Wife, You Can’t Run After Eating


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Scheming female assassin transmigrated to become the weak Eldest Miss.

Cold calculating emperor?

Genius bad crown prince?

Insidious happy-go-lucky prince?

Gentle physician?

Ice-cold mystery male?

Who is her true love?

Haha, but she only eats, definitely will not take responsibility! Beautiful men be careful!

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Nương tử, ăn xong không được trốn
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Czarinananana rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: --

... more>>

The female lead Is GOALS! If you read the novel, you will know why. She's a real PLAYGIRL who's smart and LAZY AF but still goals. Well, TBH, she's not the MAIN MAIN STAR HERE.

The MAIN MAIN STARSSSSSS HERE ARE THE MALE LEADSSSSS?? not 1, not 2, not 3 not even 10 because as long as you're handsome and she likes, she'll target. They fall in love just about immediately. It's as easy as 123 for her (she is a very experienced flirt).

First man she deverginized (if deverginized is even a word who the f cares?)


An assanin (Idk really. Not so sure. He's a member of an ancient black organization). Handsome, loyal, and virg*n boi FOR SHORT PERFECT. My type? This guy is my favorite because I feel that he's the one of the few that really fell in love with our MC. Others are more obsessed to her than in love. Soooo...


Second man


The ex fiancé's brother. He got drugged and our MC "resisted" because she didn't want to get tangled up with any royalty. She became his first woman (yes, he was a virg*n boi also) and he now wants her to marry him which obvi our slag MC didn't like.




THE EX FIANCÉ's sister's fiancé. (Grammar police don't sue me) She seduced him on purpose because the sister was making fun of her saying no one wants her. The guy fell in love-more like obsessed with her.


She plans to deverginize more men. Her list is long but I still haven't read that far YET. (Exam day for AdDU students!)

The EX FIANCÉ is a d*ck and he'll be miserable sooner or later. (trust me)

The theif sister


became a concubine instead. Unmarried pregnancy and the ex fiancé also fell in love with the MC (loser) ?


The MC is a Pure Winner. She doesn't suffer any sh*t (Great life AF) and TRUST ME THIS MAKES THE STORY GREAT NOT BORING. It's a typical winner girl novel but BETTER. ENJOY?

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KKristen rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c40
Not sure why this has such a high rating.

This is a very standard black-bellied female MC reincarnation story:

  • A dangerous expert from the modern world reincarnates in the body of a weak and rejected noble girl in ancient times. She then proceeds to immediately adjust to her new situation, do a completely unsubtle 180-degree personality change, and woo all the men in the vicinity.
Some notes:

... more>>
  • Throw out all your logic, like why it would be ok for an unmarried female to suddenly change personalities and act indecently out in society. Instead, just focus on how OP and instantly in control the main character is.
  • Can't tell the many male characters apart? Neither can I. They don't act like real people anyway, so just enjoy how "hot" they are (actually, their physical descriptions are also lacking, so just assume that they are generic faceless hot dudes), and the "hot scenes" that come with them.
I will say one thing for this story:

  • It is refreshing to see a flirty and seductive female MC. Never in all my years have I seen a character first react to an assassination attempt by grabbing the assassin's... naughty bits...
So, it's a fun story even if it makes no sense.

I'll keep reading this for now, and update my review later on. Chapters are released very very slowly so it may be a long time.


  • Even though you would expect this novel to be steamy/smutty, it is very poorly written and lacks detail in those areas. So if you're hoping for some heart-pounding romance or sexy scenes, you'll be very disappointed.
  • The author is not good at writing flirting scenes or believable dialogue, and any "activities" or "rolling in the sheets" are rushed or skipped.
  • Basically all you'll get is "he kissed her, he grabbed her, then they went behind a curtain in another room, and did things that the reader can't know about, the chapter ends, and suddenly it's the next morning."
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ rated it
September 7, 2017
Status: Completed
I admit that I'm hooked by that polyandry tag! This kind of story is as rare as phoenix's hair on NU (see I learn something after reading all that chinese novel XD)

The series itself is what I would call guilty pleasure, recommended to those who bored reading 1v1 or shoujo genre in general. There's no 'we need to be in relationship before kissing' or 'I'm sorry I already have boyfriend'. MC is transmigrated into a body of the most beautiful xiaojie (young miss) in the kingdom she lived. She... more>> got a vicious and scheming shu sister+stepmother combo (standard) and loving+doting father (that's new!). Generally the plot is 'gotta knock 'em all', but there's enough smut and story to keep your interest in reading. She's really liberal in her act and speech and people around her not blinded by her halo.

+beautiful man!


+no drama (goodbye repressed feeling!)

-there's still a few of loose knot, which I think can be resolved if the author add 5 more chapter


like Feng daddy and Feng brother fate, west chu matriarchal society which I would like MC to visit, will MC have another baby? Because mommy phoenix said it'll be an egg, mpreg that just glossed over in the middle


-plot armor is too thick, MC problem sometime resolved in such a 'forced' way <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
September 7, 2017
Status: --
One of best with comedy genre and harem. This is true harem with lot of guys end up with MC. I like this novel similar to captivating crown prince.

there is lot of male leads. MC love them all equally.

there is also funny part about throw flower like Whoever caught it he will become MC husband. All princes and male leads come to caught it but in the end begged caught it. That begged is MC brother she trick him to become begged to help her from marriage. MC is like... more>> she want eating handsome men not responsible them. At end she married all guys and have child.

recomand worth to read this <<less
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arien_maple rated it
January 7, 2018
Status: Completed
Rate: 3.7 (=^_^=) v

Disclaimer: So... I've read (and currently reading) a LOT of novels so my review here is based on the standard I've build from reading so many novels. (If you are just a new reader to light novel then I recommend reading this.)

Summary: Feng Zhi Yao has a goal and that is to have s*x without having commitment but being in an ancient era will she succeed?

Comment: The flow of the story is not draggy and the elements is just right to make you stay and continue... more>> reading. I actually enjoy reading although this is not the best novel I've read but still has it's own appeal. And if you are expecting R-18 writing here then you will somehow be disappointed. Although some scenes are really hot but I've read much more detailed than this. Anyways it is still a worthwhile read so you can GIVE THIS A TRY.

Romance: This is somehow a bit tricky because for what I understand the FMC never truly love any of the men that she encounter. If you read her encounters to the MLs you can tell that it is only one sided love to the MLs. For me, what the FMC is feeling is only a lingering affection not even comparing to the deep love of the MLs. Although in the end she ended with most of them. The love is somehow a bit forced because they just look at her then boom! The MLs are head-over-heels/'I will cut my heart out for you' love to her. But their interaction is still sweet.



1. Ye Weiyang/Helan Qi - introduce first as an assassin in an infamous organization but truly a young master of a mysterious and oldest clan. The first man that she sleep with and for what I can understand is the first man also somehow she fell in love with.

2. Xuanyuan Haoyu - 9th prince of Nanshao Country

3. Xuanyuan Haohan - 4th Prince of Nanshao Country

4. Situ Yelei - Young master of Situ Clan. Betrothed first to the Imperial Princess but then he was seduced by the FMC so he break the engagement.

5. Wen Hangyuan - Head master of Wen Clan.

6. Li Mincan - Head of an assassination group but truly is the twin brother of Xuanyuan Haohan.

7. Li Jinran/Murong Jin - introduced as a disabled (but cured by the FMC) brother of Li Mincan but truly the 1st Prince of Beilan Country.

8. Fu Xuecan - Head master of Fu Clan.

9. Dongfang Xi - Crown Prince of Heini Country. Introduced first as the uncle of FMC but they are not (read it if you want to know why)

10. Murong Chong - 4th Prince of Beilan Country

11. Linghu Ziche - Head of the Medicine Valley

12. Ximen Wuxia - Young master of Ximen Clan in Xiliang Country

13. Lan Yu - a leopard and in the past life is the lover of the FMC not in the modern era (read it if you want to know why) which he reincarnated as a man.

14. Moran Bai - Head master of Moran Clan in Xiliang Country.

15. Su Muyan - Head of a Stronghold Fort

16. Xiao En - Prince in the modern era that she carried back when she have visited again in the modern era.


Question: Who did she end up with?

Answer: A L L O F T H E M... YES!!!!! XD <<less
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kisa-chan rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: Completed
I plowed through this novel with MTL.... this has around almost 200 chapters and I braved through all that bc this IS entertaining... REALLY... and I read this bc I wanted some light reading so the plot wasn't really a big issue for me when I started. It's very funny and entertaining, Feng Zhiyao really just wanted to devour all those BEAUTIFUL men and get away with it like she did before she transmigrated.... UNFORTUNATELY for her, those men fell SO DEEPLY infatuated with her that they tried to win... more>> her love and get her to marry just ONE of THEM... the guys tried to overtake and one-up each other but failed and which just made zhiyao want to avoid them but she doesn't bc she'd be in big trouble... Of course she still indulges in them when the mood hits... fufufufufufufufu

By the end of the novel



she had... not 1 or 2, but 12 husbands... YES... 12 HUSBANDS!!!! And there were still some others who wanted to join but she didn't take them...


Each chapter is quite long so you don't feel that it just isn't enough...


Although, some of the guys did force her to do that, in some cases she still continued to be with those guys but she hated the others bc of differing circumstances... still, that happens in just a third of the chapter or just in passing like 1 short paragraph... And if you're more on looking for real smut, there's nothing here... just some description of their deep kiss and then they'd just mention that they tumbled in bed or just cut to the next day...


There isn't really much drama going on for me, well, nothing was dragged out much as you can see that it has only less than 200 chapters...

The main lead just wants to enjoy her life, single and just have guys on the side... and although she doesn't want to marry any one in particular she still gets help from the guys when trouble starts hitting her in waves but thise guys are still part of her troubles LOL those guys are really powerful bc of their strength and their backgrounds...


and if you're wondering if she really had someone she cared for with all those men... I won't mention who, but i'll say she did have someone she truly cared for... TWO of them actually from what I felt and read right....


You don't really know the whereabouts of the guys during the whole thing... some would even disappear for like 10 or something chapters before even appearing again... I think it's part of the setting of the FL not caring and just being lazy about life and just eats men along the way, and partly bc the author may be trying to have a screentime for each of those guys... and i'd like to say more about what happened but this is the review section.... SOOOOOO.......

For me, it's a good read, i'd laugh out loud, feel excited when FL would try to slip out from trouble out of the pan into the fire, get embarassed when things got awkward, feel heartache for the guys, feel anger at FL for her selfishness, and feel love for the characters bc they just GROW ON YOU...

And I felt more than just that but it may be better if you read it if you wanna try mtl

you don't get polyandry much... REVERSE HAREM!!! You know, getting married to a lot of guys and not just flirting like in reverse harems, but REALLY IN A RELATIONSHIP with all of them and they actually know who's who and not hiding it...

You'd know this is good, I mean, just look at the reviews, there's just 1 chapter there but you already have reviews for this...

-Characters 5/5 I love them okay.. I find them funny especially when the guys form some sort of alliance when they try to stop zhiyao trying to get more---- *coughcough*

-Character development 4/5 i'd give it a 3 but I made it 4 since FL at least did develop some sort of caring feeling towards the guys unlike when she first started eating single-mindedly... and the guys did have some changes in them although they may just be holding back bc if they didn't, FL would leave them hanging... poor guys

-Plot 4/5 I wish to give it a 5 but that just can't be done.... not saying anything more

-Development 5/5 the pacing of the story is good... not too slow nor too fast... just the right thing so that there's no information overload in just 1 chapter...

That's it!!! I hope you enjoy reading this novel too and I hope someone picks this up... I would if I could read chinese, unfortunately I'm translating jp... *sighs*

LASTLY, LI MINCAN name according to MTL BEST GUY IN HERE and He Lanqi

*whooot whooottt* <<less
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yango rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c5
OMG~ MC is too funny! I'm not really into these kind of novels but this is an exception. It's about a lazy black bellied Miss who only pounces on handsome men ???


So, is anyone continuing the translations? I'm kinda sad this novel stopped at chp. 6.
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dona rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: c14
Honestly it´s not as good as I was hoping. As the reviews say, our MC is indeed shameless and lazy however, there is no plot? So far there are no enemies, no danger, no interesting characters, no fun rollercoasters, nada.

The MC transmigrates into the body of a pitiful and love-struck teenager who is the daughter the prime minister and that´s it. She spends everyday sleeping and lazying around.

If it weren´t for all these side characters constantly bumping into MC when she goes out, then there would be nothing to read... more>> since there is no story.

Indeed most of us love this type of character but the author seems to think that writing about one fun personality is enough for it to be a novel. It´s not. <<less
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Empress M rated it
November 26, 2019
Status: --
..I can’t laugh at this. I dropped it around the point where the MC gets lost (forgot the chap number), because it’s getting really ridiculous. So this so called assassin transmigrated from modern times, and she goes, “Hey, I feel like seducing men, lets go do it!”

No one questions her sudden change. Assassin skills? Nada. Flirtatious aura? Yes, but no description. Her “seductive” skills consists of holding their chins, kissing, sitting on their laps, then somehow have s*x.

This is simply illogical.

1/5. Fight me.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tinsoldier rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: c55
I honestly tried to like this novel, because I was interested in how a female Casanova would charm her victims, especially in the conservative ancient era, but I was pretty disappointed in the end. The premise is new and refreshing. I was interested in how the novel would deal with polyandry and a female, who acted knowingly like a playboy and used her feminine charms as a weapon, but none of that happened.

First of all, let's talk about the plot. After transmigrating MC suddenly starts to break all the rules... more>> that women in the ancient era have and no one bats an eye! It's completely absurd. It would make no difference whether this was set in modern days or the ancient era, it's basically just for describing long hair and carriages. Then MC starts using her "powers of seduction" she learned from being an assassin, but there's no technique or thought behind any of her flirtation. She's not scheming at all and basically just has an OP magic ability to charm people, which is kinda boring. Then she starts indiscriminately cheating on everyone without any motivation. It's not for revenge or survival or even for fun, because it doesn't really seem like she is having any fun tbh. At this point the novel basically has no plot anymore and is just going from random scene to the next. There's no antagonist, the MC has no goals and nothing important happens for like 30 chapters.

The MC is also not very likeable. Like I said earlier, she has no goals or motivation for what she does. Does she want revenge? Was she traumatized by love? Anything? She has no personality other than being a lazy playboy and her life revolves around sleeping with guys. I expected her to cheat, but I didn't expect her to be just straight up evil. She tells kindhearted, genuinely nice characters that she loves them forever and wants to marry them, and then immediately goes to sleep with their brother behind their back or something. It's baseless cruelty and on multiple occasions she basically ruins these people's lives.

The love interests are completely forgettable. They all fall deeply in love at first sight and lose all their personality. They're all just love-struck, possessive and hot. That's it. The dialogue is pretty awkwardly written and the s*x is very PG, despite how much the plot revolves around it.

Overall, I don't recommend it. The story is cruel and pointless, and not very fun either. I'll give it points for an interesting and fresh premise, but that's it. Very poor execution and writing. <<less
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niconico100 rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: --
Now, this is what I've been looking for an FML.

Don't get me wrong, I like FML that are cool and level-headed, who is the complete opposite of a cutey-ignorant-naive-super, super pure FML (which I totally hate). It's just that, this female lead is like a change of scenery. Also, very, very few novels have a flirty female lead like this one, so I hope it releases more updates... cause I can't read chinese (T_T)
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Chewie rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: Completed
I am reading this novel as I am typing this. Yes, I want to complain.

WHY AND WHO ARE THE LAST 12 HUSBANDS?! HUH? I DON'T KNOW IF I AM THE ODDBALL HERE BUT WHEN I ACTUALLY LIKED A CHARACTER, THEY DIE! WHAT?! Sure, this story is comical. I fell in love at first sight (literally when I read the first chapter). The FL is as all other reviews describe her to be. Selfish and playful. She just loves herself too much. She couldn't care less about anyone else. The beginning may be a bit cliche of her saying how her new body's life is her own life and she will help the old owner get revenge; however, the actual story is more appealing. At some point into the story, it may be just a pure comedy. At another point of the story, you may just cringe. The romance they the MLs display is just too cheesy. BUT YOU KNOW WHY I WANT TO COMPLAIN? THE FACT THAT I STILL READ IT LIKE AN OBSESSED FAN! I can't help but support the FL's journey to eating others and not being responsible. I can't help but support some guys for which some of the FL dislike. (I guess I am the oddball, huh?)

Now I am just aching for spoilers. 129 chapters are not enough to quench my curiosity (Of course, I will continue reading it). FL might actually not be who she actually is. In conclusion, this story can be given a solid 4 if not for some factors.

Ain't she an assassin? She is so weak against the MLs. When the author does introduce some power of hers, it gets used later in the story? Why not use it in the beginning? As she is an assassin, I was hoping for something more. This ruined my expectations since she hasn't really shown how she even got the title of being the "best assassin." Anyways, I give it a shaky 4 with all these factors and most definitely because the author sometimes isn't really making much sense. The plot may be good, the characters do develop on you. Sometimes, the FL is just weird. She seducing methods to getting men into her bed makes me laugh quite hard. Well then, I have finished ranting and will be back later.

P.S. Any Pokemon fans here? The FL's journey to eating men is the exact same as Ash Ketchum catching Pokemons. Yes, you would want her to "conqueror them all."

I have finished it and am very confused.... so who is the child's father? Turns out the character that died actually became a dragon prince... now my other favorite character died.... for real.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nixxara rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: c43
40 chapters in and I feel like it's bringing down my IQ... Not really sure why the rating is so high.

Its an ok story. Unique in a way that the MC plays with men. Though her character is willful childish, and she tries to act intelligent and everyone falls for it. You don't really need a brain to read this, it's basically wish fulfillment.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kyonbaby rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c6
So far so good. I like the concept of this novel. The MC is a female assassin who transmiggrated to a weak young miss betrayed by her fiance and sister. She is a playgirl who likes to seduce handsome men. I can't wait to read more chapters to see how she eats those handsome men and how she will get back to those who plot against her
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yandere Devil
Yandere Devil rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: c3
Awesome interesting novel for ladies. I like MC personalty. It's rare to have women like her who seduced men like male MC harem novel. I have seen male MC rapist or seduced women right and left, but this novel had female MC seduced men right and left.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tedy2004 rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: --
I don't recommend this, for myself firstly not my cup of water, secondly it makes you puke with how the story is made.

If you wanna make your EQ low and waste time then that's your decision.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 5, 2019
Status: c127
This was plain horrible. I had expected more than this, it was fun in the beginning, but it quickly went downhill. Each and every character introduced is a little dumb but most are pretty likable, I think the thing that really threw me off from this is the MC. She's just really unlikeable and unnecessarily cruel for absolutely no reason. I get that she wants a lot of men, and that she's got the skills to get them all but it really irritated me seeing her do some of these... more>> things to some of the men who wholeheartedly pursued her.

Other then that tho, the plot is questionable and odd. Dunno what to make of it.

Big yikes ngl. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Meiyap rated it
September 27, 2018
Status: c62

Not my cup of tea.

Polyandry is fine. In a novel, I can get over it, but the thing is... The guys.. some of them are legitimately nice and loyal and her indifference is killing them. I feel really really sorry for some of them. They like her and it seems like some are willing to be a pair with no other attachments (concubines). Maybe she has a past where it could be justified? But really I just feel sorry for the men. Some of them feels like they aren't... more>> good enough, some feel rejected and etc. It seems like a good recipe for blackening. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Khushi Blue
Khushi Blue rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c4
I read few chapters, I already hooked up, I am interested in this kind of novel where shameless playful assassin transmiggration body of noble women who hang herself because of love or divorced. I can't wait for more chapters. I already like this novel. I hope for more chapter to enjoying reading this novel.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cocalalona rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: --
There is no subtlety in this novel, everything it's like punch in your face. Well that's good for light read I guess?

I agree with review before me. She straight up a female version of lazy Shounen Harem MC. I like reverse harem, but she just spouting lies with everyone who genuinely loved her.


I expect great smut from this (that's the reason I read it in first place) but it's disappointing. It's not hot enough, not detailed at all, it's skip the juiciest part. (In short it's just... more>> constant teasing about how MC make MLs turned on, but not an actual action itself). I guess it's smut just for shamelessness act of MC.


EDIT: want to give 2 star but I clicked 3 star instead. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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