The Heartthrob Protagonist Just Wants To Monopolize Me


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When Ji Mingxia woke up, he had transmigrated as the male supporting lead in a horror novel and had become the protagonist shou’s love mentor.

His open view of love guides the protagonist shou to embrace his sexuality; every time he appears, it’s to promote the protagonist gong’s love.

To survive, Ji Mingxia had to follow the plot.

When the protagonist shou tells him about his troubles, he gently comforts the protagonist shou;

When the protagonist shou suffers heavy physical and mental trauma, he actively treats the protagonist shou;

When the protagonist shou comes across danger, he recklessly accompanies the protagonist shou;

When the protagonist shou confesses to him, he…

The protagonist gong? Where did the protagonist gong go?!

What about the supporting characters? Hurry, spare tires!

“You mean those shifty-eyed men who peek at you? They’ll never show up again. ”

Ji Mingxia: “=0=”

Please wake up, protagonist! They’re looking at you, not me!

Yu Ning X Ji Mingxia

Solitary and reclusive, sweet attacker after being tempted × calm on the surface but terrified in the heart

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60 Reviews

New ntww12
Apr 11, 2024
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this story alot! The horror element was done well with a solid plotline from start to finish. The twist at the end was also really interesting. The romance between MC and ML was also really well done imo! The way they fell in love was really sweet. I like that ML is the one who falls first and then waits for MC to realize with a little black bellied actions from him.

There's also character growth in the novel. MC starts off as scared when faced with the horrors before becoming really calm and focused later on. Horror aspect was fantastic! I loved the little stories that interconnected along with the usage of mysterious items. Only con is that some things seemed glossed over, like the death of

Ke Chengxuan. ML killed him and there doesn't seem to be any repercussions?

But oh well, didn't affect the story much. Would definitely reread.
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New deicide.
Apr 05, 2024
Status: Completed
liked this more than I thought. The horror did scare me a lil but ig it's cos I'm a wuss HAHAHAHAHA.

the main couple gave off husband and wife antics kinda vibe towards the end.

I did also cry/sobbed/teared nearing the end, but it did also feel quite rushed. Like I would've loved to see their romance more. the couple were so damn cute. I love them. I esp like the troupe where one sells misery to the other, it's manipulation but HAHAHAHA. I also enjoyed seeing our shou convince himself he can be a gong HAHAHAHA.

btw, the couple has better communication skills than other couples while they weren't even a couple LOLOL.


not relevant but I kinda believe that Ye Chen/Chan mightve had a chance with MX if he didn't pull the, oh yeah I like ur love interest instead of you bullshit. Since MX was conflicted about being with YN at that time. And maybe YC mightve been successful and mightve been a possible angst route.

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Aug 08, 2022
Status: Completed
If you like yandere, attached gong and scaredy cat but pretends to be calm shou, you might like it! There's a lot of ghosts, paranormal and other magical artefacts, plot isn't too complicated and could even be said to be simple, but there's a twist.

MC: regular person scared for his life. Didn't originally plan to have any intersection with gong (so no golden thigh seeking plot) but in the end was a loyal supporter and did his best to save ML multiple times.

ML: originally a shou from a novel, but... more>> suspiciously enough, never actually got together with "gong protagonist". Hm wonder why! MC then appears in his life and from now on, it becomes much more colorful. Cynical and distrustful at first but very sweet once tempted~



It's HE, a bit abrupt and with little clues leading to it. You could even call it rushed, because it's basically:

MC devour all magical artefact. MC explode (ough). MC transmigrate back. (No seriously, what about original owner?? The grandma in this world? His friends in this world?). ML chase him for 1000 years across planes. HAPPY ENDING

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Aug 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Annoying and frustrating. Although the plot is interesting and most of the scenes are done well, the MC is too much. Too annoying and the reveals/some plot points are really looking down on the reader's IQ. It's frustrating when people try to dumb things down to you until it's kindergarten level and spoon-feed you one cereal at a time. And by the end of the novel, I was just mad I felt like I wasted my time.

It's alright for the MC to be 'normal' and oblivious, but when it's just... more>> s*upid he's really a let down. Not to mention the way we are supposed to see ourselves in him. Honestly I shouldn't have wasted my time here, I wouldn't recommend it unless you can stand the MC's s*upidity. <<less
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Sep 12, 2022
Status: --
All the romance in the summary is click bait. Doesnt happen, doesn't even come close to happening.

'Love Interest falls in love first' except by the time MC is also in love all ML has done is book a taxi together and be touch starved.

Otherwise its great, but ML literally does not even feel like hes in love - you could make this a straight novel and it would still go the same way since all of MLs feelings are from MC being the first person to be nice to him... more>> - love where? He has a few thoughts of being a gong so he can fit MCs criteria of someone who takes care of the 'shou' and by extension take care of MC as repayment for MCs affection towards him - and thats it. Thats the closest we get to 'MLs feelings are based around romantic love'.

Heck we dont even get to the OG gong coming around for there to be any 'love advice'.

The romance bits in the summary are complete click bait. Theres no OG ML/OG Gong, ML only cares about MC bec MC was the first to [insert friendly action] and the only love advice is when MC explains what Gongs and Shous are <<less
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Oct 31, 2022
Status: c110
Very little logic involved.

It's another transmigration-MC believing, without any kind of reason, that he has to follow the plot despite what's happening right after his transmigration not even being part of the plot.
He literally arrives outside of the plot but decides that he has to follow the original plot he shouldn't be present for at that moment.
Not to mention that he has an ability the original body doesn't have in the book.
That should be enough to conclude that "the plot" is invalid.

Even when he finally realises that the characters from the novel are in fact people with a backstory, traits, etc. that weren't mentioned in the book, he still insists on "the plot".
He directly watches people deviate from the novel but is already shipping the original shou and gong, dead set on bringing them together. After THE WHOLE PLOT has already completely changed and nothing happened to him that indicates that it's a bad thing.
How he doesn't see that he was put into the original shou's spot and the original guy turned into the gong, even after so many clear incidences, makes zero sense. It's like he has negative IQ.

Apart from that, he comes to very strange conclusions that only exist to cause drama.
He has to be friends with the protag? Then it's a good idea to ruin his relationship with the guy, because it seems to be easier to make up with him years later, when he's no longer alone and has no reason to talk to MC, instead of just being nice to the boy NOW when he's all alone and starving for friends.

"But the plot!"
It's the writer's nonsensical reasoning behind everything that's completely irrational.

No research went into any aspects of this novel, the writer loves to use injuries, gruesome wounds and gore, and clearly shows that they didn't bother to do basic research.
Dead people with actively infected wounds, infected injuries treated in ways that would triple the bacteria load in just a day but miraculously heals it... it would have taken two minutes to look this up.

Characterisation is stereotypical, side characters have little personality, and grown men past 30 act the same as 19 years old college kids but with what the writer seems to think of as "deep thoughts" to show maturity.

The whole novel is extremely juvenile, it reads like a hobby-project from a teen, especially how the writer portrays adults is in line with how someone who isn't one would do it.

A massive problem, plot holes and contradictions pop up right at the start of the novel, later on the writer recaps incidences differently from how they took place. They didn't bother to keep track of their own story or just re-read what they wrote prior.

If all of this isn't bad enough, the writer must think their readers are mentally handicapped toddlers.
We don't need 18 paragraphs of explanation for every miniscule thing, neither do we need a three pages long recap of the whole damn incidence that we just read.
The story isn't complicated, it's high-school level at best. It's honestly insulting.

There's no romance either up to chapter 100 of 140, I have no idea when it would start because I ain't sticking around longer.

TL;DR: Description is bait, no logic, juvenile writing, bad characterisation, constant repeats, probably written by a teen that didn't do basic research or beta-read their own story.
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Aug 22, 2022
Status: Completed
5 Stars

Totally Recommend for BL fans!! HE was so sweet, I nearly cried!!

JM (MC) is quite a sweet person, who is realistic. He accepts that he has transmigrated & that too in a book. Meaning, plots must be followed & as a supporting character, he mustn't involve too much other than what his assigned role is. He tries really hard for that too!! 🤣🤣 In the beginning, there were a lot of times, when JM was like, 'Please keep me out of this drama!!' 🤣🤣

I love the fact that he... more>> loved YN (ML) with his whole heart. Even though, he is quite clumsy in love, he is like a momma hen protecting her chick (YN), which really warmed my heart 🥺✨️


Even when he was going to leave YN's world, he made YN forget him & gave YN the last powerful item in his world. He didn't want YN to remember him & be sad and at the same time, he wanted to protect him by leaving a powerful item by YN's side. He himself retained all his memories. It isn't implied, but I felt that JM could also have erased his memory to forget YN & start anew in his original world, but he didn't. He wanted to remember YN & love him in his memories as long as he lives. For JM, YN is someone whom he wants to be happy and live safely, even at the cost that YN will never remember JM.


YN (ML) is a typical black sheep gong character, we might usually find in many BLs. He is quite intelligent & has high IQ. Even though it's not specifically mentioned but I felt YN showcased high EQ as well. He is gloomy by nature because he has been alone & secluded by others for a long time. But what is liked about him, no matter what, he is quite tenacious 🔥🔥

Be it the fact that he would never let JM get hurt in any of the horror adventures they had, or when he coldly waited for the main villain to fall in his trap for a long time, or when he pursued JM to be his boyfriend (now that was a masterpiece!! 🤣🤣), Or


when in the last horror adventure, where they got separated, YN specially selected a space (basketball court), attracted & started killing all the monsters who came there so that wherever JM is, he should be comparatively safer, since there will be lesser monsters


Or, when JM left, he cultivated for so many years and carefully planned for travel to JM's dimension. YN is the perfect partner for JM because how much JM loves YN, maybe YN loves him more.

Mix of Horror & BL, with a pinch of well timed punchlines made this a worthwhile read!

Recommended to read it more than once!! ✨️ <<less
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Mar 23, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is... So frustrating to read. It's got very decent concepts but the execution is absolutely horrendous.

The MC is running around desperately trying to fall into every awful trope possible, from the "transmigrator refuses to accept deviating from the story" to "haha I'm straight guys trust me I'm straight haha" to even "lower than average IQ that sometimes gets lowered even further whenever convenient". The entire story is just one big repeated cycle of:

... more>>

- Things happen.

- ML knows everything behind it instantaneously because he's SUCH a brainiac.

- Hides every single important thing from MC, including information that can put MC's life in danger if he doesn't know, just manipulating MC because WELL OTHERWISE THERE'S NO SUSPENSE. (Laugh track)

- Once everything's already beyond revealed, ML vomits out everything he's hidden in minute details like the reader is a child.

- MC, upon finding out he's been manipulated or otherwise kept in the dark for the upteenth time, has one single thought: "ML is so smart, he's so cool, he figured that all out wow :) " and does not ONCE get mad at being constantly manipulated.


And unfortunately the problems don't just extend to the horror parts, even the romance is extremely manipulative, toxic, and gross. At one point we meet a second male lead and unlike the typical d*ck measuring contest where ML and second ML will fight for MC's affection and attention, the competition between them boils down to "Who can lie to MC to manipulate him more effectively?"


ML naturally wins by taking advantage of the second ML's lie to lie even harder and then morally kidnap MC into getting into a fake relationship with him. And when MC calls it a fake relationship ML even explicitely thinks "Oh well if it goes on long enough it won't be fake anymore."


Of course, all this only works because MC is objectively the dumbest man alive.

His abilities are so unstable that at one point it's said that his senses were much better than a normal person, and he could hear sounds coming from 2 rooms away from where he was, sounds no one else could. But then as soon as his grandma goes to secretly talk to ML because even she treats MC like a toddler as his IQ would imply, MC suddenly can barely hear anything because she's... kind of whispering. Even though MC is plastered on the door to eavesdrop.


This novel is one that not only encourages, but REQUIRES you to turn your brain off to get any enjoyment out of it. MC is impossible to relate to given his single digit IQ and the romance is just toxic. And, unfortunately, the horror does NOT make up for it. I could not recommend this with a clear conscience, but if you're feeling adventurous, hey, maybe you're a lot more patient than I am. <<less
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Aug 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Please don't skip this!

Although there may be plot holes that I can point out to, IT'S ONE OF THE BEST NOVELS I'VE READ. The title might feel like it's a generic cliche Bl novel but it's not!

Let me introduce you all to our main characters.

... more>> Our MC, Ji Mingxia, is a normal person. He gets scared of easily but can adapt well in situations. His intuition is his weapon in the first arcs.

In my opinion, he's the best MC I can get. He's... normal. Yet at the same time, unique. He is true to his words, his morals are on point and HE is no joke, one of the amazing MC I've ever seen.

I've grown close to him reading this novel. All his reactions could be on par on what a normal person would react in the situation that happened to him.

I absolutely cried for my baby.

Then we have ML. His name is Yu Ning and although the title may sound yanderish, I kind of find the way he reacted the way he did not surprising...

ML, in my opinion and no doubt, is a sociopath. Or at least a budding sociopath. He was CREATED to be one.

I didn't mean created as created by the author but created by EVERYTHING that happened to him.


Having spent his whole childhood till his teenage years being hated, I don't think that a child with a special institution would grew up well mentally. Seeing ghosts and not able to tell people or at least have someone to reassure you would not end well in a child.

Yu Ning is no more but a child who yearned for love. Whether it came from the form of helping hand, acquaintances, friends but it never came.

He grew to be tired of being hurt and closed himself.

Sounds cliche?



That'swhere my favprite part came. MC, Ji Mingxia. The same person who was a small person in Yu Ning's life yet became larger as time passed. Mingxia gave what Yu Ning wanted.

Someone who will be by his side.

It's pretty easy to see how ML worked. If you'vereread the first arc where Yu Ning was still close off and not as close to Mingxia, you've notice how stupefied he was in that situation.

That someone wanted to help him. He DESPERATELY, inside him, wanted it to be so true.


And that's why I love this novel.


I also love the side character. Especially the "villain" Mingxia thought. Ye Chen.

A villain... turned into a passerby and not only that, he was supportive despite that he also had a thing for Mingxia.

Would I say he's the second male lead?


Because Ye Chen's character made sure of that. He was mature. Older than Mingxia and Yu Ning. More experienced and That's why I love how he knew to sort his feelings at the end.

He was a passerby. Someone who saw the budding love of Yu Ning and Mingxia.

He didn't know everything that happened between the two of them but he saw.

Ye Chen is prideful and he knows when to step back.

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Dec 07, 2022
Status: Completed
Initially, I cl**ked into this novel, read the comments (which were largely not five star), and noped out. After the end of the novel, I figured I would try it out. No regrets. Binged this novel one weekend straight while compromising sleep. I am a few degrees more blind and many degrees more sleep-deprived, but it was that engaging. The author's writing style is actually quite methodical and logical. If she is going to mention something, resolution will only happen if it is related to main duo but there's subtext... more>> there. Much more on that in spoilers, if you want to read an essay. The author explains her world setting while backing it up with core concepts that gets repeated and substantiated. She also summarizes briefly if there has been some time between events, because during the writing of the novel there is bound to have been gaps in between chapters. Although there are horror elements, the main characters react in interesting ways to the world, going through scary events that are not sudden. Everything is well paced and well explained. After ending an arc, it was very natural going into another arc. The MC and ML are super sweet as well, and the author focuses on the duo first and foremost. If it is not logical for our MC to gain info about certain other people, she wouldn't go into it. This was Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning's story, not anyone else's.

The romance is actually quite organic, and Ji Mingxia is not actually as heavily influenced by the book. Initial impressions and actions may have been taken using the book as a guideline, but we can also see that he values the actual interactions with the characters. When YN suspects another character with a very logical approach, JMX is cautious and talks to the suspicious character before making his decision to trust or not. In the end, the book is actually a very helpful and mostly accurate guideline for JMX who has been thrust into a world and position he is unfamiliar with, not to mention that he veers off so far from the story that the original story kind of does not matter.

I feel like there is quite a bit of story untold behind the scenes that we can piece together by the subtexts of the story and by taking little clues from interacts of the MC with the people he meets. It could have been nice to have some extras to substantiate some of my brainrots, but since it was the author's decision/writing style to let the readers piece together some Easter eggs, I am also very happy with just running with my imagination.

Read more if you want my thoughts on hidden side CPs, analysis on the story, etc. Much spoilers ahead.


First and third mysterious item arcs - pair of red rings. Lin Siyun, the identity of the female ghost of the first arc, and Li Youzi, have mad yuri CP energy in my opinion. Li Youzi's final line before death was that she will be reunited with her loved one. When one gets sick, the other stays behind of take care of her. In true gong fashion, she goes crazy after Lin Siyun's death and sacrifices herself to the ring for revenge. It is said that she had everything, looks, money, beauty. She did not need anything from the ring until LSY's untimely death.

We also find out by the end of Li Youzi's arc that Lin Siyun sacrificed her body and her soul to the red ring for beauty and intelligence. Lin Siyun died clutching on to her schoolbag and textbooks, crawling on the ground after getting bisected at the waist by a truck. Her dream was to enter the same school as Li Youzi. It is not explicitly stated, but I think she was crushing on her best friend and she wanted to be "worthy" of Li Youzi. She was not pretty nor smart, so being best friends then crushing on her school goddess friend might have been the driving factor for Lin Siyun to sacrifice herself to the ring. It is also stated that LSY did not sacrifice other people to the ring. Since the ring wanted a sacrifice, LSY sacrificed herself without implicating other people, which is at least way better than the douche team that handed off the rings to the two of them. LSY's obsession and the mysterious item caused her to become a ferocious ghost, probably looking for a body after death so she can continue her dream of getting into the same college as LYZ and being reunited again. The tragic ending of the two felt like foreshadowing for the date of our main du0, and I think I was right - at the end, some (fake) major character death and a crazy gong that goes to wherever his love is. I mean, the rings get worn by our main duo right after.

At the end of the second ring arc, we are introduced to Pei Yuan, the OG protagonist gong. It is reasonable that there is no love at first sight between the OG gong and OG shou, the situations that they meet each other in are completely different. The book version Pei Yuan was the light in Yu Ning's life, and in our new timeline, MC Ji Mingxia is the light of ML Yu Ning's life. (BTW I did sn**ger to myself and say, ah yes, the magical wand of d*ck enlargement was touched upon our ML the moment he decided to be with the very much bottom JMX. Actually, near the end of the story, JMX thinks that the world is self-regulating. If it needs a patch, the world brings in a patch. LOL if the world also patched ML's peen, but I suppose Pei Yuan could just have an even larger King Kong donkey dong and book version Yu Ning was just smaller in comparison.) PY and book Ji Mingxia actually know each other, which our MC JMX is surprised by, but he notes that book JMX was actually the love mentor for both YN and PY. You can't coach someone you don't know. When MC JMX accidentally calls out PY's name, PY was like, oh you look different, how are you, etc. PY also says some at-the-time cryptic things about how he hopes JMX is not mad at him, and that he just thinks JMX was too young at the time. Spoiler, it turns out that book JMX's boyfriend is relatives with Pei Yuan and was a toxic as heck boyfriend. I won't reveal the name so you can laugh while facepalming when MC JMX is being a dummy and fails to recognize the reveal of the toxic's bf's full name. (Actually, I would also forget the only clue, a last name, in between page 1 to 400 of a textbook. JMX was studying and ghostbusting in between learning the last name of his insignificant "ex" and learning the full name. Oh, and also crushing hard on Yu Ning.) The toxic ex is revealed near the end of the novel that he had coaxed the foolish book JMX into giving his kidney to toxic bf's own rich grandma who has lupus. Yu Ning was so mad when he heard about this, because book JMX was underage when he lay on that surgery table for transplant. Even the first legitimate hospital they went to refused to cut out JMX's kidney, most likely because he was underage and without his guardian (his grandma did not know! Evidence in a moment) and the person he was donating to wasn't even family, it was his toxic bf's family. The kidney did not get taken away because the rich granny ran away (thank god, she probably was like nope not ruining a young 'un for life) but book JMX has an irreparable scar from surgery. Going back to PY, it is alluded through PY's enigmatic convo with MC that book JMX was likely not happy that PY tried to force he and his bf apart. When PY says that JMX was too young back then, it was probably about the coerced/coaxed transplant.

JMX's grandma (during the fourth mysterious item, the coins arc) being so angry at JMX is understandable once you know about this toxic bf. The toxic bf took a bunch of benefits from his grandma's family even though the kidney was not taken, and he dared justify not giving anything to JMX and his family. He reasons that he tried to give JMX's family a portion of the benefits, but grandma was so furious to learn about book JMX's kidney almost being taken, she refused to meet the toxic bf and refused to take anything. This was her grandson's body and lifelong health, without a kidney JMX would have to take care of himself strictly to protect his remaining kidney, not to mention that during this kind of surgery, the doctor will actually take the healthier kidney to give away. (My relative actually has lupus too, so I know a little.) This means dietary restrictions and increased health risks for life for a decision book JMX made as a teen. The toxic bf benefited from book JMX's sincerity and used JMX's young mentality to guide him to do things, patted his bu*t and left JMX to most likely screw other people abroad. I speculate the toxic bf was doing other people because he was quite blatant and well versed in eyeing our ML Yu Ning later on. Super shameless! Hopefully book JMX grows better eyes after he comes back.

Anyways, I feel like Pei Yuan X book Ji Mingxia have CP possibility. Although other characters have alluded that PY might be homophobic, the book Pei Yuan bent for YN. JMX had thought back to his and PY's convo when the character suggested PY homophobe, and JMX had wondered if that was why PY said he wanted to break up book JMX and his toxic ex. But since we know through YN's convo with toxic bf about the surgery scar, it is likely that PY wanted to break them up because he knew it wasn't right for JMX to make this life-changing decision willy nilly based on the wiles of the toxic ex. There is still the possibility that PY might have or will gain feels for JMX. There totally could be a whole separate story where, major spoiler, when our MC JMX "dies", PY and book JMX actually reconnect due to that sense of guilt. Tong Jing, the mirror spirit, mysterious item arc 2, mentions to Yu Ning that he could just take the book JMX as a replacement. Of course, our ML would not take a pale imitation when he has experienced the glorious light, so he goes crazy cultivating the mirror to reach MC JMX. However, for PY the book JMX would be the OG and there would be that layer of guilt PY has from asking MC JMX to save the world. PY had thought, in the final arc, that he never suspected JMX to be the dangerous humanoid mysterious item that his bell was warning him against. Pei Yuan wanted to protect the ordinary people in the world, people like JMX. There's room for angst and meeting up again, and book JMX is type of the ordinary person that PY has been working to protect with his life.

Is Pei Yuan suitable for book JMX? Is he a good, wholesome gong? Our MC JMX once speculated that he preferred Yu Ning when reading the book over PY, because YN had flaws while PY was too perfect for JMX to relate to. Although ML questions why PY appeared after arc 3, we see later on that it was someone else pulling the strings. There is not a lot of mention about PY, because this story is not about PY, and it would be difficult for our ordinary MC JMX to learn about a secret government official that he honestly does not care about that much. PY was probably really busy, since we learn in the final arc that mysterious items have actually been rioting ever since MC JMX's appearance. All in all, if we combine the mentions of PY, I think the description of PY being wholesome and good from the book can be said to be true, and book JMX could possibly have his own romance story after the end. Since Yu Ning took all the lingering mysterious item energy remaining in the special forces near the end, I infer that PY's lifespan is probably also lifted from ~50 years cap to a normal lifespan. They could totally have cute long lives together - or maybe if PY thinks his lifespan will still be short, there's angst there too.

I would also stretch this to Ye Chen, the book second ML. Since Ye Chen is an ordinary (and super rich) guy without the horror elements from the mysterious items, he might go to book JMX, not knowing he was different, find that he was switched over, and there is potential for CP there. Ye Chen once thought upon first meeting MC JMX that he was attracted to JMX's face. Book JMX has the same face, so if Ye Chen wanted to have his white moonlight, there might be that rich CEO x substitute turning to real love vibe.

Those are my most prominent brainrots, thank you if you read everything thus far. In fact, dm me on my twitter @agiles_rune if you want to just talk and you have a similar mindset to me after reading this novel, ahaha.

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Oct 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating : 3.7 ⭐ (details in spoiler) ... more>>

horror - 4.5, writing - 4.5, main character - 3.5, male lead - 4.5, plot - 3.8, romance - 4, climax & ending - 1.5, extras - 3 (poor Yu Ning 😢)


This novel exceeded my expectations in terms of horror. The events are thrilling, and all the ghosts and monsters are scary.

The sequence of the story is well-planned, with smooth transitions and seamless event connections. The pacing is also very good. I wouldn't mind reading this even if it's not BL.

To be honest, I'm normally not very fond of gloomy protagonists, so I was prepared to dislike ML. But to my surprise, the author set up Yu Ning's character very well, and this time, I actually disliked the MC more, lol.

It's a love-hate situation I haven't experienced in a while.

The MC's good—he's adorable and courageous when it comes to protecting ML and his family—but also f*cking annoying. I really can't understand his mindset of fulfilling the nonexistent missions, including binding himself to the original owner's role, when there's no mission for him in the first place.

He made many s*upid choices that made me want to roll my eyes. I can't determine whether it's him running into danger or danger seeking him out at this point. After all, he was already acquainted with the organization that can deal with ghosts, but instead of asking for help, he risked his life to fight alone as a layman. Why? 🤷‍♀️ His actions seemed reckless and irrational to me, except for the incident with his grandma, which I can empathize with. If I were in his situation, with my family in danger, I would've taken on the ghost as well.

In terms of romance and relationships, the MC's also extremely dense. He enlightened fast; he just couldn't detect others' feelings for him at all. I was so tired of his misunderstandings and of him pushing ML onto other people, and ironically, this part of his actions actually lasted for a long time. 😮‍💨 Because of this, I ended up giving the romance 4*; otherwise, it would have been 5*, since the two of them were really cute and sweet together.

In addition, the ending was too abrupt, with sudden angsts and all the answers thrown at your face in one chapter, and that was the end of it. As a reader, I felt betrayed.

The most outrageous thing is that the evildoers didn't really get their retributions. They committed so many atrocities, so many people died at their hands, yet it turns out they were just practicing and experimenting for the sake of saving the world? Wtf?

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Aug 10, 2022
Status: Completed

Pretty interesting supernatural/horror mystery with coward-ordinary MC and devoted-yandere ML with pretty interesting world building for this kind of novel.


  • I like the world building and that there are actual rules to the horror.
  • Cute relationship with decent development and both sides being good to each other
  • Both mains aren't too frustrating and develop. I like that MC also had time to not always be a coward and actually shine

  • A bit too short and not enough pure romance moments that don't get interrupted
  • MC will fall into the trope of "book/story plot is key" but doesn't get too frustrating
  • Climax-> ending leadup is so wack, stakes raise to the extreme max and sudden angst. ML also has to really suffer for his happy epilogue
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Aug 31, 2022
Status: Completed
I got impatient and mtled the whole novel and OH. MY. GOD!!! This novel is EVERYTHING to me. It’s absolutely amazing, show-stopping, magnificent, wonderful, beautiful, etc. Etc. I’ve literally been struggling to find an interesting novel that’ll make me read every chapter without getting bored, weirded out or annoyed until I found this novel. GOD I wish I could feel the feeling of reading this for the first time again. I absolutely loved reading it! 10/10 would 100% recommend!!

p.s. This novel made my expectations in a relationship higher lol
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Aug 10, 2022
Status: c141
A very good story, I just like can't describe it but I know it's a very much worthy story to read because of the main characters, the plot, and most importantly the twist. I very much recommend this story if you like horror stuff, with some fluffiness, and good plot.

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Dec 27, 2023
Status: --
It's not a perfect novel, but I feel like the 1 star reviews are too harsh. This novel is full of tropes like 'protagonist shou is actually a gong', 'oblivious straight guy turns out to be gay', and 'gong falls in love with first person to show him kindness'. But tbf, isn't it quite obvious from the synopsis? There's no sense in signing up for something to complain about it.

Moving on to the review, I rate this 4 stars because of its good points - the author has clearly put... more>> in effort into the horror plots and the suspenseful writing actually made me nervous when reading it in the night. There's no rehashing of the usual old horror storylines, instead the new refreshing twists on them made me pleasantly surprised. I'll admit I'm not the most familiar with chinese horror tropes, but I've read most of the horror bl novels I've come across and I can say the horror here is quite fresh. I really liked the concept of mysterious items (not saying this is the most original idea, but the author tried their best and it's interesting) and how they influence horror scenarios, causing chaos as people attempt to use their power in greed, and how only a few people with special characteristics can utilise them properly. Furthermore, I also like the relationship dynamic between MC and his grandmother - you can really picture her as a real person vs just a character in a book to serve a purpose. She's someone with a harsh mouth but a tofu heart, and was willing to push her grandson away to protect him from the horrors of the village. The romance is also quite sweet, from a high school crush to a university romance where ML and MC always use their actions before their words to prove their devotion and commitment to each other.


Sidenote I disagree with the commenter who said they can't see ML's love. Are u serious? Sure he fell in love with MC bc he was the first to treat him well, it's cliche, but it's not invalid? Imagine you've been ostracised your whole life and a bright sunny person comes and extends friendship to you, and you find out he's previously made a few moves behind your back secretly to help you without your knowledge. Wouldn't someone possessive naturally want to have more of that person for themselves, like the ML? Do you expect him to have a concrete reason for falling in love? Even irl love isn't something that can be reasoned with. His first encounter with MC was the sheet of paper MC drew on where he put a heart between him and ML, so his view of him was coloured from the start. He might have first just wanted to monopolise MC, but as MC drew him into a world of warmth, making his classmates become friendly with him, speaking for him, defending him at the expense of reputation, the author shows his gradually softening heart for MC. That's not something even the OG protagonist gong did for him. His love for MC is then expressed in his acts of service - putting MC before him anywhere, bringing him his daily meals, making his bed, using himself to shield MC when he realised MC had some problems, does that not express his love? He might have learnt it from the start to ingratiate himself to MC but that doesn't mean his attempts are any less real! It obviously comes from his heart to treat MC well. Also the comment about being no different from a straight novel, what do you mean? Just bc they're gay they have to love differently or what?


Not to say the novel doesn't have its flaws - it's very tropey in some aspects, and also MC seems to lose some braincells here and there. He's never unbearably s*upid nor does he put himself in ridiculous situations though, he always tries making plans, and even if they don't work out it's not because of his s*upidity. He either figures things out or has ML's ring to save him, so it's not like he's in real danger. He's not a baby who needs ML to hold his hand all the time so I don't see why he can't go into things by himself and learn from them, in fact I actually appreciate that aspect. A flaw of his characterisation is that he's said to be unable to lie at first with such bad facial control that ML sees through him immediately, but afterwards he's able to control his microexpressions with no problem. Like nah author when did he get an acting degree? Also he's said to be a fragile student who's prone to getting hurt easily at one point then later on the author says he actually plays a lot of basketball and is super healthy and active. There's also some points of the plot that aren't fully explained, but as a romance novel, I'm really satisfied and I'll give it 4 stars. <<less
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dead water
dead water
Jul 18, 2023
Status: Completed
I was totally not expecting to get so into this book even after I read spoilers. Usually, I would just drop it after figuring out, but this story had me hooked the moment: MC and ML were trapped in the school building with MC starting to reveal the secrets, while he was scared.

Afterwards, ML saves him while also getting injured they obtain one of the rings because the rings were a pair. The moment it ended and ML perspective told us: the ghost was scared of him and MC was... more>> like a last straw to save herself from him because ML was already devouring her.

As I kept reading, I was very much so intrigued by the story, it kept reminding me of Kaleidoscope of Death. It gave me the same feelings, chills, mysterious moments, curiosity.

While reading this novel, I never expected that I would end up crying like a child. Reading these hurt like hell, perhaps my imagination skill is too much.


Yu Ning teased, "I'm getting ugly, you won't leave me behind, will


"Of course not." Ji Mingxia hugged him nervously and said, "We'll be together forever!"

Yu Ning couldn't help but lower his head and gently kissed Ji Mingxia's lips again.




He suppressed the sadness and said in a brisk tone,

"This mountain is so big, will you be able to find me?"

"I will." Yu Ning said, "Go back to sleep, you will be able to see me when you wake up."

"Okay. Ji Mingxia smiled.

He waved to Yu Ning and watched his figure gradually disappear.


He the ml, Yu ning searched for his lover, Ji Ning for over a thousand years. I really regret that I finished this novel, I would want to go back to chapter one without any memory of completing this book. <<less
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Dec 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Really liked the story. One of my favourites, cant think of horror BL I enjoyed more.

I do have to say that at times it was a little bit repetitive with explanations and analysis and the summaries of horror scenarios but at no point was it unbearable.

The plot was interesting, their adventures exciting and enjoyable. I liked both of the characters, tho the MC seemed tiny bit slow (in realising the truth) but I liked that he wasn't fully dependent on the ML especially when they were separated. The ML was... more>> great too: loyal, smart and possessive with dark elements to his personality.

I loved the sweet ending too, made me really happy to see them both happy together. Wish there was an extra.

Really enjoyable read. Translation had no issues. <<less
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Dec 25, 2022
Status: Completed
had a good start but ended up becoming tr*sh...

somehow I feel like the author got cut or something (ghost writer idk) because it had such a strong beginning and then the MC just lost all his logic; ML became a lot more s*upid too.

4.3/5 in early chapters; 3/5 in middle-end chapters
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Sep 17, 2023
Status: --
I tried but couldn't like the MC. As a previous reviewer mentioned, I just hate when transmigrated MC thinks they have to, have to, follow the plot even if it doesn't make sense. Like if everything is not happening according to the book/novel, why do YOU have to follow the plot? Also I hate when MCs think it's beneath them or shameful to be gay like I know there are people like them in real life but I din't come to read about them.
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Jul 01, 2023
Status: Completed
Just wow.. This novel took me through a lot of ups and downs, but it was beautiful. There was some parts that were dragged out, for example, the ghost scenes. I just kinda skimmed through those parts, but the relationship between the MC and ML was truly just beautiful. The ML and the MC have so much love for each other and both are willing to go through so much suffering in order to make the other persons life happier. This story is my current most favorite read this whole... more>> year. The story is just amazing. <<less
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Jun 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.5 stars

So, this is one of the rare occasions where I stayed for the romance solely and not the plot. Because—let's face it, the plot was super bland. It could be summed up in ten sentences.

Each little horror arc felt plain and nothing special. The "mystery" element was the author concealing details and then revealing it as significant to the mystery's unraveling. The details also... didn't really make sense? Like they were there, but it sparked no amazement from me. Rather it was just like... "ok." There was no impact, despite the horror element being done well. Tension didn't really build throughout the story, and all the events felt loosely connected.

Even when grand reveals were announced, there was no build up to spark that "damn" factor. It honestly feels the author wrote the horror arcs with a specific audience in mind... maybe kindergarteners? So yeah, the plot felt simplistic and honestly not that much horror-y novel.

Characters & Relationships

ON THE OTHER HAND: the ML and MC? Chef's kiss. I loved them both. ML is genius smart and MC is average smart (if you get the gist). So MC kinda just strings along ML but he does serve his purpose and is quite likable in his ability to face scary sh*t head on (donning a hilariously calm face that fools people) for the people he loves. He also adores the ML and is quite protective of him, which is so so cute. ML is low key psycho and scary but high key a fluff ball that is whipped for the MC. He literally CATERS to his every need. MC has back pain after falling? ML massages. MC and ML camping? ML makes MC is well fed and living like a king. Like holy shit, ML is such a green flag for our MC. He's so so whipped despite being cold and scary and he's not possessive in the sense that it sends chills down your spines and he actually respects MC's choices. Like oh my lord, this man has ME whipped along with the MC. They also communicated with each other so well that it made me tear up because god I would've dropped this novel if their romance was prolonged due to s*upid misunderstandings. So yes, the "I'll die for you" dynamic + communication in their relationship was such a highlight that it made me bump this novel up.5 a star.

Overall, a good read for a nice relationship but a mediocre plot. Come for the romance, not thriller or horror.
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Apr 23, 2023
Status: c130
I've endured and skipped through this novel for so long; but at the end of the day it's mid at most.

I don't get the hype. There's also lots of chattering, no one in this book knows of silence!!

The plot however is bearable. It's the characters I don't like. So maybe I should upgrade my rating to a two star coz of the plot.
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