How To Survive As a Villain on the Verge of Death


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In the original novel, I possess the body of Princess Eve, the villain who was inferior towards the female protagonist, and commits evil deeds.

And the time that she possessed Eve was 44 days before the assassination on her would take place.

I can’t just die in vain like this.

In order to escape her predestined death, Eve makes a deal with her fiancé the Grand Duke.

“Please help me. Then I will help you with the best of my abilities.”

“Then try to predict what will happen to me tonight.”

With the foresight ability of the main body, she passed the test of the Grand Duke and signed a contract with him.

She had barely escaped the crisis and managed to save her life, but the crisis was constantly coming…

“Have you forgotten that you are my wife?”

“I haven’t forgotten.”

“It’s okay to forget. Because I’ll always remind you over and over again.”

The fiancé who was a second male lead and the mastermind to all the killings in the empire became obsessed with me,

“No matter what happens, I will protect the Princess.”

Then why does the good male protagonist say that he will protect me?

And how come this world is so different from the original?

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사망 직전의 악녀로 살아남는 방법
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New Jalzir
January 14, 2022
Status: c26
A really interesting read so far, the FL is quite smart but not impossibly so, she actually studies and puts in effort. I'm interested to see how the dynamics play out, the characters in general seem diverse in personality and likeable in that aspect.
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Animefan649 rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: c21
I'm really enjoying this story, it has a nice translation and I'm always looking forward to the next chapter.

The story is not that original we have a female lead trying to protect herself from her family. The thing that makes this interesting is that she has a foresight ability that will make her very important and make her a game changer. The male lead will realize this and protect her. It will be a partnership by marriage.

It's such a powerful ability to know the future. Not just the generic knowledge... more>> that she has about the plot but literally every move could be seen if her ability grows. I'm hoping she gets stronger with her ability to control it at will. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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