The Queen’s Gigolo


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It is said on the Internet that women are like wolves in their thirties and tigers in their forties. Men, on the other hand, go downhill after their thirties.

That is why, a young man paired with an older woman is the perfect combination.

Guo Zhi, woman, 28 years old, has a car and a house.

Alex, man, 20 years old, has no fixed place to live.

What Alex worries about is how he can rely on Guo Zhi for all his life.

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The Queen's Little Fresh Meat
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cheeringradish rated it
August 21, 2022
Status: Completed
The novel may be too harsh and serious for some, but it describes the situation of women in China very realistically. If you're the type that can bear with the initial chapters, you'll like probably the rest of it.

About the leads. The FL takes some time to decide about whether she should be with the ML in a serious relationship, but it's something that everybody would hesitate about if they were in her shoes. And, what I liked about her was how clear and firm she was after she made... more>> the decision.

The ML is, well, young. He starts as a nineteen year old who is mature for his age group, but considered a child in the eyes of the FL. As the story progresses, he grows, learns, and experiences many things. It's one of the good points of the novel, as we can see how his relationship with the FL changes as he grows.

That doesn't mean that the FL remains the same, she also grows and overcomes some of the insecurities she has.

There are many turning points in the novel, and the first half of the chapters narrate how they get together, while the remaining half talk about how they interact lovingly and solve problems that come up in their relationship.

Overall, it's a serious, but sweet novel that ends with a HE that left me satisfied. <<less
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snowyearl rated it
August 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Very cute story that I MTL'd

... more>>

Very minimal dog blood and no love triangles.

The major conflict is the ML's lack of self confidence and a few incidents of online drama.

Loose storyline:

* FL invites ML to live with her after he cannot afford his basement room

* ML is the best domestic helper who cooks and cleans. FL keeps going on blind dates

* FL is introduced to a playboy rich boy by her best friend and best friend's boyfriend. She sleeps with the playboy but determines ML has raised her standards

* FL and ML get into a real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship after FL decides that she wants to be with ML in a committed relationship

* FL takes ML home to meet parents and brother. Mom warms up first and dad warms up eventually at end of visit after seeing another female relative in a toxic relationship with her partner

* FL introduces ML to her ex-boyfriend to be his manager/agent

* FL introduces ML as her boyfriend to work when he brings her food

* ML takes a role in drama but other lead actor is gay and in love with ML. When ML rejects the other actor, actor is very bitter and another crew member is also bitter for another reason. This leads to ML being exposed online for using unspoken rules/getting favors by having a relationship with FL. But ML and FL come out online with a firm stance and dog food abt their relationship

* ML dad and stepmom want ML to give them more money but ML rejects asking how much dad will provide for dowry and ML needs to save money for house

* ML gives FL his savings/bank card

* FL and her best friend start up their own business. Her best friend breaks up with her boyfriend and becomes pregnant (father unknown). Her ex-boyfriend family is involved in financial scandal with other families and flees to North America. Best friend is murdered when she meets with another person and only baby is saved. Her parents take the female baby to raise. FL is out of town during the murder and flies back as soon as she finds her phone and gets the news.

* Minor drama with FL ex-boyfriend who is now the manager for ML. ML asks FL to stop being close to ex-BF and FL agrees. Ex-BF asks ML why she isn't talking to him as regularly anymore and ML explains that FL had a hard time getting over him (lose weight, insomnia) and that ML is a man too who is jealous of close relationship and ex-BF regrets ending the relationship.

* ML buys a house under FL name. The scheme is very cute as FL did not know it would be under her name and FL brother took the high speed train to provide the registration book to ML so ML can buy it under her name.

* ML and FL get engaged. They arrange FL and her family to meet ML and his family (dad, stepmom and brother, and mom, stepdad, step brother and half sister). His mom tries to get FL to break up with ML but FL rejects.

* FL and ML get married.

* Post marriage, ML wants kids (one older sister and one younger brother like FL family) but FL does not want kids. She met a friend who can afford nanny but does not have one. Friend looks aged and has given up career for her child and FL is afraid that she will be like friend. ML tries to not use contraceptive and force himself onto FL, but FL fights back. They have a cold war where they are in separate cities. Both want to reconcile and FL plans to fly to him the next day but ML comes to her first. FL says to give her 5 more years for her business and then she'll have kids.

* FL gets pregnant earlier than 5 years and it's a boy! ML actually has psuedo morning sickness and pregnancy symptoms which Mother in Law helps talk him out of.

* ML gets blocked in industry but FL's best friend ex boyfriend helps him out.

* ML takes small break from industry to raise son but manager tells him to also use son in work projects

* FL slows down her career because she wants to be more involved in son's life

* ML wins an award and thanks FL

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