After Retiring From The Entertainment Industry, I Became The Real Young Master Of A Luxurious Family


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Lu Wenxing was very confused, obviously he had a beautiful face which was admired by everyone in the entertainment industry, he could sing, dance and act, but he still wasn’t popular.


He had a dream.

In the dream he was just a character in a book, the ending was already predetermined.

All his efforts were worthless under the aura of the main character Wen Yu.

Because –

He was a cannon fodder that set off the main character.

Lu Wenxing didn’t want to be a sidekick, so he handed a letter of termination of contract to the agent. The next day, he accidentally became popular because of a video.

[Ah!!! I can’t believe it, such a cute brother!] [Crowdfunding small brother’s debut, please! ! ! 】

Who was planning to leave the entertainment industry? ? ?

The entire C city knew that the Wen family had a little prince who was loved by thousands of people, and his birthday party was so flamboyant and extravagant that it made the headlines.

But what they didn’t know was that Wen Yu wasn’t the youngest prince of the Wen family. And the real young prince was abducted at an early age and hadn’t been found.

When the paternity test report came out, the Wen family couldn’t wait to find Lu Wenxing, but they were afraid of scaring him.

“Xingxing, do you remember mommy?”

“Xingxing, I’m dad, does that ring a bell?”

“Xingxing, call me brother.”

#Shocking news! The popular star Lu Wenxing is actually the lost little prince of the Wen family! #

[Ahhhhh! Prince choose me, I’m super sweet!] [All of you should leave, I’m the real Crown Princess!] The movie star Gu Yanshen, who hasn’t sent a single tweet in months, quietly went online: @LuWenxing, the little prince, is mine.

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udon princess
udon princess rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: Completed
A big thank you to the translator for bringing this book to my attention! I hope to be able to re-read this novel one day with your translations rather than MTL ^^

[SPOILER=Review]I loved this novel! I don't know if I'd say it was anything groundbreaking, but it was really sweet and cute. I'd recommend this if you're looking for something light and a sweet BL entertainment circle novel whose focus is on the growth of the relationship between the MC and ML. There's not really too much (if any) drama/misunderstandings/angst... more>> between the main couple, and if there are any, they are typically resolved quickly.

As I'm reading from MTL, some of my comments or opinions could be wrong or more lenient. The MTL for this story was actually pretty good though.

While the MC was not overwhelmingly OP, he was a bit of a gary-stu. It wasn't annoying for me, and it definitely wasn't on the level of, say, the MC from QWFoD, but everyone (save for some black fans, antagonists) mentioned likes him, and he's pretty much able to handle anything that comes his way. He's not magically good at everything -- he puts in the work for all his skills, and you can see evidence of him working hard to polish his acting, etc -- but it's definitely basically a smooth ride to the top for him. But OP MCs are my guilty pleasure so take everything I'm saying with a grain of salt lol. (Honestly, I've read so many OP MC novels on this website that my scale is probably a little off for people who DON'T like that kind of stuff) They also didn't really encounter much opposition from their fans when they announced it (at least not that is shown in the novel), which might is unrealistic, but fits in with what I wanted from this novel.

Minor gripe:

LWX has singing/dancing skills but it's not really developed on outside of a minor "wow MC is so talented!!" and a small part of the first variety show. It's because LWX doesn't really want to go the idol route, he just wants to act, but as someone who wants the MC to be a triple-threat superstar I was a little disappointed.

As a side note, I know a lot of people tend to dislike the Weibo/netizen comments, but I tend to like it because I enjoy reading about everyone's reactions to the events that occur, especially since I think fan opinions are very important for people in the entertainment industry. I didn't feel as if there was an overwhelming amount of netizen comments -- it felt like it was there when it should have been, and absent when it shouldn't -- but it is present in this novel, for those who are totally against it.

I think what made this novel stand out from the trove of entertainment novels out there would be the relationship dynamic between the MC and ML. They just had such insane chemistry to me, and their flirting often took the form of banter, which is always a plus. Most of all, they understood each other and took care of each other, but they didn't restrict the other from doing what they wanted.


The only exception to this that I can remember right now would probably be the people (including the ML) around the MC restricting what foods he ate since the MC tended to overeat sweets. Some people might view this as problematic/controlling or like they're treating the MC as a child, but I personally didn't feel like it was disrespectful or controlling, but rather a show of love/care. The restriction wasn't out of a fear that he'd be fat, but that it would be too unhealthy.


Although MC is often portrayed in a more innocent light, he wasn't s*upid, and he tended to give as good as he got. He was bold in the way that you'd expect of someone around his age, and actually initiated a lot of the growth in their relationship. Their relationship was just so cute!! I was right there with the netizens eating the dogfood and waiting for sugar. There weren't any cannon fodder competitors for love either.

Another thing that I want to highlight about this novel is the lack of discrimination towards females. (Or at least, it wasn't obvious enough for me to pick up while I was casually reading.) I notice that a lot of BL stories will either have vicious and flat female cannon fodder villains that do all sorts of crazy things to the MC for the ML, a bunch of women portrayed as gold-diggers and sl*ts, or just no women in general. Although unspoken rules/gold masters were mentioned several times, it wasn't a huge part of the story, and it wasn't specifically targeting women. The women in this story were supportive of the relationship and the MC/ML had several female friends. (At least, I'm pretty sure they were female. MTL can sometimes be tricky about that.)

An overview of the plot:

Our MC, Lu Wenxing, has a dream that he's the cannon fodder of an entertainment novel. He decides to retire from the entertainment circle in order to avoid the death of his friends and family, but through a series of coincidences, ends up being picked by the ML, Gu Yanshen, to join him as GYS' guest on a variety show. He ends up becoming popular and our leads get closer over the course of the show. GYS ends up inviting him to audition for a movie that GYS is going to act in, and though LWX initially refuses due to his intention to retire, he ends up accepting and getting the part. GYS also helps him break off his contract with LWX's current entertainment company. As the story progresses, they continue to work together, either because GYS invites LWX, or because GYS accepts an invitation since he heard LWX was going to be there. As all of this is happening, LWX ends up coincidentally meeting members of the Wen family (who, as you would expect, owns a corporation with multiple subsidiaries, and is extremely rich and powerful), who discover he is actually their long-lost son. He had been kidnapped as a child, and the Wen family had always been investigating his disappearance. The active investigation into the kidnapping mostly occurs in the background, since LWX is filming, but occasionally the POV changes to Wen Zheng (MC's older brother) to give us more information on what is occurring. LWX is aware of events but is not actively helping. The novel ends with the couple getting engaged, though the extras go into the marriage and the variety show the couple joins together (the variety show is a game variety show where multiple married couples are competing against each other.)


The events behind the kidnapping and the mastermind:

It's hinted pretty early on, but the mastermind of LWX's kidnapping was actually Wen Yu, the MC in LWX's dream. He actually transmigrated into this world as a kid. It's a little unclear from MTL whether LWX was actually supposed to be kidnapped, but based on what I can interpret the LWX was supposed to just be scared, but something went wrong and LWX was brought away by a couple from the orphanage. WY's original plan was to make LWX be reliant on him so that he could be adopted into the Wen family. Instead, he is merely taken care of financially (not actually adopted) by the Wen family due to a separate incident. It is revealed that the orphanage is actually trafficking orphanages by having a fake couple come to "adopt" them and bring them elsewhere.


The novel:

The dream that LWX has about the novel is fake. It was a result of his roommate/friend talking to him about a novel that he read, but LWX doesn't remember the conversation and thus thinks it's real. In actuality, the world IS one from a novel, and only WY knows the original novel because he transmigrated into it after having read it. In that original novel, LWX was the MC. The novel that his roommate/friend read was actually based on information that the author (a later friend of LWX, named Cheng Xuan) got from WY, who CX thought was his friend. WY had actually just befriended him because CX was a successful author/scriptwriter in the original world, but thanks to WY changing events, CX was traumatized as a child (he was present when LWX got kidnapped) and he wasn't great at writing initially. It's only after LWX helps him break out of his shell a little bit that CX becomes a successful author/scriptwriter. LWX (and WZ, since LWX tells him) later think that WY has rebirthed/transmigrated, though they are rightfully disbelieving. They don't ever confront WY about it though.


If you read my entire review, wow. I hope it was/will be a little help to you! I didn't mean to write an essay lol but I did want to write something a little more in-depth since there aren't many reviews for this book yet. I'll probably re-read this when it's translated and edit my review if needed. Sorry for how dry my spoilers were! I didn't want to give too much away, but I also wanted to make sure there was a spoiler for the plot if someone wanted it, so it ended up becoming a really bland summary. I really did like this novel though! It made me laugh and feel good, which... isn't the highest of standards, so I suppose that isn't saying much. Have a nice day! <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: Completed
What a coincidense! I just read this one in June and it was actually picked up. Wonderful. Good things should be shared :)

This story is quite easy when you just want to have a leisure read and enjoy. It has an unusual twist to it, which was unexpected. I also really loved the relationships, between Wenxing and Yanshen, but also between Wenxing and his biological parents. The text is a bit inspirational path to success and be against a transmigrator.

I really liked the idea how author wrapped up the... more>> whole cannon fodder story and a true story. Although it was indeed a bit silly, but the consequences of that silliness were quite huge tbh, for MC that is.

SPOILERiSh AHEAD. At first you'd believe that MC actually was a cannon fodder in the story, but when you reach a certain revelation, you realize that MC was just under the impression of a written story his roommate shared with him and MC was in truly bad state to distinguish between reality and falsehood. Which created his initial impression of being a cannon fodder and wish to leave entertainment, but actually worked as a warding shield against several truly bad things happening to him. That's how he got together with ML in the first place and Yanshen is the one who inspired him to continue to study and work.

MC also meets his biological parents and finds out the truth about himself. I love this part because it wasn't handled in an abrupt way of - you're our son, let's go home. His parents were really respectful and probing at first finding if Wenxing knew he was adopted, if he looked for them, does he want to go back at all. This was really nice. First parents in a long run that know they lost their son and found it, but love the child and want their child to make a choice bu himself. And it also uncovers the truth how Wenxing was lost and who was responsible for it. And that is Wen Yu of course.

Wen Yu transmigrates as an adult into a young boy's body. He basically knows the story of Wen family (which is the initial true story that supposed to happen) and wants to substitute one of the children. His initial thought wasn't about harming Wenxing, because he was most jealous of the girl who originally was supposed to be adopted by the Wen family and become a little princess of the Wens. Thanks to Wen Yu this idea fell through and he took her place (not really, he conspired with the orphanage, made it look like he was kidnapped instead of Wenxing so Wens would feel sorry for him). It kind of worked, but also didn't reach his goal. His later plan of scaring Wenxing, so Wenxing would be dependent on him ended up badly and the kidnappers dropped Wenxing into the river where he later was picked up. Wenxing didn't remember who he was and later started to search for his biological parents. His adoptive parents also treated him well and he grew up in a good environment. While this happened Wen Yu thought he won the lottery, but although his plan was half success, it was also a big failure. Wenxing's brother always was sceptical about Wen Yu and although Wen Yu later used the status of Wen family to his advantage, Wens never supported or cared about him, they gave him education and everything needed, but when found he was the one responsible for their child to be lost, you can imagine how it backfired on Wen Yu.

In general it's a well-crafted novel and it's worth spending time if you're in this type of story. Personally I'd give it 4, 5/5 :) <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Very Gary-Sueish. The plot is a bit all over the place and some logic doesn’t make sense. The MC and his family’s interactions are actually the only enjoyable element about this. Even the ML couldn’t come close. And seriously, making the “cannon-fodder” who took MC’s “spot in the family” evil? That plot is sooo overused. Like please, if you’re gonna do it, do it good.

Anyways, it’s an okay read. Not the best, something that’ll you can just start in a night and finish the next morning if you want. A... more>> little of a waste of time, but if you don’t feel like doing anything, this might be a good option.

I am criticizing this novel pretty harshly, but it’s not horrible written. It just follows too many cliches and is not very well constructed to be praised. <<less
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JustHannahK rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall it focuses on showbiz, the ML trying to pursue MC and a little family appearance. Very sweet and cute. Theres a bit if a drama but doesnt really made an impact to MC.

ML is a little extra every time there is a family outing where mc's parents and brother want to bond with MC he'll go there and steal the spotlight. Always like that for a couple of chapters. But I guess that is how it was supposed to be with him chasing the MC.


All in all im waiting for this to be translated since my brain froze reading the mtl.
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Hell rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: c20
There’s some pretty good reviews out here and I’m sure, considering the writing and plots and hints established so far, they actually are more realistic and faithful to this novel than mine, but I just can’t take this romance so I’m dropping this.

In less than 20 (short!) chapters, MC and ML already went from “strangers and at most acquaintances” to “yes, I’m jealous of him and blush every time he’s near”, and although that can be handled well in most novels, it simply feels rushed and awkward to me and... more>> I can’t get over this. Plus, the fact ML completely disregards MC’s decision of quitting the entertainment industry and keeps pushing him again and again just doesn’t stick with me. If he wants to quit, then he must have his reasons right? Well, according to ML, no (which is frankly s*upid).

Plus, somehow MC has two sides of a same personality, laidback and uninterested X obedient and shy, that swing back and forth like a pendulum whenever he’s with ML, which seriously gives me whiplash, and is never acknowledged anywhere. And ML’s characterization is not that solid either...

3 stars from delightful writing and the potential, the deducted stars are from character consistency and emotional construction being severely lacking. <<less
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Mairin rated it
July 1, 2022
Status: Completed
I almost forgot to write a review lmao... Anway...

I do really love this even tho there are some flaws but it doesn't affect much the reading experience. I just find it bland with how they dealt with that green tea b*tch, it's not satisfying (I want BLOOD lol jk just not intense enough). Plus the side characters haven't given a chance to shine. I love it when the side characters are given more life to liven up the story so yah.

I love both MC and ML tho, they have a... more>> certain charm that'll make you like them. Plus MC's family, either his adoptes or real one are lovely. They are so supportive and genuinely love MC. On ML side, he have parents with terrible parenting skills lmao his stepmother did a better a job than those two even tho they're not that close due to ML's resistance to his s*upid father. MC and ML both have cute and lovable brothers tho, I'm so glad it's not a type to story where brothers tries to kill each other lmao.

Anyway its a good read for casual reading. And I love that last extra featuring a somewhat parallel world where MC and ML met earlier. <<less
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Kassandra rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a light novel. The conflict was really light, and this has just 100+ chapters.

I finished this on mtl, which is readable naman.

I like this one, I feel like in the book the world consciousness was trying hard to fight back and bring the plot back to its original trajectory.

Which it did. And it's really nice.

I recommend this to people who love entertainment industry, bl, and fluff.


Gu Yanshen, the male lead, his parents didn't deserve to have a child like him.


Bye, Xing Xing ~

Bye, Shen Shen ~

Enjoy your happy married life!
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gryffinpuff rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: c45
Who is the actual transmigrator? Is it really a dream-novel story? Was someone reborn? The author manages to keep the story a bit intriguing so far - MC was kidnapped as a child, his family is trying to figure out the chain of events and the 'suspense' revolves around the whos/whys of the antagonist.

MC's both the real and adopted families are very warm, and each interaction is very sweet, and they are respectful and thankful to each other.

MC is a good kid, and the ML, who while not being a... more>> bully, is usually cold to everyone but MC. Rest is the usual showbiz story with ML getting interested at first sight, helping MC out, working together again and again and again, chasing after MC, lots of Weibo comments (though not as inane in other novels) etc... <<less
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omgquiznak rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: Completed
The overall story wasn’t bad, there are things that I find weird, but there’s a decent ML, a not s*upidly dense MC, the romance and plot line are nice. It won’t be anything groundbreaking if you have ever read this genre before, but it’s a nice and simple read. It doesn’t focus on awards and praising the MC to heaven, so there’s that.

The MC personality changes halfway, from uninterested and lazy to sweet, smart, cute and everything nice. I’m guessing the author originally went for a uninterested and lazy MC,... more>> but halfway they (probably accidentally) started to write him more cute-ish and then his personality fell apart and changed. It’s the only major thing I have against this novel. At least the MC isn’t OP (i think). <<less
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Kana Ranka
Kana Ranka rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: Completed
This Danmei is quite refreshing because it is light, the plot is slow and the slide of life is.

Tells about the world of Chinese showbiz with all its conflicts. MC & ML did not fall in love immediately. It was only in the latter half, that they realized that they liked each other.

The added value of this danmei is that they don't slander each other and there is rarely s*upid behavior from MC and ML.

Then drama in the story! It means that there are several series of films that the... more>> MC plays which are even more interesting than the main story of the MC himself. Xd9

MTL quite easy to read :) <<less
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YeYueLiang rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall the novel it's interesting, not much misunderstanding that only get you bored the most of the time.

in my opinion its a good novel, not the best but very good.

i was getting tired of novels with too much drama.
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jiral rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: --
What's a useless transmigated ML. Second chapter, the time was in your hands to repute and say to whoever are present -- facing Wang Man -- "where's the signed contract termination?" -- and then face the protagonist -- "he's your fan (pointing to Weizi) and he wants your autograph" then storm your way hella out of there -- this should have put an end to it but what did he do? And there he was saying in chapter 1 that he'll have nothing to do with the protagonist. This is... more>> unbelievably s*upid. No normal transmigrated person (well, it was a cliche' one everytime, saying that he does not have a choice -- what a shitty explanation) will walk that path the ML is heading to if he even has an ounce of brain. <<less
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Common_people rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c104
It's pretty good. Kinda cute and sweet. The storyline is pretty common. But it still hook me to read it until the end. Some part is a Lil bit fresh for me, but still.. Some plot hole and some plot familiar for me so.. Sometimes I feel a Lil bored. But If I didn't read this kind of story before, I can give it more stars. It's about reborn thingy, knowing this life is actually a book and you are the Canon fodder with tragic ending, but then you relize... more>> that it's not that simple like what you know.

The MC is pretty calm, warm and Sharp. And the ML is cold-indiferent kind hearted person with slow development EQ. It's recommended for you if you want some light reading time. <<less
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August 2, 2021
Status: --
Lol the title made me think this was JP at first. Anyways, this seems extremely fluffy so I’ll wait til there are more chapters before reading
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
katsudone rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a decent novel. Not good, not bad either. Somewhere in the middle.

Personally I think the author could have just ended the main story at chapter 92, because the rest of chapters (93 - 104) are more like extra than main chapter. For the extra chapters (105 - 114), they're ok but could have been MORE better IF the author only write 4 extra chapters instead of 10 chapters. Maybe it's just me, but overall it's an okay novel to read.
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WallEyeKnee rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn't think I was going to read this, but the reviews seems okay so I gave it a shot.

I like Xing Xing, he is the type of no BS type character, straight in your face polite, yet reasonable. Take it or leave it. Very strong personality with softness that blends well with his personality. Gu Yan Shen I think he was interesting but like every other *film emperor they get reduced from a cool cold demeanor to like a loving sticky lapdog by the end. I still can't tell... more>> he's smart or dumb sometimes because the way he reacts to somethings. Did he really graduate with 2 masters ? He seems really slow some times when it comes to realizing things.

The Wen family is really the highlight of the novel, I did shed tears when they keep bringing up when Xing Xing went missing and how heart broken it was for them. I shed a few tears during those chapters. They are really loving and understanding family, how they support each other and how they love each other. When Mum found Xing Xing, the emotional internal dialogue had me weeping, how hard it must been for her after so many years and facing him out of no where, yet she can still be so considered looking at the big picture,

The transmigrating green tea Wen Yu is really disappointing, he had all the novel knowledge, yet really didn't accomplish anything, when he realize he couldn't get anything out of the Wen family shouldn't he just do something else and build his own empire, so dumb the way he really operates through out the novel. But Brother Wen is so hardcore, he's the smartest person in the novel they way he operates, gave me chills. My second favourite character in the novel after Xing Xing

Near the 3/4 mark I did felt the novel was dragging on for too much, I did lose interest and hope it wraps ups. I did hope maybe Brother Wen finds his love interest and that could be a good read. I was not that interest in Gu Yan Shen's backstory. Xing Xing's background story can't be beaten, so it like rubber meeting rock.

Overall A really smooth sailing story with no much threats because of how OP XingXing and his family are. Romance might be a bit boring side, but the family and Xing Xing's funny antics keep me going sometimes. It's a good read not the best but you can still enjoy it. <<less
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txtluv rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: Completed
love this so much, wen yu is just too evil, , , , , likeeee he wants everything to be his QAQ but wenxing and yanshen are too sweet, I love them so much, , , , , this one is recommended too, kinda confusing but the plot is unique QUQ
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ariski rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I completed this danmei recently in and feel that this is a kind of reincarnation or transmigration danmei with a unique concept. MC has many advantages as an entertainer but he is misused by his agent who works with criminals. The MC who knew about how this story would end chose to leave the entertainment world but his meeting with ML made a new path and brought back the original path of the novel where MC and ML actually walked.

About our MC

... more>>

He is a talented and hardworking young man, beyond his talents in drawing, dancing, singing and also acting. His calm personality became a side I really liked at first, but when it started the plot between him, the villain and ML. I'm a little disappointed with the instability of the characters, I mean a little awkward to see the changes in the middle of the chapter when I already really like the plot. He also quickly became acquainted with the author of his villain-directed novels about him and gradually I found this to be a brainless plot as time went on.


About The ML


This is the first time after reading hundreds of danmei books, I feel that the ML sucks. He is like a stalker and continues to feel jealous of everyone who is near the MC while they have not confirmed their relationship. The ML character doesn't seem to develop and I feel he is more annoying than the villain in this story. And the development of their relationship from strangers, to business partners and finally lovers is very strange, their relationship feels awkward in developing and I am a little annoyed because every time MC wants to strengthen his relationship with his biological family, ML always interferes. Whether it's stalking him or being jealous of the MC's brother or even being angry with the MC's friends. Ah I can't stand this kind of character.


About The Villains


The villains have great scenarios but I am very disappointed how they make the villains look weak in capture and how MC's brother (my favorite character) exposes his crimes in such a way. It's true that the antagonist in this story transmigrates and does everything to change the story for his own benefit, but I don't expect this to be something trivial after the crime plot he commits is so extraordinary, especially since he managed to keep the MC back home for more than 16 years (MC disappeared when 4 or five years old)


About MC adoptive family and biological


I really like this family picture, even though the features of the fathers in both families are not very prominent, they are at critical moments in MC's life. The two mothers in this family are gentle and understanding people who never push and are good at reading situations, even though the condition of the adoptive mother is weak due to her illness which she has treated for years but she still leaves a strong impression. MC's biological mother is a fashion company leader and suffers a setback when she can't accept that MC is missing due to a kidnapping. And what I like the most is the brother and sister of this family, MC's older brother is a strong and reliable businessman, he is also possessive but always suppresses it after MC returns and he quickly tries to accept ML as his younger brother partner, as well as with an adopted younger brother who is cute because even though he is big and quite popular, he is very spoiled by the MC and very understanding. I liked the interaction between the brothers the most.


Well this is actually quite entertaining but I almost couldn't finish this story after reaching the 80's chapter because of the slightly strange change of atmosphere in the story. <<less
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Umami4321 rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: --
I like the MC and ML in this novel, especially the MC because his not a nosy, green tea person. More like the 'i don't care' 'I'm innocent' kind of character. The way he doesn't like to pretend and got a straightforward attitude that makes him unique. Eventough his in a shameful situation instead of cowering he faced it head on haha. And his cute.

Regarding the ml... hmmm... I cant describe him, but he has an inner childishness that makes him cute but not disgusting. His not forceful nor... more>> too cold. His warm towards his family and protects their privacy. <<less
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timma rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c42
Pacing felt kind of slow, maybe when it's completely translated I'll give it another shot. I'd say give it a try if you like this sort of thing. Felt too relaxed compared to what I was expecting.
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