The Fierce Illegitimate Miss


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Yu Linglong is the shu (born of a concubine) daughter in a general’s family. Since her mother was only a tribute dancer, her position is the lowest of the low. She used to live with her mother outside the father’s residence, and they only received some monthly money from him. He didn’t bother seeing them. But when her mother dies, she moves into the general’s residence.

The general is a very irresponsible and violent man. He doesn’t really get attached to women, just letting his lust dictate his actions. His wife is a jealous woman, who killed one of his previous concubines, because he doted on her too much. She similarly wants to get rid of Yu Linglong, in part to vent her frustrations over her husband’s cheating habits.

Because the sixth miss – the general’s legitimate daughter, was bitten by a snake, she needs detoxification. The cure was apparently getting poisoned by scorpions, to fight one poison with another. But since she’s already weak, they decided it would be better if she drank the blood of someone poisoned by scorpions instead. The general’s madam naturally decided to use Yu Linglong’s blood. During the process of getting bitten by the scorpion, the original timid Yu Linglong died of fright (and maybe poison? it’s never made clear). Then Yu Mei takes over her body.

Yu Mei is a modern woman. She was some mafia boss, so she’s very capable with fighting and overbearing attitude. She died because the man she fell in love with betrayed her and killed her. So she doesn’t trust easily afterward.

Since she took over Yu Linglong’s body, she refuses to adapt to the circumstances of a lowly illegitimate daughter, and uses her violence to fight for a peaceful life, where no one will challenge her and plot against her. Basically, she beats them up into submission. In the meantime, she acquires a tail – a very persistent prince, who only seems to stick to her harder, the colder she treats him. Did ancient men have such heavy tastes, she wonders.

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The Illegitimate Miss Must Be Fierce
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New Ellyon rated it
June 4, 2023
Status: c95
Some how made it to chapter 95 but honestly it's starting to feel more like a task to continue reading. It's like I'm waiting for some progress in the story that's not coming and the MTL doesn't help.

FL is VERY ferocious in the beginning, which I liked. It's the lack of development in her methods afterwards that's boring for me. She solves everything with her fists and violence and it just get's repetetive and out of hand.

The ML situation is another bag of worms. She was hurt and betrayed in... more>> the last life so fair to say that she doesn't trust now. But the way she treats him and the way he doesn't take a no for an answer is both disturbing. Now I know why he started persuing her in the beginning but their relationship just screams toxicity with the sheer pack of regard towards one another.

FL is not smart. For someone who's supposedly built an empire in her previous life she's neither smart enough or resourceful enough outside her "Battle mode" to make tjat believable. This could've been explained in a better and more logical way than "she gives zero F's no matter what" but the whole story goes the rout of "telling" instead of "showing". So it turns very shallow very fast.

I'm not gonna write more in depth. I've droped it. Read about the end and felt that it wasn't worth to continue the torture of MTL.

Hope you don't feel like I do if you decide to read it. <<less
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ludagad rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c1
I read further into the raws, but I'm not going to spoil. I just want to say, I got the impression that the author read one too many revenge novels with female leads who have to speak their way out of trouble and trap their enemies with their wit, to the point that she (assuming it's a female author) got sick and tired and decided to vent her feelings in this novel...

It's highly unrealistic that a weak-bodied girl would be able to beat up people with martial training, it's even... more>> more unlikely that she won't be jailed, but just let go to run rampant. But I didn't read the novel expecting realism. To me, it's a pure venting tool. An example of 'What if...': what if things could be solved swiftly with a few fists, instead of dragging on and on in a fight of who's more eloquent. What if the lady simply beat up her enemies and lived with a light heart. Wouldn't it feel nice? I've had similar such thoughts when reading other novels, leading me to daydream about a violent badass heroine. That's why I was so satisfied with this novel. <<less
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Fantasy-Magician rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c54
Another transmigration story, but this is no Princess Wei Yang. At least by RAW chapter 54 this story is less darker than most with how as the summary put it, the MC Yu LingLong didn't use silver tongue like most MC of this genre but her fist. In fact she barely talk about justifying her action, she is like punch first and speak later.

As of now this story seems to lean to comedy rather than political intrigue, there's no dull moment of how Yu LingLong spends her day not taking... more>> her family's attempt to straighten her out. She certainly didn't waste her time to put fear of God in her family. Her relationhip with Male Lead and her maids is especially entertaining.
  • There's nothing romantic about her first meeting with ML, she beat him up but it seems he is a masochist so she got a stalker.
  • Her loyal maid *a staple in this genre for the poor young miss* at first is a timid mouse whose first act whenever her miss is bullied is either throwing herself to be meat shield or suggesting them to run away from home. A dozen chapter later, the angry general dad come and her first reaction is to grab a wooden bat and handed it to Yu Linglong as weapon. It says a lot of how good this girl adapt to her new miss, Yu Linglong is very amused.
  • Her other maid, Ling'er is smarter and come later. She saw ML playing music to woo her miss right in their front yard, her reaction is complimenting the scenery + handsome guy is more beautiful than painting before coming back in and says "Miss, it's the prince again!" as if a prince is no different than a persistent salesman
All in all, this is a hilarious light reading... however three stars because it's quite unrealistic a girl so unruly in body that never work out *she is a skilled fighter but that body is a weak young miss* can beat

her general dad so easily

and she is a bit too reliant to violence so far. Not exactly a masterpiece but OK for light reading. <<less
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Skite rated it
October 22, 2020
Status: c20
You ever sit through reading yet another intricate verbal sparring match thinking "does anyone ever really think this hard or care?" or have to wait through 200+ chapters of excessively elaborate revenge that never really shows up, while wondering "why didn't she just stab them? It would be faster and more satisfying"?

We've all been there, and this is the novel for us!

A harem issue that would normally take 50 chapters of well staged scheming, the big wife not feeding the poor, concubine-born daughter, is handled in a moment when the... more>> MC decides to beat the crap out the ones who have been starving her and steal the food. You'll feel like cheering! There's a wonderful, gladiatorial rush for vengeance. This is going to be bloody, and violent, and no one will be spared. I think that's my favorite part, that the male characters, so often the real cause for the harem drama they conveniently overlook, are punished as well.

My main complaint is that the translations are fractured across so many translators, it's difficult to read smoothly and continuously. <<less
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Palanca rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: v1
I love the fact that the main protagonist is straight forward and does not f** around. She has spunk. She is a much more believable modern person that transmigrated with the gangster background than all those others. It is more inticing than the repetitive carbon copies of "multi-talented and attractive yet cold and scheming witch"

That is all I have to say about this.

It is refreshing and much more relatable and also understandable.
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Xixi rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: Completed

This novel was really suited to my tastes, she's the kind of female that gives no face and just acts, she's extremely blunt and doesn't care about the consequences at all. In better words, she uses her fists in almost all situations. I've read so many of the female transmigration novels and get sick of the female characters enduring the bullying but get their results in the long run, this female character, however, does not endure at all, she gives them a slap and sends them straight to hell. This is an extremely satisfying novel, though it is very unrealistic the female lead has the power to be so physically strong, she's smart and gives no face to anyone- princess, prince or even the emperor.

As for the male lead, it's nice that he doesn't fall in love right away with her. Although he isn't exactly my top male lead, he's not bad and at least cares a lot for the female lead. However, once their relationship does actually start, it gets a little boring and loses the spark they had in the very beginning.

Oh the 2nd male lead, poor guy... I think the author could've done a better job with this guy, but what can you say, first come first serve.

What I didn't like about this novel was that the ending was really rushed and not as satisfying or tying the loose ends as it should of been, everything just kind of happened with a boom and then it ended. I felt like some things weren't explained well and were left confusing, and some side characters that popped up once and twice were made into a large plot. Yeah, I didn't really like the ending that much.

Overall, for a story that has 173 chapters and not 3000 chapters, this is a pretty good novel to spend your time on and is better than the majority of the female transmigration novels.

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LazyDays rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: --
If you're sick of intricate, badly written plots of revenge, don't worry.

MC here solves everything with her fists.

In a world where violence is a good method to get your way, laws against assault probably don't exist, and 99% of problems can be solved with a punch to the face, one woman will beat everyone up until she gets her way.

It's a good catharsis to drama filled revenge stories.
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Ayuvic98 rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: c58
How do I put it, it's a very unrealistic story. You can't beat up just anyone without any real power.

The MC used to be a mafia boss lady in her last life with power and money. Now she was just an illegitimate child of a general with no power or backing, yet she acts unscrupulous as though she owns the world. In a realistic sense, if u beat up the general he has people (trained martial artists) under him for his protection and all. So how is it possible for... more>> her to beat him up? Not to mention the fact that the body that she transmigrated into was the body of a weak little girl. Where did all the strength come from?

As for the ML, if the ML hadn't fallen in love with her, he could very much take her life considering he was a royal. She could fight 1 man or 2. But what about legions of royal soldiers. She says she would even go against the emperor, but does she have the backing and power to do so? She doesn't considers, she is like my fists will talk. Baby, fists can't solve all ur problems in life. That's just the theory of the s*upid and bullheaded.

Later it seems, she acts unscrupulous only with the help of the ML's backing. And ama like WTF!?

GIRL didn't you say to rely on others is too shameful and useless? Hypocritical much!!??

It's a very unrealistic story with unrealistic views. I feel the AUTHOR just jotted down something caz she wanted to write about a crazy bullheaded mafia female lead. Yah, I'm quitting here. <<less
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Amaterasu69 rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: c120
Dropped it because the MC became too unlikeable and Mary Sueish

She is a complete Mary Sue. She has no mercy or sympathy for anyone. She doesn't have a shred a human decency. The only ones she treats nicely are her sycophants.

This turned from "family is conspiring against her" to random 15 year old girls conspiring against her and coming up with simple s*upid plans to frame her and ruin her reputation. In return she arranges for them to be r*ped, to die, to be disfigured, to live miserable lives with... more>> old men and so on.

She and those who displease her are on completely different levels of cruelty and plotting.

And despite this she is such a stunning beauty that every worthy, powerful, rich man who meets her once falls for her. I dropped it after she married the prince -- he went to great lengths to make his family allow the marriage and all she did up to that point was beat him, throw away his gifts, verbally abuse him etc and that made him fall in love with her. Maybe he's a masochist.

This is not satisfying to read. <<less
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jkitten rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: Completed
The first major arc of this novel is incredibly fun, especially if you've read a lot of reincarnation/transmigration courtyard scheming and revenge-type fiction. Where the typical MC from those types of stories present a very different persona to the world compared to what they're really like, and use schemes within schemes to fight against their traitorous family members, the MC here doesn't give a damn and solves her problems with pure naked force and violence. She doesn't even hesitate to beat up her newfound family members and force them into... more>> submission. As every plot set up by her scheming sisters, stepmother or unruly servants were resolved with decisive and brutal violence, I was wondering how the novel could possibly keep up this level of intensity.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. As soon as the focus shifted away from dealing with her family members, the novel loses its unique identity and really stops doing anything different from the countless other web novels in its genre. Despite the Strong to Stronger tag,

as far as I can tell, the MC never actually gets stronger. When she starts encountering people who are stronger than her, it doesn't seem to occur to her to try to improve her skills, so instead she just gets manhandled, kidnapped and just has to wait for the ML to rescue her. Very disappointing.

What I expected was a novel about an ass kicking MC with no fear of repercussions, and I got... around 50 chapters of that. Maybe that would be OK if what replaced it was as good, but the main plot just isn't very good, the antagonist is flat and uninteresting and the ending is genuinely awful. Massive letdown. <<less
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MidstNost rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: --
I don't have any gripes on this story, I like it a lot actually. The character reminds me of Shi Sheng, not the scheming MC type but still violent type.
My only rant here is that: I *hate* when translators gangb**g a novel (I use that term when different translators take the same novel at once, making the releases confusing and incongruent). This novel has been translated for over 3 years now (I remember seeing this story when I just started reading webnovels, probs about two years ago), and you... more>> tell me it still only has 15 chapters? Why is it that most of the time good novels are always being picked up by bad translators? Can't we just have nice things for once? <<less
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dramamonster rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Almost all the recently completed translated chinese novels on this website are BL/yaoi/shounen ai, and this was a rare BG one, so I read it.

The basic plot line was somewhat interesting. Mafia lady boss transmigrates into abused illegitimate daughter in ancient times. Her dad is a violent drunk, her step-mom and step-sisters are all murderous vipers, and she gets quick bloody revenge on everyone. 3 handsome men all fall in love with her, against her wishes, against her rejections, and will risk anything to obtain her.


    • The translation is readable, but you can tell it's a modified MTL. The Crown Prince is repeatedly called "the prince" (when there are at least 9 princes), when he should just be the Crown Prince. Prince Xu is also called lord Xu, Lord Xu, Xu Wang, Wang Xu, ninth prince, Nine brothers, etc. There are many servants, and even just one particular female servant is called Cui Mama, Mother Qian, Mama Cut, Qian Mama, and Mama Qian. Which is confusing when I already have trouble telling characters apart.
    • The MC is very violent. To be fair, when people try to poison/murder/beat/whip/murder her, she bashes them in the head with the nearest rock/item, pierces their face/wrist, beats them bloody to teach them to leave her alone (there's a lot more, but that's all I can remember off the top of my head). Even in public or at parties. Then she is left in peace. But when the people come back and try to murder her again, then she bashes/kills/plots them to death. There are only a few people who aren't actively trying to murder her in her home, so there's a lot of dead people by the end. Most of the story, she is either bashing people in the head, killing people, adventuring out in the woods with a handsome male, or sitting elegantly in her bedroom surrounded by maids.
    • The 15-year-old MC is super beautiful, super cold, super ruthless. She is strong/skilled enough to beat up soldiers, Generals, and everyone. Except the two older ML, whose martial arts surpass her so much that she is a weak kitten struggling ineffectively in their arms when they hold her against her will.
    • The MC is so amazing that men (even outstanding 13 year old boys) fall in love with her without any encouragement from her, ignore all her rejections, barely talk with her, but are obsessively focused on getting her
    • Spoiler

      All of the above continue until around Chapter 150 (of 173). Once married, the MC discovers everything the ML did for her and all his sacrifices, melts in love with her husband and they instantly become each other's true love, safe harbour, and everything, and everything they do is for each other.

Initially, it was refreshing to see all the harem scheming immediately stopped by the MC beating up the tormentors. But halfway,

I really wanted to give up because the characters all felt like thin caricatures. There is very little interesting dialogue, the story just rushes from plot point to plot point, and the romantic relationships are very immaturely done. So, if you like it, you like it. I couldn't get into it. At least it was short, compared to some 1000+ chapter similar stories. I'll give it 3 stars for the translator's readability, completing the translation, different/interesting plot points, decently short length, and remove 2 stars for the shallow characters, relationships, and lack of plot logic.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
honeybunny55 rated it
October 25, 2019
Status: Completed
EDIT: put the first part of my review when I had only read up until ch 15 in the bottom spoiler. Feel free to skip it if you want and just read the second half of my review from after I finished the story.

... more>>

I've finally found it. The story I've been waiting for.

Is it cliche and unrealistic? Yes, 100%. Am I loving every minute of it? You bet your ass I am.

The tag line for this story should be "do you ever just want to stop being nice? Do you ever just want to go apeshit?" Because that's basically what this story is LOL.

Recently, I've been reading a lot of stories that have a large amount of petty drama in it. It's frustrating to sit and read as the MC gets torn down only for her to finally get her revenge like 100-1000 chapters later (lol.). My most recent read was Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard and god what a frustrating and annoying read that was. Sooo much dumb petty drama and sooo much of the heroine being "I'm so cool sticks n stones may break my bones but words can't hurt me look how cool I am I'm just a big fat giant doormat, come step on me, I love it when people step all over me, I won't even get mad because I just LOOOVE getting stepped on -"

Anyways. You get it.

But here it is. The story you'll enjoy if you just wanna read about an MC mercilessly beating the ever living God out of everybody around her.

And yes. That was what I was looking for.

Furthermore, the story is short at only 173 chapters, which I incredibly appreciate. A story like this with little plot but mostly fighting isn't something that could be stretched out that long. 173 chapters is fine imo, although 173 is probably still pushing it considering the lack of plot 15 chapters in lmao.

I've only read to chapter 15 and I'm enjoying it so much I had to write a review. She just... literally every time somebody looks at her wrong she'll just beat the sh*t out of them.


Although the plot of story (or lack thereof lol) so far really only qualifies at a 2-3 star area but the sheer enjoyment I'm getting out of it bumped it up to 5 stars.

Hopefully the rest of the raws don't disappoint! 8D



Okay I finished it. I knocked it down to 4 stars. As expected, the story begins to become draggy after a while. The ML and MC don't get together until like.... maybe 20 or 30 chapters until the ending, which I find kind of ridiculous for a story that's only 173 chapters long.

The MC denies the ML for way too long imo. She just acts like a huge bit*h to him the majority of the time, and after a while it stops being interesting and just annoying.

I did knock it down a point because yeah - it got really draggy after a bit. Also, I hated the ending. I thought the ending was the worst and way too rushed. To me, it was like, the author said "Okay I've gotten this far, I'm bored, let's just end it" and that was that. Then, it ended. A bunch of loose ends never ended up getting tied up or they were very hastily tied up.

And now that I've finished this, I should forewarn people right now. This story is definitely pretty violent. I'm not bothered by it, but yeah, others might be. I mean the body count in this 173 chapter long story is kind of insane lmao.


She ruins the reputation of nearly every single person in her family's house, save for I think one of the brothers and that's only because he was smart and was like "peace out" and ran off.

She killed the eldest son by beating him to death with her father's whip, the second son ran off to save his own skin, the third son was taken away by his mother when she eloped, her father died being bitten by scorpions, her second sister became a nun (the sister of the brother who ran off, the only smart pair LMAO), her third sister she sold to a brothel where she was gang r*ped and completely slashed up before freezing to death, her fifth sister she ruined her reputation and then arranged her to be married to a butcher, her sixth sister (the legitimate daughter) was humiliated in front of people and beaten so hard her teeth came out and then holed herself up because nobody would marry her. She beat the mother a bunch of times and then poisoned her with the same poison she used to kill the grandmother.

As for the concubines, one of them eloped with a servant, and then the other one our MC helped out at first but when she turned on our MC, our MC arranged for her to be discovered by the General with another man. He then kicked her pregnant ass out of the house, and eventually she was beaten and her child was about to be born and she went to a medical center. After that tho she was never seen again, even tho she like swore revenge lmao.

Literally when she married out, there was nobody left in the entire house. Even her fifth sister had already been married off to the butcher.

Then there's the fact that she beat people so hard that she knocked their teeth out sometimes, she stabbed a bunch of needles, some of them hitting bone, into a s*ave girl who was watching the house under the Crown Prince's orders, she also arranged for the Crown Princess to be caught sleeping with a guard in front of all the other princes and princesses, she also had one of the girls - Yang Yunzhen I think?? - literally burned to death in front of her brother Yang Huanian because she kept scheming against Shi Huiru, who was a naive but true friend to our MC. Our MC was hella pissed when she was murdered under the machinations of Yang Yunzhen and ultimately had her burned to death by dousing her with oil and letting the fire burn her, forcing her brother to watch helplessly from the sidelines. And then she let the brother live cus she promised Shi Huiru she'd let him live, but he was like dead inside after that.

She also destroyed the entire Feng family, starting with the son and then ruining the rest of the family. I think the son had to walk on barbed wire iirc and he had his fingers cut off and sent to his father as a threat. She also extorted the entire family for literally all their money lmao.

There's more. Trust me, I swear to god somebody was getting their ass handed to them every single chapter. It was insane lol


The ML is not my favorite, I thought him too frivolous and annoying but after they get together and I heard his life story, I did have a bit more pity for him. After she accepts him she becomes WAYYY better too. It's too bad she couldn't have accepted him a little earlier on....... lol.

As for the second ML, I didn't like him. I didn't like him from the beginning, and I didn't like him at the end.

My biggest gripe was the ending. It was just so rushed. I really disliked it. If it weren't for the journey being mostly enjoyable, I would have knocked it down more stars.

The overarching plot of this is kind of s*upid too. I felt like it was supposed to be more hashed out, but I really think the author just got bored/tired/whatever and just decided to hastily finish the story, plot be damned.

That being said, it's short, and it's a quick read. I still enjoyed reading it and honestly, it was pretty satisfying to finally read a story where the heroine just beats everybody up, logic, laws and morality all aside and tossed out the window.

She does get a bit more restrained in later chapters and isn't constantly beating people up every chapter, but when she does retaliate, boy does she retaliate.

Ultimately, despite it's shortcomings, it was still an amusing read for me. I'd only recommend it if you have time, you're bored of just reading crafty palace dramas and want to read about someone going absolutely apesh*t against her opponents. <<less
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Nelle rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: c33
Dropped. After 33 chapters, the plot has not advanced at all. All that happened was introducing new characters and then having the new character be beaten up by MC. It's a waste of time honestly. She already stopped being a badass, she's just an ass at this point. The author does not pay attention to details. At the beginning when MC has a bloody arm and scorpions are scattered all over the place, we did not get anything explaining how she moved when her arm is injured and what happened to the scorpions afterwards. In another instance, MC's maid receives a "long bloody mark on her face" (exact words used), but they went home with no mention of this after, the people they encounter did not notice this and their conversations are too casual for someone with a bloody face. She also gets away with beating up people in public with no repercussions at all.

Ch 22 in particular is ridiculous.

when citizens know how to close their doors so they will not encounter the drunk wanton prince, our MC doesn't even hurry in walking. The prince spotted her and her maid in the streets with no other people in sight because again, they know better that they should hide. MC banters with him and he whips her maid giving her a "long bloody mark on her face." MC then kicked him off his horse and proceeded to steal his horse. The prince goes into her residence the next morning because of his horse. They then proceed to banter again. MC's legal mother comes in, shows her "bullies the weak, fears the strong" attitude, and embarrasses herself. The chapter ends with MC picking up her legal mother so she can beat her up - all of this while the prince is watching. I felt like a cannon fodder watching the MC be s*upidly looking for trouble. She was rude in all her conversations. She claims that she's adjusting to the ancient china life, but she still acts so rudely outside of her residence. I face-palmed so hard when she gained the prince's respect for being rude to the prince. Wtf man. Their banter is also dumb, like children fighting in the playground.

Ch 24: the prince tells her "you are very special" - after she almost beat up her legal mother, but decided to just beat up her brother in front of him. *Rolls my eyes*

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January 16, 2023
Status: c73
Summary: The FL is a transmigrator called Yu Mei. She was a girl boss in her past life, used to beating others up for her gain. After being betrayed by her lover --- who she gave everything up for, only to be killed by him in the end --- she woke up as Yu Linglong, the low-born concubine daughter of General Yu. Yu Linglong had just recently died because of Mu Shi's (the first wife of General Yu) torture, and the awakened Yu Mei is barely given any time to... more>> react. As such, she goes in a violent beating mode straightaway. This becomes her calling card of sorts XD Whenever something happens, she'll beat someone up. This is also the case when she met the dandy Prince Xu (who is the ML).

THOUGHTS? Honestly, I didn't expect this to be so boring. I thought it would be a fierce back-and-forth kind of deal, but from the very beginning, no one could beat the FL. So there was absolutely no tension. It was just watching a wild girl beat everyone up over and over again XD It's fun at first, if only because it's so different from the usual. However, after a while, it got tiring. Maybe it gets better after a while, but I got too impatient to keep reading. (To provide some perspective, despite having made it to Ch. 73, I only read 20% of the content (the distribution between the chapters is peculiar. I suppose the later chapter are a loooooot longer. That was long enough, who knows how long it will take for the story to start doing something different.)

ANYWAY... since I didn't read even half of the content, I won't be rating this. If I did, I'm afraid it would be pretty low. Around the 2-3s. It'll just have to wait for me to reread later, maybe when I'm feeling more patient. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
February 26, 2022
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this. It was a great change of pace from the usual complicated revenge plans. Don't get me wrong those are good as well, but changing things up every now and then keeps it fresh.

The main character might as well be called punch it girl. Everything that annoyed her she just beat the stuffings out of. Really made the story great for stress relief.

I loved the story but I would have to recommend saving until after you have had to deal with an unreasonable lunatic. It will do... more>> wonders to take the edge off. <<less
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December 25, 2021
Status: c98
I'm only 6 chapters deep but so far this is like crack. I've read so many WNs where the dukes daughter MC or whatever gets treated like sh*t by servants and just takes it. This MC isn't taking anyones shit.

edit: MC is taking someones shit, dropping this down to a 2. The ML treats the MC like an object and at some point she just starts to accept it. This is why chinese romance is tr*sh. Also she seems to get weaker later in the story, just so the... more>> ML can save her. <<less
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Zephki rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: c60
At first I was excited about the MC beating the crap out of the 'bad people', but soon enough it was her who became the bad one.

It was too much; too much beating, to everyone, every moment, every episode. Like a mad dog really, not likable at all. And don't get me wrong, I love badass MC's, but this was not badass but tasteless.

The way she treats the person who is treating her so kindly and crushing his dignity to pursue her... I simply stopped reading when I hoped someone... more>> would teach her a lesson so she stops being a d*ck once and for all. <<less
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yamibae rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Basically a guilty pleasure read, this is best read after reading various similar genre historical CN transmigration novels where the MC has to use their brain to play little schemes or interest so and so with their "unique" transmigrated skill. In this novel the MC is very straightforward, she just beats the sh*t out of every person however unrealistic it is. You need to detatch yourself from reality to read it since the MC's body is chronologically only 14 and probably starved/untrained in martial arts yet she can beat up... more>> fully grown men.

Basically just a face slapping novel nothing much to be said, shallow plot and shallow characters throughout the novel. <<less
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bunnydesuuu rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: Completed
3/5 Dropped this halfway. FL went past the strong-independent trait and straight into overbearing and physical. Although she didn't create any trouble and all the problems were caused by other people around her being unreasonable, the way she solved it was usually violence. It gets boring after awhile. Moreover, the story is mainly about the inner courtyard of her house and there was practically zero romance. ML barely appeared maybe less than 10 times and I was already at chapter 111. The two potential ML were equally forceful and unreasonable,... more>> no buildup of the relationship. They just thought she was interesting since she was so fierce. Overall, not very interesting. Ok to read if you're into female cat fights I guess... <<less
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March 2, 2021
Status: c144
Erm... I don't even know what exactly to say at this point. I resumed reading the mtl version from chapter 108-144. I'm dropping this because it's no longer interesting.

I like strong FL. Like physically strong FL, someone who can defend and fight for herself and that's exactly what our FL is. BUT. She's too violent for me. You might say 'duh??? She's a mafia boss from her past life?' I GET IT OKAY? But she literally solves everything through violence. She only toned down around what? Chapter 130+? Lol. She's... more>> also capable of scheming and outwitting her family but she mostly (by this I mean 8/10) solves everything through violence and intimidation. There were times when I just want to smack her and tell her to think more. There were situations where she made it worst because she's too hot tempered. She only realized it after she's already part of something bigger—and there's no way out.

For our ML, he's unrealistically and ridiculously devoted that I also thought he's a masochist. I don't really have much problem with except that he appeals plain to me. Lacks personality. Meh. <<less
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