Masters, Are You Going To Imprison My Sister?


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“Sister, let’s change jobs!”

I was reincarnated in a R-19 novel!

The kind-hearted older sister was the female protagonist, and the three young masters we serve were bastards who imprisoned and bullied her.

“Lala. I don’t think that would happen. They give us a lot of money, and the welfare is good… When will we ever find another job like this?”

Shit! My sister doesn’t know anything.

In order to escape from the original work, I desperately interfered between my sister and the masters…


From a certain moment, the eyes of the three young masters looking at me are unusual!


If you know everything, you get more and more exhausted every time you try to change it!

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도련님들, 언니를 감금하실 건가요?
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New doomscur rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: Completed
First off, that book cover. Fl's left hand is holding onto her older beautiful sister's hand and her right hand holding a lantern, lighting the way for them. That book cover there is the most amazing cover I have seen because that cover right there is the whole novel!!!

I absolutely love this novel. FL loves the novel protagonist so much she is literally doing everything to protect the novel protagonist and doesn't even care about the 3 men.

FL and novel protagonist suffered hell. What I love is they love each... more>> other no matter what and screw everyone else.

Novel has great character growth, especially yuria, the novel protagonist. She goes from always being lead and protected from FL to actually protecting the fl. I swear, I wished they weren't related because their strong love for each other is the perfect yuri novel.

Bring tissue. This is not a light novel. If you're here for romance between FL and the 3 men, it's not in here (i love how she cuts them off right off the bat. No game plays). This novel is all about FL and her sister, the novel protagonist.

The only downside is the translation. I'm grateful it even got translated but I believe they're missing an editor. Sometimes she becomes he and she becomes she along along with other things but if you have a decent IQ, you'll be fine. You'll need to reword some sentences in your head but that's not a big deal. <<less
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Lois. rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: --
The translation is well done and understandable. Story wise it's pretty fast paced-ish but it's good for killing time esp if you're into the whole reincarnation plot but now I have a harem thing. Enjoyable but not too sentimental/emotional& ofc there's plot holes, idk what's with some ppl giving this a 1 star when the translation has barely finished? Just give this a chance before immediately making an opinion without even considering the hard work of these translators.
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September 27, 2022
Status: c40
I'm really enjoying this story so far, but the Comedy tag really, really needs to be removed. Romance, honestly probably removed but who knows, maybe there will be in the future.

The first 20ch or so are fairly tame with just references to bad things in the past. But it ramps up real quick and the tragedy aspects hit you like a brick wall.

Honestly, I can't even imagine this story having a happy ending.

(Even tho this is a good psychological horror, I think the Comedy tag needs to be removed... more>> quickly. I searched for a comedy to improve my bad mental state today but just ended up with a ton of trauma lol. Some days, I'm in the mood for that, but having the tags properly reflect the story gives more agency to the reader, especially folks who struggle with mental illness.) <<less
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botiey rated it
September 25, 2022
Status: c39
This is not a cute story, well maybe it was cute in first chapter but when you reached chapter 38, you will find out how traumatized the FL and her sister when they still live in their old house, FL thinking she can save her sister if they didn't go to Duke mansion but staying in Count territory is even worst. That made FL blame herself for everything bad happens to her sister also don't forget to mention that FL always hides everything from her sister. So frustrating and not... more>> good for my mental healthy but I still read it. <<less
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Whimssica rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: c15
Seeing the fluff as of ch15, but there are hints of yandere traits here and there.

Hope the author will soon make us understand why she was killed by them. I want to see how they interpreted the situation.

As for the TL team, you're doing great! There are some mistakes but it is nothing cringey. Keep up the good work. ;)
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fluoresscindy rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: c13

the translation is so easy to read and it's pretty fun especially when you are bored

i do find some chills so far from the yandere vibes 🤗

... more>> the MC is so funny, cute and adorable lmao I love her sm and I want to cuddle her 😭✋🏻

i think the MC appearance is like a cute smol creature like hamster or squirrel (i hate mice so I don't want to describe the cutie MC as that gross creature even though the novel describe her that she looks like a cute 'mice') 🤷🏻‍♀️

MC had extremely sister complex 😭👍

it's harem and I don't know who will be the ML bcus I kind of shipped the MC with the 3 MC 😭 but I think i'll go with Ossey? So far cus he fits my yandere types lmao

the 3 ML is siblings ugh I knew it will be hard to choose the ship 👺

the first one, who's gentle outside but rotten inside

i think its Ossey right? He's two faced hsabsjhs and it's so obvious that he's using the MC's sister to interact or approach the MC


the second one, a jerk childish guy

Isley is pretty naughty, he kind of jerk and like to make jokes, he's funny tho and easygoing BUT he's a madman lmao once he got jealous or anything related to MC, he really love to tease the MC, I kinda ship him with the MC tho cus their interaction is so funny and cute especially for the MC reaction when she got teased by Isley😭💗


the arrogant mysophobia clean addict 3rd young master

Arthur is so pretty like an angel compared to his brother (Ossey looks like a gentle, kind and handsome and Isley looks like a cunning but seductive devil), he always feel lonely that I want to pat him, poor bby 😭 although his mouth is harsh, he's kind inside and tsundere lmao, he likes cat too, he always do kind things secretly for example like covered the MC fault by taking the blame although before that he's scolding the MC hahah and helping the MC sister too

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FreyjaVanadis rated it
February 11, 2023
Status: Completed
*IMPORTANT* - someone wrote a short fanfic as a comment on the last chapter and it's BRILLIANT. Wraps the whole thing up beautifully.

This story ended up NOT being what I thought it was at ALL. The real themes of the novel are about the nature of love (especially familial love and lack thereof), realizing and coping with personal trauma and healing yourself from your own trauma. The comedy tag has thankfully been removed, because while our MC is sassy and fearless (and her internal monologues are hilarious) this is NOT... more>> a comedy. The trauma the sisters suffer is brutal and described well enough that you understand VERY well what they went through. The shame, suffering, difficulty trusting and speaking about their experiences are written with delicacy and empathy, and the whole story is extremely well done for how it deals with trauma and the healing process. I initially didn't like how the MC left things at the end but finishing the side stories honestly hammered home how right her actions were. Ultimately this novel is about healing and growth after trauma, and it covers that surprisingly deeply and empathically. <<less
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laexdream rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I really like this. It’s not the typical cliche obsessive masters story, but more of a story about the journey the main character and her sister go through to heal from their traumas. There is a bit of romance at the end, but it’s not really about that. Very refreshing, and I quite like the ML at the end of it all.
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sugar_baby_bitch rated it
October 25, 2022
Status: Completed
My Opinion on the Overall Story:

Well, it was quite a journey to read this novel and I am glad to have found this. I learned several things from the characters and have come to like some. I like cliches that are decently written and it doesn't matter if the tropes were commonly used by other writers. At first, I thought that the story would be the same as others but then, it took a dark turn when the main conflict entered. While reading that chapter, I couldn't help but sat... more>> there agape and bewildered. When I came to my senses, I was worried that the plot twist might not be justified because the novel went from 0 to 100. However, my worry was soothed in the end. Honestly speaking, it didn't sit well with me that the climax was not suspenseful. It was not satisfying. Based on the atmosphere and characters of the novel, I think it would be much better if there were more difficult obstacles that should've been introduced. In that way, I think it would complement every element of the story. Despite all that, this literary work is very good. Because you would not expect the characters to have that much depth and uphold how their environment drove them to do things that paved their path. "Masters, Are You Going To Imprison My Sister?" is a refreshing story among the sea of web novels in my conviction.

My Opinion on the Characters:

As a reader, I have encountered books, comics (online or physical), and web novels that have failed characterization and character development. In short, the characters are shallow or superficial, I can't sympathize with or understand them, but of course, others are well written too. Now, we do see "mommy issues" here and I laughed when the female lead, Layla, confirmed it. It was humorous to read the descriptions of Osses and Arthur's reactions when they heard the truth from her that they have been denying all their life. It's because you can see how twisted they are and pathetic for vying for something they could not have. I hoped somehow that there would be more parts about them as the plot progresses, mainly to see if they had a happy ending. Seemingly, they never resurfaced again since the two sisters left the dukedom. Also, ISLEY MY BABY. THE BEST BOY IN THE WORLD. THE LOVELIEST MAN AMONG ALL MEN. I rooted for him from the start when I realized that he was the most decent human being among his brothers while fearing that there was a possibility he would not be chosen. His reaction to Layla's rejection got me thinking that his response is normal and feeling brokenhearted with him. He was so pitiful, I tell you! I was so glad that he changed for the better. Although he's a fictional character, I'm so proud of him. I was sad and happy about the side stories of him. My heart goes out to him. Layla, she's a grounded character and I am surprised by how real her thoughts and actions are. I understand and relate to her skepticism and cynicism. I thought Yuria is going to have a love interest too but yes, after all the things she has gone through, it is agreeable that she should focus on herself and her life. Hmm, I saw the last sentence Michaela, I especially have given thought to your actions towards Yuria when the part of your identity was revealed. She does indeed have a beautiful smile, Michaela. Hmm.

My Opinion on the Plot:

Events in the story, this also one thing that I am keen about. I sometimes shook my head when there are such preposterous situations created by the writer and approved those well-proven parts. The rising action is steady but the climax is lacking. The falling action was calming and the denouement gave me anxiety. We got an open ending as seen in the main and side stories. When the last chapter of the main story ended, I was desperate in hoping there would be an epilogue because bruh, I need closure because Isley is my favorite character. However, I was again taken through an expedition in the side stories. What I can say about that is, it was a beautiful character development for Isley. Ugh, I love him. He is so adorable. Even though the last chapter of the side story was an open ending, it is also a happy ending for Layla and Isley. It did give me closure. I was assured by the last sentence of Layla's point of view.

My Opinion on the Translation and The Team:

There are many mistakes in the pronouns so sometimes I don't know which person is talking. The earlier chapters were fairly good but it gradually lost their comprehensibility a bit. I do want to commend your great taste in novels. While waiting for the next chapters of MAYGTIMS, I was browsing through your site and found nice novels. More importantly, I want to express my gratitude because of all stories to be translated, you chose this hidden gem. Thank you.

I have followed you guys here in NU. I am grateful for the reading. <<less
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ArisaX rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: c39
Story's fun so far and I would've completed it in a sitting if not for it being incomplete. I love the main character she's quite funny and sassy, a fresh breath for me. For example when I saw the line "oh my gosh when did the duchess raise such a gorilla" It really cracked me up along with other instances. This is an enjoyable read for me (∩´∀`∩)

Edit: upon reading further I realised it's actually not that fluffy and easy going and has quite some angst and drama
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Llamadragon rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: --
Reading the comments, I'm not sure I'm reading the same story as everyone else. It's not a bad story per se, but I can't in my right mind read it as a comedy. It's a psychological horror story. It's like watching a feisty kitten. Feisty kittens are cute and funny. But in this case, the feisty kitten is trapped under the boot of a grown man threatening to kill it, and it can't get away. This scenario is not cute or funny, no matter how cute and funny the kiten... more>> might be on its own. Similarly, the MC of this story has some funny internal dialogue, but... this reads as a psychological horror to me, not a comedy.

Like I said, it's not necessarily a bad story. Just... don't read the other reviews and expect fluffy wholesomeness or anything. This is a story of an MC convinced she's about to get murdered, and trying to protect her sister from being locked up indefinitely in a s*x dungeon ran by nobles they can't possibly touch or defend themselves from. One of which said outright that he likes to see her suffer. <<less
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anpanbun rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: ss 5
this novel brought me on a rollercoaster. It started off mellow and relatively sweet, then the trauma gradually sets in. Before you realise, its tragedy and tears and agony. I don't really like the other brothers, but the main characters felt real and the story really touched my heart.

translation is a little skewed though, but still very readable, thank you translators!
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CanadianAnon rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: Completed

That was amazing.

The translation is a bit wonky at times, definitely needs editing but not too obstructive.

This novel might just be one of my favourites. It's deep. It's heartwarming.

I'm so happy with the progress of the leads throughout the story. I cried so much, but in a good way, happy tears, AGHHH 😭❤️

... more>>

I LOVE that the "ML" (though they don't officially get together on screen) ended up being the the 'rowdy fun middle kid' ish type of guy, I feel like it's rare these days as you usually default with the stoic eldest as the endgame.

Ahhh I can't put into words how satisfied, pleasantly surprised, happy, idk, I am with the character development and the twists and UWAH. I just wish the translation has some editing at times to really tie everything together🥲

In conclusion: 😭😭❤️❤️❤️💝💘🩷🤍💝💘🩷❤️🥹🥹 <<less
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dailang rated it
August 8, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is amazing. I feel like the first few chapter is a bit too comedic and bright so the swing into tragedy is too hard for me. But for both sister the entire time they working there is fill with dread for the future.

At about chapter 25 the story turn into tragedy and psychology horror.

At about chapter 38 we get to see their past.

I also like the conclusion of the story. In fact, the score I give is the same whether I read the side stories or not. The... more>> end without the side story is already 5/5.

But the side stories does add something warm to the story instead of the "we survived" vibe of a horror movie ending.

I love the part where MC and her sister argue over who is responsible for their bad life. It's really bring out the feeling of self-blame as well as blaming the other person for their misfortune.

Story plot itself is so typical that it is rare: Noble villain buying s*ave and raping people of his domain. Play out the tragedy straight without a ML magically came to save them or help them overcome their trauma. In fact, make those ML into the source of trauma.

Story: 2/5 -> 4/5 because it play the cliche tragedy so well.

Character: 3.5/5 -> 4/5 with the side story. I especially like Lemons. Her future is gonna be very gloomy if she doesn't manage to "fixed" the oldest son or at least stop loving him.

Over all: 4.5/5 very recommended.

Lastly I'm here to review and not to argue, but I will talk about the znukhsoc's review:

  • The "pointless reincarnation" is literally the entire point of why MC is feeling so guilty of their tragedy. She know the future at the Ducal mansion, so she avoid them, leading to them both to the worse future of getting locked up by the Count. If she doesn't have knowledge of the future, she would not have feel so guilty.
  • Of course MC treat the book like reality. It is her reality. She only lost her memory of her previous live and the short time after they escape. The entire memory of r*pe and torture is still there. If she see a future where they continue to get locked up, r*ped and tortured again why wouldn't she be scared of it.
  • The sisters escape the Dukedom is the most realistic part of the aftermath. Why would they even stay there? We know that the 2 brother stopped obsessing over MC almost immediately after the sisters left, but the sisters themself don't know that. Infact they was so shock and scare when Isley appear at their shop. Why would they, especially MC stay there?
  • The MC personality change because she got back her memory bit by bit. Even other character in the story notice this. And it happen later on with a trigger (the connection to the Count reach the Dukedom), so it is not arrupt at all.
  • Isley isn't really that sweet. He is just the one MC getting along with the best before her memory comeback. He is the best among the three, but to MC he is simply one of her future's nightmare. But he already get the best treatment among the three as well. MC did said that she know he really love her. But also she can't answer him because she scare of everything about him. That is her trauma, and she convey it to him clearly so she isn't stringing him along.
  • And the side story is almost exclusively about Isley.
  • Lastly, both sisters have deep trauma about noble. Just because he give up his noblility mean nothing when he could just take it all back if he decided to come home. The only reason the sister accept him is because MC accept him first.
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SariSamara rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: c58
Transitions were weird. I think the beginning was too comedic, the sudden seriousness of the story took me off guard. Layla was in the beginning a confident, cheerful girl then started to lose her mind. She seemed a little dumb and very attached to the masters appearances although wary of them due to her future knowledge but then after losing her mind seemed to hate them. Then it turns out she was partially amnesiac and that she underestimated how unpredictable the future could be and indirectly caused a new set... more>> of misfortunate circumstances on her sister. Anyways basically by this point I was very incredibly bored. I just couldn't get into the emotional tragedy. Like I literally could not feel anything. Idk this novel just was not for me I guess which really irritates me. <<less
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YukiSuou rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Ok one thing I loved about this story is the handling of the trauma. It hurt, it felt real and the girls were really brave to fight and overcome what they went through. Read the tags carefully, it might be triggering because they are there for a reason.

Also character development the rest of the characters went through? Chef's kiss. Specially the ML (I'm still reading the side stories but seriously. The ML? He GREW up. He faced his own demons and came out victorious. Just like the sisters)

I'm honestly... more>> surprised to find this gem when I thought I'd be reading another silly yandere story. <<less
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znukhsoc rated it
April 11, 2023
Status: Completed
Clear 1 star. This could be a favorite of mine, if it wasn’t written like this + pointless reincarnation.
First, the comedy tag needs to be back, it's a fact that the author did an outrageous thing as swapping writing style in the middle of the story. The tragedy was always there, it was pointed out the middle of the FL's funny inner thoughts, you could guess something is really wrong, BUT THE HARD TURN of the amateur writing made things really awkward.

I really enjoyed this novel for the first... more>> 25-ish chapters, then the story focused FULLY on the brutal tragedy part like there wasn't a speck of comedy before. That was not a problem either, I'm already here for the drama. I love pitiful FLs. However, the writing style while mentioning the past irritates me greatly.

Throughout the beginning, the author kept giving information about the two sister's past little by little, so the reader already knew of what happened. Then it came the long and unnecessary "what happened with the evil count" chapters. Those could be cut really short, without dragging their miserable past so much. As I said, we already know what happened.

Problems about the characters:
FL: When things clearly different from the original she read, FL was too focused on it, like it's her reality. Then there is this pitiful sweetheart of the story: ISLEY. She was so unfair to him, because the author had to add the unnecessary reincarnation aspect to this book. This story could move without the reincarnation part, which didn't go ANYWHERE, didn't add absolutely ANYTHING.

The 3 brothers: They were not bad as they mentioned, well Ossey is a little evil but he can be persuaded with talking... I don’t get the point of why the author gave a “evil original story” to the brothers. FL could act them cold enough because of the traumatic past. It’d explain everything. Also except for Isley, the other two didn't have any ending to their story.
Other general complaints:
- The translation gets worse after some point, it felt like they copy-paste the MTLs.
- After some point, FL's entertaining personality was wiped off. It happened instantly while the genre change.
-I couldn’t stand side stories because while Isley giving out everything she kept saying she couldn’t love him. Girl... stop signaling the poor boy then ay?

Isley being a commoner for his love was a unique move for these kinds of books. I wish the writing didn't anger me this much that I could enjoy it.
-It really doesn’t make sense at the end when the sisters leave the country while they can live safely with Duke's support, not necessarily to stay in the castle but near it so they can cut ties with the brothers. I thought it was a dangerous move, since they are powerless little girls in that environment... Well, they did encounter danger after a while... So s*upid.


-Dragging when the main point is just clearly there.
-I dropped the side stories when they focused on someone else’s problem... Like I said this writing style angers me. Focus on ISLEY will you??? The boy is in pain in love while our protagonist being a human wall.

That's it. <<less
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March 28, 2023
Status: c64
I loved the humor of the beginning of the book also the dark story after that. But the ending was just bored for me to keep reading so I skip it to the end. It's just a fine ending and nothing more to be remembered. I quite disappointed to the ending to be honest. I wanted it more dark, like three masters make the main character like her sister in the book and see they fighting for her heart. Yeah... I just a weir reader :)))
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