new OP skill that totally fits the situation, and uses it to beat the overwhelmingly stronger enemy. GG WP. MC smart unga bunga!

The reason this story has a high rating is that the author is good at covering these s*upid things. The MC seems competent at first. But once you start to think about what he really does? You get to know that everything in this story bends to his whims. Everything exists only to make MC's life easier. There is no confrontation where MC would lose, no matter how little, unless he himself wants to lose (giving a girl 80% of loot shares).

Oh, and there is also the cliche of MC being utterly nice, good, proper gentleman, and noble, despite him being kicked out of his noble house at the start, so he obviously needs to help the weak and those in danger! Noblesse oblige!

Yeah, nope. The nobles were described as power-hungry and selfish people in this story but the MC is clearly different! He is the shining beacon of hope... you know what? Screw him. If he helped others logically and without risking his life, I wouldn't mind it. But another Japanese moron trying to play a self-righteous hero and the author using paragraphs of text to justify it is just bothersome. <<less
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psycology rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: c1
First chapter explains the title perfectly, nice prologue.

Seems like it will go similarly to other knowledge cheat novels, and having the protagonist overturn the established meta of a game-like world.
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hose246 rated it
April 7, 2022
Status: v3c9
This novel is simple and entertaining.

This novel is basically one of those types where the main character took a class everyone thought was tr*sh but made it into one of the strongest classes.

World building - this novel's world building revolves around dungeons and leveling. Basically like a traditional RPG game. It is simple, and requires the usage of no braincells.

Characters - The characters aren't really anything to look towards, they are simple and there's almost no complexity to them at all. They are mostly just there for the sake of... more>> being there.

The plot is quite cliched, and easily predictable. Yet they are enjoyable nonetheless.

There is no jarring plot holes, or unneeded anxiety. It is a novel where you simply turn your brain off and enjoy the ride. <<less
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AMetroid rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: v3c25
It OK.

That's really the extent of my thoughts about the novel. It's characters, plot, and world are all serviceable for the type of story that it is, but no element really draws the reader in.

Plot: The first volume focus on the MC leveling up and getting stronger. The second one introduces some larger happening, and the third expands upon them. However, because the MC is just focused on getting stronger and sees the larger happenings as "something that could negatively effect me so best make sure it's dealt with". It... more>> makes it hard for the reader to care too much about them.

Characters: The MC feels too detached from the world. IE He does not act in a manner that a person would if they found themselves in a similar situation. That would be fine if the tone was more light hearted, but feels out of place with the more serious tone the novel sets. Charter interactions and developments are not ignored/not present, but are only there in a rudimentary way. You get enough to slot them into their archetype, but there's not much in the way of character interplay.

World: The wold building is also not well fleshed out. It isn't set up in a manner where you would believe it was designed as a game. Even with his info he levels up way to fast/easy. Many of the monsters at the same level can kill you with 2-3 hits. Bosses are downed with 2-4 attacks even without the extreme min/maxing. In less then a month he's at the same level as people with 3-5 years experience. I get the author want have the MC and his party member constantly progressing (as that's the core of the story the author wants to tell), but you could just time skip over the grinding.

Overall Ranking: 2/5

The story contains nothing egregiously bad, but it lacks anything standout good. This lack drops it down from a 3 to a 2 despite being average LN. <<less
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BeansAndToast rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: v3c6
I definitely recommend this if you're into an isekai that is more about the combat, leveling, and system meta than it is about the world itself. That is not to say that world is bland, or that the characters are uninteresting. Rather, the author has decided to not include the slice of life/road movie aspects that are so over done in other works in this genre.

Also, we're three volume's in and there's only the barest whiff of a harem. It may develop, or it may not, and either way it... more>> will feel like the MC has actual relationships rather than Bimbo 4 has arrived in the story. <<less
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haanhaan rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: v2c37
I will just give this one a 5 star

*imo* At least MC not some whiny kids with sudden power spike *like many other MCs*, and doing his upgrade step by step.

The story at least progressing bit by bit so its quite nice I guess. Also not too much "I need to train 100 years in this cave" or "Lucky encounter/chance/event" filler stuffs.
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PSpaulo rated it
November 27, 2021
Status: v3c3
Pretty good novel, good translation too.

The game element is pretty similar to dragon quest 8, but in this you can use a skill book to rewrite one of the skill trees and you only get one sp per level, idk yet if the level cap is 99/100 or it goes beyond that.

There's also a hunt for a monster that's pretty much a metal slime in the first arc.

... more>> A lot of the inspiration comes from DQ so far, which is awesome.

The con is that everything goes too well for the MC, every situation he comments something like 'it's impossible for me to do this or that at this level... however I'll do it anyways just because.'

Yeah he was banished poor him, but everywhere he goes, a rare event pops that's way out of his league but he still easily completes it and gains 10 levels, and then he gets a companion that is pretty much a drop rate cheat, every monster just drops 'that rare item he was thinking about but didn't say it' and in a single day makes more money than he needed to buy that absurdly overpriced and rare skill book that was conveniently on the first store he checked on the first town he went, the item that is a must in order to make his bad class into the most game breaking class in the game, did I mention that skills books itself are rare drops with below 1% drop rates? and it's illegal to sell them? so finding a rare books that's rare among the rare and apparently high level, in a illegal shop in the first low level town with low level monsters, and he found it just like that, the luck cheat wasn't even with him yet, so convenient...

In the first dungeon trip, they kill 3 bears, 2 golden frogs, and then the boss shows up to became xp, a total of 5 mobs and a boss battle, they get almost 30 levels and 60m gold (a absurd fortune for them) with just that, there's no grind and the fights are simple and easy thank's to the MC knowledge, there's not much effort.

I thought the MC needed a lot of effort to grow his 'bad class' into something powerful and all the struggle would pay up, but in reality the MC didn't go through any ordeals, everything was conveniently lined up and he just goes along picking all the power ups without much effort...

With all that, it's still a enjoyable read, it's not something complex, it's a pretty superficial, kinda brainless but enjoyable read, just don't expect something profound from it, 4 stars because even with all those cons I'm still enjoying it. <<less
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prakx_rj rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: v2c46
This is one of the very few Japanese isekai novels I really like. Usually, protagonist in japanese novels will have OP powers without doing any work which I really hate. It is not interesting to get OP power without any struggle. Here his class has the potential to be the best but he has to work hard for it by making proper plans. He is not omnipotent, so he makes a party with trusty friend. Fight sequences in dungeons are good. I highly recommend it.

Also, special thanks to the translator... more>> for daily updates with great quality. <<less
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Krittanop rated it
November 13, 2021
Status: v2c42
It is fun because protagonist isnt just straight up op but get good by alway on verge of the death to get alot of buff. Fight in this novel aginst boss protagonist will use same skill as triumph card until he get new skill (and he got is quite frequently) so if you dont mind it fight will be very fun to read. Last thing is protagonist's teammate sometime they seem dumb/annoying but they will be less annoying as story progess.
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Incogxero rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: v2c2
I really like the pacing of this novel. It doesn't seem too much like the MC is only able to get to the top because the author wants him to; he has to strategize and build his character optimally in order to even stand a chance against stronger opponents, and the strategies that he uses aren't total asspulls like in some of these types ot novels. The pace that our MC grows at is fast enough to be satisfying without being too fast to be invested in. All in all,... more>> probably one of the better rpg-style grinding novels I've seen so far <<less
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minitiative rated it
August 15, 2023
Status: v3c36
This is a solid 3. It's premise is nothing special, but amongst a sea of thinly veiled excuses for harems and the dreaded Japanese doormat protag, this refreshing direct in its purpose. A guy experiences memory reincarnation, has almost all the known knowledge of his game world and dedicates himself to min maxing his armored knight build into a knight/dark knight hybrid that mixes standard defensive play with critical HP offensive boosts. Along the way he is joined by an adorable walking loot pinata that he begins to min max... more>> into a critical strike assassin given her awe-inspiring luck stat.

It's not going to win any awards, but it's surprisingly direct and refreshing. There's no awkward romantic tension between him and his partner, the other introduced females are there for comedy and not partnership, and the translated chapters thus far have all been about "I have the world's greatest living loot hack, I know exactly how to min max our builds, let's go out and level, get rich, and defend our country while doing it." <<less
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November 6, 2022
Status: v3c27
Well at least we can tell the author has definitely played a RPG before which is a lot more than what you can say for the authors of some other RPG based fantasy worlds. Everything so far has been within the realm of somewhat reasonable in a RPG with skills that don't sound too far fetched or ridiculously broken. MC uses basically everything you'd expect a DPS spec of a tanky class to use and while it's strong it's not the "any sane game dev would've yeeted this into the... more>> sun immediately" levels of broken novels have.

Other than that though, it's pretty bog standard. It's not bad by a long shot but it's definitely not going to be breaking any molds or anything of the sort. <<less
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June 7, 2022
Status: c45
For those curious

... more>>

The basic part of his build is a cross class skill book that provide a red tearstone ring and fast roll havel effect. His class naturally comes with a skill tree that has the attck substitute from pokemon, so he can safely whittle himself down to red tearstone range.

Few people personally take this kind of build in a 'real life' scenario, because y'know... Being near death. And the ones that do probably did it because a noble made the into a disposable pawn, so they wouls never get the support needed fron teammate to do anything other than su*cide attacks.

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GoldSweeper rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: v3c16
Surprisingly not that bad. Not the greatest thing in the world but its the kind of story where u have to ignore the blatant plot holes and plot armour. Like when driving on the road and u see the huge ass pot hole and drive around it? Basically that. Don't ask questions and just sort of go along for the ride.

Very short chapters, literal rpg like actions. Most of the game references make it sound like an rpg rather than an mmo. Could be an early work of the authors... more>> but idk. Might be worth looking out for his later works if he learns from this and improves on his story telling. <<less
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