Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy


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Jiang Xunyi had transmigrated into a book many years ago, and always tirelessly maintained the requisite accomplishments for a villain.

After finally completing the ultra-difficult task to allow the male protagonist to kill him, an OOC warning had appeared out of the blue——

Error in the actor’s lines, the character role has collapsed, the assigned task has not yet been completed, opening the Rebirth System!

So, he gloriously became… a second idiot son about to be sent to his death.

Lazily idling away the days after changing his identity, he noticed a world-changing difference.

His best friend, the male protagonist, Yun Xie was actually secretly in love with him? Are you kidding me?!

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Organizing a Villain Reformation Strategy
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dontbotherlovingme rated it
October 27, 2018
Status: Completed
It has been a long time since I've read a good yaoi/ancient/transmigration novel. I've read countless yaoi novels and it's really hard to find a good one.

Well this novel is one of the 'good' ones. Surely not the best but it's no doubt good.

The plotline is somewhat new to me so it made me really excited. You might think it's a typical transmigration story by which the MC suddenly transmigrated into the body of a cannonfodder and is bounded by a system and the ML would fall in love with... more>> him blah blah blah.

But it's not just that. What if you cannot escape the fate of being a cannonfodder and you need to die? What if your enemy is the system itself? What would happen if you would not follow the system's task and the system itself would fill in the task for you?

If you've read the translated chapters, you would have noticed that the ML is already inlove with the MC but then why did he suddenly killed the MC?

There are a lot of questions at first but it would surely be answered when you read the story. The novel would surely contain plotholes and some disappointments but the interaction between the MC and the ML would make you continue reading this novel. You'll really love them.

Well, let's talk about the characters.

The MC, Jiang Xunyi is your smart, powerful, genius, dense, cold, impatient protagonist. I'm emphasizing the dense part because he is really really dense! To the point almost everyone knows that the ML, Yun Xie has always like the MC! Everyone, but the MC himself! This lead to a lot of funny situations through which you can't help but pity the ML. The strong characterization of Jiang Xunyi was what I love the most. I really dislike weak MCs and I felt the author of this novel also dislikes weak MCs because I've read his/her other works and all of them have really powerful MCs. His/her other novels are really good, btw.

The ML, Yun Xie is your typical doggy-blackbellied-devoted husband. The only thing he is afraid of the most is the death of the MC. Him, killing the MC, brought a really huge trauma to the point he would rather sacrifice everything so that no one would hurt the MC. You could really feel the devotion he has for the MC and when the MC reciprocated his love, you can't help but feel really happy for him.

As for the antagonists, they have diverse personalities and I think the purpose of the author is for the readers to hate them. However, some of these characters lack backgrounds and details to the point you cannot empathize with them or get into their character. It didn't brought much reaction from me when I've encountered them. The way the author wrote them is too 2D and bland.

Some supporting characters that would help the MC in his journey are written just the same. Some of them you would probably forget as the story progresses. Regarding the translation of this novel, well, I rarely encounter good translators and I assure you, this is one of the rare ones. It's clean, clear and fast. I commmend the translator.

This novel might not be rich in the plotlines and may have a lot of plotholes but I gave it a five because it brought something new to the typical transmigration stories. After I've read this, I can't help but feel satisfied because compared to other yaoi stories that I've read, this novel is already good.

Read this now! You won't regret it! <<less
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Attica rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: Completed
(Disclaimer: I am the translator for this novel so far.)

A noble, cool, and elegant "villain". An utterly shameless and more than a little psycho "male protagonist". Throw in Transmigration, a System, and Resurrection too–it all sounds a little cliche, right?

Yet shockingly enough, this "villain" and "male protagonist"... are also the most heartwarming, funny, and loyal childhood friends I have ever seen. Their hilarious banter in every single scene together is the biggest reason why I picked this novel up for translation.

... more>> 1. Plot

At its heart, Pulling Together A Villain Reformation Strategy is about two best friends from childhood trying to figure out how to navigate a gap between them—a gap that appeared because of the secrets each one is hiding from the other. One of those secrets is indeed the existence of a Transmigration System with its own dark side. Each character that the two encounter carries a different piece of the overarching puzzle, and the two must work together to resolve prior misunderstandings and conflicts.

For a story whose primary focus is adventure and mystery solving, is the execution perfect? No, not by any means. Sometimes it does feel like the author skipped straight from "step 1" to "step 4" of the overarching conspiracy, and left out some details that would have been important along the way. Some characters receive too little screen time relative to the importance of their role in the story. Some characters' motivations are hinted at but not fully developed. Sometimes there will be an outline of a fascinating plot point that appears, but the story doesn't follow that plot point through to fulfill its maximum potential.

However, I will say that the execution is by no means awful, and the author's unique ideas still manage to shine. Above all, this novel is very much more about the journey than the destination. You're not really reading this for the plot as much as you are for the...

2. Characters

To be specific, two characters and the dynamic between them far and away blow everyone else in this book (heck, in this genre) out of the water.

First, we have our beloved MC Jiang Xunyi—you can consider him a little bit like a cross between a Kuudere and a Tsundere lolll. I really enjoyed how his strengths and flaws intertwine with one another. On one hand, he is unyieldingly determined and competitive, self-confident and brutally honest, brilliant at deduction and adept at reading (most) emotional situations, yet still bearing a soft heart deep down. On the other hand, he can sometimes be too stubborn, narrow-minded, cold, arrogant, bad-tempered, and oblivious to a certain someone's affections. He can be vicious and ruthless to his enemies as well as very insulting towards Yun Xie, but he still doesn't hurt innocents and he very much treasures his family and friends (especially Yun Xie, despite those aforementioned constant insults). Every action that he takes makes perfect sense with his personality. He's effectively the typical "cold talented sharp-tongued rival" character (think Silver from Pokémon hahahahahaha) turned into a MC, which is great fun!

Then we have our ML Yun Xie, Jiang Xunyi's childhood friend with a secret crush on him. Holding the position of "protagonist" for the world Jiang Xunyi is in, Yun Xie is a similarly multifaceted character who can change faces faster than a mask switcher in Peking Opera. He's a playful trickster who loves to tease, joke, flirt, and pretend laziness to make Jiang Xunyi do all the work. But when it comes time to get serious, he can be even more merciless and cruel than Jiang Xunyi. And at heart, he's a boy in love who has made mistakes and suffered because of that love but continues to chase after it with all his might.

Literally the best part of this novel is the childhood friend dynamic between these two. Every scene they have together is such immense fun, with bickering, badassery, teamwork, shamelessness, and genuine friendship galore. When they do get together, the wonderful brilliant spark between them is preserved, and ends up evolving into an even more heartwarming dynamic. And fortunately, there are many many many scenes with these two characters.

But there is a downside: because JXY and YX get so much space for themselves, the side characters do not get that much screen time and development. Some receive more attention than others, but don't expect any significant character development on this end. Certain villains in particular are rather flat, without much depth besides "I'm a greedy/ambitious dick." However, this isn't all bad: the side characters fulfill their various roles perfectly well. (In the case of those flat villains, they do their jobs perfectly well as "assholes who are /just/ realistic enough that you could imagine similarly assholish people in real life". You get to enjoy watching them get face-slapped without growing tired of it being overemphasized or happening too often).

And personally speaking, I'll take the trade of "delicious ample main character development at the cost of overshadowing side characters" every day.


Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy is the best childhood friend romance I've ever seen. It made me laugh at Yun Xie's and Jiang Xunyi's frequent antics. It made me cheer whenever these two Dual Jades get to show off their awesome synergy. It warmed my heart with its sweet romance. And do not worry, that final extra will stab you in the heart with its simultaneous bitterness and sweetness. <<less
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Themethatis rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c17
Honestly, I've fallen in love. The MC and ML have such good chemistry and their interactions with one another are so enjoyable to read. This novel cleared my acne, watered my crops, and single-handedly made me believe in love again.

I wish I were exaggerating, this novel presented such a heartwarming romance that I feel like it alone makes up for all the horridly rapey yaoi I have read in my lifetime of searching for a genuine romance I enjoy. Give it a chance I guarantee you will love it.
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namio rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c17
(Currently at EN translation c17 but have MTL'd everything and know the overall storyline)

In the flood of many many translated Chinese BL novels, it's sadly kind of rare to find ones with great character dynamics where the two leads have both great chemistry and aren't in the pit of early 2000's stereotypical seme/uke tropes. Pulling Together A Villain Reformation Plan has two childhood best friends as the leads and it really shows (and hilariously kinda explains why the MC is so dense to the flirting). Their banter are... more>> fun, they're basically so in sync with each other they can communicate strategies with a glance-- all the good stuff. Coupled with lots of action scenes and quite a few mystery plotlines, it's frankly a fun, fast-paced read.

But it still falls on its face on several aspects. Despite dedicating a rather large chunk of the story on the entire Hidden Spirit conspiracy, the characters involved in it fall pretty flat, resulting in a world that's ultimately not as compelling as the main characters. It's somewhat a problem that inadvertently spread into other aspects of the story as well, because a good chunk of it is about uncovering the lies that led to the events of the first chapter, but you're never there actually guessing alongside the main characters. Some of the twists lose impact, too, because the minor characters don't really have a real presence. They don't really feel like they have lives.

But overall, it's honestly one of my favorite stories right now. It's just so... /fun/. The prose is snappy and satisfying, which is HUGELY thanks to the translator who also adds fantastic footnotes that lets us know some of the funnier nuances in the dialogue. I highly recommend it-- though it has its shortcomings, I can honestly give it a 5/5 for the sheer enjoyment of reading. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: c30
A lovely story!! 5 stars!!

Characterwise, both the MC and ML are very very dynamic and their banter never fails to make me laugh ("who are you?!" "I'm your uncle, bitch!" Had me rolling for a solid minute). MC is a proud, dignified and slight arrogant man. Righteous and maybe a little gentle to his bestfriend and protagonist Yun Xie, he's powerful but not to the point of OP where everyone might as well step aside. It's refreshing how he is never "save everyone" but does his best to fulfill what... more>> the system wants so he can return home!

Yun Xie might be one of my favorite ML's ever. It's interesting to see the direct contrast between his personality before and after the MC, Jiang Xunyi. His shameless flirtiness and care for JXY is outstanding, and JXY's denseness towards such flirting makes it even more hilarious.

Plotwise, I will admit that it's very similar to Founder of Diabolism in the beginning. Killed but "reborn", JXY is baffled at why tf he's still stuck in the novel he transmigrated into originally and where he went wrong. He then teams up with Yun Xie again to guide the story to the end and to clear his name. It does have a bit of a pacing issue, as it zooms through the beginning almost immediately to push JXY back into the proverbial arms of Yun Xie at least proximity or interaction wise. That said, it doesn't detract from the story and honestly anyone who enjoys Found of Diabolism will enjoy this story. <<less
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Sarsanilla rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: c12
So far, so good. Fun characters, lots of potential backstory to be discovered, fresh characters

The "Arrogant Shit" protag is an actual shit. Though we don't get to see him play the role of the villain outside of flashbacks, he plays a shitty character, and is a shitty character. ML isn't one of those "Kind Spirits of Light", nor is he a super cold, obsessive prick. He's definitely a tad obsessive, but, so far, it's not that much when compared to other MLs.

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rhianirory rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: c32
good story so far. I was surprised that the reveal came so quickly. I was looking forward to a few more chapters of angering the protagonist speechless and his slow realization and suspicion. I hoped to see the MC play the fool for a little longer; instead the ML found out really quickly.

if your not a fan of flashbacks you won't like this story. I forced myself to read through most of the flashbacks in Founder of Diabloism but I think I skipped about half of the first flashback here.... more>> I'm not real patient when it comes to flashbacks so not skipping it entirely was actually improvement on my part.

rating it a 4 at the moment and will re-rate once the story is completed. Thanks to the translators for their hard work!! <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c24
Translation is top notch, story so far is fantastic as well.

The MC is super competent and powerful, on par with the ML, which is quite rare. They were also childhood friends/sworn brothers before the misunderstanding (s) that screwed things over, so their banter, familiarity with each other, make for very strong dialogue and interactions. I especially appreciate a complex and well-written romance. The silent understanding and regard these two best friends have with each other is just so warming and enjoyable to read.

Their dynamics remind me a little of Founder... more>> of Diabolism (which is a big complement) so give it a try! <<less
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Ulfr rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c17
I got into reading danmei over a year ago, but I'm quite certain this story will remain for a long time (if not forever) in my top five; it's currently competing with Scum Villain's Self-Saving System for the first spot right now.

The summary scared me witless and the only review at the time cemented my fear. The idea of the 'system' restarting the plot/story over and over due to unscripted events and feelings-how could that not be a tragedy? Well I should have looked at the tags first : no... more>> tragedy! Phew.

Getting to the story: yes, another transmigration fic. But wait, what's different here? For me my favorites would have to be the characters, their interactions, and the clear devotion/bond between the two.

I've only read danmei Chinese novels, and this is the first MC I've encountered who isn't a straight out good-guy:

MC doesn't mind killing people if they insult him, is really arrogant and proud about his looks and strength/power.

And yet... after the system dumps him in another character who isn't at all part of the plot or expected to be a 'good guy', he automatically plans to save not just his own skin, but the others in trouble. Could be because one person in the group was nice to him, but I doubt his actions would be different elsewise. (Unless they straight out try to bug him lol)


Same goes for ML, the original male protagonist. Makes the characters pretty refreshing, and more... realistic, I suppose? Best of all, none of them are weak, and both are badass.

ML's been flirting since they were children so I guess it's understandable that all of it flies straight over MC's head. But so far we see MC and ML are close as bros-at least before Le Plot threw a wrench so that the events follow the original book's storyline.

As for translation quality, the English is flawless-only thing is I feel like the characters sometimes sound... American? The setting is ancient Chinese culture so I feel like some of the wording just doesn't match what the MC seems like - dignified, proud and aloof. But this is only a minor issue so I guess I can just choose to ignore it. <<less
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EurikaYamato03 rated it
December 12, 2018
Status: c19
I love the uke's personality. He is not like the others where there are always that love at first sight thingy. I also like how dense he is haha. Poor the seme though.


He was forced to kill the one he loves for many years.


But overall (as of what I read), the story is very interesting and very recommended for those people who wanted a clever and dense protag at the same time. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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NVismyname rated it
July 16, 2019
Status: c38
All I have to say is that if you love Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation and/or The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System, then you'll enjoy reading this.
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Lorielth rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: c41
I love the story plot but as I read by mtl, it very confusing and I have to drop it cause the mtl make my head dizzy very hard to read, I need to think twice to really get what they talking about. And it stop the flow of imagination therefore I will just wait for the translation.

Overall the story line is nice and I love how MC and ML communicate.
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