Proud Farm Girl With A Space


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After transmigrating, Su Tang became a poor village girl who was not loved by her own father and was abused by her stepmother. After only a few days she was sent as a sacrifice to the River God. Faced with the threat of an imminent second death, Su Tang clenched her fists. Anyway, since she had survived, there was no reason to let herself die again.

Su Tang rolled up her sleeves and, space in hand, she was ready to face the world. She separated from the family, took her younger brother to be adopted somewhere else, did business, bought a manor, and tried to make money every day… Not only did the days become more and more beautiful, but the person also became more and more beautiful. As for getting married, what’s that? Can she eat it? Su Tang’s life motto: I’m fated to face adversity alone so I’ll only love money all my life!

However, one day a proud young man appeared outside her door saying: You may not believe it, but my nickname is Money*.

Su Tang: Outside. Squatting. Horse Stance. Go. Now!

A certain proud young man: It’s true, I will now ask my brother, the emperor, to change my name.

Su Tang: …

Note : the actual nickname is ‘小钱钱’ which means money in the context and is the same words Su Tang used in the previous line

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honeybunny55 rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: c909
Okay I've SOMEHOW made it to 909 chapters. And by that, I mean, I ended up skimming through a ton of the chapters because I felt like there was just SO much IRRELEVANT BS in between other parts.

This entire story's plot is basically this:

"TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE" -> 10 chapters later -> "TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do... more>> so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE" -> 20 chapters later -> "TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE" -> 30 chapters later -> "TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE" -> 100 chapters later -> "TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE" -> 150 chapters later -> she actually does one minor thing to retaliate that nobody knows she did -> "TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE" -> 250 chapters later....

AND SO ON... AND SO ON... I'm sorry but even at 909 chapters she still hasn't completely gotten rid of the garbage original branch of her family.

Otherwise, if it's just a minor thing, they basically just get tossed to the wayside and forgotten about.

It's your typical modern-person-tossed-to-ancient-times-and-becomes-rich story, honestly kind of similar to Fields of Gold but with a space instead of a rock (but it even includes a cat) and like 10x as much s*upid bullshit, likely due to the fact that the story is twice the length of Fields of Gold.

The more I read the more I just got annoyed, but I kept reading, thinking well there's other 4/5 star reviews and it's 3.9/5 so it can't be THAT horrible, right?

No, I just felt myself consistently getting annoyed.

I'll admit there's a few points to this story that I do enjoy, but for the most part, I was just either in a state of boredom or just annoyance.

First, the heroine is a pretty reasonable person. She lived to her like what, 20's or something in her last life? She does the standard business crap that every heroine does when they get tossed to ancient times. I do like that in this story, she's the one teaching the ML to not be so innocent and helps turn him onto a path to become a 'sharp sword' for the Crown Prince.

However, her previous life history is just totally out there? Like first she was a web editor, then she graduated from fashion school, but by the way she understands perfectly how the ancient mindset works and how all people are and how human nature is and how all humans will ALWAYS abide by human nature and how to perfectly scheme in the big capital city against everybody and what paths people will take because uhh... well... because she's from the 21st century, I guess? Every time the story is like "Su Tang is from the 21st century, she's a modern person, so OBVIOUSLY because she's a modern person she DEFINITELY knows EVERYTHING over the dumb ancients" it's like ok lol sure? Whatever. This is all pretty standard of stories like this.

However, what in the world is with this plot. Is this supposed to be a palace drama? A political drama? A farming story? A business story? The chapters are short, yes, but my GOD do they skip around SO MUCH. One minute she's doing something then next minute it's a scene change to somewhere else then scene change again then they're talking about one thing and then she's like BUT WAIT LET ME SHOW U THIS NEW RECIPE then it's like another 10 chapters of the recipe then suddenly they go back to something else and then they go to another thing like what in the WORLD is with this HORRENDOUS STORY FLOW.

Furthermore, just as I expected, the family drama didn't end when she moved to town, IT JUST KEPT GOING. IT CONTINUED UNTIL OVER 600 CHAPTERS. THAT'S ALMOST HALF OF THE STORY. AND GUESS WHAT. There's still more family drama to go DON'T YOU JUST LOVE IT? BIG SIGH.

Sure, the drama wasn't the sole focus of the entire 600 chapters, but it kept being brought up one after another, and every time, as per usual with this heroine, she was like TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE. Then we wouldn't hear about them for 50 chapters. Then suddenly they'd crop up again and the heroine would be like TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE I AM SUCH A DARK LOLI TEE HEE. Then we wouldn't hear about them for another 50 chapters. Then TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE.

But I think what the most s*upid part was she went to the goddamn capital city, was able to navigate the capital city and scheme for the Crown Prince and Pei Xuan, but the moment she goes back and she hears some tiny ass restaurant owner Boss Huang tricked the Hu family she was like "omg who could POSSIBLY be BEHIND him? WHO KNOWS WHO'S BEHIND HIM OMG I CAN'T ACT RASHLY SO I'M GOING TO BUY THE ENTIRE HU FAMILY AND THEN GET ANGRY AT MY 8 YEAR OLD YOUNGER BROTHER BECAUSE HE CAN'T SCHEME AGAINST ADULTS AND DOESN'T UNDERSTAND HOW TERRIBLE EVERY HUMAN BEING IN THE ENTIRE PLANET EVER IS!!!"


The kid is 8 years old. Has she forgotten that she isn't actually a child, she's actually in her damn 20's, so YEAH. Of COURSE she understands human nature better. But her younger brother is 8 years old, he's already quite clever to begin with, and, TBH, I actually don't understand why the F she bought the Hu family and then decided to be so garbage to her younger brother. She says it's "teaching him a lesson" but honestly I feel like there were other ways they could have handled this, it was just done this way because of... reasons, I guess.

She explains it as "Just because I'm a county master and I'm super smart and I've cleaned tons of people up before and done all this other stuff and is fully capable of getting back at every single person who has it out for me, DOESN'T MEAN I CAN GET BACK AT EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS IT OUT FOR ME BECAUSE WHO KNOOOWWWSS WHAT COULD HAPPPEENNNNN even though I have a mind reading cat, a space, friends in the capital, business connections, ETC ETC ETC" like... what.

Furthermore, she could have dealt with this same Boss Huang OVER 400+ CHAPTERS AGO WHEN HE FIRST SCREWED AROUND WITH HER and what did she do? SHE DIDN'T DO IT. She was just like "TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE"

And then this happened.

I don't know I really just can't handle it. Everybody else says "all problems are resolve fast!" but how is it that 909 chapters later we're STILL hearing about that the MC's garbage original branch of the family?? Also, we STILL haven't resolved the issue of Second Young Master Luo's Luo family?? That is I guess a little more understandable BUT STILL. The plot just jumps all over the damn place with barely any cohesion. You get to talk about one topic for 10 chapters, then nothing gets resolved and you don't hear about that issue for another 100-200+ chapters. Even the brief stint where she was in the capital was like over 200 chapters and obviously all of that isn't resolved either.

But also, I'm at 909 chapters, which is like 64% of this story, and I still have no clue when the romance will hit. Right now she's still like 10 or 11 or whatever so it makes sense, but I'm also like 64% of the way thru the story are they just gonna timeskip to when she's of appropriate age to marry in the last half of the story or something?

But also, I get that the heroine is young so she won't get married young, but why is it that so many of these heroines in these stories are like "what is love? what is romance? I don't understand I only ever saw it in a TV show HOW DO U KNOW WHAT THE FEELING OF LOVE IS?" like I'm sorry, are you just so s*upid you aren't in tune with your own feelings?

I can understand mixing up feelings of lust/love/like, yeah, but these people act like the emotion 'love' is like this alien, foreign concept that they've NEVER heard of and they've NEVER experienced and how does ANYBODY know if they're in love or not like what?

I don't know I was hoping the story would get better as I advanced like Fields of Gold did, but I feel like I just got more annoyed and more bored at the content of the story, the pacing, just... everything. I'm tired of heroine's who's personalities are literally just TEE HEE I'm going to RUIN them but I've gonna wait until the perfect situation to do so to REALLY bring them down TEE HEE. I honestly only kept reading because I read everything else in my library.

Honestly, it's not worth it for me to keep reading. Not even wanting to know how everything gets resolved and tied up is enough of a motivator to keep me going. At least in Fields of Gold by now, the relationship between ML and MC had progressed and it was fun and interesting to read.

Anyways maybe I'm just biased and maybe I'm being unreasonable, but I just couldn't get into it.

Review at 274 Chapters:


Original rating 3/5 stars.

Honestly, I'm 274 chapters in, and I'm starting to get pretty bored of this story.

Don't get me wrong. I actually really liked the start of the story - I thought it was interesting, I felt extremely bad for the MC and her younger brother, and I felt infuriated at the evil people who did that to her - aka her "family" members. I was really interested to see how she would survive in the village, how she'd make money for herself, and how she would clean up her shitty family members.

But by now. I'm just kind of sick of the family drama.

It feels like there's a bunch of "intricate" family drama going on regarding the whole village and the Su family, but it hasn't really been completely fleshed out yet. And every time something happens with her shitty old family members, the MC is like "how dare u I will report u" and then what does MC do? Nothing, then they do it again and MC is like "how dare u I will report u" and then... and then... and then...

It honestly only really "stops" per se when they move to town. Or at least, to their faces, but this doesn't mean the family drama has actually ended. While I do feel happy that her other family members are kind to her, and that she is able to progress and begin making an excellent and prosperous life for herself and her younger brother, I have begun to feel somewhat bored of what's going on in terms of the story line.

I honestly haven't completely given up on it yet, I do still want to finish reading it because I'd like to find out who the ML is and see how far the MC can go and I'd like to see how she'll clean up the village, but I also feel reluctant to go on because I feel like the story will just continue to drag.

I'm honestly worried this will turn into another Fields of Gold situation where the family drama just lasts for over 1/3rd of the entire f*cking story except Fields of Gold is only like 732 chapters while this one is 1427 chapters!! I just don't know if I have it in me to hold on for that long LOL.

Regardless, it isn't a horrible story, it just... isn't really all that great, either. As is per usual with these types of stories, I guess.

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kawaii12345 rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: c265
TLDR: If you like this kind of novel (Mary Sue transmigration in ancient China) you will like this one, as it's a very good example of the genre. If you don't like the genre you will hate it.

Details: The opening is as generic as it gets. Young girl abused at home kills herself gets possessed by a transmigrator with a space and a helpful cat spirit. From there it picks up. The author makes it seem like she's not incredibly OP even though she is and her OPness just keeps... more>> on increasing. Mostly this is done by having her win verbal fights with her persecutors. Seeing as she is 8 years old at the start this takes an enormous amount of suspension of disbelief. She gradually accumulates friends and a power base as she moves forward. For the most part the author handles all this well.

Problems: The author will often ramble descriptions in the middle of action or dialog. It's just uninteresting. The MC is built up as a mastermind, but is continuously acting like an idiot so she isn't completely OP. She doesn't make good or full use of her cheats which is annoying, she frequently prolongs problems just so they can get worse, and finally makes s*upid decisions so she can be saved by plot armor.

Note: The translation is excellent but the MTL is nearly unreadable <<less
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SuikodenIV rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: c216
I need to make this review short because writing down everything that's annoying me about this story is just annoying me all over again. I originally was planning to give it 5 stars when I nearly dropped this story on chapter 155 (it started going downhill for me around 113) because I don't like giving low stars when I've generally enjoyed something.

However! I made the mistake of not dropping this at 155 and continuing to read.

... more>>
  1. MC's body is still 8 years old at chapter 216.
  2. MC is very selfish, judgmental, and manipulative and, in my opinion, lacks empathy and compassion for anyone outside her circle (which, at this point, is basically just her brother).
  3. MC bought female s*aves (one was 10) and immediately threatened to send them to brothels if they did something she didn't like.
  4. ML showed up here and there for a couple of chapters, but has only been mentioned a couple of times since chapter 71 (I wanted a story with some romance, so this is kind of frustrating, though I know nothing would happen until MC is older and this story seems dead set on having no time jumps longer than one month).
  5. Everyone seems perfectly fine with an 8 year-old buying s*aves, living alone with her 5 year-old brother, being rude to adults, and owning a business. There is sometimes a throw-away line about someone being surprised a child is commissioning them, but that's it: they don't even really ever ask for proof that she can pay them for large commissions before they start to work on it. Anyone who does question her about literally anything is fated to be an antagonist.
  6. A lot of sl*t shaming women by MC for a story that keeps bringing up equality between men and women.
  7. The 'space' thing sounds like a video game with 'levels' and 'unlocking' things and it kind of knocks me out of the story any time it's mentioned, which sucks because I usually like those.
  8. MC is now taking the route of 'modern recipes will make me rich!' despite having been an overworked 20 year-old fashion magazine editor/writer in her previous life and no real explanation for how she suddenly knows a million recipes (her 'space' has so many ridiculous things, they should have had her find some recipe books or something).

I love OP MCs and 'Mary Sue' type stories. I don't need stories to be realistic, but they do need to make sense and this story is seriously lacking in that.


Oh! One more thing that's annoyed me since the beginning! MC has a Divine Beast that is the reason she has a 'space' as well as the reason she's able to even survive and make money and she is always and constantly rude to it. It's literally the reason she's alive, but she's always calling it useless and getting angry with it when it (deservedly) insults a human that she doesn't even like.


My current feelings about this story? MC needs to have her face slapped and learn a little respect. <<less
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nakoyes01 rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Its pretty good story. I enjoy it. But there's some part or chapter that I skip because I think that part its not necessary. But overall its good story.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GingerMessiah rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: --
The beginning is good but you will notice a terrible transition when the author tries hard to inject romance into the story.

... more>>

Pei Xuan, the Duke’s heir is the Male lead. He throws hissy fits or rather tantrums for no reason. Acting like an arrogant young master which most web novels will have the main character stomping to the ground.

So basically we learn about him growing up spoilt and arrogant being sheltered in a green house by his Duke (father) and late Princess (mother).

So after being spoilt with love for many years and suddenly the mother dies. Oh he feels lonely and emotionally traumatised.

Our female lead mocks him and tease him, and suddenly I really like this junior sister. The interaction seems really forced. They barely know each other having seen face to face for less than 10 days.

I cannot understand how our intelligent and supreme main character can fall in love with such a s*upid kid.


The main character seems to be very level headed at first but suddenly...


... developed a sad and lonely complex. An idiotic kid (Pei Xuan) talking about liking her when she rescued him from death. She gets overly emotional when the dumb kid questions her friendship with Lu Xiancheng.

Come on now Su Tang the female lead is an intelligent woman born in the 21st century. Her parents divorced and grew up under the care of her grandmother. When her grandmother died she had to fend for herself in the modern world.

She has experienced the darkness of society. Graduated in Fashion and crawled her way up to become an Editor of a popular web publication. Somehow also miraculously have practical knowledge of sciences, business acumen, amazing cooking skills and political wits. But then again in China the things being taught at school are more in depth and practical than in the schools in the West.

Back to the point... there is utterly no way someone would like that would have EQ issues and fall for a dumb kid like Pei Xuan.


The author throws a spanner into consistent series of timeline and destroy everything. Male lead is one of the lamest characters I have ever read.

Like what some others were saying the author also drags chapters. It used to be one chapter and then later split into four chapters. So it makes the pace of the story very slow.

Face slapping and plot takes tens if not hundred of chapters before it materialise. It ends up being boring. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shuyaaa rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: c686
Well I was in chapter 686.

And so far I don't see the purpose of this novel, y know, you have to have a purpose in life, something you will achieve, your passion

I keep push my self to read it and reach what the point or purpose ending of the novel, maybe I was to demanding, but I didnt get it!

... more>> And that cat, is it only ability is to read people intention ?! Haiya!

The age of MC is too young dude, sometimes is hard to imagine the scene, with that height she able to rode a horse, a big horse for an adult!


And whats wrong with that Pei Xuan, seriuosly, an 9 years old girl and you falling in love or something with her ? Just cause people say that maybe you missed the opportunity ? Dude!?


Thats all, I drop it, sorry :) <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelle rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: c138
I know this is slice of life and it's meant to be about business and all, but this is too boring. I fell asleep while reading it. I made it to chapter 138 and nothing's happening at all except for those small moves towards building her business. The ML was already introduced and his attitude towards MC is supposed to be tsundere-like, but the way he was we written just makes him annoying and eyeroll-inducing.

To reiterate, THIS IS TOO BORING.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Schneeri rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Pretty Good. The story flows great, there are not a lot of boring scenes and I like the relationship between the second couple. Not a lot of those teeth-rotting romance at the beginning (or at all), mostly just face slapping and MC doing what all modern people do in ancient times, do business.

The MC is very OP and there are a lot of inconsistencies (She is a web editor/writer, but she graduated fashion school. She is also good at politics, business, cooking, plotting, have good memory, etc.), so if you... more>> are a very choosy reader that cares a lot about the little details, this is not for you. But if you are looking for a nice read with good storyline and badass girl MC, with a lot of face slapping and cute family moments with the little brother, this story is great. <<less
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Beccablue rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: c103
There is a small amount of face slapping, but nothing that satisfies.

The little brother is great, but not involved enough.

The MC is smart, realistic and forward thinking. She is a bit OP, but not because of her space, but because of her range of knowledge that seems to just keep coming out of nowhere. The fashion stuff makes sense because of her studies and job, but some of the other stuff makes you wonder where it comes from.

... more>> If you want some romance, then this is not the book for you.

If you want fast paced, read something else.

This is slow and frankly.... boring.

It has some good bones. But it just feels like everything is underutilized.

Her brother isn't really allowed to shine. There isn't any comic relief or face slapping to break up the rather monotonous day to day grind.

She makes some good points that I found refreshing about education for women and some other bits here and there, but it's just so blah.

They talk about her being a money grubber, but she isn't really. Yes, she wants money because, you know. Need it to live. But she isn't obsessed with it or even that focuses on it. It's a means to an end. Part of business.

After 100 chapters, I was getting bored, so I had a look at the other reviews and nothing has inspired me to soldier through and keep reading.

This is a miss for me. There are many other with similar themes that are more engaging. <<less
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joellyanne rated it
September 2, 2020
Status: Completed
For me this is such a fun read. The chapters are not very long and fairly easy to read the story even through google translate.. There are some heavy parts, but it is resolved fairly quickly and not being dragged on several tens or hundreds of chapters. It is Highly Recommended.
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Kei-Em03 rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I like these kind of stories so yeah I quite like it.

MTL ☆☆☆☆ is understandable, like 75-85%

Chapters are fairly short. So its not actually that long.


... more>>

Starts off with MC at 8 and bro at 6. The body of MC hit her head to su*cide because the family wanted to throw them on the river to "worship and serve the river god" which was just a plan to kill the siblings. MC transmigrate with a space. Most of the plot is business related, how her business is growing, etc., like 65-70% of it. Others are mixed of the intrigue of the family, the capital, the royal's fight for the throne, schemes, etc.




Not so much romance. Very sparse. The novel ended with a promise of marriage at the age of 18 for MC. So they are not married yet when the novel ended. MC is 15 and ML is 6 yrs older.

He started off as very childish. I mean despite being part of the royal family. He was a sheltered child. He was sheltered by his mother before she died. During his teenage years he was sheltered by his father. But still, he's not s*upid (s*upid with MC, yeah). There's really not much about him. He's a disciple of MC's Master before her. Close to the crown prince, (later emperor)


The Space


The space came to MC when she transmigrated. The space has a guardian cat. Its contains farm land, spring water, fishes, vegetables, fruits, farm animals and later upgraded. So MC was able to have a factory which makes a lot of things (fishball, oil, dye etc.) There's also a supermarket opened as level went up.



My cons with this is

Its very long winded, which contributes to the thousand chapters. I mean, it explains everything. EVERYTHING. Some even between dialogues (lol, sometimes I forget the last dialogue and what they are taking about because of this and had to re read).

Another is, she's very OP. No problem with being OP (ilike OP FML) its just that it doesnt seems to match her identity from her previous life. Other novels would have used a dynamic of assasin doctor identity or a previous ceo or something along the lines and it would seems like a stretch but still acceptable. But here, she's an orphan writer. I mean come on. No matter how much I fan filter this, it ain't going to work. So I try to sweep this under the rug (lol ?)


All in all, if you are looking for just chill business related, business building, etc. This novel would be okay. But for those looking for romance as well. You might want to look somewhere else.

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Crayon rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: c45
At first I got hooked by the description ?

"you may not believe it, but my nickname is Money."


... more>> I know it's probably too early to give a full star but dang! MC is so badass! I extremely love this! At chapters 40+ the stepmother accused them stealing her money, and man just as I was waiting for her to just standing there and let everyone accuse her... boi sis was wrong!

And thank goodness she didn't!

She fight fiercely and satisfying! Hahahahaha! The stepmother and evil grandmother didn't even have the chance to refute her ? <<less
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trash_generalist rated it
February 2, 2023
Status: c410
(UPDATE: 02/03/2023) : This is my second read. The first time I tried this novel out, I didn't make it beyond the first 50 chapters and my only comment was: "Could be better. I dislike the fact that the FL starts off as an 8yo. The magical space is also barely described, which was the reason I read this novel in the first place. I'm not sure I like the fact that the ML has already gained such an interest in her (especially as he's 14... and she's 8.) The translation is not bad, pretty good actually."

I still agree with most of what I said. Except, this time, knowing about the young MC and the fact that the magical space was just a plot convenience here, I didn't immediately... more>> put it down like I had before. I went into it with maximum patience XD HOWEVER... The further I read, the more I realized that the author had a problem with overexplaining. The author overexplains everything XD every time something happens, whether it be a big matter or a small matter there are dozens of paragraphs following explaining why it happened, and most of it is repetitive (the magical space has good ingredients and so everything that comes out of it tastes good -- that explanation appears pretty much every other chapter. As if it's so easy to forget it DX.) I can only assume that the reason for this is to pad the wordcount (after all, the author also chopped up her chapters into 2-3s like TL-ers do sometimes, to make it appear longer.)

Such an issue, paired with the clumsy elements and the overly slow pacing made this novel almost unbearable to read. It's such a shame, the TL is really good T.T. That, and the fact that I was curious about when the ML would eventually come back (he disappears in the first tens of chapters and doesn't appear again until 400 chapters later btw), was the reason I stuck around. But even though I did, I had gotten into the habit of skipping complete paragraphs of superfluous info-dumping (again, the explanations XD) just to get by. **BIG SIGH**

ALL IN ALL, this is really not a good novel. But if you're willing to grit your teeth and bear with it. And you honestly have nothing else to read. It's not completely bad. The characters are at least likable and not completely made out of cardboard. Plus, even though most of the fun of the business management is taken away because of the MC's ultra-convenient space, I still enjoyed that aspect. If it weren't for the fact that every single move the MC makes takes several chapters to explain before finally being inacted in a couple of paragraphs, I would have kept reading. But this, paired with my lack of interest in the ML and my increasing dislike for the MC (who became more and more Mary Sue as time went on).... Ah. I could only admit defeat XD. As for the rating, I gave it a 2/5. Specifically, 2.1/5. I usually wouldn't give ratings without reading more than half of the novel, but as I have no intention of reread this currently, I decided to give it based on my impressions of what I've read. <<less
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Tsu_na_mi rated it
December 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Starts out really well, but goes off the rails later on. The first half of the story or so is about the MC's business development, with an ongoing plot of revenge against her former family. This part of the story is well-done and interesting, and I'd rate this part 4.5 stars. I like the level of detail the author goes into about her creating various products and marketing strategies, the problems she overcomes, etc.

However, half to two-thirds of the way into the story, the business development becomes less detailed, almost... more>> like it's an afterthought. Characters that were developed in the early part of the story are completely forgotten and never heard from again, or are mentioned minimally so as to tell the reader where they ended up in the MC's organization. Rather, the last part of the story is dedicated to the (non-) romance of the two leads and the resolution of the lingering succession issues, but only from the limited perspective of an outsider to the palace intrigue. It's all completely boring and frankly feels like the story was just phoned in at that point. This part of the story is 2 stars, which is why I give it 3 stars overall. <<less
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ikitty03 rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: c431
The story is love and hate for me. It great in beginning she change her fate and brother because their family called them bad luck. She has a space where it a farm field and machine. She was choices by orange cat divine beast. The space thing doesn't make sense to me. I get it this fantastic story so accept it. It probably a invisible space they can hide, and public people can't go in or see.

... more>>

Then she sell fish ball that to her space have a machine for it remove small bones. Later a master pick her as his student. She got load money from him to open a western dessert. That part it when down hill. She was success cuz her space had food ingredients and machines. She make foods with other help without running out food ingredients.

It got so bad because see less her spending time with her brother. She want do other successful business.

The main point of story is a girl who a cook and want make into food business. <<less
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Emrys_89 rated it
April 18, 2021
Status: c215
Ch215 review

So I did a review on this story when I was on ch 140. You can read it further down.

... more>> After 215 chapters I wanted to see of anything new stood out to me. In short. No.

The romance is still nonexistent, so if you are here looking for a romance from the first few chapters, go with something else. However I am still so in love with this story and the characters we end up meeting. However I do agree I feel that some scenes or period of time could just as well be skipped. But I also find them interesting because they also bring some insight in how our MC think in regards to these situation and how the world works around them. I like this world the author has created because it feels like an real place. Where people aren't saints, but actually people working to make themselves a comfortable life. There were so many times where I was struck surprised by the mc's interaction with other people but also how organic it also felt. Something they bring up very quickly is that everyone is looking to further their own gain. Be it through knowledge, power or monetary gain. Everyone is after something and in some stories that have always been depicted as selfish and immoral. But here I feel that the author knows that nobody is a f*cking Saint. Nobody starts adopting orphans and saving everyone out of the goodness of their heart. MC isn't running a "save everyone" agency. She wants to make life for her and her brother as comfortable as possible and hardwork doesn't mean she will get that.

Ch 140 review

So for many of you who wants to see drama, love confessions and passionate love scenes. I dare say you will be first disappointed with this story.

This is a slowgoing story about a girl transmigration into a young 8 year old peasant girl in the old feudal (?) Chinese period.

Our main character is Su Tang and she and her brother are planned to be sacrificed by her own family to the river god.

Well it doesn't work out like her family plans and Su Tangs make it her mission to make her and her brothers life as comfortable as possible.

MC's focus is on making money, enough so they can live without to much work and trouble.

In all honesty I am bloody in love with this story. MC and her brother is both good, MC is obvious a grown adult in a child's body but uses some very good excuses as to why she sometimes acts so peculiar.

Her reasoning is both logical and at times a bit dark. But I like it.

The number one selling point to me about this story is the MC's relation with all the other characters and her own view on now living in a era where women have very little say. I could gush about how her relationship with these characters reflect so well on her own beliefs and her own hang ups regarding this society's system.

I don't wanna get into to much regarding the story but in short I would recommend this story for those of you who would like a more refreshing take on a modern time woman trying to make a living in a time where women are often seen as property rather than human.

I don't wanna give this story 5 stars yet on account of me not knowing yet on how I will feel about the love interest. Seeing as they (spoilers!!) have not even had one conversation with the MC as of ch 140.

Like I said this is not a fast going romance and if you are looking for that I would not recommend this story. <<less
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Quenthel rated it
February 4, 2021
Status: c162
Good read. Not amazing though.

Some satysfying face slapping, cool farming. Historical background nicely depicted (what a luck that we aren't born in those times).

Some parts are a bit too long - fillers I call them. Overall, a really good steady read
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