The Prestigious Family’s Young lady and the Farmer


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This is a tale of a fake young miss of a prestigious family and a farmer.

This is a tale of an ill-fated shu-born born daughter, framed by her di sister to be sold to a peasant to be his wife.

Ye Ziman crossed over into a Lin family’s shu-born daughter’s body in the Daxi dynasty. Just after crossing over, she was faced with a situation of being sold….

In a noisy rustic market, she was being sold by a trafficker at a high price of 20 taels of silver on the street….

Amid a noisy and disorderly crowd, he put the pig in his hands and demanded a wife in exchange for a pig….

To have a wife in exchange for a pig???

This…this….is this not a mistake?

In short, all in all, this is a sweet tale of a sincere and honest coarse man’s journey of pampering his wife.

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New VictimOfGuiltyPleasures rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Very mellow novel. It was cute and satisfying. A nice read.

... more>>

Although I am a bit dissatisfied with her brother for not telling his wife that he loved her after so long and leaving her insecure like that. It just really sucks if you're in her shoes. The worst part is that he knows that she feels like that but everything is fine since she is easily satisfied. I mean she understands him and loves him and she's happy but she doesn't know he loves her and will spend her life doubting if he ever did whilst being satisfied just loving him without answer. I was left hanging. Will they ever know they love each other? I'm pretty sure he knows but it seems she will never know. It's frustrating.


Anyways, the story was cute and I love how the MC adapted to the life there. She struggled but she managed and honestly speaking the romance was a bit fast for me.


The ML was fine but although it kept saying he really cared about her, he really was frustrating sometimes. Like his EQ was pretty low. But at least he knew his wrongs and made it up to her. Still it was expected since he is from that time and he is a farmer with no education and little family love. But I didn't really like how they didn't really mention that the whole business came from her. Like it was all his achievements and thats what all the village thought. I know he was the main one working but man at least tell people it was thanks to her. Idk. I just feel like only he knows all her efforts and successes while everyone thinks it's his. He treats her good and is grateful and in love but still. Maybe I'm just being fussy but it made sad how she adapted so well that she went along with society. It's realistic but it's sad how she didn't try to change it. Nevertheless I like that it was realistic. Men mattered more there and she knew that. How unfair yet I'm not really mad at the book.

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Kei-Em03 rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Very mellow story. Though its a cliche novel. Its still a good read. Chapter length are not long but not short

MTL: 2.5-3☆ (35-40% understandable. There's a few names/phrases that just doesnt translate well in MTL, but still readable)

... more>>

MC died in a plane crash (?) And transmigrated into a young lady's body who's currently being sold by her Di-born sister (daughter of the main wife. MC is in a Shu-born daughter meaning daughter of a concubine)

So yeah, love at first sight for both MC and ML. It was fast love.

ML's family is just plain wicked except for the third brother who gets along well with MC and ML, who is also being mistreated like ML. Honestly, ML's mother is just super irrational. There's just so much drama with this family ugh.

Dont get me started on the ex-'fiance' of ML. This just makes me sick. I dont pity her at all. I wish MC couldve reacted more on this. I almost wanted her to just pack up her kid and move on. ML can just go f*ck himself. This is just straight up being irresponsible and disrespectful on so many levels to MC. Dont say you feel bad for the ex-fiance and her family, his softheartedness is making his WIFE who is 5 months pregnant with his child, who just gave birth to his eldest child 10 months ago, very very uncomfortable. He felt bad for the ex-fiance and co. But doesnt feel bad for HIS WIFE. This is just b*llsh*t. I mean, MC battled against your family for you, help you make a living, but you cant even battle against your ex-fiance, you cant even protect her? F*ck. I hate it so much I wanted to drop the novel. If not for my curiosity on how MC's brother will find her, I have no reason to continue here. (And yea, im so fed up with the b*llsh*t ML pulled that I tried to skip chapters to see if MC and brother will meet again and when I confirmed, only then did I calmed down and reread from chapter 'MC-Almost-Miscarriage' ithink thats c119)

I would really REALLY like one of those cold, aloof, to-MC-only-cute-and-soft type of ML here. MC deserved someone better. She's from affluent family, she's kind and capable, she's got this loving and influencial brother, seriously, I want her to divorce him.

ML, MC, Third brother's family build their business together along with the aunt of ML who he grew up with.

MC's brother is a sis-con ❤❤❤ He's my favorite character here.

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Jeez Louise
Jeez Louise rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: Completed
If I were to obtain such a happy and simple but comfortable life with a bear like husband who acts more like a giant puppy, I'd be more than happy to forget the fact that I was exchanged with a pig too! 😂👍

This novel kept me entertained although I did get frustrated a lot with ML's disgusting family which consists of: a lazy and gambling addicted first brother and his shameless wife, a sister who frequently bums off food from her natal family, wastrel youngest brother who can't accept the fact that he's a dumb idiot aaaand of course we can't forget the parents! I lost count how many times I screamed at the dad to grow some balls already or wished for the evil shrew mother to drop dead coz boyyyy she was like top tier bıtch! Which is why her ending left me very, very satisfied.

Her 2 favorite sons (the eldest and youngest) were unwilling to get drafted to go to war so they formed a wicked plan to get out of that situation which is to deliberately stimulate their mom who just recently had a stroke. These 2 white eyed wolves, along with their wives, forced their mother to die so they can get exempted and avoid going to the battlefield coz they have to observe mourning period as filial piety. Talk about sickening! I wonder if their mom was beating her chest in regret in the afterlife knowing that her 2 spoiled and precious sons intentionally killed her? Tsk tsk. Good thing Tiezhu and his 3rd brother Tiegen separated from this shıtty family early on!


The sick ex-fiancee Tian Cuilan arc: I actually didn't feel that angry at Tiezhu in how he handled the situation.

Tian Cuilan deliberately stopped eating just to make Tiezhu come see her. Her mother then of course kneeled in front of him with many people around so he was forced to do so. Even his paternal aunt who went with him pitied the sick (in the head) Cuilan which made them go back a couple more times just so the scheming bıtch would not starve herself to death again. Tiezhu finally stopped giving a shıt when Wanwan almost miscarried. Tiezhu basically told the Tians to get lost and let their daughter die if she wants to, coz that crazy wench ain't his problem. About fckng time 👏👏


I mean I get that him being not resolute enough to stop seeing that darn Cuilan after the first visit was an insensitive move and he was slow to notice that he's unintentionally harming his wife's health but what do you expect from a simple man who doesn't have a single bad bone on his body? Scheming, malice and stuff like that is foreign to him unless his wife spelled it out for him lol. He did redeem himself though and learned his lesson the hard way and he realize that being kind hearted shouldn't be extended to just anybody. I laughed when he said:

"I leared that I shouldn't underestimate women, shouldn't underestimate others' scheming because not everyone is as good as my wife Wanwan." Got that right!

Sooo, delulu woman's family finally got tired of her fake suicidal act and got her married off far away to an old widower. 👋


As for Lin Qinglan, the di sister who sold Wanwan off, I feel like her ending was acceptable enough although if you ask me, she should've gotten a slap or two or a dozen back to back to back slapfest instead of Wanwan's "forget but not forgive".

Qinglan's MIL confined her at home, withdrew her power in managing the household and gave it to her husband's concubine instead. Then her mother who was her co-conspirator in selling Wanwan off was sent by her father to some faraway village, never to be seen and heard ever again.


Qinglan comparing her life to Wanwan even after so many years was the best revenge for me. Yes, Wanwan's social status is lower than hers. Yes, her husband although doesn't love her and has many concubines but has a high rank. BUT! Who's actually happier between the 2 of them? Wanwan's the one who's being cherished and deeply loved by her husband and Tiezhu only has her in his eyes. That alone makes Wanwan a winner in life.
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dramamonster rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: --
Sweet slice of life.

By the way, how the girls, Lin Qing Wan and Xiao Hua, meet again is described in Xiao Hua's book, Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Chambermaid (mega spoilers) :

... more>>

"When the Jing Emperor came back from the royal study for lunch, he had told her (Xiao Hua) a story.

This story was rather complicated. It was about a concubine's daughter being sold out of the capital by the evil principal wife.

If nothing was out of the ordinary, that girl would have lived out her life in a remote countryside. Unfortunately, this girl had a capable older brother. He had risen up in ranks rapidly, and spent countless efforts to find his younger sister.

At that time, she had already married and given birth to children. She had married a local farmer and given birth to two sons. The brother could only accept this low-born brother-in-law of his, and bring them both back to the capital.

Of course, that principal wife didn't have a good outcome. Because the events ended up spreading after the girl returned to the capital, the people all disdained her for her malice and lack of motherly virtue....

The brother in the story was Commander Lin of the Jing Prince Estate. He was now both the Dingyuan Marquis and the commander of the capital guard office, and was His Majesty's trusted aide. As for his sister, she was the girl who was sold out of the capital with Xiao Hua by Trafficker Qian, and given to a farmer as his wife: Lin Qing Wan."

So: Lin Qing Wan's brother finds Lin Qing Wan and brings her and her husband and their children back to the capital to live. Empress Xiao Hua and Lin Qing Wan become best friends and Lin Qing Wan visits the palace regularly and their children (Lin Qing Wan's children and the Empress/Emperor's children) grow up together in the capital and become best friends, and then their children start to get married off too... Lin Qing Wan married a lowly farmer, but her brother is a Marquis and she's the Empress' friend, so her status is high too now. It's in the last few chapters of Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Chambermaid, which is now completely translated.

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August 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay, I really liked the story.

The original owner of the body was sold by her step sister to a s*ave trader. She was then bought by ML with the wild boar he hunted. Okay here is now the cliche, I think part. The ml's mom is partial to the 4th son. He is a scholar that wasn't able to pass the exam to be an official. So family treated ML as a money maker since he knows how to hunt and bring fam lots of money that they were able to buy lands and improve their house. But family is ungrateful, they wanna squeeze ML dry. So yada yada I wont actually narrate all the parts. But here are some things. Family had separation so the ML and 3rd brother separated from the main house. Since then they improved their life through the recipe that MC knows, it a sausage recipe. And they went to sell it in restaurants and stuff. Until their business bloomed. They build a house. She got preggy, gave birth to a baby boy. Then she got preggy again, it was still a boy. Then author tries to give plot by putting the ex fiance of ML in the picture. The ex is a barren woman who divorced her husband since yeah she's barren. And you know how chinese are in the ancient times. She was having delusions for ML probably because she was too sad I guess. I mean she didnt think too much of ML when she married her ex husband. That was before they found out she was barren. Girl tries to scheme and yada yada. Then after that part she met her brother that went to the army and didnt return for so long. He became a subordinate of the ahem future king. Business is good, they expanded a lot then bro invited them to the capital. Bro wants them to stay there. MC and ML doesnt want to. Bro got married to a girl he saved. In the end, MC and ML stayed in a mansion in the outskirts of the capital. Then 2 chapters was written for mc's sister in law and brother's perspective. Then done.


Okayy what I like about this story is that it doesnt have angst like dog blood novels. People who love slice of life like me will like it. Also the MC is not that omnipotent. Sure she knows some recipes but thats it. Thats her only golden finger, the food that she knows how to cook.

Okay for the downside part,
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sansukini0923 rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I finally finished all 3 novels in this series. 1. Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Chambermaid 2. The Lofty Fierce Consort and 3. The Prestigious Family's Young lady and the Farmer. It was a really great ride and I enjoyed all series with immense joy. Each story has it's own flavor and eventhough the 3 story overlaps, there is no redunduncy in the plot.

Unlike the first 2 books, this one has no political intrigue at all. The story focuses on the life in the country and how Qingwan and... more>> the gang got rich before she was found by her brother. Some of the plot kind of reminds me of Fields of Gold, wherein the family was taken advantage of by the matriarch of the family and there is a favoritism with the sons and another son who is studying to be a Xucai. The difference is that the FL, Qingwan has no gold finger at all.

Qingwan was schemed by her sister and was handed to a human trafficker with specific instructions to send her far away and marry her to a mudleg (I supposed that means a poor farmer). She was taken to the market and sold to Yang Tizhue in exchange for a pig and some money.


I supposed she was lucky eventhough she was exchanged for a pig. It was love-at-first-sight for her and the ML. And even though the ML bought her, he tried to give her some dignity and respect by marrying her properly and did not let his family bully her. And she didn't let herself suffer as well. She has a horrible mother-in-law and a yes-man father-in-law, and a lot of lazy bums in the ML's family but her husband takes her side and wouldn't let her be wronged. Her husband is no persimmon either. Yes, he is filial to his parents but only to an extent. Even if he is often taken advantage of, they are scared of him because he's the most capable earner in the family.

I like that their life as part of that family was not dragged. They were immediately separated after the ML was hurt badly and their lives got so much better after that. That's where the FOG comparison comes in again. The ML was hurt by a bear and almost died just like how the MC's father also almost died in FOG after being attacked by a bear. The difference is that the FL here has no golden finger but the ML got better through medicine and proper care and nourishment. Social image plays a big part in this story just like how in every novel in chinese has filial piety as one of the concurrent issues. Even if they are not from noble houses, it'll be hard to live in a small village with a bad image like an unfilial child so the FL used exaggerations to describe her husband's injury to let the family think that they are going to be a burden from then on and will give them a chance a separate from the family. I think the most pitiful character her is the third brother and family who were also often abused by the mother-in-law, and the FL's presence helped liberate their minds from being too filial, esp the third brother just lets them be trampled on (filial piety), both husband and wife developed a backbone and also separated from the family.

There's no revenge here. Just a slice of life and being earnest in life. Through the end of the story, the two brothers who were neglected and taken advantaged of separated from the main family and had a very rich life while working and learning hard, while the two brothers who were cherished by the parents stayed poor and lazy. As a person who often thinks about my own family, I sometimes thought maybe Tiezhue and Tiegen could have helped their other siblings in some ways even if they are bad, because aside from the eldest sister, the other members of the family didn't approach them nor harassed them after they were separated. (I read it a second time and realized how horrible the situation was after ML got mauled by a bear. He's in bad shape and waiting for some money for the medical fees but the family's matriarch don't want to give some and threatened to hang herself, the father just sighed, the 4th brother still asked how to get the money for the cheatsheet for his exam, and the 1st brother just felt sleepy. Nobody even visited him in the hospital or asked if he's already dead. They are horrible and don't deserve any help.)

Afterall, they did help other members of their family like their Uncle's family and some close friends. But I do get why they didn't although I don't approve. In one of the year they were going to give their parents annual allowance, they tried to give them more that what is stipulated in their separation agreement, and when their youngest sister is going to be married without a dowry, they thought of giving her some, but decided against it because they often gave an inch and the family took a mile in the life when they weren't separated yet. They just didn't want more troubles for their family. I like how FOG MC did it right, by giving more than what is right to help since they are still family but also having a bottomline and not being a pushover.

This is not a revenge novel. Although the villains did get their comeuppance, the author did not make it extra horrible and the leads didn't have to do anything for revenge but just earnestly lived their lives to the fullest and let others be envious. And no golden fingers. Just good business model that started at the backyards and got larger demands because they supplied to a large area. <<less
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Hanmy rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: Completed
It is not bad and I enjoyed reading this story.

I don't like overpowered MC and long chapters novel, so the MC and the chapter length suit my taste.

MC and ML have very good relationship as married couple. Their relationship develops very fast, but it's ok.

For me, the main themes in this story are family and business. ML family isn't good. His mom is partial to youngest son and also eldest son. She only wants his money and never thought about his feelings. I can see it's hard to live in... more>> ancient time when filial piety is very important (even though the parents are very partial and unreasonable). In bad family environment, MC used her modern knowledge to do business and since then their life has gotten better. If we talk about ML ex fiancee, I think she is "sick".

I've read Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Chambermaid (another story from this novel author). This story's MC is a girl that Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Chambermaid's MC (Xiao Hua) met during their journey from capital to the north.

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shouahang58 rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: c66
ML and MC's relationship develop too fast and by fast I mean real fast. And she got pregnant too soon in the novel.

ML's family is a bunch of tr*sh especially his mom, the only one that is nice and okay from his fam is the 3rd brother. His mom is a total b*tch who is emotionally abusive and sometimes physically abusive. His dad is a weak guy who can't wear the pants in the house and seems to can't control his hateful wife. He just like ML's mom is a... more>> lil d*ck to how they treat ML in the fam.

Bruh I wanted to slap the sh*t out of the mom when she tried to kick out the pregnant MC and injured ML from the house, and when she beat up the 3rd brother and his wife! I hope she goes to hell! Too much drama with his family!

Not gonna read anymore cause it's too much angst for me. <<less
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SheRead rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This is almost a cliche transmigration story where the MC use the modern knowledge to improve her life and was able to meet a ML who only sees her and is a pearl on his big hands. But I'm a sucker for this kind of cliches, so yeah it was definitely worth a read. The MTL is kinda readable too, but it was thanks to the translator that piqued my interest on this novel.
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waraa rated it
October 4, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a great story, not too many ups and downs and no exaggerated drama or OP characters... sweetness everywhere...
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ladyxxx rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: c52
Thankfully when I read this it was translated up to the separating the family chapter. If not, idk how dizzy will head will be thinking about their crazy parents drama.

Overall, the fact that FL is transmigrated from other/future world doesn't play much part in this novel. She doesn't start inventing modern stuff or anything, and her embroidery skills also originated from the real but dead person. Love this novel so much!
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Tsubasa6780 rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Had to MTL it after I saw spoilers about ... more>>

the ML doing some dumbass sh*t and MC nearly having a miscarriage

since I liked the beginning of the book and honestly...


ML what in the holy name of God were you thinking, I get he felt pity for his ex fiancee but that nearly ended with him losing his second child and maybe MC. Smh. The MC was kinda nonchalant about it but maaaaannnn, that was the lowest IQ move I've seen.


Apart from that the story kinda drags on after

they seperate from the main family, most the drama stems from there.

I was hoping for more interactions between the two main characters but eh.

Gave it a 4* cause why not. Not the worst I've read and it was entertaining. <<less
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juliebelen rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: c1
Very good beginning.. I hope the story can continue to be entertaining..
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maiasia rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Very slice of lifey with an MC that doesn't have a golden finger. At first she used the original host's skills to earn money, which is refreshing as in other transmigration novels the original host were wastes. Then later on she and a few relatives made a living with recipes, which is quite cliche. What's not so cliche is that the ML isn't some big op hidden prince but a kind-hearted and illiterate farmer. What is also different is that MC changes to blend in with the time instead of... more>> flouting 21st century attitude. The dog blood drama is the same old cliche kind but even I was shocked at some things that happend. *Cough cough ML's mom's demise, ex fiancee's shamelessness and ML's attitude couch cough* The novel wasn't mind blowing but it wasn't bad. <<less
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psychofreak rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: Completed
A nice slice of life, and more on the realistic side, if an ordinary person gets transmigrated into ancient times. No super op MC, a nice doting cinammon roll of a hubby, and nice side characters too. Has it always been a trend or is the trend with slice of life farming stories includes an incredibly detestable family from either side or both of protags? I noticed most of the novels I read would always have these shameless characters and using filial piety to abuse their children. Well anyway, at... more>> least in this story, said shameless family got their retribution. It actually doesn't have really heavy drama, but I did get frustrated with Tian Cuilan more than Teizhu's mom. They both be cray. Especially Cuilan. I initially pitied her character since she really seemed to get the short end of the stick, but all of that disappeared

when she actively tried snaking her way between Wanwan and Teizhu's peaceful life just to get teizhu. I get that she's depressed with her life, and if I were her family, I'd help her too, but man, once you emotionally blackmail someone else's husband to get with you and also dragging down your whole family along the process, and going on extremes knowingly because you know you can get sympathy is disgusting. There's a limit on what you can do for a person. Good thing Teizhu wisened up and handled it well in the end.


I did hope Qinglan had a more savage ending, I think she got off easy in the end. I guess it depends on the reader's perspective whether it was a meh or bad ending for her. <<less
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Guang Daiyu
Guang Daiyu rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: c25 part1
The story was much closer to reality. But, the ML’s family is really frustrating so as the MC. The way she act looks like she doesn’t know a thing. At all. Although, you really have to adjust with your environment, but don’t be that.
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Peachyxist rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: c22 part2

thank you for picking up the novel! It’s amazing to read, a slice of life and very different. Also I need a man like the ML *cries*
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 16, 2021
Status: c22
A cute slice of life story.

It is interesting how the MC starts out in a much more difficult situation than most female transmigrators, and does not have any golden fingers. The best way to describe her is "sensible."

She is, of course, very lucky in how her situation turns out, but I think her personality is also a big part of the reason she does so well for herself.

There is not enough out yet for me to give a star rating, but so far it is a pretty relaxing read. The... more>> MC and ML have a very sweet relationship. It also seems pretty clearly foreshadowed that at some point her brother is going to come find her, which I am looking forward to. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blankjasy99 rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I love reading novels that have at least some common sense. Nothing pops up randomly and there are no super powers. The story flows really nicely and I LOVE how loving the characters are.

There is just one thing I wished there was (hopefully it is prevalent in the other shared universe novel)

... more>>

I wish there was a reunion in the novel where Xiao Hua and Qing Wan. Yes, Xiao hua was mentioned and knows Qingwan arrived in the capital, but I wish they were able to have a reunion where they sat and spoke with each other.

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Lissie Furen
Lissie Furen
August 31, 2020
Status: c134
A good slice of life story with emphasis in family and business and not so much on useless drama. It would be really good to read it with a proper translation.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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