Mr. Zhou Doesn’t Want to Work Hard Anymore!


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Zhou Chenxi was reborn due to an accident. He found himself as a supporting character in a book. In his previous life, he gave up his family’s inheritance in order to pursue his dream in showbiz business, but in the end, all his efforts were for others.

Zhou Chenxi lost his dream and let out a cry of a salted fish,”I don’t want to work hard anymore!”

When he returned to inherit the family business, his agent kept coming to his door.

Agent: ” Are there any variety shows you want to be a part of?”

The paralyzed salted fish Zhou Chenxi: “No. Don’t wanna.” The spots are all for the main characters anyway.

“Do you want to take the XX shampoo endors**ent?”

“No, don’t take it.” It will end up with the protagonist’s signature printed on it anyway.

“How about a TV series invested by Director Lu of Lu’s Group?”

“No….Wait, wait!”

Zhou Chenxi sat up. He remembered this drama, the main character had missed it in his last life because of his schedule but in the end this drama unexpectedly had a small explosion. It was the only chance without the main character involved, Zhou Chenxi turned over from being the salted fish and decided to make one last effort.

Little did he know that he would become famous with this drama. Fans dug up a video of Zhou Chenxi wearing ten dollar slippers, squatting on the side of the road eating pancakes and shouting “I don’t want to work hard anymore” Therefore expressed their heartfelt concern for the boy.

Before filming, Zhou Chenxi quietly posted on his wei bo: [If I don’t get ‘famous’ again, I’ll really have to go back and live with my millions family for the rest of my life.]

Fans thought Zhou Chenxi was joking and said they would ‘top up’ for him and buy up all his endors**ents, only Mr. Lu quietly @ him.

[@周晨兮(Zhou Chenxi) Can I apply to be your billions family fortune?] Then the hot search exploded.

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New mxdberries rated it
February 25, 2024
Status: Completed
Cute story. Doesn't have much drama or conflict. An easy book if a bit dull at times, the last chapters including the extras felt choppy almost summarizing rather than actual action. The relationship between the couple was adorable and doting. The MCs relationship with his family was nice. Though not the usual doting parents but the doting parentified big brother taking over for the parents most of the time hehehe. I liked him.

Translation was good readable if a few gender pronouns mistakes and double paragraphs of same info but I... more>> assume its edited MTL that was proof read.


the extras felt clunky because they went to the ML's OG world but then the next chapter was the family visit after the wedding. I get they were trying to set up the ML'S last business in the OG world was to introduce his beloved to his family but it was abruptly how it went from the main couple sleeping next to each other then boom MC family visit. But honestly ML didnt seem to care much about it I guess it was more for the MC.

the only part I didn't like was the twist near the end. It was better to think they were reborn rather than a weird mix of rebirth and transmigrator

I originally thought it was:

1st life was OG novel with LXH being the protag then 2nd life was ML gaining awareness and trying to change fate by himself against LXH but ultimately failing because the system was in LXH's favor. 3rd run through was MC gaining awareness of this being a book and trying to avoid his bad end. Unaware till midway that ML also has gone through rebirth (twice) and it being too much of an obstacle for LXH to overcome. Ultimately getting a HEA.

That was not the case. MC did gain awareness of his world being a book world but ML was transmigrator (typical read book with similar name as him hut ultimately failed to change the ending of the book) who lost his memories after being reborn since he had no real attachment to his OG life and the first book run through. They started to come back the longer they were together but not confirmed till the end chapters.

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New Neiemi rated it
February 4, 2024
Status: c1
Did not finish book. Stopped at 66%.

2/5; Mediocre and dull story. The author really tries to flesh out characters and create depth/commentary on the rebirth/transmigration genre, but unfortunately it falls flat because it feels more slice-of-life. Also the colorism in chapter 51/52 feel like it came out of nowhere and honestly was so off-putting that I decided to not finish the book.
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Aria0107 rated it
November 3, 2020
Status: c78
I mtled this story in one go after reading the first chapter. Luckily I can say this has entered one of my favorites!

The MC, Zhou Chenxi, is an unlucky small actor and the youngest son of Zhou family, a big conglomerate name. The story starts out with his rebirth and realization that his life is a cannon fodder in a novel. An interesting plot thread develops throughout this story concerning rebirth as big big plot spoilers:

... more>>

there are several other reborn characters who have actually come from another world. I mean this in the sense that they've transmigrated into these novel characters and have been reborn as these novel characters several times.


This is not a rebirth story about face-slapping! It's a story about living a better, happier life in terms of his family, career and love life. It's pure fluff without any abuse or angst whatsoever! Now although this story has acting career development in it, this is foremost a doting romance story with also big doting family emphasis and it executes that sooo well. The progression of the romance from strangers to great friends to lovers is so natural that it feels like they're already in a romantic relationship well before they actually get together, and the confirmation of their relationship was done so naturally without any big hullabaloo. I love stories where the shou mc's love equals that of the ml, and the MC is soooo affectionate in his words and actions:

The MC will keep complimenting the ML that he's so handsome and buy him so many gifts just because. The MC will hug, hold hands, and keep wishing he could see and hang out with ML (aka going on dates because that's what their excursions actually feel like) all the time. The ML can ask 'Do you like me', and the MC will absolutely, positively affirm 'I like you!'. He will also say it in his thoughts! This is all before they're even together! And even after they're together too. Gift-giving is one of the mc's languages of love and the MC comes to think that the ML is the greatest gift that God gave him. Awwwwwww

Just inject that fluff directly into my veins, why don't you.

The MC is an adorable, clumsy, and funny floof that enjoys being a lazy salted fish who doesn't want to work hard but you'll see the type of hard worker he is in his own way, especially for those he cares about. He's the type of earnest person that always puts his loved ones first and that is openly affectionate with those he loves in his thoughts, words and actions. He is not a scheming, petty, nor op character with genius talent. I get tired of characters that ruin others who've yet to make any moves against the MC or who've been considered as the mc's enemy by affiliation. I like characters that have insecurities or flaws like his wanting to be liked or his lack of confidence, because these help to drive their motivations and these characters find ways to face their challenges in some way. With the MC, it's through his communicating with others, his seeking advice and his working hard, thus developing those bonds we are told about into something real and tangible for the readers. The ml, Lu Ji, is a handsome president of an entertainment conglomerate, who is an absolutely doting lover. Like he truly espouses chicken soup for the soul. He is not actually overbearing in any way, maybe in business but not in romance whatsoever. The ML is not possessive, tyrannical, cold, nor pervy. He is independent, capable, responsible, sensible, encouraging, and plays along with the mc's nonsense in good humor. He also has his own worries about the MC and getting along with the mc's family. Like the MC, he too is beaten down by lack of luck (big big spoilers) :


This is the second time he's been reborn as he's had to continually be beaten down by the Lu family, the novel's true protagonist, etc. Over again. Getting to know the MC in this third life has been his greatest luck.


The mc's big brother, Zhou Mingxuan, also has a big presence in this novel as the actual cold overbearing president but doting older brother who helped raise the MC. I like how he disses the MC like a sibling would, but dotes and coaxes when MC faces conflicts or when he's unintentionally poked at the mc's insecurity. He's one of the mc's biggest support systems and his biggest fan. That said, he is overprotective about the MC. <<less
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Arrange rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: Completed
"Working hard may not be successful, but not working hard will always be easy."

My God, I'm just two chapters in and dude already called out my overall academic performance.

I don't think I have to write an in-depth review here, there's already a kind reader who already did that upstairs.

... more>> So I'll just express my opinion on the story.

Personally, I love fluff. Even if you gave me dog poop and cover it with fluff, I might just pinch my nose and give that story a solid 3.5 stars. But thankfully this story was good. This wasn't dog waste but high-quality dog food.

Honestly, the multi-transmigration concept was novel only the first time, now it's kinda overused. I kinda prefer the single-transmigration now.

I'm driving off towards another tangent again, sorry. Let's resume.

The lazy MC who's secretly insecure had hit a home run for me. I felt attacked, ok?

The MC's family is just gold. And big brother is just so supportive my heart cannot-

ML is great. GREAT. I thank the heavens whenever I see a non-overbearing cold president.

Don't get me wrong. I love that trope. But that thing is so overused even Facebook moms quote it in their minion-themed posts. Trust me, I saw that. It wasn't nice. <<less
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Yojiyi rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: c10
I think I'll never get tired of ''Cannon Fodder reborns but this time does their best to survive'' trope. Our MC realises that he is extremely unlucky whenever he's around the OG protagonist Luo Xinghe so he does his best to avoid him but Luo Xinghe still follows him anyway.


Luo Xinghe is aware that his luck actually comes from Zhou Chenxi; he's basically a parasite.


It's a good premise, I'll keep following the development of the story.
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ylial rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Good story! Though not in my top but It's fluff and hilarious. Not recommended for those who like face-slapping since this is not revenge novel. This more of a slice of life so there are idle or boring moments.

MC is naive and isn't vengeful eventhough he knows about the protagonist whereas the ML is always there to rescue the MC. Eventually, I want to ship Zhou Mingxuan (MC's brother) with the ML XD

There are multiple transmigration and reincarnation here

... more>>

Novel protagonist - transmigrated from another world and reborn again

MC - died and reborn. He is the world consciousness

ML - reincarnated twice (lived for 3 lifetimes). He deduced that in the first life is different protagonist. Whereas in his 2md and 3rd life are the same. But in reality, he is also a transmigrator without a memory of his past life.

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ike_00000 rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: c13
So far it's alright. ML is attracted to MC too easily, and also the plot doesn't really make sense. A big president, the investor of a variety TV show, goes on the show himself yet doesn't even get first pick of rooms??? What type of busy president would go in the first place smh

Character settings are also too convoluted, and not in a great way. Like the Orig!Protagonist, he's transmigrated + reborn. So then if he already lived LQH's life once as popular and famous, shouldn't he also have the... more>> skills and knowledge to make it big much faster? Why's he puddling in murky waters and struggling so much then. <<less
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SpicaGG rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Ugh shouldnt have read first now I'm too curious about the story!!! It's funny and really interesting. Usually I don't prefer entertainment story cos it can get kinda boring... but I really like these few chps.

2 days later:Since I really cant wait I just MTL the novel.I like it!It's fluffy and cute. Altho I think this is more shonen ai cos there's no smut. The chps are just right, short and sweet. Thank u for the translator for introducing this novel!
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anjellyfeesh rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: Completed
  • MC:
... more>>

I thought he was the Og MC but apparently, he's the world consciousness? I'm not entirely sure how it works since I don't know if the novel the MC read is accurate, especially after the transmigrator entered their world and created some changes for two, almost three times already.


I have no complaints about the MC. He's a sweet guy that just wants to work with his own ability to achieve his dreams. Instead of relying on his family's wealth and power, he's more focused on his acting and his goals. While he's doing his best to avoid the Og MC, he actually doesn't hate the guy. Instead, he's afraid of him and just questions why the Og MC is acting weirdly.

While yes, he can be dumb but he's the kind of dumb that you find cute and funny. Him being dumb is not a bad thing. He's a positive person (except when his luck and family are being threatened) and feels like a normal guy. He's relatable (excluding his wealth lmao) and knows how to cook since he lived a life without using his family name to soar in the entertainment industry.

It's refreshing to read after all the OP MC that is smart, talented, and has everything. That's one more thing, he is not magically good at acting just because he read the novel. Instead, he has passable acting but he's very passionate about it. He might be dumb for comedic effect but when it comes to his job, he's really smart and good at understanding the character he wants to play.


It's a bit sad that he doesn't have too much confidence in himself. It's harmless teasing between brothers but because of his upbringing, he sometimes thinks that he's not good at what he's doing so he gets really flustered when complimented.

And because he was unlucky and targeted, his confidence got even worse.


  • ML:
I thought he'll be the typical cold ML but so far, he's really soft and gentle. He's respectful to people and finds the MC funny. He actually has a good reason for not being too close to the Og MC.


He apparently lived the same thing two times already so he knows that the fake Og MC is not as kind as he portrays himself to the public.

And apparently, he's also a transmigrator although it isn't sure if he's from the same world where the other transmigrator came from. He doesn't remember who he was in his past life.


He doesn't fall for the MC at first sight (thank God). Instead, he was attracted because the MC is naturally funny with his opinions of being a salted fish. They became friends first since they're more focused on their goals.

He knows the MC has the skills but lacks the confidence so he simply advises him to work harder.

  • "Og" MC:

Fake Og MC although I don't know if the body he's in is even the original MC or not, considering what he is. That's one of the confusing part, to be honest. And the author just added some quick explanation by the end that still has some plot holes so, whatever I guess.

A very cunning, greedy, and shameless character. He was an actor in his previous life before he transmigrated in the novel. He chased the MC away by stealing the MC's "luck" and destroyed his life by targetting his family.

He ruined a lot of people for the sake of being famous and powerful. He's so addicted to the feeling, he didn't mind doing it all over again but fortunately, the MC finally got his "luck" back.

He's so shameless, he thinks the MC is stealing his "luck" away even though it isn't his to begin with.

With that said, I'm really disappointed about how s*upid he is despite how cunning he is supposed to be whenever he's mentioned. There are so many ways to ruin the MC and ML but he never used it.

So I find him mildly annoying than anything, really. His downfall is his own doing. Had he been smarter and worked harder, he would've still been a popular actor in the industry. Instead, he wanted to take shortcuts simply because he's too arrogant to see that he's still human and can also fall from grace once everyone knows what kind of person he is. The MC and ML didn't have to do anything.

By the end of the novel, I'm still annoyed at him for being s*upid enough to think he's the center of the world but I also pity him (a little bit).

Also, the reason why I placed "__" on luck is because of the chapters that revealed that it isn't all about luck why MC got ruined.


  • What I think of the novel:
I don't mind that the MC and ML has a smooth sailing life in this novel once we consider how bad they got it in the past. Although there are some chapters where I find it quite unrealistic how no one questions their sudden relationship in a negative light, I quickly got over it. All in all, the novel feels like a healing story for the characters who suffered a lot because of one person.

Also, if I were to choose who's my favorite character, I have to say the MC's older brother. He's so freaking hilarious.

To end my review, I'll just write down a good line that the MC thought of while working hard to repay the ML's efforts:

" Who says hard work is useless? Hard work is to prove that all luck in this world can be created." <<less
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mikumiku_100 rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5

Fluffy and funny. The plot is not its strong point and had some plotholes here and there. But the comedy and fluff makes you stay.

... more>>

I'm kind of getting the impression that the MC is originally the supposed protagonist of the virtual world they are in (in the book) that's why that aggressive transmigrator (forgot his name) could steal luck frok him. I also find it weird that, let's just call him L (the aggressive transmigrator) can easily transmigrate just because he wished for it (he even managed to unintentionally drag ML into transmigrating too). Doesn't that mean that anyone can transmigrate in a virtual world as long as they wished to? Won't that result to a hundreds or thousands of transmigrators? Isn't the world's rules kind of loose? So yeah, one of the plotholes.. Or I'm kind of overthinking it xD.


The romance is slow burn and I don't think it mentioned that they papapaed, which is sad. Well, they have good and healthy relationship so that's fine.

So yeah, this is a good read if you're looking for good vibes to pass the time. If you're looking for a great plot and interesting stuff, I think this is not for you. <<less
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Psychoutre rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: c14
MTL'd which was doable.

I guess this was written mainly for comedy? But it doesn't really succeed being funny. MC is foolish and is prone to accidents due to bad luck. And we have ML who seemingly offsets that bad luck. I'm not entirely sure why ML goes out of his way to care for the MC thanks to two encounters..

It's pretty boring, MC has been pampered all his life and is now an owner of a golden finger.
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waiting for it to rain
waiting for it to rain rated it
October 22, 2021
Status: --
its a pretty entertaining novel! I enjoyed the first ten chapters - however, I think i'll probably go on hiatus on it because after the translator switched, the translation became a bit wonky. I'm grateful that the current translator picked it up but reading it is a bit tiring.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yumeru rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: Completed

MC is tired of working hard😂 but anyways he still did his best with Ml's chicken soup for the soul hahaha. I like his family and M'l's very supportive. There's some twist in how he suddenly knows the story. A good light read and fluff.
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Mairin rated it
September 2, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a fun and healing novel for me haha. It is best to read after reading too much dog blood and face slapping novels that keeps boiling my blood. So my rating is because I just read this novel at the right time... Or else its most likely only 4 stars lol. Best read if you're only passing time without caring about the plot and want to take a break from all heavy drama novels.

MC is absolutely a baby and I love him so much hahaha he's... more>> such a cutie that it makes this novel easy to read. Its full of fluff and high quality dog food that makes me glad that author didn't drag much the story. Quite lacking in some aspect but still give enough details.

The antagonist is an absolute parasite that thinks he's the owner of the world lmao. I'm quite thankful that he's easily dealt with or else he'll continue to piss me off. He ruined a lot of lives before this timeline that he deserves more punishment but this is a light hearted novel so I'll let it pass, he's sent to mental facility anyway.

Btw my absolute favorite is big bro hahaha I love him so much that I want one. Too bad he's still a single dog 'till the end. He's such a parent to MC that he basically raised him without their own parents hahaha. It's actually a miracle that father and mother Zhou manage produced such good boys with them being an incapable parents lol. Maybe their genes are just good and also with the guidance of old man Zhou in cultivating ZMX and treasuring MC. <<less
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PhoenixPlume320 rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: --
It's not bad... But it's pretty average as far as reborn MC's are in entertainment novels.

MC is the silly/s*upid honest type, ML is the average doting type, the original reborn MC is the scheming type, the family is the stern but softhearted type.... You get the idea.

It's pretty fluffy all considered. Some of the logic seems forced sometimes (like some characters are 'oblivious' to things even if it's super super obvious) but I find it's like that for a lot of Chinese novels. Like, you wouldn't keep thinking the ML... more>> is straight & in love with a girl if you already knew he was part of the original MC (who's a scheming guy) harem right? Since he belonged to a (Male) MC's harem, you'd think the ML would at least be bi or gay right?

So it's an okay novel to read if you need to relax and stop using your brain for a sec. <<less
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erialolita rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: --
Cute and fluffy. Dragged a bit in the last 15 chapters or so but the MC is too cute

First novel I've read in a while where I liked the MC and the ML, even the brother wasn't too overbearing.

MC is silly, honest and a bit shameless. No face slapping, which was refreshing for me as I just came from a darker story.

ML was interesting, his past experiences should have made him closed off to everyone ... more>>

I mean he basically had memories of 3 lives


The brother I thought was going to be annoyingly in the way, was actually really cute. He listened to the MC when it mattered. I just wish he had got his special someone too.

All the side characters were meh but I didn't read this for depth and realism.

The original MC of the book was pretty 1 dimensional, thought the author could have done more with him. Not necessarily to make more drama, but more insight into him.

basically he gets put in a mental hospital and forgotten about


I MTLd it and it wasn't the worst but I know I missed somethings and other times some passages were confusing but I muddled along okay. A lot of the #hashtags didn't auto translate so I had to look them up or just skip them. It was funny though how sometimes the ML's name would translate to "cum" threw me off more than once haha. <<less
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JustAki rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: Completed
That's a damn lot of plot twists lmao.

It's really cute and fluffy, there's only a bit of drama, just a bit but it's not really that much of dog blood. The plot is good, the writing is okay, the romance is not too slow or too fast.

Very easy to mtl too.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
timma rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: c8
Multiple rebirth stuff was too confusing. Honestly setting itself was a bit confusing too. Like he left home and cut contact in past life but he's fine now? His memory's of the past are his family treating him well outside of them disliking acting profession.. Anyways too hard to follow (and the translators notes constantly broke the flow of the story).
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December 24, 2023
Status: Completed
The first translator (30 chapters) was excellent and I enjoyed the story to that point

The second part was MTL and became hard to read, ... more>>

it was to the point where I had to go back and reread chapters to find plot points I missed

Also, the names were often incorrect, the genders of characters switched, and some chapters had repeating paragraphs


I lost interest in the plot after chapter 50 and struggled to finish


First, The MC was reborn, in a book, then we find out the ML was reborn several times. Then the ML became a transmigrator, not originally part of the book, and somehow he got stuck in the plot and kept being reborn. Then the MC became the awakened soul of the book’s world... too many twists

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dianille rated it
November 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Okay, 3.8 ⭐. The story is quite mediocre and rather uninteresting, but I still managed to read the whole novel, so there's that I guess? The resolution of the conflict with the antagonist was way too quick. The antagonist's backer was taken down so early, there's not even a struggle. Basically, it's boring. I don't really mind the main characters, but the author's writing is rather shallow.
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HopeToLiveInPeace rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: Completed
I don't know how to write reviews properly, and I don't speak English well, so I'll keep it short. This story captured me and I truly love it. MC and ML are very cute and fluffy. This story will go down as one of my favorites.
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J.A.M. rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I sometimes MTL'd some novel but I'm not used to it so I didn't felt the novel that much.

But I can say that I like this one. MC and ML is so sweet! The story is funny and the twist is within expectation.

I wish I can read it with proper translation.
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