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She dared to cross over to become the main character from being an extra in the novel. She believed that the power of love could change any fate. However, everyone died and realized that it was a perfect mistake.

“If I ever go back, I will never love you.”

Perhaps the earnest wish worked, she returned back a year before the original work began. The problem is that this body that she possessed in the original, is the worst villain in the world!

“If I go on like this, the female lead will appear and my neck will be cut off.”

She decided to never follow the plot after her rebirth while keeping her distance from The Male Lead.

“I must write the greatness of Her Highness the Empress as a pamphlet and spread it throughout the Empire!”

“You did a great job! The Empress must be a saint!”

“I would gladly give this one life for the sake of the Empress!”

Did I work too hard? Everyone seems to like me very much. And besides…

“What are you doing here…”

“Is it strange for a husband to find himself in his wife’s bedroom?”

The attitude of the man who hated her terribly also became quite strange somehow…?

Finally, the news that the heroine had appeared. Now it was time for the extras to disappear just as they were in the original. She stamped the divorce papers without any regrets and took them to her husband…


“You will dethrone me and the new Empress… Wait, what are you doing?”

Before she could finish speaking, he tore the divorce papers to shreds. He responded to her with a calm face.

“I won’t.”

“Are you going to go against the blessing?”

“That’s out of question.”

“I beg your pardon?’”

I was dumbfounded, and he came close to me.

With a dangerous face, he said as if growling in the narrow hunger for a kiss.

“You promised to stay by my side until the day I die.”


“Your promise comes first. I will never let you go.”

The original was about to change once again.

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TaliSirius rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: --
What tires me in these romances where MC asks for a divorce, is that she doesn't commit the same bad acts, doesn't follow the original plot so that there is disagreement in the relationship and (she didn't even give reasons for it) and still wants everything to happen like her would you like.

What the MCs in these novels forget is that they may know what's going to happen, based on the memoirs or the storyline in the book, but the husband doesn't. Husbands think, "Why does she do this?" and... more>> that's why they don't give a divorce, because in the first place, what's the reason for that?

The only answer to such a contradiction that I can think of is that the writer wants to force the relationship and wants there to be a romance between MC and Ml. Point. I would very much like the authors to be more creative and not be lazy to think. Because if that keeps happening, we will always have "More of the same". <<less
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April 20, 2022
Status: --
Interesting because there is a 3rd party (a prophesy) interfering, tying the characters' hands.

OG story:

... more>>

A prophesy identified Anastasia as the Empress foretold of by destiny, and states that, so long as she is the Empress, the country will prosper. OG Anastasia is quickly married to Emperor Wilhelm and the power of being "chosen by the gods!" goes to her head.

She (and others) take the view that it doesn't matter what she does, the prophesy/ the gods will ensure the it all works out, so she just goes to town with the debauchery, depravity, and exorbitant acts, while they all suffer her bad behavior for the sake of the country.

Three years into the marriage, the temple issues an "oopsie!"

They read the oracle wrong, it's not Anastasia: Avelin is the true Empress of destiny.

Everyone is relieved to quickly give the loathed Anastasia the boot and replace her. Anastasia is deposed, and gets to go live as a background character. The Emperor falls in love with his new Empress, they go on to do wonderful things for the country.


First time transmigrator:


Our MC has transmigrated into the body of Anastasia 2 years before her marriage. MC has read the book, and knows the deal. However, she is a genuinely good, calm, kind person, with a personality the exact opposite of the OG Anastasia.

She, like all of the other transmigrated protagonists before her, self-determines that she has the ability to change the story's plot and her fate.

Her original plan is modest: to be a little nicer, so that when she is deposed, she isn't absolutely despised and can 'retire' in peace.

She reforms the character by acting like herself, finding a talent for politics, and marries the Emperor.

However, she didn't count on falling in love. She loved the Emperor even as a reader, and once he gets to know our MC, he falls in love right back. She starts wanting to look good in front of him. MC becomes a truly beloved Empress and wife, who works hard and does many good things for the Empire.

She starts believing she has accidentally become the new Female Lead through her efforts, and that she is set up for a glorious life.

She is shocked when the plot continued regardless of her changes. The temple announces their "oopsie!" wrong Empress! Only this time, Ananastasia's husband loves her far, far too much to divorce and replace her. He defies the oracle and says he won't get a divorce. Avelin is made into a saintess of the temple, instead of named Empress.

MC is swept away with emotion and believes she and her husband have won over the prophesy with the Power of True LoveTM.

Then the natural disasters start.

There had always been natural disasters, but suddenly, it seems like every single one is MC's direct fault.

Wilhelm still refuses to divorce her. The people eventual rebel, storm the castle, and accidentally kill the Emperor. MC is branded the "evil bit*h who destroyed the Empire" and slated for execution. Horrified that this ending is even worse than that of the OG Anastasia, MC kills herself before her execution, promising that she won't love the Emperor anymore, or try to change things, if she had another chance.


2nd time:


After committing suicide, the MC wakes up in OG Anastasia's body again. This time, it's two years into the marriage, one year before the announcement. Anastasia's wretched reputation is well established, and Wilhelm already thinks his wife is horrible.

MC can't quite bring herself to act like OG Anastasia, so she decides her new plan is a slight variation of her old one. She will be a decent Empress during her tenure and try to shove through as many as the reforms she created the first time around as possible before she's deposed, then quietly step down once it's time. Only this time, she will refuse to fall in love again, and avoid Wilhelm, so that when the time comes, he will go through with the divorce and allow her to leave.

But it seems like they did actually have True Love, because Wilhelm is drawn to her yet again.

MC struggles in this regression as everyone she loved previously now feel like strangers who hate her, while her memories and feelings remain the same. They also, rather degradingly, tend to view her doing anything remotely good with the same shocked astonishment one reserves for a rock who suddenly starts speaking. They conclude she must be dying of some horrible disease for her to have changed so much, or is suspiciously putting on an act to con them for some reason, and start treating her accordingly.


The main tension comes from the MC's love and desire to be loved by her husband, her love of the country she has been ruling over, and her knowledge that the best thing she can do for both of them is be hated, in conflict with her husband insisting this is not the case and she is wrong, and offering her everything she wants, but knows will be a disaster to accept.

It's been done before, of course, but the addition of an unsurmountable obstacle (the prophecy) and the decent writing make it worth a look, especially if you want something low-effort. <<less
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misto713 rated it
March 3, 2022
Status: c8
painfully average and not really worth the read.

99% of the story is about "praising the empress on how much she improved". and I'm not kidding. here is the schema:

person 1: "did you see how elegantly the empress sat down?"

... more>> person 2: "no, I don't believe it"

person 1: "it's true! she didn't behave like a s*upid monkey at all!!"

person 2: "gasp! really? well, I guess i'll have to see for myself to believe it... after all, she always behaved like a dumb animal until now."

and that's it. rinse and repeat for a milion words and every conceivable reason. they had this conversation about the way she dresses, talks, walks, stands or sits (at a memorial), does her hair, apologises etc etc etc.

the author is less like a creative writer and more like a construction worker, laying down brick after brick after brick. thinking they are nailing it but instead they just hammer the same nail over and over when it's already hammered to the hilt and then they hammer the surrounding wall for an hour or so. just in case we didn't catch it - this empress is sooo goood!! not like the original at all

it's... an extremely boring story.

maybe good for killing time if you have nothing better to do just don't expect creativity.

translation is good tho. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
seasaltxx rated it
October 7, 2022
Status: c126
I saw one commented complaining about how this was just like other wanting to divorce stories, and I cant help but wonder if they really actually read this? Because this is totally different

(not so much a spoiler since its introduced in the start)

MC is a transmigrator who read the book. When she transmigrated the first time, she fell in love with the ML and so when the time came that they should divorce, she fought for her love because the ML loved her too! She tried her best... more>> to fight the prophecy and stuff. She wasn't like other MC's who transmigrated who said, "oh the real FL is here so go fall in love with her"

but then that failed and the kingdom went down, following the prophecy that if the ogFL wasnt made empress, bad stuff was gonna happen. So when she went back in time the second time, she transmigrated into the middle of the book this time. So she was already known as a vicious empress.

and the ML didnt like her, and so she did what other MC's did, but the thing here is she has a reason. She knew that trying to change the future didn't work so she wanted to stick to the original story this time. Its sad and gut wrenching because she truly loves the ML <<less
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Tina Wei
Tina Wei rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: c7
Omg I looove it! Just 7 chapters but the story's already hooked me up. Thank you for picking this up & translating..x❤️

About the plot~

... more>>

The FL is a reincarnated person in her second life and like any other novel she thought she could change the original plot and fell in love with ML mutually. But the ending was a sin what she had to pay for messing up the O!Novel. ML died in the war and she was beheaded. Original Female lead blamed and crused MC as the culprit for ruining everything (Don't worry. The past life was described only in a few chapters) In her third life, when she was rebirthed as the original villainess, she decided to give up on her beloved ML, try to repair the things O!villainess had done.. But you know, you know ~~ > < ~~


Beside my liking to the runningFL & chasingML theme, I was really interested into the plot too.

Especially about the original Female lead. Like the blessing of goddess was given to our MC (the empress) first. Then it was said as the wrong one and the show-up-suddenly O!FL was the truly blessed person...


The writing is good, not messy and attrached me with the emotional descriptions for MC, her love for the King (ML) and her sad and glad heart when she saw him alive again. Ó╭╮Ò Translation team is doing a great job too! I really enjoy reading this novel and so eager to read the upcoming chapters. Please update more~ It becomes one of my favourite novels just with seven chapters..😊 <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
OtomeAddict rated it
August 28, 2022
Status: c93
As of chapter 57

It's kind of an expected story, but it's fairly nice to read and not too gratuitously torturous which I like.
I argue the opposite of the other reviewers about MC's hesitance. Of course it is difficult to completely cut off a man you love (who loved you enough to die for you and was the father of your child) cold turkey. It isn't that easy for her to emotionally disconnect even if she wants to, she's still busy convincing herself that what she's doing needs to be... more>> done.
Also, as for being a relatively kind instead of provoking by being a villainess. Girlie is aiming to eventually step aside, NOT give anyone reason to exile/punish her after deposing her. As for her humanitarian work... She may be trying to cede to the ogFL, but she still cares for the people of the country she was empress of. She's a human who gives a dang about suffering children/s*aves... and if she preemptively left or got kicked out, what of her innocent doting father?

Translation quality is nice.
Update chapter 96.

I know I made a whole review defending her lack of full commitment to leaving him without strings attached but she's starting to bother me too 😅. She's solely giving ML so much emotional support that if she leaves it's obvious that he'll be very hurt, but she's like "huh why is he like this?" not knowing despite ML having been her dear husband. "Why is this emotionally traumatized man clinging to his sole confidant?" Gee FL I wonder why... ? Her engagement in empress duties is just as active as her previous life and she shows no signs of prepping to leave in a timely manner. Her attitude was off putting, inconsistent and made me like her less.

The preliminary villain is like... damn unstoppable for some reason, not because she's smart or good at hiding her intentions. It's because the main characters are incompetent. FL even knows about her nature, that she killed ML's family but leaves the child she supposedly loves with this villainess. Both ML and FL refuse to detain her even with decent grounds to and she just keeps villain-ing away. I'm not sure I even want to stick around for the main villain.

The ML's little nephew is adorable though. I read for him. I do like that FL genuinely loves him and has plans to take care of him, however bad her dumb-FL negligence got. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
znukhsoc rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: special 10
Giving this a 2 is generosity... Author somehow gathered all the cliches together but made it %1000 more boring or annoying. Ending is so halfly done that made me laugh.

After the very skimmable first 20 chapters the story was set at a level of absolute averageness or lower.
Every action is pretty much forced. You can see every, I mean EVERY plot point's direction. Well, I love cliches when the journey itself is pleasant but with this writing it was impossible to enjoy.

I've found ML to be a pushover king... more>> is quite normal since he wasn't meant to be a king at all BUT it starts to touch a nerve after a while. He mostly just sits and waits like a good little boy.
The relationship between FL and ML was built very annoyingly. She obviously rejects him for the reasons we know and the ML was gone back to his work table even if you blow air at him... This continued forever. Cut a slack to the readers will you, how long is this gonna take, make them communicate a little, it doesn't have to be romantic. Just make them see each other's faces at least... ANYWAY!
The ending was honestly funny, most of the problems solved themselves and the biggest "monster" of all ended within 1/4 of the last chapter. Then BAM. STORY ENDS. EVERYONE IS HAPPY.

Very very cheap decisions. This was a chore to finish. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kirtil rated it
October 21, 2022
Status: c24
I really did not like the story, the MC, and how the story is told.

The story so far: Btw all of these are explained in chapter 1 so there are no spoilers. I just put it in tag in case people want to read it themselves.

... more>>

A prophecy is foretold that unless the emperor marries a certain person, bad things will happen to the country. He must marry that person to avoid bad things and instead prosper.

MC is a transmigrator, she replaced a person in a novel who was originally a very selfish and vicious supporting character who was accidentally/forcefully married to an emperor because of a prophecy. When the people realized they interpreted the prophecy wrong and find the right person who was supposed to marry the emperor, selfish person was divorced and forgotten.

When she replaced the selfish person, she (as normal in transmigration novels) did not follow the premise of the novel and not acted selfishly. She contributed and helped the emperor, and as usual; they fell in love. Naturally when the prophecy is found to be misinterpreted, the emperor refused to divorce MC and wanted to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, in this novel, the prophecy was real and bad things started happening. Earthquake, draught, rebel uprising, you name it, it happens. Emperor dies, she gets captured to be hanged.

She truly loves the emperor now, and as she dies, she wishes she had never loved, and acted that way to make the emperor love her. At least in that way the emperor would be alive.

She then gets transmigrated (again) back into same person, but now in second year of her marriage with the emperor. Everyone either hates her, fed up with her or simply despises her because of the original owners selfish and vicious ways. There is 1 year left until people realize and correct the misinterpreted prophecy.

She is ecstatic and decides to leave the emperor peacefully once the right person is identified.


The MC is resolved to not have anything to do with the emperor so their divorce is easy and not harmful to herself. Now how does the author goes to make the MC act? By doing THE EXACT SAME THINGS she did in her first transmigration that made people and the emperor love her. She helps with the running of the palace, she helps people..

She keeps asking for validation on how different and better she is compared to past her. Everyone is praising the empress, AND after all these she is very surprised when the emperor is confused by how changed she seems, and becomes more interested in her.

I understand the reason why the story is formed this way; MC and ML needs to fall in love. But having a twist in the beginning and presenting the story as a different kind of transmigration story and then abandon everything you set up in chapter 1 to continue as all the transmigration stories before, it feels like I'm being lied to.

I much preferred if she genuinely tried to hide the things she is doing from everyone to make sure the emperor doesn't fall in love this time, and maybe he learns it anyways and THEN becomes interested. At least this way I could justify the MC for having tried.

TL/DR: good premise, bad execution. Dropped at chapter 24 <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
zebruism rated it
December 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Definitely a must read. Don't care about what other people saying about the characters or how the story is, but for me it suits my taste and I love them both and even the extras are all adorable. Thanks to the translators cause its so on point. 💯 Kudos to the author too 💯
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lyndiz rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: c117
I didn't want to give a review yet since I haven't finished it yet and I'm reading chapter 117, but I saw that the rating of this masterpiece was going down, so I was afraid the translator would decide to leave this work. Every point of this work is wonderful, I see an extreme growth of character the female protagonist is not perfect she shows that she has several insecurities about the things that happened in her past life not being like the other protagonists who are perfect and that... more>> immediately managed to overcome everything that happened. ML is cute, he is not the typical cold, he shows to be a benevolent king and that he lives with the demons of the past and falls in love with FL in a gradual way. And I can't help but praise the translation that besides having practically no spelling mistakes, the chapters are released daily! This review will probably be edited when I finish reading this book, but for now this is my opinion and a way to motivate you to read <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 4, 2022
Status: c145
This is nice to read. The MC is very reasonable and more natural even with the hint of the fantasy trope.

The story line can be predicted but some context is a bit surprising. Not much of the hot potato, just the right amount to make you felt stuffy.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
authire-cecil rated it
September 17, 2022
Status: c111
Wow... I love this!

The author did a great job with Anastasia's reasons for wanting to stay away from Wilhelm. It makes it very clear that she has no choice but to follow the original novel, as the life where she tried to divert failed miserably. I really feel her despair and emotions, and how much she loves Will.

Ana's a firm and sweet person who always thinks for the best of the empire and the people around her. She's hardworking and very smart, and she doesn't hesitate to use her authority... more>> against those who have wronged her. I adore her will to stay away from the emperor and how she actually follows that. Ana doesn't want to hurt herself more by being close to him, and she doesn't want a situation where he rejects dethroning her after the new oracle so she's almost indifferent to Will, but as someone who truly loves him, there's no wonder she wanted to express her love and be with him.

Will, our ML and the emperor is just as soft-hearted and cute. His past trauma has hardened him, but the author doesn't hide his weaknesses. He's a bit oblivious and reserved to his feelings as Ana doesn't acknowledge them and shows no interest, but the last few chapters have made him more confident. He loves her and comforts her, and doesn't demand she tell him everything that's troubling her. Overall, he's a great person and not forceful at all (I admit my ML standards have taken a hit due to all the tr*sh inhabiting novels that are portrayed as good people, so the bar is expectedly low). I love that he is not negligent to his duties as the emperor and doesn't push everything to Colton (the real MVP). He trusts Colton and it's obvious that they both value each other a lot. A bromance is what I always love. Though there's the issue of Will's infatuation with assigning him overtime;;

There's no guarantee it's everyone's taste but I recommend you give it a go! The plot never feels boring and is great to binge-read. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ruby_075 rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: c23
I loveeeee the cover so much but its content betrays me... I expected a mentally strong FL and well it's not. I shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Even if it isn't what I expected, it's still bad. For short, this novel is exhausting to read. Some might like it but for me, this is.. how do I say it? It was like comparing a well-cooked spaghetti with an overcooked soggy one. When you overdo it and just keep making the FL sad and anxious ALL the time and... more>> you can see FL are just walking in a circle. Her mind is like the overcooked spaghetti just a bit more and she will break down with no direction in mind. Too anxious and keep overthinking as well as every character just suddenly love her after she tormented them for YEARS it's like a one-dimensional character. No seasoning and especially no salt. Bland. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: c35
It's definitely a nice read - just don't expect sometime revolutionary.

  1. It's still the same plotline of "I became the villainess and now I have to change my ending/avoid death flag" but with a slight twist - she has already failed once. And hence, can't really blame her for choosing another option to survive (which is run).
  2. I do feel that Ana gaining the trust of her maid was a little too quick/easy, but y'know, gotta make the plot move. But thankfully besides this, her reputation didn't improve ovvernight - she's still working on it.
  3. Ana's love for Will is understandable, heartbreaking, and sweet.
  4. I'm very curious about the wrong oracle stuff though!
To be updated when I've read more, maybe around chapter 70.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SmilingSunshine rated it
November 15, 2022
Status: c9
I liked it okay at first but the author, maybe knowingly or unknowingly, is making it seem as if the character was mean and selfish and not smart because she ate meat and now that she doesn't she's smart and nice and kind. I don't know if I'll finish this series or not.

For everyone's information people are omnivores naturally. It's okay if you don't want to eat meat, (vegetarians, vegans, etc), and it's okay if you only eat meat (carnivores) because it's your right to choose what you eat.... more>> But as I have found out, (and as vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores know), it takes a lot to supplement what you would normally get from what you're not eating to be healthy. You can live but you won't be healthy and you'll find yourself developing different health problems from not eating it if you do not supplement the nutrients you're missing when you don't eat all the food groups.

One person I know of only ate noodles. And that's it, not that they couldn't afford to eat anything else but that's what they chose to do. Unfortunately after years of doing this they didn't make it. Why? Because they didn't supplement the nutrients they would have gotten from eating all of the food groups.

Please consult a dietitian about what you would have to do if you decide to become a vegetarian or vegan or carnivore to know how to keep yourself healthy by doing this. This story so far isn't very realistic in her just up and deciding, "oh no more meat!" She would have to know what to eat to supplement the food she won't be eating anymore. And because this world isn't a modern world she would have to eat meat sometimes because this world seems to be based off of ancient times when they didn't have vitamins and things. Maybe once or twice a week get some fish or chicken or something 🤔. She'll start loosing energy and everything.

How do I know? At one point I wasn't eating meats of any kind for a diet for almost a month and at first it was okay but soon I found myself tired all of the time and not having much energy. So yeah, while it can be done if you don't get your nutrients through another avenue you will be affected health wise. Okay that's all. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Preze rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: --
this is pretty good. The conflict MC is somewhat reasonable compared to the others. She Is a girl who wants to fight for her love, without realizing the great damage it causes.

But the negative point', he's too insensitive to ML's behavior that should have happened in the past too
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RandomAcc rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c3
The beginning is pretty okay, they gave context as to why our protag wants a divorce and gave up changing the story. Tho I'm only at chapter 3, too early to judge ೕ (・ㅂ・)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
FreyjaVanadis rated it
February 13, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel ended up not being what I thought it would be at ALL. The plot unfolded more slowly and deliberately than I thought it would, and there's no wasted scenes - you realize later that everything the author shows you is significant - and it does NOT all mean what you initially think it does. All in all, beautifully written and with a slow reveal of what is REALLY going on that is worth the buildup.

Anastasia is a very relatable and sympathetic heroine, trying to prepare everything for when... more>> she knows she will have to leave but also trying to keep her heart as intact as possible with a husband she already deeply loves - and feels incredible guilt because previously them loving each other so deeply caused his death and the collapse of the empire. Asha is trying her best to keep all the balls in the air while not breaking her own heart all over again, and trying to reconcile what she knows is inevitable versus what she desperately wants, and still dealing with survivor's guilt and trauma from her past life. She is so tough but also so very lonely, and that is beautifully written into the story.

We also get a good amount of Wilhelm's POV on what is going on, and I love that we see things from the other side - we also get the perspectives of Mrs. Rochester (who honestly I just love - she reminds me of an older woman who I used to work with who mentored me, and I can just SEE her suppressing all her eyerolls sometimes), Selene, Colton (OMFG I LOVE Colton! He's so darn good at getting in his own way because he's used to being super competent and is just a very upright person who can't freaking TAKE IT when he screws up. I was really hoping to see him get his own happy ending too!) and even Avelin and Melina.

All of the characters - even very minor ones - are written quite well in a spare style that is straightforward but shows clearly who the person is and what their motivations are. No one is just running around doing random stuff for the heck of it - the reasoning are clear, even if they're not actions most people would do. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
brynxyx rated it
November 1, 2022
Status: c32
Similar to kirtil’s review. I usually love transmigration stories but the misinterpretation of prophecy trope is usually hit or miss. The MC is frustratingly, willingly dense. She vows to keep her feelings separate from her past life but does all the same things as before. She gives me big white lotus vibes from the way the story is written.

I was hoping to really like this story because 1) it’s completed, 2) the art is pretty, 3) I like “demand to divorce” situation but MC frustrates me.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Flochan rated it
October 22, 2022
Status: --
I love this kind of story, and I regretted reading the comment area because I know my taste is not the same as some of the views. This story is similar to the lady is a stalker. She changes but no one believe it. But it was a pity that the lady is a stalker doesn't continue
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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