Golden Age Legitimate Fei


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An edict bestowed marriage.

A noble daughter with three strikes: no talent, no looks, no virtue.

A tr*sh wangye – disfigured, disabled, seriously ill.

Everyone says: Perfect match!

Bridal veil down–she wore a shallow smile. Leisurely and calm. Having experienced life and death, she only wanted to lead a quiet life.

Going up to the wedding hall–he had a slight smile on his face; a heart as cold as ice. He suffered all kinds of humiliation, but there will be a day when he will stand above all beneath the heavens.

–He is my husband. To bully him is to bully me. To insult him is to insult me. To hurt him is to hurt me. If someone were to hurt me, I would have to get to rid of them!

–Benwang doesn’t believe in supernatural beings and doesn’t seek heaven. If she were to die, benwang would turn this entire world into purgatory and sacrifice this whole country to her!

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Sheng Shi Di Fei
Thịnh Thế Đích Phi
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55 Reviews

Feb 26, 2018
Status: c35
A steady marriage life in the court story (with the usual side of court intrigue and a bit more military).

Selling points so far:

    • MC totally a relatable, middle-aged woman living a quiet life. The image that comes to mind is that old aunt who married a scary military man, who gives out jam jars in family gatherings. You're forever wondering how the sweet mild aunty can marry such a terrifying man.... you just didn't know your aunty used to be MI6.
    • MC and ML's relationship takes off quickly (compared to a heck lot of chinese novels).
    • They actually talk out their differences, and there's none of that frustrating misunderstanding cliche. I can't stress this enough. They're actually friends who trust each other, help each other, and in the process of living together fall in love with each other. RELATIONSHIP GOALS.
    • Loveable side characters who has actual character growth. Particular spotlight on the Xu brothers, and their relationship with ML... too precious.
    • Villains can be more fleshed out but lbr I'm not here for them.
ML's character did veer into the cliche possessive ML syndrome later, but as his background gets fleshed out, his warped character reveal is understandable.

If I were him I'd have strung the scum emperor by his guts, emperor or no.

My only regret is after this turnabout, the writer pushed the cliche too much, irrational jealousy, PDA and all. I'd go so far as saying his previous character was like another person altogether--but then again he did say he deliberately hid that yandere part of him, so I guess fair's fair.
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Jun 28, 2017
Status: Completed
After reading the first couple of translated chapters, I've ended up reading this story nonstop for the past week 0.0 (rip sleep). There is so much political intrigue in this story, but the relationships are also very real. It reminds me of Chu Wangfei, Eight Treasures Trousseau, and To Be a Virtuous Wife. The main characters protect the people they love and are ruthless to antagonists while needed, and leniency is only in cases in which they make sure the antagonists can't do anything to them anymore. The female lead also is very realistic, and even though sometimes she wants to show compassion she won't do it if that ruins things, because the people she loves are more important. Also many antagonists aren't completely s*upid and some are somewhat repentant, which gives it more of a taste of reality. There's not really any bowing heads to others, just not slighting non-enemies on purpose. The only thing that I thought was slightly overdone was (not very spoiler-y spoiler)

overall the male lead's feelings changing was super realistic and fluffy w/o being dramatic, but later on there's a sudden super fluffy change and I think that's a bit overdone?


Also OP (realistically, but still satisfyingly) female lead. edit: finished novel, was still pretty good

edit 2: obviously still a novel and things are still not realistic and/or dramatized but one of the less trope-y and better plot novels w/ more realistic characters. Was enjoyable to read and didn't have very braindead plot points that many other novels suffer from

edit 3: I read the translated chapters up until they were gone, and I read the rest untranslated
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Oct 25, 2017
Status: c4
This is not a review of the novel's plot. If I could, I would. Also, this is not meant to insult or discourage the translator to stop.

I really appreciate the translator for taking time out of their day to translate this novel, but unfortunately, I can't help but be bothered with the overly abundant amount of pinyin and footnotes. Sadly, it (and the bolded words) distracted me from paying attention to the chapter because every few seconds, I'd have to check what a pinyin means, only to find that it... more>> could have been more or less directly translated in English. Especially since the beginning chapters would have new pinyin and I wouldn't have the chance to follow through the plot. I'm aware that the more you read, the more you get used to the pinyin, but I had to stop since I've already lost interest. Maybe one day, I can try again. TLDR; If you don't mind lots of pinyin and a consistent bolding of words, go ahead and check the novel out. <<less
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Feb 20, 2018
Status: Completed
Read the entire untranslated work and enjoyed it very much. The MC is likeable, and the ML is not bad. There's a lot of warfare action interspersed with the court intrigue, which keeps things from dragging too much. The MC being apparently special forces in her past life, and thus introducing various facets of modern military doctrine and training to the ML's elite troops was an interesting touch.

There's also a touch of mystery, as it turns out the MC is not the only transmigrant to this universe.

Apparently, the founding emperor of the previous dynasty was a visitor from the real world too. In his fake imperial tomb, he left a note that has the location of the real tomb written down in English, which only the MC could read. Then in the real tomb, they find books and drafts of modern weaponry, as well as early experiments into explosives and guns. Though, the story is realistic in that the empire isn't advanced enough to immediately start mass producing guns yet, so only one gun show up near the end of the story.


My favorite character is the MC's eldest cousin, Xu Qingchen, who has the appearance of a saintly gentle young master, the skills of a political genius, nerves of steel, and the bravery to waltz in and out of enemy territory without any martial skill to depend on. Also, girls - often martially capable ones - keep on trying to press marriage suits onto him, to the bemus**ent of the MC and the amus**ent of the ML.

The villains of the story are hit and miss. Some are rather two one-dimensional, especially all of the female villains and the two Chu emperors (a paranoiac and a narcissist). Only a few of the antagonists are actually interesting, including the two guys both claiming to be Lin Yuan, and the ML's strongest military foe, Zhengnan Wang.
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Aug 01, 2017
Status: c10
I really like the story but I think the thing I like more is the translation.

The translator really did a good job.

If you like Chu Wang Fei or To be a virtuous wife or Eight treasure trousseau, make yourself a favor ans pick this novel.

The MC is calm and smart and just want to live a iddle life.

No Alchemist or genius cultivator here.
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Jun 28, 2017
Status: --
Propped up to be a more sensible version of the talented female transmigration genre, the novel delivers to some extent, but at the cost of the high-strung and slightly ridiculous suspense and melodrama that keeps people hanging.

It's a nice enough story where a sensible MC and ML pair slowly fall for each other while drowning in other transmigration cliches. Since they're sensible and there relationship is strong, all the developments thrown at them seem negligible. Other than that, the story doesn't really deliver anything new to the genre nor was... more>> it a significant improvement.

Overall the series is stuck between the subtle and level headed type (TBAVW, ROAW and Minglan) and those driven by nothing by momentum and ego (DKC, HM, EAA etc), only less realistic than the former and less fun than the latter, and it really depends on whether it's worth picking up yet another long series for 'somewhat sensible'. <<less
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Mar 02, 2021
Status: c193
This is one of the better ancient era female transmigration novels. It's not super original to start out with, but it has much deeper and more interesting political intrigue than most. The villains have a real mix of capabilities, and not everyone is so easily dealt with by the protagonists. This makes each victory far more satisfying.

The FL is very cool and level headed, and at the same time does a great job of making her enemies choke with anger. She is one of the few female transmigrators who actually... more>> acts her age. Her being from the modern era gives her some exaggerated advantages, but not overwhelmingly so.

ML is in some ways standard for the genre. One of those secretly OP types who always manages to conveniently eavesdrop on the FL when she is being impressive or cool (or in trouble). Can we pause for a moment to dissect how hilarious this trope would be in real life? Imagine there is this girl, going about her life, and behind every corner is a super hottie who watches her and chuckles to himself all the time. Like, sir, this is a Wendy's. Lol.

Anyway, despite being a bit cliche, the ML isn't actually bad. He does let the FL resolve a lot of her own problems and acknowledges her abilities. And doesn't sexually harass her at all. He and the FL have a very respectful relationship that I think will build to something really genuine. <<less
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Mar 19, 2018
Status: c46
I don’t know why people said this novel is similar to 8 treasure trousseau and To be a virtuous wife, this very novel actually resemble Chu wangfei, so much that when I read till the chapter where Zhao yiniang go asking for MC’s help, I came to NU to check if both shared the same author. The plots, the style, the background story and even family connection are very similar.

8 treasures and Virtuous wife are on my top list while Chu wangfei was just so-so to me so I realise... more>> this very early and can’t help feel a little bored as it’s not as on NU recommendation. <<less
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Jan 08, 2018
Status: c2
The only thing that absolutely ruins this book for me is how the translator has translated it. The way that it is translated makes the book extremely frustrating and difficult to read. The names are bolded and the translater has left many words untranslated and italicised which makes it difficult to read. There are over 20 terms left untranslated in the beginning chapters, which makes it difficult for the reader to understand what is going on. With all the different things going on in the text it makes it feel... more>> rather crowded and impossible to read. If you are not bothered by any of that, then please read as the storyline is rather good. <<less
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Nov 10, 2017
Status: c29
If you're looking for a novel similar to To Be A Virtuous Wife or Eight Treasures Trouseau, this is a good one for you. It has a mature, cool-headed, relaxed female MC that just wants to live a peaceful life. She doesn't go looking for fights, but knows how to take care of herself and her own. It also has politics, family drama, the imperial court, and the life of a young lady in the fu.

As of Chapter 29, our main character still hasn't met our male MC, so I... more>> can't speak much to the romance aspect of the series.

However, I can say that this is written well, with smooth pacing, realistic and fleshed-out characters, and a plot that is easy to follow without being too dramatic or boring.

The translation is also done exceptionally well. New readers may have a difficult time with all the pinyin and Chinese words, but readers who are used to female historical novels like this will recognize most of the vocabulary.

I will update this review once the plot develops a bit more. For now, 5 stars! <<less
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Jul 15, 2020
Status: v1c187
I really love this one. In my opinion, the MC (Ye Li) is on par with Empress Shen and Jian Ruan. She doesn't have a tragic backstory which really influences how she interacts with her family esp her sisters/cousins

her paternal family's tr*sh but She doesnt really scheme against them or hold grudges from their petty tricks because for the most part she gets its a means of survival.

But she's no push over! She's hella boss! without coming of as a Mary Sueish green tea b×tch too! She's no Cinderella waiting... more>> to be rescued by the ML.

The ML is ? by the way... not the weird stalkery OP James Bond we usually see.. ok he's a bit OP but in a logical humanistic kinda way and he RESPECTS her people!

This is a slow burn, its not love at first sight. They are working through their relationship like real people and getting to know each other without boring us to death.

Its action packed with palace drama and political intrigue. the romance its a bit slow going but you love it. The villians are well fleshed out and are not just one dimensional posters existing to highlight the MC and MLs awesomeness. <<less
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Jun 08, 2017
Status: --
Transmigration story looking like a cross-over between Princess Medical Doctor (stolen fiancee by fake-pure but b*tchy younger sister and mariage with the cripled royal), To be a virtuous wife (all the family grief: mother dying in sorrow, prestigious overprotecive maternal family) and Chu Wang Fei (i hope that the MC won't be hated as Chu wang future fei....).

3 chapters so far but I like the MC. She gave off a calming aura. Old life : she was a soldier for ten years, her life fulfilling, no regret but she... more>> is worn out and looking for a quiet life.

Not bad, good writing. If you like this kind of transmigration story, go ahead ! Still I hope that we won't fall in the revenge or crisis after crisis pattern.

Not much hope about it. The crippled royal's background will lead us to more, I think. <<less
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Jun 18, 2017
Status: c32
This is really good read.

The MC is a careful and calm person. Her temperament is cool and refined. It really reminds me of the MCs from Eight Treasures Trosseau, To be a Virtuous Wife and Happy Days Tied with a Knot. Especially ETT. I was going to put off reading this because Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort was recommended and I thought it would be like that, with a terribly written plot with one of the most generic Mary Sue MC. I didn't feel like reading... more>> another one of those, but I'm glad I read the recommends for this. There are some similarities between the two, crippled ML and transmigration, but other than that the two are very different. At least, I find the two to be two different. I think the MC in this is actually smart, she cares about the consequences of her actions and she plans. Also, who recommended Enchantress Amongst Alcjemist? Other than transmigration, it's NOTHING like this novel. Or maybe there's more to it, but the plot is so forgettable I regret ever starting it. I've almost decided to stop reading on multiple occasions, but I do like the translator so I stick around for her ramblings at the end of each chapter.

Rant over, you should really give this a try if you enjoy reads like ETT, TBAVW, Chu Wang Fei, HDTWAK and transmigration plots with more gentle/serene female leads.

Also, the female lead and male lead acually communicate in this novel!! Say good bye to that extra drama <<less
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Nov 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Ye Li is a neglected legitimate daughter of a noble family who was bestowed a marriage with the disabled, despised former military genius King Ding, who has been ruthlessly supressed by an incompetent emperor who thinks of his glorious, powerful family as the biggest threat to his throne. She's a transmigrated former special forces soldier yet she knows it's a different era and intends to adapt and do her best to live well. However, she's ultimately forced to put aside her wishes for an idle, peaceful life to fight a... more>> political and military war for the survival of her new husband's clan and her loving maternal family. The world is in chaos and they can only rise or fall in the battle for dominion of the central plains.

I really like the MC, as other reviewers said, her calm, rational personality is similar to the protagonists of TBAVW and ETT. Even thought she's a transmigrated soldier, she came to this world when she was a very young child and had the intention of adapting and living quietly. She could have lived perfectly well as a calm, elegant wife of a noble family. Yet she had to marry a man with a lot of enemies and could only bring out her skills to protect her family. As the story progressed she went from a detached, calm 15 yo young lady who decided to be her husband's partner and friend, to a beloved wife, cousin, friend, commander and mother known to be a talent in military and political skills sharing equal power with her husband.

She's not as domineering as the summary leads you to believe, she's not quite OP and she's well aware of the fact most of her advantages come from her past life experience and unconventional ideas. There's a lot of people she can't defeat so she prepares early to bide her time collecting resources to protect her family and the ordinary people when the time comes.

She trains her assigned secret guards to be her skilled, loyal confidants; creates a deadly, elite force using her knowledge of special forces training (her best weapon during the whole plot), trains with her husband to be able to protect herself and fight even thought she can't really catch up with the top experts in martial arts and contributes her ideas to build a safe, peaceful country for her family and people. Most importantly, theres's a lot of character development and she suffers gains and losses.


The ML is okay but he really goes yandere later on the story. Not bad but he'd be an horrible person without the MC's influence. He had a really painful past. At least he's really devoted to the MC and he's great at planning and scheming.

The antagonists aren't that great but not all of them are idiots. The most respectable of them is probably King Zhennan. Cannon fodders are mostly love crazed women, which is expected but rather disappointing. Some of their enemies are regretful or forced by some reason, others are obsessive and idiotic. The MC won't slaughter or torture people who offend her (that's the ML's role) but she gets rid of threats to her family even if she feels they are rather pitiful.

Side characters are really likeable, there's not a lot of focus on them but they have personalities, important roles and they have interesting stories, from her maternal family Xu clan to her confidants (bodyguards), the ML's friends, Mo's army generals, her children and her boudoir friends.

If you have a lot of time and wish to read a compelling, mildy realistic and complex plot with war, romance and politics, this is definitely a good option. It isn't particularly unique yet it puts a lot of tropes together decently. The MC is likeable, rational and actually has feelings. <<less
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Jun 06, 2019
Status: v1c50
I probably would have given this a 5 if people weren't saying that the ML turns yandere later on. I absolutely can't stand that, and it's really a shame, because the relationship between the to up through chapter 50 is charming. The MC is easy to like--calm, rational and competent. I actually wouldn't have minded if she showed a little more distress on occasion, since it becomes rather unbelievable. Still, she was special forces so...I guess that makes perfect sense, really.

Deeply disappointed that the ML is not who he appears... more>> to be, because I liked him very well. A really dark past has been hinted at, though, and it's clear that this particular imperial family is brutal even for novel imperial families. I will keep reading and hope his behavior doesn't cross a line I can't forgive. Somewhat reassured by the lack of tags indicating anything vile. Also, I trust this MC to deal with the problem appropriately if he gets out of line. Unfortunate, though. <<less
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Sep 25, 2018
Status: --
It's boring. Yes, it is written good but there's too many events that aren't really needed in the stories but was still put and the timeline is messy. The marriage was supposed to be happening in a month, then a lot of things already happened but when the characters talk it's still going to happen in a month. It's like their time stopped. Lmao.

Well after reading rebirth of the malicious empress, eight treasure trousseaus and to be a virtous wife, this became really boring. 30 chapters has already passed but... more>> the two main leads still haven't interacted. Seriously. <<less
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Aug 16, 2021
Status: c32
I get headache read the translation, the translation is good but don’t need to mention explanation for term to use calling a child on evey word. One time is enough. Every time I read like I read the same explanation word. I need to run away to other web to read. I can’t really enjoy reading it because this problem.
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Dec 20, 2019
Status: c15
I won't give stars yet (or so I thought) because I still have a lot to read. However I am finding this task extremely difficult by the way it has been translated. I can't understand the intention of the translator, they say they are keeping the original text for easier translation but having to include parentheses and glossaries seems more laborious to me? I really want to follow this story but the reading is very tiring and I don't know if I can continue.
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Dec 25, 2017
Status: c32
My reviews may contain minor spoilers, so skim or skip if you'd wish to read this with fresh eyes. Also, the rating may change in the future, though it seems unlikely at the moment.

This is one of the gems among all the CN transmigration genre. It's everything I wanted to find in the standard novel trope. The writing is excellent and the translation is amazing even though some people might get annoyed at how much pinyin is used, so it might be difficult for newbies to CN to read. I... more>> was also relatively annoyed, but then I spent around 2 minutes looking over the terms each chapter before reading and enjoyed it fully.

The main character is mentally strong without being cruel-without-reason, she's not unnecessarily OP (like how so many protagonists of this genre ends up being), and the languid pacing of the novel fits well with its story. The male lead is also very likable, and even though there's your generic antagonists, all the plot points are well executed with an additional slice of well-written side characters. The only thing keeping me from giving this a 5 star is its lack of originality; the story doesn't deviate away from its peers. It's also worth mentioning that the MC doesn't even need to have transmigrated - she could've just been a normal character born in GALF timeline and the story would still carry out the same.

All in all, if you're sick of idiotic leads, ridiculously and unrealistically OP MCs, cruel male leads that somehow miraculously manages to get women falling for him left and right, or fast paced novels with no connection between one chapter and the next, do try this. <<less
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Nov 22, 2017
Status: c30
Strong and eloquent female lead that nobody can push around. Nice pacing to the story. Great translator.

... more>>

Even though the male lead finally appeared in front of the female lead in chapter 30 (at the very end of the chapter). At the very least his appearance was due to saving the female lead from her ex-fiancée. The ex-fiancée is such a narcissist, thinking that the female lead like him, he cheats on the newly engaged female lead step sister with another women already. Just why would the female lead want such a narcissist and player. Though it not that rare have many wife in the ancient times. But he is not even marry to either the step-sister or the other women (yet). Just because the female lead tells him to go check with a doctor because he being narcissistic and delusional with thinking that she like him, he actually dare to try to grab the female lead, in front of everybody. Thankfully the male lead made it in time (though it possible that he was watching what was happening this whole time, and probably the female lead could have possibly taken care of it herself).


The leads already seems agreeable, since they are both eloquent and smart on how to deal with the antagonists. <<less
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