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Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body.

A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished.

He had become his novel’s extra, a filler character with no importance to the story.

The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline.

However, he soon finds out the world isn’t exactly identical to his creation.

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소설 속 엑스트라
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puffiness123 rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c31
I didn't really want to try this story but then I saw all the reviews with 5 star ratings... now here I am also rating it 5 stars. It's very interesting. I like all the drama.

... more>>

Main character is the author of his novel and now he is living out the novel. I like the characterization and the emotions the characters go through. And the main character cares about making money. Some sections made me laugh a lot so there's some humour. I also like how there's status points and skills, just like a game.

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Bolsonaro rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c285
Great concept and start, at the begining the characters and plot were really interesting, bit since the start of the Tower of wish Arc, the novel is all about misunderstanding, the MC awesomeness and demon realm. The plot and the novel overall fall so hard that I cant EVEN read the last data chapters without feeling bored. My inital rate for this novel was 5 stars, but Dropped to 1 star. This author only know how to start a novel, After the First 150 chapters, everything turns a crap.
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Zeikfried rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: c223
Everyone has it right. This is above your average webnovel. It still hits those tropes, transmigration, cheat system, etc, but the character development, plot arcs, side-stories, overarching themes... they're all at a quality high enough to adapt to manga or anime and not be trash.

5/5 for webnovel standards.

7.5/10 for legitimate production standards.


Ugh. The Tower of Wish is the worst. It just drags on and on. It is practically enough for me to want to knock off a star.
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Baabaablack rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: c57
The story has a good idea but it doesn’t know where to go or what role the MC will play. Originally this was a 4 rating. It was fun and the draw backs that the main character were funny and entertaining but it had a few problems that I was hoping that would be addressed. It doesn’t happen. Instead the problems I had keep piling up and according to other viewers who have read this novels 200+ chapter it doesn’t get better.

The problems that were easy to spot had to... more>> do with the characters power set compared to everyone elses. Most people had one type of super power then would some times develop a second one. (they are called gifts) by chapter thirty he had access to the equivalent of 6 gifts, 1. super accuracy, 2. skill and item and gift, creation\modification, 3. super luck, 4. super knowledge, 5.a book he can manifest that can q&a with 100% accuracy (limited by his magic consumption), and 6. minor magic hack. Technically he only has one gift (super accuracy)..... but not really. this doesn’t include the pet and the weapon artifact he’s got. (making sound worse that is really was at the time). Thematically the powers don’t really match either. It takes a while to catch on. In the end it really isn’t a skill set for some in the roll of side character. <<less
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Misufro rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: --
A really great mix of stories and I really love the characters as well.
Somehow the vibe I got from reading is surprisingly similar to from the anime rakudai kishi no cavalry well for the academy part. But what I really personally enjoyed is when the tower of wish appeared it almost feels like Hunter x Hunter well I can't really express all of my thoughts in regards to this novel but what I know is that all the LN, animes and mangas are mix in this Light novel it... more>> is really enjoyable so I hope you guys read this as well if you can relate as well. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
December 19, 2018
Status: c188
This is an entertaining action series. The chapters are exciting and have been able to hold my attention. I like the apathy and focus of the MC, and I feel like he showed a lot of depth when he killed off a certain character. The action scenes are fun to envision, but they're rather short for the most part. The sense of tension this series provides is awfully weak since the MC always returns as the victor no how dangerous things are. With one exception, there aren't any permanent dangerous... more>> repercussions to the MC specifically thus far, so the suspense is weak.


There was a leap in quality when he kills off his girlfriend/not-girlfriend's brother, and he and his friends got tormented by the guilt of that knowledge. Unfortunately, more could have been done with this, and this girlfriend's character development is weak and shallow.


Although the MC develops a little over time, it isn't much, and I feel like the character I'm reading about four years or so into the story is practically the same as in the first chapter. This might be because he's so OP he doesn't struggle much at all. The Chameleon Troupe characters are more interesting and have funny interactions. They strongly remind me of the Phantom Troupe from Hunter x Hunter. All the other side-characters, though, are shockingly flat. Even the original novel protagonist and novel rival are flat and uninteresting with little show time and hardly any development.

This novel touches on some drama, but it actually doesn't appear to affect the plot much except as an excuse to make one of the love interests grow stronger. It does so in a tragically cliche and weak-willed manner that doesn't help the story at all. It also touches on romance with a few different characters to the point it gives me the vibes of a dating sim. However, all of the possible love interest candidates also have very weak characterization and appear to largely be based on stereotypes, although this improves a little as the series goes on. All of the girls are rich, strong, and pretty. With the exception of one, they're all from noble backgrounds, too. The romance feels so forced and faked that I can't consider it to be a true genre for this series.

The plot is centered in sci-fi Korea (South Korea?) about ten or so years into the future, and they have a slightly different history due to the emergency of monsters and magic. It's nothing new. The MC goes to a military/hero-training school, but it's not treated anything like the military. These kids have been training since before being sent there, but they can't cook food or survive on their own. There are no room inspections, and the staff is shockingly lenient with the rules. Although the MC is chronically late, he never gets in trouble for it.

There are plot holes all over the place, which leave me wondering if the writer forgot about some of the plot elements that were already inserted into the story.

Even so, it's fun to read. Although some of the characters are exceedingly flat and bland, there are also some who grow in quality as the story continues. If you're looking for dramatic character depth or a flawless plot, then this is not the one for you. If you're just looking for something with action that's entertaining with fast-pacing, then this is one that can keep you busy for awhile. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: c70
This review mainly focuses on the MC's love interests.

As some one who usually dislike romance in transmigration novels because of annoying female love interests, I decided to give this novel a try due to its high rating and popularity.

And it seems like I made a mistake. This novel have a lot of annoying love interests, too much for me to stomach. I thought I could endure for a few more chapters, but I ultimately gave up because the female love interests were just too damn annoying.

... more>> Love Interest #1 Chae Nayun

  • A typical rich second generation heiress. With a stubborn and arrogant personality, she looks down on others while flaunting her skills in archery, believing that she is the best of the best.
  • Loves to hear flattery and praises from people.
  • The reason for her obsession with archery is due to a tragic past.
  • IQ is low, and EQ is even lower. She fails many of her theory classes and relies on study notes from other classmates. She is ignorant of other people's feelings and doesn't care for social niceties as she rudely insults almost every one she meets, especially the MC (of course).
Love Interest #2 Yoo Yeonha

  • Another typical rich second generation heiress; plans to inherit her family's hero guild in the future.
  • With a stubborn and arrogant personality, she also looks down on others while flaunting her fighting skills.
  • She likes to eat junk food despite maintaining the image of an elegant graceful heiress on the outside.
  • Due to her vivid imagination, she creates the idea that the MC is in love with Chae Nayun and that the MC has a tragic past. Because of this, she sends someone to privately investigate the MC's past and continues to make wrong assumptions about the MC.
  • She treats almost every one as a tool or pawn to be used for her guild's benefit, keeping those who are useful and throwing away the useless.
Love Interest #3 Rachel

  • Another typical rich second generation, but this time, she's a princess.
  • A nerd and bookworm, she's the studious straight A type of character.
  • With a gentle and mild personality, she's polite and obedient, the complete opposite of all the other love interests out there.
As far as I read, there are three love interests that can be sighted, and for the most part, love interests #1 and #2 are very annoying. Due to their arrogant and scheming nature, the MC suffers through a bunch of bullying and insults before rising like a phoenix to show who's the boss, yet ends up creating misleading scenes by accidentally hugging love interest #1, etc. The MC is supposedly 25-26 years old mentally, but sometimes acts like a teenager going through puberty. The way the MC would flare up and get angry due to someone looking down on him or as the MC puts it "hurts his pride", the MC ends up exposing either his power or knowledge about the characters or future events. Because the MC is so easily triggered by the smallest questions or insults, he doesn't seem like a 25-26 year old who has gone through Korea's mandatory military service or even lived in society for that matter. No 25-26 working adult would act as petty or immature as this MC when it comes to handling a bunch of 16-17 years old teenagers.

Overall, I am honestly just annoyed by the horrible attitudes of the love interests who lack manners and culture. The MC seem to be regressing back to a teen as his emotional outbursts increase, which does not resemble his mindset that's suppose to be 25-26. The MC sometimes accidentally speak without thinking or slip-of-the-tongue incidents are starting to occur more often as the story moves along, which really makes me think that the MC's IQ and EQ is dropping since the main motivator for the MC is to stay alive so he can travel back to his own world, but with how the MC keeps on spilling his own secrets, I'm starting to think the MC just wants someone to kill him off. After reading up to ~70 chapters, I am very disappointed by this novel that had such a high rating, so I'm done. <<less
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Raison D
Raison D rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: --
i know this novel is good like background, plot, complex world and character development. But is not complete yet. Remember, this novel is the same author who writes A Monster Who Levels Up. So I dont wanna my hope get crushed again, because in this novel where MC get transported to his own novel, the ending can be predicted. For example : he met the one who transport him and back to his world alone then start to writes again about his journey then just end it like that, no... more>> question asked. Or wake up from his dream and realize all about is just dream (and crying of course) and start writing about that dream and his journey. But the novel itself get 5 star. <<less
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hasula rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: c160
As usual the author is good at making an interesting premise and will start off very entertaining and fun then slowly became stale until becoming boring then author will probably end it with another everything is just a dream sequence where all events that happend as if it never did
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Zilva rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: c153
I think this novel is very great. I love the characters and how the author build the world.

i love how the author make the protagonist as real as possible. He have feelings. He also grows in terms of mentality and maturity. And it is well written.

the side character also very attractive and feels really lively, especially the heroine. I think there is no one in this novel that outrightly love the MC from the first time they met unlike other novels.

well there is something that make people angry like misunderstandings... more>> between characters, but I think it's not really that bad. I mean it's funny and also very amusing. And it's understandable because it is an action that is necessary to make the side character to grow, well maybe there are other alternatives but I love this novel the way it is. <<less
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November 3, 2018
Status: c153
I think there are enough reviews to make people decide whether they want to read The Novel's Extra or not by telling them this novels good and bad points, so I am not going to bother reviewing this in depth.

What I want to talk about is this; This novel is definitely easily a level above about %96-97 of the stories in this site.

If you don't like this novel, that is absolutely fine because everyone has different tastes. But if you say this novel is bad or it has lacking/bad character... more>> development then there is something wrong you're doing. This novel is easily among the best in this site in terms of character development and plot pacing so if you are complaining about those elements of this story, then you shouldn't even be reading novels on NU because like I said before, AT LEAST %96-97 of the novels in this site are worse than this novel (probably even more of them).

You can't just be reading hundreds of novels on NU, rate crappy stories 3-4 stars because you started reading them without any expectations knowing they are going to be crappy and then go to a actually good novel like this and give it a 2 star rating because of a couple of small flaws in a generally great story. It just doesn't make sense. It's exactly because people do that type of sh*t that we have novels that a 9 year old could write with 4.5 star ratings while amazing novels sometimes barely get 4-4.2 stars because everyone compares them to LOTR or Harry Potter or something...

Also, I don't know why people are complaining about the protagonist of this story (not the MC of the novel in it). People say that he has no personality, he doesn't go through any character development or events that we readers didn't know of suddenly appear before him and he seems to know what to do perfectly or something. I'll say this much, they are bullsh**ting. Protagonist acts exactly like a human with his personality would act like and he goes through some amazing developments as a character (seriously, him from the start and him from ch.150 is like completely different in attitude because he grew so much). And there are also people complaining about how he acts despite this being his own novel; well if they paid attention to the story, protagonist stopped relying on his future knowledge around 100th-110th chapter. Because until then, the changes he made were small and he knew that not much changed in the future even with his presence but when he started making big changes by joining and/or helping big organizations he knew that he can no longer rely on his future knowledge except for some outlines and places that he can find something or someone at, so he started acting more freely, more like an actual MC rather than the manipulative type he was in the begininning. So I really don't understand why people complain about what he does with his knowledge of the future. He does everything he can and considering how weak he is in terms of power level, I think he's been doing great. <<less
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Seraphic rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: c80
It's been going pretty good. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have read this if I knew that the author was the guy who wrote A Monster Who Levels Up (MLU) because I detested that novel with the fury of thousand suns, but so far the action and plot has been fairly engaging. Of course, MLU was also engaging at first but devolved into dreary monotony later on, but so far The Novel's Extra has been much better paced. In fact, in many ways, this novel feels like the author was trying... more>> to rewrite MLU with new inspiration and experience as a better writer, and the premise of the novel's setting almost feels like a self-critique. Hopefully the quality will continue as the novel goes on.

However... the pseudo-harem misunderstandings/dense-af MC romance is still annoying as all hell. While it doesn't completely blot out everything of interest like his previous work did, for me it's definitely the least enjoyable part of the novel. <<less
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Kneeldownscum rated it
September 20, 2018
Status: c111
This novel is brilliant with a rare few annoying parts (wouldn't notice them unless one is scrutinizing seriously). I love the story progresion and the fact that women aren't dumb and one-dimensional. Characters are unique with consistent personality (extremely rare). The part that ticks me off is the stagnant stats of the protagonist. Like literally doesn't grow at all and he doesn't put any effort to do anything about it either, even though he has those SP points. The SP points are used in making those bullets and other stuff.

... more>>

He has the abiluabto gain points by attracting attention. He doesn't use these points to develop his pitiful stats. He has an ability to sing so I was hoping he would use that skill to gain some SP points to improve his stats.


I don't like those overpowered, egoistic, maglomaniacal protagonist either, but I wouldn't want to see a weak protagonist either.

Overall the story is different in a good way and definitely worth a read. <<less
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1life4death rated it
September 16, 2018
Status: c82
It's a good read and very interesting novel but it does has its flaws. Such as using his perception as an excuse...a lot. Or his relationship with one of the female leads. Yes, I get that it builds depth for the characters but some of the situations can be avoided if he chose better options, personally he's practically a tsundere towards this particular female lead.

Even though he keeps mentioning he just want to be a side character or background character at the beginning so the main storyline of the novel... more>> can progress. His actions seems to be the exact opposite of what his original plan was. Because he took over the hero role as he carries the "original" heroes through all the major events. Due to this his OP skills are shown off even though he seems to not be aware of it himself. I'm not saying these things are bad because it does make for an interesting plot but I would think he will be more aware and level headed when it comes to the fact that his action has consequences being one of the creators of the novel he's stuck in. <<less
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Fily-91 rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: c85
This novel is one of the most interesting I've been reading so far! I'm just a little disappointed with the releasing speed of chapters, but I just want more!!!!. 85 chapter is too little to show how the world is built, in my opinions this is the first time I'm seeing a world within a novel. Just the first few chapters are a little hard to read and to figure it out!
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Reader00 rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c84
This was an enjoyable read so far. Pacing is just the right speed and character interactions aren't boring.

MC is cheaty but isn't overpowering the entire world right off the bat.

Speaking of the world, world building is the weakest point in this novel. Being thrown into his own world just makes it hard to feel any suspense for the reader. Why care about a fictional fictional character and the said fictional fictional world?

Most of the details about the world like magic and rpg elements just feels like its thrown out there... more>> with no plan in hopes of it turning out good. Earth history and modern world mashed with fantasy could be good if the author had had actually thought of utilizing it.

Apparently a country with 51 million population is crushing the competition based on innate human potential. The numbers are just too silly.


Let's be honest. Chameleon Troupe is just the inferior version of Phantom Troupe from HxH


Worth a read as it is better than most of the stuff around here <<less
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Xharyel rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: c80
So, I rated it 3 stars but I'll start by saying that I really enjoyed what I read so far. I binged 80 chapters in one night and I just couldn't stop. But still, I can't seem to rate it higher for a critical reason : the world.

Basically, we follow our MC who somehow enters and become part of the novel he wrote. That's exactly my problem. I can't foresee any "good ending" about it. I mean, he's in his own novel... I would have liked it much more if... more>> he had transmigrated into a whole new world or even into the future. At the end of the story, what will happen ? Will he wake up and say "I had a good dream" ? With this setting, although interesting at first glance, is a trap in my opinion. At the end, these characters were just part of his novel and came out of his brain, although some dude "helps" him modify his novel, he still knows everything about these characters (strenghts, weaknesses, habits, hobbies, personnalities, past, background, etc.).

That aside, if I ignore the part that he's in his novel, and treat it as a "new world", it's really not bad. The pace is good, the characters are good, the MC is... weird. After 80 chapters, I can't seem to like him, but that may be just me. He just seems so detached and bland compared to the girls (they are great and yeah, other male characters are bland as hell).

So yeah, overall I just read it to know what happens to the characters (the girls) as I kinda like them as they feel real (the irony !). But in the end, I can't help but think "welp, he's in his own novel". I still wonder how it will turn out in the end. I might change my rating later on depending on that. <<less
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optjam rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: c63
Peeps..! This is a must read so far. I love how this novel has progressed. Its not over the top too often, but the plot keeps you so engaged. There's so many underlying plotlines and all the characters are super interesting. Great read!
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Dj5822 rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c232
At first, I was worried about the pacing of the novel, but now I see that my worries were unfounded. The pacing doesn't have any issues at all.

The novel has lots of similarities to 'Omniscient Reader's Point of View' (ORPV), but instead of being a reader, he is an author. The best chapters by far are when the main character (Hajin) has flashbacks of when he was an author. It feels like the author of The Novel's Extra is putting his personal struggles and feelings into the novel in these... more>> chapters. It is at these moments that we realise that the author is just another nobody in Korea that's churning out novels every day in order to make a living. It makes the main character seem so much more human, likely because it really is the author's real-life human feelings are being described in the novel.

I can already see some interesting foreshadowing. I won't go into the details, but I get the feeling that the ending of this novel is going to be very interesting. <<less
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August 6, 2018
Status: c64
Best korean novel I have read as of this review (and ive been gone from reading NU stuff for a while now). While he is an op MC, along with the cliches of korean novels in general, the difference that this one makes is that characters actually have depth and act not because they were written that way but according to how a person would act like based on their personality traits. Though, the things that actually makes this good is the character depth and good writing. All the other... more>> stuff you can find in a general korean style novel. Reading this would actually ruin your experience of the generally recommended korean stuff because this one is written more carefully rather than the simplistic writing most kr novels have. <<less
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