Abandoned Peasant Woman: Farming With a Cute Baby


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She transmigrates into a very poor village countrywoman who has a hungry little bun. Zhao Yun’er suddenly feels a lot of pressure on her. Fortunately, she is capable. Outrageous relatives at the door? Scram.

Her days begin to flourish by relying on knowledge from the 21st century. But the little bun begins to shout all day long, “Mother, find me a father.”

A wild man suddenly jumps out and wraps himself around her, while claiming to be the little bun’s father.

The little bun: “My mother said that my father must first be tall and handsome!”

A certain man: “This Shizi [heir to a noble title] is the world’s most handsome man!”

The little bun: “My mother said that my father needs to have money!”

A certain man: “This Shizi has plenty of fertile land, 100 million gold taels ……”

The little bun turns around. “Mother, do you think that this one is suitable?”

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Selenka rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: c526
To be honest, I have a feeling that if I continue to read machine translation further, the score will drop even lower. Therefore, I will stop here - too many things started to annoy me and I will leave a small review.
The plot itself is interesting: the main character does not have super-abilities, she is an ordinary police woman from the 21st century. That is, she does not have knowledge, precious for that time, just knowledge of self-defense. Having a little son and cute situations with him is... more>> also a plus to the story. Well, the topic "from poverty to wealth in ancient times" is always interesting.
1) a recurring slap in the face for village neighbors. At some point, it ceases to make sense, as if the neighbors have brains at the level of three-year-olds and they do not have an instinct for self-preservation. I understand difficult times and everyone is trying to survive as best they can, offending the weak and not following the language. But seriously?

The heroine has shown dozens of times that she has the ability to defend her property and honor. She has support from influential people. Why are these neighbors afraid to open their mouths next to the rich and noble, but as soon as it comes to the main character, logic ceases to work at the behest of the plot.

2) kink on shit. I'm serious. At first I thought that the author was just describing village life in a naturalistic way, but no.

Her love interest creeps in to kiss her for the first time when she's all covered in shit. She accompanies him to shit. After a while, the author describes other shitting characters. Piss scenes, many piss scenes. The author talks about satisfaction and relief during the bowel movement. This moment actually made me stop reading the novel. I can not do it anymore.

3) There are many sown seeds in the plot that do not germinate for a long time. You are hooked that the main character has come up with something interesting and soon we will see her growing business, but no. Hundreds of chapters and nothing happens. Characters who should interact with the main character and tell us their secrets, but no, again dozens of chapters and they are still there, and nothing happens.
4) The male protagonist seems like an irresponsible idle talk. Because hundreds of chapters go by and nothing happens but promises. Due to the deliberate delay in the plot, the author turned the man into this.

Seriously, he only knows how to say soothing words and promise a great future, while acting like a husband and enjoying her cuisine and warmth. "In the future, I will do this and that" - red flags for me personally. You either do it or keep quiet :)

5) body shaming from the author of minor characters and the number of pe*verts per village, author often describe s*x as to something dirty and obscene.

In general, I really tried and returned to the novel several times, hoping for new plot twists. The slow flow of the plot has its charms, it can be pleasant and satisfying, but not in this case. There are too many annoying triggers that outweigh the desire to wait for the story to unfold. <<less
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pimni rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: c2485
Loved the MTL version and I love the translator so will be reading it again. The FL is super awesome and more badass than my favorite transmigrated farmer Lin Xiowan from FOG. She is better because she has no golden finger and her family members are too evil. Even the parents especially the mother is just too timid.

The ML is super cute he is not like another hero from a similar plotline; he is understanding, not unreasonable, and ready to see from the FL standpoint. Another good thing about the... more>> story is that some characters have really good growth and can be said to be round rather than being one-dimensional.

So what I don't like? It is extremely slow. I mean you literally get to know every moment of every day and that drags it down a bit. Plus the focus sometimes shifts to other characters and I kind of skipped them a bit. Then there are chapters that literally deal with shit; I kid you not! Things happen in the toilet area very much in this book!

If you love farming transmigration story do give it a read. <<less
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Trinityblood rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c6 part2

So the MC was a police officer in her previous life and while chasing after a criminal (truck-san) made an appearance. She got transmigrated into a body with the same name as her. She pregnant out of wedlock and was disowned so it's just her and her 3yr old. Her family is shitty and treats them bad but they come asking for a favor. They wanna sell the baby to a rich family to get some money. MC says no they try to take him anyway and she beats their asses. Now they have to make a new scheme to take him. So it's a typical Chinese novel you can guess what's going to happen. I've read this plot before but it's not bad I have no complaints yet lol.

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rakusu rated it
September 2, 2020
Status: c2485
If there's something this novel specializes in, it would be the endless amount of shameless and greedy characters. From her family, neighbors, her mother side's family, her sister's husband's family, and so on, the author will have plenty of it.

The author also has a habit of reusing settings like there are a lot toilet scenes, banquet scenes, s*x in random places in the village.

I guess, that's how far he/she can go for setting the story in the country side. The author can't make it interesting unless there's a shameless and... more>> greedy character vying for the female lead's things.

Unlike if the story is set in a noble society, at least you see smart characters with all their tricks and methods or a good political conflict to enrich the plot. It is more thought provoking than just a bunch of shallow countryside characters.

It's not that I have bias Farming novels. I've read something similar like Picking up a general, to plow the fields, and also Lady's sickly husband. But at least the major plot moved after 200-300 chapters. Here, it's super slow.

Although this novel touches on some political matters but it's very small and can be summed up to less then 20 chapters.

I think there's around 500 chapters on the female lead's sister (Zhao Ping'er) alone. When Zhao Yun'er was looking forward to Ping's marriage so she does not see her again, I too, was looking forward to it. But,.. Omg, it takes hundreds of chapters before she gets married and even after marriage, she keeps going back to her maternal family. I had to endure reading such an annoying character that whenever the chapter is about her, I just skip it. It won't make much difference.

Then, there's the Zhao family. Ugh, it would be too long if I mention them.. Skip.

The female lead is fine but the ML is lacking. It is also a wonder, why despite knowing the ML (her supposed "backer") is a noble heir, many villagers still came to trouble the female lead. How can they overlook that again and again? This is also one of the reasons why I give a low rating,.. Some common sense and rationality are tend to be ignored.


One very eye rolling event here is when a baby is taken by a couple of tiger. The parents left the baby in the den for days, had a banquet, express they are worried but does nothing to save the baby, then the baby was magically returned at their doorstep. I don't even understand the need for keeping the baby away during the banquet. It's very s*upid and unusual.


Also, it seems to encourage eating wild/exotic animals like turtle, snakes, snails, frogs, etc. It's understandable given the setting is in rural area. But please, consider before you do IRL. Otherwise, we might have another virus spreading around.

Anyway, that's my thoughts about this novel. If you intend to read, good luck. It's long but very slow paced. One day's event can take up tons of chapters. <<less
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sleepycat777 rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: c1606
Gotta say, this is one of the most if not the most annoying novels I have ever read. Lol. Not gonna lie, I don't know y I read it for this long.

So many 'Shitty' plots (yes, pun intended).

I also have a problem with the FL and her double standards. I can't help but notice that she is far forgiving of male douche bags then of female ones like she hits the females much more than she does the males.. Just saying if u all noticed.

... more>>

the time she followed the ML on a tiger hunt with just the both of them. I mean the dude is rich n powerful but he could not afford a single body guard for his kid n gf n himself even after they got kidnapped n ambushed so many times. They hunted a tiger with just the both of them n a pig as bait, no wonder a donkey had to come n safe their asses. Like really?

also I condone bad ppl but in the case of that window mother n daughter I feel like the FL put so much time in getting them in trouble. N had not spared a few thoughts for y they always acted desperate. I mean she let go of that village rapist after beating him once. She could have help other women but she just didn't.

In short the writer is really capable in riling me up n I will definitely read again after I cool down.

I didn't like any of the characters really not even the animals. <<less
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Avrohom rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Well, I read the first 2000 chapters and find the title extremely misleading. The FL is not abandoned, not a peasant and she ain't farming.

She barely grows a tiny one square metre patch of green onions to sprinkle'em on her noodles and a few flowers in front of her house. Her family and her beau do not leave her alone, no abandonment, more like sticking to her ruthlessly, begging for her attention and coveting her things, and she makes ends meet as a hunter-gatherer (collecting wild bees honey, wild vegetables,... more>> wild tea leaves, catching frogs, fishes, some small game, etc.). And she is thinking about relying on her modern cooking skills and selling hot food from a stall in a nearby city.

So, she is a commoner, from a remote mountain village, but not a peasant, because she owns no farmland at all. She behaves and talks as a modern city police officer, as she was in modern China before transmigrating. And she is comfortable with country living, because she grew as a country child in China before.


To be fair, she does become a peasant (a farmer) and eventually establishes a pig farm in collaboration with her aunt and tea production in collaboration with her neighbour, but very late in the story. She buys her first land, a barren hill, for a tea plantation in ch1308 but then does nothing with it.


There is a cute three year old son, though.

The original FL's v**ginity was sold for 200 silvers by her granpa and dad and her family's grannie and aunts want to sell that Little Prince Doudou for another 200 silvers as well.


It's a good story, actually, the FL is a good person who does a lot of things right and corrects a lot of wrongs (at least, initially). So, reading it makes a satisfying pastime. It's a huge sprawling narrative, a family saga, about dozens of the FL's relatives and neighbours trying to survive, make a buck and get married. As many other reviewers noted, the author has a weird kink: she loves to write about things that have to do with excrements and excretion. She says in the author's notes that she is aware of it and that she cannot control herself when she writes about it. Maybe she has some version of Tourette syndrome, involuntary writing obscenities, who knows. Excrements, excretionary channels, and their uses are like another main character and a major plot device in this novel involving all other significant characters! So, reader, beware. I just skip those parts.

I had to stop reading it for awhile when they (the FL and her fiance) killed the FL's maternal grandma's dog by burning him to death and gave one of his hind legs to the neighbour to eat, planning to eat the remainder themselves. And that is not the only one hard to stomach, meddlesome, brutally violent, unpalatable and unsavory thing that the FL does in this book which makes it hard to continue to be interested in her as the main character, in her family, her love life, her business endeavors. In the end, her transmgration touches, impacts and improves lives of innumerable number of people, and nothing is as black and white as it seemed initially, so overall it's a very kind and positive story. <<less
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Dovah rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c18 part2
So far I'm loving MC & the bun! They're the best! Hope MC & her parents can somehow help each other & get a happy ending while faceslaping all those tr*sh. Can't wait to see all of mc's $ making ideas come to fruit. ML hasn't really made an appearance yet. Crossing my fingers that ML won't ruin the whole novel xD


just met mc's 1st bro, he's so sweet. Wishing mc's family (parents & the 2 bros plus mc's son) & MC will separate from those evil ppl & live... more>> better, wealthier lives <<less
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sansukini0923 rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: Completed
There's so many things wrong with this novel. It's a bit gross because of the number of times poop has been mentioned. There are also a ot of shameless people.

The most baffling part of this novel is when her baby was kidnapped by the tiger. They saw the tiger was nursing the baby so they left the baby in the tiger's cave because they can't fight 2 tiger's (which is understandable), but instead of thinking of a rescue, she even had time to prepare a banquet. The tiger brought the... more>> baby back after a few days. Lol.

Overall, it was an okay story. Too long so sometimes I just scan the pages about minor characters. <<less
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