Abyss Domination


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He doesn’t know why his mind has been transferred into that of a petty thief named Soran within the VRMMO . The new ‘Soran’ though possesses both the body’s previous occupant’s memories and his own. Using his experience as a Legendary Rogue who had reached the apex known as the Realm of Legends, he will now have to survive in this world which had once been a game to him.

Soran will have to grow stronger while avoiding the upcoming dangers and protect his younger sister, Vivian, from the chaotic times which will soon devastate the world. He shall eliminate everything and everyone that threatens them, but perhaps Vivian might not need his protection?

When the demons of the Abyss rise and the gods fall, a massacre will take place across the world.

Divinity has fallen, and evil is surging from beneath.

The Time of Troubles has begun.

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ShenYuan Zhuzai
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New NickJanes rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c270
This novel is similar to half of typical Chinese web novels. In the beginning the Main Character is destitute struggling to take care of family members. There are some villains who are giving MC and family hard time. Then the MC gets lucky break in life through some fortunate happening. Up to this point things are fine.

After some time, the Main Character have power, the MC start committing more atrocities to anybody who has different opinion, failed to recognize how great MC is, look different, MC whim or they want... more>> to steal something from. They become Mega villain to control and steal everything. Their female love interest feel more attracted to MC because MC killed somebody for minor reason. Even when they are at top of the world, they don't lift a finger to help common people. The only role of common people is to treat them like super royalty and be fortunate that they are not killing them.

The MC in this novel gets racist and commit genocide when taking over Island from human native people. Just because they look like Native Americans. He kills most of the people. Women and children are forced into slavery.

I don't know what or any morality lessons these Chinese authors have. Have they forgotten how Japanese people committed atrocities against Chinese just because Japanese had power in WWII? Are they glorifying that committing atrocities and genocide is right because somebody look different and they want to steal land from them? <<less
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TakingFace rated it
June 14, 2016
Status: v10
I am caught up to the author and am really liking it so far. The author goes into wonderful detail in how the world and powers work plus it is full of great action with nicely developed characters.

it turns out that this world is based heavily on dungeons and dragons which I am ok with because the author puts his own spin on it

all in all it is a good read so far.
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Yuehan rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a great adventure/fantasy novel. It has mixed elements came from Dungeons&Dragons, Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy combined to make a good story. When I'm reading this, I felt like I'm playing some JRPG game like Legend of Heroes/YS series game. Yeah, that kind of feeling, only difference is that this has more violence and mature content. As for the MC, yes he is OP, but that doesn't keep you away from reading this novel. It's more like you're playing a game on easy difficulty so... more>> that you can finish the story. And as a Chinese novel, MC is a little ruthless compared with your common naive protagonist so it gives you a new feeling.

As for character development, in my opinion, it's good, at least they don't feel plain for me.


Most of the women he have fetters with had an open ending. Novel has only one arc (saint catastrophe) which last for 1115 chapters so other areas and characters were not introduced well and I think they would be reserved for the second book. Only thing I hate is that it would have a different MC already.


As for romance, it's pretty average?


MC love life is quite complex. Well, I don't know how should I explain but here are list of women that he have fetters with:

**MC is an evil god and quite open-minded so there are times that he's not rejecting it when he's invited (ex. When he request the Goddess of Wealth for cooperation, then Goddess of Wealth invited him to stay at night so that they can talk more and maybe become more close) **

(names are based in LNMTL)

Considered as most important women by the MC:

Vivien and Lilian - child of frightened god; most important person for MC; half-sister of MC; they have 2 souls in one body and only after they became true god that they became separate entity

Julia - northern witch; main female lead; only acknowledge love interest by the MC; went with MC in the kingdom of God; she's the most capable female lead as well as the adviser of MC

Corinna - Julia's mother; fallen witch; because she have the succubus mark given by the Succubus Queen in exchange for power, she needs to satisfy the Queen by doing some immoral things. By that time, MC is already a true god so she successfully convinced him and from then on, they're relationship improved a bit and become intimate; She chooses the path of arcanist so she didn't went with MC to the kingdom of god but the MC leave a divine spark for her so if she suddenly got tired of being a mortal, she can follow them in the kingdom of god as the poison and corruption goddess

Princess Anna - successor of the Snow and Ice country; sister of Crown Princess; before MC fall in love with Julia, he pledge to her that if ever she needs him, he will be there; because of her stubbornness and MC is also guilty for her, she may be considered the lover of MC; before MC goes to kingdom of God he left a child for her; Because MC gave a fountain youth for her and she also has a talent and have the warlock bloodline, there is a small chance she can follow the MC in the kingdom of god

Crown Princess - Princess Anna's elder sister; patron of Snow and Ice country; trusted ally of the MC; she has the blessing of goddess of luck; became the snow goddess; She helps the MC every time he needs help. She also sometimes gives advice for the MC; although they're relationships are not quite clear but I think they will end up in the same place, they just need some life and death event

Lulu - cat person; became the female servant of Vivien and Lilian; became the cat goddess and also assigned by the MC to be the guide of souls in the netherworld


Adelle Isabella - she's a pirate captain and became the first follower of MC; she's also a successor of some kingdom; she's also a devoted follower of MC and I think the MC also made her one of his emissaries; She seduces the MC and serve him every time MC will stay at her assigned domain; MC assigned her to be the Queen of Southern Kingdom after saint catastrophe; She also drag her female cousin (past naga priestess chip to recruit MC) to serve the MC

Goddess of Agriculture - daughter of Radiant God and Earth Goddess; she's one of the goddess convinced by the MC to form an alliance; although MC is an evil god, she had very favorable impression for the MC; MC still owes her

Goddess of Sea - she's one of the major helper of the MC during his road to god. Although it's for her benefit but you can't deny the fact that she's the one that has the most contribution so that the MC has smooth development in his overseas archipelago territory. She is also one of the goddess who help the MC during the contest for the God of Death power. This is where I'm really disappointed. Even though it stated that they have a few words every time that they met but overall, she didn't even have an actual dialogue with MC which is really disappointing.

Goddess of Misfortune - one of the mysterious character throughout the novel. She is also one of the boost of MC. Although she didn't help the MC directly, she did bless him which causes misfortune to his enemies

Goddess of Magic - she is helped by the MC to avoid her fate (death) ; It's unclear if she had s*x with the MC as a repayment but in some chapters it is implied and for me, I think it happened because she would not think the MC as her current lover if it didn't happen; During the contest for the God of Death power, she can't make the decision when MC ask her for help because one of the competitors is her past lover which cause the MC's disappointment and just requested her to stay neutral which causes their relations to become estranged or possibly hostile (MC has plan to kill her so that Julia can gain the Magic godship but after the saint catastrophe, their original strength returned which make MC's plan to be cancelled)

Goddess of Wealth - she is one of the allies of MC during his contest for God of Death power. She is also have some cooperation with the MC to enhance their deity belief power. She invited the MC to stay at night and also the MC agreed so I think they did it.

Red Duchess - one of the enemy of MC in his overseas archipelago. She was forced to ask help to MC during when her duchy was invaded by undead. Because she has the bloodlines of a dragon warlock, MC plans to make her one of his emissaries. It is also implied during that time, she successfully seduced to the MC so they did it.

Tree Spirits - 5 of them performed a sacred ceremony with the MC so that they can save the forest from the plague (they need the divine power of MC). The MC agreed because he wants to save the Goddess of Magic from her fate so that their would be less casualties during the catastrophe

Succubus Queen - she pretends as high-order succubus and become one of the commanding officers of MC's devil incarnation during the saint catastrophe to hide her identity. She tried to control MC's devil incarnation so she can be her subordinate because besides that the MC's devil incarnation can satisfy her desires, he would also be good boost to her forces; She cooperate with the MC to eliminate her mortal enemy in the abyss plane together with another abyssal lord.

Copper Dragon Princess - loli dragon met by the MC during his search for some crystals so he can become god. They traveled together and kill the final boss; They have a contract of alliance; Sad thing is she was never mentioned again throughout the novel

Xiao Yuan (small circle) - strong unique loli doll roaming in the third floor of abyss; They traveled together until the arena. She always forgot herself everytime she wakes up so she always named herself snall circle. She also remember the name that she gave to the MC; sad thing is after she killed the feudal lord managing the arena, she was never mentioned again

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Poor_Hero rated it
March 1, 2016
Status: --
〒▽〒 let me cry a bit here...
okay, so the MC here is kind of an expert in vr game, he possessed his character and lived in a game-turned-to-reality world. the game mechanism is still there. the plot is kind of interesting. the opening was quite sad and touching. there are times that it is quite bloody yet, the fluffy time (i wonder if I could the words here) is still there.
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Mr. B
Mr. B rated it
December 31, 2017
Status: --
I've read on in the raws, and I've gotta say this was very different from many other CNs. It's not filled with noble sons/daughters to use as plot fodder, it's immersive and the romance is well built (so far it's actually pretty likeable), and for all the Dungeons and Dragons fans, this story is largely based on that (well the forgotten realms...I'm not a DnD guy.), with parallel planes, various monsters, and of course, the time of troubles [not a spoiler].

If anyone's got a website to host it, I can... more>> help translate. Can probably pump out a chapter per 1-2 weeks average (depending on my schedule), and I'm a native Chinese speaker so no MTL. Gimme a shout out if anyone's interested. ([email protected] com) <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
January 24, 2016
Status: --
Seems good.
I like this dark world and this mature tone. Other synopsys

We will follow a thief/assassin young guy who leave in the slums with his sister and who was reincarnated from a modern world where science developped the concept of virtual worlds. Like in 'Ultimate Leveling King', he gain some sort of game elements (a cheat) who came from the virtual game 'Clash of clans' (lol) and discover quickly the price to survive in a corrupt world.

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Setsoru rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: --
After reading 53 chapters in the hopes that a story might take root I give up. The writing uses litrpg tropes in the worst manner. There is constant, overwhelming, never ending explanation of rules and character building examples for the MC rogue, that digress into counter comparisons to fighter or wizard, or priest classes as a contrast... in situations where there isn't another fighter/priest/mage present. The story consistently breaks continuity for a digression on rule sets that will supposedly be important in some nebulous future. Beware when a writer tells you that he knows the last chapter was boring, but the information was important. If the information is important than it is the writers responsibility to make it interesting... otherwise the writer is just lazy and unwilling to make the... more>> effort. For a reader to gain immersion you don't tell him it was 104 degrees F outside... you relate how sweaty the hiker felt after climbing a steep hill, and how wonderful the view was that made the effort worthwhile.

Another problem is the world system is modeled after an immersive MMO, but the story only has 1 player and the rest are all NPCs so far. He's the only character in the story so far that recognizes game elements, yet we are subjected to 25% of the story to be game mechanics... mostly of non-MC, non rogue examples. Examples that don't have a bearing on the MC, or the story. I know the writer loves the game system, but its too intrusive in the story for no reason. <<less
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July 8, 2018
Status: c36
The novel would be amazing if it wasn't for the massive info dumps on every little thing there is... at first I was hoping maybe after a few chapters they would start to disappear but instead they got worse, I am dropping this novel simply because the novel feels disconnected. For example a third of some chapters are completely filled with info about a weapon of stat.... it breaks the immersion when reading the novel to the point where it's a chore to read, you do not need to give... more>> a 100 character description about a single weapon just give a brief description like it's a long sword that adds 1 strength of something like that.

Another thing was that the system seems more like a top of a dnd game than an actual video game. I've never heard of any game with a system like that which would normally be good, but the author made the system into a jumbled mess that makes no sense...

I advise not reading this novel unless you enjoy reading the dictionary.. <<less
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zeroknight rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: c54
The story of the novel was really interesting. I can see this novel's potential and it would be much better if theres more frequent fight scenes and story progress.

The Cons of the novel were so obvious as well. It gave TOO much info. When Im reading this, I felt like half of the chapter (or even more) were explainations regarding the game, professions etc. It honestly quite a big turn off if the author doesn't fixed this habit of his. Many of his readers will be bored if he gave... more>> TOO much info.

Honestly, most of those explainations and info dumps were mostly IGNORED by me as there were not really had particular impact to the story.

Overall: This story will be more popular if the Author lessen his habit of explaining TOO MUCH <<less
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SwiftFate rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: c90
The only negative thing I have to say about this novel, isn't even about the novel itself but the rate of release.

Unfortunately, this is a series that has a lot of information and proper writing in each chapter when compared to most web novels, therefore the pacing is relatively slow if you are reading it chapter by chapter rather than all at once. Right now we are getting maybe 6 or 7 chapters per month translated.. And many chapters are cliffhangers.

Anyone looking to pick up the series, I suggest... more>> doing it now, but once you have reached this point, bookmark it for a later date and hope that the pacing picks up so you can start reading again in bulk. <<less
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kublikhan rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: c75
This is 1/10 web novel and 9/10 Wikipedia entries. These entries describe every little detail of this world. Classes, skills, items, blades of grass, etc. It gets old very fast. What little story there is is decent enough. But I quickly found myself skipping through 9/10 of the filler just to get to the 1/10 content.

About the story, MC goes from weak to strong, but not overpowered as there are always enemies stronger than him he must be wary of. He is ruthless against anyone who comes after him or... more>> his sister. However he is not a sociopath and just wants to keep her safe. It's not all about the MC either. There is good development of the side characters as well.

Overall, I think the underlying story is good enough to dig through the filler to get to. Just prepare yourself to do a lot of filler skipping. <<less
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pomoli rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: v1c77
Good overall, I almost recommend it.


    • Interesting MC, a good person, but cautious and not bent on to be the world's savior, instead being all about saving his family and his cute little sister.
    • The world seems interesting.
    • Lots of big powerful characters, you feel that the MC is the underdog here, and (for now), he didn't enter the eye of the big shots.
    • Long enough chapters and good translation.

    • Horrible infodumps every chapters, usually I like them, but seriously it's way too much! I have to glaze over these boring explanations and repetitions all the time! I want to read a story, not a D&D manual... This is a serious issue, really.
    • MC reaction is kinda too tame from being in another world.
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selweron rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: c42
First the MC says that players had it hard at the beginning of the game living in the slums and they complained about the fact that they had to eat sh*t bread and so on. He also says that each avatar only has 3 lives, so well, you have to be careful not to die.

Then in chapter 31 we read: "Soran did not pay much heed to puny quests like the ankheg rampage." His thoughts continue: "[...] insignificant things like the ankheg rampage could not even be rated as E... more>> rank. Considering such, most players did not even bother with these events unless they happened to be in the region when one took place. (...) a full set of ankheg armor could be sold for over 3000 Gold Derahls, while the raw materials could still fetch a price ranging from 600 to 800 Gold Derahls."

F*ck yeah, so basically all the players are adventure souls, who go on suicide A rank quests. Measly 3000 Gold Derahls can't enter their eyes, and who cares about 3 avatar lives when you can just restart from scratch! Then again why the f*** would they try to earn money for a bread that doesn't even cost 1 Silver Derahl and pass on 3000 Gold Derahls quest that is within their abilities and contain way less risk than some A rank quests where they would never live long enough to receive a reward?

And then in chapter 34 we hear MC saying: "Their hearts can be sold to wizards for around 10 Gold Derahls each, so harvest those too." What a poor guy! So much work for only 10 Gold Derahls, why bother! Go work at the dock for bread...

Meanwhile his 3-years-old-sister who lived her life in the slums can take care of an unconscious person and cook better than most readers of this novel. She also drank alcohol and is a genius sorcerer! She looks so smart that even a higher-level witch asked her whether she could read. Then they arrive at the next city and MC says that this city puts the previous one to shame. But hey, the previous city's slums educated your 3-year-old sister to such a degree!! Does it mean that 3-year-old geniuses are common in the new city? Mindblowing!

I just can't... <<less
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singlespace rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: v1c19
It's pretty much Dungeons and Dragons the web-novel. A bit much on the rule and setting dumps, especially since most of them have no actual impact on the story, but I guess that's true of Dungeons and Dragons in the general though.
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TerraEarth rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: c58
Incredibly enough, Abyss Domination has a satisfactory RPG system built into its story (Can you say that for any of the other hundred RPG system novels out there?). It delves into the nuances of the blending of gaming elements with a living and breathing world. There's quite a bit of attention to detail and its meticulousness deserves much praise. You won't find any other CN that can come close to how much thought has been put into the underlying systems and backdrop of its world as AD has. The only... more>> thing that can rival it is perhaps The Amber Sword.

For the gamers out there, think of this novel as part Dungeons and Dragons, part Dark Souls. Although the MC exhibits expertise throughout the story, you always feel the tension of the situations that he is put into and his consequent fragility in lieu of a indomitable and tumultuous environment. If you're looking for a novel where the protagonist can barrel roll through nukes -while picking up a harem en route- then AD might not be for you!

It has a well written story filled with intrigue and potential. Even the side/secondary characters are interesting and multi-faceted, this alone sets AD above 99% of the riff-raff you will find on NU. The RPG elements do not distract from the novel at large but rather adds to its depth with its diligent handling of its inclusion.

Beware though of long asides and monologues that seem to make no sense or unnecessarily detailed descriptions of the underlying world system, but otherwise an enjoyable read. <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: v1c20
First of all, I am really glad GT decided to translate this after it was dropped. The settings seem quite similar to "Night Ranger" and both MCs are following the "Rogue" character style. Yet, this plot and priorities of the two novels are quite different and I have enjoyed the first 20 chapters a lot. Rating will be updated with more chapters as many novels start of strong but then fall off.
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August 23, 2018
Status: --
The reviews here seems to be waaaay off mark so...

Setting: Faerun/Toril/Abeir world in a period of upheaval, one or two years before the next Times of Troubles where gods fallen to the face of the world. System using DnD 3.5 concepts.

The original is a Chinese web novel. You know Japanese web novel is like. Think of the most longwinded one, then double its word count. That is a chinese one. Chinese novels get written because authors get inspired then written, not because of fans' egging him on. So if he... more>> decide to get long winded, that because his muse demand it so. You can do nothing about it.

The especially serious problem of that translator, is that he doesnt know about DnD, he doesnt care to know about it, and he dont have friends in that aspect to trade ideas with. Further example

Arcane Missile instead of Magic Missile, the 1st tier basic ranged attack spell. or Night Baroness instead of Shar.

Of course, if you glare at it, they could be playing a deception game as they are publishing amazon ebooks (I can recognize what they are doing and for what). Still, in that case, they trade financial goals for clarity and quality of the project. <<less
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November 6, 2017
Status: --
I like this series but it doesn't seem to have dedicated translator who put out chapters at least once every other week. Also the cuurent translator seems be retranslating it from very beginning and their doesn't appear to be anything horrendously wrong the previous translator work. This would not bother me so much if the current translator was not so ridiculously slow that he only release one chapter within last 7 months. It's not even clear that he is still translating it. Which I think is a real shame because... more>> this series is probably one of the top ten best novels on this website and I've read most of the novels on this website or at least their synopsis. I think the main reason this series has gone mostly unnoticed is because of two main reasons the fist being a dedicated translator that puts regular release and second reason is because of simply not enough publicity. If you're translator reading this I would highly recommend you to pick up this series up as a main project. Not simply because I like it but I think it has a lot of potential to be a very popular series. <<less
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Brucelonging1212 rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: c200
Abyss Domination's MC is a Rogue, with Shadow Dancer advanced/prestige class with Wizard as secondary class. It’s focus on both story and DxD elements, so far seem to be pretty good among level up novel.
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shuiko rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: v1c75
It's a more driven story type of writing, similar in the vein of Night Ranger, but more down to earth, less instant OP. The story in turn is much more interesting, and honestly the different powers and "classes" are more interesting and more relatable at the same time.

Characters are very interesting, and the little sister adds a different unique dimension to the plot and character development that I look forward too.

Sad that TL speed is pretty slow atm though, can only hope it picks up.
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faerro rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: c102
Decent Rogue LitRPG style WN, but still lacking compared to "Night Ranger". Unlike Night Ranger, almost every chapter of Abyss Domination is comprised of 20% or more filler in the form of extraneous descriptions and explanations. Reading this novel daily will likely leave readers frustrated as the author drags things out to hit his word quotas with as little plot progression as possible.

I also worry that the little sister is being built up to become a Mary Sue. It feels like Geralt and Ciri from the Witcher when Ciri was... more>> still young. We all know that Ciri becomes game breaking levels of powerful, which basically leaves Geralt in the dust.

Edit c102: All in all the story is pretty good, however, my opinion above remains largely the same. Almost every chapter is fluffed up by pointless info dumps, which slows down plot progression to crawl. The chapters are not exactly long either, which only compounds the annoyance. Arg. <<less
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