Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan


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In a time and place where one’s soul can be morphed into a weapon, there are modern-day magicians called Mage-Knights. Although Kurogane Ikki is a student at an institution that trains Mage-Knights, he has no particular talent in magic and is labeled the “Failure Knight” or “Worst One.” Getting way less than average marks in the scorings, he was forced to repeat a year. But with the arrival of a new head of the institution, a new rule was created: knights whose abilities are compatible, as decided by the board, must share rooms and attend practice and training together throughout their school years to bring up their abilities to the max. It is a rule to implement the absolute verdict of ability.

Ikki’s roommate, Stella Vermillion, turns out to be a princess of another foreign country. Stella is a Rank A knight: the type of genius in magic who only appears once a decade. When Ikki walked in on her while she was changing her clothes, it caused a huge misunderstanding, which eventually ended up in a duel between the two of them. The punishment for the losing side is Eternal Submission to the winning side.

Forced to live the same room and practice magic together throughout all their school years, how will Stella and Ikki’s relationship evolve?

Associated Names
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Rakudai Kishi no Kyabarurii
The Heroic Tales of the Failure Knight
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Lachiel rated it
October 26, 2015
Status: --
Ah here we go.. The useless MC who was kicked out of his house and disowned.. And a princess female lead. Sounds.. Mix'd and matched right? Well for as mix'd as it sounds the author manages to bring these two together somehow and it doesn't feel off. The action scenes are well written as are the little slice of life scenes. I do recommend this to anyone who would want a romance novel with some action :3
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fallen dust
fallen dust
April 15, 2016
Status: --
This kind of novel is the reason I stopped reading Japanese light novels and it's got an anime version too! The MC has no unique personality, he's one of those annoying hypocritical good guys we see in Japanese novels or animes.

The female lead is a red haired princess with big boobs (nothing new here too). It also has a brocon loli sister, which adds the element of inchest, which is nothing new either. The so called love (?) relationship between the male and female lead seems nothing more than... more>> fighting partners than lovers and the plot and story line gets worse as the series progresses. <<less
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FabioSparta rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: v6c7
This LightNovel Is really amazing. I love Action-Romance-Ecchi Stories and Rakudai kishi has the best balance of these three genres that I have ever seen. There are serious And exciting fights and awesome slice of life moments. For the people who like these genres in an anime/Mangs/LightNovel, I would say that Rakudai Kishi is the best option there is.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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