That Fishery, I’ll take it


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The first life was as So-yeon, an illegitimate child of a Chaebol family, where I would break my nose even if I fell backwards, the second life was one where I lived unfairly as the illegitimate child of a martial arts sect leader, the third life… I was in a romance novel I read in my first life, the illegitimate daughter of the evil supporting family! The third life is also as an illegitimate child… This is too unfair! Damn destiny, this time I’ll live how I want to

I only have to keep 3 things in mind this time!

1. Goodbye to the indifferent dad who doesn’t love me in the original story, I don’t love you either

2. Don’t put a mad dog-like male lead who barks around near the female lead

3. Run away from the villain who will cause the family to collapse

“Hehe, hello Belis. Im your older sister”

…huh, my sister turned out more lovely than I thought? Those sweet cheeks… I’m not supposed to get involved…

Yeah, at least this life won’t be a problem as long as I’m not involved with the male leads

Before running away from the disasters that will soon come, I will only take care of my villain sister

Except… there are accidental contact with the male leads

“What the hell are you doing kid?”

Why is the future prince of the noble family in the back alley

“What do you know!”

The rude little boy who picked a fight with me using words, why do you stick to me like a gum?

“Let me live for your sake”

Look, I just helped you a little, but if you are willing to give away your life like this, it’s a bit scary….

My third life was supposed to be a solid road… just why did this happen?

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I'll take that fishery
That Harem, I'll take it
그 어장, 내가 가져보겠다
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