Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Chambermaid


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First of all, this is not a story where the cannon fodder chambermaid counterattacks and gives the main wife a beat-down!

As a lowly s*ave who had been sold a total of six times, Xiao Hua has long become apathetic to her situation.

In her past life, she was a cannon fodder chambermaid who was beaten to death. In this life, she decided to turn over a new leaf and live honestly, yet in the end still ended up being sold off.

This prince’s estate seems to have pretty good benefits? She could be released at twenty-five, and they’d arrange a place for her to live under their jurisdiction? They’d even get rid of her s*ave records?

Great! That’s great! Xiao Hua thus decided to stay in the Jing Prince Estate and do her job properly. It’s a shame she could never overcome the whims of fate….

The master she serves is a “mute boy”, with several influences above him watching like tigers eyeing their prey. To say she doesn’t want to be pampered is definitely a lie. This is the road to survival of a “discreet girl” who clings on to her master’s leg and is solely pampered, yet feels that he never pampers her.

The road from a cannon fodder chambermaid to a beloved imperial consort is a little long….

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A cannon fodder chambermaid wants a counterattack!
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New Pezwitch
October 14, 2021
Status: Completed
4 stars, but only because of “The Lofty Fierce Consort”, which I enjoyed more. If I hadn’t read LFC first this would be a 3 star

Its an OK story, but too much mention was made of the ML father’s palace intrigue, which was interesting in LFC, but didn’t add anything to this story
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New devil_cyborg
October 5, 2021
Status: Completed
A great novel without much drama going on. Will definitely recommend it to read for people in search for some light read.
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Hualan rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: c90
"I'M sHakIng aNd CryInG I tHouGht tHis WaS FlufF"

There's literally a r*pe tag there what did you guys think this is about?! You can tell who read others reviews and knew what to expect and who didn't based on some of these reviews.

Just a warning, this isn't cutesy romantic story. It is realistic, like people said. The main characters are all ancient people that lived by ancient rules and ancient gender roles. And guess what? Surprise! The past is f*cking sexist and women have no rights.

... more>> If you think reality is too harsh then don't pick it up and then give it low rating because you couldn't handle the content when there are so many reviews that give you explicit warning. You not being able to handle the mature elements in it doesn't mean it is a badly written historical story.

The thing I like about this is that the MC is just an ordinary girl. Sure she is a little clever after rebirth but her changes made her divert into a new life really quick. She didn't experienced this divertion before and she has to rely on her wit to survive. She has no power, no status to protect herself, she can only survive by relying on the prince. The prince himself is like any ancient man. He act like an ancient man, not one that is sanitize by author so modern fangirls can gush about. Even ignore his close to autistic social skills, he really doesn't think it is wrong to take a servant to bed. That's just how it is back then, servants are objects and they are owned by their master. It is interesting to see how MC who's just a lowly maid try to survive amidst the harem and imperial scheming. Rather than reading it as a romance story is more like mature historical drama.

The relationship isn't our modern views of "romance". The relationship was unwilling from her side because she doesn't want to jump into the danger of the harem. Later, she saw gaining his affection as a way to survive, then gradually they has genuine feelings for each other as they spend more time together. That was how many marriage was back then. Women didn't really have a choice many times with the man they have to end up with but they try to work it out. It's not some idealized picture perfect love but people back then has to work with what they get. The characters in this story also has depth. The servants of the prince help drive the relationship forward and they have their own backstory and not just there as background. I think this is good if you aren't squeamish and can handle mature situations. If you want something more lighter and fluffy relationships to gush about then it's better to find something else <<less
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maddymad rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: c94
actually its a good novel character development, world building etc etc. But I was kinda depressed and wanted to read fluffy romance. But this one too realistic and it ruined romance aspect of novel to me. Actually I hate ML for making her a chambermaid she was really struggled to survive but she was pushed back to harem fight again because of him. And up to 90something chapters he's ignorant idiot who hurt her physically and emotionally. (Ofcourse he didnt know she's hurting) anyhow after reading I'm more depressed I'm... more>> seriously glad that I'm not her. Eventhough he's a great catch in ancient times I cant bring my self to forgive him. Anyway its my opinion but ofcourse others can find it quite romantic and cute story. Maybe most romantic things were yet to happen but I'm pretty sure I won't forgive ML & move on since I hold my grudges to death and also cause I'm driven by my modern moral while MC is a ancient girl who raised to be submissive I could hardly relate to her.


I thought lot about this novel. I think one of reason I'm dissapointed with story is romance of this is forced not consenting adults. Like another reviewer said it feels like helplessness and accepting reality for MC. For ML given how realistically ancient man he is his love could change and MC has nothing to do if he changed his mind. (He stayed with her in this story yet I can't seem to trust him.) In this one I couldnt hate a single women in story even the ones who deemed evil. That society is cruel. And I found a confusing point. While I agree this is a good case study of ancient china, How is it possible for ML to be that bad of sex. You people before having s*x no matter how educated about matter is inexperienced but ML had experience. I mean he has memories of last life and he had few children with two women so how could he be that bad even when you giving him few times of chances he only get offended when MC tries to make it better for them. So I think for realistic novel this is a unrealistic point.

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LotionBottle_Venerable rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: c102
I noticed the low rating and I felt like I should bring it up.

This story is really realistic. I mean, really realistic. I'm talking about if you're squeamish about the littlest details, leave because this isn't your cup of tea/coffee/juice/water/etc.

... more>>

Apparently, someone cried after reading less than 50 chapters of this story in one of the reviews? It sounds bad but I promise you it wasn't even that deep. It wasn't r*pe. Dubious consent, yes, but definitely not r*pe. My boy ML just doesn't know how to please a girl just yet. Their relationship gets a lot better. Don't come to the end of the story to post a review about how you cried because the MC was in pain because of bad snu snu.

It just sounded so melodramatic to me, sorry.


Good points:


+ Hecking realistic. They're reactions and thought processes are so deep and meaningful, I can understand all of these characters and how they think.

+ The character development slurp ohmygoodness is so good. He used to be cold and wooden with bad snu snu skills. Eventually, he learns how to pleasure a woman and is much softer to her. When she got preggo, he was so protective in the most natural way possible, it wasn't even creepy. *applauds*

+ The MC is very cool headed. She thinks her things through. You might think she's a cowardly chicken but I promise you that she's not. She's caring but also level minded. She's cool but also warm. She can get angry and very domineering too, just like every average MC in every average CN with a female MC, thought so far, I've only seen it one and maybe twice.

+ You can tell the author did her research. The characters are really products of their era. What that means is: they think like normal people in their times. For example, a woman who didn't reincarnate/transmigrate doesn't demand her husband to not have concubines or someone who didn't reincarnate/transmigrate doesn't decide to offend a prince merely because of your 'strong' and 'righteous' opinions.

+ Did I mention the character development?

+ The snu snu was written very nicely. The website's censoring stuff but the author is still trying! And she's doing well!

+ God bless you translator. I read this story months ago and I remember mentioning to my sister about you-- I hope you know that I adore you to bits, thank you so much you blessing


Bad points:


+ It might seem too realistic to some people. I know a previous reviewer said that the realism ruined the romance. Can't relate but I can see what they mean.

+ There's some moments of dubious consent. In my opinion, the author handled this in a very vague (to probably avoid offending readers) way but she literally fixed the ML up. He's better now. I promise. The MC was crying because she didn't like selling her body or felt helpless (I can't remember, I'm too far ahead). She cried mostly because of pain and some emotional pain. I promise he gets better. The author managed this in an awesome way.

+ Since it's old times, their thinking is different. Some people don't like how the MC is submissive and other don't like how the ML kinda forces their relationship in the beginning.


Overall, I loved it. 6/5. 3 for character development, 1 for the plot and story, and 2 for the translator. <<less
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marchmallow rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I read the story without first checking the author, and then felt that the writing was familiar. Sure enough, it's written by one of my favorite c-novel authors, 假面的盛宴/Mask Feast. The plot and pacing are always well-balanced, and the characters are fleshed out and written well. The ending is also satisfying.

This is a refreshing and lighthearted romance with a tiny bit of political intrigue common to this genre.

What I love most about this author's works are the characters. The main and secondary characters aren't one-dimensional. Though there are a few... more>> cannon fodders, but they get dealt with appropriately.

None of the main characters are OP and the skills they have, they worked hard on. The minor misunderstandings between the main couple are immediately resolved, and they communicate well most of the time.

Both ML and MC experienced a rebirth, but they never crossed paths in their previous life. They both had bad ends and, since they were given a second chance at life, they just wanted to correct their past mistakes and achieve some sort of peace. They aren't driven by revenge, but by survival.


ML, in his past life, just wanted to live peacefully as a vassal prince, and when his brother succeeded the throne, he further tried to be more low-key by secluding himself and basically becoming half a monk, praying and eating vegetarian. Despite this, his brother didn't let him off, and his wang fei at that time was an ambitious woman who betrayed him by personally handing him poisoned wine the emperor sent.

MC's past life also ended miserably. She was a servant who climbed her master's bed. Although she was quite favored, she was beaten to death after getting caught spiking her fellow concubines' drinks with infertility pills. She was driven to this point because the main wife poisoned her, and she decided that if she couldn't bear children, no one else should.

After rebirth, ML came to the conclusion that the only way for him to survive was to become emperor himself. His three eldest brothers were power-crazy weirdos and his fourth brother was a well-known fool.

Similarly, MC decided to live an honest life and just wanted to survive. She somehow ended up getting sold into ML's mansion and was hand-picked by one of the head stewards to serve by ML's side... She was initially regarded as a baby-making machine because ML didn't have heirs and was indifferent towards women.


I find ML's character to be a little adorable, as he has some clumsy and awkward moments. He's clever and determined. He works really hard to become a better person after his rebirth. He had some issues in his childhood that hindered his speech and he always looked like he had no feelings, so everyone thought he was a dumb mute. He's usually quiet and expresses himself through body language. Despite this, he and MC communicate really well.

MC is also lovable. She learns from her past life and becomes more clear-headed and cautious. She adapts to circumstances really well and also tries her best to learn whatever she can to improve herself. She's usually gentle and good-natured but knows when to strike when she's wronged. She knows her limits and has some insecurities, and she doesn't hide these from the ML.

This story also has a bit of slice-of-life to it. The development between the main leads feel very natural, and it wasn't love at first sight. They had to interact with each other a lot before ML was really set on MC.

One of my favorite things here is that:


ML is inexperienced and awkward in bed in both lifetimes and MC has to guide him to do some foreplay to make them both comfortable. He eventually learns, and they have a good time. Lol

A lot of c-romance novels have virgin/inexperienced MLs who pounce on the MC a lot and for some reason, the MC doesn't really have any complaints other than how frequently they do it... as if ML is automatically a s*x god of some sort.

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Xia Yu
Xia Yu rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: --
I positively had to come gush about how amazing this work is! The best? No. But surely one of my favorites, very close to the top spot.

The FL of this story might be hands down the best, most empathetic without being a pushover, self-conscious main character I have seen in a Chinese (or any other Asian-language) webnovel. I POSITIVELY MUST write a complete thesis about her.

So, do you know how in virtually 95% of Chinese webnovels aimed at women, the FL is reborn, has been wronged and is coming for... more>> the a** of those who wronged her, reading to wreck their lives?! And do you know that feeling of you seeing the FL's flaws, her bad sides and getting really annoyed at how she has no capacities for introspection whatsoever?

This is EXACTLY how the FL of this webnovel is NOT. She really sits down with herself, mostly with herself, and goes through her past, looking at herself in the mirror and understanding where she went wrong. She is very aware of her own naivety, her own s*upidity, her own cruelty, her own faults. And how all of her mistakes led her to her demise. But being so aware of herself, she is also able to be so empathetic towards the people who wish her ill. She understands that women, at that time, were dependent on the good will of men. She does not look down on those who fight for favor, those who try to protect favor, etc.

And she wants no more of it. She just wants peace. Not revenge, not favor, just to live the life the gods had given her, though it is a humble life. And being so sincere in that wish, she attracts the good will of small people around her. Her simple kindness attracts simple kindness. An elderly retainer who sees a sort of niece in her, a little maidservant who wants to care and be cared for. And the fact that this simple kindness resounds with us, seems so real, makes us all the more fragile when it goes wrong. Now, don't get me wrong. This is not a tragedy. It is actually a really wholesome story. Just that, this is a story about servants. And God knows servants had such a tough time in Ancient China. Nonetheless, this IS a happy ending for all the characters, the small and the big, you end up caring for. And rather than a satisfying revenge story, the characters you care less about and who do not end up with a happy ending, you do not really feel good about their anguish. You just sigh and realize that unfortunately, it was going towards such an ending.

But gosh... the ML. There is only one ML here, so no place for second male lead syndrome. But I daresay that for 75% of the story, there is no fluff. And I, very personally, lost a bit of my interest when there started to be fluff. I liked seeing how realistic the relationship, or the relationship development, between the ML and FL was. The ML is a man of high standing. He acts as one. Expecting for him to waltz in with a bouquet of roses and to dance the FL into love is unrealistic. And I admit, that makes part of this sometimes difficult to read. Relationships are tough. Relationships between people of different social standing, when the individual with greater power has never had a relationship or has experienced deep feelings, are all the more difficult. And Gosh does the ML grow. You just see him grow, mess up and try to clean his mess up. He develops more than the ability to care for a lover. He develops the ability to trust other people, to ask for help and to COMMUNICATE. Seeing the ML hitting all the milestones of being an acceptable human being is just like seeing your kid taking its first steps. There were times I just wanted to hug him and say: "Good job. You did well. Continue like this."

I think this enormous review just goes to show how much I LOVE "Counterattack of a Canon Fodder Chambermaid." In fact, this story got me into translating another work similar to this one lately. According to me, this is one of the must-reads of Josei Chinese webnovels. <<less
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chocolatechipcookie rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: c45
I'm sorry this isn't my cup of tea. I really couldn't move on and accept what the ML did to the MC. I ended up crying my eyes out in fear, the ML scares me...

... more>>

He basically r*ped her, so far 3x.

He basically r*ped her, so far 3x.I really can't go on, I'm shaking... I think it's frightening how the author claims that it was inevitable, that it was the push to their relationship.... I'm sorry I can't with this– I'm tearing up again. Author really expected us to be excited at the "sex", its so uncomfortable, the MC was in pain and crying after the deed!!!!

HER BODY IS LITERALLY 15 AND THE ML IS 25, I CAN'T WITH THIS– this is too much. Instead of invoking laughter and fangirling, only fear swelled up inside me. like the ML actually exist, who think only of their third leg...

So far there are 3 explicit scenes and they've all ended up with the MC crying, I expected fluff.. damn.


The way the MC lives makes me cry. The ML...... he scares me. I just can't go on reading after the deed. It's triggering and disgusting.

Honestly, now that I'm done blabbing, if the author can give the MC the convenience of being good in massaging then why not choose an alternate way to start the romance other than r*pe. No, it was not inevitable. I've seen other novels who've handled a male lead similar to this story's ml, better. I don't think that I could ever agree with it being inevitable, I'm in no place to criticize the author but I dislike how she handled the r*pe and the situation. r*pe is never the answer to push for a relationship.

Maybe one day I'll come back to reread this but I don't know.... <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: c80
3 stars. The translation quality is very high, but the story isnt exactly to my taste.

I don't understand how some people can define a "romance" a forced relationship between a prince and a servant, a woman who has NO saying in the relationship. She doesn't want it nor she has any means to stop it. Should we label as love a feeling born without a real choice? I tend to view it as an acceptance of the reality of not being able to break free even if she wants to,... more>> which results in a sort of placid contentment of her situation or self delusion about being really loved and cared for.

I prefer considering this novel as a slow-pace slice of life/palace drama where a maid catches unwillingly the attention of the detached and silent prince and their relationship that ensues. The reincarnated maid, aware of the wrong choices she made in her previous life, tries to follow a different path but gets literally thrown in the bed of the prince for her reproduction abilities. The ML is not bad per se, he simply acts and thinks as an ancient noble man considering servants as usable at his whim and showing little thoughts about the feelings of those underneath him. The MC is a steady, resilient and adaptable servant girl who tries to make the best of her second life chance but being a low class citizen, she is most at the mercy of the mood of her owners.

The MC is at the end of the day, too passive for my taste, due to her low status and gender, it's realistic considering the historical setting but it's a bit boring, the story feels constrained without much happening. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ilover rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: c94
I felt like I had to do justice for this novel as I saw people rating this very low and and regretting reading it.

I admit that not every novel is for everyone and some would think it is good but others would say other wise. Some do not agree with the male lead's actions and call him a rapist. Well I can say that when something happened between them firstly, it was due to someone's workings and the ML made the first move and slept with her.

Okay, I agree somewhat.... more>> But look at where this story's setting is: ANCIENT TIMES. Surprised? What the heck do you expect? She would struggle? Fight back? Use some magic to make him magically stop? He is a PRINCE and she is a chambermaid. Either way, she wouldn't able to refuse him and our MC came terms with that later on.

Y'all dislike his character but that is how he is. He experienced too much in his previous life and was reborn. He was a "mute" and he was gradually taken for granted. It makes sense that when one was given the chance to start over they would correct any mistakes that was previously made. And puhlease don't expect some doting, pampering or some amazing emotional and domineering confession because our two main characters were reborn and because of scars from past experiences are unable to profess their feelings immediately. Our MC is overly cautious and just threading silently and our ML is very stoic and inexperienced about love as we can tell from his past.

Our MC is not a damsel in distress. She is a symbol of what an ORDINARY SHELTERED girl would be if she was reborn. She doesn't have some golden finger, some magical books about medicine, or an ancient book passed by her ancestors. She is too self aware of her own situation and knows how to act approximately according to the situation. She cannot just uncover hidden secrets in the dark or read a person's mind. At first when they slept together she realized that the life that she dreamed would never happen so she just accepted her fate. She also cannot go against those higher ranked concubines because of her status and she knew she was someone with no backing so the only way left is to rely on the prince. She used those schemes and experiences in her fast life to gain favor and be acknowledged by the prince.

Do not expect that she would always keep her calm and that poker face on. She is still a young girl and will also cry and fear for herself. Because as a woman that suddenly became a concubine she also has awareness of what could possibly happen to her.

Give this novel a chance. Things that you've said to be unreasonable may actually have some logic so finish it first before having complaints.

Also credits to the translator. Thanks for taking the time to translate this. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whitespade rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: Completed
The mtl is fairly easy to read.

The main point of this novel is the characters that are 3 dimensional, even if they are cliche. For example, the ML is the standard ice berg, but it's actually because he's nearly autistic due to childhood trauma. The MC is a white lotus, because in her last life she's a venus flytrap and in this new life she repented.

Normally I always hate MC becoming concubine because I feel like she's a homewrecker but in this novel it's ok because the legal wife in... more>> the last life actually caused the ML death. You can see the breadth of generosity and kindness of the ML not directly killing her when he reincarnated.

Actually author is very kind to all characters because author understands these women are only vicious due to circumstances and the apathetic man they need to revolve themselves into. Author redeemed most of them in the end.

That's why I like this novel. It's quitely feminist while acknowledging the low place women have in ancient world it also give them dignity by saying this is not right and they could be pure if the harem system don't force them to dye themselves in blackness. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I wanted to be the first reviewer of this novel as when I had forst encountered it it had none but I guess someone else did it before me. I have always kept the policy of reviewing a novel only after it's been read completely, so that I can justify it properly.

The first time I encountered this novel, the ratings were pretty bad, which made me skeptical to read this one. It had 2 - 1star, 1- 3 star, 2- 4star and no five star rating and no review to... more>> justify them. So I decided to read it to appreciate the translators hardwork after reading it

To be honest, it was a short but pleasant read. The phases of MCs life were portrayed briefly in concise manner where you are able to keep up with the changes without too much mood fluctuations. It didnt feel rushed.

My favourite elements from the novel:

  1. Rebirth of MC and ML as well as another side character with no entanglements in previous life nor do they have any knowledge of this secret. Another pivotal transmigrated character who was briefly mentioned.
  2. MC was not an unfavoured Miss from a prominent family who was married to some disabled / poisoned OP ML but was just a servant who climbed her master's bed and became his concubine and fought with numerous other such servants and concubines till she was schemed and beaten to death.
  3. Her Focus after revival was not revenge but survival. As a servant she knew her short comings and planned to avoid her previous mistakes which led to her death. The biggest one being her arrogant and aggressive behavior after she slept with her master and invited gunpoints from all directions.
  4. She actively learns from people around her skills and positivity. Changes behaviour and mindset with change in circumstances to adapt and survive. She always tried hard to familiarize herself with the rules and etiquette of the place she's in, no matter how hard pr cumbersome they fell for her survival.
  5. MCs journey with ML started with her being cautious and sticking to duties then being asked to massage him which stimulated ML into bedding her, rejecting the concubine position until she couldn't, learning to please ML, she slowly understands him, cate for him and gradually fell in love.
  6. Effective communication was practised which prevented any misunderstandings between them and she pushed a lot of peoblems to him instead of acting strong and OP. They had proper conversations on issues
  7. She was always protected but took the lead when needed and used her previous concubine experience and wits to solve some of her troubles.
  8. MC took lead in bed and slowly guided ML into making it more comfortable and pleasant for both as ML was pretty mechanical in bed until he realised his shortcomings and made efforts to learn to please her.
  9. MLs servants regarded her as a baby making tool and were sometimes pretty cruel but later they learned to accept her as a person and love and cherish her as a master.
  10. The details for throne fight were described in a way you become familiar with the process without going too deep.
  11. It had a bit of pregnancy and parenting details mentioned which were pretty cute.
  12. The ML tried his best to brainwash MC to remove all her insecurities due to her identity as a former servant.
  13. All characters had a satisfying ending with some important side characters having dedicated chapters in extras including MCs previous master, her kids and MLs servants.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 24, 2020
Status: c74

Omg the ML is useless so far. The FL was just trying to get by so she could be released at 25. She's saving her money but she caught the ML eye. She didn't want to get involved in conspiracies with his other females, so she just wanted to keep being a maid. The one thing she asked was to let her keep working as a maid. So the useless ML let's his main chick manipulate him into putting her where the other women are which is dangerous. The MC was safer near him they couldn't touch her. Now there are plots against her and she trying to handle it herself. He doesn't protect her, doesn't know how to have s*x and he's just a lot. She only liked it one time and that was because she was drunk. The ML is expressionless so the FL feels like she can't tell him things. He finally did something to have her back but he was super late (she sick already) smh. The ML is reincarnated too so he knows how shady these girls are but he didn't care.

It was bothering so I felt like ranting. I really like it and I know he's not going to be that way the whole time (hopefully). It's frustrating reading it he could have prevented so much stuff from happening.
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silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
June 4, 2020
Status: Completed
The story about a maid servant that she learned her lesson of previous life and determined to enjoy a peaceful life in her second chance. She slowly fall in love with unloved prince. This 5th prince is also rebirth, on contrary to our FL, the 5th prince is striving for his ambition in his second chance because he has been trying to live without ambition in his previous life but his life end miserably.

The two MC are aiming different life style but they completed each other.

It is the lovely story,... more>> there are a few rebirth characters and also a transmigrated character but they all lives harmoniously.

If you like a little bit fluffy, a bit political schemes, a bit backyard fight, a bit of harem's fight, a bit of brotherhood, friendship and family relationships, this is the story for you. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yuunayoon rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: c117
The novel is good. I just think it's not my cup of tea. I already read almost all of the reviews and I know people expect the readers to know that this is a realistic novel and one has to bear an ancient person's mind while reading this. It's also precisely because of that reason, I picked this novel, I craved for something realistic, something I could say to myself, "Ah yes, this is very possible to happen." I even thought to myself I shouldn't think of this novel as... more>> a romance genre since I know the FL will have a very unstable position due to her background as a maid. But oh dear I still feel disappointed.

1. The FL
Yes, I know she's a maid, and I'm very satisfied with her decision to lay low even when the ML have s*x with her. But then again, she was a concubine in her past life, so I thought she'll be more scheming than this. No, I didn't expect her to fight with all of the ML's wives directly since it's a very s*upid move, but she should've known that being a low concubine that she is, a husband's favor is like a saving rope that she needs to grip tightly. She kinda understand it, I assume, it's just that she's very slow while taking action. I thought it's to be expected since the ML is very unreadable and FL was afraid of offending him. But then when FL straight up said in her heart that she likes ML because of his tender affection, I nearly lost it. How can she likes ML when she still can't grasp his ultimate personality and affection? She also still doesn't have any stable status, and she's already pregnant (by the point I finished reading, she already gave birth). Like what I stated in the previous sentences, a husband's favor is everything, a stable footing too. Yes, she already has his favor, but she didn't make it to the full use and it drives me crazy since even though the women in his harem are pretty much ignored, but they're still safe and sound. Woman, please don't bud your feelings before taking care of your rivals.

2. The ML
He's quite disappointing for me. Fyi, he's a reincarnator too, nad a pitiful one in that, considering how he's still being targeted by his vassal brother. Judging by how his life ended, ofcourse it's to be expected if he finally schemes and plant some spies in the capital. But his attitude makes me feel cold. In his past life, he has this weak and pushover personality so he can survive, but knowing it won't save him at all, he decided to change his personality into a cold asocial one? What a silly decision. I hate these typical cold-to-the-bone male leads the most. Yes, I know he's not good at talking and all, but it really won't hurt if he studies social interaction right? He only straight up do his things without any regard of the aftermath—his way of letting his servants clean after his mess (just like how it's the servants who give the FL appropriate clothings and things like that) really disgusts me. In his past life, he didn't care about his wives and only did what he must do, I don't have any comment about this, but the way of how he feels betrayed by the main wife's betrayal doesn't sit right with me. It's clear that he was weak and unambitious in his past life to survive, but the enemy is a vicious king who even kill his own aides who helped him usurp the throne. How can he expected the main wife to choose him just because he's her husband when she's being faced with a treat like that king? I know he'll turn out to be better judging from the reviews. It's just that his asocial disposition totally pissed me off. I can't even think how he'll survive if he finally becomes a king (it looks like he wants to usurp the throne himself) with that kind of withdrawn personality. An emperor is a connector and negotiator between his subordinates (noble families and officials), how can the empire functions normally if the emperor won't even talk on a daily basis? Yes, an emperor is an almighty being, and that's why having an amiable attitude is very useful since it'll make it easier for his subjects to cooperate with him. I hope his character will turn out to be decent, at least decent enough for an emperor (if he ever becomes one). But for now I don't want to have anything to do with him.

3. The Plot & Schemes
I like how we get to know a maid's life goes in the early novel. How far will they go just for a sake of a low status in a household. How evil can they be just so they can achieve a sliver of wealth before being dumped because of their lowly backgrounds. The villains and canon fodders's schemes are quite acceptable if I must say. But I'm getting crazy from how little schemes did the FL take. The capital's situation is a strenuous thing to understand too since the author likes to change place in each chapter (one's about the FL's life as the ML's concubine, then the next chapter will tell about the scheming in the Imperial Palace).

A decent novel, but I can't stand the current main characters's mentality so I'm not going to read this anymore. <<less
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voldraphone rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel. It started off different from the "I'm gonna get revenge for what so and so did to me in my last life..." cliched bs. The main character isn't a mary sue, but she's not an unfeeling god-tier assassin/businesswoman or any of the other typical OP stuff. I love that the main couple grows their love together, and they actually have conversations so that misunderstandings don't span fifteen chapters. The ML is great. He is a little quiet, but so is the MC so it works... more>> out. All in all, a nice but interesting read. TBH I skipped all the political maneuvering in this. But I still enjoyed it. <<less
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kermille07 rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Mask Feast / Jia Mian De Sheng Yan / 假面的盛宴面的盛宴 novels are certainly great! (I'm translating one of the author's novel as well.)

I love the characters of this authors novel. From the MC's to the villain and secondary characters.

This novel's Male Lead in particular. He is not the the omnipotent/know-it-all type of reincarnator. He has experience from his past life but it was still difficult for him because he was a bit 'dumb' before. He managed to succeed this life through his hard work and perseverance (and his expressionless... more>> face lol). There's no encounter between him and the Female lead in the previous life (that makes the novel different from others) and by twist of fate bound them together in their second life.

What got this novel memorable for me aside from the MC's story was the short stories of the other characters. Particularly, the Female Lead's ex husband (I hope the translator will include it, cause it's kinda part of the epilogue). Usually, the 'ex-husband' will be forgotten or die in a tragic way (in most novels). However, in here he found redemption and his story with his wife was not awesome but has a satisfying end (I cried T.T). I'll not spoil it ~

This is a worthwhile read same with the other books of this author being translated and here in NU.

If someone is interested in translating another novel by this author I suggest 悍妃在上 [Hàn fēi zài shàng] [literal translation: Fierce Concubine On Top]. This is the story of the brother of the Male Lead here.

I use the title "My Fierce Wang Fei" and made a review about it you can check it here: https://kermille. Wordpress. Com/2020/04/22/my-fierce-wangfei/ <<less
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eagerreadergirl rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: c10
Although I've only read up Chapter 10 (the last to be posted), I am really enjoying this story so far! It's far more a slice-of-life reincarnation story than some sort of grandiose romantic saga... but I honestly have enjoyed it so far. The heroine, Xiao Hua, is an ordinary maid-turned-concubine who ended up reincarnating after she met a pitiful death due to taking one too many ambitious risks in her first life. She's a realistic and honestly very lovable character who manages to be smart and convincingly world-weary her second... more>> time around. I ended up rooting for her to survive and even thrive, though she's so often trapped in a small-scale but still treacherous nest of vipers.

I also really like the fact that even the "villain" or "antagonistic" characters like the MC's initial master and the master's wife aren't actually villains. Even when they behave in immature, s*upid, or even downright cruel ways, you can understand why they were drive to acting in the way they did. You can even end up feeling sorry for many of them, as it's clear they're less a "villain" and more people who are just doing their best to cope with sometimes godawful situations. It's very true to real life! <<less
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Dianhua rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c60
I've read around 1/3 of the novel and personally I really like it. If you came for fluffy cute romance, THIS ISN'T IT.

Rather I can't say the setup is romantic. This is much more strictly historical in its setting, with all it's sexism and ancient society that sees women as possession. If you read this and use our modern values to judge it then... it likely isn't for you. But if you accept the historical context of it and see it as a window to the past... more>> then it is enjoyable to see how the story play out. I do not believe your moral values need to strictly align with the book to enjoy the storytelling process. Sometimes people and life can't be as sanitized and sterilized as we wish.

Now about the positive points of the book, what I really like is that this isn't some OP Mary Sue. She is not super scheming smart protag. She has no cheat. She simply is someone who was bad in her past life and is now trying to redeem herself by not making the same mistakes just so she can pass her days peacefully. She has no ambitions and go out of her way to not draw attention but it end up being throw at her. She is clueless of her surrounding in the new environment, but she learn and adapt to situations. It is refreshing to read the story as someone who isn't powerful and perfect like most of webnovel power fantasy out there.

Now about the relationship..

It is problematic. At best, it is dubious consent. At worst, it is r*pe.

The ML make an appearance around the later 20s chapters.

The ML is strictly an ancient man with several wives, tho he does not care about any of them and don't interact unless he have to to give them face. He does not think there's anything wrong with taking a maid casually and sleep with her. There is no concept of consent... After all, in their society, most maids would gladly throwing themselves at someone higher status. He do not have any experience with women and can be rough in his conduct. It can be excuse because of his traumatic childhood that caused him to not know how to connect with others but it doesn't absolve that this apathetic attitude come off uncaring at first. He doesn't realize he helped push the FL to the wolves in his harem by giving her status publicly because... he is supposed to take responsibility as a man at this time. I assume as they spend more time together, she will help him later on.

However.. the 1st time they done it...


the ML was drunk and forced himself on her. He was rough with her due to his lack of experiences with women. Couple of their s*x later is similar. Like I said, most women at her status would happily climb into his bed but not FL at this point... it is pretty much r*pe


While there are indications that she is attracted to him due to his look, she definitely do not want to jump into the pit and be attached to him by being given a status. He is a prince, she is a maid. There is lopsided power dynamic where she absolutely have no power to say no to his advances in beginning. However, since she ended up in the pit anyway, she tried her best to survive and earn his favors. He definitely likes her for her quiet and smart personality but... this isn't some lighthearted, fluff romance where both side start out as equals. If this is what you want, I don't recommend it

I cannot say I hate the consort who is "antagonist" to FL at this point of reading. In a society where women's are more or less properties, their values and happiness are depended on the favours of the men they're attached to. It is understandable why the Consort who was neglected and just want the prince attention or at least leave her some dignity would be upset by FL getting attention. The FL, the consort, the rest of the harem, the maids in estates, they are victims in this sexist society and are just doing what they can to survive as women.

This is why I gave it 5 stars because it is interesting to read the journey of an impoverished girl who got sold as servant rise to power by using her wit while having to deal with disadvantages of her gender in ancient society. <<less
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Tenshei rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: c5
Wow it looks really interesting so far and I'm surprised by the low ratings also it's a nice change from the cliche of the cannon fodder counterattack.

Looking forward to reading more.

Thank you for the very well done translation
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tedy2004 rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: 50thinkforgot
It's a novel that has fantasy and reality mixed in it which is nice, I recommend it, in my opinion.

Can't wait for the chapters to be translated tho!

Thanks for all the chapters translated. 5 star

... more>> Edit: Aha..., that was my past opinion. 1 star

I gave up on the novel because of the r*pe (x3 r*pe like another person said, gosh), I mean seriously, author? I am not judging the author, because I have no right to do that (well depends on the situation, because I don't even know the author personally, so what's there to judge? the novel of course, if I were to know the author then I would've told her to make TWO SIDES OF THE NOVEL, 1 Underrated (with no bullshit!!!) and the other one 2 Rated, with crazy stuff for people who enjoy that kind of stuff).

It's her own novel which is her decision on how to make the story, however, I judge the novel she made here. I don't like how the story went with their relationship, the author could have... could have... made the story so much better.... with their relationship. Sigh... I'm just disappointed in the author's ideals...

Still, I'll say it clearly and shortly, this novel is: with Stockholm Syndrome, forced to give your liberty and be brainwashed.

Don't recommend it, 1 star, not 5, sadly can't (didn't know how to) change it, that's all. <<less
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nxtlvl rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: c159
I'm of two minds. On the one hand, it's well-written, well-translated, and is one of the better quality slice-of-life palace novels out there. Through the author's commentary, you can really tell how much love and effort the she put into the work. On the other hand, the leads gave me such a headache. Xiao Hua goes from a determined, smart FL to one that's become fussy from being so spoiled by ML. Her reincarnation was sort of pointless after the beginning, because she stopped using any of the intelligence from... more>> her past life to be better in this life and just passively took advantage of her loli vibes instead. The title is misleading, because there's not much "counterattacking" going on. She's rather passive and relies on ML's protection rather than her smarts.

ML is also a blockhead. He's socially stunted and has obsessive compulsive tendencies, but the author excuses it like: No, that's not the problem, he just has childhood trauma and doesn't like talking! Then she brushes it under the rug. She does a terrible job of normalizing introverts in society and makes them out to be weirdos.

Some mild complaints/spoilers about the latter half:


The story was actually really good up until they entered the imperial palace. After that, a lot of the dramatic tension dissipates, particularly because the author keeps reminding that: Even though MC is a s*ave, since the ML is royalty, if he says she's nobility, then she is and no one can refute it. Further, when his ministers objected to his decision-making, the newly crowned ML with pretty much no political backing in the capital would just ignore everyone until they were too tired to keep arguing, thus forcing everyone to consent to his decision. Nobody is that OP. For a story that grounded itself in realism, this sort of idealistic problem solving really took away from the world building.


What made me finally decide to drop the novel (NSFW) :


Having to read about ML's breastmilk fixation in detail. Like him drinking FL's breastmilk from the bowl and not letting her suppress her milk as she wanted (since her children were no longer feeding) because he enjoyed it as part of their bedtime activities. Erm. It was too much for me.

I don't know why that, of all things, was the trigger, but so it was and here we are. Perhaps it was just a little too Freudian for my tastes...

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