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Summoning ceremonies can freely call forth even “those which lurk in the depths beyond the gods”. One boy has top-level abilities even among the cutting-edge summoners who can use those ceremonies. He is Alice (with) Rabbit aka Shiroyama Kyousuke. But this strongest boy summoner has a single fatal weakness. Certain “cursed words” spoken by girls: “Help me.”

When Kyousuke hears those words from Meinokawa Higan, a girl brought to the verge of death, he throws himself into a city where three great summoner forces clash!

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The Unexplored Summon://Blood-Sign
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8 Reviews

Dec 31, 2016
Status: v6
Update after finishing volume 5: amazing. Queen is the best girl, im rooting for her, Queen hurray!


Good novel. I am currently halfway through translated chapters, but I can tell already - that this novel is really good and worth reading. This novel has really unique world and power building system, this is a most unique system a had seen for long time, and it was like a ray of light in the darkness for me, between all these cloned chinese xianxias with qi and stuff or japanese rpg-like leveling, which... more>> really started to annoy me lately.

There we have really good story, protagonist is strong from the start, so there a lot more focus on the actual plot, not a repetitive farming / leveling. Story tells us og how our protagonist is helping different people and solving problems, as he is living like some "private detective", and along with this we're collecting bit by bit pieces of a grand sheme, which going around the world. For me - this story somewhat resembles a series of books called Dresden Files, with younger protagonist.

It was a bit tough reading during first volume, fighting system is really complicated and somewhat hard to imagine, I started to understand it only during volume 3 I guess. And I must say - that this MC "savior" personality isnt going well with my preferences, but nevertheless its a good read, and there is a story how he end up like this, its not just him being some pure and s*upid idealist.

So I recomend giving this novel a try, and maybe you will end up liking it, as I am. <<less
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Dec 08, 2018
Status: v10
I have a lot to say about this series, the author, the plot, the writing and the characters.

This could have been a long detailed review but I do not feel like this series is worth it.

I was going to drop it after volume one, then volume 3 but I decided to see just how crappy this rabbit hole gets. I have a few problem points with this series

    1. The main character has had every chance to easily resolve the issues between him and queen in every volume but doesnt do it, he is fixated on one outcome will easily ignoring the alternatives.
    1. as another reviewer states this leads to the problem of all of the issues in this series could have been solved easily if the MC... more>> wasnt so dense.
    1. It takes until volume 5 for the information necessary to make this series even remotely interesting to happen. Up until volume 5 you have no reason to care about the world or the characters and even that is still option by the end of vol 5
    1. The author repeats the same exact paragraphs full of information he just repeated a page or two ago multiple times per chapter in each volume. I can not stress how annoyingly s*upid this is, this series would only be like 5 volumes long without this.
    1. The author has some weird obession with under age girls and their underwear and "little butts" and he will keep stressing over it in every volume.
The story is not written well, like I said most of what you will be reading is information being repeated to you. The main character is one of the worst cases of a know it all its to the point where he might as well be god because he knows more than literal gods that appear in this series. He can solve any problem and is always 20 steps ahead of everyone. He is a normal human but can pick complex locks with his fingers, beat down ships and monsters/gods with a stick. He is pretty much omnipotent. The only interesting character is white queen and you will be on her side by the end of vol 9 <<less
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Jan 10, 2018
Status: v7 afterword
Definitely a must-read story. Highly recommended. The protagonist is strong and always follows his principle of 'be it enemy or ally, I won't let anyone die' and 'Help those that need help and guide those who are lost'.

Each volume contains a different arc and different antagonist but are being manipulated in some way by the "primary antagonist" which is an OP yandere girl.

The protagonist of the story has some serious balls. I'm amazed that the protagonist is still thinking about fighting her and knowing about her ability to destroy the... more>> universe whenever she felt like it. He is driven to despair each volume and yet he stands back up with bigger balls.

Overall Review: 5 Stars

1/5 Author has dragged some uniqueness in the telling of the story.

2/5 The plot of each arc is simply majestic. Coupled with the author's style, it's gorgeous.

3/5 The primary antagonist, The White Queen, is not your typical antagonist and her being able to toy with the MC almost everytime is a fun read.

4/5 The past of the MC is very very important and intriguing. Everything has significance.

5/5 The actions of the White Queen is intriguing but highly disturbing. <<less
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Nov 27, 2018
Status: v9 epilogue
Reading all the way though to volume 9 and then stepping back, I realized something extremely ironic.

The MC himself isn't exactly a beta piece of sh*t like in most other novels, in fact by the time the story starts he's actually pretty grounded and open minded. Even his can't stop helping girls thing can be easily accepted and explained.

Then you take a step back and realize that this whole mess that the novel is about, all the deaths and pain, all started purely because the MC was too much of... more>> a classic goddamned naive beta at the very start.

"no~ don't kill all those thousands of bloodthirsty men and monsters that want to destroy my very existence so that they can control you~ keep them safe instead~"

I sh*t you not, that was what happened.

Which is why I'm 100% on the queen's side of things. <<less
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Jan 02, 2017
Status: v5c1
Welp, this one certainly diamond within the dust....

The world is centered on summoners and vessels, where you can summon gods and legends, with certain rules, at the cost of being forgeted by anyone. There's three organizations that "control" this summoners, as being usuals "the law", "freedom", and "anarchy".

Volume one maybe a bit hard to understand, but it'll be understandable within few chapters.

The MC isn't so pathetic like usual Jp MCes, rather have a backbone, a strong one at it. The opponents change per volume, but all of it centered on... more>> White queen.


He thinks half of the problems in the world are more or less indirectly caused by him, due to his connection to the white queen.


Think of it as having the strongest character you can think of, be it saitama or goku or satou or whoever, can't even put a scratch on her. She's so powerful that a flick of her finger can split an earth or two. She's too powerful, that even the highest gods on that world are afraid of her. She's that powerful, and the MC is FIGHT AGAINST IT. <<less
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Kerlark Dgrayman
Kerlark Dgra
Nov 12, 2018
Status: v10 ending x-02
So what to say..... aside that I like this so much that I even have this beautiful Lady on my Profile pic, it is a good novel with nice plot and character. It is not also your normal romance that the Female Lead, which is the Queen, falls in love with Male Lead-- ? wait it's backwards, ahahaha how silly of me.

Of course they also put a nice story background why our MC can't really love the Queen as much as she had on our MC yet she really love... more>> him to the point that she really put Yandere a meaning-- not so obsessive much yet she wants all of him like a property but choose to not to because she said it was interesting in that way, yeah she viewed our MC like a Tsundere. So in other words she yearns for his Love yet not because that's what she want. Our MC said that she wants to Love just because of the meaning of Love.

The action or battle is one thing I like because it's original and it is somewhat easy to understand. This isn't something like just attack your opponent head-on but it's something like overpowering your opponent through mind power.

Like Rock-Paper-Scissor (Do you imagine Hunter X Hunter? Good)

Our MC is powerful yet rarely get beaten by other Freedom Award people so don't expect him to be so overpowered MC, your Isekai mind starting to affects your head so just a warning okay? Especially towards to Queen, she is on a another level of our MC which can easily overthrown other opponent as long as she was summoned...

.... And that is one of the reason why he got beaten by one of his enemies, yet still didn't succumb to despair like any other JP Isekai MC, he wants to defeat Queen so badly that his determination overcomes his fear on some point.


On the Harem part I can accept that as any other Harem novel and I like it. One of the things are his like savior like mind that helps other people in need and just to say "help me", and that is where he got his harem. I don't have any complaints, it's good enough.

There are some comedy parts aaaaaand I really like it, I literally laughing even though I'm in public

The part where he eats a poison cooking by Aika scene, the whole Opening 1 chapter, and the part he meet with the Queen. That scene really crack me up and my mother just give me her usual dead eye and that gives me a Lot. Of. Pain. in my stomach


Overall even if the comedy tag isn't tag up there it still gives off a good feeling after reading it. But it easily overpower by drama so I think it balance out. Oh wait let me put it in....

Last, since this novel has some good points I point them out:

    • A good MC material-- a determined and intelligent one trying to fight the system.
    • A good Female Lead-- A Yandere and godly power.
    • A good characters-- Literally every newly introduce characters.
    • A good battle system-- Unique battle system. Like Rock-Paper-Scissor.
Other things are for you to found out, this novel maybe long but it's for character building okay? And another thing don't think it like this is some Isekai genre again.


The introduce past of MC and the Queen is not some Isekai, okay? On the date I comment, Our Queen decides to find out our MC struggles on why he still doesn't accept her, it disappoint and frustrates her but she choose to know him, as a person. Which is I say a good Character Development on her part, and this really cause me to be surprised--A mere human manages to talk and convince the Queen (not the MC but a certain someone)


So I guess that's my review of this novel.


THEY FINALLY KISSED EACH OTHER, KYAAA!!! Gosh, their latest confrontation is really amazing. Kyousuke's battle with the Queen is all or nothing, he really sacrificed himself just to beat her. They are outwitting each other in their previous fight, but their last battle is really epic to see.


My 5 (6) years of reading this amazing novel has come to an and with their last volume released last year. I don't know if it's because I find this novel appealing that I'm able to come up with positive reviews. But still, each volumes has their charm and that in itself is enough for me to continue reading it. God Bless the author. <<less
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Mar 09, 2018
Status: v2 afterword
I just can't bring myself to continue. I had some doubts while reading the first volume, but when I got to the 2nd volume there were no doubts left – this novel is heavily filled with the Harem Subtext. Yes, it isn't much of a surprise as the description on NU doesn't really hide it nor does it actually go against the personality of the MC – but all of this feels like an excuse to surround the protagonist with girls.

Well, I might be a harem hater, so there's that.... more>> Though, by no means I'm saying this is a bad novel: the summoning system is decent, plus the female lead and her interactions with the MC are great. It's just not my cup of tea, I guess. <<less
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Jan 31, 2023
Status: v2c18
Mysterious Multinational Megacorp. "Toy Dream" has been revitalizing dying cities by turning them into Amus**ent Parks. Summoners are able to call down powerful "Materials" (summons) into "Vessels" (people with talent), using an "Incense Grenade" to create an "Artificial Sacred Ground" and do battle. Artificial Sacred Grounds last 10 mins, battles are controlled via "White Thorns" (regenerating resource) and Summoners are basically un-target-able throughout the battle.

It's the needlessly convoluted plot & battle system that made this formulaic Sci-Fi Supernatural Story a pain to get into. As I'm constantly asking "why?" Why... more>> 216 petals & 10 thorns? Why is the MC's super power being a Super White Knight? Why do ordinary people simply forget Summoners? When I observed how the author had to waste time explaining all the mechanics of the world, at the end of chapters & the beginning of volumes, rather than telling a good story. I simply gave up. Not even the overpowered yandere White Queen was enough to retain my attention. <<less
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