Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist


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Li Mo, a senior beautician from the modern era, transmigrated to the ancient period and became a peasant woman sold to a countryside man. 
Looking at the crumbling thatched house, a husband with a disabled leg, and the bony little bun, Li Mo sighed and realized she must make a fortune. 

PS: The protagonist has superb makeup and beauty techniques, no other Golden Finger, there will be no princes and generals, just ordinary everyday farming.

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Suka Novel
New Suka Novel rated it
May 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Absolutely love reading this charming & heartwarming story of love & family relationships.

Li Mo transmigrated to a poor ancient life and married a disabled man with a son. However, nothing deterred her to make their life better.

Li Mo made the best out of this life ~ her amazing relationship & daily interactions with Song Da Shan & Xiao Bao & later with Xiao Fu'er; and also with the people around her (her sis-in-law & family; neighbors; friends; workers).

Li Mo is sweet and grateful to those who are good to her... more>> and unforgiving to those who wrong her family.

The moral of the story is that if you do good to others, good karma will continue to shine on you. On the other hand, if you only think to do bad things to others, you'll always be unlucky in this life as bad karma won't leave you. <<less
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New mirany rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: c55
Translation: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 3/5

... more>> Make-up Skill: Legendary

MC transmigrates into ancient China, is very practical about it, grows an income with her make-up skills, grows relationship with the ordinary looking, supportive ML and ML's son. There's nothing excessive about the setup, the plot points are standard, but the development is steady. Gave up near the middle because it got... blandly repetitive. MC faces an issue, and somehow make-up skills saves the day, rinse and repeat. Translation is fine, some pronoun misuse and meandering sentences though. The high plot rating is only because for the simple setup, at least there's no ridiculous developments, it's a short read, skimmed to the end, HE. <<less
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Jeez Louise
Jeez Louise rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: Completed
FINALLY! A novel that gives me hope that I can survive Ancient China if ever I transmigrate there one day hahaha! Look, I can't cook for sh*t, definitely does not have any medical skills to save my life, clumsily playing an instrument or terrible singing will most definitely have me flogged to death so doing makeup is right up my alley which is why I already got hooked with the title alone!

I stan the FL, Li Mo, very much! She's smart and mentally strong but she knows her limits. She... more>> doesn't rush to show off her skills to the rich and powerful because she's aware that surviving as a peasant woman in that era is tough. She's no pushover though! She does fight back when push comes to shove. She's a go getter but she's not greedy for money. All she wanted is for her family to live life comfortably, eating whatever they want, having clean clothes with no holes to wear and a roof that doesn't leak. I appreciate her wanting a simple life so much.

As for Song Dashan? Omg how refreshing is it to see an ordinary ML in every way possible??? I saw a comment about him being weak willed when dealing with his family but that's not how he is at all!

His biased mom kneeled in front of him with so many people around so what was he supposed to do? Filial piety at that time was a suuuper big deal and if he ignored his mother after that, it'll get him condemned for sure. At least he wasn't s*upid to let his bum family bully his wife and son further and finally put his foot down and separated from them after that. The way he picked his brothers up and threw them out of the house was super satisfying! Too bad we weren't able to see the shrew sis-in-law get slapped back though!😤


I know Dashan is not good looking, he's poor, and on top of that, he's (temporarily) crippled buuut trust me when I say he's still super swoon worthy! Li Mo perfectly said how best to describe Dashan:

"This man is ordinary but you can't find anyone like him. He loves her, tolerates her, takes care of her, is considerate of her, and even if he's being ridiculed by others that he is under his wife's strict control, he doesn't care. She's being cherished by him every single day. Meeting such a husband was her greatest fortune. She even prayed that in their next life she will be allowed to meet him and fall in love with him again."

Yeah, I friggin love him too!

And Baby Xiao Bao omggg! All I can say is, why did he have to grow up so fast? 😭 I cried when

he finally asked Li Mo if he can call her Mom and when she said of course he was so happy and just repeatedly said, "Mother! You're my mother! My Mom!"

Lord please give me a baby like Xiao Bao 🙏 Chapter 86 is the last chapter of Xiao Bao as a baby so if you don't want to see him grow up and get married, just stop reading there lol!

I truly enjoyed this sweet, slice of life novel very much. Thank you so much translator-nim for introducing me to such a gem! <<less
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the_rebel_ rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: Completed
It is an another cliche transmigration story who is an OP, just that in this story the MC is a beautician rather as an assassin or chef. This was unique and interesting.

the author tried to make this story realistic and he/she almost succeeded in doing that, but because the MC is portrayed as an OP the realistic part of the story doesn’t feel that realistic anymore.

When the authors generally portray the ML’s family as profit-seekers/money sucking people, they usually describe how miserable their life was without the ML’s support and... more>> how they come to retribution. But, in the novel either the author seems to have forgotten the ML’s family or seems to be too lazy to tell whether or not the ML’s family received their retribution. This was a little unsatisfactory for me as I was really waiting for some drama to happen and was eager to read their path from arrogance to regret.

The ML was not overbearing but I feel like he is like a little lackey for his wife (or wife s*ave). He was an retired soldier with disabled legs. He is a sweet guy I like him. And MC is sweet and nice lady. She is beautician who makes her way from being very poor to rich. My feelings towards her are neutral since the author made her an OP, and I’m not a fan of those OP MCs. But I like that she is not arrogant/ overbearing and most importantly thinks and uses her brain before doing something.

I liked the fact that the author not only showed the benefits of being a beautician in ancient times but also showed the consequences of it. This part made me like this novel a little more. And also because this is not filled with over fluffiness and making people cringe but shows the journey of MC as a beautician with her raising one big and one little ones.

You can MTL it, it is pretty easy to read. You can read it as it is pretty nice and likeable. <<less
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Nikkiart rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Interesting setting or rather interesting MC for an ancient setting novel. It’s pretty rare to see skills other than doctor, assassin, soldier, farmer, or chef in the transmigrated to an ancient poor family type thing.

The whole story revolves around MC making money to support the family with the ML. She makes basic lotions and does wedding makeup to start them she starts ‘working’ at a makeup shop then finally she opens up her own salon.

The salon part was definitely super interesting to read. I loved the business development aspects of... more>> the story.

It was pretty enjoyable and nothing annoyed me too much except the ML’s family, but they don’t show up after the beginning. I did get a little annoyed with how ML just had to put up with them for a while until they cut off relations but like at least that happened and they didn’t come back after MC got rich.

Oh, the other main antagonist is

a rich official’s family who wants MC to go to the capital to do makeup for their daughter who became a concubine (sort of with mc’s help). Honestly this gets resolved quickly too thankfully because ML secretly has a sort of connection with a general’s family or something from when he was in the army.


The ML is actually a peasant farmer and the only real difference between him and the other villagers is that he was drafted into the army. He was even injured because of it and has a limp through the beginning of the story. I appreciate the standard background though because it’s different from all the secret prince/general stories.

He also is willing to go along with whatever the MC wants which is adorable and takes over household chores since MC is obviously busy abd doesn’t know how to do them. Seriously how do all the modern transmigrators suddenly know how to cook on fire?

Anyway it was a cute novel with an interesting setting. <<less
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June 12, 2021
Status: --
This is a good one. You must take note that this is a SLICE OF LIFE, thus, please don’t give it a lower rating just because you’re expecting some heavy plots and didn’t get it... because I repeat this is SLICE OF LIFE.

It’s just a story of everyday life of an ORDINARY transmigrated peasant make-up artist. I really like that this is so different from the other transmigrated FL whereas the ending is always related to the power struggle in the imperial court.

So refreshing that the FL didn’t rely on... more>> making wine/cooking to make money and the ML is also an ordinary retired soldier with an ordinary appearance, not some powerful court official or something with over-the-top face. <<less
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hobbes rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Such a good and relaxing read. I binged it. What is really like is that this is not transmigration into a novel nor will the FL have some system and cheats with her. Everything she does and builds is by her own hard work. It was a complete slice of life with not much drama. Made me smile most of time. Lots of fluff. I want such a ML in real life.

FL - As it says in description, she will be a famous beautician and transmigrates to an ancient era... more>> after her planes crashes. She will be sold and the ML buys her out of pity as she would be about to be sold to an old guy. She is very smart and tries to make use of her skill and try to build a better life for them. She is not a mary sue which I liked very much. She never showed any mercy for the people who hurt her and her family.


Because of her skills, a family will try to forcefully take her away from her family and make her live as a s*ave being a personal makeup artist for a girl. She will be tortured by needles because she doesn't agree. They also hurt the ML when he tries to save her and blackmails her to kill her son. Later she is saved by her husband and the captain (He will be a friend of ML during the army who will be from a powerful family and will be working as a captain at that time). When that family who kidnapped her are transferred to a very remote place, she feels they deserve it and doesnt go all mary sue and say I forgive them. She also accepts the compensation offered to her.


ML - He is perfect, I really want one too. He will be a soldier and gets crippled in the war and will be sent back home. His wife would have died giving birth to her son when he was away fighting in the war. When he comes back his family sees him as a burden and separate him from the family. He will see the FL being sold and thinks of his sister, who was also sold and decided to save her. Later he falls in love with her and treats her with all his heart.



The FL tries to use her beautician abilities to make money. She will understand the era they live in ancient era and doesnt use her modern mentality to judge things. She understands that they as ordinary citizens dont have any power and doesnt intend to make herself famous. She would only want to earn enough money to take care of her family.

Slowly she builds her business by giving make up and making perfume balms of flower. She first thinks of her husband being a cripple and tries to make his life easier. She will not want him to work in the fields or do any heavy work. She also saves money to get the MLs leg healed. They gradually fall in love with each other.

The ML will have no ego and support her in whatever she wants to do. He tries his best to take care of her, knowing she cant do any household or heavy work from day 1. The MLs son will be taken care of the MLs family after his wife died during child birth and he will be very abused when the ML was fighting in the war. Seeing the FL taking care of her son, he will not expect anything else from her. Later after seeing her being so smart and strong and helping him earn money to easing their life style, he gradually falls in love with her. He helps the FL expand her business and supports her in everything.




The FL and ML have a daughter later in the novel when they become more financially stable and setup their business. (This I really liked as they planned and gave birth to child during the time they could afford and take care of themselves) The son will become the youngest scholar of the country. They move to capital to support their sons future. Their daughter will also have a childhood sweetheart. (Son of the captain who saves the FL when she was kidnapped). When the children get married, the ML takes FL to travel and they come back after three years and spend the rest of their lives with their children and grandchildren.

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LunaSolis070 rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: Completed

The ML is a good guy and average looking. He is also a soldier but he got crippled. He is supportive to his wife and not overbearing.

There is no princess and kings (already too tired of this shit) (like hey, I want to read some magical space with farming but I got those concubine, pampered wife and medicines. GIVE ME A BREAK!)

She only know beauty products and make up. Even though she doesn't have a space she still manage to make money. The kids are cute... more>> especially the first one🥰 <<less
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celaenaaa rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: Completed
I finished the MTL. The FL is logical and talented, the ML is very considerate and the FL's stepchild is actually very cute.

It's different from other stories in a way that the ML is not so handsome and perfect. He looks average and his abilities are very ordinary, at some point I had this feeling that he doesn't match the FL. However, I realized that what really matters is how he treat and love the FL. They actually click with each other. The ML may not be some big shot... more>> or anything but he supports the FL wholeheartedly. He does what the FL can't personally do.

It's a very laid-back novel. It's really a slice of life, alright. Romance is okay. I love the FL, especially how she faces her problems. She's very talented but she's unambitious. She only wants to live a good and peaceful life. She knows what she exactly wants and she stands with her principles. <<less
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pimni rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: c92
A slice of life novel with an MC who is a beautician. She is very pragmatic and knows she is in an ancient world as a peasant woman and acts according to her status. The ML is very normal in a way that he is not supportive, knows his limits as a disabled person, and also stands up for the MC with his family.

Why I liked the novel is because the actions of the MC are very real. She doesn't do anything OP; she uses makeup skills she has in... more>> that world perfectly so as to not raise anyone's suspicion. She knows when to step back when confronted with aristocratic people and when to promote herself. She is relatable and candid.

As for the villain, there aren't many. Unlike other books where the ML or FL's despicable family comes around every other day to get face slapped, the ML's family is taken care of solidly by both the MC and the ML early on and hence you don't hear from them again. As for the other villain, the MC understands her limitation and rather leaves the place than keep on confronting them. <<less
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lightmoon22 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
the story is so good.

it tell a story of ordinary family which is rare in Transmigration world because must of the stories will show the ML as prince or great general and the FL as princess or daughter of high family with multi talent but here is different

the ML is just ex soldier who try his hardest to support his family and the FL also come from ordinary background with one skill to support her family which is make up

i wish translator will pick story like this more often honestly,... more>> then story where everything handed to FL or ML easily ☺️

there are some dissatisfaction like:


1- the ML family never mention again after the ML separate from them. Like I want to know what they feel about the ML after he become rich, what happen to the grandson who was studying did he succeed 😕

2-only the FL get pregnant and had child in the story other character had one before they met the FL but after this there is none

3- I don't like how the FL handle her daughter marriage with person who is later become her future son in law like she refuse this marriage without asking her daughter opinon, she refuse the poor kid for something that out of his hand which that he belong to high family


the translator are very good here recommend💯 <<less
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Gushishi rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: Completed
It is a mediocre writing. The slow pace of writing describing the whole process from poor to rich to their kids' marriage. But the only problem is the interconnection of each paragraph is so poor. It is not like writing a story at all, it worse.

This story is not that fluffy. It is sometimes a boring read.

Totally not gonna read this anymore. It is an eyesore.
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a true slice of life and the premise was so interesting too. This is the first time I have ever read of a makeup artist transmigrating to the past and using her career. MC is a bit OP but it was a fun read.
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Viliel rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Highly recommend to those who justs want to enjoy some good slice of life with romance, childcare and business.

Just some good slice of life without too much drama and dog chicken fight.

The protagonist is smart and not annoying, and is straightforward (I like her)

... more>> The husband is also not the god op++++ ML but is rl caring and is not an iceberg or arrogant douche, he supports the protagonist in everything and pampers our protagonist a lot 🥰🥰

Xiaobao is cute and I love his relationship with Li Mo and how they bond. I cried when he grew up 😭😭 miss the lil bun already 😭

Even if some of the reviewers are put off by the opness and blabla in my opinion compared to those novels with god doctors, spy's, goldenfingers etc, this one doesn't hammer you too much the opness and since she just applies modern techniques it's quite easy to understand and see why ppl get so surprised and admire her abilities so much in those times.

The makeup up opness isn't the focus of the story, it's more of a business and money making, business management novel and we see them start it all and it's rl enjoyable.

Compared to other slice of life's like Fields of gold, this one is rl short with 92 chaps without repetitive bs just to drag out the number of chaps and is a quick read of a few days!

Highly recommend! <<less
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March 30, 2021
Status: c1
I've seen people say that the husband is a nice, average guy who treats her well. But that's not how I see it. He may be self-sacrificing but he's also weak-willed.

... more>>

He promises to protect the three of them from his greedy relatives. It's the first promise he makes to her. But within a few days, he has given them all of his wife's money.


It's not worth it to stay with someone who will always put others above not just himself but you as well. Maybe he changes later on. Grows a spine and starts taking proper care of them. But the MC shouldn't have to just wait and hope he changes. <<less
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NoirB rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is a very relaxing short journey for me. It's a good slice of life. It's a very satisfying novel and the ML is a plus for me. You won't find those domineering and black belly prince/ceo here. ML is just a normal/plain guy and poor who is very in love with his wife. Tho I found the romance is pretty subtle, I think it's good enough. Give it a try. Recommended if you're already tired from reading complicated plots that will increase your blood pressure and want... more>> some peace for your heart.

P/s: I'm not good in writing review. And I kinda feel like crying at the end of the novel. I want a husband like Dashan too. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Haruna.Yuuki rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: Completed
For romance-seeker like me this is boring 😂

The romance only ⅓, this more like how to thriving on live & business

FL & ML so good together ❤ no misunderstanding, no dog blood drama, no 3rd person

This was a guide to become rich in ancient times, and those theories about make up made me dizzy 😅

So yeah this was happy ending.
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timma rated it
January 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Update: 2022 Feb 20

So review at end (of main text) :

Very refreshing. Not often do you get transmigration without all the nonsense face slapping. Even better that ML isn't a secret prince or general.

I like how they just want to live a better life and do it.

(Idk what direction extras will take, but the main body was truly worth reading.) Extras were worth reading.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hanarealbess rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: c56
I’m having so much trouble getting through this. The makeup scenes are repetitive and get old so fast because of how little is actually explained and the way it is described is repetitive too. (If I have to read the word delicate one more time I’m gonna throw hands with the author). The relationship was very bland because it wasn’t really focused on, the characters were one dimensional we never learned too much about them or got into their heads. I really disliked their s*x even though it wasn’t really... more>> described because it was the same old “woman hates it and is hurt and the dude basically forces her and refuses to be gentle or improve his technique so she’s always incredibly sore after”.

The kid is adorable but barely gets to do anything and I actually dislike how obedient and nice he is, because I’ve dealt with enough kids to know that even the nicest, quietest, disciplined children have their days and their moments. So he never felt like a real kid. He was just there to be cute and pitiful. <<less
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Mokalyne rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c54
I give it a 3 because I juste can't stomach the ML. I'll stop at 54 because the relationship he has with the FL rubs me the wrong way.

... more>>

When they have interc**rse in the tub, she says no bu he still does it. I know this is ancien china, be why must she justify it with "oh, it's a man and his needs". Does she come from ou time or not ?!!


And the he/she his/her are all over the place, sometime i've got a headache when reading this story.

I'll stop here a let it go, even if I was attracted to a female that was not a poison/assassin/chef of the word, I just can't read anymore. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CaliforniaMaki rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Sweet and short story 😊 Good read.. no dog blood drama.. just money making and sweet lovin... if you've read BTTS then it's like that but just shortened to 92 chapters :D MTL'd the rest to complete quite readable (90%)...
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Freyalily rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: Completed
slice of life story, less drama, less family conflict, the story mostly about how MC turn their poor family into rich. The few chapters last are quite quick pace.

... more>>

there one thing I don't agree with MC, she said she's glad she's good in makeup and beauty techniques not other like physic, english, ect (which is consider main focus in our time)

or else they would starve to death

i personally don't agree with that

science knowledge would produce more technology, make farm life more easier etc, english knowledge advantage maybe would let MC to be a more successful merchant since she would deal with english people in sea trading

all of this actually would make MC more successful and richer than being a beautician


nothing much happen actually, its to read if you have nothing to read <<less
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