The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King


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Lu Zeqing transmigrated into a shuangwen story in the entertainment industry and became the control group of the fake young master protagonist shou—

The unfavored cannon fodder real young master.

He repeatedly bullied the protagonist, was driven away by the wealthy parents, and finally lost his reputation.

When Lu Zeqing transmigrated: The protagonist shou is the most popular guest in the gay variety show, gathering CP fans from all walks of life.

And Lu Zeqing received many private messages from fans every day: go away! Don’t be in the same frame as my brother.

In the face of overwhelming verbal abuse and warnings, Lu Zeqing, who was too poor to pay the rent, said: A man will only affect the speed at which he makes money.

The guests had a date in the restaurant, and Lu Zeqing explored the food at the next table.

The guests went on a date in the art gallery, and Lu Zeqing worked as a French translator in the art gallery.

The guests visited the garden in Hanfu, Lu Zeqing’s long-sleeves turned and flew, performing a solo dance that surprised everyone.

Netizens: Ahhh! Who is the hypocrite? It’s me (squeals)

The popular actor Jiang Siyu has never participate in any variety shows and always refuses any CP hype, until one day——

Jiang Siyu suddenly appeared in the love variety show and became a guest in it. He walked towards Lu Zeqing.

“Do you want to play as a couple? The pay is five million a week.”


Fashion magazines, advertising endors**ents, and film and television variety shows have come to the door one after another. Lu Zeqing, who is ready to make more money and run away, will not refuse anyone who comes. But soon, he discovered that the novel didn’t seem right.

Not only was he not a cannon fodder, he also became the favored little young master of the wealthy family.

“Baby likes filming so much, so mom bought a few film and television copyrights, you can pick one to shoot.”

“Qingqing has a lot of trouble going back to the hotel every day. Dad bought a villa nearby, so you can make do with it.”

“Brother supports your movie, and has booked all theaters in City A, inviting fans from all over the city to watch the movie.”

After that—

Jiang Siyu reblogged the Weibo of the bad-mouthed black fan [Day 599th of waiting for the break up] with a text:

[Thank you for your company! On the 599th day, we received the certificate @Lu Zeqing.] Then, the hot search exploded!

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New User.948761 rated it
November 13, 2023
Status: Completed
It was good. A cute story. Nothing crazy. And everything hashed out the way I was expecting.

I thoight the biggest part of the story would be about the transmigration and the conflict with the fake-real master and faceslapping galore. But turns out this story is just a romance story with a sprinkle of conflict. I felt like some loose ends weren’t tied perfectly but it’s okay.
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Sanrsl rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: c0
I think it's an okay read. It's good if you want to read something light and sweet before going to bed haha. It's one of those brainless sweet story without much plot, mainly focused on the dating show mentioned on the title and summary.

There are some plot holes and also foreshadowing that was left unexplained. The Author probably forgot about it, or maybe it was because I MTLed this.

I like the ML, he's not the usual indifferent guy but a proud flower peac*ck (according to MC) lol. The MC is... more>> an independent guy, he doesn't really care about others opinion on him, and he will not give face to the people he doesn't like.

I like other characters too, especially Anran and Mingfei, they deserve the world!>< <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
October 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Should I consider it an interesting read? Not really. Is it light-hearted? Definitely. Is the romance good? It's okay, but the setting of it is weird.

It sets several plotlines up: CP speculation turning into real romance, amnesia, real and fake young master.

But the story fails to deliver in my opinion. Because the setting was fixed at first, we knew for certain what lines to follow, but was it interesting to follow? Questionable. Plus these lines were chipped off and by the end of it we only follow only romance (already... more>> established relationship, but what would it be without a ton of basic romantic stuff).

When I read the synopsis I felt like I read this before. After quick re-read I realized that it is indeed the case. But the problem is that I don't remember much how it progresses later (after all there's too many novels about true and false master and several of them follow quite similar plot, so it's hard to conclude what exactly will happen later), so I had the goal to quickly finish it, write a review and throw it into dumpster.

The starting line will be a bit obvious. It's not like it's fleeting, but paying attention to few deatils sets off the expectations to find out the "truth" later. Often times we get characters who are either traveling to the worlds of novels or they are part of those worlds themselves. Rarer type is when the memory of the main character is f*cked up. And I'm sure anyone who read few chapters will catch on this idea.

1. Fleeting mentioning of Lu Zheqing being in the hospital.
2. Jiang Siyu acts like he knows LZQ, but on the contrary it's LZQ who doesn't recognize people.

You put 2 and 2 together and will figure out that LZQ has something wrong with his memory. More importantly, LZQ considers himself as someone who traveled into this world instead of being the original LZQ, at least this is the impression the novel gives us. So he doesn't realize that he lost his memory. At least this sparks some sort of intrigue of wanting to find out the truth of this matter. This flag is big, but not completely utilized in terms of why he saw some romantic novel and why he was a cannon fodder.

LZQ himself thinks he's in the novel where his character, true master of the Qi family, serves as a control group. Since LZQ is part of entertainment industry to earn money (what for is unknown at the beginning), he takes part in a love variety show where he should be used as a foil for a young master Qi Nan, supposed to be main shou. But suddenly network is full of black material about him. This is a bit disappointing how to cater for story to progress the netizens react one-sidedly and no one questions the credibility of those rumors. And basically no one suspects anything for some time, everything is misinterpreted. Only when LZQ starts to act independently again and again everyone started to react to his actions and the network starts to be filled with praise.

The ML of our story - Jiang Siyu - joins the cast a bit later and here is where some people might find it a bit of a "bad move". Since Jiang Siyu offers a contract to speculate on CP. If you want you can also justify his actions, because Jiang Siyu realized that LZQ does not remember him and their past together, he doesn't remember many things actually. Telling LZQ that they knew each other before and speculate on that will also find obstacles along the way, since LZQ believes that he's not LZQ in this book. JSY is not aware of it, but.. Tbh to cater the progress of this couple I think this is why the speculation on CP exists, so they can slowly figure each other out again without crossing boundries. Is it a bad move? Is it a good move? It's open for debate I think, but part of me can understand the motivation behind it, yet I don't like it (it dragged for quite a bit). At least it's better than novels like "I love you the most in the world", where ML simply pretends to be a boyfriend and also has intimate relationship, while in rl they were not dating prior to amnesia.

We don't explore much of LZQ past, because he doesn't explore it himsef, his past basically finds him on its' own. And that is his family. Since LZQ is like a blank paper, when he's blackmailed he uses the quick move of easily terminating blood-sucking company, exposes his "parents" and moves on. The story of these "parents" explains that LZQ was actually trafficked and lived in a household that prefers sons over daughters, the younger daughter appears to calrify that LZQ is not like what was reported and he earned money to help with her tuition and expenses and she was the first to suspect that these parents trafficked children. The younger brother appears before revelation, during amus**ent park date and he is the one who sells fake info to papparazzi. Condescendingly says that he was picked up from tr*sh. LZQ himself has dreams of the past and being bullied, so we can apply it that this younger brother spread the word. This revelation happens quite quickly tbh and later is brought up when new info about the case is found (but basically it's confirming trafficking, that someone might have been behind it etc.). So after it was over finally LZQ can embark on a journey to success.

But honestly this road will take a while. The novel covers mainly the dating show, its' conclusion and both LZQ and JSY filming one work.

Coming back to fake parents story. Because this story received attention on the Internet, Lu Nianchu, who is LZQ's biological mother, had a chance to finally find her missing son. As it happens often in the novels we sometimes might get these heart-wrenching episodes where we know that LZQ or his parents are near and yet they either have no idea it is about them (LZQ seeing lamps in a temple with the nickname Qiqi) or they miss it completely (like Qi Zeyu, LZQ's brother who hasn't recognized his brother). But when they find him, LZQ refuses to recognize his family: 1. He still has the plot in his head and 2. He doesn't think of himself as original LZQ. Well, some might think that LZQ is too stubborn. But when LZQ suddenly changes his mind and we're in this loving family I felt it was quite fast.

What completely sends the character of the brother to the gutter btw (before it explains what happened to the brother) is that author decided to make Qi Zeyu a bit of a homophobe. And he says it - I'm not homophobe (when it's not directed at him), but acts like one. The problem is that you should explain such stuff quickly (especially in a BL story where a relative is concerned) - Qi Zeyu got traumatised by a roommate who invaded his privacy and acted pe*verted. So this really turned me off quite a bit with the story. I don't see the need of putting it there. Like WHY would you need to make him like this, it doesn't help the story in any way.

Interestingly enough, it's easy to pick up that the current Qi Nan doesn't seem to be the original Qi Nan. The details of him turning away from painting to entertainment are quite obvious, as well as him trying not to draw at all. And the episode of Father Qi saying "Qi Nan is allergic to pineapple" puts a big stop mark and there is no need to guess.

From here on out it's easy to guess how things will develop later and which directions will be explored: relationship, family situation, Qi Nan's true identity.
One thing I can appreciate is that the Qi family were quite cautious in their actions and did not act like brainless couples that are abudnant in such novels who say - well, you can turn back, but you can't replace Qi Nan. If LZQ was aware of the situation of the Qi family, maybe he would not be stubborn to at least come into contact. Qi Nan grew up in the Qi family, everyone knew he was adopted, the one who brought him in was LZQ and the real Qi Nan treated LZQ differently. LZQ's disappearance has nothing to do with switching babies, they all lived together. This is also why Qi family picked up that the current Qi Nan is not the one who grew up with them. Everyone in the Qi family hoped for LZQ's return. It's actually heart-breaking to read how people miss out on each other for decades.

The family relationship was cleared quite soon as I said. Later we get rid off the fake Qi Nan, though it was anticlimactic, he is simply removed from the picture. And the last is the fake relationship that becomes true. During which it finally downed on LZQ that he's the one to whom everything happened. I read one novel before, which played the fake plot better where MC was tired and sleepy and his roommate told him the story, which was written by someone and it was specifically re-written to make him into cannon fodder, but because of his tiredness he believed it at first. Here it's who knows why it was created like this.

Back to relationship. It's a bit of back and forth, because one has feelings for another and another develops feelings. I am weirded out by this speculation contract actually. I sometimes ask myself - is it so boring to write someone being honest.. ? They stumble a bit before confessing their love and the rest is a lot of romance. Honestly, like I felt like it was a lot, the final part is all about it.

There is nothing hardcore about this story, thus it's in the easy category. But it failed to be exciting to me. <<less
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Destiny Slayer
Destiny Slayer rated it
October 11, 2023
Status: c71
This story is good but for me it's a bit boring. Maybe because the face-slapping isn't enough compared to other this type of novel. And the plot is too slow. But there are some twist in the novel.

... more>>

Qi nan is adopted to Qi family (MC real family). When Qi nan was 3 years old, he was abandoned at the hospital by his family because they "can't afford" his medical fees. And he met MC mother + MC, then MC mother decided to sponsor him but not to adopted him into the Qi family. The one who wanted Qi nan to be adopted to the Qi family is MC. After that, Qi nan became good brothers with MC and MC older brother. But when Qi nan 15 or 16 years old, his biological mom want him to come bac to his biological family. Because his biological mom is sick so he leave the Qi family and follow his biological mom and family.



Qi nan have a twin brother named Yan Anxu and a half brother named Yan Mingqian. His stepfather has a business problem, not just financial problem so their family ask Qi nan to go back to Qi family to ask for their help. But Qi nan didn't want to because he feel guilty if he go back to Qi family because he already left Qi family.



So his twin brother, Yan Anxu took Qi nan identity. But when Yan Anxu go to Qi family he didn't ask for help. Rather, he join entertainment industry so that he can find rich men and the break free from his family. So the Qi nan MC met at first chapter and the entire show (couple show) isn't the real Qi nan but his twin brother.



Don't worry, later real Qi nan will exposed his identity so that his twin brother cannot use his identity anymore. MC family will also know that the Qi nan that come back isn't the real Qi nan.



MC has amnesia because of his adoptive parents. MC also have a sister who is abused together by their adoptive parents. The truth is the sister also not the biological child of MC adoptive family.

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September 15, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is sweet. I like the characters development. Slowburn sweetness. All about dating variety show between the ML and MC and starring a movie together.

... more>>

MC have an amnesia, he was pushed down by his adoptive parents (MC was kidnapped by his adoptive abusive parents). Because of this he thought he was inside a book acting as the antagonist cannon fodder of the book.

Qi nan is also MC's adoptive sibling, but QN have an evil twin brother that pretended to be him and hurt MC, but not really that much. He was not really involved with the traffickers.

ML is sweet, they met during High school years, when they were in relationship during hs years MC doesnt know much about MC cause MC doesnt share much info to the ML. So ML only realize after he knows the truth.


There are some parts that are boring. But it was okay, with the twist of story. <<less
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August 19, 2023
Status: c72
There's something interesting somewhere in there, I'm sure.

The description is very misleading, 72 chapters in and nearly all of them are about a variety love show.
I've been skipping more than I actually read because it feels like I'm watching some cheap pseudo-reality show with "stars" no one ever heard of.

Also, there's a heavy focus on how MC/ML look, it gets repeated so often that I can't stand it anymore.

There's so little story, even for a novel heavily focused on the entertainment circle, and key plot-points are copy-pasted from other... more>> novels.

The big mystery is only mentioned in passing, every 20 or so chapters, the remaining chapters aren't enough to wrap it up properly, it can only be rushed like the family drama. I give up.

Good novel if you like cheap variety shows with people who act like stereotypes, not great if you are interested in the transmigration and fake young master aspect, or really any kind of plot. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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