The Rebirth of Han Yuxi


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At home, she was invisible; after marriage, she was a decorative vase; in the end, a sea of flames buried her, and not even her corpse remained. This is the portrait of Han Yuxi’s previous lifetime.

Given a chance at rebirth, she strives to improve herself, wishing only to no longer serve as a foil or a pretty face. Then, she will seek out an exemplary husband and live a life of peace and prosperity. Alas, things turn out contrary to her wishes—she marries a man who bears a blood feud and hatred as deep as the sea.

She turns the world upside-down, but her road to happiness is strewn with setbacks and the sweetness that comes after bitterness.

Associated Names
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The Record of the Di Daughter's Rebirth
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Sakura hana
New Sakura hana rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: c127
I really like this novel but with this many chapters it is really running on patience. It is really difficult to not know Chinese. The MTL version is not really understandable 😢
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New Milliane
May 24, 2020
Status: c127
I started reading this because someone compared this to Malicous Empress of Military Lineage which is my absolute favorite.

The plot is very good and the characters don't make s*upid mistakes. The rebirth really did give her an advantage over her life but not in an absurd way.

Also, I'm on chapter 127 and I can count on my fingers the chapter the ML was in. 😅 So don't expect romance yet. Although I'm not sure how that will happen at this juncture. 🤔
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roake rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: complete
This is one of my absolutely favorite rebirth story. It covers her childhood through adulthood and her children. The first part of her novel covers her rebirth and childhood from the age of 4? I love watching her grow. There's no cheat, just hard work. She works very very hard to overcome her deficiencies from the previous life. She does use her knowledge of future events, but the novel also shows you how that knowledge is not everything. Knowledge alone will not improve your life.

The novel is very long... more>> at over 1600 chapters, but the story covers a lot of ground. It's a well rounded world, full of characters, and events.

I am sharing my edited MTL version on blogger @ roakemtl. It's by no means perfect, but easier to read than just plain MTL. I'm doing this because I LOVE this story that much. I will also share my other edited mtls when I have more time. <<less
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Delorra rated it
August 20, 2019
Status: Completed

This novel is long! But it was a worthwhile read. I personally think the alternative title "The Record of the Di Daughter's Rebirth" describes the plot better. The story isn't just about a woman's personal rebirth story but it also details the historical record of the rise of a dynasty. The background depiction is very realistic.

The narration starts when the MC was three or four, showing her childhood struggle and education as an unflavored official's daughter, to assassination, to imperial decreed marriage and exiled to the boarder, her and her husband's rebellion against the corrupted government, challenging society rules by taking care of governmental affairs despite being a female, being labeled as a shrew by refusing to accept concubines for her husband, raising and educating children, becoming empress and establishing a new dynasty, raising status of women (unfortunately not by much), watching the younger generations raise their own children then finally her death at the age of ~90.

There are a lot of major side characters. The MC and ML together have six kids, two girls and four boys (three of them are triplets!), each with distinct personality. These kids later got married then have their own kids and grand kids. I lost track of their population by the third generation. Adding in all the major families in the capital and Yu City, there are more than a hundred side characters by the end of the novel!

But that doesn't prevent me from getting attached to the major ones like the MC's immediate family after almost 2000 chapters together. I should have stopped before the long extras, which was at least 500 chapters. Extras are meant to be fulfilling! But here, it's so sad! MC and ML just grows older and older, eventually passing away one by one. What was even sadder was that there were foreshadowing that their dynasty wasn't going to last. When they died, all their kids and their families aren't picture perfect either. They each have problems.

One of the major points being hammered out throughout is the changing world and human personality. &Gt;80% of the characters being introduced in details started out as fairly good but as you keep reading, they ended up doing something unacceptable. Everyone, including the MC, has flaws, especially the children. The MC had to clean up after them a lot of them even after they grow up, especially Yun QiXuan, their third son. That guy has fish eyes and falls for all kind of beauty traps. Many of their daughter-in-laws and granddaughter-in-laws start out as kind but turned to villains! Putting personal interests before family, forcing concubines on their sons, adding pressure on their own daughter-in-laws to have kids! One of the most regrettable things is that despite the MC and ML being monogamous, two of their sons have concubines. One of them was the succeeding emperor with 18 concubines, which as expected led to siblings of different mothers killing each other. Anyway, asides from some parts in the extras, the overall novel was very satisfying overall. Definitely recommended.

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Dioning rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: Completed
I love this novel but the problem with this novel is that there are too many filler chapters, too many details in each chapters and there are lots of characters to remember. The MC is a beauty but not so beautiful that everyone would want a piece of her. She is smart, not just describe as smart by the author like many other MCs but keep making s*upid choices. This MC is actually smart as in always think about the big picture and not revengeful. Even though she is smart... more>> and powerful, she also respects and loves her husband, in return her husband also respects and loves her. She really knows when to advance when to retreat. A very good politician. Though the ML is a powerful general but he is not without any shortcoming like many other "perfect MLs". He has good martial arts, loyal, righteous but he isnt flexible nor he is as smart and cunning as the MC. Both of them understand their shortcomings and realized it from the early days of their marriage, that without each other they couldnt protect their family nor

become the founding Emperor / empress of their dynasty

They tried to raise their children according to each of the children personality and tried not to coddle them especially the MC. Though they spoiled the 2nd girl a bit much than the others because

she born premature

They actually act like a married couple and tried to communicate with each other. There arent many misunderstanding and the ML is not a leecher but he isn't a saint either.

There is this one incidence in which the ML met his former paramour in his past live when he tried to find a music teacher for his 2nd daughter then let this beauty stayed on his residence because he felt that her face was very familiar to him then kept dreaming about her. Her music also could calm him (he used to have insomnia) and I suspect if his first daughter didnt rush to find her father, there would be an accident, afterall this paramour was a very beautiful girl with dignified and talented nature which is the type that ML likes. Then the girl got drugged by her maid, feel hot and the likes when she was playing music to the ML but fortunately his daughter came. Of course he called a doctor before his daughter came, but who knew how many accidents would happen in the future and who knew when the ML selfguard would finally slip out ? But because of this incidence, the ML realized how careless he was and how important his wife and children to him and had to crawl hard to get MC forgiveness. Then he remembered his past live and treated the MC better than ever.

I suggest that you guys only read until the ML/MC

retired or even earlier when they finally become the rulers

Because after that, it fills with filler chapters much more than ever. Then skip it until the few last chapters when ML died then MC if you guys like this sort of separation story.

I also couldnt understand why their first son had so many concubines when his mom raised him as a feminist and he was very steady when he grew up. His mom even guided his empress how to treat him as husband first before as the emperor which is what he wanted. Of course his sons then started killing each other and finally had to make his grandson as his heir, even then it was his mom who help him to choose a heir.


P.s. I MTLed this novel and english is my third languange so I m sorry in advance if there are too many grammatical eror on my review. <<less
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Gavella rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: c629

The plot is very satisfying. As a rebirth novel, it's some exagerrating. But it made you love female lead so much. The villains are not some extra s*upid except kings and her father. Well but as far as I've read, there's not so much villains. The female lead went step by step. Every achievement is worth it. Their love story is not love at first sight. But it's well written.

I can't put down this novel as I want to know what will happen next. I gussed from the start that male lead is Yun Qing. But not surely. It took a long time to their meeting (although there're scenes in childhood; it's not some important) . The female lead growth is what I like most. The female lead start from zero.

That's not all I want to say. There's so much more. But I can't write the review really well. I can assure that this novel is worth your time.

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Chiaroscuro rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: c450
I took 1 star off because I got bored halfway. There are too many stories and details to tell. Too many tensions without enough filler/release/fluff.

Despite all of this I enjoy this because it is goodly written and greatly translated. MC is actually very realistic. The characters are relatable with their backstory and motives. So if you want escapism (which what I looked in this kind of novel) you won't find it.

My gripes about this novels:

1. Everyone and their mother is out to get MC. Figuratively and literally speaking. It gets... more>> tiring after a while since this is the case everywhere she goes. Even when she's far away people heard what she did, thought she's crafty/sly, and she needs to be killed. Repeat ad infinitum.

2. Face slapping is not satisfying. The high point of reincarnation novel is usually how MC face slap and turn her life for the better. I appreciate her laying low while quietly making up and not taking other's resources. But for her every progress there is like one more people added that want to kill her.


she is not the only one reincarnated. This one is even more atrocious since she took all future resources. She realized MC is a reincarnator too so she tried to kill MC. She is actually like a parody of other reincarnation MC. Yeah author, I see what u did there


It's still worth the read despite my complainings :p <<less
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ylial rated it
February 20, 2020
Status: c339
One of the Best bg novel I've read. Though he chapter 1 disappointed me (Prior rebirth, the MC is so slow-witted. Even me an who is a foreign (non-chinese) knew some of their cultures yet the MC did not know the consequence when she returned after a long absence), however, succeeding chapters are honestly good. The MC is normal and has lots of flaws. She works hard to improve herself and not to compare herself with her perfect sister who is loved by her father and grandma. I love her... more>> ideologies and how she does not kill someone. She retaliates but not too much. She still kind hearted despite her cunning mind. I love watching her growth. However, the story has too much side stories/filler and it gets boring. I like this since the side chara's also propel the story to move forward (not the usual 2d novels). Probably kinda disappointed when the MC married since d story doesn't meet my expectations. The only good thing is the MC's growth.
Below is not a spoiler but my personal tracker

https://m. Fpzw. Com/book/97916/20015951. Html

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Catoast rated it
August 2, 2019
Status: c68
I really am enjoying this novel so far. It's quite different from those I have read previously. Their concepts don't differ but the details are refreshing. The MC is not all-knowing or incredibly talented due to past experience from previous life. She learned many things after reincarnating but she still makes mistakes, which makes sense due to her not having the experience of going through the harem of the palace like other novels.

Another refreshing detail is how the beloved daughter that usually appears in these types of novels does not... more>> hold evil intentions. Usually, the most beautiful and talented daughter of the household would be arrogant or two-faced, leading to MC surpassing them. However, the beloved daughter in this novel is not arrogant. She is talented in many aspects to the point MC can not surpass her despite her two lives. But the MC shows something different rather than the endless talents other reincarnation MCs have - perseverance and determination. While others do obviously endure and are determined, this MC truly shows it by constantly working hard even if she can only be equal to the beloved daughter.

All in all, this novel brings me great joy. <<less
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mitsie rated it
October 7, 2019
Status: c86
I feel that since novel is newly translated, there aren’t many reviews yet - but this definitely deserves five stars! I’ve read Princess Wei Yang, and this is comparable, but different in its unique way. I love the translating that Xin-Shou is doing. All explanations are provided, and the English is clear to read.

My only complaint is that I want more chapters!!! We’re only at c86, but there are 1600+ chps?! I honestly love the main character and her straightforward and clever character. Ahh!! I want more! Thank you Xin-Shou!... more>> To you all, give it a try! You won’t regret it 😊 <<less
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AngelFalls rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: c37
What I really like about this novel is that the main character is not an all knowing Goddess. She is a simple person with a terrible past life who is trying to make sure her life is better this time.

When the story started, it felt a bit shaky at first but it improved quite a bit in the following chapters.

I feel that it might not be the greatest book I have ever read but it gives you that fresh feeling that most novels just don't have today.

The Main Character of... more>> this novel even after Rebirth is not the smartest person which I really like since Rebirth shouldn't make you a God.

So nice novel, keep it up.

P.S Props for Translation Quality (Not the best but it is close to the top contenders) <<less
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Isabelle rated it
January 21, 2020
Status: c103
Ok, I will admit that I'm not used to do reviews (even for the novels that I really like), but this time I just fell that I need to.

Yuxi reborn, but it doesn't transform her into some incredible genius. She takes time to control her emotions, she still have anger about the ones who makes her suffer.

This is not a story about how she changes and makes everyone like her. This is a story that show a really real life perspective of the Ancient Times.

You will suffer reading? Of course.... more>> You will wish that just Yuxi start the *Overpower Reborn mood*? Yes, you will. But the fact that it never happens, make this story one of the best.

I wish that you will give it a chance.

(Sorry about my horrify English... 😅) <<less
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izznis rated it
August 29, 2019
Status: c75
Why I love this novel so far is because

- smart and hard working MC

- MC has her own weaknesses and strengths which are rationally explained

... more>> - she ACTUALLY grows as the story progressed.. She was naive and ignorant in her previous life but after this rebirth, she realise her own weakness, accepts them and fix what need to be fixed.

- MC doesn't have any superpowers nor OP skills but she works hard in order to survive and earn her rightful place

- she doesn't take action for no reason and know how to act and punish accordingly.. Iow, she actually use her brains

- Last but not least, AN ACTUAL SISTERHOOD!

Basically this is like a rebirth of a cannon fodder who does not just waste her second life for revenge. <<less
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eagerreadergirl rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c124
This is honestly one of the best rebirth novels I've ever read -- right up there with Malicious Empress of Military Lineage so far as writing quality, heroine quality, and translation quality goes! Although I've only read up to the translated Chapter 124, I am absolutely enthralled with this story and cannot wait for more.

The delight starts with the main character. Han Yuxi is an absolutely wonderful and incredibly human heroine who you can't help but root for -- not only because she's lead a pitiable past life where she... more>> was used and discarded by almost everyone around her but because she's so determined to live a better second life based only on her own hard-work. She doesn't get reincarnated with some kind of golden cheat or special knowledge that catapults her to the top of the social hierarchy. Instead, she has to grind out years of hard work and careful scheming to be able to slowly climb her way to a position of relative security -- one that is the product of her endless effort and guile. She's a wonderful and refreshing antidote to the usual rebirth heroines, who tend to either be paragons of perfection (

which is actually pretty hilariously embodied in her "perfect" sister, Yuchen


Honestly, what I like most about this story is that it's surprisingly realistic, despite its use of many over-the-top Chinese Novel tropes like evil step-mothers, cold and indifferent fathers, constant schemes within the harem, etc. Although all of those things exist, the author manages to write a surprisingly human and recognizable world where people have other concerns outside of the heroine, cannon fodder can sometimes be redeemed or at least sensibly back away from danger after enough losses, and a broader world exists beyond our heroine's gaze. It's a surprisingly complex world and one that feels almost as real as our wonderful heroine.

Additionally, if you read the translated story, you are in for a delight! The translator's words flow as easily as water and she has a delightful habit of including beautiful photo references to many of the items and even foods depicted in the story. These photos not only immerse you in the world of the novel -- they may leave you incredibly hungry. I know I ended up wanting to snack a lot after reading a few chapters!

Long story short -- even though I'm far from finished with the novel, I am absolutely enthralled by the wonderful heroine and story-telling within it. This novel is highly, highly recommended on my part! <<less
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xuexin rated it
February 13, 2020
Status: c107
So far it's actually really good. This isn't a novel where the MC is overpowered and gets everything she wants. MC also doesn't get rid of her enemies the way these usual old China dynasty stories go. She doesn't just wake up one day and know everything. She works hard for what she wants and everyday she works for it.

The stories is detailed in how she has been working hard since she was five years old. It's really good, I recommend it.
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Justpassingthrough rated it
February 25, 2020
Status: --
As a novel the writing and translation are both good. But I honestly can't make myself say its excellent or even a 4 star read. It has two major flaws. The first is that its long. Like really, really long. When I saw that the novel had 1500+ chapters I was expecting short chapters, but no. The chapters are about the same length as TobaVW or ETT but the novel is like 10 times longer. Theres a lot of detail, descriptions and characters and at some point it just becomes... more>> too much. The romance doesn't even start for a really long time.

The second major flaw is one I find a lot in light novels. Which is that there's just WAAAY too much drama. Everybody and their relatives is out to get the MC. There's no break. You deal with one another pops up. It doesn't matter wether the MC is in front of them, hasn't really done anything to them or even if she's like miles away. She might be an obstacle to someone and so they try to kill her. Add to that the typical trick of authors which is to give their MC's as little to no help as possible from anyone except the ML and you just end up with so much drama. A lot of which is for s*upid reasons.

One of the reasons why I really enjoyed Legend of the concubine's daughter minglan was that the author handled the family situation really well. When they were young they really did seem like kids. Their schemes were not very good and mostly taught by their mothers. But in this novel the MC starts off at 4 yrs old her 3rd sis is 5 and they and the other sisters are all too mature. I couldn't help but feel that the author should have started at a slightly older age like 8 - 10 yrs instead.

There were also plenty of times when I just didn't get the MC. Ex: She given an opportunity to learn from a really good teacher but of the from the arts she refuses to learn music, art or poetry on the basis that "they weren't useful". She doesn't have the talent for music so thats fine, but she doesn't even try poetry and just abandons art even though she has talent. She keeps saying she'll learn from her previous life and that she doesn't want to be a vase. But then refuses to learn skills that noble women are supposed to learn. Like, which society are you trying to survive in?! You're 4 yrs old. You have enough time to learn. <<less
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