The Green Lotus Peasant Girl


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In her previous life, Li Qinghe married into the Xu family with pomp and splendor but was treated coldly and ignored by everyone in the household she married into. She eventually died of an illness to make way for her husband’s white moonlight.

However, she woke up again, this time with prior knowledge of herself being just a cannon fodder in a sweet romance novel. In the original novel, Qinghe had saved the male protagonist’s life and then asked him to marry her as repayment. She then made the lovers’ lifetime a hell because of her jealousy. Now that she had returned to the past and been given a second chance at life, Li Qinghe decided to change her way of living. She resolved to stay away from the male and female protagonists. It was still important to save his life for the story to continue, but that kindness would be exchanged for silver, and she would leave instead.

But unexpectedly, the original male protagonist was not reconciled to this and rushed to become entangled with her. She had a violent temper and rolled up her sleeves, intending to hit him. Another man beside her saw this and felt very distressed. Hurriedly taking her hand and squeezing it gently, he said, “Be good. If you’re not careful, your hand will hurt. You should stand aside and let me do such menial work.”

In his last life, Zhou Chengkang had built and maintained a large tombstone in front of Li Qinghe’s grave for his entire life after her death. He regretted not expressing the feelings in his heart to her many times. He then died, still carrying that regret.

When he opened his eyes again, he found that he was reborn and had returned to the time before she had gotten married to Xu Changjie. The beautiful lady was again alive and graceful, drawing at his heartstrings. He couldn’t help but want to take her into his arms.

This time, he won’t miss his chance again.

Double rebirth; a story of a husband and wife farming together and living with scums.

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The Peasant Girl Qinghe
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New Cheeseduckcg
May 17, 2024
Status: Completed
I enjoyed it. I feel like the author's style is good at slice of life, but not great at romance and drama. A lot of things happened that were basically just summarized in a single sentence or paragraph, without much in the way of emotional impact. As I said, it's good for a calm, even slice of life reading experience, without a lot of ups and downs.

I really quite liked MC's personality, but she was a little too "perfect" in my opinion. Not overpowered in the way MCs usually are... more>> in this genre, but just in the fact that she had few character flaws, and made very few bad decisions if any. I think my only complaint is that when her mother-in-law stepped on her bottom line, she turned cold and argumentative, basically starting a fight, rather than stating her stance and explaining her reasons. I feel like it created unnecessary conflict. But at the same time, I think it's pretty realistic as a character flaw, so I can't really complain.

Lastly, I really liked the last paragraph. Spoiler below:


It was basically just saying that there was a historical record of her contribution to the people. It felt nice, basically coming just after a family tableau. When she was reborn, all she thought about was living a good life, but she ended up helping a lot of people with her small actions.

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New citygirl rated it
May 14, 2024
Status: Completed
I quite enjoyed reading this story but be warned, chapters 1-53 are free to read, while the rest are only accessible if you take up a paid subscription. So I had to mtl the rest of the story, which marred my enjoyment quite a bit.

As other readers have pointed out, it's a pretty realistic slice of life novel. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, the story is really about a hardworking couple vs shameless relatives and villagers. No special skills or knowledge from having been reborn,... more>> or a golden halo from being the MC.


In fact, MC and ML worked really hard and only made ends meet, or managed to earn a little extra. The two times she could grow her wealth substantially was when she invested in the land, and the land was only purchased with money she received by first saving her ex-husband's life, and later, from the compensation given from the attempted theft of her fishes. No get-rich-quick scenario; just good decisions, hard work and being a fair employer.


I liked the MC. She learned from her previous life, did not make the same mistakes, made some wise decisions and kept herself out of trouble. But she also showed that she was no saint, and could be petty, hold grudges and slap back when she felt like it. <<less
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the_rebel_ rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: Completed
this story is the most realistic rebirth story of the ones I've read so far.

my take on the story:-

there is no drama between the couple. the FL is calm and collected. Instead of thinking of revenge and wasting her time she decided to make up for all the regrets she had in her previous life. she really had a good time in this life. she was not the miracle FL, where whatever she does is awesome and has millions for fans (or admires like in other rebirth novels).

the story and... more>> plot are really good and I was never bored while reading the novel. and also this is the first rebirth novel I have read where the FL does not marry an (invincible/amazing/overbearing..... etc) guy. she marries a person who really loved her even though he and his family is so poor.

throughout the novel the ML remains as who is not a noble or a big wealthy rich merchant. He is shown as farmer who loved his wife and family dearly. what I most loved is that the ML is shown a little very close to reality and that the none of the character are connected to royal family or they were actually nobles but due to some mishap they had to or became peasants.

this story is a must read!!! and truly different from those regular stereotypical rebirth stories. god!!! I was soo damn frustrated with those rebirth novels where whatever the FL does is amazing/mind blowing and wins millions of admires and etc. this novel is like breathing some fragrance in a dump yard.

the most characters in the novel are not s*upid and think logically, there were no unnecessary brainless characters. In short summary this is a A relaxed story with ancient background which basically revolves around the leads and is serious with no dog blood plot. Recommended!! <<less
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joi.desu rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: Completed
No drama between the couple. This is basically a story of how 2 people who were reborn to before the key event that led to the end of their first life. Their decisions changed the course of their story, and this novel shows how the changes affected not only their life, but of those around them. Butterfly effect causes a ripple to unmask the real personalities of the people in the couple's lives. Their hard work and strong will when it comes to the choices they make is admirable. And... more>> the journey to get to where they are is an interesting read.

I MTLed this, so I am anticipating the translation so I can read it again. 😁 <<less
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cmonson rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I usually don't like slice of life type stories, but I liked this one. There was conflict without any of the annoying misunderstandings. And the romance was really sweet.
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February 24, 2022
Status: --
There's no apocalypse over the horizon, no invading armies looking to r*pe and pillage, nor some sort of high nobility skullduggery (though you shouldn't be fooled into thinking peasants and farmers don't get involved in their own politics). And after 38 chapters, I've said no hide nor hair of the FL's former husband. She's just farming, fishing, and cooking- And it's not even a cheat like modern day cooking that makes her ultra rich!

And I like it!

Don't ask why. I should be bored to tears with this because I'm more... more>> of an action-plot kind of guy, but I find myself heavily invested in Qinghe's peasant life with ChengKang. Maybe because its just different from what I usually read. <<less
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MegaGarchomp rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: c65
Be warned there is NO sugary sweetness in this WN. The MC is edgier than a Japanese MC. Other characters (apart from the MC) are realistic and are not bad for the heck of it or to lift MC up. But MC lacks emotion to the point where it feels that she is just a string of letters in this WN. The author is mostly of the opinion that being realistic and boring are one and the same.

The WN is taxing, boring and well....... forgettable.
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TaliSirius rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is very good. Give her a chance. I promise you will not go wrong.
Li ChinHe is a good girl, as is Chenkang too. He really loves his wife very much and protects her with everything he has. He is dedicated to her, not at the level of blind donorship, but by sacrificing himself, helping when he needs it, providing protection... It's a delight to read their interaction.

Li Chin He is decisive when she wants something, both in her past and in her current life. When she puts something in her head she does it, it doesn't matter if someone says otherwise and tries to dissuade her. She values ​​Chenkang very much and does her best to give him a good life hehe.

We have good secondary characters and their stories are developed. They are not simply there as a background for the protagonists to stand out. It's a living and complex world.

Without Li Chinhe to stimulate the feelings of (the protagonists) their story takes a very crazy spin kkkk it was refreshing to watch the downfall.

Read the story. I read it and didn't regret it.
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paperballoon rated it
July 8, 2022
Status: c76
This novel kinda hits a bit close to home to be honest. While MC and ML try to make their lives better, their family and neighbors get them involved in little dramas with money being the primary reason. How people close to your life change or show their true colors because of money is very relatable.

... more>>

Like MC's stepmother. She was a decent stepmother, right until MC suddenly got a hold of a lot of money. Stepmother then tried to think of ways to get the money or transfer MC's wealth to her maternal family.

The stepsister seemed cute and shy at first. But when her prospective husband wants half of MC's wealth as her dowry, she also changed and became scheming. I don't know why there's a review here saying Stepsister was innocent all throughout. MC was good to her but became cold when she realized that she was also coveting her money.

MC's father was able to keep Stepmother and Stepsister from getting MC's money. Seriously, MC's father was unlikable at first. He was apathetic to his daughters and only cared about his childhood sweetheart (the stepmother). He would give in to Stepmother whenever he saw her (fake) crying. But he still has his own principles and he put his foot down when the He family asked for half of MC's land as Stepsister's dowry. When they asked for an increase of dowry to 5 taels instead, MC's father also increased the dowry of MC's, despite her being rich and not really needing it anymore.

MC's biological mother cares about MC. But she did abandon MC when she was a kid for a chance of a better life.


This novel is a 4/5 for me but I changed it to 5/5 because I feel like some of the reviews here are unfair. <<less
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Crayon rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed reading this. Good novel!

"But unexpectedly, the original male protagonist was not reconciled to this and rushed to become entangled with her ruthlessly" This description is not right, the OML didn't entangled with her at all. He did spoke to her a few times tho but he only spoke to her ONCE about how he regretted choosing the OFL. After that they didn't even cross path with each other again. There's no ruthlessly entangled. I only read MTL tho so maybe I missed something.
overall I enjoy reading this so much. My time was not wasted at all!
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CrazyApple rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Ment to be a 4star

Nice read. A true slice of life.

The there was literally 1 paragraph of the ex coming over and asking if she regretted anything. Other than that our MC was spectacular at ignoring the ex and hid lover.

One issue I do have with the mtl is that you can't really tell how. Any years pass from a certain event. By the end of the story you won't be able to tell how old the majn characters are. Other than that in this story you find out that... more>> no family is perfect even when the man is perfect. Our MC married out and she took that roll very seriously but she was also her father's only child which she took seriously as well and it wasn't to common for a female heir atleast thats what it felt like from her mother-in-law. At the end of the day this story is a nice change of pallette between all the other crazy stories. Sit down and relax <<less
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January 2, 2022
Status: c55
Pre-Review Comments (jumped around with MTL chapters but caught up to 55 translated ch)

  • MTL-ableness: I would give it a 2.5/5. Lots of pronouns/names getting mixed up, but you can understand the general plot/conflict.
  • Decent translations: I wouldn't say it's flawless but it's definitely readable. There's some odd syntax here and there, and even comments on the bottom would clear up certain sentences. So, not the best sentence structures but still understandable. No translator notes and helpful footnotes are featured.
  • Flat romance: I realized early into this story that it's not really romantic. The writing is very matter-of-fact and blunt. I mean, there are sweet interactions bw the couple but it's not dog food or anything, lol. The romance is super light and instead the story focuses more on the FL trying to have a better life and making better decisions in this lifetime.
    • When she gets reborn she's literally a harpy (fun way!). She's unabashed with her comments. OgFL and ogML of the 'book' she reads after her first lifetime's death are treated as side characters and just other villagers. In general FL looks out for herself and the people who treat her well, but will retaliate if people go against her.
    • The ML also rebirthed, as we know, but it's not a major plot point. They both find each other again (I like the commenter that called him a bunny, bc we first meet him when he jumps the FL's fence to see her lol) and are pro-active in leading happy and successful lives as farmers. He's a major simp (good way!) for the FL and treats her like a queen, lol.
    • If you dig too deep about their relationship it falls apart quickly. Like, why did the ML like the FL so much in the first lifetime that he would build a house next to her tombstone? And the only reason why the FL sought out the ML in this lifetime is bc she knew he cared for her even until the end? But past this lack of passion/depth, they are quite comfortable and supportive with the other when they become a couple. In general, it's a healthy relationship.
    • Also a note that the FL is 14 when the story first starts, ML is 17, they get married a year later and the rest of the story is just following their farm life.
  • Village slice-of-life: the major conflicts of the story surround the happenings of the other villagers and people trying to be greedy. Seriously, money is a HUGE instigator of drama lol. It's kinda shallow but hey, it makes for good entertainment. Plus, the FL is never a push-over so it's very satisfying to see her (and the ML) deal with unreasonable people. We're just here for the show, lol.
  • Overall this is a light farming novel that I found fulfilling just because the main couple was able to successfully have a happy life this timeline and nothing was ever too stressful. I'll be back in a year or so when the translations finish!
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Muteearphones rated it
June 15, 2023
Status: c1
3 out of 5 stars. I see the potential and the entertainment value, but it's just not for me. I'm going to put this in "maybe try again" folder.

Translation wise: 8/10. There are not huge mistakes. There are not mistakes like "wrong sentence structure" or missing words. But there are weird ones. (Using "Where" instead of "What"). It pulls you out when you're reading casually.

Story: It's slow. I knew it was gonna be slow, but it was still kinda slow.

... more>> MC is hardworking.

ML is nice, straightforward with his emotions.

MC's father is nice, but a total pushover to MC's stepmother. MC's stepmother is outwardly two-faced. Gives money secretly to her scummy brother (I don't even understand why she does that), makes snide remarks to MC (her stepdaughter) and ZWW (her real daughter), is unhelpful around the house. And the MC's father doesn't see any of this?

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AC253 rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: c107
A review that'll reflect my feelings on this story. As usual, please skim or skip my review if you wish to avoid some minor spoilers and would rather read it with a fresh POV.

Other reviewers have basically already said everything that needed to be said - and I consider this a solid slice-of-life, especially in the CN Peasant Protagonist genre. Extra props for the leading guy being an all-around decent, normal guy who I'd both recommend in fiction and in IRL (that isn't really a large spoiler, considering the summary... more>> and that more than half of the story is about their married life.)

The good: the various and tangled web of relationships between characters, especially between families. Even for a comparative novice like me in the ancient China family-drama subgenre, remembering who's who came quite easily. The conflicts are also tied up (again, realistically) to monetary matters and familial relationships. It realistically follows peasant life in rural ancient China without lords and princes and birth secrets popping up every other arc, and the way it's written allows us to glimpse at the characters' lives over numerous years.

The average: relationships. There's a lot of potential that we get to peek at, but it's never built upon. Some examples include our leading protagonist's romance, Li Fu

and his redemption,


The bad: no emotional connection to the protagonist, much less anyone else in the story. I like her character type, and I don't really even dislike her, but as someone whose story we follow for over a hundred chapters, she's quite dry. Most of the time, she's a fly on the wall conveying to us readers everything that's going on. There's also no sense of conflict - surprising, considering how many problems pop up throughout especially when marriage and family come into question, so it makes it a very superficial read. There's also no reason our protagonist or her husband should've ever been reincarnated, as it literally plays less than 5% of a role in the story beyond the first arc besides acting as a shabby base for the setting.

Also, the reveal when they find out they both had a rebirth was lackluster. I appreciated the gentleness in the atmosphere, but there was also nothing emotional in what should've been an important scene. There was nothing leading towards and with no changes following the reveal.


Anyways... the only reason I bothered to write this is for the character awards I've decided to bestow below. Many contain minor spoilers, so I just threw everything here:


Best Girl: Yu Yan
Best Boy: Zhou Chenkang
The Only Relationship That I Felt the Slightest Bit of Investment In: Min Rui and Yu Yan
Best Character Development aka House Tsundere: Zhang Haiyao
Most Depressing Downfall aka Wasted Potential: Zhao Wanwan
What Happened to Them During 90% of the Story? aka False Advertising: Xu Changjie
(where tf did the "rush to become entangled with" part come in? no, chapter 107/108 does not count)


TLDR; a fair plotline and original take on a done-and-dusted subgenre tempered by flat writing and one-dimensional characters. Wasted potential, but still decent enough for an easy read. Great for beginners trying to understand family piety and traditional expectations in ancient Chinese novels and for those who want a break from the craziness of martial arts wuxia and crafty scheming concubines. <<less
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hastingsj rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: c1
Things to know before you start:

the title & summary are misleading ... more>>

Green tea implys drama elements. While the MC isnt the friendliest person (I would call her cold & aloof) she is by no means a green tea. Much more of a serious quiet type who will beat your ass when you cross the line. She at no point pretends to be sweet, weak, or pure. I wish she was a bit nicer to her mother-in-law tho. Shes an old lady : (compromise a bit more. Little to no drama. Some bad neighbors and dangerous instances. Most issues are solved with sicking dogs on them and calling the police. If you are looking for a battle of wits, look elsewhere



She is reborn 2x. She dies in her first life at the hands of her shitty playboy husband and goes back in time to right before she agreed to marry him. At this time she also has a 1 line throw-away memory of being a modern person which isnt super relevant to the story after this. Her memories from her 1st life are very relevant to not marrying the guy who will kill her, picking a new husband, and doing buisness to make money


the ending is abrupt

the story has no real plot so the ending feels no different than any other chapter. I was a bit blindsided by how abruptly it ended. The 2nd baby is born and the neighbor moves away... the end. Not even an epilogue to tell us how the kids do later in life or how things go on in the end


What I did enjoy was how rounded the characters were. Everyone had a story and no one was pure good or bad. People who started out good ended up being selfish and petty and people who started out bad ended up learning & growing to likeable characters. The conflicts felt realistic. Overall it was a fairly enjoyable slice of life <<less
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Nelle rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: Completed
2nd read on May 2024: I still like it. I like how characters are not excessively annoying and braindead unlike other farm life stories. It feels a little boring from time to time, but I won't hold it against the author since this is a laid-back novel. Good job, author and translator.

I'm not sure what time period this is, maybe this was set in the year 1900. I'm not really familiar with the history of China, but they use silver and copper as currency and the relationship between men and women are not too upright like in the ancient dynasties of China. Now setting that time frame, this is the most realistic Slice of Life that is not in the modern setting that I have read so far. The reincarnation part is really just letting them live again, it does not involve revenge or face-slapping. They are just grateful for this second life.

Our MC is such an unbothered queen. She knows what's important and she won't compromise for the sake of familial relationships. She will not let herself be at the losing end. She's headstrong, very powerful, and an ideal mother. It also helps that ML loves her so much that all of their belongings are under the name of MC. He will always take MC's side no matter who's in opposition. The characterization in this novel is so well done.

The only thing I did not like was the ending chapter. It was so lackluster and I did not even realize that it was the ending until I saw " (end of text)." It looked like the other chapters. But, you can't ignore how well-written the previous chapters are, so I had to let that go and give this one 5 stars.
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Lemur rated it
July 2, 2022
Status: --
I initially didn't want to read this novel because it's the same rehashed plotline that's already been done a thousand times. But because of the overwhelming positive reviews I gave it a try, and frankly speaking, it wasn't worth it.

The FL - She's boring and borderline unlikeable. The author puts no effort in giving the readers a reason to root for her. The mere fact that she's the FL is apparently supposed to be enough to make you invested in her. She barely has a personality, and the few words... more>> I can use to describe her are harsh, blunt and slightly selfish. The bluntness and harshness on its own isn't even automatically a bad thing, I actually really enjoy characters who are a bit standoffish and aren't pushovers, but the problem with the FL is that she has no redeeming qualities to balance out her rough edges, and she frequently goes too far in her attitude towards others. She's excessively harsh to almost everyone regardless of whether they deserve it or not, which makes it hard to care about her.

She also doesn't seem to have much of a heart and seems to have a subtle dislike of everyone, regardless of whether they're good or bad people. She shows no love or affection towards anyone, including her own mother, father and sister. I understand that she has relationship issues with her father, but he's not really that bad of a man. He sincerely loves FL and wishes for her wellbeing, but he's horrible at being fair when FL and her stepmother argue. He also treats his stepdaughter as his own, which shows that despite his issues, at the end of the day he has a good heart. I simply fail to see how FL's tense relationship with her father prevents her from loving him. That's just not how normal human relationships work. Virtually all human beings have issues with their parents, but most of us still love them anyways.

What's even worse though is that she holds almost no love or affection for her little step-sister, even though she's literally the most innocent and pure character in the book. How can a normal human being not love their own sister whom they grew up with? It's just very bizarre. Granted, FL isn't mean or abusive towards her sister, but she also doesn't care very much about her. Sheer apathy is her constant attitude towards everyone. Honestly, it's not as though FL is a horrible, hateful person, but these small weird aspects of her make her quite unlikable. She's not a bad enough person that I hate her, but she's also not good enough that I can bring myself to like her. Overall, my opinion of her is just "meh". I simply don't care about her, which obviously makes it difficult to enjoy or be invested the story.

Romance - This is a very flat and lifeless romance. The ML is obsessed with her, to the extent that after she died in her first life, he never remarried and spent the rest of his life visiting her grave. Which would be really sweet and heartwarming, if it weren't for the fact that the author never bothered to explain why he loved her so much in the first place, nor do we ever see him gradually fall in love with her because ML is already infatuated with FL straight from the beginning of the novel. We're expected to accept the fact that he's head over heels for her "just because". But even this shortcoming could be forgiven if there was any chemistry in their interactions. Which there isn't. Not one drop. ML constantly pines after her like a puppy, while FL shows almost no affection for him, and it's simply stated that she likes him. Tell, not show seems to be the goal here.

Other Characters - The rest of the characters are incredibly flat and boring. They either have no personalities, or simply exist for the purpose of being villains for the FL to resent. The one and only character I actually liked was Zhao Wanwan, the FL's little sister. She's one of the few characters that has a personality but isn't cartoonishly evil or selfish. She has both strengths (intelligent, goodhearted) and weaknesses (timid, pushover) which made her a feel a bit more realistic, fleshed out and relatable. But the poor girl receives affection from almost no one, not from her mother nor her sister. The only one who shows any interest in her wellbeing is her stepfather (FL's dad), so I just feel bad for her most of the time. <<less
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Eeria rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: Completed
It is a pure slice of life of farmers in china. Probably ancient china but there are no clues pointing specifically to a period. At least I didn’t see any. The romance is quite flat and there are no plots. The novel is not very good but not very bad either. It does a good job at depicting farmer life. Read it if it’s your cup of tea.
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Zemmiaphobia rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: c42
I like the story so far, it seems interesting without being unrealistic. At first I was really confused by the summary bc I thought the ML was the scum husband who only realized he loved her after she died. Instead the ML is a side character who secretly loved her despite her being married to another man. This novel isn't one about revenge, but living your life well and making good choices. If you can get past the fluff about reincarnation and transmigration, it's really just a solid slice of... more>> life novel. <<less
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puregarnet rated it
September 30, 2023
Status: Completed
3.7 Stars

Writing/Translation: 3.8/5

The translation I read is from Konila. Just small harmless errors like a couple of wrong pronouns and names but it only happened like twice or something. My only issue is that sometimes in the beginning, I didn't really understand a sentence. It got way better after awhile.

... more>> Pacing: 4/5

The pacing was chill and even the entire way really.

Plot: 3.7/5

It was good to provide this chill farmer lifestyle. The con is that there weren't really many ups and downs haha. Just two people working hard in their own lives to make up for not having a good life previously. This isn't perfect, though. As I can't quite get a solid handle on all their personalities, goals or motives. If you read it, you'll get it. The other characters kind of feel meandering. I can't really understand if they are bad, if they are good, what do they actually want and stuff. Ambiguous and a bit wavy. For example, the MC’s relationship with Mrs. Zhou. I can't get if she likes her, finds her meh or what. Mrs. Zhou too. Is she a weak-willed person to her four sons since they all keep going against her to marry? But then she was super cool when dealing with the separation and was so fair. And then, at the end, our couple kind of broke things off with her or at least wasn't as close as before. All the interactions between our couple and other people feel so up and down lol. But weirdly, I still get the chill slice of life vibe throughout the entire story.

For the money-making part, it isn't the best, despite what everyone is saying. This is because our MC didn't state any plans she has. So whenever they do something money-making-wise, it just feels like going with the flow. So there isn't that satisfying catharsis in buying more assets or making more money. Because there isn't any buildup. But this is still that poor-to-rich rural area type of story and the chill bibes are definitely there. The fact that it is fully translated definitely helps.

Romance: 3.5/5

The romance is sweet when it's there. At the beginning and first half, we don't really understand the ML’s personality. Is he the stoic type? Feeling inferior type? But he's unexpectedly a bit playful. The only con is that we don't get much romance since they kind of act like an old couple who likes to do things together in peace. Which I admit I do appreciate because normally, the couples in CN novels are very cringey to me.

Setting/Worldbuilding: 4/5

Live the vibe very mych.


I like that there are so many characters. But I don't like that they are so hard to pin down lol. An argument can be made to say that this is life and people are not static or whatever but I’m here to enjoy reading and it's hard to know if I should root for a character or not when they are so wishy-washy

Personal Enjoyment: 3.9/5

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Aki-no-hikari rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: c124
Enjoyed it. Nothing out of this world but it's an easy read, the relationship was cute and I enjoyed how the mc's enemies got exactly what they had coming.

My only problem is that the ending felt too abrupt. Otherwise, not a bad novel to pass the time.
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custodiom rated it
April 22, 2023
Status: Completed
This is just another run-of-the-mill slice of life set in a rural, farming county in China.

There's nothing new in the bones of this story, perhaps what I found a bit different is the writer's take on family and relationships (divorce, remarriage, concubinage, etc), a good amount of conflicts arose from those situations.

I'm a little conflicted about the characters, some are very endearing, and then their flaws start showing, or some have no redeeming qualities at all. My surprising favorite must be ... more>>

FL's parents. It took a while but their character development and relationship with FL were so satisfying


The theme mostly centers on backyard drama, with some farming and rags to riches thrown in. It can be a boring read to some who don't really prefer this genre. It was mostly ok for me, perhaps the most disappointing part is how lackluster it ended. It felt too random and I don't understand why the writer chose to end the story at that point.

Finished thru MTL which was readable. Overall I give it a barely passing mark because it's not an awful read, but the ending leaves much to be desired. <<less
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