The Little First Grand Secretary in My House


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When great traitor Official Xue Tingxiang regressed to his youth, it was a time when the Xue family was still so poor that for the sake of deciding who should be the family scholar, fights broke out and blood flowed freely in the wake of their struggle.

Also, that woman was still his child bride.

This time around, he decided to change his way of life.

The first and most important task is to treat her well. Treat her very well and find different ways to treat her even better and have lots of children with her.


Zhao’er was the Xue family’s child bride and knew that once the little man she married came of age, they would be intimate with each other. However, her little man never liked her. He disdained her and loathed her.

In a flash, the little man underwent a great change. Not only does he treat her well, he even clings to her and hugs her and nibbles at her lips, th-th-th-this…


Traitorous Grand Secretary way of raising his wife

Wait, who is raising who, ah?


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Jia Yang Xiao Shou Fu
Raising the Young Grand Secretary
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marchmallow rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: Completed
I feel like the synopsis doesn't do the story justice. It focuses heavily on ML's journey from a sickly 14-year-old orphan boy—who, after having dreamt an entire lifetime (his "past life", wherein he dies at 70 after being framed as a traitor to the country), strives to deviate from his "past life" by excelling in the several levels of imperial examinations—to an upright first-rank official of the imperial court.

He starts off as an orphan boy living in a small village with a large clan that has four "branch families" where,... more>> in his second branch, there is only him and Zhao'er—an unrelated girl two years older and the "wife" promised to him since his childhood. Zhao'er, after the death of his parents, considers herself as his only support and does her best to do a few small jobs to earn money to send him to school, as his family can only afford to send off one child, and that child is his favored eldest cousin from the first branch.

ML eventually becomes more intelligent and clear-headed after waking up from his dream. The skills and knowledge he learned from his dream, he was able to retain. He surprises Zhao'er and everyone in his family because of the changes in his temperament and demeanor. ML then schemes to get himself sent to school, and the whole journey starts off from there.

Zhao'er is very independent, capable, and headstrong. Her skills in doing business develops over time, and she becomes successful in most of her endeavors. She and ML support each other in their careers, scheming with each other and whatnot.


In ML's "past life", he was a terrible husband to Zhao'er and a neglectful father to their son, Hong'er. Upon entering officialdom, he caught the interest of a certain high-ranking official who offered to become his father-in-law by marrying his widowed daughter. ML initially rejected the offer as he was married, but this offended the official, so the official arranged to send ML to an impoverished province as a low-ranking official as a result. After struggling with the poor living conditions from his stagnant official career, ML realized that backing and power were important in order to progress. This eventually led to him accepting the marriage proposal and, consequently, the "death" of his family (unsure whether this was his scheme or the official's scheme, but it was clear that ML was the catalyst). After waking up from his "dream", 14-year-old ML realized how much he owed Zhao'er and promised to himself to treat her well and give her a better life.


It's heavy on history, world-building, business, and political intrigue, and the romance gets established early on and is secondary to the plot. There are also heart-warming scenes of friendship between the ML and various characters (his roommates in the academy and colleagues in his officialdom), and:


ML's friendship with the Emperor, which is probably my favorite relationship in this novel lol.


The characters are well-written and aren't at all one-dimensional, with antagonists and side characters that are equally interesting. The ending is also quite satisfying. <<less
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GoneGretel rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a GREAT read to the point that I've reread the entire series for the nth time. A rare gem and the BEST MARRIED COUPLE novel that I've read.
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Mehmeh713 rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: Completed
The synopsis is very misleading because the plot isn’t actually focused on romance. So if you’re reading it for romance, don’t. But if you want to read a story heavily focused on politics and governance in ancient China, it’s a must read!!

Plot: Great! 👌🏻 Really loved the MC’s struggles from an orphan that is bullied by his family to how he ended up eventually. Also really liked how the story interweaves aspects of Chinese culture like filial piety, family/ clan and how the MC deeply understands this and is able... more>> to use it to his advantage. Finally, loved his entire journey as an official and the methods he used to create positive change for the nation despite a flawed system, his low rank and the fact that he was basically all alone when he started out. Eventually, he was able to change the system itself by proving through results that it was better.

Characters/ relationships: fantastic. I really liked the growth of the main character, his wife and allies over time. MC is super childish around his wife but he tries his best to be a good husband and to understand and respect her even though he gets jealous or lonely. To be fair, both of them learn over time how to prioritize each other and how to compromise and keep each other happy. A very real partnership. I really also liked the relationships the MC has with his friends and the emperor.

Romance: very very little romance. Hahaha I know I said it at the start... but really, it’s not romantic. Romance probably takes up 20% of the book (if that). The extra with MC’s daughter was probably the most romantic part of the book for me (though her wishy washy attitude was pretty annoying seeing as how it was totally unnecessary and it felt like she actively let things happen to her that she could’ve stopped or improved if she wanted to). But her husband and his vow to her and MC was very sweet. <<less
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ISBNthinkingaboutyou rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Absolutely fantastic mix of political intrigue and romance. I love the interactions between the ML and FL and the side characters are fairly well-developed. You don't usually get cannon fodders that are only mentioned for one arc and then forgotten. Everything is interconnected, and it feels "real." I would highly recommend to NOT mtl this novel unless you are already good with Chinese and ancient Chinese culture because a lot of the translated dialogue can be extremely confusing and the positions of specific characters can get mixed up.

First half -->... more>> Romance + political intrigue // second-half --> 80% political intrigue <<less
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chibiheaven rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a very politics heavy novel and it really dives into the ins and outs of the hidden treachery of officials.

The first parts of the story were probably what I enjoyed the most of. It was very down to earth and centered around village living and made me reminisce upon stories told to me by my grandmother.

Initially I felt a bit dissatisfied with the ML's inner thoughts and how he dealt with his relationship with the FL. Eventually I was slowly cajoled into believing the (frequently) mentioned struggle the... more>> ML had with coming to terms with his past life and merging with those memories. I guess now that I'm reflecting on it, I still have some mixed feelings. The ML is definitely aware of his flaws and does well in reflecting upon himself constantly throughout his life with his past memories.

In the end, I did enjoy the story though it did take some effort to get through the heavy section of politics about mid-way through when our ML has powered through his rise in ranks.

I was happy to see the relationship develop and how they lived through each section of their lives up to their children all marrying off and the complex feelings of their children's marital life views.

Do not go into this expecting anything other than a realistic relationship built on trust, heavy politics and business; there is nothing 'fluffy' here. <<less
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Jayen rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: c59
This is ml's second life. In the past life his a scholar with a high position, he also doesn't like the fl, because he's too young and misunderstood everything she did for him. But in this life he tries hard to change and be good to fl. I was grateful to read that FL is sensible and independent young child and cares for the ML alot. She also has a talent when it comes to business.

Because most of the novel they make FL weak and dependent to the ML

The ML... more>> is 2 years younger than FL. That's why FL treats him like a child. Its heartwarming novel ? <<less
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September 9, 2020
Status: c272
Read an MTL version. It is quite interesting. The lead is the male character. The leading female has a lot of story time as well. The world building and character development is slow but interesting. I did skip many chapters related to problem solving in the port town and other conflicts because I felt it wasted my time and did not add to the character development or plot advancement.

It's a solid story of rebirth. No one is op. But there are a lot of inconsistency of character for the female... more>> lead. But over pleasant to read.

What I liked is the male lead's commitment to the female lead so there is no infidelity or concubine drama. I just wish the female lead treated the male lead more like a lover and less like a brother. Oh well. It's still a solid story. <<less
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Despiration rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: c272
One of the best Chinese novel out there I could find so far. Hands down 10/10

Most of the negative feedback from here is about how ass is the MC, how useless he is, how the story just focus entirely on fMC. This is a misleading information because it’s just a build up for future plot.

I will not be using the spoiler tag because I think these information are necessary for reader to know before starting the story.

The story start of showing MC “past life” where he rises to the top... more>> in political power while using every way possible, he was a man with evil nature. Only in the end of his life he realise the thing he have lost and by that time he already got killed, waking up in his “next life”.

Now there’s a few reason why MC was mentioned less in the early chapter.
1. He was still a kid with really weak body. So there is nothing much he can do really.

2. Author empathises that his “regression” ability is only a dream that feels real. He does not believe that was his past life at the start until later on.

3. To build up the foundation for the future story.
I) As mentioned this is his second life, what he did and will be doing in the future needs a reason not only for himself but also for the reader to understand the motivation behind his action.
II) Early story is the show how bad it is the live in a small village for that generation. How independent and caring fMC is to MC at the younger age, how bad it is in a family without parents and grandparents are favouring only one son, and etc

It is because of how bad of an environment MC live in that make him use any method possible while also discarding everything he had just to get a better life for himself. That is what leads to the end of his first life

It is also because of how caring fMC is at the early age that make him a change of heart in this second life to do everything he could to get a better life, but this time including the fMC.

He also understand how struggling civilians are just to survive. This leads him to be a good natured officer in this life.

For those who dropped the novel early, I hope you can give it a second chance. This is a beautiful story will let you know more traditional Chinese culture and a journey of an evil person rising back to the top but in a completely different but good method. <<less
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Tang Ning777
Tang Ning777 rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: --
In historical genre, among all the Chinese web novels, this novel is one of the best. Just reading it (even with mtl version) you can see the author did ample amount of research. I don't know if it's historically accurate or not. But I can say that the setting and world-building of this novel is pretty good. But unfortunately the mtl didn't do justice to this novel. I think that many aspects of this novel could have been more enjoyable if it was translated accurately.

Now for the plot, there are... more>> many twists and turns. I rated it as Slice of Life cause in the first half, the MC lived a rural life with FL, constantly enriching their lifestyle, trying to make their lives better. Later, the MC went to capital and received a few setbacks but got his way around it with his knowledge and wit. Honestly, I prefer this MC than many other MLs I have read. He is kind and ruthless at the same time. He loves FL wholeheartedly (though he was quite the bastard himself in his last life, you can't really blame him either in his situation). He is not arrogant. He knows his shortcomings and acts cute towards FL which I find a good quality.

The FL is a strong woman. She didn't have her past life experiences but she still built her own business empire. She may be a slow but overall this FL wins a pretty good FL card from me.

The political turmoil looked pretty hard to me, and the way Author solved it through MC didn't seem overly dramatic but witty.

The misunderstanding between MC-ML and FL was inevitable at some point. Of course their lack of communication and self-esteem also was the reason. But external factors also played a major role.

The relationship between the MC, Xue TingXiang, was an interesting part, it intrigued me.

If you like historical genre, then go for it. I guarantee, you won't regret it.


One of the things I like the most about this novel, is that instead of the FL, the ML got rebirth. I mean I like the whole transmigration and rebirth trope. I enjoy it a lot. But let's be honest, most of the time either the FL becomes a Mary-sue OP or she struggles through various crisis with the burden of remembering her past experiences. And even if the ML get transmigrated he becomes self-conceited and opens up a harem. So ML as an MC is good for a change where he rectified his past mistake and improves his relationship with FL, takes care of her that he didn't or couldn't do in his past life.


If you want to read it, I would advise you to be a bit more patient with the MTL. Some things may be a bit unclear. But overall you'd get the picture. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Very similar to all rebirth novel in ancient china, with kingdom politics, family matter and the face slapping.

What's not similar is the MC. The MC is the ML, Xue Ting Rang or Xue Ting Xiang (the name get changed, dunno I also confused). ML is rebirthed and this is his story, not his wife not his children but his. Just read the title again, it's the male lead's story. MC = ML

The first novel to write more detail on the scholar examinations, what happens once you finish taking exam and... more>> enter the official. Usually, we wont be reading how the scholar doing after they enter the exam place. But here, everything is described with color, and we get to see a different pov. We also see how different to be an officer with no big family name/background behind him.

Till the end, we are reading how XTR lives his life as a scholar from a poor no name family raise to the epitome of capital city and standing beside all the nobility. After he enters the official rank, it's not a straight line to success. We are served with his one step at a time success.

As for his wife, she is the FL in this novel, but she's not the MC. Her part is huge in the first part, since they need to earn money, and MC says plenty of time that his wife loves doing business, so he lets her. This business part, and her story are the foundation for us reader to like her more, for MC to understand his wife more. By the time we arrive in the second part, after MC plunges to official matter, her presence is dwindling to mere support character.

Personally, I was more interested in how MC deals with his duty, taking steps to avoid the trap set by his enemies and winning the emperor favor. By the time, we arrive in the second part, after MC wins his final exam, we wont see all those characters from the village, his 3 friends (one of them will show up a bit in the later end), and all the other characters anymore. Even when they go back to the village, just a little are being mentioned by the author. There's also stuff that dont feel right. For example, why no one think of killing him, he is a low rank officer, all his enemies are higher in class and have more money and connection. I feel like this novel is different with all those female lead rebirthed story. <<less
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Aisha Ann
Aisha Ann rated it
September 13, 2022
Status: --
MC is very scum soft rice. FL deserved better. She don’t need white eyes wolve who betrayed and abuse her. If she get memorized of her past life. She would left him long. Why scum get second change. Victim deserve second chance to change their tragedy life, not scum man.
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tempetahu0 rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: Completed

it's about a scholar's journey in realistic ancient china setting, everything is pretty realistic there's no unreasonable young master or sudden fist fights.

what you read is a couple's journey through their life, in the beginning our male lead has thin presence in the story but there's a reason for that,

... more>>

his mind is still in chaos with 70years experience rushing and confusing him, there's a lot of scene where his teenager mentality clash with his 70 years old experience old man


female lead is truly a complete character, she's not just a flower vase for our male lead but a "part" of him, she's truly a magnificent woman and a match for our male lead.


there's just one trait of her that frustrate me, she's a little dense, it's like she's a protagonist in shoujo novels, back in old village there's a lot of her admirer, then even when our male lead clearly expressing his feeling she doesn't get it even with a little gift, lol


and the "journey" for our male lead to get her is truly hilarious.

recommended to read even with MTL but if you're confused and not used to chinese culture then just wait for this translations lest it frustrate you with confusing poems and she/he my/your mistranslation (because chinese don't have gender specific pronouns)


i can't read his daughter side story, I don't mind 18/19 years old marry 38 years old man because it's ancient setting, but I still can't stand this man character I don't know why almost feels like an NTR. (Only read 2 chapters, maybe I'm wrong.)

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whitespade rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c236
This is a historical centered novel without being bogged by it. There's a lot of minute details about exams, trade, maritime etc and these enriched the novel greatly. But the center of the novel is the characters - FL is a strong woman that raised ML by herself. ML is a very flawed human being but with his future dream he became a morally better person.

Their struggle in the medieval China in becoming rich and prosperous is full of interesting politic and business intrigue.
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Sasi23 rated it
March 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Very detailed at the same time not just info dumping.

The MC is very much intelligent since he is already mentally older he shows that maturity while seeing through things reader can definitely feel that he is putting effort and making a future which ain't tragic. The struggle amongst the royals and the the intricacies of court are really portrayed realistically.

... more>>

they have 3 children


The story is definitely not your typical heartwarming reborn successful journey of the MC. His struggles are real and the outcomes of every situation is not just because of the plot armor. This is a great read. <<less
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Simsim rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c78

This story is a rollercoaster. From MC being a kid to growing up and having kids who later get married.

It had a good and bad feeling to it

After all we get all melancholy of the process of it.
It is a great novel and we see the growth of our MC as a whole not only age but also his character growth is well written.

And I kinda get why the couple always fight in the first life.

Frankly Initial I felt it was the fault of FL.

For a 14 year old husband, who lost his parents the only one he had was FL.

But she went to do business with a man who liked her in an era where Female are not allowed to step out of house to do business.

He has every right to be angry and be suspicious especially with inferiority complex.

I don't understand why she considered herself as a sister when she was bought as a child wife.

MC wanted her to give all her attention to him.

Jealousy inferiority misunderstandings and also the fact that he forced her to get married led to further misunderstandings and fights in the later half of life.

He actually wanted to be successful and show FL that he can as well accomplish great things but people sh*t him continouslco throughout his life.
Like literally there is no break every single mashup did hom bad. Very bad.

At the end he neitherneithe keephis family nor his career.

FL is very dominating and MC and her personality were quite the opposite.

They were both wrong and right in their place.

That is why when MC analyses everything and tries to understand FL itsi all the more bittersweet.
I am not blaming the FL cause I like her and she is a badass. She loves the MC and thinks of him first in everything.
There was a thing that I couldn't understand, she knwk that Jiang Wu guy liked her but she never clear up answered him and stopped him immediately. She did business and ran around with him even when she knew his feelings. I know she is quite dumb in this area but I really didn't like this aspect of her.

Albeit I don't actually hate the original life MC. I wouldn't understand if a 14 year old knows that his child bride is running day in and out with a man who likes her. It didn't help the fact that FL knew that she is MC child bride but treated him like his younger brother.

Communication was the key which wouldn't have led to these problems.

It felt kinda scummy on FL part.

But we actually quite see the growth of FL liking the MC over the course. From a kid to younger brother to a man then her man and the father of a child.

This is one of the Very few stories in which both the ML and FL shine and our badass in their own way and it doesn't take away the beauty of other.

They both compliment each other very well


The only problem I have is that there are very few chapters which got translated.

MTL is worst It takes away the beauty of the story and I am dying to read it.
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Eater69 rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: c10

Not Male Protagonist

Other than the 1st chapter, MC is barely mentioned at all. Only a few paragraphs every few chapters.

The synopsis is also misleading af. MCs presence is so low, that I sometimes think that he doesn't even exist.

Just add a Josei tag, and change Male Protag to Female...

Considering 95% of the storytime is given to her only.

I am very biased in the sense that I only focus on reading novels with MP; however, there is clearly something wrong here.

MC is also a bit of a p**sy. Considering how he never stands up for himself. And is always lamenting on how he treated her poorly in his past life.

However, I am still giving it a higher rating. The novel is good, but I don't like how it mostly focuses only on the female lead.
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Napknight rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: c19
All I want to say is that the translated chapter is too few so I can't really judge it as good or bad but from the chapter so far and how I feel about this novel it's good, however it needs more editing as some parts are hard to understand and there is not even a separation or notice when the Point of view changes which makes it confusing.

Also, I like how the and ML and FL interact like brother and sister to husband and wife (Vice versa) but still... more>> too immature, more so the FL especially when she is teased by the ML sooo CUTE!!!

Still good translation though as otherwise I would not discover this and be in love with it hopefully the translation quality will go up :DDD <<less
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August 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Very interesting main story about mc’s rebirth journey to the top minister. Just the extra on MC’s daughter’s love life kinda annoyed me. But nevertheless it doesn’t discount it’s vivid realism. MC daughter is extremely self aware, I feel like because she grew up with such father and mother all their children are enlightened and righteous. But the daughter just took it to another level. No forced her on the marriage but she just feels it’s her obligation to comply to her parents and not mention her desire/wants. I feel... more>> it’s very realistic for her to drill the tip of the horn with all the precepts in ancient times. But still the sidestory leaves a bad taste in my mouth making me feel like why would I care if a girl is remarried like i’m also being influenced by old fashioned sentiments. Just that it’s a pity because of pride, ego, self righteousness and what not, she had to put up a front. Anyway i’m just nitpicking <<less
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Eeria rated it
February 13, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s a very interesting novel though more focused on court politics and conflicts between the emperor and his courtiers than romance. There is romance but it is more in the backdrop of the main story which is the rise of the ML from a poor countryside scholar to eminent courtier of the emperor.

the story is full of twists and turns and the pace is good.
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Itachi6803 rated it
April 6, 2022
Status: c70

It's just that the MC was a hopeless loser in his previous life, and so is he now, nothing changed, the synopsis is totally misleading u won't see even a bit of romance in the early ch.s and even in the latter chapters he is just treated like a kid, feeling hopeless and can't do jack sh8 about it. There is nothing special about the MC, there is so much going around the female and he doesn't even know about it, this whole novel will just make u feel... more>> like sh8 by the time you are done reading. <<less
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