Where is Our Agreement to be Each Other’s Arch-Rivals?


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The web celebrity, Chen Suyang, transmigrated into a film adaptation he’d just finished rolling the death scene. Now he has to play the villain—the Evil Sect’s young master, Su Yang.

To return to his own world, he faithfully acted according to the script and solemnly recited his lines—waiting for the day he’d die under the protagonist’s sword.

But… why were the scenes getting farther and farther from the script?

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Did We Agree To Be Rivals?
Nói tốt trở thành lẫn nhau túc địch đâu [Xuyên thư]
The Modified Script is Killing Me
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128 Reviews

New casmonido
Sep 09, 2023
Status: c1
The translation work was superb with this one.

Extremely fun at least up till ch 40 at least (until they leave The House of Jade). I felt like this was gonna be one of my absolute favorites up until then. Simple, funny and refreshing, just two boys developing feelings for each other in fantasy setting, with the help of a fujoshi writer.

Then the drama sets in -- and the story doesn't so much go downhill... but it completely changes flavor? I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either.
By... more>> ch 80, they have confessed so that plot point is over, and the main story shifts to following some grand evil conspiracy, MC and ML taking turns getting sick and saving each others lives, inter-sect and intra-sect conflict (ughh, arranged marriage, why would anyone even entertain following through with such a thing). To sum up, the second part felt too long, at some point I got a bit tired & I didn't feel like the stakes were worth caring about cause the author repeatedly stated there wouldn't be a Bad Ending but we were supposed to worry about one of main characters dying? Ma'am I know they won't die, make me worry about something I can believe that could happen ok?

But I'm still happy I was able to read this :)) thank you <<less
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Jun 26, 2021
Status: c42
I love cultivation novels and transmigration, but I can't bring myself to continue.

MC's reasoning makes no sense whatsoever, the “misunderstandings” are based on every character, especially the MC, being idiots.

Absolutely nothing points to it being necessary to follow the original story, yet MC insists that it's the right way despite that being a death sentence for him.

... more>> He's convinced dying for the plot would get him back to reality, without any kind of prove or even hint that it's true.

Who in their right mind would take such a risk?

Not to mention that he should already clearly understand that the story he played out has been heavily altered, the original novel might actually be completely different from the film adaptation he acted in.

Still, he sticks to following a, very likely wrong, plot.

As an actor, he should know that novel adaptations are rarely faithful, and knowing that this one is obviously such a case, why is he still acting like he knows what's right and wrong?

He asks no questions, investigates nothing, he's the most passive “active” MC I have ever seen.

The whole “but the CP” is the most annoying factor, he's trying so hard to push two people together that, quite clearly, aren't really meant to be a couple, don't want to be a couple, and might not even have been one in the novel.

It doesn't make any sense, it's like watching a stubborn toddler insisting on spiderman being the Easter bunny because some random kid said that.

But the toddler is 5 - MC isn't.

My personal level of “suspension of disbelief” isn't high enough to get any enjoyment out of this novel. <<less
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Feb 22, 2021
Status: c35
Plot holes, plot holes everywhere 😑

I was prepared for a dense protag, but he takes the cake with s*upidity. Obviously he must fulfill the plot and die as expected. I mean, obviously 🙄 he came to this conclusion with zero evidence when any normal person would be slightly wary of, you know, DYING FOR REAL. And there's no reasoning or justification for anything he does, just ridiculously moving the plot onwards. And
... more>>

Wth is with everyone suddenly leaving the super special school all at once? They make a huge deal about how it's amazing the ML could leave after just 2 years, what a genius! Ooh ahh!, but then the protag leaves ahead of him but no one cares, closely followed by everyone else. Yeah sure, makes sense 😫 and MC breaks all kinds of records, but does anyone care? No, the resources that were originally for the ML, because he broke records in the original story, still go to the ML, not to the person who ACTUALLY breaks the records.

It's idiotic, and I feel s*upider for having read this far. <<less
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Mar 29, 2020
Status: --
Okay, this is my first ever review, I think, haha.

Thank you Betwixted for the first chapter, it was lovely to read! (So much I couldn't resist MTL-ing it, haha)

I rated it 5 because I enjoyed it thoroughly. The characters, pacing, action, fluff with drama interspersed in between - it made my heart feel warm reading it. The drama wasn't as dog blood as I expected (or due to the nature of mtl, I might've missed some things).

Our MC is a modern man getting used to the strange environment (lol... more>> and his initial reactions were hilarious). ML is at first, seem guarded against MC, but tolerates him nonetheless; then he warms up to MC.

The side characters were very well written too!

And once MC and ML got together, ML becomes caring and just super doting and does his best for MC

(I'd like to think that's also stemmed from his worry and anxiety about their future; their unsureness reminded me of how I was at their age looool, but I digress.) ML was even ready to kneel for the sake of MC, and he was time and again, tested with the possibility of losing MC due to MC's constitution.


The side characters and side pairings were lovely! I particularly liked how the characters are written;


like that other dude who fell for MC, or MC's uncle (tsundere haha) being secretly lovey-dovey with his man, or how MC and ML's dads got past their 'grudges' and become honest with each other. There is no lack of dads/uncles supporting their sons/nephews and it's aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh so good.


The side pairings' stories don't get drawn out for too long that it'll make you lose interest, no. The backstory for one of them somehow is meshed into MC's history. (Though there are some parts I'm not clear with, so I skipped those parts haha)

The pacing is good, it didn't leave me confused like, haha what's going on here. The whole novel is a journey, it's still fresh in my mind.

The fluff made me feel warm inside, the drama made me tear up, but it doesn't stay sad for a long time, so it's all good. It's HE, and boi, I love the ending.

I'll be waiting for the TLs UwU (mtl hurts looool) <<less
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Kim Nara
Kim Nara
Oct 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I noticed that those who gave low ratings did so because they thought our protag was too s*upid and drew conclusions without evidence. So let me say that transmigration itself can't be proven right? So why should our protag think that he transmigrated and then have to survive in that world?

Secondly, our protagonist doesn't experience death in his original world, so it's only natural that he thinks he can come back to life in his original world.

Thirdly, our protagonist is an actor who has just finished his film who happens... more>> to be filming about the world he has transmigrated into. So it's only natural that he thinks he's transmigrated into his film, that he should finish his role in his film (the world) so that he can then come back home to reality.

Actually, in 2/3 of the novel, our protagonist has clearly stated the reason why he originally thought so, you just have to be patient to read it to that part, don't be in a hurry to give bad ratings. <<less
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Nov 14, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a cute novel about MC trying his best after inheriting a big hot potato of a plot. As a 21st century man, he tries his best to use his mediocre acting skills in order to fit in with what little he knows of the story, while utilizing interpretive dancing to mimic martial arts.

Naturally, most people see right through him, and the plot goes off the rails. Instead of getting stabbed by ML's sword, he gets stabbed by ML's "sword."

I came for the comedy tag, but I actually got... more>> a lot of angst and heartbreak instead. MC is a pure sweet boy, alone in an unfamiliar world filled with treachery. There's no golden finger, nobody to give him any sense of direction, he can't read ancient script, and he gets handed a terrible set of circumstances, none of which are his fault.


Everyone hates "him, " he's been cursed to die before his 20th birthday, and his martial arts are draining his life away. "His" father hated his mother because she accidentally seduced him instead of his gay lover (ML's dad), causing said lover to marry a woman and have a child (ML).


While this isn't the most angst I've read, there were definitely times where I was speed reading away, trying to bypass all the angst. Nevertheless, this is a happy ending, and all of the side characters get happy endings too.

The ending was a little bit convoluted though, and I almost thought that this might have been a book with a GL prequel, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


Turns out, the author of the book used to write tragedy novels but one day received a system that tasked her with fixing all of her messed up worlds... and she accidentally brought a domineering female empress back to the real world and is being ruthlessly pursued by the empress. But that's beside the point.

One of these novels is the one that MC transmigrated into, and the author shows up as MC's sect master in the world. Somehow, MC gains a soulmate system that allows him to bring ML along with him every time they die.

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Apr 05, 2020
Status: c72
I'm quite happy with the translation so far. There are occasional errors on the translator's part which could do with a beta's touch, but they're rare enough to not detract from the story.

As for the story, it's basically about a transmigrator finding himself as the antagonist. He tries to make things go as they did canonically but often has to improvise, and his improvisation skills are terrible, leading the ML to think that our MC is after his virtue instead of his cultivation artefacts.

I MTLed and read all the way... more>> to chapter 72, and I must say that the story is really great. By then the MC and ML are together, and the plot hasn't had any downsides. <<less
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Oct 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Don't be fooled by the easy going, comedic and carefree tone of first half. It's A Trap!! I had to come back here and recheck the tags towards later half of the story just to reassure myself it ain't tagged with tragedy.

MC ain't the smartest sleekest cookie around. At the best I can say he's a hardworking but naive person (probably cause he grew up in the safety of a peaceful modern era). Still I deducted the 1⭐ cause I lost a few braincells thanks to his illogical decisions (or... more>> should I just call them plotholes?). Especially how MC tries to act out the 'script'

First and foremost: He. Hasn't. Read. The. Original. Novel.

Forget being someone from the entertainment industry, even as a normal citizen of a conservative country like China with their renowned stringent censorship rules, he should be able to guess that screen adaptations rarely remain faithful to original work. Fine! he didn't get it at the beginning but how can he persist on following a very altered and very wrong script even when repeated 'unscripted' events make it obvious that the drama's script has been scrapped?🤦🏻‍♂️

He doesn't investigate anything. As a transmigrated person and an actor shouldn't you atleast know the ins and outs of the character you're playing? If you aren't gonna take the amnesia route, shouldn't you atleast do the minimum research and be able to identify the person holding the power/authority (there was only one. And it was even his dad!🤦🏻‍♂️), your surroundings and your situation? He's one of the most ridiculously "lax about important, insistent about nonsense" MC I have ever seen.

And with how he gets into trouble every single time he steps out, it's obvious that there are spies among them. But of course investigating it will probably go against the script so... he did nothing~

I find the whole "i must get the heroine together with the protagonist" grating. He kept trying to push two people together who quite clearly weren't interested in eachother. Not to consider that they might not even have been a couple in the orgNovel that he was too lazy to read🙂

And my biggest issue of them all- "I'll get back once I'm dead here!" I still can't figure out how/why transmigrated MCs come up with this ridiculous notion that they'll be able to 'get back to reality' if they follow the "plot" & die. I can understand it if it's a mission issued by a 'system'. But otherwise who in their right mind would take such a risk... unless they're plain suicidal. I mean, Bruh, what if you just stay dead??? (-‸ლ)


ML is a smart and sweet boi tho. He adores the MC and treats him so preciously. He is a real gentleman who never forced his feelings onto MC. My heart hurts for him


especially cause of all the emotional stress and fear of loss he's had to face cause of MC's 'circumstances'. Long story short- ML's and MC's dads were lovers. But MC's mom was a psycho who fell in love with ML's dad. She tried to bind ML's dad to herself using Love Gu (a sort of witchcraft poison insect) but ended up infecting MC's dad instead. She hated it and hated MC's dad so cursed her own son to not live past 20 in a sort of twisted revenge.

The way ML apprehensively held on to and repeatedly ensured that MC is still breathing for the entire night before MC's 20th birthday was heartwarming yet heartbreaking.


The romance is sweet and their chemistry is good! I love how they bicker and mess around.

The pacing is good and I liked it that there are a few notable side characters and side pairings too!

like the ML's childhood friend who fell for MC, but got married to a partner arranged by his family cause he didn't have courage to pursue MC and face the opposition (caused by the same-s*x nature and cause they're from opposing faction). I found it very bittersweet yet realistic how he respected his wife at the beginning but slowly learnt to let go of MC and start loving his wife instead.

I also liked the MC's lackey x (supposed) orgFL pair. A cute bickering couple!

Then there's MC's hotheaded medical genius uncle and his ex-royal lover.

MC and ML's dads! I'm happy that got over their past misunderstandings and became honest with each other (it took them nearly 20yrs. But better late than never I guess).

And finally the Author x her character. I had a good laugh reading how our tragedy writer ended up getting doggedly pursued by a domineering villainess Empress. Serves you right LoL~


I really liked the ending but my greedy ass wish we got a few more extras on

their life together in modern times. MC got a soulmate system that let him and ML be together. So once they reached the end of their lifespan in novel-world they transmigrated into orgWorld. And both came up with the same idea of showing off their sword skills on screen to let the other find them and ended up meeting at an audition... I wonder if they'd end up acting in a drama as arch-rivals in future 😂


TLDR: Cute story. HEA ending. Good pacing and world building. MC's a bit on the dumb-naive side but very hardworking and strong. ML is a real gentleman. Fluffy heartwarming romance. Great translation. 4/5⭐ Do recommend a read! <<less
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Jun 18, 2020
Status: c105
This novel is soo good!

The MC transmigrated into the young master of an evil sect who is known for being vicious and attracted to and keeping young male pets. Yep, we can see where the misunderstanding with the ML occurs, as his actions just comes across as flirting.
An example:
... more>>

His accidental kabedon on his first meeting with the ML was beautiful


Many more humorous misunderstandings occur where people start to believe that MC is held in the demon sect against his will, and that he is super kind, etc.

I appreciated that the MC and ML are similar in age and are both trying to improve their martial arts.


They get to know each other when they end up attending the same school/under the same master and live together in the same courtyard. Yay


There were definitely moments where I T_T and Q_Q a lot. Just seeing the level of care the ML and MC have for one another, and the loneliness the MC feels from being alone in another world is heartbreaking.

Thankfully previous reviews mentioned a HE, which is what gives me sustenance haha.

Overall, I highly recommend this novel. <<less
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Dec 08, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5 (purely based on my enjoyment and the feels)

This is basically like your typical BL novel where MC transmitted into novel as villain and tries to follow original plot but instead end up as protagonist lover..... Yeah.... but this one bit unique as the protagonist/ML doesn't get blackened and never forced pursuit MC. FOR ONCE A PROPER ML and MC not running away and hiding from ML.

MC is dumb like really dumb but hardworking. He's also funny..... trying so hard to die.

As for ML, he's righteous person with strong sense of justice. He kinda remind me of Lan Zhan from MDZS. He's a Gentleman. He's also very considered and never, not even once forced MC in any ways which is very rare in nowadays BL and I kinda liked that about him but........... more>>

I used of seeing overbearing or blackened ML in this kinda story who after realizing their feeling goes straight for forced pursuing MC persistently and so Seeing this ML not force pursuing MC kinda felt refresh and proper. Half of me was happy for ML Proper action but other half of me just wanted ML to push MC on the wall and just f*cking kiss him!!

It was nice that MC also fell for ML on his own (without pursuing needed) or else with ML character after being rejected by MC I am pretty sure he would have repressed himself and put on some distance and then it would have really given me anxiety all over.


The best thing about this novel is the relationship between MC and ML. It sweet and full of fluff. Their love and trust for each other just soothe me all over. The way they are ready to go any length for each other is just beautiful.

This novel also has some heavy deep and tragic element which can make your eyes puff. Honestly, the snow mountain part actually broked my heart luckily this novel is a HE.

It was rollercoaster of emotional journey. First the journey was harsh and sad but then when they met the doctor, it was like hope given to us only to find that MC death was unavoidable as he was cursed. I was controlling myself for a long time but finally broked up when the back cursed was revealed. Even though I knew it's a HE and MC won't die but then the afterwards communication and scene between MC and ML..... I just couldn't stop my tears.

Even like how ML was awake and checking MC pulse and breath on his 20th birthday just made my so weak but also like very heart warming.


As for the side characters, MC Father and ML Father took my whole attention. They got me so emotionally hooked to them. Below Spoiler is just me ranting with my Overfeels

I am happy that they also got HE but I still can't get over from the things they both had to go through, especially the Su. And this was also because of that f*cking b*tch. How dare that bit*h dare to do these. She probably knew that Gu love Su that's why she tried to use that 'Love Gu'. f*cking bit*h tried to manipulate Gu and then sh*t happened and Su had to suffer.

Thinking about what Su had to go through because of that f*cking bit*h just break my heart. He had to get seperated from Gu, the person he love and instead f*ck and get intimate with that bit*h and when he finally was able to get out of that bit*h control, his love Gu end up getting married to someone else and he once again had to f*ck up with other people he doesn't love just to survive and protect his own life.

This whole sh*t is so miserable and I wished they (Gu and Su) didn't had to go through all this sh*t but then again, if they didn't we would have gotten our MC and ML so........ Shit!!

I just feel so bad and remorse for their tragic and wastage of 20 years (i guess) of seperation.

Also, I kinda want to know who is Top.... I thought it was Gu but now I am confused as after helping Su, Su asked Gu if his body was alright or not and I am not sure if he asked it because Gu was bottomed or because of the 'Love Gu' side effect on partner or both........ Ahhhhh, I would love to read more story about them.


As for the other side pairs/couple, They all are good and I like them but sadly, there isn't much about their Romance toh and it hardly did any impact on me.

I kinda love the Ending despite it being Flat but very sweet. I also liked how our MC and ML were not too OP. There are people still stronger than them. Well, I am actually disappointed with the main villain character.

The mastermind behind the conflict between Righteous sect and Devil sect turn out to be a one dimensional person who's obsessed with his step sister, even till the end.......... sh*t even that bit*h he was obsessed had better character and played better as villain than him.


Overall This was a good story with good emotion rollercoaster. From start to end it had all of my attention, plus the extra just made it exciting again.

This Extra is not enough. I want more about their modern world. I want to see how they perform in the program and what would happen after that. Would they reveal their relationship or stay closet? And the author with the Empress...... it just not f*cking enough at all.


Lastly, it just me ranting about random things

This is just me complaining about MC world..... I am surprise to see that the script MC got vs original novel was so much different. The level of censorship just went on whole another level..... The ML was made to pair up with a girl and the other protagonist (MC) was then tossed as side villain character and ended up getting killed by ML plus even MC's dad got killed......... How and Why did author allowed that.... don't usually author prefer its novel adaptation to remain as much as origin to the original?? Plus What about the novel fans?? I bet that drama would have ended up as flop. If I were in that world and had to watch that drama, I would have revolt on internet. Making my ship kill each other.... no matter how toxic it were I wouldn't want that plus even making the Dad get killed..... yeah f*ck.

If people want to make hetero drama, just take them from hetero novels why come after BL one and try to make them hetero. Plus I know chinese censorship problem but to go that far to censorship other Main character as villian and making them kill each other........ That's f*cking destroying the original plot and also the whole purpose of adaptation. Better just write your own drama novel, whoever the script writer is.



Thanks to the translator for translating this novel ❤️ <<less
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Feb 10, 2023
Status: --
there are already more than 100 reviews, I didn't think mine would be read. but I still want to leave it here for memory and that I really enjoyed and loved this novel. MC and ML are very realistic, they are not the main characters who are made very smart like in other novels. especially MC he transmigrated and all his feelings towards transmigration were true, he was confused and scared so it was very logical. And as for the romance between MC and ml, it's very sweet... some are... more>> sweet, some are sad, but their feelings are extraordinary. but I'm just annoyed that there are too many gay couples, I think it's better to have a gay couple for the main character and have one other gay couple as side couples, but there's a bit more here that I don't think is necessary... and for the dad MC and ML side couples, yeah it's kinda tragic and makes me want to cry... <<less
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Dec 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Going into this novel I thought it was going to be another boring ancient china setting novel but I was wrong.

i will give my rating on some parts:

Romance : 5/5 (This novel is so romantic and reading their wholesome interactions, and the way they tease each other and love each other is just so sweet.

... more>> Comedy : 3/5 (There are some jokes here and there but thats not the main focus, this novel did not made me laugh out loud but it did made me chuckle here and there)

Angst: 3/5 (This novel is sort of angsty but its not angsty enough to make me cry like some other novels. But nevertheless, it still made my heart hurt at some scenes.)

Translation : 10/5 (The translation is just chefs kiss. Its that good. Ancient china scene is not easy to translate but purpeLy Translations did amazingly. They even add footnotes for some words that are in the novel.)

In my opinion this novel is not as bad as some people say it is, and its worth the read.

The MC, tries to stick to the plot despite it derailed from the start which is reasonable. I would do the same too because what else can I do if I was transmigrated into a novel? Give up and just live my life as su yang the way I wanted? No. Because that would be a whole different case. I would want to go home, therefore I try my best to finish the script meaning ending the movie. Once the movie is over I can return. That was MC's logic. Which I think was appropriate.

MC is also hard working enough to practice the difficult martial arts despite being from the modern times.

The fight scenes are good and well described so that we can imagine them in our head.

If you like the cultivation setting then you must check this novel out.

Thank you for reading my review <<less
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Nov 04, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5

This is a really great transmigration novel. It's got it's funny and silly parts, but I literally cried my eyes out on numerous occasions reading this. I'm talking full blown sobbing.

This has some tragic elements, and moments where things seem quite hopeless, but it does have a HE. I really have to rate it a 4.5, for the emotional rollercoaster alone. Though, there are some flaws that are prevalent but able to be overlooked.

For the plot, I'd say it is not particularly original. MC transmigrates into a villain, he... more>> tries to play the role, somehow ends up seducing the protagonist. Probably the most popular comparison would be the Scum Villain's Self Saving System. Personally, I enjoyed this a lot more. Generally, these stories are villain MC x blackened protagonist ML. The ML never blackens and remains kind, considerate, and devoted to MC. He's what I would consider a "shounen lead" protagonist. He's earnest and has a strong sense of justice, which I actually quite liked about him.

I also liked the MC, he's kind of bullheaded and thick. The type of character that is difficult to sway once he's set his mind to something.

The other characters... they're okay. Probably the most interesting characters were the MC and ML fathers. Their background was somewhat complex and interesting enough to follow. Honestly though, many of the background characters are fairly one-dimensional with a few exceptions.

I think what takes this novel from a decent novel to an exceptional one is the MC and MLs complete and utter devotion to each other. It's the makings of a legitimate epic love story with twists, turns and sacrifice. I truly felt like they'd go to the end of the earth for each other and endure any hardship. It was something really unique and heart wrenching.

I do have some minor complaints, I think my biggest is some of the one-dimensional characters. Especially the main villain. I can tolerate background characters but the villain was a total caricature and hardly developed at all.


Spoiler: Like, his motivations aren't really fleshed out at all. Frankly, he's barely mentioned until the end of the novel and then I'm supposed to anticipate this epic battle? And then his random obsession with MCs mom (which came out of left field) just felt totally random.


I would say the basic premise was fun, and a lot of the early shenanigans in the novel are very lighthearted and entertaining. The author obviously just ended up getting tied into a plot that got progressively heavier (though there isn't any gratuitous torture, or I would have rated lower).

But, like I said, the MC and MLs love for each other is really where this novel shines. I devoured this in days just to see them reach their HE.

I would highly recommend if you're looking to laugh, cry and get totally invested in their love story. <<less
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Jan 07, 2023
Status: Completed
This is so cringe that I'll give it 2 stars just for the courage that it took for the author to publish this and then the translator to actually finish translating this. The plot literally doesn't make sense, also it literally makes me baffled how can homosexuallity be so frowned upon in Jianhu if 80% of the guys in the novel are gay... Like literally, how? And also out of nowhere the author puts an emperor, princes and literally disregards everything else just puts them there and thats that,... more>> the miracle doctor too that of 'miraculous' only had the title. The worst was when their fathers appeared, omg... I mean, how could be 40+ and still be behaving like this... What it feels is like the author just insert more people in the story so they could be gay in front of Su Yang so in the end he could reenact that meme of the astronauts: "wait so this is a BL novel?" "... always has been...".

Usually when I read something till the end I still recomend if you don't have anything better to read, but this time, if you're older than 16 please don't read cuz you'll cough blood from so much cringe from this. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 08, 2022
Status: Completed
To be honest, I have mixed feelings regarding this story. I give it 4 stars because there's nothing inherently wrong with the story, I just personally had some trouble finishing it as my interest began waning about 3/4 of the way through the book.

To start with, I want to talk about our MC. I've seen a lot of reviews criticizing the main character's intelligence, and although I agree that he's not a genius by any stretch of the imagination, I feel that the response he's received is a bit unfair.

To... more>> provide some background, the MC is a recent internet "celebrity" (and I use that term very loosely) who attracted a small fan following after winning a dance competition. He livestreams dance videos and that's about it. Because he looks visually similar to the villain in the book Arch-Rivals, the author of the book requests that he be cast in the role of the villain when the author sells the rights to the story for a drama adaptation.

The MC has never acted in his life. He doesn't know any martial arts. He can't read ancient Chinese (which was a detail that I really liked because of its realism and relatability). He's literally just a random guy who can dance and looks hot. He never bothered to read the book that the drama script was adapted from and he didn't even read the whole script: he only read the parts of the script that he was in. As a result, he's wholly unprepared for the story he ends up in and the interactions that follow as a result are golden. I really enjoyed watching him bluff and fumble his way through the story. The opinions (and misconceptions) the other characters develop toward him as a result are wonderful.

The biggest criticism I've seen for our MC pertains to his actions pre-chapter one (the books begins after he's already transmigrated so everything we know from his first few days is provided through narrational recap in chapter one; as a result I won't use a spoiler tag for the next section).

A lot of people seem to think the MC behaved in an irrational or straight up idiotic manner after transmigrating. I disagree with this assessment. In my opinion, his actions immediately after transmigrating are actually quite understandable.

First of all, unlike in other transmigration stories I've read, the MC didn't die when he transmigrated into the script. He got drunk and passed out. Therefore, he has no reason to believe he couldn't go back to his original body if the right conditions are met. If he had died in our world and then transmigrated into the script world as a result, survival at all costs would be his main priority. But then this story would be exactly like every other transmigration story out there. Where would the fun be in that?

Since the MC didn't die, it's perfectly reasonable to think that there should be a way for him to go home and resume his normal life. I don't know about you, but I've experienced multiple stories from books to TV shows and movies that include an alternate reality that's triggered by an event and reversed by reenacting the triggering event. Since I've seen this trope before, why wouldn't our MC also be familiar with this trope? It's reasonable to think that reenacting the triggering event might send the MC home. So, he tries getting drunk again. Unfortunately, that doesn't work.

Since the easiest and most direct path failed, his next thought is basically, well, if this body dies, where would my soul go except back to my real body? Again, this isn't an unreasonable thought. It may seem extreme, but the MC doesn't consider his script-body to be his real body. He describes it as a virtual reality or video game avatar. Because of that, he's not afraid of getting hurt or dying. So, he tries dying (again this is all pre-story so you don't need to worry about reading about these actions in detail). Unfortunately, this also doesn't work.

Now that both reenacting the trigger and dying didn't work, the MC's next thought is, Okay, maybe I just need to finish the script and then I can go home? Again, I think this is a reasonable conclusion to come to. Since he didn't die in our world, his body should just be waiting for him to come back to it. He just needs to figure out the condition (s) that need to be met to go home. So our MC starts playing his role according to the script thinking he can clock out at the end of the script and wake up in the "real world"; this is where the story actually begins.

The MC is established very early on to be simple-minded and stubborn. This is why the story works and is so funny. If he didn't have these two characteristics, he would have given up on the script once it started to derail. Instead, he just keeps trying to follow it, even going so far as to recite his lines when they no longer pertain to the situation and this is hilarious. The author never tries to convince us that the MC is clever or cunning, so I don't know why some readers expect him to be.

The MC's terrible acting abilities, "personality shifts" (between when he's acting and when he's being himself), and fumbling were the part of the story that I enjoyed the most. I especially enjoyed watching the supporting characters come to their own conclusions about the MC that were at times wildly wrong. For me, my interest in the story began to wane once the MC decided to give up on the script and live his life in this world the way he wanted to. At this point, the story hit a lull that I had some trouble getting through. The problem here was perhaps with my interpretation of what I was reading rather than the story itself.


Around the time the MC and ML headed to the snowy mountain to meet the miracle doctor, their dads had a secret meeting where they planned the destruction of the Evil Sect. During this meeting they did set a date for the attack, so maybe I should have realized that the attack hadn't happened yet during the 10 or so chapters that the MC and ML were on the mountain. However, since it was stated that the MC and ML were sent away to keep them out of the battle, I thought the battle had happened without us. This bothered me a lot. I felt like something cool was happening that we were being cheated out of experiencing. Luckily, this wasn't the case. The battle did still happen and the MC and ML were present for the battle. It was just hard for me to appreciate the miracle doctor story arc because I felt like I was missing something exciting while being offered a substantially less interesting consolation prize. Again, this was my fault, not necessarily the story's fault.


My one real complaint with this story is that I found the end of the story a bit confusing. I didn't understand the significance of the bird at the end so it felt like the story just ended really suddenly. Luckily, the meaning behind this is explained in the two extra chapters. However, I would prefer to not have to read extras to understand the ending of the book. That said, I did enjoy the extras and I recommend reading them for what they add to the story.

My final thoughts? This is a low-angst story that is light and fluffy from beginning to end. Naturally there is a happy ending. If you want something that won't cause heartache and often leans toward the silly side, this is a good book for you. Personally, I would have actually preferred more angst before the happy ending, but an easy read isn't bad either. <<less
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Aug 02, 2021
Status: Completed
I love this novel so much!!! The pacing is good and understandable. I expected this novel to be a light-read, but this actually some angst in it.

I just love how MC and ML really care for each other. It really shows how much they love each other like ughhfhshdgj<33

... more>>

Like how MC held ML 'hostage' because he needed to cure ML's poison, and was determined to save ML. Or how ML was willing to kneel (which symbolized lowering one's dignity), so that MC would be cured from his sickness. (This part made me cry because MC was literally between the line of life and death, but ML was always there by his side no matter :'))


MC being determined to be a villain and go through the original plot, treating the world as if it's just a fictional story, is actually understandable. I mean, he literally went into another world. With no idea how to come back to his original world, what other option would there be, but to complete the story? But even if he acts 'evil', the ML can still see through his facade 🤣🤣 MC is really just an innocent boy transmigrated into a novel.

The side characters are all well-written as well.


Like MC's father and ML's father having history together (they're past lovers, but became enemies because of some circumstances), OgFL getting together with MC's friend, ML's friend moving on from his love of MC


Everything about this novel is what I love.

Highly recommended!! <<less
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Apr 27, 2021
Status: Completed
It's very sweet !! In the beginning there is comedy and it is very light, but in the middle it starts to have a little bit of suffering and dog blood.

The MC is very human, after transmigrating he gets scared and thinks (maybe because he sees this in novels) that to return to his world he must follow the plot. But the truth is that he has completely gone out of the way of the plot since the beginning, since he is a good person and the body he transmigrated... more>> is a blackened villain, he just cannot escape his kind heart. MC tries a lot to look like a villain but in the end everyone sees under his mask, it's very funny.

(I separated into parts according to the events)

The first part of the story is about MC and ML getting to know young people, through some misunderstandings and also from ML discovering that MC is not as the rumors say, the lives of the two are intertwined. Even so, ML is still very attentive and suspicious about what MC does, while MC still tries to take the plot.

The second part begins after MC leaves and returns to his own sect, there is a little drama and suffering here. (It reminded me of romeo and juliet, ML being from the good faction and MC from the evil faction XD). Here, too, is where the backstory begins to unfold, along with the novel. Realize that MC is somewhat suicidal, he has no sense of belonging in that world, deep down he subconsciously believes that after dying here he will still be alive in his own world. MC and ML are very careful with each other even though they are not in a relationship.
At this point the plot is already a mess and MC starts to be more sincere in his attitudes, but still with a little reluctance.


every time he almost died it has to do with ML what is sweet and bitter.


The third part is after MC and ML start dating (more or less between chapters 60 and 70, I don't remember exactly), there are many twists and turns before they got here and I was barely able to sigh in relief because bad things are still happening :')


ML was poisoned and MC manages to save him, but for that he needed to cultivate something that would hurt himself, and he did it. So now the one who is sick is MC. Tell me if he is not romeo and romeo.


Here there are a greater focus on their relationship and later on also on the background plot that did not disappoint me! It was not surprising, but still very good! In the end, we still talked about the possibility of MC coming back to his world and the ending was perfect for both of them, very deserved and sweet.

i just got addicted to it !! I couldn't drop it for a whole day until I finished. Really very good! The relationship between MC and ML is very beautiful, pink bubbles were everywhere. <<less
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Jan 28, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was beyond my expectations, I think the title might be at fault for the initial low ones. :)))

The author has a way of making the protagonists feel real. I was sucked into their story and relationship that evolves beyond the pages.

For one thing I do not like brainless angst that is tricking an artificial conflict/emotion/response from the reader (angst for the sake of angst) and I stay clear from tragedies in BL novels. But this novel... OMG... the progression is so smooth and in accordance with the... more>> story and character setting that, I realized, even with MLT, I was too much involved in the emotions of the main couple (not to the point of crying since I am not that emotional and the author does not abuse the protagonists to the max, but in a change of emotions from the day to day boring routine). I wanted so much for them to succeed and be happy.

I was also happy with the MC who tries his best (even if he was stuck for longer that I would have liked in the script he originally knew) and with the ML who is very down to earth and a natural problem solver. The power dynamic between the two is very balanced and fair.

This is a memorable story that sticks with me even now after some weeks have passed since I finished it. And, at the same time a very rare potential re-read after the translation is finished.

It is not a perfect novel, but I am not here to look for perfect and neither should you. Just give this one a try and see if it is your cup of tea. <<less
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Dec 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Let me tell ya, the second hand embarrassment was so strong omlord. Idk how many times I had to physically stop reading for a few seconds because I could not handle this hilarious MC 💀💀💀

I'm so thankful of character development! All hail character development!!

That aside, like many other reviewers have said, this novel is fluffy BUT it gets extremely angsty and intense in the latter half of the story.

I literally could not stop my heart from racing and ngl, I sped read a few chapters (specifically 2x speed) because I... more>> was so anxious to know what would happen next. The author deserves an applause for this. Very good writing :D

The characterization of the characters is also good. The MC starts out naive in the beginning but assimilates in this dog eat dog world over time.

The ML starts out green and righteous but slowly becomes a strong husband <3

As for the side characters, phew boi, some of the side characters story is so intense. Like, super-dog-blood-tear-your-heart-out-HHWCS-war-flashbacks-intense.

I-my heart goes out to the lead's fathers. That was so painful to read and if they were the main story I'd be bawling. I wouldn't be able to handle it in all honesty.

But thankfully, everyone gets their happy ending. So don't worry.

However, out of personal preference, I didnt like that the author

glossed over the original Su Yang's death (?) and how our MC Su Yang transmigrated over into the novel.

Additionally, like one of the reviewers have stated, the "script" Su Yang transmigrated to, or novel, had the author (Qingbo) of that script/novel be god.

I was fine with this plot detail but I felt like the story could have been better without this. But it certainly did make my anxiety go down because Qingbo needs to rewrite the ending of her tragedy books into happy ones lmao.

She deserves to get chased by that vicious empress she wrote of in one of her novels. Serves you right for being a tragedy writing author!!!


Overall, a good book! The author did well with world building, plot, side plot, side characters, and writing! MTL is easy to understand and I shed a few tears reading some paragraphs, to which, I'm going to add in a spoiler highlight because it made me really sad. But like, in a masochistic way.


Reminder that this translation is from mtl and edited based on my understanding but does not stray too far from Google sensei's words :)

Sad Highlight:

Gu Fei hugged Su Yang tightly into his arms before squeezimg his eyes shut tightly to prevent his tears from falling down.

"I know... you don't want to make me sad" he whispered into Su Yang's ear. "... Then, I will laugh with you... everyday."

(Notes: Let me tell you the build up to this really made my nose sore and heart sour. Oh my poor babies, especially ML, he turns into a big crying bag because Su Yang is... (not telling you ^^)


There were others but the author threw in some fluff that made me smile so if you want to know then go on and read the story!


Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
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Oct 05, 2020
Status: Completed
I love how the author portrayed the MC and the ml. As I have been reading quite a lot of transmigration story, I love how the MC tried to go back to his original life and pondering about it. It seem real and I understand how the MC feel. He was lost and afraid at first. It was just like a dream since it seems unreal. I love how he keep saving the ML despite his character as a villain. He was such a nice person.

I love the romance. They... more>> didn't tried to hide their feelings. They both always tried to put others before them. It makes me happy as a reader. I really love the MC for choosing the ML in the end. <<less
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Oct 23, 2022
Status: --
I just started this but I don’t get why people are saying that the MC is dumb for trying to follow the original script for the story? He tried to k*ll himself to stop the story from moving forward and THAT didn’t work so it was logical for him to assume that he needed to follow the original plot. I don’t get why that is considered dumb of him?? If I was in the unfamiliar situation he was in, I would do the same to try and have some control.... more>> Just an opinion, since I see a lot of people unfairly criticizing the MC. <<less
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