The Lofty Fierce Consort


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With a dad who made it big, his scheming bit*h of a concubine and a mother who is a pushover, Yan Yan’s life was bound to be rough. No matter. In her opinion, absolute strength could overcome any number of schemes in household struggles. As she became used to acting fierce, everyone feared her as though she were a wolf or tiger. She thought no one would want to marry her, but someone by her side actually said he had deeply rooted feelings for her.

Come, come, little fatty Luo, tell this lady how many years ago you’ve had these deeply rooted feelings for me.

Little fatty Luo: T.T…I won’t tell you that it was in my past life, even if you beat me to death!

Due to various reasons, Luo Huai Yuan only had the dirty thoughts but not the courage in his past life, and missed out on his consort. After reincarnating, he is determined to treat her like a treasure. He won’t fight back when beaten. He won’t yell back when scolded. He also wants to have her give birth to a bunch of fat little children for him…

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42 Reviews

New reallyLOL
Jan 07, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is quite good. I read almost 200 novels as of now and must say this is my first novel where New Year was mentioned so frequently that I was fed up with it (Just my musings😂). Didn't read Chambermaid yet. Hope it doesn't have many new years 🤣.

Good read. Recommended.
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Jeez Louise
Jeez Louise
Jun 25, 2021
Status: Completed
YOOOO the ML and FL here are my type of MCs for real! Yan Yan is such a strong FL, both mentally and physically and I stan her so effin much but I have to say the ML, Huai Yuan, is my fave! He hides the fact that he's cunning behind his funny and shameless character. His antics never fail to amuse me and him being fat doesn't make him less of a dream hubby material for me. I'll take 1 Fatty Lou over 10 (okay maybe 5) cold, overbearing... more>> CEOs anytime!

Also, I'm a new fan of this author! Her writing style roped me in so much that I now am proudly sporting 2 dark circles just to finish reading 🥲 Her author's notes makes my day too kekeke! Heads up though, the author sometimes likes to give a bit of spoilers to her readers. Like she'll tell us who's going to get their face slapped next chapter, or who's going to say bye bye tomorrow, which seriously cracks me up haha! Worry not coz our dear awesome translator does warn us before we get to the author's spoilers which I truly appreciate very much.

As for the translator? OMG BIG PROPS 👏👏👏 No cutting off chapters here into 2, 3 or god knows how many parts unlike what most tl teams are doing these days. If I can give 10 more stars, I definitely would! Also, finished translating almost 200 chapters within 6 months instead of prolonging it?!? I LOVE YOU TRANSLATOR-NIM!!! Please accept my kowtow 🙇‍♀️ <<less
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Jan 18, 2021
Status: Completed
3.5 ☆

The story becomes interesting when the focus turns to the fat prince instead of the female's backyard drama.


Instead of reading about her naive mother, I rather follow the relationship of her father with the other man. It was entertaining finding yaoi on a non yaoi ancient chinese setting



I loved that he did not consider becoming skinny to woo the FL. He was loved regardless of his appearance, but FL cared about his health, which is why he lost weight at the end of the story.

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May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
It was really exhausting reading this. I don't know how did I finished this. Maybe I just wanted to feel more exhausted.
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Jan 19, 2021
Status: c44
Wow, what a stunningly non-standard main couple! The FL and ML are definitely not your cookie-cutter pairing. I was very pleasantly surprised by this story.

The perspective shifts are very well done. It's close to 50-50 between the ML and FL, I wouldn't even really say that one is the MC over the other. Unlike many stories that involve changes in POV, I am very interested in following both story lines.

The characters are great, with a lot more depth than you usually see in light novels (including side characters!). You can... more>> see their strengths as well as their weaknesses, and how these aspects play into the decisions that they make.

There are a lot of characters with hidden motives to the actions that they take. Characters that seem foolish on the surface will have a reason for what they do, often revealing complex thoughts. You really get that feeling of "everyone is the protagonist of their own story." It's enjoyable to see even minor characters having complicated motivations, and really adds to the story and setting. <<less
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May 12, 2021
Status: --
After reading so many Chinese novels, this is the first time that I found an author who truly fit my preference. When most of other novels took over a century to face slap the enemy, this author done it on a regular basis. What a satisfying read.

It was truly a calamity for children in ancient times if they have foolish parents, especially mother.

... more>> As the father was allowed to have many wives and concubines, most of the time, fathers are lost cause, don't put too much hope on them.

But, if the children also had foolish mothers. I pray for them to rest in peace, because what would happen to them usually an uphill battle. <<less
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Sep 22, 2021
Status: Completed
***2.5 STARS***

I started this book with high hopes and initially enjoyed the face-slapping going on, as well as the female lead Yan Yan, but I think I started disliking the author's writing after the initial 30 chapters... It's still a cute premise and happy ending story, but there were quite a few things that annoyed me.


Princess Capture Plan did a phenomenal job with translations and I also love the "About Us" page on their site (which explains how the translator is doing the translations for his partner and little sister.... more>> So cute!). There were very minimal spelling/syntax/grammar issues and he even translated the sometimes super long Author's Notes. I'm impressed and appreciative of such clear translations.


I do have to say, the romance is cute at first. Luo Huai Yuan is a modern dude who ends up transmigrating as a prince in his next life, but the story picks up when he gets accused of treason and is forced to kill himself. At his death, one of his consorts Yan Yan sticks with him and drinks poison too. They weren't really close while married in this life, but he promises to redo everything and shower her with the love she deserved in their second life. Thus, LHY transmigrates a second time to his teenage self (he's 12, YY is 10) in the past.

Most of the story is both leads trying to survive in their respective toxic environments (YY with her horrible second and third households that abuse/scheme against her fam, LHY with the tense court politics as princes fight for the throne). My favorite chapters were when YY was getting back to her horrible family and making a stand for herself. She's unashamed and fearless, especially with her developing martial arts skills. I liked how LHY was depicted as fat and yet is successful/accepted throughout the story (granted, there were some fat jokes that I could have done without).

The annoying parts came in because everything LHY does in this lifetime is for YY (his consort) and he's very open about it. The courting parts may have seemed cute in the beginning but got weird, super fast. To put it bluntly, LHY is really pervy. At least when it comes to YY. It's in one of those crass, ecchi-like ways that you see in shounen manga. Personally, I'm not a fan. But anyway, the majority of LHY's character is basically him thinking up schemes to end up with YY again while building a protective net for them so they won't get caught up with the court politics. The story develops slowly as they mature in their teens and speeds up later on after they get together, showing them growing up in their 20's. YY slowly falls in love with LHY throughout his courting and he promises to devote himself to her in this lifetime.


Here are my main gripes. First, the author loves to ramble. Every time there's a new character or scheme, she LOVES to write a whole backstory explaining everything about the charater or situation. At first, I liked it because it developed the world. But it got SO boring towards the middle and end, I ended up skimming a lot. Sometimes minor/useless characters get these huge paragraphs upon paragraphs of backstory and to be honest it didn't add much depth to the story, in my opinion. It was just random, useless background info at one point. Sometimes the Author's Notes are super long with her reasoning on why things were happening. Again, at first I liked it, but then I started skipping them.

Next, maybe I'm just sensitive to these things or maybe the author is insensitive, but some points of the story didn't sit right with me. There are some plot points that focus on foreign politics and while historically (and even now), anti-Japanese sentiments reign rampant, LHY was so patriotic to his kingdom. Almost... too nationalistic (after all, his original life was modern day China. So.). One of the latter plot points hinges on his nationalism and it just rubbed me in the wrong way as it felt like blind faith more than anything. When I first read reviews about this, I could chalk it up to plot needs, but at one point it became nonsensical and forced in terms of the story.

Finally, the author writes in her notes that she's a fan of BL. However, the only openly gay (or at least, MLM) characters in the series are depicted as villains/antagonists. There's not a good word said about homosexuality in the story, and the only M/M relationship is toxic af and used as a method of torture for an antagonist. I think that's straight up insensitive and really hindered my enjoyment of the story. And on the topic of relationships, LHY's pervy ways blurred the lines of consent in the s*x scenes that happened (not too steamy but there were some general descriptions). When LHY and YY first have sex, the scenes felt like 1980's bodice rippers where the men low key force themselves on the women while the women are like "no!!... but it do feel good tho... but no!!" It seems to be a bit common in Chinese web novels and this story was no different.


The storyline coincides with one of the author's previous works (something about a chambermaid) and the timeline converges in the last plot points. I started skimming, to be honest, because I wanted to get this series over with. At the end of the day, I'm probably going to avoid this author's stories in the future because her writing and I are not compatible and I could only finish this out of pure willpower (and loads of skipping). Heehee.


The Lofty Fierce Consort was a mediocre story that at the end of the day wasn't worth my time. I was pulled in by the face-slapping and unique main characters, but the author's writing and depiction of LHY, the male lead, just made everything feel slimey. I feel like a lot of the top ratings I read on Novel Updates mentioned some of the problems I had but chose to ignore/look over them and those readers still enjoyed the book, but I'm not the type to let that slide. I think if you're the type of reader who isn't fazed with the problems in the writing section that I'm writing, this book will be enjoyable. If not, then definitely pass on this.

Trigger Warnings: rape, h*mophobia, fatphobia, bodily torture, physical/mental abuse, depictions of gory scenes, gaslighting, xenophobia

TL;DR: Read this if you're into:

  • A couple that grows together from a young age
  • Transmigrating heroes on the pervy side
  • Lovable, supportive female lead family
  • Morally gray characters in the household who are not all good/all bad
  • Lots and lots of politics
  • Author that likes to develop characters - minor or otherwise - with extensive backdrops...
  • And happily ever after!
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Jan 25, 2021
Status: c50
I was initially hesitant to read this because the synopsis does not do it justice at all. The story wasn’t what I expected and I almost stopped reading it in the beginning chapters because I was kind of lost- it wasn’t following the route of the synopsis really. That being said- I’m grateful it doesn’t. The synopsis seems more appropriate for later in the story. The story starts early in the life of the FL and we go from their. We get to see her character grow and blossom while... more>> eating Mellon seeds. Good read, though a little slow at times. Big thumbs up to the translating and the rate they post chapters at. Love you!!! <<less
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Jul 08, 2021
Status: Completed
Mask Feast writes slice-of-life realistic historical fiction novels. They're fairly detailed, and not fluff.

The FL is a strong, fierce di daughter in a complex noble family where her mother is gaslit/fooled into being run over roughshod by the mother-in-law and concubines. The first 12-15 chapters were hard to read because the little FL was bullied. But after that, the FL finds her strength and quickly sets things right. There is some awesome face slapping.

When the FL talks with the Emperor, she was amazingly cool. She grows into a woman who is unstoppable with her whip and assassin emei pincers


The ML, Prince Yin, is a transmigrated AND reborn prince (he's on his third life) who acts like a lazy, chubby coward to stay alive/overlooked by the powers that vie for the throne. The ML is totally shameless, loves the FL completely, and works hard to survive. The FL and ML get along perfectly. She's fierce, he's happy to be a victim. He's shameless, she's persuadable to his charms. She's forthright, he's super sneaky.

The first part of the novel is about the fierce FL, and the latter part of the novel shifts to the ML's schemes and the ending dovetails with the companion novel, Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Chambermaid, as the imperial/political affairs engulf the nation.

The ML and his family support the new emperor, they travel the world freely, and the ML fulfils his promise and becomes a handsome, strapping, muscular man with a 6-pack for his own health. Everyone good gets a happy ending.

(Just be warned, there are some Japanese-pirate-hating, Chinese-superiority-type scenes.)

Compared to Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Chambermaid, this novel has more plot, it's about a strong noble FL in the complex Capital with many noble households, then a ML who wanders everywhere setting up schemes, and it's more satisfying. The other novel is about a lowly maid who lives in a desolate faraway prince's palace and stays hidden away most of the time, so the novels feel very different. This novel does have some scenes that aren't in the other novel, like how the reborn Prince Jing wakes up and what Prince Yun and Prince Jing were doing in the Capital during the rebellion.

For some reason, there are very, very few historical BG novels being completely translated (almost all completely translated Chinese novels lately have been BL/Yaoi/Shounen Ai), so I'm going to rate this 5 stars to thank the translator for finishing the translation and because I like this novel.
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Mar 24, 2021
Status: c117
I love this story! Love the characters ! Love the complexities! I love how the author has a way of setting characters and situations that make sense in the context of the world! It can be strangely mirroring to real life. Case and point. The FL's mother, in the first 15 chapters I wanted to strangle this woman becuase up front it seems she doesn't care about her children and just gets manipulated by everyone. But consider this, she was the only daughter to a military home that was clean,... more>> had no concubine, was spoiled by her family. Hence, she grew up naive and did not think deeper on other people's motives and the sad thing is she never mentally grew up because her family is unintentionally still spoiling her so that she doesn't feel responsible for her children. This care by her family is be greatly exploited by others. However, when her family decides to completely cut off all ties with her, this causes a crack in the perfect world she believes in and she is forced to grow up and be responsible. However certain habits are difficult to break for her until when her bottom line is finally touched. She doesn't hesitate to stand her ground and this causes a change in how others treat her.

For those thinking of the councubine's actions, reflect on the the actions of the other prominent concubine in the story (2nd and 3rd princes' mother) compared to other no name concubines. There is a reason for everything that occurs and that's the best thing about this story!

Also this is the first novel who's backyard politics are more exciting than the global machinations. There is no obsessive love (or rivals) for no reasons. This is also a novel that you have to pay attention to the words and thoughts of people because they can be used in drastic ways in the future. Like in the sister novel "Counterattack of a chambermaid" a piece of dialogue said to the Emperor ends up being used to drastically change the power balance of court later.

Happy reading!

PS. I love that the ML knows his wife is badass and doesn't try to stifle her. Honestly the latest chapter highlights the fact that they work well together and why they belong together. As the summary says Fatty wants to slay monsters with his wife!!! <<less
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Dec 15, 2020
Status: c4
Seems interesting. But after the prologue it has been all about the FL suffering the "With a dad who made it big, his scheming bit*h of a concubine and a mother who is a pushover, Yan Yan's life was bound to be rough. " Part, its really rage inducing, while its very well written, I hope its just a brief glimpse of her past so we are understanting of her fierce personality and the story moves on, reading about people getting shitten on unfarly its not what I came for.
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Nov 06, 2021
Status: c150
tbh this novel really does have everything-



... more>> h*mophobia


r*pe as punishment

y'know. The works. Is the MC great? Yes she is. Pretty awesome actually. (Also privileged which allows her to fight back which never gets brought up fyi)

Is the ML great? Yeah he kinda is. Funny and sincere (and pitiful because there's nothing funny about spousal abuse just because its the dude getting hit for comedy)

Were there some good moments? Yeah.

The dad's story could've been handled better. Just because a dude got rped doesn't mean it's not horrible even if the dad was 100% horrible person. I mean yes the joke is that it's like the tr*shy BLs where the 'shou' gets taken but ends up with the tr*sh gong anyway- but the author's joy over it was a lot less funny when you think about it.

Honestly it goes on for a bit too long. Reading the first 100 or so chapters is enough. It's rare to have an MC that is physically stronger than the ML and stays stronger while the ML is the schemer. Some of the characters are interesting too and they're not 2D idiots either. <<less
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Jul 03, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was so satisfying. At first, my blood pressure really rose up due to FL's family... but the face-slappings were awesome and punishments were delivered so well.

The relationship of the leads were well-developed through the years. Also, the side characters got their own depth.

Yan Yan (FL) was straightforward, honest and had a no-nonsense attitude who didn't care about scheme and solved the problems head-on using her strength to protect her loved ones. She was not a transmigrated or rebirthed heroine but her smartness and actions were commendable and... more>> calling her as tigress in make-up was within reason... While Luo Huai Yuan or Fatty Luo (ML) was laid back joker and shameless with being a good talker as his ultimate weapon. This was his 3rd life so he knew how to properly scheme and conduct his business while putting a fake dumb fatty persona LMAO.

Actually, this was waaaaayyy better than its predecessor novel "Counterattack of Canon Fodder Chambermaid"... better leads, romance and plot-wise. <<less
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Jun 28, 2021
Status: Completed
A really good read. Loved both the ML and FL. There are a lot of conflicts created just because the ML and FL dont communicate in many novels and it makes me so frustrated sometimes. BUT in this novel the ML and FL were the ideal pair and spoke everything and there were no misunderstandings. This was really pleasing to read.

ML and FL fit each perfectly. Both make up for each others short comings. An ideal pair.

ML - Is a transmigrator in his first life where he lived... more>> as the useless fourth prince and later died by poison by his brother. His only grieving would be his wife with whom he couldn't live properly. Later he is reborn when he 10 or 11 years and he starts planning a new life where he plans to marry his wife again in this lifetime and live happily.

FL - She is very strong and level headed and smart. Since her mother will be too soft and her brother too young, all responsibilities of taking care of her family and saving them from other concubines fall on her head since a young age.

The story is all about the ML planning to integrate into the life of FL and solving all her problems and create a safe future for them.

Marriage and children


They will be happily married and there will no concubines and other jealous girls and boys fawning over them. The ML would have earned a lot of money and make a lot of contacts since a young age for their future so he will take care of his family very well in all aspects. He helps his fifth brother to become a king and he goes to back enjoying his days happily with his family without any responsibility as even a prince. This will be his condition for helping the prince.

They will have 2 children. First a daughter and then a son.

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Dec 17, 2021
Status: c138
I am super absorbed into this novel. the characters are fun and the conflict is good. its not often in a historic harem drama that the protagonists biological parents are the main villians.

The MC is a wild card and little fatty is fun, with an exception: I HATE the MLs setting. I dont mind that hes fat or a cunning joker, I hate...

... more>>

that the ML has lived 3 lives. 1st life: modern NEET virgin. 2nd life: useless fat prince in ancient China who gets murdered by his brother. 3rd life: timeslip back to childhood of life 2 to fix regrets.

the reason im not into it: its just too many chances. theres nothing gained in the plot from life 1 that could not be attributed to knowing the future from life 2. the story wld flow better without life 1 and give him a bit more agency (instead of 60+ years of indecision) but the author keeps brining it up for weird reasons like lamb skewer BBQ... cooking food directly over a fire with some seasoning... the ancients didnt know that? only a modern man could come up with that? but the ML can perfectly recreate modern food based on his experience heating up ramen? b*llshit.


do your best to ignore this setting and its lots of fun

on the yaoi subplot:


this is an interesting one. The MCs shitty dad gets tangeled up in a very dramatic overbearing CEO style yaoi subplot as the little shou. It starts out as a kind of punishment for his hubris that he brought on himself by hanging with the wrong crowd and thinking too highly of his own intelligence... but it goes in the background to the point theres a whole other book going on back there that I kinda want to read. Theyre both terrible people, but im still eating popcorn and watching. its really interesting to see the MCs dad get the script flipped on him. hes a scheming abuser with a lot of power that likes to controll and manipulate people.. and he gets super played at his own game by a, frankly, much more likeable scheming abuser with a lot of power that likes to controll people. Honestly? HONESTLY? Im down for them to have a happy ending and learn abt real love together but I dont think they will


dont expect anything too graphic. its all very pg and any abuse or s*x is censored. Compared to a lot of other historic novels, its pretty tastefully done. <<less
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Sep 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a 3.5 raised to 4 because I really like this author and the translator is awesome but I'm really conflicted with some of the themes 🙃

Enjoyed the MC's in this one. The FL is heroic and non-conformist while the ML is the wife's number 1 fan 🥰 Shamelesss and perverted, too but is firm in protecting his woman.

Although, I enjoyed the MCs I found myself skimming some parts.

... more>> The dog blood family drama was tiring. Sure, got my blood pumping for the comebacks but it felt exhausting.

I guess this part made me felt 😶:


The lead villain straight guy was r*ped by someone gay. I didn't feel comfortable with this part and the author downplaying it as a domineering CEO BL. But we can argue that the villain did atrocious things so getting this as 'punishment' was appropriate? Idk. Because of this weird undertone it just made me want to finish this novel quickly.


Also just kept my eyes blind for this one:


As I've said, author seems like to domineering CEOs so the perverted ML likes to dominate the FL's body. There was a bit of r**** going on, I mean there were parts where she didn't want to but just got along with it because it "felt good". *Face palm* also, some of ML's lines were r***-y, a man can't stop himself from touching his woman 🤨. Yep that's 101 R*** and he's a modern guy, too.


I'd say I much enjoyed the Counterattack novel because the unique plot, the character growth and realizations, and the setting (revolved around the servants) were many times better than this one. But this was still enjoyable because of the hilarious antics of the ML. <<less
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Aug 01, 2021
Status: c181
I truly wanted to give this a higher rating as the translation is really great.

But as someone said below, it's sure tiring to finish this. And that's the only bad thing about it because everything else is fantastic.

Actually the ML feels slimy at first as the FL is still so very young but his antics later on is what makes the story better.

The reason reading this is exhausting because the author loves to go on & on & on & on that made you wonder if this needed? But thought... more>> nah & just skimmed over a lot of unimportant characters parts. And you honestly dont lose much from doing that.

I skipped most of the first infuriating chapters, lots of annoying in depth antagonists parts & the drawn out political conflicts at almost the end.

It seems like the author tries to make up & elaborate on what happen in line with the other story of the same universe in details but it feels unnecessary forced given that this novel does not dwell much about that since the beginning or even later on & suddenly it goes too deep too fast, & too complicated about so many side characters that I dont feel bad to sigh & scroll over it.

Like sure readers need all information they can have but maybe not THAT much to the point reading it feels like such a chore.

But is it worth to read? For the ML, FL, & the people they care, it sure is. <<less
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Jul 04, 2021
Status: Completed
loved it, 9/10 was so cute <3 there was only shameless to the FL type ML nd badass fl. Totally my type. Tho it says fat to fit in the tags u can only see that he becomes fit at the end. I like how the FL loves him regardless. Love that all the characters ending was well said instead of leaving any open endings :)
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Apr 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Love the story!!! It very well written. The story divided by two main focus, first FL story and how she overcome her difficulties with ML help, and then the rest of the story focusing on ML.

FL is strong, smart, beauty and dignify. ML is the one who transmigrated and reincarnated so this is his third life.

And in this life he finally fullfil his promise.

... more>> The author describe the whole family situation and the intrigue inside, very well written!! Overall this story worth 5 star.

Translator PCP also very good on bringing this story and translate it nice and smooth to read. Kudos for PCP!!

I also read the counterattack canon fodder chambermaid first before this, between two princes, I like little fatty Luo more!!!! (人*´∀`) 。*゚+ <<less
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Nov 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Okay yes it was funny. Yes, I liked the ML and the MC relationship. I think my favorite part of the book was the first 120 or so chapters. After that it gets a bit long. The characters I liked especially LHY but sometimes YY was annoying. I mean besides the occasional feeling that she was entitled but doesn't realize it and treats the ML kinda harshly. She was at times annoying to me. I feel like after she got locked in the ancestral temple her personality did change but... more>> some part of her developed some entitlement idk if thats the right word but sometimes her behavior rubbed me the wrong way.

But it was a very interesting read in the beginning. Towards maybe Ch. 165 or something it gets endlessly detailed and drags on. A lot of side characters have unnecessary explanations and backgrounds that I didn't feel were better than the main couples story. I found myself wondering what they were doing during all of this and skimming through a lot of chapters to get to the end.I especially disliked when she dropped extra unnecessary information about some side character in the middle of the story and then said "But this won't be mentioned for now" like then why bring it up. I almost wanted to start a drinking game how many times she wrote that sentence.

The author notes, okay I'm all for understanding the authors mind when writing with a few notes but the author would outright spoil a lot of things in the notes. They actually weren't notes but like mini essays it was a lot I started skipping in fear of having the next few chapters spoiled for me.

Over all it wasn't a bad novel. Not the best by any means and overly detailed at times but it was pretty funny I won't like I did laugh more than a bit. I'd recommend it if you want a completed novel to read quickly its good but not the best and could've been better. Trigger warning though if you don't like r*pe, trauma, racism and xenophobia and CONSTANT body shaming in your novels this may not be the one for you. Fortunately I was able to skim those parts but they did catch my attention. <<less
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Oct 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Be warned, it's not filled with fluff. However, it is light and uncomplicated, without angst as well. Of course, there is fluff, it's just not the focal point of the novel.

Shameless ML conquering our innocent and honest FL. In between, there's drama about both leads' problems and how they overcome it.

I went in looking for 100% diabetes and fluff in a romance novel, yet I couldn't stop reading this even though that part was a bit lacking. Not a single lull or boring moment throughout the journey. No unnecessary prolongation... more>> of issues, plentiful satisfying face-slaps and heartwarming moments.

Translation is amazing. Top tier 10/10 no joke, no brown nosing.

P/S: try to ignore author's note, he likes to put in spoilers. <<less
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