Bannou “Murazukuri” Cheat de Otegaru Slow Life ~Mura desu ga Nani ka?~


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In these troubling times, Luke, the son and heir of the lord of the land, turned twelve and received a Gift. Unfortunately, it was a Gift useless in combat called [Village Building]. To make matters worse, his step-brother was the one blessed to inherit their father’s [Master Swordsmanship]. And so, their positions were completely reversed.

Luke was then banished to an uninhabited wasteland. There, his mysterious Gift activated and instantly made a village. He thus prepared himself to live modestly in this tiny village of his. Or so he thought. As the population of his village grew and grew, his Gift got stronger and stronger until it evolved.

Before he knew it, his [village] had tall buildings everywhere and had the strongest army. His village became the best there was…!

“Wait, can this still be called a village? And what happened to the slow life I’m supposed to have…?”

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Amazing Village Building
万能「村づくり」チートでお手軽スローライフ ~村ですが何か?~
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New JohnXP rated it
February 21, 2024
Status: c208
I continue to read this story to see all the out of this world things the MC gets into with his ability. It is basically a comedy regardless of a few heavy stuff that happens. The real stuff ends in comedic results or at least not much of a gloomy atmosphere. However even in comedy there are deal breakers, it is fine if the Mc's action results in comedic results it is another thing if he does brain dead actions to produce the comedy.

... more>>

At the few chapters before my current chapter the MC and a few people was exploring what was basically a forgotten tomb of an ancient king beneath the royal capital. After they killed the undead minions and boss the MC noted that there was a room not connected to the tomb but at around the same location found with his ability. They teleport to it to find a person chained to a pillar. Considering the location of the room and what they had been killing recently one can assume a lot of things, most of which is not good. The idiot of the group that always rush into dangerous situations immediately tries to cuts those chains, that is not surprising with his track record. The surprising thing is the VETERAN adventurers and the MC took over when the idiot failed, without hesitation. They just killed a bunch of undead for god sake. No hesitation, no thought, cut the chains. The MC wanted to save the person but he himself admits that the person may not be alive and no other thought to the situation. They freed a person from long ago who turns out to be a neet that does not want to do any work. Comedy results but the actions to achieve that is like a slap to the face, breaking any sort of immersion in the story.

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Fluffums rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: --
From the minute a parent banishes his otherwise talented and decent son for not being overwhelmingly powerful in combat, you should understand that there will be no decent character-building. Having a "system" and "talents decided at birth" means the world-building will be suspect at best, and of course you can expect people with the right talents to show up in the village at the right time.

Otherwise it's just a normal protagonist with a really powerful ability who was banished and immediately shows off his skills and gathers a harem... more>> (there's no tag right now, but there will definitely be a harem. There's always a harem) and becomes successful and probably saves the world without even trying while the people who banished him fall into ruin. It just has a town-building flavor taking any [time] or [effort] out of the "building" part, so it can focus on the more important scenes of everyone praising the protagonist.

The rating is 3 because it's not offensively bad at what it does. <<less
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HentMas rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: c69
It's a very very very convenient story for the MC.

Don't be confused by the "slow" part in the name, this isn't paced as a "slow slice-of-life" novel where you see extended scenes of pleasantries and warm moments or the MC living leisurely with his companions, or even explanations of how things get built and how the integration of new villagers transpired, I would change the "slow" to "easy".

If anything I was taken aback by the pacing because this novel is very fast.

This novel haves too much "hand waving" that leaves... more>> things as "whatever, just accept it", to the point that it loses any kind of "Kingdom building" that fans of that genre would seek out in this kinds of stories.

So... it's not for the "slice-of-life" lovers, it's not for the "Kingdom building" readers... there is no cooking, no contrived set pieces of dread or action scenes, no drama, no real character development...

Who's the target audience for this novel?

I think it's aimed at the people that find enjoyment out of the "Tsukkomi" act between the characters...

Because all the set ups and plot points are veered towards a punch line.

And it's a bit inconsistent, the jokes are sometimes funny, sometimes not, sometimes you miss it completely... but it's all there.

It seeks enjoyment by making fun of the common fantasy/medieval settings and measuring them up to modern living standards, while at the same time not explaining anything in too much detail.

So it all comes down to your particular taste in humor.

I find it funny tbh, it's lighthearted, there isn't really much outside of the jokes, some devices that are there just to make some future dread that is just in the background and aren't really a problem because everything is just too easy for the MC.

So I would say that you need to peek inside and see if you enjoy the humor because that's all it's got going for.

It's not "bad" it's just that the focus is very niche, so read a few chapters, if you're not laughing, drop it, simple as that. <<less
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Shellman rated it
October 28, 2021
Status: c122
The story could get a 3 considering the setting. But the MC turns it into a 2 with his personality and mindset. Indeed he's an actual kid and literally acts like one during the whole story, but that also turns the story into a joke. His easygoing attitude becomes more annoying the more I read it. Wars happen and thousands fight, but literally no one dies and everyone is forgiven regardless of being bandits or enemy invaders.

I uncharacteristically, gave it a lot of time and chance so that he grows... more>> old enough and the story enters serious mode, but enough is enough. It's clear it will remain like this till the end. Dropped. <<less
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Temp950 rated it
August 21, 2022
Status: c181
A story where a child has outlandish powers that allow him to build and move an entire city. That in itself isn't too bad. I mean, its childish wish fufillment, but its not terrible. But what really makes this too s*upid to tolerate is how they fight entire wars without killing a single person somehow. He makes cannons, but uses them to "scare" off half the enemy army without causing a single wound. If you are going to write a story set in medieval times and involving people fighting each... more>> other.. It makes no sense to have this somehow be a bloodless affair that hurts no one. <<less
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Archerreborn2 rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: c22
The story is pretty mediocre, there is a distinct lack of detail, and very sparse worldbuilding. Characters are flat, and everything that happens is very convenient for the main character to the point of disbelief.

The impression I get from the author is that they put very little thought into the story. Besides characters and events conforming to basic tropes, there isn't much nuance to it.

Its okay if you have nothing else to read, or want a junk food like literature with harem building and kingdom building stuff. Otherwise if you... more>> want something of a similar genre, there are other alternatives that in my opinion give a superior experience like Release the Witch. <<less
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somerandomreadingenthusiast rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c175
Pretty good kingdom-building story, except for the fact it's too convenient for MC, especially the appearance of the refugees but I don't have anything against this, I actually like this kind of convenient kingdom-building novel but I don't like the fact that the MC has low IQ and the fact he acts all humble in front of the royal family, I dropped it when he agreed to help the kingdom, I would've given it 5 stars if the MC refused ti help the royal family.
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sedition- rated it
July 30, 2022
Status: c156
Honestly it wasn't great for the first 140 chapters but it was still somewhat of a story at least, but afterwards it turns into nothing but a checklist that exists to tell you about all the amazing stuff that happens because of the mc's gift.

I mean the whole story is basically just jerking off the op MC, but it was somewhat entertaining, but the author just stopped trying and it's incredibly obvious.
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December 10, 2023
Status: c352
Disclaimer: I love these kinds of stories where the fighting is fairly simple and the town-building gets more attention.

That said, this is admittedly a little *too* simplistic in both the fights, however cleverly some are resolved, and the village-building. It’s definitely a mindless though amusing enough read, enough that I’ve caught up with 352 chapters.

Only thing I really dislike is: ... more>>

everyone doing everything they can to sneakily or overtly force Luke to keep his childlike appearance, from preventing him in physical training to using subtle magic unbeknownst to him to keep him from growing up. I hate that trope because it’s pretty f-ed up and not funny to me at all. I’m hoping he realizes what’s happening at some point but I’m sure the story will play it off like it’s some huge joke and he’ll end up shrugging his shoulders over it and accepting his situation (as I’ve seen in similar stories.)

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Positive rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c119
Very simplistic writing style and fairly shallow character development. Seems very much like a schoolboy wrote this. Saying that, it can be enjoyed as light hearted entertainment. It's fun to read about the MC's gift and how the story develops.
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Bobwillrule rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c59
A word to describe this story would be "mediocre" nothing new, nothing old. The world building and the character development is almost non-existent, with little to no depth to the story riddled with plot holes. The story is basically about MC building stuff out of thin air with no explanation, attracting op people to his village and his city becomes the greatest in the world. Don't waste your time on this story unless you have a lot of time to spare.
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GusSan rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: c234
Another "they banished me because they didn't understand my power" mixed with "I'm an obtuse but good guy" and "now I'm surrounded by people that admire me".

Nothing special, as all of those novels, the build up till 'the world' understands their power is better than after that point. To that part I'll give one star more.
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EytBit rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: --
As of chapter 229, the rating will be lowered from a steady 3.5 to a rather desolate 2.

This is your standard 'noble child with seemingly useless gift gets ousted by said noble family and later realizes his gift is batsh*t op and faceslaps every character and their mother for initially looking down at him' trope, complete with a harem, a power system that is thrown out the window, and side characters doing nothing but serving to follow the single characteristic and role that was assigned to them.

There are a lot... more>> of issues with this novel, and honestly, it is quite sad as it HAD potential.

  1. The MC has no backbone. It is insane how little the MC does in the way of anything remotely... dominant. About as forceful as a speck of sand, if any random side character were to tell the MC to start dancing, you'd see a full length sentence about how the MC is on the ground breakdancing due to the fact that they simply cannot say 'no'. Becoming only more apparent in the latest chapters, the MC really needs to do something to cement himself as a MC.
  2. The author has a ton of unexplained fetishes floating around in their novel. Look. Every novel will be a small gateway into what kinds of things the author enjoys and dislikes, and this novel is like that, but instead of a small gateway, this is a massive gaping hole that desperately needs some wooden boarding or tape covering it.
    - There is a BD*M grandma (perhaps initially for comedic value, but has worn out her welcome)
    - Muscly muscly man that things dresses in drag and acts like an over the top anime princess.
    -Main supporting character that is about 2.5x the MC's age of (9 or 10) who constantly drools over him and attempts to have her way with him multiple times.
    -And much more.

    Honestly, this story had a little bit of potential when it started, but it is just so unbelievably bad now.
    2/5. You will roll your eyes so hard that you will be able to see your brain.
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kenjirou05 rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: c186
I like village development and country building novels or those who utilize modern knowledge to develop their territory or even if its just their own household.

This novel focuses on MC and his territory improvement. He doesnt need to be completely op but the fact that he has something that has the potential to be op based on how it is used is exciting.

This novel excites me and its a little frustrating that its only up to 186 so far. Hoping for more chapters and volumes.
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Akahika rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: c135
It's actually have a decent city building at 1st arc, but MC became way too OP and this story became comedy novel (at least for me) and there'll be major change within WN and LN from the information author provided:

... more>>

MC from 1st arc and 2nd arc is someone with minimum knowledge about management well he is the son of a noble and all, but suddenly from arc 3 to matching the content of LN, MC is like Procell from maou machizukuri who have knowledge about modern technology with difference that MC is aware he is reincarnated but only the knowledge

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April 20, 2023
Status: --
Whilst the premise was fun enough, it's shackled by a dull protagonist with no tratis other than 'cute shota' who makes zero decisions on his own and just gets carried by the whims of others. Coupled with the contrived Japanese story beat of 'thou shall not kill' somehow all enemies in armor survive moat-falls and being pelted with arrows and then trampled by a dragon with 0 casualties.

Also the author seems really into 12 years olds.
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Reman Scimitar
Reman Scimitar rated it
January 16, 2023
Status: --
Twice I tried to get into the story (three times if I include the manga).

Three blunt issues.

-The villagers/Millia wants to keep MC as an immortal shota, which practically denies him his choice of growth (can be seen as a form of treason itself).

... more>> -MC can't put his foot down when it comes to anything regarding himself, but is putty when it comes to others.

-MC ignores feasible advice just to help every person in any chance, and if they have low loyalty, brainwash them through torture (which is technically a form of s*avery). <<less
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SkyWind332 rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: c124
It's actually quite good, characters aren't dumb, the pacing is good, the kingdom building is also good.

My only complain is that


Millia became a some sort of secondary character after chapter 50 or so, yes the story focus more on the kingdom building but she is one of the main character yet after chapter 50 the author seems to forget about her and not much happen with her, the author just reference her here and there sometimes but that's about it.

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ErikHarrison rated it
September 9, 2021
Status: c202
It's a fun simple SoL JP novel. The main difference is the MC doesn't immediately rush rice/soy sauce. Surprisingly that's enough to make this feel fresh and fun. I'd recommend it for a light hearted novel.

Though through the romance you would think the MC had ED/mental disability. I'm glad they dropped those jokes because it was painful.
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Anyu rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: c253
No bad but no good. If you are bored, you can give it a try.

It feels similar to "Fun Territory Defense" novel, but more peaceful (it isn't a slow life, there are wars and confrontations but without blood and death...).

One of the characters that is starting to bother me is the maid. Why?

... more>>

Aside from the fact that she creates a religion about the protagonist, she makes a deal with a sage (female) to make Luke eternally young, a.k.a., a little boy or shota, despite being 14 years old. At first it's funny, but over time he becomes tiresome and annoying...

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azuron rated it
March 8, 2023
Status: c25-27
As you can guess by the decent number of readers and chapters as well as the vastly mixed reviews, this novel does have its uniqueness but might not be everyone's cup of tea.

MC's ability is a bit broken and the limitations are in no way enough to balance this. Throw in the system and it becomes a very generic story.

There isn't anything particularly severely bad about it, but the original points are also nothing to write home about. I am gonna give 4 star because TL quality is fine.
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