The Obsessive Male Lead Made Me The Female Lead


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[Welcome to 『The Opponent of the Dragon』.]

“Oh my, the book talks!”

– I am a guide for travelers who have transmigrated into the novel.

I possessed the body of Tia Rozetti Isol, a supporting character in 『The Opponent of the Dragon.』

The book will send me back to my world as soon as I complete the ending of the male lead, Lexion.

The problem is I’ve never read this book before.


– If the development of the story deviates from the original, the traveler gets a penalty right away.


– Yes. The penalty is that the novel proceeds in the direction the traveler doesn’t want the most.

“Oh my god.”

I was able to play the role of Tia Rozetti firmly. But then, I suddenly fell in love with the male lead, Lexion Sparrow.

“I’ll miss you.”

I was able to complete the ending by dying for him.


[There was a problem with the ending. Thus, I returned to the beginning of the novel again.]

Somehow, I was sent back again inside the novel on my way home.


“Tia, choose me. Not this damn fate.”
“Choose me, even if the path is rough. Because I’m ready for anything.”

And that’s how…

Lexion, the male lead, began to cling onto me.

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집착 남주가 나를 주인공으로 만들었다
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