Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy


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Jiang Xunyi had transmigrated into a book many years ago, and always tirelessly maintained the requisite accomplishments for a villain.

After finally completing the ultra-difficult task to allow the male protagonist to kill him, an OOC warning appeared out of the blue..

Error in the actor’s lines, the character role has collapsed, the assigned task has not yet been completed, opening the Rebirth System!

So, he gloriously became… a second idiot son about to be sent to his death.

Lazily idling away the days after changing his identity, he noticed a world-changing difference.

His best friend, the male protagonist, Yun Xie was actually secretly in love with him? Are you kidding me?!

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53 Reviews

New vchrono
Jun 07, 2024
Status: c40
It's actually good at first, but as other reviewers has said, once the flashback starts it goes stale and boring.

Personally, what prevents me from picking up this book again are the MC and ML, they are truly unlikeable, just 2 rude stubborn arrogant boys wallowing in self-pity. Tbh, I can't even bring myself to sympathize with the MC even when he was coerced by the system, his personality is so unlikeable that I laugh at his miseries. And the ML is even more unlikeable.
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Oct 27, 2018
Status: Completed
It has been a long time since I've read a good yaoi/ancient/transmigration novel. I've read countless yaoi novels and it's really hard to find a good one.

Well this novel is one of the 'good' ones. Surely not the best but it's no doubt good.

The plotline is somewhat new to me so it made me really excited. You might think it's a typical transmigration story by which the MC suddenly transmigrated into the body of a cannonfodder and is bounded by a system and the ML would fall in love with... more>> him blah blah blah.

But it's not just that. What if you cannot escape the fate of being a cannonfodder and you need to die? What if your enemy is the system itself? What would happen if you would not follow the system's task and the system itself would fill in the task for you?

If you've read the translated chapters, you would have noticed that the ML is already inlove with the MC but then why did he suddenly killed the MC?

There are a lot of questions at first but it would surely be answered when you read the story. The novel would surely contain plotholes and some disappointments but the interaction between the MC and the ML would make you continue reading this novel. You'll really love them.

Well, let's talk about the characters.

The MC, Jiang Xunyi is your smart, powerful, genius, dense, cold, impatient protagonist. I'm emphasizing the dense part because he is really really dense! To the point almost everyone knows that the ML, Yun Xie has always like the MC! Everyone, but the MC himself! This lead to a lot of funny situations through which you can't help but pity the ML. The strong characterization of Jiang Xunyi was what I love the most. I really dislike weak MCs and I felt the author of this novel also dislikes weak MCs because I've read his/her other works and all of them have really powerful MCs. His/her other novels are really good, btw.

The ML, Yun Xie is your typical doggy-blackbellied-devoted husband. The only thing he is afraid of the most is the death of the MC. Him, killing the MC, brought a really huge trauma to the point he would rather sacrifice everything so that no one would hurt the MC. You could really feel the devotion he has for the MC and when the MC reciprocated his love, you can't help but feel really happy for him.

As for the antagonists, they have diverse personalities and I think the purpose of the author is for the readers to hate them. However, some of these characters lack backgrounds and details to the point you cannot empathize with them or get into their character. It didn't brought much reaction from me when I've encountered them. The way the author wrote them is too 2D and bland.

Some supporting characters that would help the MC in his journey are written just the same. Some of them you would probably forget as the story progresses. Regarding the translation of this novel, well, I rarely encounter good translators and I assure you, this is one of the rare ones. It's clean, clear and fast. I commmend the translator.

This novel might not be rich in the plotlines and may have a lot of plotholes but I gave it a five because it brought something new to the typical transmigration stories. After I've read this, I can't help but feel satisfied because compared to other yaoi stories that I've read, this novel is already good.

Read this now! You won't regret it! <<less
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Jan 15, 2019
Status: Completed
(Disclaimer: I am the translator for this novel so far.)

A noble, cool, and elegant "villain". An utterly shameless and more than a little psycho "male protagonist". Throw in Transmigration, a System, and Resurrection too–it all sounds a little cliche, right?

Yet shockingly enough, this "villain" and "male protagonist"... are also the most heartwarming, funny, and loyal childhood friends I have ever seen. Their hilarious banter in every single scene together is the biggest reason why I picked this novel up for translation.

... more>> 1. Plot

At its heart, Pulling Together A Villain Reformation Strategy is about two best friends from childhood trying to figure out how to navigate a gap between them—a gap that appeared because of the secrets each one is hiding from the other. One of those secrets is indeed the existence of a Transmigration System with its own dark side. Each character that the two encounter carries a different piece of the overarching puzzle, and the two must work together to resolve prior misunderstandings and conflicts.

For a story whose primary focus is adventure and mystery solving, is the execution perfect? No, not by any means. Sometimes it does feel like the author skipped straight from "step 1" to "step 4" of the overarching conspiracy, and left out some details that would have been important along the way. Some characters receive too little screen time relative to the importance of their role in the story. Some characters' motivations are hinted at but not fully developed. Sometimes there will be an outline of a fascinating plot point that appears, but the story doesn't follow that plot point through to fulfill its maximum potential.

However, I will say that the execution is by no means awful, and the author's unique ideas still manage to shine. Above all, this novel is very much more about the journey than the destination. You're not really reading this for the plot as much as you are for the...

2. Characters

To be specific, two characters and the dynamic between them far and away blow everyone else in this book (heck, in this genre) out of the water.

First, we have our beloved MC Jiang Xunyi—you can consider him a little bit like a cross between a Kuudere and a Tsundere lolll. I really enjoyed how his strengths and flaws intertwine with one another. On one hand, he is unyieldingly determined and competitive, self-confident and brutally honest, brilliant at deduction and adept at reading (most) emotional situations, yet still bearing a soft heart deep down. On the other hand, he can sometimes be too stubborn, narrow-minded, cold, arrogant, bad-tempered, and oblivious to a certain someone's affections. He can be vicious and ruthless to his enemies as well as very insulting towards Yun Xie, but he still doesn't hurt innocents and he very much treasures his family and friends (especially Yun Xie, despite those aforementioned constant insults). Every action that he takes makes perfect sense with his personality. He's effectively the typical "cold talented sharp-tongued rival" character (think Silver from Pokémon hahahahahaha) turned into a MC, which is great fun!

Then we have our ML Yun Xie, Jiang Xunyi's childhood friend with a secret crush on him. Holding the position of "protagonist" for the world Jiang Xunyi is in, Yun Xie is a similarly multifaceted character who can change faces faster than a mask switcher in Peking Opera. He's a playful trickster who loves to tease, joke, flirt, and pretend laziness to make Jiang Xunyi do all the work. But when it comes time to get serious, he can be even more merciless and cruel than Jiang Xunyi. And at heart, he's a boy in love who has made mistakes and suffered because of that love but continues to chase after it with all his might.

Literally the best part of this novel is the childhood friend dynamic between these two. Every scene they have together is such immense fun, with bickering, badassery, teamwork, shamelessness, and genuine friendship galore. When they do get together, the wonderful brilliant spark between them is preserved, and ends up evolving into an even more heartwarming dynamic. And fortunately, there are many many many scenes with these two characters.

But there is a downside: because JXY and YX get so much space for themselves, the side characters do not get that much screen time and development. Some receive more attention than others, but don't expect any significant character development on this end. Certain villains in particular are rather flat, without much depth besides "I'm a greedy/ambitious dick." However, this isn't all bad: the side characters fulfill their various roles perfectly well. (In the case of those flat villains, they do their jobs perfectly well as "a**holes who are /just/ realistic enough that you could imagine similarly assholish people in real life". You get to enjoy watching them get face-slapped without growing tired of it being overemphasized or happening too often).

And personally speaking, I'll take the trade of "delicious ample main character development at the cost of overshadowing side characters" every day.


Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy is the best childhood friend romance I've ever seen. It made me laugh at Yun Xie's and Jiang Xunyi's frequent antics. It made me cheer whenever these two Dual Jades get to show off their awesome synergy. It warmed my heart with its sweet romance. And do not worry, that final extra will stab you in the heart with its simultaneous bitterness and sweetness. <<less
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Aug 31, 2020
Status: c50
Its exactly what you expect reading the synopsis.

One of "those."

You know what I'm talking about, the "barely has coherent sentences and has a bunch of flashbacks that are horribly placed and pretty boring and MC is denser than plutonium-238."

... more>> Then they slowly work out the misunderstandings of the past over the book for the final climax whence they get back together and frick or whatever.

Y'know the same format that has been rehashed with different characters a bunch of times.

Reading this was a journey back down the memory lane of "wait, whos this moling character again, when did this sovereign lord whatever get here, wasn't he just possessing that other guy, wtf just happened in that combat sequence, they're suddenly in an intimate position?."

Boring template/5 <<less
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Jul 21, 2020
Status: c52
I love this novel so god damn much. (Just an FYI, I've finished the novel through MTL but I'm still going to be keeping up with the actual translations, which is why it says I'm only on chapter 52.)

Seriously. I actually did not think I could like a BL novel (or any novel regardless of genre) more than I liked Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, but lo and behold, this one takes the cake. There are similarities between the two novels, as other reviewers have pointed out, but to me... more>> the only real commonalities they share are having the protagonist be "reborn" through another body and going on a mystery solving journey after they come back to life. And I see this as a good thing, because while GDC was fantastic, Pulling Together A Villain Reformation Strategy offers a unique take on modern transmigration and twists it into an epic tale.

First of all, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD do I absolutely ADORE the MC. He's an cute, haughty little thing that I want to wrap up and smother in kisses. I love the fact that he's not inferior to the ML in any sort of way, whether it be in terms of looks or cultivation power and what not. He's damn powerful and he's not afraid to flaunt it, and I really like his arrogance. However, his cold exterior hides his inherently kind nature that he only shows to those who really deserve it, and this is what keeps him from being an a**hole. You can tell he's really soft-hearted deep down, and it's honestly so... uwu. The only scene where I wished he wasn't so kind was when the truth regarding his transmigration was revealed -

when his real (in life) brother told him him his father was obsessed with the science of transmigration and basically sold the MC off to be confined in this world, knowing his soul could potentially be crushed to preserve the plot. It was honestly heartbreaking to see the MC cry for the first time in the entire novel, especially when he was like "I can understand why he chose me - I was just wasting away on a hospital bed while you (his real life brother) were strong and healthy, right?". In the end he forgives his family and makes the decision to stay in this world because he loves the ML, which of course I support, but if I were in his situation, I don't think I could ever forgive my parents.


Also, I LOVE the ML. He's kinda like the MC in that he's arrogant and powerful, but instead of having a hidden kind nature, he really is an as*hole (lol). I honestly find this kind of refreshing...? He's not a jerk in that he's an overbearing tyrant who only cares about himself -- he's just the type that will smile in your face as he kills you. He doesn't give anyone any face, and if you slight him, he won't bother with the mind games -- you'll just die. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but he's the type of black-bellied ML that you actually enjoy reading about, unlike in other novels. Of course, the MC is the only exception to this, and I found his doting to be absolutely endearing. I also just love the trope where the ML acts like he's above everyone else but is willing to destroy everything he has to please the MC, so maybe that factors in to my enjoyment of his character. Regardless, he is one of the few ML's that felt real to me, someone I could actually see as hopelessly in love with their childhood best friend and desperate to keep that affection no matter what, and I liked him a lot.

The relationship between the MC and ML was just *mwah*. We have childhood besties, which I am ALWAYS a sl*t for, and we get to see the best of their bickering and flirting and pining (mostly on the ML's part lmao). The MC remains oblivious to the ML's feelings and his own, but it's so obvious he really cares for the ML even before he acknowledges his emotions, and after the confession, his affection is palpable. I liked how the MC wasn't shy to admit he loved the ML, and he doesn't care if other people find out about their relationship (as opposed to other novels where it feels like the MC is only reluctantly returning the ML's feelings, if you know what I mean). Their relationship is just the right combination of sweet and angsty (considering that the ML "killed" him and holds a lot of guilt for it), and I was thoroughly entertained by their antics. (*cough* makes me wish I had a childhood sweetheart *cough*).

The plot is very well written as well. In my opinion, it's just as intricate and thought out as GDC, and I liked how everything came together in the end. The fact that the transmigration was actually explained, rather than it be a "oh he got hit by a truck and magic happened idk" moment, was a definite plus, and so was the role of the system. The only thing that I didn't like was the rather abrupt ending (before the extras). I wasn't expecting it..? As in, the main story ends as soon as

the MC calms down the ML, whose about to go on a demonic rampage. Literally. The ML regains control of his body, they hug, they say they love each other, they make a joke and then.... the end.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, but to me it was just rather sudden. It could also just be that I wanted more of the story because I loved it so much, so take it with a grain of salt.

Anyway, I could go on and on about great this novel is, but I'll stop it here. Might come back to edit it after I reread (because this is definitely something I see myself rereading every other month), we'll see. Anyway, thank you SO MUCH to the translators, and even though the author won't see it, thank you SO MUCH for writing this amazing story. I rate this a 5.0/5.0 stars, for sure!

P.S Just like GDC, there are flashbacks in here. It's really not that hard to distinguish which scenes are flashbacks and which are in the present. If this throws you off, it's definitely a you problem. :) <<less
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Jul 04, 2021
Status: c60
I really jumped to read it, it sounded so much like the stuff I enjoy. And the first few chapters, where the MC's identity is hidden, were quite fun. Then horribly boring flashback started, aww, really, really boring, but I suffered through it for the main story to start again. But the interaction between the MC and the ML was never fun again. I actually find the ML quite disgusting. This kind of person, who treats decently only his loved person and shits on everyone else, I don't fund anything... more>> likeable about him. The MC... I'm too lazy to detail why I didn't like him but he's actually pretty unappealing. So, we have the relationship of two unlikeable people plus some boring flashbacks plus some even more boring adventures. Another review compares it to MDZS, oh well, it sounds a bit like MDZS, but really, everything, absolutely everything about this story is so much inferior it's not even funny. <<less
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Jan 08, 2021
Status: c18
I was really excited about starting this because of the high ratings and praises in the reviews, but it wasn’t that good. It started of interesting but became unexpectedly mind numbing once the flashbacks started, for me at least. So I dropped it after chapter 18. It might get better in later chapters but I’m not interested enough to try and find out.
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Dec 03, 2018
Status: c17
Honestly, I've fallen in love. The MC and ML have such good chemistry and their interactions with one another are so enjoyable to read. This novel cleared my acne, watered my crops, and single-handedly made me believe in love again.

I wish I were exaggerating, this novel presented such a heartwarming romance that I feel like it alone makes up for all the horridly r*pey yaoi I have read in my lifetime of searching for a genuine romance I enjoy. Give it a chance I guarantee you will love it.
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Dec 01, 2018
Status: c17
(Currently at EN translation c17 but have MTL'd everything and know the overall storyline)

In the flood of many many translated Chinese BL novels, it's sadly kind of rare to find ones with great character dynamics where the two leads have both great chemistry and aren't in the pit of early 2000's stereotypical seme/uke tropes. Pulling Together A Villain Reformation Plan has two childhood best friends as the leads and it really shows (and hilariously kinda explains why the MC is so dense to the flirting). Their banter are... more>> fun, they're basically so in sync with each other they can communicate strategies with a glance-- all the good stuff. Coupled with lots of action scenes and quite a few mystery plotlines, it's frankly a fun, fast-paced read.

But it still falls on its face on several aspects. Despite dedicating a rather large chunk of the story on the entire Hidden Spirit conspiracy, the characters involved in it fall pretty flat, resulting in a world that's ultimately not as compelling as the main characters. It's somewhat a problem that inadvertently spread into other aspects of the story as well, because a good chunk of it is about uncovering the lies that led to the events of the first chapter, but you're never there actually guessing alongside the main characters. Some of the twists lose impact, too, because the minor characters don't really have a real presence. They don't really feel like they have lives.

But overall, it's honestly one of my favorite stories right now. It's just so... /fun/. The prose is snappy and satisfying, which is HUGELY thanks to the translator who also adds fantastic footnotes that lets us know some of the funnier nuances in the dialogue. I highly recommend it-- though it has its shortcomings, I can honestly give it a 5/5 for the sheer enjoyment of reading. <<less
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Mar 19, 2019
Status: c30
A very solid, good story. Characterwise, both the MC and ML are very very dynamic and their banter never fails to make me laugh ("who are you?!" "I'm your uncle, b*tch!" Had me rolling for a solid minute). MC is a proud, dignified and slight arrogant man. Righteous and maybe a little gentle to his bestfriend and protagonist Yun Xie, he's powerful but not to the point of OP where everyone might as well step aside. It's refreshing how he is never "save everyone" but does his best to fulfill... more>> what the system wants so he can return home!

Due to my bias for flirtatious characters, Yun Xie might be one of my favorite ML's ever. It's interesting to see the direct contrast between his personality before and after the MC, Jiang Xunyi. His shameless flirtiness and care for JXY is outstanding, and JXY's denseness towards such flirting makes it even more hilarious.

Plotwise, I will admit that it's a bit confusing at the start. Killed but "reborn", JXY is baffled at why tf he's still stuck in the novel he transmigrated into originally and where he went wrong. The story does have a bit of a pacing issue, as it zooms through the beginning almost immediately to push JXY back into the proverbial arms of Yun Xie at least proximity or interaction wise. I do warn that the story is also quite heavy in flashbacks as well. That said, it doesn't detract from the story and honestly the banter between ML and MC is absolutely top notch. <<less
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Oct 10, 2021
Status: c85
I really like this novel, I like the characters' personality and everything worked out for me until...

The author decided to do some kind of beauty show

Every three paragraphs you can read how MC or ML are beautiful and perfect and how women swoon over them and men get jealous

I don't dislike this configuration, don't think about it... but I couldn't bear to read how slender Jiang's fingers are and his jade-white skin is beautiful, even when he's pale to the point of morbidity, how graceful he is when he walks... more>> and when he stands standing still, as every action brings a gust of spring breeze scented with the scent of snowy pine, as if he's prettier than a woman EVERY f*ckING * SECOND

* I really wanted to ask what's up with new authors about this too, for example where 90% of "uke" * I don't like that way of talking either * have a feminine look to the point where the author forgets it's a novel by bl. Don't think too much about it, there really are people like that, but it's not realistic.

That was fine until most romance novels decided to do this scenario where the shou is the wife, but the problem is that because of this "wife" they always seem like the feminine part of a shoujo romance.

4 stars for the rest, because it's very good, the author of spicy chicken spoils <<less
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Jan 08, 2020
Status: Completed

Just like what other reviewers had said, VRS does remind me about some parts of SV and MDZS. It's not the entire plot, so don't worry about the similarity too much. In fact, the plot itself was quite a refreshing one compared to many other BLs.

It told a story about a cannon-fodder who was destined to be killed by the protagonist so he could go home, but after he was finally killed by the protagonist, the system somehow glitched and instead of returning home, he ended up in another person's... more>> body. So this is like the combination of Transmigration and Rebirth trope.

His mission was to find out what was actually happening, and along the way, he also found out that the world and the system may not be as clean as he thought...


REVIEW Completed - January 8, 2020

VRS is about 'finding the truth' so it's truly like those ancient mystery-solving novels. While the premise looked interesting, throughout the entire novel, there was this feeling that the author wanted to put in more plots and clues, but didn't know how to actually resolve them all. Some ended up being forgotten, and some were just resolved out of nowhere. The conclusion to the main mystery was also super rushed. Basically, everything happened in the last chapter. It wasn't a bad thing, but I personally preferred a slower approach since the buildup was already good and it was quite slow in the first place. I just didn't expect it to finish everything in one chapter. Also, expect some plotholes because there are some that aren't going to be elaborated.

I think MC and ML were quite fleshed out by the author. Since MC had been living in the world for quite some time, he was already attached to the world. He never thought the people inside were only 'characters in the novels' and he was very sincere to them all.

MC and ML were like a different side of the same coin. MC was a kind soul, but he had this cold outer demeanor so everyone thought he was unsociable and arrogant, while ML was the other way around. He looked sociable but his heart was very ruthless; unless it was about MC, he seriously didn't care at all. They made a very good dynamic, but since they're both already very OP, sometimes the tension couldn't be felt at all. Also, they have already trusted each other from the start; MC, despite knowing his fate was to be killed by the protagonist a.k.a the ML, genuinely cared for him. They were childhood friends after all. He knew ML so much he even wondered how would someone like ML, who cherished their friendship so much, would be able to kill him. MC was kind of wary of ML at first precisely because deep down, he felt like ML truly betrayed him even though it was supposed to be a part of the original plot. But once the revelation came out, they quickly returned to their old relationship.

MC was clever but kind of dense, he always thought they were in pure friendship, and since ML also didn't want to destroy their friendship, he never told MC at all and hence, he kept pining for MC. We could clearly see how often he liked to give signals to MC and MC just brushed it off thinking ML was being s*upid. Poor ML kept pouring his heart out and being told to 'shut up' all the time. Yun Xie is a love s*ave. Like, literally. I love him, he was so shameless in showing his love. And it's infectious, apparently. Once they get together, oh boy, they're gross.

The only downside about the characters in this novel was that there were SO MANY side characters and they were all forgettable. Like, I couldn't even discern their presence at all. Some just ended up being a completely forgotten cannon fodder. The supposedly super OP villain died very absurdly, and most of the villains lack reasons to make their actions feel real. They just felt bland. Some who did have potential, like MC's shidi, also didn't get enough appearance to actually make him feel memorable.

While not perfect, considering this was the author's first completed novel, I'd say this novel is quite good and worth reading. Though some bits were super rushed and some plotholes still remained, I gotta say I LOVE MCxML dynamics SO MUCH and the author did a very good job at making their interactions felt so wholesome. They're a truly cute couple and I found myself keep wanting to skip some plot points just to see their banters all the time. <<less
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Dec 18, 2019
Status: c44
I was really enjoying it until chapter 35, and then it got messy. First, the author keeps giving us flashbacks that seem to last forever and really isn´t that relevant to what is happening. There is no ending to the troubles that MC and ML encounter and you keep wondering when it will all end so we can focus on MC´s mission properly. (And on ML, the poor guy is about to become a side character)

I don´t know, it just seems the author wants to weave a lot in... more>> to what is otherwise a simple, straightforward story.

It´s really not bad, but now just isn´t as entertaining as the beginning. <<less
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Jun 09, 2023
Status: c52-92
THIS👏DID👏NOT👏WORTH👏MY👏FREAKING👏TIME!!!!!! Don't read this! waste of time!

Overall, the story was sloppy, it did not have a single jaw-dropping, mind-blowing event, so overall it was not enjoyable at all.

... more>>

Our main character; Jiang Xunyi, is written as a cold-hearted guy, who just happened to transmigrate in the novel around 19 yrs old, and in the novel, lives the same amount of time again, so we would expect him to act like a grown-up, BUT HE DOESN'T. He just literally snorts on almost everything, his attitude is ignorant and condescending in 0-24, and till CH. 80 HE CAN'T TAKE ONE SINGLE FLIRTING HINT!!! It's freakingly nerve-cracking.


Basically, you can feel on your skin that the creator was on her knees to try to write a bl novel about the basic teenager-based, , love cloud, , but she fell on her face miserably. (at the end she mentioned that this was her 1st finished novel ofc, but it's not an excuse for a bad plot)

During the whole novel, different "quests" are invented out of thin air, and our main couple's love story is concretely about Yun Xie (the protagonist) throwing ant-sized hints to him, because he is ScArEd To CoNfEsS hIs FeElInGs.


no dog blood, no lovely-dovely screens, and definitely no love interc**rses. Like just f#ck me dry fr. A single kiss never occurred.

I will summarize the important events for u guys:


1.) Immortal Master Ti Ming died. (he picked up Jiang Molou + Jiang Xunyi as they were kids and raised them.) -> Jiang Xunyi would be his ancestor, but he hesitates till chapter 85.

2.) We found out why Jiang Xunyi was killed by Yun Xie after 2 loooong flashback; Feng Xue's daughter (head of the Feng family) ; Feng Qiu, was rumored to be r*ped by Jiang Xunyi in one morning. Jiang Xunyi can't defend himself due the system won't let him; Yun Xie get angry bc he felt himself cheated on (even though he was unable to confess) he has some demon blood in him, and while he was angry, it too over him, therefore he unconsciously stabbed him.

3.) Jiang Xunyi gets back into Du Heng's body, who was a mind-damaged person, but ObViOuSlY his face looks exactly like Jiang Xunyi's original face, if not even more beautiful, and his body functions perfectly fine.... He fears Yun Xie at the beginning, or I should say he doesn't trust him, but after 4-5 chapters this feeling is disappears like it was never even there, using the excuse that they grow up together, they are like one body-one mind, and he just forgets to be angry next to him. Like dude do you even have the consciousness to get angry on purpose?

4.) Yun Xie founds out that Jiang Xunyi is still alive, (cus he can read his LoVeR like a book obvi) after literally 7 chapters or so, and then they back at it again, fighting, solving, , mystery", wooing pathetically, and so on with 100 face-slapping events during the story. He dedicated his role to protecting his lover no matter what; he always agrees to whatever he says, has no original opinion, he is standing almost 5 cm / 0.5 feet away from him whenever he got the chance. They are literally breathing the same oxygen. Fr Yun Xieis's love expression is strictly stopping here; no gestures, no physical touch, no nice words, nothing. he just stands next to him and nods.

4.5) during one of the (flashbacks if I remember correctly), they have some rough interc**rse, but nothing big ever happens. Yun Xie looses his mind, and pins Jiang Xunyi down to devour him sexually, but in the end he won't, they just kiss painfully, till the point it's bleeding. ✨sparkle sparkle u got dog blood now shut up till the end.✨

5.) At the very end Yun Xie is informed that Jiang Xunyi was controlled by a system like a puppet and did nothing by his own will, making his every actions questionable. And there u are, expecting a crunchy juicy fight generated by misunderstanding, but noooo u peasant! What u get is Yun Xie being sad HOW HARD COULD HAVE BEEN for Jiang Xunyi to shoulder all this on his own. Like I get so much second-hand embarrassment how Jiang Xunyi literally has nothing to put on the table, (on top of all he got mad attitude), and Yun Xie still loves him like crazy. At this point it's not love, it's a dedicated obsession seasoned with autism fr. HE HAS NO SINGLE QUESTION!!! big NPC vibe.

6.) To make everything worse at the end u got this final stroke to complete your suffering:

Jiang Xunyi did not pay it any mind, instead smiling slightly. "I love you. You may not remember now, but the first time we met... "


Thinking of this, Jiang Xunyi smiled. Yun Xie continued, "Then... can you repeat the first half of that sentence? I didn't catch it."

Jiang Xunyi looked at him deeply, his affection written on his elegant face. "Want to know?"

Yun Xie held his breath and nodded.

Jiang Xun smiled. "I won't tell you." ←←←←←←←

LIKE COME ON at this point the author just messing with us. HE LITERALLY CAN'T EMBARACE HIS FEELINGS. I feel sorry for those who literally paid to get access to the original chapters.

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Nov 29, 2022
Status: Completed
I'd give this 0 if I could; so disappointing!! The author wanted to make this the next "the founder of demonic cultivation" so much, instead it turned out terrible.

It's so sloppy at first, but many novels are so I just continued reading it hoping it'd get better; foolish me!!

1. It's how the author won't bother telling us if we're in the present, or if the current scene is a flash back, or a dream, or an illusion... The reader is just expected to guess what they're reading 😕 If lucky... more>> the translators will explain in the notes...

2. There's no chemistry at all between the main couple. Not even bromance for that matter. The MC just hangs around ML coz a system forces him to. Personally I never like one sided relationships, the author should include this in the tags to save the time of people like me🙄

Yeah those were the two most annoying issues. This novel has so many other bad aspects though. I'm really tired of these forced romances. I want to read a bl that is a bl!! Also MC is overpowered; ML character is sometimes illogical... How they just get away with stuff with no consequences is beyond me. I wonder why there's "comedy" in the tags, not a single part of this book made me laugh. And the random unexplained irrelevant flashbacks!!! Sweet Jesus🤦🏾‍♀️ Many times I just wished for everyone to die and the novel to end. I just wasn't seeing a future. I liked no character, would have liked the ML but personally the author made him so so desperate and it's just pathetic to me <<less
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Miusha Ciara
Miusha Ciara
Aug 30, 2021
Status: c1

... more>>

The story concept itself is great, transmigration, destroyed supposed plot (of the book MC transmigrated into), and some great built up angst.

So I came here expecting some heavy plot with great deal (like I won't be able recover ever) of built up angst, realistic characters, slow burn, with a sweet sweet ending. And boy I wasn't prepared for the things I hate most: a coward MC, unnecessary face slapping, untimely info dump, and eh supporting characters.

    • The MC is so f*cking dense, that's what I thought at first, then I realized he's just ignoring and running from the facts that blatantly presenting itself in his face because of whatever reason that might or might not have been mentioned (I'll talk about why later, and this cowardice is veiled as "dishonest" or whatever. He also sticks to the ML because of the strong "brotherhood" he feels. He's also unapologetically shameless, which I find odd, since the authour is so talkative about him being a proud, cold, aloof, and "Defender of Dignity", and also leads to the unnecessary face slapping. Oh and his reason for wanting to return to his original world is just not really clear.
    • Then here's the ML, he's okay, I just don't him realistic, because he's soo... devouted? Faithful? Despite his feelings being deliberately ignored, he's still foolishly in love with the MC. Seriously no dignity or self-respect at all.
      And this one's also described as a proud person. I guess humans' just become s*upid for their love.
    • And the side characters. Not much to say, just really eh. One that I will mention is the sickness of these Xianxia novels, the antagonizing and judging someone because of some unfounded or just through-the-mouth rumors and hating the 'traitors' and 'demons' as if they have never sinned themselves.
    • And the untimely info dump. This kinda ruined the whole story for me. It is those times when the tension is at its highest and you really need to know what's gonna happen next and then the authour just suddenly pours unnecessary info for the next 3-7 paragraphs. Yea its is somewhat related to what's happening at the center of the tension, but its is not what you need and want to know, thus thus lowering its impact for me. And it happened so many times that I lost interest and I just skimmed it when I saw an info dump coming.

Great potential, though not utilized.


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Mar 08, 2021
Status: c28
okay the start was good. Kinda intrguing but as the story progressed -it was sloooow. There are some tasks that the MC &ML kinda need to resolve along the way but dude. The story is just too stagnant?no excitement. MC is cold, arrogant and dull/very dense. ML's actions one can see he cherish Mc? But for all these yrs he is so cowardly about his feelings to MC. Always saying: later I have something to say to you bla bla bla.

I guess the story is confusing too as you read... more>> it.
In the end I guess this is not my cup of tea and I don't like hesitant characters. Might go back if I reallly got bored. Kudos to translators though

3 stars <<less
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Apr 05, 2019
Status: c32
good story so far. I was surprised that the reveal came so quickly. I was looking forward to a few more chapters of angering the protagonist speechless and his slow realization and suspicion. I hoped to see the MC play the fool for a little longer; instead the ML found out really quickly.

if your not a fan of flashbacks you won't like this story. I forced myself to read through most of the flashbacks in Founder of Diabloism but I think I skipped about half of the first flashback here.... more>> I'm not real patient when it comes to flashbacks so not skipping it entirely was actually improvement on my part.

rating it a 4 at the moment and will re-rate once the story is completed. Thanks to the translators for their hard work!! <<less
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Nov 19, 2018
Status: c12
So far, so good. Fun characters, lots of potential backstory to be discovered, fresh characters

The "Arrogant Shit" protag is an actual shit. Though we don't get to see him play the role of the villain outside of flashbacks, he plays a shitty character, and is a shitty character. ML isn't one of those "Kind Spirits of Light", nor is he a super cold, obsessive prick. He's definitely a tad obsessive, but, so far, it's not that much when compared to other MLs.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 26, 2023
Status: --
i read it because I saw a lot of positive reviews for this, but when I started I just felt the story was boring and already too ordinary... if you've read a lot of danmei's novels, this type of story must seem familiar to you... but I still continued reading quickly... the MC character is interesting but he's a bit lacking in romance, MC really doesn't focus on romance if no one tells him that ML likes him... even the one who tells MC is an enemy who also likes... more>> that MC, and this enemy has also kidnapped MC and even kissed MC, but this MC character really doesn't care because the MC character really don't understand romance I guess, then the enemy told him ML feelings for him and then MC started thinking romance... hah this is weird and I dropped this.

ok actually I didn't really drop this, my feelings just fell a bit at the time... but then it got better after the big enemy finally died... I was very annoyed with such a big enemy who wants to interfere with other people's relationships by force kidnapping and abuse... but after he died MC and ML finally grew to be a little sweeter... <<less
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Mar 27, 2022
Status: c50
did not finish because I didn't like the writing style and the plot much... it was a very standard type of transmigration novel.

the main character, Jiang Xunyi, transmigrated into the novel as the villain if I remember correctly, and was best friends with the protagonist of the novel, Yun Xie. due to plot and system shenanigans, he was forced to behave in a way that made Yun Xie kill him. the novel opens with Jiang Xunyi's miraculous resurrection. his true identity is quickly found out by first Yun Xie, then... more>> the other characters. they try to uncover the real truth behind Jiang Xunyi's death, discovering a worrying plot by another sect. Jiang Xunyi also begins to think of ways to circumvent the system, because it often forced s*upid decisions onto him (like causing himself to be killed by Yun Xie). along the way, Yun Xie's feelings for Jiang Xunyi become very obvious to the reader, although Jiang Xunyi is oblivious and confused by his hot/cold outbursts.

it was okay... I prefer books with a stronger plot or more creative worlds. this was a very typical type of transmigration novel. I DNFed at about 60%. <<less
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