After Transmigrating into a Book, I became the Favourite of Two Wealthy Families


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Ning Yu Yi is accidentally transmigrated into a cannon fodder in a book, a cannon fodder who grew up in the same orphanage as the main character and would disappear within the first few chapters according to the original book’s face-slapping plot.

The original protagonist would have beaten Ning Yuyi to the punch in the first chapter to get a big production third male-lead role, and with this role, he would have been a hit all summer long. Ning Yu Yi looked at the role in front of him, which was inexplicably assigned to him the day before the casting, and was silent

The original protagonist would be found by his rich biological father in the middle of his life to recognise his ancestors and henceforth inherit his father’s multi-billion dollar fortune. Ning Yu Yi looked at his newly found celebrity elder brother and president elder brother in front of him as well as his parents, who were at the top of the Forbes list of the world’s richest people and became even more silent.

The original protagonist will cooperate with the world-famous Fan group at a later stage, leading his parents from being unknowns to becoming a wealthy family. Ning Yuyi was holding the flowers given to him by Fan Zhongchuan, with the proposal ring on top of the flower, he… he couldn’t stay silent any longer!

Ning Yuyi: This isn’t right, the original plot wasn’t like this QAQ

A marketing account revealed that Ning Yuyi had been frequently photographed standing close to many rich people and some top-ranking people recently and it was suspected that he has been taken care of by many people.


Xie Yizhou: Come and meet my biological younger brother who just came back @Ningyuyi
Fenghua Entertainment-Xie Yanan: My younger brother, thank you very much @Ningyuyi
Xie Group: A little introduction, our young master @Ningyuyi
Fan Group: My boyfriend @Ninyuyi

Melon-eating passerbys: !!!
Fans: ???

Ning Yuyi: Accidentally became the favourite of two wealthy families.

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6 Reviews

Nov 27, 2022
Status: c73
This novel is super cute (in the way that'll make your heart go "aww") and fluffy, but the plot is basically nonexistent. :, D

MC is kind of (very) dense and innocent, while ML is the overbearing president type, literally.

It isn't ever explained how ML fell for MC, like how

... more>>

during their first meeting, MC accidentally bumps into ML while looking at his phone. Instead of getting mad like MC's manager expected, ML accepts MC's apology and doesn't do anything else. This is when he starts feeling attracted, but why does he? ML also moves into the same neighborhood area as MC, pretending to have lived there for longer and not because he wanted to get closer to MC, and makes a Weibo account just to follow MC.


The good points: it's cute, the MC's family (2 older brothers, father, and mother) and the ML are very supportive, it's funny when the MC's brothers tried to stop MC and ML's relationship from developing.

The whole plot point of transmigrating into a book lasts for less than half of novel, and the villains don't show up for more than 20 chapters each. When there are antagonists, MC's family or the ML usually take care of them, so the MC doesn't really resolve any of his own problems. Spoilers below about MC's identity + protagonist of original novel:


MC transmigrated in the novel, and the original body was used as a stepping stone by the OG protagonist to reach stardom. It's hinted that the memories that MC has of the original body might actually be his own. In present time, OG protag has been reborn, and he knows MC's true identity, so he is thrown off when MC doesn't act as he remembers. The protag tries to ruin MC's career, but the conflict with him is resolved so easily by revealing his backdoor deals, and then he never shows up again for the rest of the novel. In regards to MC's past, he was part of the wealthy Xie family, but the family's enemies took him and he ended up in an orphanage (where the OG protag also came from). His second brother is a popular actor and his eldest brother is the head of an entertainment company. The family has people investigating where MC might be, which is how they find him. After the family reunites, MC continues to live by himself, aka next door to ML. The two go over to each other's houses often, but there's more of a focus on their romantic relationship than MC's familial relationship.


Unlike some novels, the summary above actually did happen (kind of) :


His family reveals that MC is part of their family when a vicious co-actress takes pictures of MC with his brothers and his father, insinuating that he is being taken care of them. Then ML reveals their relationship when another co-star is offended that MC doesn't like her, and posts pictures of him together with ML online.


I haven't read the extras yet, but the main story ends at a pretty satisfying point.


MC is proposed to by ML in the last chapter of main story.


Overall, a great light read, but don't expect any actual conflict. If you're like me and sometimes just want to read about MCs that have easy lives without lifting a finger, this is for you. ;) <<less
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Feb 18, 2024
Status: Completed
I liked the begining chapters because the MC was a little sh*t :D he was snarky and playful and the interactions with his agent were hilarious.

The story itself has been done before many times. The ending is HE and their road towards it was smoother than an oiled eel. Everybody who doesn't like the MC is bad and receives a swift backlash.

MC personality also changes the more he interacts with ML, from snarky to good little baby, and I really can't recall how many times he was "picked up and... more>> brought to bed".

It's not a bad read but nothing to write home about and the shift in MC character was off putting.

The translation is readable and mostly ok, but sometimes the pronouns shift and the MC would be referred to as 'she' for a few paragraphs at a time.

3/5* <<less
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Jan 24, 2023
Status: Completed
I mtl'd to ch 73 but couldn't find the extras for free. It was a cute story. The focus is on spoiling the MC. The romance was cute with the ML basically falling in love at first sight. There seemed to be no overarching adversary. The first half did have the antagonist. It might have been better to have that drama last to the end but it didn't. Everything was pretty smooth sailing. I just wanted to read about the MC being spoiled anyways and this fic satisfied that so... more>> five stars for giving me exactly what the summary promised. <<less
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Jan 26, 2024
Status: --
It was okay actually, more like brain dead novel, mary sue plots, golden finger everywhere, full of fluff. The reason 3.7 rating is because this novel is too straightforward. Like the plot is very thorough. Even the scheme from the villain is a shame to compare with others villains. The first villain scheme, the next day, he was settle as fast as a snaps. The second villain. Also, the next day, got settle as all her dirty work got revealed. Is the villains so s*upid that they reveal their dirty... more>> work carelessly 😂😂. So as I read on, it become a bit boring as the plots is too straight.i have lost my curiosity as a reader. Suitable to read after you read dog blood novel

And this is showbiz novel however it doesn't contain entertainment plots as good as others. A bit time skip. For example after a month, the drama is done. No detailing of entertainment plots. More like the plots focus on MC life. But not detailing on his career as actor. Just so-so for me. Not the best, but not bad as it full of fluff. <<less
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Dec 24, 2023
Status: c20
This story is good, not the greatest. There are two people that know the plot of the book, but them knowing the plot is not beneficial to either since it sort of unfolds without any input from either.

The first half of the story happens as described in the summary though not in that order. MC cultivates a connection with the ML first which leads to great benefits. MC finds his family. MC gets the part of that movie that was previously given to the Book Protagonist (BP). The BP then... more>> vanishes and we never hear from them again. The second half of the story is just MC doing cute things and his newfound family moving heaven and earth for him, without him actually realizing that is what they are doing.

Overall, a very laid back story. Nothing complicated. Ends on a good note. I wouldn't call it the best in the genre, but it's a nice read if you want something simple. The translation was nice, even if the pronouns sometimes switched. The format could be better. Like add some spacing, please! But that is my personal opinion. NU has this story linked to only chapter 20 but on the translator's website, the full story is available, along with the extra chapters. <<less
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Feb 24, 2024
Status: --
It's fine for the most part especially the start. Although for someone whose transmigrated you'd expect the MC to be more smart, but this novel's just your typical braindead mary sue type of MC character that can't do anything on his own without his golden fingers.

It lacks any thrills in the confrontation with the villains practically showcasing the uselessness of the MC without the golden fingers a.k.a the ML and the mc's brothers.

Personally it's a type of story that would frustrate thrill and plot twist loving readers from reading.

........ Can't... more>> even last for 20 chapters before I begin to skip and then just simply drop this frustrating story........ <<less
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