Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos


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Valeria Costacurta, a 16-year old girl from a formerly prestigious noble family, dreams of being able to someday rebuild her house’s noble status with her own strength. One day, she is chosen to become a Dominas, those that possess the tattooed crest that imbue one with the ability to wield magic. The odds of one bearing such a crest being only one in ten, Valeria accepts, the first step to her achieving her dream now paved right before her.

Being maidens, Dominas are traditionally paired with other females (called Hiera Glaphicos) to protect their purity. But for Valeria her Hiera Glaphicos is a young man known as Dimitar Richternach. Dimitar’s aunt, Orvieto Richternach, assures Valeria that he will never lay a hand on her – because Dimitar only has eyes for older women. To Valeria he is foul-mouthed, brash and tactless. Dimitar sees her as haughty, overbearing, and completely naive.

Their adventures begin with their first assignment, a secret mission to investigate a supposed uprising in a nearby city. Not everything goes according to plan, however, and the scouting mission that was supposed to have been simple at the start quickly turns sour.

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Kinesodic rated it
April 17, 2017
Status: v3 prologue
Above average, 4/5 on a 5 point scale is "good". I'll go a bit more in depth with a 10 point scale later on. What stops it from being better is the lack of commitment to the maim traits of the main characters.

Main character gives off the womanizing battlehardened vibe, but the first happens pretty rarely and for the second he seems, like the novel itself, good but not great. He shows off a high amount of intellect and planning but his character isnt as developed as it could have... more>> been.

Wallow in despair as the main girl is almost unbearably s*upid at times and while she is supposed to be crazy strong in terms of combat ability she never shows it. Side characters are pretty good though.

the second domina we meet is high tier, and definitely superior to the main girl so far, although I'm biased towards kuudere types


The setting itself is a bit fresh. Its not mindblowing original but contrasts well with the isekai/reincarnation stuff found in web novels. Which makes sense because it isn't a web novel.

If people got out of the school grade mentality of 5/10 being failed and 7/10 being average, and you use a scale as it should be, say incoherent garbage is a 1, yet another unimaginative isekai novel a 5, and oregairu (my favorite novel) is a 10, I'd say solid 7/10 with upward potential. Good but doesn't yet live up to its potential.

This is super long and ranty I don't do this often. <<less
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