The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!


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The handsome, skilled newbie livestreamer, Ji Zhiyao, has a dream.

“One day, I want to become the most famous crosstalk actor amongst the livestreamers.”

Later on, this dream is forgotten by him and secretly becomes another.

“I want to overthrow Fi-god! I want to become Mix’s new team dictator!”

The rich and aloof idol of the eSports scene, Mo Huaifeng, also has a dream.

“Two years later, Mix will definitely make it into the International League.”

Soon after, subtle changes happens to this dream.

“I want to make it into the International League with Ji Zhiyao and after winning, I will f**k him on livestream.”

Livestreamer to eSports pro, Captain to boyfriend, will their dreams come true?

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New maevalily rated it
October 31, 2019
Status: c31
This novel is really really cute, all the side characters are adorable and sassy, I really love their interactions! There has been no typical annoying character and the girls we’ve seen so far are hilarious, which is different from many other bl novels where the girls tend to be quite lackluster or just plain bitches.

The translation quality is great and due to the fact that this is being translated on webnovel there are 2 updates a day (although I’m still craving for more and hoping for a mass release 🤣)... more>>

The chapters are free still and I recommend this to anyone who likes bl gaming novels or cute bl novels, because I’m so so in love with the vivid characters and their interactions! <<less
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