The Journey Of The Peasant Mother-in-Law


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Zhulan transmigrates into the “Counterattack of the Supporting Female Character” novel. All of a sudden, she is married, has children, and has even become a mother-in-law. She became the antagonistic mother-in-law within the counterattack story.

She goes from being a single 26 year old to being 36, with six children, two daughters-in-law, and several grandchildren. Her husband is not the original one, but the one who caused her to transmigrate.

Zhulan’s situation makes her feel as if she is being tormented. One daughter-in-law has a big mouth and a knack for twisting every little thing she says. The other daughter-in-law is timid and cries at the drop of a hat, portraying Zhulan as an evil mother-in-law.

Zhulan: “…I can’t bear this life.”

Someone: “You still have me.”

Zhulan: “Haha, you’re the one who tormented me the most!”

Someone: “…”

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The Way of the Peasant Mother-in-law
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New Addictedtoreading rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: Completed
This was a nice novel. I enjoyed reading it.

The story is told from the perspective of both MC and ML. MC is almost always in the backyard taking care of their children and grandchildrennand ML studies at first and then climbs the ladder of his official career.

It seemed like author wanted to let protagonists do / be the opposite or different from what most transmigrators do. For example:

    • Knowing what will happen to their neighbor MC and ML decide to do their best to not be noticed by anyone for having strange knowledge. So they will not introduce things from the future in their country unless they can give a good reason for introducing it. For example they will introduce potatoes after a fellow countryman wrote about them. Or ML warns emperor about pirates knowing from history who is behind this which can be explained as being a visionary.
    • MC and ML are not handsome / pretty. MC will become rather chubby when she gets older. ML has a beard he always touches.
    • MC and ML become and older couple (about 10 years older than their original age). They have 5 or 6 children and 6 grandchildren at the start. This number grows.
    • ML will climb the official ladder pretty fast and gets to work with a few emperors in his career. All of these emperors want to do what's best for their country.
    • A character (not main) has been switched at birth. The one this character has been switched with was pretty ruthless. When this character finds out about the switch they change their life and don't become an enemy. This doesn't happen very often in switched at birth novels.
    • MC and ML don't know each other before the transmigration (though they were neighbours). They decide from the start to depend on each other and work together to have a good life. They will become a very loving couple who tell each other almost from the start that if one dies the other will chose to die as well.
    • ML becomes an official, but doesn't win the first prize in the last exam.
    • MC and ML try to have their children and grandchildren marry into families that are not too influential.
    • The couple deliberately has emperor arrange servants in their backyard that belong to said emperor. So emperor will always be able to know what happens in their family and won't have to suspect them too much. They also do this at first because they have trouble getting reliable servants while ML starts his career in a very poor province that has certain difficulties.
This is the first story that gave me a feel of how richer families had to work hard to pay for dowries for their children and grandchildren. MC spends a lot of time buying shops, zhuangzi, houses, jewelry and antiques so they can be added to the dowries of their children and grandchildren.

There is quite a bit of scheming between emperor and ML, especially with the first emperor. The emperor doesn't trust a lot of people (had a very difficult upbringing and he revolted and took the throne) and tries to let the more powerful families lose power. He thinks ML is quite visionary cq has a lot of insight, so he tries to get ML to show him everything he knows. And ML tries not to show too much, because he is afraid it will be suspicious if he knows too much. ML often asks for days off, but emperor often refuses him.

It's quite funny how almost everything ML does will help the emperor and stop people who are trying to undermine the country. Several times this is quite unintentional.


For example at one time ML has taken a few days off and decides to go to sea with his wife. The emperor follows him without his knowledge. They meet on the ship ML has chartered. While at sea, they see smugglers handing things over between 2 ships. The emperor gets the marine to arrest them.


ML will be working at the ministery of finance later on. It is funny how he is always thinking of ways to get more money in the treasury. And tries to give other ministeries who try to get his money as little as possible.


An important reason why the first emperor starts having a lot of faith in ML is, that he has a dream at a certain time in which ML has never become an official. Because of that the things that ML did to help the country never happened and the country was falling apart at that time. The emperor doesn't see ML in his court in the dream and when he wakes up his faith in ML has risen. He later tells his son to trust ML


This can almost be seen as a family saga. We see MC and ML slowly get older and all of their children and grandchildren get married. We follow the family for about 30 years I think.

All the children and grandchildren have their own characters and you will get to know them pretty well. A few children are quite selfish at first but change under the influence of MC and ML. I don't see that happen very often in novels. The couple create a pretty tight knit family. One of the reasons this works is that they created a family rule that concubines are not allowed.

I might extend my review later on, but will leave it like this for now.
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New Shortk rated it
April 1, 2024
Status: c1838
If you're looking for a long read with a fantastic family and absolutely solid female and male leads who are both smart and cunning then you should try this. It does feel long, but in a way that even if you're tired, you'll still want to come back to see what the kids are up to or who they'll marry or what their children will be like. This family is huge and amazingly every single person has a unique personality in this family that is explicitly described except for their... more>> grand-grand children. That's 2 GENERATIONS of family (friends), if not 3 generations including the leads' natal family & personal friends who we get to know in detail with meaning with each their own moments to shine. Some more than others but they are never forgotten. The leads whip this family into shape and you love everyone.

I would divide this book into 2 parts: 1. the hidden danger of the dynasty & 2. The slice of life and politics after that.

The first part is basically the male lead's part but ofc the female lead is in the family keeping it together. It's just that unfortunately the FL can't help the ML with is journey to becoming a minister outright bc of her female position and conservative position for survival. Oh yeah the first part also is about the fact they transmigrated into a book where they are cannon fodder but LOL this novel is so deep that that becomes quickly forgettable when they move past that danger fully.

The 2nd part is where the FL shines more and is willing to put her "name" out there more and elevate the status of women in the country with more politics that doesn't have one villain but a wide variety of political issues. The children get to shine more and we see more of their stories as the ML supports his sons' careers and ofc his wife the FL.

For people who want to know, yes the ML is an cold hearted person to his "children" at the start, but once he gets

his child w the FL he does ofc love that child... which is cruel to thee other sonss I Know but he actually explicitly has a realization that having his own son has made him more attached emotionally to the whole family. It takes about around ch. 700s I think which is kinda long considering the FL cared about the children to begin with but it's not even half way through the whole novel at least. So kinda early? Lol

he becomes a better father with actual attachment to all of them. He was always responsible for them but he was crazy cold before.

The sons have each their own personality changes and story archs on the side that we follow along. The most complex one was probably the 2nd and 3rd son. I think the best one was probably the 2nd son and his family group. They're probably the author's favorite considering how detailed his and his wife's changes were. don't worry all the sons have their individual growths and changes and stories that we get to read in detail. My favorite is probably the 4th son & his family.

I love that he had that whole arc of being aloof to the point that he was like a poor genius scholar who traveled with an old master in his youth to living in luxury with his titled wife and reading books allt he time. BUT also so straight forward and unrelenting in the face of sophistication since he grew up so pure and honest that he is decisive and deadly when he was finally put out on the job by the emperor. He was called "a secret weapon that cannot be used often" by the emperor. Ahhh how fun.

The third son honestly has a great arc too since he's supposed to be the first backbone that the ML can rely on to help his ministry after some time. The ML trains him very well but it's just sad that he got placed to far away and basically wasn't able to really come back after all.. I don't even blame the author. I think tt it's quite realistic of the times. Just too bad iss all. We get to see their lovely daughters though.


Despite the fact I don't like imperial power conceptually, for what they were, this was the best imperial emperor and family I ever read. Truly very good emperors. Only bad in thee caaee that as emperors ofc they demand loyalty, your help, your money, time etc as if it's theirs bc it is lol....

I would say there are about 3 things I do not like about this novel. One in which I think is OOC, another is OOC but I think it's not at the same time, and the last one is the fact I hate this person for polluting the family atmosphere briefly.


btw OOC is out of character.

1. The fact that our leads MERELY brush off the fact that their undercover agent twin grandsons of their eldest daughter gets married to a foreign princess on their mission by not necessarily the order of the emperor but thee fact that they have to do it and thee emperor approved it. When told of this, the ML and FL are distressed for a second but also are like alas nothing we can do. This OOC considering how hard the leads were working to stay safe and not get tied up in royal politics if possible. Especially in the first half.[

2. The ML becomes the master to the great grandson of the supreme emperor. I know he did it probably bc he was being asked on their deathbed but the fact is he WAS VERY AGAINST THIS for the grandson before for very vallid reasons that the ML never mentions or cares about again after he was asked this time and accepts.... Ok lol wtf

3. OMG I HATW HIS UNCLE LIKE HES SO PEDANTIC AND REAL ANCIENT MAN GET HIM OIT OF THW FAMILY. DONT TALK TO OUR GRANDSON'S DAUGHTER IN LAW LIKE THAT. YOU WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE HER OR HIM AS YOUR CHILD IF THE LEADS DIIDNT LET YOU ADOPT HIM. DOONT BE SO f*ckING PICKY. Just help her then to be more high class then. bit*h ass how. You really give a damn if she births a son immediately?? THEY WOULDN'T EVEN BE YOUR CHILDREN IF YOU WEREN'T LUCKY. BE f*ckING GRATEFUL YOU HAVE ANYTHING. SPITS. he ruined my family vibes and made the family misogynistic for the first time ever when he joined and I was so glad when he died. idc. Spits.


It's very much like "keeping up with the family" in a wholesome way. Even when I wanted to stop reading, it just s**ked me back into it bc I would wonder what the family was up to. I also really like the fact that just because they introduce characters to you doesn't mean that they will marry them. I'm impressed that the author can created so many varied unique characters over this entire novel. <<less
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pimni rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: c1842
Don't ignore the novel just because it is huge; it is a gem. Plus the chapters are small, the length of its two chapters is like 1 chapter in other novels. This is why I took the chance of translating it.

... more>>

Now coming to the novel, the FL and the ML are both transmigrated characters. In a way, this novel is anti-thesis to farming and slice-of-life novels where the FL transmigrates and brings in new things to a novel world. Here there are actually three people who transmigrate. The other character was supposed to be the novel character who transmigrates and counterattacks the original heroine of the novel, which was the FL's daughter. This led to the destruction of the whole family. Now what is different is that the FL knows the story and so tries her best to avoid this "heroine" character and save her family. When she read the novel, she felt that this character was wrong, and when she went into the novel, she understood that it was like the real world, and the characters don't have to follow the storyline.

Now why I said it mocks time travel novels, is because when this character brings in new things, people are suspicious of her even her parents understood she was not their daughter any more. She met a rich businessman who exploited her rather than helping her (which if you think will happen in a feudalistic society). All the FL and ML did was sit on the side and watch. If they introduced new things, they did it as suggestions and intelligent characters of the era (like the crown prince and the emperor) picked it up.


As for the characters, each of them is great. The children have their growth as do the FL and ML, especially the ML. The peripheral characters are also well-written.

Hope you give this novel a chance. And I will try my best to translate one chapter a day. <<less
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Avrohom rated it
April 10, 2023
Status: Completed
This truly is an amazing novel, a true gem.


Such an unexpected find. Thank you, translator! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

... more>>

In this novel, three people simultaneously transmigrate into a book: a food blogger (about 40 y.o.), a business manager (26y.o.) and a scholar (double Ph.D in Chinese and in archeology, 27 y.o.). All three are single, do not know each other, and know the plot in the book.

The food blogger becomes a child in a very poor family in an ancient village and the vicious enemy of the other two who wake up and discover that they are now peasants, a husband and wife (36+37y.o.) with six kids ages 7 to 21, their spouses, and six grandkids! A huge rural household. And the vicious snake of the third transmigree in their village who is intent on destroying every one of them, their kids and grandkids, and other relatives.

I loved how the FL managed her family as an instant wife, a mother and a mother-in law. Thank God she was an MBA and a competent business manager in a good corporation before, so she both understands people, the importance of local culture, and has skills to manage such a crowd! Truly, I have never read a better novel than this one on that topic. The characters and the descriptions of ancient Chinese mores are out of this world good. I have just finished reading the book and I already miss them terribly.

The ending is both happy and sad. The story spans about 35-40 years of their rich daily lives in ancient China and they die in their seventies within a minute from each other, roam for three years as souls, and then wake up in Beijing in our times two days prior to their accidental death and transmigration. The ML rushes to her place with the household registration booklet and ID card in hand and wants to tie the knot immediately, but...

Will they return back to their family in ancient China to have another lifetime with them or will they live as a modern couple from that moment on?

What a choice to make, especially, since they know the original plot of the book and that the food blogger will transmigrate and without them that ancient family will perish young. All of them.

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Ori rated it
July 2, 2023
Status: c106
This is really good? I wasn't expecting a lot, but I find it really enjoyable. I'll bullet point my thoughts.

  • As of now, it's very slice of life focused and there isn't a lot of drama, a big bonus as far as I'm concered.

    The transmigrated third person who acts like an internet Karen has made some attempts against our main characters and the family, but it's been solved pretty easily, and most of the focus as of now is on FL and ML making their family better rather than "fighting". It's enjoyable watching them think about how to improve their lives and their new family's lives.

  • The world setting is pretty simplistic as of now. Not much has been expanded past their village yet, but the chapters are on the short side so I would say it hasn't been that much since the start and I'm expecting things to expand

    especially when ML gets to pass the omcoming examination.

  • The characters: oh the characters! To be fair, both FL and ML are rational thinkers, and I especially enjoy how FL thinks of the ancient people around her as smart, holding them in high regard. I also enjoy the unique dynamic between FL and ML that comes from the fact

    that they are both transmigrators who find out quickly about each other and team up. It's a situation that is bound to make them more honest with each other and make their relationship progression sweeter long term, I believe.

    However, nothing can beat FL's relationship with her daughters-in-law. My god, her daughters-in-law are honestly my favorite characters because they are really funny and active. I might forget which son is which, because there's like four of them plus extras and they still don't do much, but the daughters-in-law are unforgettable. 😂
  • Spoiler

    One of the d-i-l is an amazing chef and manages to find out the recipe 3rd transmigrator is initally using to make money just by trying the dish. She's amazing like that. So 3rd transmigrator does start holding a few grudges for this or that reason early on.

  • As I said, chapters are short, so this is nowhere near as long as over a thousand chapters make it out to be, so if total chapter no. Is a deterrent for anyone, just give it a try and don't worry too much about it.
  • There's not much descriptive language used. Places, or clothes, or anything. I didn't mind, but just something I noticed when thinking about it.
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Sasi23 rated it
March 25, 2023
Status: Completed
This definitely ain't story about mother in law.

This novel is awesome I am so looking forward to the translation since I mtled.

The character growth is everything it's very long but worth the time.

... more>> There's a lot to give out as spoilers but this novel delicately describes the ancient lifestyle, the royals the minister, every character were 3 dimensional. I literally cried at the end.

I was watching their whole journey and it moved me so much.

Thank you so much translator @pimni

Your review made me want to read this I am glad I gave this a chance. <<less
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snickerbst rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is a gem. This deserves a higher rating than the 4.2. Those 3 users who gave 1 star votes should get their heads checked. I laughed and cried with the Zhou family from their humble beginnings in the countryside to being a powerhouse in the capital. This is definitely within my top 5 novels here in NU. I even had to binge read it mtl just so I could be satisfied. Worth the full 5/5 stars.
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greenHills rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Zhulan and Zhou Shuren sit down to write their autobiography.

"Ah, " Zhulan sighs, brush in hand, pondering over the booklet. "It's been so many years since you've become an official, Shuren. I hope that our grandchildren will be fine without us."

"The Supreme Emperor changed a lot, " says Zhou Shuren. He sits beside her, leaning back in his chair. "Who would have expected us to have such an impact?"

"Indeed, " Zhulan says. "Without us, Rong Chuan wouldn't have survived. I can't imagine how the Empress Dowager would have felt... more>> then, or the bloodbath there would've been at that time. And all those traitors you managed to fend off; what a disaster that would've been for the country! But to speak of the good, even the Supreme Emperor's open-mindedness towards spurring the development of the country was influenced by you."

"Don't forget everything you've done, " Zhou Shuren says. "I wouldn't be here without you. Ah, and could you have imagined girls going to study when we first came? Many families didn't even think there was a need for them to read. But the other day, when I went out to the villages with the Emperor, I saw little girls reciting the classics."

"It's really been worth our efforts, " Zhulan agrees. "It's just a pity if we don't see what comes next."

"Yes, " Zhou Shuren says. "The Supreme Emperor's high-yield seeds are finally bearing fruit, and the imperial examinations are going to be updated. I want to live a few more years, until the prince's grandson succeeds."

"Speaking of when we first came here, though, " Zhulan says, and finally moves her brush to write. "Do you remember, twenty or thirty years ago when we first came and Mrs. Li and Mrs. Zhao were both so different, and we still lived in the Zhou family village? I can't remember how long it was, perhaps for a month, back when we all still misunderstood each other."

"It's hard to recall, they've changed so much, " Zhou Shuren says. "We've all changed. It's been so long since we've last been to the Zhou family village. If the transportation in this era were better... alas."

"You know, Shuren, I just had a wonderful idea, " Zhulan says. "I think I'll write our entire biography about that year in the Zhou family village."

⬆️This is about how accurate this novel's title and summary are.

This novel is really...I can't say that it's misnamed, because it's true that some of it is about a peasant mother-in-law, but still. It's like if you summarized your life with that one time you argued with your mom in fourth grade. Ignore the questionable dogblood transmigration novel the summary makes you think this is, because it's just... not. It has maybe the most deceptive title and summary of any novel I've seen here & read in a while. It's also excellent. 5/5.

It's about family. It's about meting out punishment and reward and teaching and teaching some more. It's about becoming an official and bettering one's life, and about the responsibility that comes with that. It's about ancient imperial courts and how, even if you're close to the Emperor, at the end of the day, you're always still just a minister. It's about knowing where to draw the line. It's about trying to improve things for the whole country and planning to fend off floods, earthquakes, and disaster. It's about traitors and bloody schemes that could topple a country and wars and refugees and the day to day happiness of a family that knows where they stand and what they have to do.

The novel has an incredibly high number of chapters, but that's because it basically chronicles the two MCs' entire lives after crossing over. The description makes you think that it's mostly about Zhulan, but really, Zhou Shuren is just as much of a protag.

Genuinely, I really want to know why the summary is like that. I was expecting maybe a casual, 3.5/5 or so light read full of dogblood and perhaps some standard counterattacks with "I made epic modern thing in ancient times". What I read was a story about a family's slow progression from countryside farmers to court officials, with detailed worldbuilding and decent development of quite a lot of side characters.

(And there are seriously a lot of side characters: kids, grandkids, in-laws, friendly court officials, unfriendly court officials, you name it. The novel manages that horde of characters without them turning into cutouts.)

Zhulan and Zhou Shuren both change and grow throughout the course of the novel. At first, they're just focused on not behaving suspiciously (unlike the third transmigrator) and trying to better their own lives, but gradually they become attached to the people around them (i.e. their instant kids) and you can feel their attitudes shifting -- slowly but surely (particularly slowly in the case of Zhou Shuren), until you can tell that they genuinely care about the people around them and are no longer just detached, otherworldly transmigrators trying to conceal their otherworldly transmigratorness. They start to want to do what they can to improve things, and maybe they don't do sudden, impressive grandstanding via mass rectification and importing 999 magical modern technologies, but their changes and gradual improvements work in a much more even way.

Also, I really like that even though it seems like Zhou Shuren and Zhulan are set up to be against the third transmigrator, Wan Ru, who actually does go hard on the "what if I brought 999 modern things to ancient China to get rich" route, they actually just try to avoid her and to avoid all of the other complicated plot pitfalls that would have otherwise befallen their instant families or the characters that they transmigrated into. They really aren't actively antagonistic towards Wan Ru, because it isn't necessary; no hardcore face-slapping is needed to solve a lot of problems.

So, tldr: if the summary or the novel title give you a bad impression, ignore them. Pretend you can't see them. Read the novel instead. <<less
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RedPanda215 rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: c112
Really good story! When I was reading the synopsis, I was a little worried the side characters might be anger-inducing, but the MC's family is actually really cute! And there is a perfect sprinkling of face-slapping but mostly without direct involvement of the main characters, a little along the lines of The Female Supporting Character Just Wants To Live A Good Life (slightly calmer than this story, about nobility instead of a farming/scholar family). The translation is also good quality and regularly released!
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Minlani rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: Completed
Oh I'm so happy this made it to novelupdates! When I read this novel I was mtling it and while understandable and still one of my favorite novels I had the feeling I was missing some of that ambience that a truly good translation would provide.

This easily made it into my favorites. One of my biggest gripes about protagonists who are already mature and have descendents is that often the protagonists become those descendents and I'm often at a loss because the novel advertised itself like the grandma was the... more>> MC right? Why am I reading about some 16 year old and the grandma is in the background???? So I was initially nervous when I found this novel but it took me reading to figure out that what I was initially afraid of was not even a problem.

In this novel, the grandma and grandpa are without a doubt always the protagonists. We also read about their lineage but not because their lineage is more interesting than them but because the lineage really, really enhances the couple and the story. I LOVE this family. It's huge and many characters make mistakes but they're so lifelike and realistic and eventually the family members come about. They were adorable.

I loved absolutely everything about this novel. I also love everything about this author. They place a heavy emphasis on the fact that people are not almighty perfect beings in all their novels. People you like and people you don't like have both positive and negative traits and sometimes you can do things about it whereas sometimes you can't. But also with this theme there's a healthy dose of humor and love and passion.

Really just an absolute gem of a novel and if you get the opportunity, please do find this author's other works and read them as they have risen to the top of my favorite authors list.

Just. Read. It. <<less
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