The Master of the Brave


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After losing his parents, he yearns to become a Knight, the poor boy Wynn Byrd diligently trained himself. However, it was hopeless for him to become a Knight, because his magical power was too low, he can’t pass the Knight examination so he was labeled with the unpleasant title of 『Eternal Knight Cadet』.

But one day the Brave defeated the Demon King and saved the world. The Brave was a peerless beauty and she gained attention from the entire world. However, the Brave declared to the world. 「I will return to my Master’s (Teacher) side, Wynn Byrd.」 This is the story about a boy who somehow changed his class from 『Eternal Knight Cadet』 to 『Brave’s Master』.

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Yuusha-sama no Oshishou-sama
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keklel rated it
November 22, 2016
Status: c12
Nonsensical and boring. The MC is the blandest, most boring and most overcliched character in existence. He spends all day swinging his sword and washing the dishes, even when there is no reason for him to continue doing these chores since now he is enrolled in knight school and his job is to learn shit, not f*cking do chores all day. He ran away from Letti, his childhood friend that he had not seen for over 4 years, the day after their reunion because she was a noble and he... more>> was a commoner, even though Letti herself never made a big deal out of this. Why the f*ck did he do that? He never cared about her class before (see the earlier chapters where he realized she was from a noble family) but now he suddenly starts caring? And the taunts - he never cared about other people's opinions before, he spent all his time training and doing chores, and how he suddenly starts caring about what other people think? WTF? Also, Letti has literally no reason to love this bland and generic MC. It is stated that she loves him because he accepts her and is not scared of her, but there is no reason for people to fear a little girl. She's just a normal person who is stronger than the rest. In real life, many people would love to befriend a strong person, as long as that person isn't psychopathic (and there's nothing to indicate that Letti is a psycho), so there is literally no reason for EVERYONE to fear her. It just doesn't make any sense. In real life she would be someone who's popular and well liked, with plenty of friends. But the story is so contrived that everyone has to fear her and not be her friend? Even though in the earlier chapters, when she was younger, lots of boys tried to be her friend? WTF?

That was probably the worst excuse for a heroine to fall in love with the MC in the history of bad excuses. At least in wuxia novels a girl can fall in love with a man who sacrificed himself to save her life, that kind of excuse is semi-passable (though it's still really shitty). Here the author doesn't even try. He just makes Letti fall in love with the MC completely randomly, and then makes up some shitty excuse (hurr nobody accepts me for who I am even though that's not true at all). Also, having "swordmanship" be separate from "magic" as a source of power is f*cking ret*rded. I know a lot of Japanese stories have this as a trope, but you can't have someone f*cking break rocks and DEFEAT ENTIRE ARMIES with just swordmanship. It is literally physically impossible for a human to do that. Most feats that "swordsmen" can do, such as jumping ridiculous distances into the air, "wind slash" and other AOE ranged attacks, being superhumanly fast and having ridiculous reactions, etc. Should just be called magic because it's physically impossible. I don't know why JAP novels keep pretending it's possible to reach superman levels of physical ability and do these physically impossible things just by practicing really hard, because it's not. It's f*cking ret*rded that JAP authors call magic "swordmanship", and have a separate thing they call "magic". <<less
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4N0NReviewer rated it
December 27, 2017
Status: c30
Don't be misled by the rating on this site or MyAnimeList. The story is absolute tr*sh. Anyone who isn't the titular protagonists are practically sock puppets and the characters themselves are pretty much cardboard cutouts. The story likes to remind the readers of the main characters' angsty past every chapter or two despite the fact that the characters themselves don't seem all that bothered by it nor does it seem to contribute to their motivations. Whenever that isn't the case, the story simply glorifies the characters as indomitable existences that... more>> are hated only by the evil and treacherous. The story reads like some kid bragging about nonexistent super cool, super kind, super talented best friends.


If you thought that this was going to be some kind of heartwarming tale about how the efforts of a relatively normal guy somehow inspired a talented individual into becoming the titular Hero, you'll probably be disappointed. The male protagonist, Wynn Byrd, is painted to be some kind of ideal male. He's made to be an orphan raised by an abusive foster parent who grew up to be this humble, stoic, borderline povert guy who has no magical talent, yet STARTS the story off pretty much a super soldier. Like his inability to perform magic is mitigated by the fact that he's physically stronger and faster than magically enhanced veteran soldiers, despite the fact that he's 16 years old that "trained" starting at the age of 5. Every male, except his only friend aside from the titular Hero, only exist to put this guy on the pedestal. They're rich, politically influential, super jealous of the protagonist, looks down on commoners, conniving, etc, all stereotypical villain traits. The character himself has pretty much no personality traits other than being totally oblivious and wanting to be a Knight. So he s*aves away most of his life working/living at a inn, saving money to enter Knight school, but for what? He didn't seem to hate the ab*se foster-parent-figure, aimed to move up in life, or do something exciting or whatever. The story made it sound like Knights came marching through town one day and he merely thought they were cool. What do the Knights do? Dunno. The story doesn't even paint the Knights in a good light, outright telling the readers that most of the Knights merely bribed their way to success.

The heroine of the story, Leticia von Mavis, is a 14 year old entitled brat who thinks that she's acting like a normal girl with normal girl needs. Whenever she demands something, she pretty much always gets her way, unless of course it's Wynn. Given the fact that she's hailed as a national hero with the same standing as the king and possesses the strength of an endgame true-form final boss, people understandably won't stand up to her. Even her party members, who helped defeat the demon king or whatever, weren't able to help much throughout the journey and she ended up doing most of the work. Ironically, she angsts about how everyone treats her like the monstrous existence she is and how she only feels accepted by Wynn Byrd, who seems to be the only character thus far able to keep up with her overly high stats, and this is prior to the reunion. Despite all this and not contacting Wynn for years, she launches a surprise attack at Wynn while he's mid-training. After this, he's suddenly self conscious of hanging out with her, despite not caring that he's a poor commoner attending a school mostly populated by the wealthy for the X amount of years he attended this school. Rather than coming off as endearing, I ended up hating this character with a passion.

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thorlong rated it
June 2, 2016
Status: v1c3
6/14/2016 Looks Like WTT is paying attention to the flow of the story, allowing for a more enjoyable read.
6/9/2016 Ouch, the Chapter 8 translation was butchered and really hard to follow.
6/2/2016 Interesting premise! I can tell that this has some basic RomCom setup but it feels like a fresh take. It would be cool if the MC got strong enough (now that he has worthy training partners) to achieve his dreams.
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BLKCandy rated it
June 27, 2016
Status: c14
Very interesting read. The story is about an orphan living and working in and inn want to become a knight. A young neglected lady found him training in the back yard and join him and they become BFF (and romantic interest)

The boy is very dedicated in his training and his work, hardworking to the point of being a workaholic (Trainaholic?). That attitude rub onto the girl and both of them grow strong really quick.

They parted for a while and when they reunited, the boy is a knight in training... more>> who failed to graduated due to lack of magic, and the girl turns out to be a hero who defeated the demon lord. The boy is not weak. His sword skill is supreme, but he is severly limited by the lack of magic. The girl strength far outmatched the boy, even her party members and skilled knights can defeat the boy. But the girl still see him as her master for teaching her to train diligently and taught her many things.

The story revolves around the boy and the girl and various conflicts around them. Many seek to exploit the hero's fame. Many curious how the boy is the hero's master. The conflict between classes. The awkward position between the weak master of the hero and the strong hero.

Good read. Recommended. <<less
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Dream Seeker rated it
June 6, 2016
Status: c6
My poor heart is devastatingly charmed by this series, as the wait for more hurts. So far we have a pure tale of friendship bonded by perseverance of a common goal that filled their days as youth. I expect great things from this novel.
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kenneth223 rated it
October 12, 2016
Status: v1c22
A boy who's an orphan wanted to become a knight, but lacked the mana that was inside him. Now with the conviction and desire to be a knight even without magic is a very hard path to follow but he will slowly become one.

A girl who was s*upid to the point where her family never cared about her went to an inn just to play around found a boy who was swinging his sword which was taught to him by an adventurer (I think lol) ; she was very curious... more>> as to why that boy was swinging it.

When the girl wanted to know why he is swinging the sword, the boy told her that it was pleasant. And then they began helping each other out, teaching each other, sparing, and competing to see who will win. They eventually become best of friends and then the girl was chosen as the brave, had journeyed to fight the demon king. She who wasn't noticed by her family as well as her families servants and maids had found a reason to fight. It was because the person who taught her carefully and slowly which was different to her private tutor at that moment was that very reason.

Awww, Its been a long while since I saw a romance novel like this~ Love is blooming in the air~

Wait... was that a description I wrote at the top of my head just now? Well, that's how I describe this novel, like seriously.. <<less
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September 2, 2017
Status: c47
Well... Lotsa things happened, people died, Leti still OP, childhood flashback was cute. I see quite a few reviews saying that the MC is weak willed, pushover etc. That I agree with, I'm assuming the author wants to potray Wynn as a "Boy with humble beginnings but is still humble and nice even when he kinda has status/reputation". Also, I have no idea why I'm even writing this review other than to post something. Have a nice day, penguins are cool.
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That1guy rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c45
I liked the concept but sadly this suffers from all Japanese writers portrayal of a weak willed and annoying main character who doesn't pride himself in knowing that he is still considered friends with his childhood friend who is the Hero. I'm just annoyed by how dumb he is as he knows that he himself is a existance that Leti the hero cherishes, which the empire sends him on missions and such to drag Leti to protect him and in doing so, uses her to do the objective that they... more>> want finished... <<less
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Random_Insultor rated it
May 14, 2017
Status: c41
TLDR; this novel is intriguingly good! But, for argument sake.... let's get in depth.

This novel tell a story about one non-hero individual within the long-been established gaming-fantasy world. At fist I mistook the premise, getting the impression that protagonist would somehow be overpowered.... being the Hero's teacher as he is... turned out, the premise itself is but a bait.

The characters was not so memmorable or striking... The MC was rather simple minded and honest (seemingly passive-reactive to the plot flow). Side characters a.k.a friends was kinda friend-ish. Villain is mildly... more>> interesting: author gave purpose but their behavior is cliche. And the heroine is, I condone she's a lil bit interesting than the bunch.

And like that we know that apparently, the protagonist

is not overpowered at all.

Story progressed rather slow. Author thankfully takes time to properly deliver the theme in story. At the early chapter, you'll somewhat felt lost for plot based on the premise.... but as the story progress, you'll understand the romantic experience that the author trying to write down. While the setting did not radiate a bright vibe like death march, it succesfully evoked a somewhat post-yuusha dystopian world: with oppression here and there, collusion, nepotism, and corrupt government. One thing certain is, author seems to stacks the odds against every positive outcome. Circumstances and story element is placed to give readers some melancholic sentiments. While I don't deny there's certainly undertoned commedy, most of the time the narative made me contemplate deeper into MC's circumstances...

For advocation, I rated this 5! actual score would be 4, 8... Give it a go for those who crave melancholic story that have satisfying resolution. Beware though, it's not sweet or flufffy, or sugarry, or shit..... <<less
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VSoullis rated it
December 3, 2016
Status: --
A step above Xainxia and the like. Another step above Harem "Romance" but... not exactly innovative or inspired. It's not repetitive or filled with battle filler. It has one time-skip early on to keep the story moving but I almost feel that a bland training montage would be something more original than this. It just doesn't do... anything so far. Maybe it starts off slow and gets better but at the moment it's not something you would wait for especially chapter by chapter.

If it all was released at once... more>> I would have probably finished reading it, but I could read literally anything else instead during the wait and get distracted. Which means this story would have been lost to the ether in my mind of countless similar stories.

It's translated well, which is more than I can say for some novels on this site. Don't let my review influence your decision if this is the first story you've read like this on the site but to over exposed people like me, probably give it a miss. You're not missing much. <<less
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June 3, 2016
Status: v1c4
The story is interesting. It shows how little things influences us to be a better or worse person or never give up no matter how hard or unlucky your life is. Hopes that the story will be as interesting after chapter 4.

I wonder what will the people reaction when they found out the MC is the hero teacher

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Molenir rated it
May 21, 2017
Status: c42
Its not a bad story. In fact, its fairly interesting. Certainly the idea behind it is a good one. However there are a ton of problems with the story. Almost all of them relate to POV. As in the constant shifts of POV so much that after awhile you don't know what is happening and when and where. Perhaps if you read this chapter by chapter, 1 per day, allowing time between to settle the events in your mind, it would make more sense. But powering through the... more>> translated chapters, it just becomes more and more confusing.

Additionally the characters after awhile just become bland and uninteresting. You get tired of the cliched, 'nobles are evil'. The hardest working MC. And the others who somehow despite everything seem to have no clue.

Overall, having read all the translated chapters, I'm dropping this. I'm just not interested enough to try to puzzle it out. <<less
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Aurega rated it
December 11, 2016
Status: c28
One word will describe this novel perfectly: Bland. While the concept was very intriguing and it started off really well with interesting characters, it quickly devolved into the typical japanese shounen harem love comedy. There is next to no character development (characters will conviniently turn into the stereotype one expects: Dense MC ignorant of his harem, little sister type who loves the MC, mature older sister type in love with MC, 3rd wheel best friend who cannot determine if he wants to help the MC hook up, s*upid arrogant onedimensional... more>> antagonists everywhere etc) and one can easily predict the plot from the start of an arc. The only saving grace is that the theme of noble vs commoner is well executed and some characters will show traces of personalities from time to time. <<less
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voiceburner rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: v1c13
This story is truly a remarkable read as far content goes it brings a new life to an over used genre setting with an MC that is not so op that he can kill existence if it challenged him but op enough to fight the noble ass wipes that try to punish him for being with the hero... not that their relationship has gone that far yet and I do see elements that could derail their possible couple-hood ... more>>

(I.e the generals son who already hates the MC and would go on a Ntr campaign trail trying to get the brave as his wife not only for power but for the simple fact that hes a punk-ass bit*h who can't except that there is someone stronger than him, and The new girl who was send to spy on the MC but we all know that shes going to fall for him because plot device

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
deathmine31 rated it
June 13, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a perfectly average novel. Its got nothing that makes it stands out. You've got some hierarchical system that only plays the role of pushing the MC along a certain path. People talk about change but nothing changes and the idea is forgotten about all together. Asides from the villains and minor characters, it feels as if nobody is capable of thinking. Earlier plot points are just forgotten. Everybody just mindlessly continues their duties.

The MC expresses a drastic emotion only once. It appears as if the MC would go through... more>> some character development yet things don't change much. He retains his inital goal. It's a typical JP novel and it shows. After around chapter 65, during the prologue chapters before the new arc, I began skipping large portions of text. Chapters felt much longer than they needed to be. When a situation arises, a group gathering will happen, followed by a division of labor. Observations or direct information are the thinking limit to most characters. Detours galore. Dialogue that's unnecessary. Dialogue that's repeated. If your bored and don't want to think much, this is fine. <<less
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Wess_Blue rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: c152
Good story, with a very good world construction, the heroine is the best of this. The secondary ones are enjoyable, and the antagonists except for a couple are very forgettable, the MC is a person too very attached to his codes.

... more>>

There are decisions that I do not share, I end up being an open ending where it is up to the reader to define how the Mc's romantic relationship remains, the truth is that the relationship is a love triangle where I consider that one of the parties is over and it's very forced ("Cornelia excuse me girl"), but hey. It is excessively redundant in many parts with almost entire pages of repeated exposure, in the end things turn out very quickly, the beginning of the work is very good but it is fading.

One thing after a while, is that Lutecia seems to be very young or how the thing is, the logical thing first before all is to talk to Wing and plant solutions, according to her, wherever they go they will be hated, she never consults with Wing To see if he wants to leave the empire, nor do they raise an argument, they had her chained to the empire because she wanted to, easily she had more options than to do nothing sincerely she does not act with much intelligence the truth, being that she took the initiative in the end, the plot of the half-elf at the end is irrelevant, it doesn't add anything.

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Lanboy rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: c57
This story is a breath of air, not super fresh or remotely stale

The story's plot, setting, characters (most of them) , and events are very well made and give the reader the impression of a novel to be taken seriously. Which helps the reader understand the plot more but also harms the experience of the reader when it comes to the story. Personally I loved the story, but I didn't like was the... well unnecessary things that take focus off the story or any romance, subplot, etc., a dangerous... more>> and story breaking force.

The story and characters are very believable and interact well with each other. The main character is a pure, at times naive boy who quite literally has only the goal of becoming a knight. Of course protagonists of this type are usually unnatural in the story they're in. In this case the protagonist has no ability to achieve his dream, but the means to do so and earnestly works to that dream. What makes this story stand out the most is how the interaction and story of the main female lead and the protagonist unfolds. Two on polar opposites of society attempting to close that distance while each move with another goal/ dream on the side that influences the distance between the two. The juggernaut of the main obstacle of the story is two things: social class and goals in mind.

The author is quite smart for not drowning the reader in what would be a Romeo and Juliet type of story (which has been done a thousand times over) rather the author cleverly makes the setting react accordingly and not unreasonably (unless a unnatural event or behavior occurs). When the top of society announces that a commoner is superior, of course there would be a variety of reactions to it and again I must credit the author for this variety that would typically viewed as tiresome and hence avoided and replaced with one type of reaction.

Even with all the romance stuff going on the author still continues the story at a nice pace and even makes the plot still focus on the protagonist's dream and even made the romance an obstacle to the protagonist's dream. He then must reevaluate the importance of each and which is more important. I could go on and on about the great job the author did with the story and the characters and whatnot so i'll make this short.

  • Should you read this? YES.
  • will it become a favorite? maybe
  • are the shortcomings of the story that bad? depends on your tolerance of it.
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zaimokuza rated it
December 15, 2016
Status: c28
I'd say this is a good story. The story was about a polished 'pebble' (MC). He was aware that he was just a pebble so he didn't act that high and mighty nor clingy to any of 'gems' around him. The way he would always did his best ever since he was still a kid to reach his dream no matter what kind of obstacles were placed before him was also admirable.

If I should say the 'bad part', that would be the author's way of writing itself. Not about... more>> how (s) he build the story, but about how (s) he tended to use about half of chapter just to told a story about how some side chara was faring. Well there's indeed a time skip and all, but I think how side chara think nor feels use up to half of the chapter is way too much (since personally I think no one even care about them).

Well, the MC was kinda dense and all but 'we won't know something we don't know' rule was absolute. He was a plebeian and orphan, moreover no one even ever care to teach him anything about the world, so of course he won't knew anything other than 'what he know'. <<less
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izelan83 rated it
September 14, 2023
Status: c120
Despite being called "The Master of the Brave" due to the MC of the story, the MC has little to no development over 2/3 of the way in. In fact, this series reads more like a dry history book than a novel. There are large expositions about things that have zero influence on the story and as far as I can tell are there only because the author either can't or doesn't want to actually develop the characters. Hell, the main antagonist has more development than the "MC". I'd go... more>> as far as to say there are at least 3 or 4 characters that get more development. In addition to this, MC has no personality. I'm not even saying he has a boring personality, it just doesn't exist beyond "I want to be this perfect idealized knight no matter what but poor me I don't have magic so I guess I can't do anything".

The other major problem I have with this novel is that the MC seems to have zero agency or actual accomplishments. There's plenty of times other characters shine and do important things, but the MC just feels like he's along for the ride as a side character which is a pretty big issue for a novel that's named after the MC. You know what would have been neat? A novel about the main heroine and her past exploits framed in the time period they were actually taking place instead of having half a novel being taken up by people telling stories about what happened back then instead which is quite possibly the most boring way to tell a story. Oh, also don't worry if you decide to skim and miss something since you'll just be able to catch it the second, third, fourth, or even fifth time the author repeats the same information.

I'm going to finish the story just because of morbid curiosity at this point (will the author truly end the story with our "MC" still being a personality-less bystander?). I'd recommend anyone looking at this review to save your time and read something else, I'm so aggravated at this point that I had to stop reading just to write this review but I'm in the trap of not wanting to drop it because then I'll feel like my time was 100% wasted.

Fake edit: The translation starting with ch62 gets pretty rough and confusing which doesn't do the series any favors, ch1-61 were pretty good though.

Real edit: I forgot to mention, be ready to read how "incomparably beautiful, strong, and amazing" the main heroine is over multiple paragraphs about a million times because apparently the author needs to let you know that every person on the planet thinks so the moment they see her.

Final edit: I'm dropping my rating from 2 stars to 1 star (I can't seem to actually edit the stars, just know my real rating is 1 star). I'm at ch120 and despite trying my best to push through the last 30 chapters I've gotten to the point where every time I try to read more I end up staring at the wall since it's more entertaining than forcing myself to continue reading thus I'm dropping the series even with it feeling like a huge waste this close to the end. I had hope for the series up through about chapter 50 or 60 but it just ends up a huge disappointment in the end.

Seriously, just go read an actual history book or something since it would be about as dry but at least provide some real value. The exposition in this "novel" is just out of control. <<less
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-Isa- rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: c76
I love the storytelling but this story is very frustrating to read.

... more>>

MC is supposed to be a genius at swordplay, but story makes him a weak protagonist that gets saved by the heroine almost everytime. I guess the author wants to create character growth by having the MC facing his trials and struggle but then he doesn't need to make him look like a weakling then attach some OP titles on him when he can't even live up to it. MC is also naive, lacking common sense, and can't even make up to it by having some sort of power. He's the one who taught the heroine sword play, but ended up being inferior to her in every single thing, even though he also trained hard. He's shat on by nobles but one part of me also think that he deserves it by being so powerless. Until this chapter he couldn't even kill a small fry and had the heroine to back him up as usual.

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