The Obsessive Male Lead Made Me The Female Lead


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[Welcome to 『The Opponent of the Dragon』.] “Oh my, the book talks!”

[I am a guide for travelers who have transmigrated into the novel.] I possessed the body of Tiarozety Isol, a supporting character in 『The Opponent of the Dragon.』

The book will send me back to my world as soon as I complete the ending of the male lead, Lexion.

The problem is, I’ve never read this book before.


[If the development of the story deviates from the original, the traveler gets a penalty right away.] “Penalty?”

[Yes. The penalty is that the novel proceeds in the direction the traveler doesn’t want the most.] “Oh my god.”

I was able to play the role of Tiarozety firmly. But then, I suddenly fell in love with the male lead, Lexion Sparrow.

“I’ll miss you.”

I was able to complete the ending by dying for him.

However- There was a problem with the ending. Thus, I returned to the beginning of the novel again. Somehow, I was sent back again inside the novel on my way home.


“Tia, choose me. Not this damn fate.”


“Choose me, even if the path is rough. Because I’m ready for anything.”

And that’s how… Lexion, the male lead, began to cling onto me.

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집착 남주가 나를 주인공으로 만들었다
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New astraxzz rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: c55
rating is 2.5 but rounded to 3 for the sake of the review

ive tried to read this novel years ago and couldnt get into it. I thought i'd try again since the description sounds sooo good but it wasnt what I thought : (the FL is not my favourite tbh, and ive only read 16 chapters but good lord it feels like 16 hundred, they are just such a chore to get through. Also, I heard that the second ML is gregory and many people got 2nd ML... more>> syndrome from him, so I was concerned for my wellbeing but I read it anyway. I am now a victim of it too, because he has so much screen time and honestly he is the most likeable character out of all of them with some common sense. At the moment, hes not even remotely attracted to FL and is the ml's best friend, like they have nicknames for eachother and theyre so close, and when the ML acts crazy bc of FL greg is out here like '?? Wtf is wrong with men?' hes just such a likeable character as is so I really dont want him to end in a unrequited love for fl, which will happen. Also


hes happy in the future but he said that he cant promise to love his wife as he already love fl, so hes happy but never moves on and idfk if its to show that noone can move on from FL as shes oh so amazing bc yk main character buff but its just sad considering hes such a good character as is. Ive always hated when this happens but it somewhat more excruciating since the FL is just not worth all that so far.


im going to continue to read bc I wanna get to scene in the description, but its a process okay. It could be subject to change as I continue, but I honestly really doubt it but ill update when I decide to drop the novel.

final update: I got to this point then decided to stop and just search for the chapter where the description happens and then drop it. My rating is now a 6/10 because it was slightly less of a chore to read as I went on, but still not enjoyable. If you want to read this I wouldnt stop you, its not something I can recommend but also not terrible that I would dissuade you. For me, the FL was unlikable and the ML was kinda flat and boring. Im sad to drop it but glad that I will not be around to see them ruin my pookie gregory </3

p.s if you're curious the scene in the description is at around ch 65 :) <<less
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noxaltacct rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: Completed
As someone who had binged the whole novel it was interesting and fun to say the least. The 1 star deduction is just for my bias that I only give my top novels 5 star if they have impactful meaning to me. To break it further, while this novel seems cliche and ML seem to just have an "infatuation" with FL for no reason, it is something that gets answered in the novel. There is a reason but it's not something that gets revealed until perhaps midway in the novel.... more>> You would almost feel very bad for the ML.


ML loved her from the very first timeline. He noticed her loving him back but couldn't recuperate her feelings and be with her because he was forced to follow the storyline of the book. He actually grew to love her the moments when they weren't following the plotline because when they're not in the scenes of the "book", they have free will. When she died, he felt horrible, but then noticed the book and using that he tried to find her again. The reason for his "infatuation" is simply because it wasn't just 1 timeline he was looking for her from. It was possibly hundreds so obviously once he found her again, he was crazy to hold onto her.

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ellie357 rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: c11
i just know im gonna be so obsessed with this book as soon as I read the summary, and I tried to wait until more chapters were out but honestly? I couldnt help myself.

usually in this type of novel is really predictable (or maybe ive just read too many of them) but there are some components to this one that are harder for me to predict like

... more>>

he obviously went back in time and decided to try and save tiarozety/decided to pursue her. We dont know exactly why he chose the original FL the first time, but a popular theory is that he's also a transmitigator who fell in love with her but had to act out according to the system like she did. Personally idk if I want that theory to be true, because the whole fate v free will thing is interesting to me but I guess we'll see. If it is true, im curious to see what kind of "penalty" the system admin would have given him considering the penalties she got were being forced to watch him deepen his relationship with the original fl. There are also other mysteries (where did the system admin go?) that keep it interesting and also make me wanna look at the spoiler page but I wont hahaha


in terms of pacing of the story, the author did well. I thought I was gonna have to sit through her whole first life, but the author decided to skip straight to the juicy bits and tell her first life through the FL reminiscing, which was a smart choice since, again, there are so many stories like this that we basically know what has happened anyways. Instead, we have an FL who knows shes in love, and we get to see sincere jealousy, grief, heartache etc., without all the "why am I feeling this way" etc etc. The author portrays those feelings really well and realistically, and I love her. Also, even though she has the typical thought process of "im a side character who fell in love with the ML but he can't love me because hes destined lover etc etc" (even when the ML is so clearly into her) is realistic because


the system admin had her down BAD because of the penalties and also she obv already experienced a lifetime of lexion being into the original FL and not her. She also keeps repeating things about how when youre in love with someone like she is with him, you can see casual gestures as meaning something more so she shouldnt get her hopes up, and I just KNOW that it was because he was in love with her but couldn't fully tell her/show it so he probably sent mixed signals and aaaaaah!!! AHHHH!!!! I hope we get to see the scene where he falls in love with her or something!!!


i have waaaaay too many thoughts on this novel considering its literally only on chapter 3 (mystical series spilt up the chapters, I think) but im actually just so excited for this to get translated! In terms of translation quality, sometimes I do get a little bit confused, but even so im able to mostly roll with it so. I highly recommend this novel <<less
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FreyjaVanadis rated it
January 29, 2023
Status: Completed
This turned out to be NOT what I was expecting. I have to admit I loved that it was shorter than most of the ones like this - the twists were a LOT more unexpected than usual, and the author did not waste time with meaningless side tracks. It doesn't seem like small things are relevant until 15-50 chapters later when you realize that no, really - that was a detail that you missed because it seemed like nothing. It's much more intelligent and well-thought out than I realized for... more>> a LONG time. It's also a nice fast read, which I certainly appreciate!

Titi and Zion are a great couple, and truly love each other, but I have to admit the side characters are some of the better written ones I've come across. Gregory gave me 2nd lead syndrome SO BAD, and I want to be friends with Emilia, Daisy, and Alois. They're all such great characters! I LOVED the interactions and how all the different characters - even the ones that are on the other side - had clear and understandable motivations. Actions made sense and weren't just mucking around. Nicely done! <<less
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znukhsoc rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Most of the actions in this book don't make any common sense.
There are many examples but I'll put a couple here:
... more>>

In the beginning when she was pulled from under all the corpses... Where did all the trauma go? All the people she knew are dead, everybody acts like she has to stay normal. She stays normal any way, forgets about it all in 2 days.
The crown prince tortures her for a week? 10 days? I don't remember. After that our ML nearly beats him to death. Then the crown prince appears again like nothing happened. Not touching the ML at all. FL didn't have any trauma either apparently because she isn't even scared being near him.

I honestly didn't want to continue because it simply wasn't worth it... Why did I finished it? I love cheap drama. I also skimmed the last 20 chapters.
That's it, warning you, don't waste your time on this. <<less
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Mashiro-chan rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: c8
So far, the story is very interesting and the translations are decent.

The story begins with the ending of her first try. She was transmigrated to the novel world and had no choice but to follow through as a supporting character who dies in exchange for saving the male lead. You will know why she can't deviate from the original plot once you read it.

She thought she'll be on her way back to the real world, but suddenly--because of an error in the ending, or maybe because of a different reason--she's... more>> back to the beginning of the story.

Things have been different from the start and


I believe the male lead has memories of the first try. And maybe he actually did something to reset the story because he cannot accept Tia's death. Either he realized after she sacrificed her own life in exchange for his that he's in love with her, or maybe he already loved her before but just can't act on it due to certain reasons.


It's a good read and I can't wait to read the next updates. ^^ <<less
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rosaa1 rated it
October 22, 2021
Status: c12
The Obsessive Male Lead Made Everyone Uncomfortable, Including the Female Lead!

I felt Lexion executed the entire flow of events in Tiarozety's second life rather poorly. He has evidently caused the discomfort of not only Tia, but also to his acquaintances, childhood friend, staff so forth (as well as my very own). Rather than enjoying the one sided displays of affection like I usually do in the romance genre, it instead disturbed me. I have no idea if it will take a turn for the better as the story progresses but... more>> I don't have the patience to find out.

Further elaborating on my first statement; Lexion prefers to keep Tia in the dark about everything and rashly acts based on all his impulses which in addition to inconveniencing Tia, makes everyone distrust her and feel wary around her. This could easily be avoided if he bothered to properly plan ahead and act within healthy human boundaries instead of pushing himself onto her all the time.

Yes, it's true she's in love with him. However this does not excuse the fact he is acting overfamiliar with her, without being considerate to both Tia and the consequences of his actions which even makes Tia herself perturbed. Does it make sense to make the person you're infatuated with alienated from your capricious actions and needless worry that could be worked through should you have decided to be more mindful?


I used "infatuated" because it comes off strange to me he would somehow fall in love with her even if he retained his memory of his past life, got a hold of the book or whatever. It was stated he was in love with Seirin in his past life, mind you. Somehow his affection switched from one person to another? Now that's a mystery for another day. Furthermore his obsessive behaviour supports my notion of it being a mere infatuation.

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Anika Ab
Anika Ab rated it
December 29, 2022
Status: Completed
If I had to rate this one, I would rate it 4.5/5. When I read the summary, I thought it would be you topical Knovel so I wasn't expecting much but story got my attention from the very start and I couldn't stop reading until the end.

Author put many mysteries about "book" and whole system in early chapters and they amazingly revealed them at the exact time! This is so rare that made me enjoy reading even more. The pace is not fast nor slow, It gives you enough time... more>> to get used to characters and whole book setting and makes you curious as to why Lexion is so obssessed over MC. I also loved the fact that side characters had their own depths and you could relate to them like Sub Male Lead, Gregory.

About ML's obssession, I don't think it was severe. Mostly lt was shown through jealousy or how overprotective he was. Also about MC, I think at first chapters she is still in denial and unable to believe she is "back" so she can't find her trueself and mistake herself with her "role" so she sometimes makes choices you wonder what is wrong with her and the interesting part is "she makes fun of herself bc of that later". Her growth was seen through the story and at the end of story she became a person who was fighting for what she wanted.

There are some miscommunication and it took many chapters for them to open up but plot gets you interested and also TL is amazing so I def recommend this. <<less
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stephhiny rated it
December 18, 2022
Status: c119
This one is really intriguing. I don't know why the rating was a bit low, but I have to say I'd totally recommend this novel! Actually I love reading novels and I read a lot of novels with the same genre... but this one is a bit different in my opinion. It has good plots, and the story is so much more than the description, and I mean in a good way. I keep thinking about this story like I was obsessed and I was curious about the plot, the... more>> ending, how they'd solve the problems etc. Almost reached the ending now, but I was still impatient and excited for the next updates, hoping my main OTP will end up together! <<less
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Rena Rain
Rena Rain rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c9
Well, I definitely love this novel. It may have been only 9 chapters as of now but I think it's already pretty cool. There's this mystery as to how Lexion remembered her. There's a lot of theories for that but well, it's still unanswered but it's probably gonna be revealed why soon. The romance part in the novel, that I can say is good for now. I think it's cute and sad, actually. The prologue is what got me wanting to read more. If only there were visuals for that... more>> scene when she sacrificed herself in accordance to the plot of the OG story. And I really am curious about Lexion's POV but I don't think that's happening any time soon.

This story got me hooked and wanting to read more to finally figure it all out. It also makes me want to find out how it progresses from there and what would happen now since Tiarozety is stuck in that world and have to deal with the changes from the original storyline. I don't know why she couldn't get it yet or maybe she does suspect Lexion of returning from the past or something but maybe it's just that the idea was absurd to consider or the book that kept bossing her around to act according to the story made her think that nothing changes and everyone's tied down to their lines and roles.

Tiarozety is a wonderful FL. Tho my standard of a wonderful FL may be low or different but I think she's great. She's suspecting the ML for the sudden change and questions it, she's level-headed, and I just like reading her thoughts. She feels a bit realistic. She fell for Lexion, she had emotions that don't seem to be just there because the author willed it. She felt jealousy, grief, sorrow, joy, and love while doing her job as Tiarozety. I like her as a FL.


She keeps pushing on to keep the story in line with how it should be. She still insists that they shouldn't miss out on the ball because that's where the leads are supposed to meet. I don't blame her tho because she lived in that world for years with that book kept on making her do the role of the OG Tiarozety and so of course she would think "Nothing's gonna change and this is how it should be" aattitude that is popular to heroines. Atleast this time she has reason to be reluctant and suspicious. I'm getting tired of the reason most FLs have, the "This is novel/game world and they're characters in it, so everything will be just the same in the end" kinda thing even after seeing the changes and clear signs that it takes a lot of chapters for them to finally accept it 🤦🏼‍♀️

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ReaderEli rated it
June 1, 2023
Status: Completed
dang!! It was so goooooood!! It was frustrating at first on how she clung and obsessed on the book but I can't really blame her since she experience it firsthand. Then it became interesting, I was so intrigued that I read the whole novel in just one day. So yes!! I didn't sleep!! Wish me luck later!! 🤣🤣🤣
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chande rated it
March 6, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel seriously got my mood up and down like a roller coaster throughout the story, mainly because of MC. I really like it at first when MC decided to rebel against the book and enjoyed her moment with ML in the earlier chapters but then MC suddenly became timid again and obeyed everthing the book told her to.

... more>>

The consequence of it, she made the pitiful Gregory fell in love with her like the book wanted. She should see it coming but she was too preoccupied by ML's wellbeing and ignoring the possibility that her actions might harmed Gregory.


MC became a bit likeable again after she decisively wanted to be with ML against all odds and she really did it till the end even it's quite hard. Then, it's a happy ending for everyone.


I still didn't like Gregory's ending though. I know he ended up being happy but I think that's a bit forced. I hope Gregory could slowly fell in love again after healing his heart not because he was forced by circumstance.

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