The Lord’s Empire


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“Ding! Soulbinding has been successfully completed; you will now head to the Heaven Awaken World.” After hearing this, Zhao Fu’s vision darkened as he fell to the ground.

With bleak prospects in the real world, Zhao Fu’s life is turned around when countless crystals fell from the sky one night, which people could use to enter an alternate, game-like world. After obtaining an ancient Chinese empire’s legacy, Zhao Fu uses his intellect and resourcefulness to develop his own empire from a tiny village. However, with enemies both in the real world and in the Heaven Awaken World, he must make brilliant decisions and use creative schemes to survive.

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New KirbyReviews44 rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c200
Its a decent novel in terms of writing and translation quality.

In terms of kingdom building plot, it is very lacking even compared to "The World Online" which is really similar to this novel. The power-ups the MC gets are really weird. There isn't any good "antagonists" to help the MC grow. The Harem tag is a lie b/c there isn't even a hint of the MC even noticing any girls in 200+ chapters. Interesting world building in the beginning but around the 200 chapter range it becomes a slog with... more>> no goal in sight. <<less
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New gary0044187 rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c898
Finally had to stop reading this garbage. I tried so hard to soldier through it, great concept. Terribly executed.

Author uses DBZ style fights every 20-50 chapters to make it not boring. That's great and all, but this is a kingdom building story. So anyone wanting to read kingdom building will naturally be bored with the DBZ fights.

Next is the rapetastic parts of the story. Dude literally captures thousands of women to add to his harem, for reasons. Great excuses and all, but the hundreds that he forces to have s*x with him so that he can refine their ancestral tools is called rape. I don't care if "she liked it later", that is still rape, if you don't understand that then I don't know, just turn yourself in to your local police department before you assault a woman.

Next is the absolutely ridiculous conflict in this story. First you have players being tricked into fighting him. 10s of millions at a time. Wait, 10s of millions of players are combat classes in a game environment where everyone kinda has no ability to opt out? Sounds like BS to me. I mean, yeah, maybe in all of china there are 10s of millions of combat players, but this author assumes EVERYONE is going to be a combat player. Old people, children, the infirm, everyone. But, that's not unrealistic enough, no somehow we take it a step further and the other legacies can somehow convince 10s of millions of players to attack just one legacy over and over again. Sure if there was no negative, this makes since, but you lose everything in game when you die. EVERYTHING. Especially after MC comes up with ways to KILL YOU IRL if you screw with him.

Finally, they are approaching the point where they will merge soon with the real heaven's awaken world, and all the other legacies are still so blinded that htey are trying to destroy MC in spite of the fact that it could leave them so badly weakened that they won't survive once the merger happens? How stupid do you expect me to believe these people are? FFS, author, I get it. Its an excuse to make MC look badass once again and to screw over anyone who dared to threaten MC, but its stupid as hell and noone that had made it this far would be that dumb.


TL:DR : this story is disjointed, forgets what it is, filled with gratuitous rape, and has some of the stupidest plotlines I have ever freaking read. I want the time I spent reading this back.
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drollawake rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c50
The poor man's The World Online.

Both are base-building game system novels with relatively simple main plots of getting strong enough to defeat the antagonist. However, The Lord's Empire seems plain in comparison and is much less engaging.

It's main flaw is being very unfocused. The process of conquering and getting loot feels haphazard and very much like going through the motions because there's not enough world-building and explanation of the game mechanics. The system isn't relevant until it is, so there seems to no sense of how valuable his spoils are... more>> or how optimal his actions are. While some novels make the MC seem powerful with so much praising and face-slapping filler that the pacing is ruined, this novel takes it to the other extreme and fails to evoke the excitement that any good power fantasy novel needs.

Unlike the The World Online, we don't really know the MC's long terms plans besides growing the village for now. What is he prioritising now with his limited resources and why is that important? Each time he gets something new, it seems very underwhelming because we don't know enough about the game mechanics to know why it matters. When he decides on a course of action, we aren't told about alternatives that he has to sacrifice and why his choice will get him past the competition. As a result, the direction of the novel is not very clear and there isn't much of a sense of progress.

There's a good reason why most game system novels use time travel as a crutch; it's hard to be the best when you're playing a game for the first time unless you have the intelligence and/or personality that's extreme enough for it, like say Weed. But we see so little of the MC's thought process and get so little to compare with his accomplishments and loot that it's hard to believe that this MC truly has the chops for conquering the world. Even the advantage of his inheritance fails to inspire much confidence.

In contrast, The World Online takes advantage of its time travel setting to set up things to expect and explain how the MC's decisions relate to the broader world. The MC's knowledge also lets us know that yes, this weapon he got is not only super rare but allowed its previous owner to steamroll others. That kind of goal setting and comparison is much better at keeping the readers interested. <<less
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Modlawls123 rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c106
Hello, this is Modlawls123, the editor for TLE. I've worked with Mr Voltaire on Shura's Wrath, and I'm glad to be able to work with him again on TLE. TLE is interesting to me because of the nation-building and historical aspects. I've always been a sucker for Civilization and Total War games, so a novel like TLE was right up my alley. The references to ancient civilizations and empires are compelling, and the nation-building is just like in Civilization. The MC of TLE to me is what I wished the... more>> MC of Shura's Wrath would have been like. Unlike the MC of Shura's Wrath, the MC of TLE is logical, and he doesn't let his emotions govern him. All in all, if you want an intelligent MC and a nation-building setting, read TLE. <<less
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Stark3 rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c5
I was only able to read until chapter 5 before I had to drop the novel. That's kind of unusual for me because I usually try to stick up to the double digit chapter count before judging anything, and at least up to chapter 100 before I put in a review. But I couldn't help it... I don't know if it's just a translation issue, but everything seems so bland. World building details are glossed over in favor of numerical / game related data. It indicates either laziness or lack... more>> of ability in the author's part to properly describe events - you get the definite feeling that you'd be bombarded with arbitrary numbers and ratings further on instead of any meaningful story.

Also, with the way that it's initially set up (right at the start, MC gets a SSS rated military general, a SS minister, and 2 S level producers and a S level healer), you know that there'd be little to no tension in the conflicts the MC would have. This is in a world where people are rated from SSS to F. F!!!! Any issue that the MC would have would need to be incredibly contrived for him to work up a sweat. Also, if he's that high powered from the start, what ridiculous heights would things have to go to to support 1k plus chapters of progress? <<less
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Kaiser Megami
Kaiser Megami rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c158
This novel starts out as another world realities with basic kingdom building. It got all the concepts of

-OP Starting Village
-OP Generals + Villages (SSS and S ratings)
-Sudden Gains (Wow a high-grade XXX drop out of nowhere with no difficulty)
-The MC can literally walk around and gain benefits with no problem

-Combat is extremely bad

... more>>

Conquering a village with no casualty when the author stated that the enemy is very strong. The author shows that the MC has some brain with strategy but no real statement of how or why or what the f**k a frontal attack with no injury and death. When he fight against undead skeletons that are clearly not for beginners but the MC still manage to push through without deaths + 2-3 injuries to his troops. Note that the troops are all beginners except the General (SSS) rank.

In the latest chapter a big fight against the City Lord. The MC is at stage 1 cultivation vs a Stage 4 City lord. This is equivalent to the MC 30 levels below the BOSS. Somehow the MC manages to use BULLsh*t rage power and is able to injure + overpowered the BOSS even when the boss uses his ULTIMATE technique combining 100, 000 Stage 1 soldiers with him. This is after the fact that the Author specifically states that the differences between each stage are heaven and earth. But the MC apparently don't give a f**k. My personal opinion is the author have no f**king clue on how to make a big fight since all he did previously is BUFF the MC and now just throw a City Lord fight for a dumbass reason.


-Praise China like his f**king life depend on it and the author is someone who doesn't even f**king take a world history class before. Racism is definitely in this novel.


China apparently have the greatest fate ever with their so call 5000 years of history when other countries are all young without any great achievement. When he doesn't even know about the great Mongol Empire, Spanish Empire, British Empire, etc.. Those empires apparently don't have a great legacy to leave behind to their descendant.

Every time some event happens. The author praises China like it is the center of the world. Nothing can beat Great China and the Unification of China is such a great event that no other country can be accomplished in their country. Reading these praises make me want to drop it. I wanted to give more chapters until I make a final decision but it just continues.



If you really want a time-wasting novel then this is the novel for you. This novel is created by the author for Chinese Audience so do not assume your patriotic view of your country while reading. It will make your reading experience a total sh*t.


Overall: I feel like I am reading statements of what the MC did/got.
*ding* the MC obtain XXX drops.
*ding* the MC beat XXX BOSS.
*ding* the MC conquer XXXX Village. <<less
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freezray rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c52
Cool Story so far its a lot more laid back in the way everything happens. I actually like that change of pace for once most Chinese novels tend to overexplain even minor details like how the MC acquired a rare plant even though later on it will be pretty much useless. Also, I saw a virtual reality tag and even someone comparing this to another virtual reality novel. Which confused me because this isn't virtual reality the MCs soul is transported to another world he's just able to return to... more>> the real world at will.

All in all, if you're into the Tolkien style of having a profound background for every blade of grass then this story is probably not be for you. Also if you like the grandiose style of some authors were every action is profound and mysterious then this novel is not for you. <<less
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storybookknight rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: v1c9
This novel is exceptionally dull. The protagonist is a block of wood with the emotional depth of a puddle, the gamelike interface with the 'other world' is unexamined and poorly considered, and the combat between groups is unrealistic and poorly written. I strongly recommend reading something else.
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Valtize rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c1
Havn't read much to write a proper review, but it's one of the few chinese Base/Kingdom building Novels, hence im partial towards it. I've been looking for such novels for a looooong time, and this one is pretty decent. It does have a feeling of slightly less tension due to the start (overpowered subordinates, etc), but its still pretty nice if you are looking for a good kingdom builder. I'll probably hold off till chapter 100 or so before I read further, just so I don't get caught in any... more>> cliffhangers. <<less
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float99 rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: c74
Extremely slow start and pacing. The writing is pretty terrible, in that there is no way to understand the viewpoint of the protaganist. MC is put into the world, immediately understands how it works, and just starts doing things. No justification, reasoning, emotional viewpoints, nothing; MC just does things.

Imagine watching a twitch stream of a player who does not talk, plays an MMO you don't know anything about, and is immediately doing the most efficient way to level. It just feels like a long, boring set-up for the "end-game".

Most interesting... more>> parts are what happens outside of the game world, which are very few and far between chapters. <<less
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sal rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: c58
If you like kingdom building and weak MC then you will love this story. The story is different from the rest as it is based on the real world but the fantasy world is in another dimension (Not virtual reality).
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LoneSoul rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c55
Too simple. Does not really engage you into the story. MC is potrayed as a cold, intelligent and sharp person but... to be honest it is only the coldness that is seen. His character is too flat. ... more>>

And what the hell is the problem with Li family? It's like they have no brain or just low IQ. MC's little brother... wants to kill him to the way of his glory? Isn't their places are far from one another... the heaven way world is huge right?

What is the most important point in my mind is, why in the world heaven world details is almost immediately known and shared? It is something that is unexpected right? So suddenly having this detail and that detail posted in the forum? Basing it on the China lands immediately? What in the world man. The story flow is dissonant as well. Like jump to this point without any reason or background. God, I never even criticize other stories that I have read as much as this since while some of the characters are assholes in their stories, at the very least the story of those characters has better flow and does not make me think of what, how, why. They just let me read without thinking of the logic which is the point of me reading novels! I don't want to think of the logic, I just want to enjoy the story. They never get me to this point.


Honestly when I read the synopsis, I thought it was not so bad. Typical transmigration with game elements... but... ugh


Utter failure.

It's like you want to make similar story like 'the world online' only to fall so far below the mark it is not funny. Sigh, I apologize author and translator, but I don't think I can read this more... and sorry to have been so harsh but I am utterly disappointed. The kingdom building I seek is just... not there. <<less
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Monlord rated it
April 22, 2018
Status: c103
If you like kingdom building and weak MC (who became strong over time) then you will love this story. The story is different from the rest as it is based on the real world with some kind of thing like gate that transport people in a fantasy world to rule or to be ruled by npc, players, etc.
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qull rated it
May 31, 2018
Status: c505
A very slow start, but one thing to note is the MC is very villainous. MC have OP power since start, and he simply go by the flow and grows larger without much obstacle. The real world are more interesting than the game world, because MC in real world is pretty weak and he has to struggle. However, MC turn completely into different person when he is in game world.

You can expect a lot of parody, mainly characters from Ancient Chinese history, Chinese game, etc. You can expect a lot... more>> violent, s*xism, heavy Chinese nationalism, etc.


MC will slaughter country after country just to expand his lands. His goal is to dominate the (game) world. On the other hand, he would force the enemy girl from country which he wiped out their entire clan to be his "concubine" just to gain some "game merit". They are treated as lower than slave, where they would be imprisoned forever since MC only care about the merits. When one of them tried to revolve, she was stripped naked in front of everyone just for the humiliation.

There will be a lot of netori. Where the MC will force (or clan will force) girls who already have their husbands or lovers to become his "concubine". Even married women with kids. Some of them will give up own husband for MC, since that's how ancient world works (?) when women are up against a tyrant. Later on, MC does "rape" girl casually by using some sort of aphrodisiac drug skill just to get information or make the girl turn into his slave.

For instance, there's one scene where he drug-rape an enemy maidservant, so that the maidservant would let him into a female general house. Then he drug-rape the female general, so that she would let him into the empress palace. Then he drug-rape the empress so that she would turn against the emperor and side him (and give him her daughter).

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Eanovel rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: --
Great novel, hooked me immediately and read through a fair chunk of what has been translated in one sitting. There is a great steady progression and the themes and motifs that have been portrayed are well developed as the plot progresses and definitely shows the authors commitment and skills.

I think this novel is also very good, recommended!

https://www. Novelupdates. Com/series/the-supreme-of-milky-way/
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: c100
Very bland.

There's no emotions in this story. Any issue that possesses depth is wilfully ignored in favour of simple game mechanics. Racial relationships? Of course, it's all sunflower harmony. What of the women? Oh my, the protagonist supposedly is immune to their charm... but really? Why, is he be manipulated by them so easily? Is this the sign of a great man. How wonderful.

This story however is better than counterpart world-building novels because the protagonist doesn't openly preach about morality and righteousness. Apart from that, the average reader can skip... more>> fifty chapters and find that apart from a few female companions, and territory added, there's no difference at all. Nein. All the same.

I truly do regret wasting an hour reading this rubbish. <<less
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mmmmmmccc rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: --
Great novel, hooked me immediately and read through a fair chunk of what has been translated in one sitting. There is a great steady progression and the themes and motifs that have been portrayed are well developed as the plot progresses and definitely shows the authors commitment and skills.
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Bangobombz rated it
March 21, 2018
Status: c40
Read through this in one go... it has a slow start and as some of the other people who reviewed said not much interesting stuff yet what keeps me reading or interested is how everything will play out... there is much room for improvement and much room for many exciting things to happen... the system... how the MC will expand and improve... how will the cultures and heroes/influential figures of said cultures interact...

Kinda similar to World Online in the sense of historic characters meeting each other and competing... but it... more>> manages to distinguish itself by adding every culture... epic levels of conquest on a grand scale... pharaohs, holy crusaders, knights of the round table, magicians, necromancy and all the other cultures... to me that sounds grand and exciting and I'll wait and see how everything turns out <<less
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ayoubreg rated it
June 9, 2018
Status: c211
I started reading some novels of the same type when I saw this novel just starting; I started reading from the beginning and like it, sometimes it may like details compared to other novels, but it's better, too many details ruin the story, the MC is smart, calm and have an aura of being mysterious, he is not OP but he grows on a fast pace only tanks to his logical and smart decisions with his helpers, its a novel where the story is being built on a good pace... more>> while MC kept his identity from real world, it fun to see how people when he is in the real worlds if thos happens rarely, still no romence until now, well I hope they will be a bit (no harem) , I can't yet make a comparasion with his rivals players as there s still no confrontation with reals other players but looking forwoard too, if you are searching for a simple, well constructed with a bit of strategy novel, this is definetly a good choice. <<less
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TonysMafiaMen rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c193
This book is quite a nice read as it has just about everything I'm looking for: game elements, real world being swallowed by game world, empire building, cultivation, a badass main character, and a harem. I am a person who loves badass main characters getting all the chicks. The translation quality and speed are both above average which is quite nice. If you are looking for a good book with a bad ass main character, pick this novel.
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Bakaleaf rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c69
It's to early for me to rate this novel, at first I was seriously considering of dropping this novel as my slow head can't understand left and right about the story.

Tip:Read this as you are reading virtual reality mmo theme novels

Aside from some bias way of thinking, it's not racism seriously a little bit of bias can't make one a racist lol I mean this is a Chinese novel so take it or not everything is for great china lol

... more>>

Things were not too bad for modern China because there were others in worse states. For example, the United States had only been around for 200 or so years and was a relatively newer country. As such, it did not have any Legacies within the Heaven Awaken World. Most countries had long histories, so they could inherit some ancient Legacies.

In terms of Legacies, the United States, which was a modern superpower, suddenly became one of the weakest factions. In the real world, the United States madly used money to buy anything it could use to barely keep themselves afloat in the Heaven Awaken World.

Among the modern countries, the one that was doing the best was modern China. After all, much of the world's development during ancient times was due to China, and it was only during recent times that China had gradually fallen behind. As such, it could be said that China was the strongest battle region in the Heaven Awaken World. - Chapter 64


If only if somethings will change like how MC act's towards women, or how MC is very very very weak in the real world then this novel is ok

I suggest reading this by bulk, stock around 50 chapters and read it to enjoy, reading one to two chapters will make you drop this novel as it's very very very slow kingdom building theme. I really mean it, it's very very very slow slice of life approach.

Decide to drop it and might re-read it later, below are my bias reason and it contain spoilers up to chapter 100+


First author is very very very bias to china, the repetitive china is great china is amazing all hail china thing becomes annoying, some epic Chinese heroes and dynasties or what so ever if you are Chinese maybe you can understand this, author just throw this and that without explanation.

Second MC is very 2d, No real life what so ever. More like a NEET who stay inside virtual world 24/7. although it was mention once that they need to return in real world to eat but maybe the author forgot this part or what ever reason but so far MC is staying inside like 24/7 and when he is outside or in the real world just a few sentence and MC return to game.

Third to much imbalance that the author makes OP MC inside game while MC in real life is trash, garbage, and a leech who stay in his room all the time. I see no value in this as no matter how OP MC in game what's the point if he only stay inside his room? he doesn't even convert in game items to real life cash like the norm.

Fourth lack of support character or side character or for Christ sake at least introduce a antagonist character!. No Enemies, No Friends, No relatives, and what makes this novel worst no WOMEN in real life! you read it right all MC have is his good old gang of NPC inside the game... since he never LEFT his room which he leech from his cousin.

and so on since I just read chapter 100+


a certain reviewer post that he just wasted time reading this, I didn't believe it at first but now I feel what you feel lol but regardless it was a good novel if you just focus on the game side people who are like no game no life would love this novel but not me as I want something that balance real life and virtual life. <<less
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Goibinu rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: c80
It has some city building elements, but the way the author wrote it makes it a minor point. It only mentions the village level, and then how he goes around adding more sub villages through capture. Novel feels more like a fighting novel where instead of having a small core group MC goes around with a big army capturing villages. A major issue I have with novel is that MC magically knows all about the game mechanics without any explanation of what is going on to reader. The thing that... more>> I love about city building novels like The World Online is that the decision process is explained at least enough for reader to connect the dots. <<less
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